IARDC: A mission of strenuously avoiding the truth and doing justice


Dear Ken;

When you state that all the ARDC has attempted to do is embark on an utter strange mission that is not truth seeking or ensuring justice to anyone, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment.

Plus, SO’s strange mission for the ARDC appears to be: 1) to not take the depositions of my witnesses; 2) to try to strike and remove my experts who have excellent qualifications: namely: 1) yourself, a practitioner for many, many decades; 2)  Bev and Ken Cooper, producers of Coopers Corner a show with 250,000 viewers that often talks about corruption and probate PLUS they produce a popular probate blog; 3) Sylvia Rudek, director of NASGA with thousands and thousands of members/probate victims and 4)  John Howard Wyman, a probate survivor and author of a 4.9 star book on Amazon.

They have spent tons of hours and probably 20+ lbs of paper  trying to strike my pleadings, my witnesses, deny me discovery (interrogatories) with the Chair claiming “those aren’t helpful
now, maybe later)–4 hours in a deposition, and I have seen NO EVIDENCE that the ARDC wants to get to the truth of the Sykes matter and do justice.  Not one scintilla of this at all. And most of the ARDC pleadings are published on this blog or soon will be.


I challenge anyone to show me how, in all of their efforts, their documents, they appear to take even the most remote attempt at doing justice for you, me, Sykes, Tyler, Gore, Bedin, Wyman, etc.?

They don’t even seem to care about Bedin, Wyman, Gore, Tyler, etc.

It’s soooo bad, Gloria considers their actions in your case and mine with respect to her deposition to clearly comprise obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

What madness is this?  Why do they strenuously avoid the truth in Sykes and say they are not interested in the equally horrific cases of Tyler, Gore, Bedin, Wyman, etc.?


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