From KDD–tracing the “coincidences”

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 12, 2013 10:30 AM
To: JoAnne M Denison
Cc: Cook County States Attorney , Eric Holder , Tim NASGA , NASGA , probate sharks , Edward Carter , GLORIA SYKES , matt senator kirk , “” <>, “” , “” , SUNTIMES
Subject: elder cleansing Himmel Report to the Mr. Jerome Larkin, director of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline commission.

As you are aware I am deep in litigation with the nursing home moguls and have touched a nerve.   The tie-ins are amazing and the political corruption appears to be very deep.   
A new name has surfaced – Dr. Samuel Lipchitz.   Dr. L is reported to be Robert Kaplan’s “partner” in an Adult Care venture.    They were called before a Federal Grand Jury.    This and the ‘transportation business’ appear to be just the tip of the iceberg.     The Omicare Pharmacy litigation is supposed to start today (Omicare settled for $147,000,000.   (Yes that is correct $147,000,000).      We know have the following nailed down:
1) utilities  – from N. Draiman.    
2) drugs – Esformes
3) transportation – Rothner/Kaplan
4) Adult Day care – Kaplan/Lipchitz
5)   (that leaves laundry, nursing care, maintenance, real estate, medical care, other related enterprizes etc)
We know that there are three currencies, to wit:  dollars, nursing home beds, and opportunity.    It also appears that the money is laundered through ******.    
Gloria Sykes traced the political contributions.     In the Gore case  we have a pretty good road map, and in Sykes we have a total disclosure of the entire operation of elder abuse, elder exploitation (elder cleansing)  from day one.    Piece by piece we are forcing each entity involved in the enterprize to come forward.   
Also interesting is the number of corporations that the miscreants generate.    In the Northshore case Mr. Rothner is trying to escape his guaranty by claiming that it was not his obligation but that of his dummy corporation Pinnacle.     Each corporation has a ‘statute of limitations’ life.      Ten years is the maximum for any phase of the scenario.    As an example.   Northshore operated a nursing home for ten years.    At the end of ten years, the nursing home was leased (or licensed) to Rothner.     He installed a dummy corporation into the void.    This dummy corporation was to pay rent; however, ****.    At the end of the 2nd Ten years Northshore cancelled the lease and sold the real estate.    This time the lease and the real estate were sold to Glenner.    Glenner started another ten year cycle.     Northshore thus for 20 years provided a situs for elder cleansing on in Lake County.   
Sykes type elder cleansing is not the only type.    Jaycox style etc are also part of the inventory.    It also appears that some legitimate operations also occur.    In the same facility that elder cleansing is rampant, there are patients who are receiving first call health care services.      These patients have little to complain and their families are happy like bugs in a rug.    The targeted victims are almost always drugged and made zombies ****.     the 3 kidnapped young women in Cleveland (held by Castro) had more of a chance of escape than these victims.   Take a look at Mary Sykes’ captivity.   (SO is fully aware, however, even though she has full knowledge of the statutes involved has chosen to go blind deaf and dumb as Mary Sykes is hidden away so that she cannot contact family, friends, or anyone else who could help her.    It is a sure fire cinch that Mary Sykes is being denied every human and civil right possible.    The Nursing home act provides for the occupant to not be isolated – SO, Mr. Larking and the IARDC do not care and Mary is kept at a secret location totally isolated.    The object is easy to ascertain – depress her and kill her desire to live!    Once Mary is dead, AS,CF,CT,PS et al feel they are safe!   Cremation quickly performed erases the evidence!     This according to the IARDC complaint is interfering with justice!    
If there are any innocents who have gotten drawn into this scenario they certainly have had the time to withdraw.     The IARDC as an example was approached by us and asked to join in the call for an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.    Mr. Larkin and his group are totally uninterested, but persist in trying to deny us our Constitutional privileges and immunities.     I offered both GALs a ‘safe harbor’ offer and not only did they refuse, but the ‘safe harbor’ offer is part of the complaint against me.     That is pretty good proof that both GALs and the IARDC staff is involved.    The Florida case in which MS falsely claimed to be an heir was never investigated by the IARDC even though there was a rash of complaints filed against her.    
Himmel requires that we report attorney misconduct.    As this elder cleansing case the most striking misconduct appears to be centered at the IARDC staff.    As I do not believe in coincidences I am continuing to copy law enforcement on a daily basis so that no one will be able to claim innocence.      It will be very interesting a some later date when the excreta hits the fan to hear = by the clear light of hindsight = how Mr. Larkin justifies his opposition to an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.   
It seems to me that we should copy the IARDC as to the most damning of the e-mails.     Mr. Larkin at this point in time has read the Sawyer, Alvarez, Brown, New York Times et al  cases and discovered that the. First Amendment bars any delegation of authority to attempt to censor Attorneys for exercising their First Amendment Rights.    Thus, by copying the IARDC  Mr. Larkin is unable to claim innocence when the truth is revealed for all to see.      This is the biggest scandal to come down the pike in a decade.   
Ken Ditkowsky

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