New from KDD — Elder Cleansing AND Ethics Cleansing

Totally brilliant.

See below and I agree with KDD, it’s a classic case of Elder AND ethics cleansing.


From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 15, 2013 8:28 AM
To: NASGA , JoAnne Denison , probate sharks
Cc: “” , “” , “” <>, Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , GLORIA SYKES , “” , “” , SUNTIMES , “” , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , Bill , “” , “” , “ACLU@ACLU.ORG”
Subject: Freud and Ethics Cleansing

 In my draft letter to the Attorney General, which I sent out to you by e-mail  I referred to Ethnic Cleansing as “Ethics Cleansing”      That is a classic Freudian slip!    Ethic’s cleansing is exactly what the attached article and the current Disciplinary cases filed by Mr. Larkin and the Illinois ARDC in an effort to deny JoAnne Dension, myself, and some other assorted attorneys of their First Amendment Rights.
It is indeed ironic that I should do exactly what the senior attorney for the IARDC did in her July 1, 2013 letter in which she made a threatening typographical error.     (She threatened that Gloria Sykes – and impliedly anyone who complained concerning the unusual events in the Sykes case had Adam Stern in their future).     I did and do think that the established Bar and State Supreme Court’s in not giving full faith and credit to the Rule of Law as set forth in the Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court of the United States of America are engaged in “Ethics Cleansing!”
It galls me that the 2nd oldest profession should in my 52st year as member should condone [by its lack of action as to the complaints arising in the Gore case]  the Elder Cleansers action of scavenging of gold fillings of senior citizens!     The call for an HONEST investigation of the suspicious actions of two guardian ad litem appointed by a Court lacking jurisdiction was sufficient to motivate Disciplinary proceedings against Ms. Denison and myself!
I wonder where America went??????
Ken Ditkowsky

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