Medicare alternatives or ADVANTAGE insurance turning out to be NO-ADVANTAGE

see below.  While private insurance touts these programs to have lower costs and better coverage, many seniors are finding out that they only increase massive profits to the insurance companies — to the tune of $4.17 billion — leaving patients in a lurch– no rehab, no treatment.


Incredulously, this elder suffered a broken back, could not walk, insurance denied her claim for rehab, claiming it “not medically necessary”, leaving her to go home where she could only lay in bed all day. Then she got bed sores and was right back at the hospital!


Her story ran on local news, and suddenly the insurance company “changed its policy”, sent her to rehab and she now walks with a walker.

I would like to thank Sylvia Rudek, Director of NASGA, another highly recommended website for her attention to this article.  Great find, Sylvia!

  1. United Healthcare Oxford Medicare Advantage Denies Coverage 

    Dec 28, 2007 – Uploaded by janis123

    ABC NEWS/GOOD MORNING AMERICA: Senior With Fractured Back Battles UnitedHealthcare Oxford Health 


    Uploaded on Dec 27, 2007

    Senior With Fractured Back Battles UnitedHealthcare Oxford Health Insurance Company Medicare Advantage Plan

    GMA segment shows UnitedHealthcare/Oxford’s Medicare Advantage Plan would not authorize woman’s care due to alleged age discrimination.

    Audit shows Medicare Advantage providers with backlogs of unanswered patient complaints, plans that improperly denied claims, and concerns about marketing practices which do not follow government guidelines.

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