KDD speaks out for seniors/Deposition of JMD

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 11, 2013 8:04 AM
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This is a question of priorities.     Senior citizens do not count!    (Take a look at the votes recorded from nursing homes!   They are as reliable as the votes coming from the cemeteries or vacant buildings!  There is no incentive for the political elite to really give a damn about senior citizens or elder cleansing)
Senior citizens who are targeted by people that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission refers to as “judicial officials” are summarily denied all rights as citizens of the United States of America.     All you have to do is take a look at the Sykes case.  (Gloria will have either a documentary or a book eventually)    If your taste runs to the National Socialist – the Gore case will take you right back to 1939.     If you want raw criminality Phelan is replete with it.  (Janet’s book should be out soon – it is either being printed now or will be soon).     Indeed Wyman  meets the test of demonstrating the raw indifference and Tyler and Gore  raw greed.   (John has a book out and is coming out with another).    
Rudy Bush writes because after his mother’s estate was pillaged his mother was ‘terminated’ [by the POA who denied his mother a simple procedure, terminating her life and not in accord with the POA/advance directives to take “reasonable measures”] and no one was the least bid concerned – or are they concerned to this day.    Unfortunately, Mr. Bush, is not alone.    Even the GAO has written a report to Congress and guess what!    Not a finger has been lifted to bring this terrorist attack on America’s elderly to an end.   
I guess I have to amend that.   The Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission has acted – on behalf of Illinois Judicial officials – they brought disciplinary proceedings against Attorney JoAnne Denison and myself.    It appears that we exercised our First Amendment Rights and I wrote the Attorney General of the United States and JoAnne maintained a blog in which she allowed some of the victims to detail the crimes against humanity that are the regular fare of the ‘elder cleansing’ cottage industry.     [I invite you to read the deposition of Ms. Denison, the transcript in the proceedings against me, and the evidence deposition of Judge Connors – they are classic and as I understand Ms. Denison has posted them all on line!]
The deposition is right here:
The victims of elder cleansing want more than just media coverage – they want an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation and if as we claim laws have been broken and vigorous and appropriate prosecution of each and every villain!    Unfortunately this is not a game – what has happened is that our government has fostered an attack on his liberty greater than 9/11 and no one cares!   Democracy is not a spectator sport.
Ken Ditkowsky


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