Protecting YOUR rights under the First Amendment

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 12, 2013 2:19 PM
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Subject: Re: I am asking, what is the Proper and Legal Method for Judicial Branch Whistle Blowing?

 Being ‘messed with’ is part of the obligation of citizenship!   Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for!    My maternal  grandfather immigrated to the United States when he was 9 years old.   He traveled alone!    My father was a baby, but he came with his family.    I was born here.    The streets are paved with gold!
My grandfather homesteaded land, and provided the basis for my comfort.    My friend Fung Ye Moy’s father and uncle at ages 8 and 9 came to Chicago alone into a hostile environment.   Out of their efforts the Moy family made their mark on Chicago.    EAch immigrant was devoted to the ‘core’ values of the United States of America, fought for them and prospered because of them.    Mr. Moy and my grandfather were not deterred by the likes of Mr. Stern, Ms Farenga, et al.    Their reaction would have been substantially more violent than mine or JoAnne’s but it would have been just as defiant.     Mr. Larkin’s IARDC does not frighten me.    His minions believe that it should, but,  he should be more frightened of me as he at this point in time should be aware that as long as their is a breathe of life in me,  I will continue to exercise my First Amendment Rights and fight to protect the ‘core values’ of the Rule of law.
I personally owe the ‘torch of liberty’ for the wonderful life I’ve enjoyed!     My father served four years in the South Pacific practicing ‘meat ball’ surgery on an LST during WW2.    Two of my cousins and three other uncles fought the National Socialists to preserve our freedom.    My facing off against Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, Larkin et al is nothing by comparison!    My being ‘unethical’ in calling for an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation does not take great courage!     Mary Sykes, Alice Gore et al faced greater dread.   I own a pen!   It is mighter than the sword and ultimately each of miscreants is going to feel the weight of Justice.    The elderly, the disabled, and the others who fall into the gambit of elder cleansing will ultimately receive justice and the miscreants punished.    Democracy is not a spectator sport!    It requires effort to preserve and if each member (and friend of a member) of each of the organizations dedicated to protecting against elder cleansing were to write single letter to each of his/her elected representative demanding an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation of these elder cleansing cases the hue and cry would commence.
Yes, I know that the Government Accounting Office has made a report to congress – it was ignored!    Hundreds of letters have been written to Bar groups protesting the Cottage industry of Elder Abuse.   They were ignored.     Hundreds of letters have been written to law enforcement, elected representatives et al and all have been ignored.    I have confidence that there are some honest and dedicated political figures out there.    Senator Mark Kirk appears to be one of them.    People who say they know Eric Holder have very nice things to say about him.    If you do not ask, you do not get!    All we are asking for is an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.    Why should anyone who is honest and forthright object to it!!!
No I have not answered by own question!    If I have answered it,  maybe we need to take a closer look at some of the other amendments to the United States Constitution!
Ken Ditkowsky

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