Kathy Cooper asks that you zoom at 1:30 pm to hear her Husband’s abusive guardianship court proceedings

Kathy Cooper has been fighting for some time to release her husband from an abusive guardianship and get her husband back. The couple has been split up and a de facto divorce was imposed upon this couple by the State of Minnesota Court System.

Husband Irvin Cooper wants to see his wife and she wants to see him and live with him again.

Irvin has escaped his ALF and allegedly gone to another state or country so he is free of his abusive guardianship he does not want and does not need.

The couple was married last October 2021 and the gship court continues to split this couple up and threaten Wife Kathy with jail if she has any contact with her husband, even though he has told the court repeatedly that Kathy has done nothing wrong and he does not want a Protective Order issued against her.

Why is the court doing this? $7,000 per month in income and a substantial inventory and a paid up home and vehicles, that the court wants to sell and use for their crony nursing home fees and attorneys’ fees, of course.

Be sure to link to zoom as a court watcher. Kathy needs court watchers right now and if can help her with her transcript fees, that would be great. Her case is now up on appeal.

Irvin Cooper’s 6/21/22 at 1:30 pm Zoom Hearing Login Instructions 


And if you have heard or seen from Irvin, please leave updates on his condition. Please do not reveal to anyone where he is, but you can leave anonymous messages on this blog, facebook probate pages and on other probate victim pages for Wife Kathy to read publicly.

Wife Kathy has been posting public messages for Irvin to read and the Probate court cannot shut that down. Free Speech. See my other posts on probate gag orders which are illegal under Citizens United and other US Supreme Court cases. The standard for gage orders and sealing of cases is “strict scrutiny” which means 1) there must be a compelling reason to regulate speech; 2) there must be no other way to prevent the alleged harm and the harm is compelling; and 3) the means must be effective to prevent any alleged harm.

In this case, there is no harm invovled. Irvin wants to see his wife Kathy and she wants to see him and live with him. Both profess publicly they are deeply in love and want to be together. But if you are taking lots of money from estates, that might interfere with your crony plans.