A New Letter to US AG Eric Holder

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 14, 2013 5:34 PM
To: Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , DiAnn Matson , Larry Chambers , j ditkowsky
Cc: Tim NASGA , GLORIA SYKES , NASGA , probate sharks , JoAnne Denison , Martin Kozak , scott evans , j ditkowsky , Bill , “bill@LawlessAmerica.com” , “susan.harris06@rcn.com” , “60m@cbsnews.com” <60m@cbsnews.com>, “tips@tribune.com” , SUNTIMES , “IllinoisLawyerNow@isba.org” , “ACLU@ACLU.ORG”
Subject: letter to the Attorney General of the United States of America

I ran across an e-mail by Adam Stern to Farenga that was sent to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline case in which Adam Stern points out that jurisdiction is a technicality.    The Bar Associations are amazing quiet as attorney are being silenced by the IARDC for exercising their First Amendment Rights.   The ‘core’ principles of America are being considered technicalities by the 2nd oldest professions own version of the Taliban!    I drafted the following letter which will go out snail mail tomorrow.
Letter and e-mail to Attorney General of the United States, Civil Rights Division
Dear Attorney General,
By e-mail I and a great number of citizens have written to the United States of America to protest “elder cleansing.’    Elder Cleansing is the sister to Ethic and Racial cleansing.      The concept of Ethic cleansing is more sinister as it encompasses a broader population and exists because many of our Courts appear to condone it.      A current example of ‘elder cleansing’ is the Mary Sykes case.
Illinois has a comprehensive and well thought out program for protecting and fostering the State of Illinois’ parens patrie obligations toward the disabled and senior citizens.     The statutory citation is 755 ILCS 5/11a et seq.      The Legislature mandated in 11a – 3 that the senior citizen would not suffer a ‘death sentence’ when adjudicated to be in need of a guardian.   The guardian would act only to the extent necessary.   Further in 11a – 17 and 11a – 18 the wishes of the senior were to be respected and changes in the environment were to occur only upon real court supervision and consideration.
To assure that a senior was not railroaded into a guardianship Illinois required that a full disclosure petition (11a – 8) would be provided the Court, and that jurisdiction would not attach unless pursuant to 11a – 10 the alleged disabled person was accorded full knowledge of the gravamen of the proceeding and his/her nearest and closes relatives were provided with a prior 14 day notice of the date, time, and place of any incompetent proceedings.    The Supreme Court of Illinois in In re: Steinfeld 158 Ill 2d 1, and the Appellate Court in In re: Sodini 172 Ill App3d 1055 rule that such criterion were jurisdictional.
If you examine the Court record in 09 P 4585 pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County what is most striking is the fact that all the protections were ignored.   Mary Sykes, according to the records of the Sheriff of Cook County, and the Court file was not properly served with process and her close relatives required to be given 14 days prior notice were not given any notice.    What is most striking is the fact that a search of the court records does not reveal any “return” of process, affidavits of notice etc.     As these are jurisdictional we have on day one and square one the scenario of a senior citizen being deprived of her liberty and property by a Court lacking jurisdiction.
The nightmare however is much more nefarious.     Mary Sykes’ substantial assets disappeared and were not inventoried as part of the estate.   Instead, the requests for an investigation and for the two guardian ad litem to do their jobs were greeted by attempts at intimidation.    Mary’s younger daughter (Gloria) has been targeted with forfeiture of the proceeds of an insurance claim (after term time and in violation of full faith and credit), assault and battery, an illegal eviction from her home, vandalism, and even the theft of her intellectual property.    An attorney friend of Gloria’s JoAnne Denison an ARDC complaint threatening her law license for writing a blog and calling for an Honest investigation of the Mary Sykes case.     I also have been targeted.    I had to successfully defend a ‘sanction’ order entered by a Court in which the Appellate Court of Illinois ruled lacked jurisdiction.    This was followed by an ARDC complaint threatening my license.    My crime – I attempted to make inquiry as to why title 11a was not being followed and over a million dollars in Mary Sykes’ assets were stolen.    (I use the word stolen because it is now absolutely clear that over a million dollars in gold coins were taken from a safety deposit box that Mary Sykes had an ownership interest and not a coin was inventoried by the plenary guardian.   The two guardian ad litem appointed in case 4585 by a Court lacking jurisdiction have the ear of the IARDC and they are attempting to silence me.   [An ARDC attorney in an open hearing asked me if I was repentant for writing to the Office of the Attorney General of the United States concerning the Mary Sykes case – apparently he had never read the First Amendment to the United States Constitution]
Unfortunately, the Sykes case is not an isolated incident.    As you can see from the hundreds of e-mails that affected citizens have sent to the United States of America, and law enforcement agencies ‘elder cleansing’ is not unique or unusual.     The Government Accounting office in a Report to Congress has detailed dozens of seniors being victimized by the villains engaging in the cottage industry of ‘elder cleansing.’    Indeed, books are starting to appear on the shelves by desperate family members who have heretofore being silenced by rogue Court officials and other miscreants.    The cancer has spread to just about every State in the Union and the horror stories abound.
The pattern is unmistakable.     A senior is targeted.    When the senior’s estate is exhausted, the senior dies, is cremated and the miscreants go on to another target.    The process may take a couple years, but the rewards are huge.    In Sykes as an example Mary’s dwelling was located in an affluent and very stable middle class area.    Her assets included gold coins, funds hidden in a mattress, antiques and a few dollars in Bank accounts.    Mary’s expenses were relatively small and up until Mary was kidnapped and spirited in captivity it was reported that Mary’s younger daughter defrayed them.   [Gloria is an award winning journalist].   Today, Mary is being hidden and forcibly kept from any contact with her two siblings, her younger daughter, her friends, her garden club and her church.      This latest fiasco was prompted by the ‘guardian’s sale of Mary’s real estate’ and the location of Mary in a nursing home.     When Mary was located and visited by a sister, a friend, and her younger daughter the plenary guardian, and guardian ad litem Adam Stern went ballistic.    The Naperville police were called and the family and friends of Mary Sykes routed from the facility.    Mary was immediately hidden away at some other unknown facility so that she could not have contact with her sisters, her younger daughter, or her friends.   [Precious pictures and video showing that Mary, who had not seen her younger daughter for 2.5 years, hugged and kissed her for about a half hour, and said “I knew you would come to get me.”  Adam Stern and the Naperville police are implicated in an uninvestigated destruction of evidence/obstruction of justice.]
The cancer of ‘elder cleansing’ has resulted in a number of internet postings and blogs.   The criminal activities are detailed.     The perfidy of public officials in the ‘cottage industry’ is legend and way too numerous to detail in one letter.    I’ve included a copy of my reply brief filed in response to an IARDC complaint against me to illustrate the extremes that political figures have gone to avoid the simple request of an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation.     The violation of Mary Sykes’ civil rights is obvious and is a poster board example of the cancer.    The violation of Gloria Sykes’ rights is a clear example of why 42 USCA 1983 was enacted.     The violation of JoAnne Denison’s rights condemns the legal profession.    The New York Times cases decided by the United States Supreme Court should have buried the IARDC complaint against Ms.Denison.    It is respectfully suggested that the Attorneys for the IARDC (Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission) should be aware that they lack jurisdiction to regulate any content based speech.    (Even though it does not make any difference, Ms. Denison and yours truly are not a parties or an attorneys in any relevant litigation – we are both concerned citizens.)  47 USCA 230 also makes it clear that Ms. Denison can post the writing of Satan himself on the internet and government cannot punish her.
The purpose of this letter is to request the Justice Department to conduct an HONEST, intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation of the hundreds (and maybe thousands) of elder cleansing cases that have been swept under the rug and prosecute the self-anointed ‘judicial officials’ who have so little regard for the rights, privileges and immunities of senior citizens, disabled adults and other persons contemplated for protect by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq.    The treasury needs the tax money and breaches of fiduciary relationship create taxable events.   In Sykes the ‘theft’ of over a million dollars in gold coins is an incentive.     In Gore the reduction of 1.5 million dollar estate (and the conversion of Mrs. Gore’s gold fillings) is an incentive.   In Tyler 8 million is an incentive.
Elder cleansing has another attribute.    We had a client by the name of Robert Jaycox.    Mr. Jaycox was a fraud victim and was brought into a nursing home.   The nursing home understandably wanted to be paid for its services and rather than evicting Mr. Jaycox – in my opinion – saw an opportunity.    A doctor was brought in any he certified that Mr. Jaycox could not take care of his personal affairs, and the nursing home brought proceedings to have a guardian appointed for Jaycox.
Mr. Jaycox was completely competent and wanted to go live with his long term friend Susan Harris.    (These senior citizens were in their 80’s and vulnerable).     When the ‘process of elder cleansing’ was applied to Jaycox, Jaycox managed to smuggle a letter to the Judge.    The Judge accepted Mr. Jaycox’s choice of a lawyer (yours truly) and set a hearing date and allowed me to appear.    I went to see Jaycox and learned that in his heavy sedated state he fell out of bed at the nursing home and hit his head.  Of course pursuant to HIPPA Jaycox’s medical records were not available to me and as the nursing home had decreed him to be incompetent he could not consent.
Nevertheless, Jaycox and Ms. Harris convinced me that he was fully competent.  The opposition to this conclusion is of record and was augmented when I discovered on the occasion of my visiting Mr. Jaycox that one accident was not sufficient and the bar on Mr. Jaycox’s bed was in the down position.    When the next hearing was schedule, Jaycox need emergency hip surgery and on the date of hearing was in extreme pain.     We did examine the doctor who testified as a medical certainty that Jaycox was not able to act for himself.    On cross-examination the doctor revealed that Mr. Jaycox had sufficient competency to make life and death decisions – he (Jaycox) had consented to the surgery.    From there Jaycox had no value, he suffered aspirated pneumonia – apparently one of the highly skilled people at the nursing home fed Mr. Jaycox while he was in prone position and some food lodged in his lungs!   He died shortly thereafter.   Case closed – he was cremated and forgotten – another victim of elder cleansing!  [No-one can be smug – this can happen to any one of us.   A senior attorney at the IARDC wrote a letter on July 1, 2013 in which she stated the Adam Stern had been appointed as Guardian ad Litem for Gloria Sykes.    It took 17 days and approximately 2 weeks after receipt by the senior attorney of a threat of a lawsuit for the IARDC senior attorney to discover that the threat of Stern being appointed as Ms. Sykes guardian was a typo!  – indeed!   This should provide some insight as to how much of a threat to our personal liberty and property elder cleansing has become.  [And, those threats to guardianize anyone who objects to being a probate court victim are far from a rarity.  The fact the IARDC was involved, speaks volumes].
I know that theattorney Larkin of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission considers it grossly unethical to write to you,  but,  as I read the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments they are still in full force and effect and the National Socialist Party is still a minority – ergo,  I respectfully request that the United States of America conduct an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation of the ‘elder cleansing cases’ and the government agencies and officials who are obstructing or denying citizens of their precious liberties, civil and human rights and property.
Thank you for your courtesy and co-operation,
Yours very truly,
Ken Ditkowsky


note: corrected for typos, comments by JMD in [].

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