From Rudy Bush–the tragedy of it all!

Date:  August 10, 2013

From:  Rudy Bush

To:  Eric Holder

            What protections do citizens have against government retaliation against citizens for exercising free speech, even now that President Obama has declared on August 9, 2013, citizens who exercise free speech, patriots?  Fear is not a defense against the most powerful government on Earth, and I am fearful for Kenneth Ditkowsky who is trying to get your attention, and senior citizens who are in line to be cleansed.  And, as a citizen of the USA, I am impotently “fuming” over citizen powerlessness in getting the government to do  the right thing and punish perpetrators of senior cleansing, though the perpetrators are employees of, and given power, by this government.  I must bring up, again, attempts by the state of Illinois ARDC to control, under duress, the wording of Kenneth Ditkowsky’s complaints to you and the department you head, the DOJ,  attempts to end  valid complaints  to you on elder cleansing, complaints which, up until now have gotten no response from you.  Your lack of response leaves me even more fearful.

            What kind of government puts a citizen under duress, threatens the citizen with fraudulently generated charges in order to destroy that citizen, because that citizen is exercising  free speech by trying to file a complaint to the United States government, trying to file a complaint on elder cleansing with you and the department you head, the DOJ?

            President Obama stated in a recent speech on Egypt, that the United States will not tolerate a government that does not listen to its people.  To allow the Illinois ARDC to continue to bring pressure on Mr. Ditkowsky to shut him up is to end the opportunity for the DOJ to end senior citizen cleansing in the United States of America.  If Mr. Ditkowsky, a lawyer, therefore more likely to be listened to by you, relied upon by senior cleansing victims and their families who are ignored by their government, this government, is punished for his complaints to you, a member of this United States government, the United States is no better than the governments President Obama condemns, because to demand that Mr. Ditkowsky alter his wording, and end his valid complaints to you on senior citizen cleansing, is to continue to allow all senior citizens and their families, who are being cleansed, to be ignored by their government, and allow their government to punish them all for speaking up.


Rudy Bush

2 thoughts on “From Rudy Bush–the tragedy of it all!

  1. Hi Joanne.   How do you get an order of protection removed, since the probate court issues them without a hearing? They try to keep someone isolated and anyone with a $ interest makes up lies and the court believes anything they say.   Thanks,   Igor


    • That’s a good one. Typically the probate court doesn’t bother with procedure like actually FILING an application for a Protective Order–they typically just issues them upon the say so of either a GAL or atty for the PG.
      You know that’s not right. But it’s best to have an atty look at it because it can be tricky. Get a copy of the file to an attorney or at least everything that pertains to you in the file or a protect order and have him or her see first of all if the probate court had jurisdiction, because they are often sloppy in that area and don’t first get a summons and complaint actually delivered by a sheriff. a temporary order without notice is possible, but there are strict standards for that also.
      An atty that obtains court orders without service/jurisdiction should be disciplined and eventually disbarred for repeating the scenario because it’s a 5th amendment constitutional right, but what we are seeing typcially in probate court and in particular the 18th floor of the daley center is, these attorneys are getting blessings and special dispensation for doing this, and the attys (such as Ken and myself, but there are others) who report the nefarious activity, are getting disciplined for protesting the lack of jurisdiction!
      Good luck. What should be a simple matter in probate (dismissal for lack of hearing or jurisdiction, etc.) can often be a landmine field.

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