California tries to stop isolation of seniors in conservatorships

Watch the you tube below, very interesting.

What i don’t get is that visitation is just about always limited by these GAL’s and PG’s at first.  Even if there was no abuse, or no problem with a close family member.  I don’t get that one.  Plus, if a guardian wants to, they can go to court and get a Protective Order for any real or imminent harm.

Right now, Gloria can’t see her mother and she did nothing wrong.  CT is the subject of a Protective Order and she gets appointed Guardian.

Something is seriously wrong.

John Wyman tries to protect his mother, take her home where she wants to go and GAL SRR gets a Protective Order against that–him and his brother who were involved in trying to save Carol Wyman from an abusive nursing home, together with family members who were not even involved!

Stories that are out of control, crazy, no justice.

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