From KDD: Increasing our abilites to do good and bring justice to Probate!

The fight against ‘elder cleansing’ has no room for intra battles.    ELDER CLEANSING is a cancer that is eating at our democracy and like National Socialism and communism of the 30’s it will consume our democratic institutions.   
In every organization there will be disputes and there will be factions.   Indeed there will be those persons who are part of the organization for miscreant reasons.    Democracy is inefficient and prone to every disease and malady known to man; however, it is the best system to come down the pike.    In other words, the fact that John Doe make think that I have zero IQ and the last time I had an independent thought was August 9, 1959 is irrelevant and I am duty bound to fight for his right to treat me badly with his words and phrases.      This is the reason that I copy the IARDC and others who fail to understand that Free Speech includes everyone – including those who disagree with me!
I do not know if NASGA is effective or not effective.   All I know is that I have not heard that a grand jury has been active and the miscreants have been called to account for Mary Sykes wrongful isolation, wrongful incarceration, wrongful deprivation of her liberty and property etc.    I do not see FT in jail for his vicious assault and battery on Gloria Sykes.     I read the IARDC deposition of Ms. JoAnne Denison and let me tell you the attorney who conducted the examination behaved in such a disgraceful manner that had she worked for even a marginally ethical law firm she would have been terminated.    The lawyer appeared to be totally unaware of the Rule of Law as set forth by the First Amendment and the United States Supreme court.   It follows that we would not expect her to have knowledge of 74 USCA 230.    THUS WE HAVE ALL BE INEFFECTIVE!
The GAO made a report to Congress – congress did nothing!    I write regularly to our United States senators –  *****.    I write regularly to the Attorney General *****.
I am looking forward to you book!    I have a hope that it will spur a ‘hue and cry.’    I am confident that NASGA, Probate Sharks et al will promote it if they feel that it is helpful to the cause of eradication of Elder Cleansing.    We have a long road to haul –  right today we all have to put our heads down and push forward to first the goal of an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation and then for the prosecution of each and every conspirator in the cottage industry of Elder Cleansing.    Unfortunately my friend there is no shortcut and there is no way that we can get around the fact that democracy is not a spectator sport.
Ken Ditkowsky

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