From Ken Ditkowsky–the elderly must not be tortured, humiliated and abused.

Subject: Re: The Real Deal Interview: Guardianship Goes Bad, Reporter Flees and Files OAS Human Rights Petition
Each state has its own guardianship statute and rules.
The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment is the Federal limitation on the appointment of guardians.    In most statutes a guardian as a fiduciary has even less authority than has been historically assumed by the cottage industry of Elder Cleansing.   The guardian even in the situations wherein the elder person is totally unable to care for himself is still held to a very exacting standard.   The disabled person must not be humiliated or otherwise be an object or ridicule or exploitation.   What this means is that everything that was done in most of the cases that have been reviewed by the GAO, Probate Sharks, NASGA, MaryGSykes,  AAAPG, etc. are wrongful intrusions on the Civil and Human Rights of the disabled person.
The common practice of the guardian obtaining a finders fee or other remuneration from the nursing home that the disabled person is placed is strictly prohibited and a clear breach of fiduciary relationship.   Similarly, the guardian (or as believed in the Mary Sykes case) the guardian ad litem having some quasi pecuniary relationship with the nursing home that placement is made is a breach of fiduciary relationship.   The fact that the wired judge allowed such conduct to occur is wrong.   (Her admission on page 91 of her deposition is not exculpatory).
Now extrapolating to the question of whether or not a guardian can aid and abet a voluntary suicide, I doubt that any judge would authorize such behavior.   If a guardian were to file a petition to the Court to allow a suicide of the ward, that judge would be castigated from pillar to post.   An incompetent person on his/her own does not have the authority to kill herself and for a 3rd person to have the legal decision of life and death over a ward would be unthinkable even in a corrupt State such as Illinois.
We all know that once the ward reaches the stage where there is no more money to be extracted from him/her an assisted suicide occurs.    All the judges, corrupt lawyers. etc all turn their heads and go blind, deaf and dumb.   The State Supreme Court and its entities step up to protect the murderers and law enforcement officers lose the GPS’s and cannot find the States Attorney’s office.  The body is cremated in true Jewish tradition (almost immediately after death) and with the evidence gone – no crime, no taxes to pay, no complaints from the ward, and the next victim is lined up.
I hope I answered your question.
NB –  even in the most corrupt guardianship you will find NO authorization for a guardian to authorize a legal assistant suicide; however, an illegal assisted suicide is as common as the number of victims of elder cleansings.
From Joanne;
And the involuntary assisted suicide that happened to the likes  of Helen Rector, Mary Sykes, Lydia Tyler, Robert Jaycocx, Dorothy Baker, Alice Gore, Mary Jane Teichert, etc. in Illinois has been systematically ignored and covered up by Jerome Larkin, head Administrator of the Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Commisssion.  The money is just too good for him to go after all the attorneys and judges involved, even though these cases routinely involve isolation, chemical restraints, and when the money runs out, untimely death by with holding food and water but strongly sedating the victim involved.
Reports of abuse are routinely handed right back to the abusers in a courtroom where everyone is conveniently deaf, dumb and blind to the fact it is attorneys, judges and court appointed vendors that are routinely dishing out the abuse.
No one seems to care that a nursing home is dirty, filthy and smelly, and leave a person lying in their own waste waiting to be changed on a routine basis.
You won’t see judges visiting any wards where there are complaints of abuse and the lawyers are involved.
Routinely, the persons mentioned above, are put in a squalid nursing home, they are dirty, smelly, their hair is unwashed and uncombed, finger nails are filthy, they might get a shower once per week.  Right before the guardianship, though, they wore beautiful clothes, went to the barber or beauty parlor once per week, toileted themselves, showered every day or every other day.  Their hair, skin and nails were perfect.  Some, like Mary Sykes, were still driving and playing canasta with the neighborhood card club–and winning.
But because they have some memory loss, they need 24/7 care in a dirty, filthy nursing home where they are abused, sedated, forced to stay in a wheel chair or bed and they will never see the light of day again.
You don’t see the judges staying at these nursing home. You don’t see them putting THEIR loved ones in a nursing home.
This system has to change and Illinois has to support low cost or volunteer Elder Assistant programs where the elder meets with a volunteer once per week for an hour to help them make decisions and pay their bills.  All rights should be retained by the elder.
Illinois is running a program fraught with fraud and abuse.
This has to end.
The ARDC has to start prosecuting the elder abusers and stop going after myself and Ken Ditkowsky for just telling the truth. You don’t kill the messengers of the truth, you straighten out your own messes, Mr. Larkin.

From Rob Panzer–an Entire Book on the Stealth Euthanasia for Money

This is an entire book which is too large to publish on WordPress, even though it shows a license of fair use to use and copy and place on your own blog for non commercial purposes (which is what we are).

So I will be publishing the most pertient portions of the book as I get time, below is in the introduction and I want to thank Mr. Panzer for making this available to everyone as his gesture of kindness and goodwill.

You can find a link to the entire book here:




Stealth Euthanasia:
Health Care Tyranny in America


(Hospice, Palliative Care and Health Care Reform)

                           By Ron Panzer

Copyright � Ron Panzer 2011-2013
HTML/web version

Published by Hospice Patients Alliance, Inc.
4680 Shank Street, NE
Rockford, MI 49341

For more information: Tel. 616-866-9127

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Table of Contents

I – Trends in American Society
This Thing Called Hospice
Three Hospice Giants
The Hospice Interdisciplinary Team Approach to End-of-Life Care
Volunteer, Nonprofit and For-profit Hospice Corporations
“Palliative Care” & Its Approach to End-of-Life Care
Transitions in Business

II – Hospice Today
The Business of Hospice
Why Hospice is a “Protected” Industry
Good and Bad Hospices
Hospice Reimbursement: Is it a problem?
Hospice and Health Care Industry Fraud
Hospice Kickback Arrangements

III – The Culture of Death: Covert Operations
Hastening Death at the End-of-Life
When is a Person a “Person?”
Respecting Life vs. Ending Life in Hospice
Euthanasia Society: Covert Operations in the Health Care & Hospice Industry
Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, Last Acts & Last Acts Partnership
Last Acts Rallying Points Regional Centers & What Their Selection Tells Us
George Soros’ Project on Death in America
End-Run Around Right-to-Life: Hospice No Longer is Safe Alternative to Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide

IV – The Culture of Death: Overt Operations
Euthanasia Society of America (early decades)
The Hemlock Society and Compassion & Choices: Overt Operations in America
Global Influences

V – The Courts: Removing Barriers to the Culture of Death

VI – Physicians: Redefining Death to Remove Barriers to the Culture of Death
“Do Your Organs Belong to the Government?” by Paul Byrne, MD

VII – What Happens in Rogue Hospices
Medicare/Medicaid Hospice Reimbursement Cap & Hastening Death
Hospice Can Use “Closers” to End Lives
HMO/Hospice Intimidation to Force DNR Status and HMO Abuse Begins
HMO/Hospice Nurse Causes Fatal Septic Infection
Hospice Can Withhold Ordinary Treatments to End Lives
Hospice Can Misinform Patients and Families to End Lives
Hospice Can Ignore Your Power of Attorney and Create a New One
Hospice Can Misinform Staff to End Lives
A Miseducated Hospice Nurse
Hospice Can Miseducate Physicians to Facilitate Ending Lives
Palliative Sedation or Terminal Sedation to Hasten Death
Hospice’s Third Way: Quill & Byock Promote Palliative Sedation to Hasten Death
Hospice: Expanding Its Turf to the Non-terminal & Hastening Their Death
How Hospices Hide the Killings (HIPAA Misdirection & Hospice Fraud)

VIII – Why Hospice Became the Sacred Cow of Health Care
The Government Loves Hospice
The Media Loves Hospice
Some Surgeons and Doctors Love Hospice
Hospital Administrators Love Hospice
Nursing Home Owners Love Hospice
Guardians Love Hospice
Some Adult Children & Spouses Love Hospice
The Right-to-Die/Kill Crowd Loves Hospice

IX – HMO/Managed Care Approach to Hastening Death
What Linda Peeno, MD Told the Congress About Managed Care
Kaiser Health Plan
The Nixon Administration, HMO/Managed Care and E.R.I.S.A. Legal Immunity Shield
Kaiser: A Model HMO?
Dr. Phillips Reports that Kaiser Misinforms the Public About “Normal” Human Lab Values to Limit Treatment

X – The Federal Government’s Approach to Hastening Death
Physician Orders Limiting Life-Sustaining Treatments to Hasten Death
How Government Can Work: Involuntary Sterilization, Experimentation and Hastened Death
Utilitarian Care Rationing: Health Care Reform, The Government’s “Complete Lives System” and Hastened Death
Government Health Care Reform Law & the former Hemlock Society (Compassion & Choices)
Government Action When There is A Question of Homicide
The Federal “Ethics” Used to Decide Who Lives and Whose Death is Hastened
Government Rationing Health Care through Cost Effectiveness Research
Government Protection of Hospice and Many Health Care Facilities
Government: Controlled by Corporate Interests
Corporatism and Socialism
How Government Works: The Food & Drug Administration & Corporate Lobbying
The Government’s Conflict of Interest

XI – Where We are Headed
The Removal of Prolife Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals
Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia May be Legalized

XII – Where We’re at Today
The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Wall of Silence
Hospice Wrongdoing May Never be Properly Evaluated
Family Members are Afraid to Speak Out
Thwarting Appeals to Action
How Things Work: The Legal Environment for Nurses
How Things Work: Typical Hospice Scenarios for Hastening Death
About the Current Health Care Reform
Is There An Attack Against the Pro-Life Hospices?

XIII – A Purpose In My Life and Yours
True Reform that Protects Citizens
Reforming Government: Rebuilding America
Hospice Life Association: Respecting Life at the End-of-Life
Pro-life Healthcare Alliance: Renewing Reverence for Life


About the Author
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This book contains the most-censored story in America
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This book is dedicated to the vulnerable who have been targeted for stealth euthanasia.



There are numerous books about the history of euthanasia and eugenics proposals in our society. This book is not one of those. It offers a rare glimpse from my experience within the end-of-life industry, my work as a patient advocate, and includes the revelations of hundreds and hundreds of people as they have recounted it to me. This book explains how we got where we are today and provides statements by many of our nation’s leaders in health care, government and patient advocacy, that taken altogether form the pieces of the puzzle that reveal what has been hidden from the American public for decades: stealth euthanasia is being practiced throughout the United States and elsewhere.

I have many friends within the hospice industry who confirm what I recount here in this book, so I urge you to read through to the very end, as you have never heard all that I am about to share with you. Some of it may surprise and shock you. Some of it will trouble you, but all of it will affect what happens to you, your family and our society in the days to come.

This is the story of the intentionally “below-the-radar” changes that have been aggressively pursued in our society for decades. Because these changes are not covered by the major media in any coherent, connected way, or at all, the public has difficulty “putting a finger” on what is happening and why. They see changes here and there as situations arise in their lives, especially in health care. They hear stories about what is happening and mistakenly assume they are isolated incidents. Sometimes, they just can’t believe the changes that have already been made. They seem so “foreign” to what American society is all about, and the reason they seem “foreign” is they do not arise from American Constitutional values.

Some people are frightened by these changes, changes that seem to be imposed upon society without the approval of the majority of citizens. They question the wisdom of abandoning the traditional values that formed the foundation for American life. They question the declining percentages of Americans who support the traditional value of a family (husband, wife and children), marriage (husband and wife), sanctity of life, faith in God, the value of work and the opportunity to get ahead in a free society. They wonder how we have strayed so far. They question whether we are still truly free to express our religious faith in a public setting, or even whether the dedication to “do no harm” within health care is the prevailing mindset. Shockingly, often it is not.

If you want to know what all that “death panel” talk is really all about, this is the book that explains exactly what is going on and will be going on.

There are no formal “death panels,” but there are bureaucrats in government, HMOs, and private health insurance companies whose decisions knowingly result in denied tests, denied treatments and certain death in many cases. This has been well-documented. However, when the federal government becomes the big HMO itself, test and treatment denials will be the equivalent of death sentences for some, even many. The new health care reform law creates several methods that are likely to result in rationed care. For example, the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” (“IPAB”) is supposedly not allowed to make recommendations that directly result in rationing care, but it can exert overwhelming pressure on providers by reducing how much they get paid to provide a service.

Politicians say, “we are not going to ration care.” But they will set in motion many processes that reduce reimbursement under the guise of “limiting expenditures,” or “keeping costs down,” and these processes will result in rationing care. Ultimately, many services will simply not be provided, because physicians, hospitals, and others cannot afford to provide them at the steadily decreasing reimbursement levels determined by the bureaucrats who run Medicare, Medicaid and other government-controlled health services.

Those on Medicare and Medicaid are already on a government-run plan and are experiencing the effects of decisions made by unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC. We need to remember that Medicare passed into law in 1965 and is nominally a “voluntary” program. However, to assure participation by all seniors, then President Lyndon Johnson pressured all private health insurers to cancel all policies available to seniors. If seniors want to completely opt-out of Medicare, they have to give up their Social Security benefits and then pay privately for all services they receive. Only the very wealthy can do that.

Since there is no private health insurance available for seniors in the United States, we cannot say that participation in Medicare is truly voluntary. Seniors must accept whatever those running Medicare decide regarding their treatment options. Certainly, there are many who would have no health coverage without Medicare, and millions have benefited from the program. Many seniors are comfortable with Medicare the way it has been up to the present time. What needs to be recognized is that changes are coming no matter what political party or agenda controls those changes, with or without the new health care reform law. One political party will accuse the other of threatening the well-being of senior citizens and vice-versa. But both will silently promote the stealth euthanasia already begun in this nation. The generous benefits of Medicare over the past are going to be phased out selectively to streamline the program and make it more “efficient.” The idea that the future Medicare will be like what we’ve had till now is quite mistaken and those that trust in the promises being made by either party need to wake up to the realities.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has said, “telling America’s aging population that its entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare will survive without significant changes is dishonest.” The debate about the health care reform law or other proposals are important, but like some demonstrations of illusion and “magic,” you never see what’s really happening. Misdirection and skill fool all except those trained in the art. While we focus on the public debate, drastic changes are being made quietly without fanfare. “The Obama administration has released a report saying that health reform will save $575 billion in the Medicare program over 10 years.” All while the number of Medicare patients will grow exponentially. Isn’t it obvious what is happening?

The health care reform law (H.R.3590) has already modified how Medicare will be run. Under Section 3021, “Establishment of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation,” the Secretary of HHS “shall adjust the payments made to an eligible safety net hospital system or network from a fee-for-service payment structure to a global capitated payment model.” [H.R.3590 p.205] Going from a Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement system that pays fees for each service provided to a system that has a cap on payments made for all services provided to a patient is one of the most significant changes to Medicare ever made and will certainly result in drastic changes. Just think about how hospitals will change what tests, surgeries and treatments they provide if they know the amount they will be paid is capped for each patient they serve! And if the patient has already used up the cap amount, do you think the hospital will continue to provide services for free?

In addition, once the government takes over management of our nation’s entire health care system under H.R. 3590, as it already has in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, it acquires control over how care is delivered, what care is available, and who receives that care or not. It controls how much the providers are paid, and by deciding to pay providers less than service costs and capping total costs paid out, it is driving some physicians to leave the field and will discourage the young from entering the field. Some hospitals will close their doors, reducing the total number of hospital beds available to those in the community. On average, physicians train until they’re close to 30 years old, graduate with $150,000 to $250,000 in debt for their education, and are subject to being sued on any given day.

When the nation’s supply of physicians lags behind the growing elderly population and hospitals have to serve that increasing number of patients, health care services will certainly be limited. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges. “America will face a shortage of more than 90,000 doctors in 10 years.” There is no question that, in order to keep health care costs down, patients will see more physician-assistants and nurse practitioners providing primary care. Actually getting to see the physician will become increasingly difficult over time. For example, “employment of physician assistants is expected to grow by 39 percent from 2008 to 2018.” To cut costs even more, if a patient is chronically ill, with more than one diagnosis, or very elderly, and enters the hospital more than once, that patient will likely be referred for hospice or palliative care services to prevent more costly acute care hospital admissions.

You may not realize this, but leaders in government of both political parties are promoting palliative and hospice care as the destination, your destination … the end of the road in a patient’s health care journey. There is no need for something to be called a “death panel.” Rationed care will result in destabilization and consequent death for many of the chronically ill, elderly and disabled. Interventions and treatment options, as well as denials, can be manipulated so that death is made to happen.

There is no one place to point the finger and say, “he” alone is responsible, or “that group” or “that government department” alone is responsible. It is much more sophisticated and complicated than that. There are webs and webs of interconnected efforts that have resulted in a massive wave sweeping over our land, something that has not happened overnight, though it may seem so. It’s been coming for over seventy years. Americans have been quietly “asleep” while those who have made war on American values achieved success after success.

We don’t want to think about “death and dying” even if some have been shouting the “death and dying” talk from the rooftops. There have been thousands of news articles and speakers all across the country promoting the wonders of end-of-life care, and there is much good that can be done when dedicated professionals make their best effort to relieve suffering at the end-of-life. However, there are some who have dedicated their lives to move American society away from its traditional values, and they have not been asleep. They’ve been very busy for over seventy years working in the background, training others and teaching in the universities, arranging to have their ideas inserted into public school curricula.

They’ve written sections of textbook after textbook or controlled the slant of content used to train physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, attorneys, and therefore some of the justices who eventually serve on the courts, until they have succeeded in changing how the powerful-to-be think and act … how they view the world from deep within. And now the indoctrinated are the powerful. They’ve even gotten rid of the Hippocratic Oath for graduating physicians in most medical schools (contrary to what we Americans assume). They are accomplishing the last acts of their grand project: changing completely how Americans die and how Americans view death and dying.

When physicians, attorneys and judges as well as other leaders of our society no longer affirm the sanctity of life, and when leaders within health care no longer pledge to “do no harm,” there is no obstacle to the devaluation of selected lives and the discarding of those lives.

Before the advent of widely available hospice services in the 1980s, most Americans died in acute care hospitals in a “medicalized” environment where death, just like birth, was reserved for doctors and nurses. It was hidden from view, something that otherwise has been quite unusual over the course of human history.

The modern hospice movement with its openness to caring for the dying with family present, with its recognition of the opportunity for healing in family relationships at the end-of-life, and its focus on working to do a better job at pain and symptom management has been a wonderful thing. It incorporated the very best of the latest medical advances in symptom management with a more natural atmosphere for those facing death. But this positive step has been negated in many segments of the industry due to financial or utilitarian concerns.

Although many of us would like to think otherwise, there has always been a side of American society that has had a utilitarian streak. We will explore how this has affected health care and especially end-of-life care as well as what it means for you. There has been a very slick, sophisticated and well-financed campaign to completely twist the positive contributions of hospice into something the public would never openly accept.

Because most people in our modern society do not have the background or experience within the health-care industry, they don’t have the information to understand what is really planned for us when it comes to health care reform or entitlement reform. And many of those who work within health care still do not know about many of the changes that have been put in place within the end-of-life care industry. Even among those who work in hospice or palliative care, most do not know the history of the industry and who is directing its continuing development. This book contains the essentials needed to truly understand the monumental changes being planned for our society and how it is being accomplished in our time.

The issues discussed in this book will affect American society whether the health care reform law is upheld, declared unconstitutional on appeal, repealed or not, or nullified through various efforts by some of the states. How health care is provided to the elderly and disabled is being modified, significantly. Efforts to make Medicare and Medicaid services more efficient and less costly will affect many, and the changes made are not being made solely to make them more efficient. There is something else going on.

Many worry that a government-run health care system will do away with the freedom to choose one’s own physician, treatment center or treatment. Others have noted that some physicians are “opting out” of Medicare and Medicaid protesting that the reimbursement is often lower than the costs of providing services. “By 2013, less than one-third of U.S. physicians are expected to remain in private practice and patients may increasingly find that being treated by physicians in private, small practice settings may be a thing of the past.” Many wonder if patients will be able to find the care they need or if they will have to wait months to get to see the doctor or have a needed surgery. With the budgetary pressures on our nation, many worry how this will impact end-of-life care for the vulnerable.

Through the years, many people have called the Hospice Patients Alliance (and many other patient advocacy organizations), pleading for help, reporting problems they have encountered, like the failure of the hospice agency to provide services as needed, reporting that the staff prevented them from giving food or liquids to their loved one when he or she could still take them in and benefit. They sometimes report that their loved one was literally killed in a health care setting. I’ve listened and carefully thought about the depth of the problems.

Through the years, the accounts given by these family members are eerily similar. When family members recount what hospice staff said to them, the language and phrases used sometimes are exactly the same, the actions taken exactly the same, the outcome exactly the same. The reason? The staff at different agencies across the country are being trained in the same way, and the actions taken were quite contrary to what the patient and family expected. The services and treatment provided are not what the American people have come to expect from hospice.

Those who report to us are not uneducated in the ways of medicine and health care. Many of those who call in are themselves physicians, nurses, social workers, ministers and lawyers. Yet, even with their training, some are unable to resolve problems encountered or to even prevent the hastened death of their own family member.

Those who are quite familiar with the standards of care in health care are often surprised at the wanton disregard for adherence to the standards by some hospice agencies and staff. They often cannot believe that the violation of the standards could ever be so knowingly and willingly done. This is not to say that all hospice and palliative care units violate standards. Certainly not! But, there are too many that do, and there is a reason for it. There is a reason why government regulators surprisingly do nothing about it as well.

Hospice Patients Alliance’s outreach to the public was designed to bypass the media censorship and that’s how we have continued to work, to get information out to the people directly and to work individually with them as problems arise. Our website has had millions of visitors through the years. Those who need information are getting it because of what we provide.

It is strange that of the thousands of websites maintained by all the hospice agencies, ours is the only one that has all the standards of care and laws set out for the public to access easily, along with easily understood explanations of what should be expected. Yet, it simply confirms what I noticed back in 1998: there was no place for the public to get complete information about what is going on in hospice and palliative care, what the standards of care are, what to do when problems arise, and what others are experiencing in this largely unregulated niche of health care. Except for our organization, there still is no place for the public to get complete access to the standards of care with easily understood explanations, honest information about what problems do exist, and what can be done about them.

Why should the realities be hidden from the patients and families that end up using these services? With about 40% of all American deaths now occurring in hospice, the public certainly has a right to know! Why do the media’s editors censor the truth so people are repeatedly blind-sided and taken by surprise when their loved one is medically killed in a hospice, hospital or nursing home? I know that if you’ve had a positive experience with hospice and palliative care, you may be shocked and upset to read this, but just because you had a positive experience does not mean that all others will as well.

You might conclude that I am against hospice and palliative care, but that would be completely untrue. I care very much about the field of end-of-life care and have the greatest respect for those who work in this field and dedicate themselves to relieve suffering while allowing a death in its own natural timing. We’ve worked hard to encourage the highest standards in end-of-life care and have worked with many in the field through the years. Yet, we believe that it’s important for the public to know the hidden truth about end-of-life care as well, because each of us will be confronted with these issues sooner or later.

Whether you are a person of faith, an agnostic or atheist, this book provides a rare glimpse of the realities of health care in America that you will find nowhere else. There is much material here that you do need to know so you can see exactly what is happening, how it is happening, when it started and why.

There is a lot of material covered, but bear with me and read on, because this book explains why you have not been informed about the hidden realities in the industry, why the major media is censoring one of the most important stories of our time, and why the realities of end-of-life care are not what the media portrays them to be. This book is our way of reaching out to the public directly, bypassing the big media censorship, the government’s silent complicity, and the industry’s own deception.

Our nation was founded upon principles that many of us still hold dear. It is true that some ridicule these principles … such as a right to life, free speech (which is not limited to “politically correct” speech) and freedom from an overbearing and oppressive government. Some are rejoicing that a socialized health care system may be implemented, while others are absolutely horrified.

While there are court challenges to the health reform law, changes are being implemented anyway. No law is required for government administrators to modify some of Medicare and Medicaid’s internal administrative rules. The Centers for Medicare Services already has authority to change many things. With the threat of drastic changes in private health insurance, some private insurance companies may go out of business. Other insurers are making changes that drastically affect how they do business, and as the trend continues, many changes will be irreversible.

By the time some of you read this, the high court may have already ruled, however, businesses around the country have been scrambling to try to comply with the regulations of a law that will comprise thousands of pages with all the administrative regulations included. Small businesses don’t know what to do and must consult attorneys, tax accountants, and other experts to plan what to do, further bogging down productivity and economic recovery. Same thing for large corporations. The uncertainty of “what the federal government will do” is like a cloud over every business in America. The certainty of changes already made is depressing business as well.

With economic pressures mounting, deficit spending completely out-of-control in a manner never before witnessed in America, and international leaders urging that the world abandon the U.S. dollar as the world’s global reserve currency, citizens worry that our nation is spiraling out of control and that our basic way of life is seriously threatened. It clearly is! We live in especially “historic times,” I tell my son. And, “there has never been anything similar in American history.” We pray that our beautiful and inspiring American experiment in representative democracy will find its way back to the values that allowed it to create and maintain a stable and free society.

When what our elected leaders have done through the years to endanger our nation’s economic security is fully known, Bernie Madoff (the convicted Ponzi scheme investment leader) will seem like a saint. Our national trade, tax and regulatory policies have decimated the manufacturing base in this country, sent jobs and corporations overseas, and made us debtors to the world. A once proud nation is imperiled, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and the health and economic well-being of its citizens is imperiled with it.

Nations are discussing returning to a worldwide gold standard, rather than the American dollar being the global reserve currency. Even if the gold standard is not adopted, simply downgrading the U.S. dollar and “removing America’s ‘AAA’ status would make it more expensive for the world’s largest economy [the U.S.] to borrow money on the international money markets. On Aug 5, 2011 Standard & Poor downgraded the U.S. dollar to AA+. This may eventually trigger austerity measures in the U.S. far more drastic than its current deficit reduction plans ….” And yes, that means cuts in health care spending of all sorts.

Threats of terrorist attacks on our people are taken very seriously, but nobody really knows what to do to stop them. We must trust the government to protect us; that is what the government is supposed to do. But when the government itself makes changes that are inconsistent with our values and Constitutional freedoms, the people become alarmed, awakened and move to block those changes and re-assert the foundational freedoms of our nation. That is the beauty of our nation’s regularly and freely held elections

When it comes to health care, there are numerous arguments about what solution can be found for the problems of rapidly rising costs, people who can’t access care, and how best to distribute tax dollars for health care. Those of us who are focused on health care hear about “evidenced-based medicine,” but in the major media there is little or no discussion of the potential misuse of evidence-based medicine. We hear about “comparative effectiveness research,” but in the major media there is little or no discussion of the potential misuse of “comparative effectiveness research.” We hear about the “complete lives system” of leading national health care advisors, as well as the rationing of health care, but the major media reports downplay any concerns being raised.

Why have we not had an open dialog about the benefits of, or problems with, the ideas that are changing the way health care will be delivered? Why do most people have no idea what these three concepts involve and how they will dramatically affect their lives and those they love?

Evidence-Based medicine is:

“the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patient. It means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.”

[“Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice,” Duke Univ Medical Center Library and Health Sciences Library, UNC-Chapel Hill – Dr. David Sackett, a pioneer in evidence-based practice, 1996]

Probably most physicians today want their decisions to reflect the latest medical science and the evidence. It makes sense. But anyone who knows anything about medical studies knows that different studies result in different outcomes and conclusions. The design of the studies, the number of subjects, the controls used, and so many other factors effect what conclusions are reached. Sometimes, if you want a certain result, you can be sure to get it if you design the study just so. In fact, there are well-respected physicians debating the whole idea of “evidence-based medicine. A November 2008 seminar was entitled, “The Evidence Never Lies? Critical Debates in Evidence-Based Medicine” with leading physicians, bioethicists and professors of philosophy debating the pros and cons of this whole field of endeavor. Topics included: “What’s right and what’s wrong with evidence-based medicine?” “What is the role of clinical research evidence in medical practice?” and “What is the patient’s role in medical decision-making?”

If evidence-based medicine is used to ration care and decide what treatments are offered citizens under Medicare, Medicaid or a possible national health system, who decides what evidence and what studies are used? Who decides what the conclusions should be? Will the physician and patient decide or will a bureaucrat somewhere in the government, a PPO, HMO or other managed care company decide?

When it comes to the care of the elderly, disabled and chronically ill, many questions remain. Even among those who respect and value life, there is a lack of information about what is going on in the end-of-life care arena, what the hospice leadership is doing, what the successor organizations of the Euthanasia Society Of America are doing, who the major players are and how they operate. I’m sorry to say that many leaders of the culture of life, pro-lifers, have no idea what is going on, really, even if many of them think they do. They have been misinformed or intentionally kept in the dark completely. I realize that may offend some, but our role is to serve and inform and provide complete information so that citizens can influence the course of our nation knowing all that is at stake.

Many supporters of the sanctity of life simply do not know how deep this all goes and how successful the heirs of the original Euthanasia Society of America have been in our nation. They do not know how the Euthanasia Society is connected with the largest segment of the hospice industry in America, and when some have finally understood it, they have been shocked. Most of those who affirm the sanctity of life view hospice as the rightful alternative to euthanasia and assisted suicide; they would be correct in some cases, but wrong in many others! Those who affirm the value of each life have been outmaneuvered by those who hold a utilitarian worldview, and when some of them encounter a hospice that does not respect the sanctity of life and hurries death along, they realize bitterly that they have been betrayed.

Did you know that the largest hospice organization in our nation is the successor organization to the Euthanasia Society of America? Did you know that according to the most prominent hospice leaders in the world, many hospices in the United States today have no reservations about hastening death through a method called “terminal sedation,” (also “palliative sedation” or “total sedation”)? Did you know that the federal regulations governing hospice are far fewer in number than those protecting patients in nursing homes or hospitals, or that state agencies inspect hospices less frequently than nursing homes or hospitals? Did you know some hospices may go years without being inspected at all? Did you know that because of the HIPAA privacy regulations, nobody interested in researching what is actually going on in hospice can get access to the data, so hospices that have an agenda can act without any outside interference or supervision?

This is how Robin Love’s father who was not terminal was hauled off to hospice, deprived of food and water and was given large doses of morphine and sedatives. He died shortly thereafter. Wendy Ludwig, RN reports that a Catholic priest she knew was hastened to his death as well. Some hospices have gone eight years without ever being inspected, except for the initial inspection when they opened their doors! What the public thinks about hospice is a carefully constructed image. In some cases, that image is fulfilled in practice, but sad to say, in many cases, it is not. We have reports of young infants being hastened to their death in peri-natal hospice because they didn’t die “soon enough!”

You could say that our society has been manipulated, maneuvered, even “conditioned” to think in ways that are completely contrary to the way Americans thought for the past two centuries. And millions and millions of dollars have been spent to achieve this. The proverbial example of the frog in the pot of water applies here. Although there is debate about what really happens, if you put the frog in lukewarm water, he won’t jump out. If you put him in hot water (not boiling), he will jump out, and will definitely notice that he’s in “hot water.” Our society is like that. Slowly, but surely, the “temperature” has been “turned up” toward “culture of death” thinking and we don’t even notice how “hot” it is anymore.

You may be surprised but today, many people have adopted the “quality of life” ethic where it’s “ok” to end someone’s life because they are “seriously disabled,” “very elderly,” have dementia or any number of other reasons. In a very real sense, many of us have become numb to the killings so that we accept an increasingly larger category of lives that may be ended in a medical setting. And many times, we don’t call them “killings.” We say, “We let him go.” “It was time.” And to “let go” is certainly appropriate when someone is truly at the end-of-life, but when someone is not imminently dying and they end up dead, it really is a “medical killing.”

If there were no medical murders, books like Caring To Death: A Discursive Analysis of Nurses who Murder Patients (by John Field, PhD; where over 50 cases of nurse killers from around the world are discussed) would not be written. That book is about the sensational cases that leaked out into the media and the killer nurses were apprehended and convicted. Articles like, “Angels of mercy: The dark side” would not exist. Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America is about the policies and actions that result in imposed death and are not leaked out into the media and are given the government’s complete stamp of approval: death on demand, or “stealth euthanasia.” In stealth euthanasia, policymakers, nurses, doctors and others, whose actions or decisions cause death, are not apprehended and they certainly are not prosecuted.

Not so very long ago when sanctity of life was the mainstream ethic for our society, we recognized that we are here to care for each other, not to kill each other. Now magazine articles promote hospice as the “other way” to make someone die on demand.

Bobby Schindler, Jr., Terri Schiavo’s brother, reminds us all when he says,

“Terri and others like her should be a constant reminder to all of us that caring for the disabled is never a burden, but is instead an act of God’s unconditional love.”

[“The dehydration death of a nation,” by Bobby Schindler March 30, 2007]

We’ve been conditioned to think otherwise. We’ve been conditioned to think that caring for the disabled is an exercise in foolishness, that the disabled and very elderly are “better off dead.” Over and over, we hear stories about the suffering of the disabled who are dependent on others, but rarely do we hear about the loving interaction between the disabled and those around them who care for them. We hear less and less about the blessings that come to those who serve and care for the severely disabled and dependent, the changes brought about in those who serve, or the blessings to those who are served.

Whether openly conveyed or subliminally imprinted upon us, the message for decades has increasingly been, “let them die,” they are “better off dead,” “let go,” “kill them.” The message may not be conveyed openly in those words, but that’s the message, … from health care facility staff, newspaper articles, TV shows or wildly successful movies like “Million Dollar Baby” (about the woman boxer who becomes a quadriplegic and wants to be killed) or the highly successful television series, “House.” The show’s main character Dr. House is portrayed as an obnoxious, arrogant, but strangely likable genius who serves as a platform for promoting the quintessential secular bioethical view; he is a skeptic and a utilitarian who ridicules people of faith, denies God and casually approves abortion and euthanasia. He exalts in his own intelligence without giving credit to anyone else for his abilities. The secular devaluation of life pervades our society and its messengers are getting shriller and less tolerant of other views each day. The major media outlets do promote hastened death in many ways.

Our society is almost “schizophrenic” when it comes to how it approaches these issues. On the one hand, almost everybody openly praises the Special Olympics, and applauded how actor Christopher Reeve fought to regain function through rehabilitation therapy after he became a quadriplegic due to a horseback riding accident. Yet, there are many who would say that Reeve should have committed assisted-suicide or that those competing in the Special Olympics should never have been born!

Killing a congenitally disabled baby before birth is applauded as the “right decision” by leaders and especially many doctors in our society. While under existing law, killing a baby a few days after birth is technically still a homicide, many in our society view the killing of a severely disabled baby or child, or a very elderly disabled person, as a “mercy killing.” We have organizations like Final Exit Network with its euthanasia proponents selling “helium hoods” and other devices for people to kill themselves, and promoting the “right-to-die.” In 2011 they started putting up billboards all over the country with the message, “My Life. My Death. My Choice.”

Many praise those who care for the disabled but hide their wish that many of the disabled not be alive at all. Health care reform, whether implemented through the new law or through changes to Medicare and Medicaid, will bring rationing of treatment in that spirit. It will have life-changing and life-ending effects, and we will see exactly how. Many disability advocates favor government-provided health care, universal health care, but like pro-lifers looking to hospice for an alternative to euthanasia, they will be disappointed when the government uses a heavy hand to limit expenditures for the disabled, elderly and chronically-ill.

We can get a taste of what is coming by looking at the United Kingdom’s socialized National Health Service where the disability rights group, “Scope, found that 70 percent are ‘concerned about pressure being placed on other disabled people to end their lives prematurely'” if assisted-suicide is legalized there.

Anyone who has read the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, knows it is a modern classic dealing with race relations. It portrays the struggle of attorney Atticus Finch who heroically defends a falsely-accused black man in a racist society. Yet, there is a parallel theme considering the societal attitudes toward the mentally-ill or disabled. The mentally-ill but good-hearted character, Boo Radley, shuns any public interaction, but manages to watch over and save Atticus’ children from harm. Author Harper Lee says that Atticus is a model for Christian honor and conduct who treats the town recluse Boo Radley with kindness and gentleness. Her message is that we all do the same. People like Atticus Finch still exist, however there are some today who are less tolerant of the mentally-ill. Some view the mentally-ill as less than fully human and less worthy to even be here. Members of our society are quite divided in how they regard the disabled, the mentally-impaired or ill, and about how they should be treated. Not all would look upon Boo Radley with the same loving-kindness of an Atticus Finch.

The vulnerable are among us, but are often not so visible. I have written this to help us remember what it means to be a humane society, to save the vulnerable and re-establish a just society, to make a difference in your life and the lives of your friends and family. If it is not shared widely with others, then it will not have satisfied my goal to alert people throughout our nation.

We are distributing this book online for free so that all can benefit from the information being shared, and our hope is that the book or links to it will be re-distributed virally by email throughout your own circle, posted on your own websites, social-networking sites, blogs, or printed out and shared with those who do not have access to the internet. Some tell me that people won’t appreciate this book if we give it away. Some tell me that I should not mention much about abortion (“it’s too controversial”) or have too many religious quotes in here (“people will get turned off”), and I’ve thought, “well, they’re right, some people won’t appreciate this because it’s free. And some people won’t read this because I have faith and share it a little here and there. And some say I should leave the controversial abortion topic till later in the text. But I’ve thought about it and the material is presented in the context of how changes arose in the United States historically which makes the most sense if you truly wish to understand how we got to where we are today and where we really are today.

I can’t promise to please all the people, and I know if it’s the truth, it will really offend some. Some people oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide yet approve of abortion. It seems that I can’t help offending some. I have to “call it the way I see it.” Take what you can from it, and leave the rest, as they say. I do promise to give you the truth, and give it freely as the dear Lord has given so much to me. I never set out to be where I am today, sharing this information which is so troubling to me and so many others. I just couldn’t turn away and say “no” to those who were and are now suffering. I knew that I had to do something, and this book is part of that effort.

There is no question about the direction our nation’s health care is being taken. Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, who our President appointed Health Advisor, promotes the “Complete Lives System” that is being implemented to ration care. Donald Berwick, who our President appointed administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is a strong proponent of Comparative Effectiveness Research which will also be used to ration care. Under the new law, “Accountable Care Organizations” are set up which will force very aggressive rationing practices by medical groups. Cass Sunstein, who our President appointed “Regulatory Czar,” states that unless you specifically record your wishnot to donate organs, doctors should be able to harvest your organs (should you be declared “brain dead”) for donation on the basis of “presumed consent,” even if you never actually give consent. He also has stated that an economic crisis can be “used to usher socialism into the United States.” Susan Rice, who our President appointed Ambassador to the United Nations states that we must increase the role of the United Nations in world affairs.

Regarding end-of-life care within the health care system, as we shall see, the nation’s most prominent hospice physicians (such as Joanne Lynn, MD and Ira Byock, MD) are proponents of terminal sedation to hasten death. Willard Gaylin, MD, co-founder of the Hastings Center is a proponent of euthanasia who applauds the efforts to expand the definition of “death” in order to overcome obstacles to legally performing euthanasia. Gaylin is widely accepted in the mainstream media and policymaking circles, and the Hastings Center is one of the organizations that has most influenced the modern American hospice industry to betray its original mission to care, not kill.

To top it off, our President appointed John Holdren “Science Czar.” Holdren is the co-author of the 1977 book, Ecoscience that promotes ideas like forced sterilizations and abortions to limit population growth, compelling single mothers to give up their children to others, putting chemicals in water supplies to prevent births, and a planetary world government that would implement these ideas for the good of the world. Although Holdren is a man-made global warming alarmist in the present (necessitating dramatically increased government-imposed regulations), in the late 1970s he was warning about disastrous global cooling (necessitating dramatically increased government-imposed regulations). It is not a mistake that these specific leaders were chosen to shape our society and our nation’s policies. Each of them has at one time or another stated that he is not what the record shows him to be: an advocate of a much bigger government role in our lives. Their public reassurances and denials of the obvious are not credible.

Taken all together, it is certain that increased government-control of our lives and health care based upon a utilitarian philosophy is being promoted. America will certainly be changed by their collective efforts. The new health care reform law has created agencies such as the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research institute (PCORI), whose main activities will result in rationed care. The role of secular culture-of-death hospice and palliative care within the health system will be expanded dramatically.

So, it is right to be wary about the changes being proposed: we are swiftly moving toward a utilitarian-controlled and callous society that will victimize many. It is already happening to many at the end-of-life. This book will explain exactly what is happening, how it’s being accomplished, who is responsible, and why it is being done. The book will also explain what must be done to truly reform the health care industry, our government and how to restore the American respect for life. We cannot rely on the government to respect the sanctity of life at any stage of life, even though respect for an individual life is central to traditional American values and our Constitutional system. Respect for life is central to preventing harm to patients, patients who could be your loved ones.

Health care professionals who have a reverence for life view their work as a mission and an opportunity to express their love for each patient. Those with faith, view their work as an opportunity to glorify the Giver of life through service to those who are most vulnerable.

However, federal law and Congressional budgetary expenditures approved by the Presidents (current and past) encourage abortion, eugenics and stealth euthanasia. You will understand exactly how after reading this book. The simple truth is that we are entering an extremely dangerous period in American history … dangerous for those who are the most vulnerable of all and dangerous for our society as a whole. If people contemplate and really see the sanctity of life, their quality of life arguments fall away and they will understand that we are here to care for each other, not to kill each other. Caring, and not convenience, is the sign of a civilized and just society!


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From Probate Sharks Blog: Hijacking a Fla. Estate for millions from Chicago

On the pages of the Probate Sharks blog is the following: Irving Faskowitz probate court case. Irving’s 2 million dollar estate was high jacked by Chicago and New York non-relatives who were also named Faskowitz. The real Faskowitz heirs never were informed of Irving’s death and never saw a penny.

One of the biggest problem that exists today is the unequal enforcement of the law, or the enforcement of the law to protect particular interests.    There is no question that when a person is placed in a police vehicle while in custody, and emerges dead there is a problem that the community should be concerned with.   The prosecutor knew that the individual was not murdered and no intent crime could be proven; however, in the true spirit of an opportunist unethical member of the political elite five police officers were ‘over charged’ with crimes that could not sustained.
The issue of whether or not criminal charges of some kind should have been brought is not relevant as the establishment was looked for a scapegoat.   It is this tactic that is destroying the basic institutions of America.   Special interests can routine ‘fix’ the process or the case and a large segment of the population screams to deaf ears the words: “foul!”
A burr under the skin has been the Florida Irving Faskowitz case.    Briefly the facts are allegedly as follows:
Irving Faskowitz died.   It just so happened that an infamous Chicago Lawyer had a maiden name that was very strongly similar; however, she was not related.   Exhibiting the criterion of conduct advocated by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and the Illinois Supreme Court and the conduct that they wish to foster, this lawyer filed documents claiming that she and a specific group of her relatations were heirs to the estate.    The claim was bogus on its face and so obscene that the Florida Attorney General rose out of her slumber and filed an objection.
As Lawyers live by the proposition that a bad settlement is better than the best litigation, the case settled and the spurious claimants got 1/2 of the Estate.   Victims of the infamous Chicago lawyer heard about the Florida expedition and screams to everyone who would listen ‘foul’    The protector of the virtue of Illinois lawyers the IARDC apparently have a special relationship with this lawyer could not be bothered to investigate, but gave its stamp of approval on the fraud.   Further action by the Florida Attorney General was unthinkable to Florida officials.   I guess they were too absorbed in annulling the Smith marriage and silencing the heirs of Helen Stone.
As the lawyer who filed the claim is an Illinois lawyer and was also believed to be culpable for the horrendous torture that Alice Gore was subjected to and to the quest for gold in her teeth the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court ratified their approval of the alleged theft and the complaining citizens were told to ‘stuff it!’
This is our current state of affairs in the cottage industry of elder cleansing.    Mr. Larkin is not a card carrying Nazi.   Indeed, he most probably has not even accidentally rubbed elbows with one.   Indeed, I would suspect that he is even loved by some children, but, he accepted a job to do – i.e. police the legal profession and rid it of the dishonest lawyers who prey on Illinois citizens – including the elderly.    Someone along the way Mr. Larkin got mixed up and decided to rid the legal profession of the lawyers who would pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 speak up against corruption in the Court system.   Indeed, he felt it his duty to defend and coverup 18 UsCA 371 the confession of Judge Connors (at page 91 of her evidence deposition) that she was ‘wired.’   The confession of perjury in the JoAnne Denison hearing by Judge Stuart.   The Faskowitz theft and the hunt for gold in the mouth of Alice by lawyer *****.    ******.
Elderly people are being elder cleansed, and then euthanized and corrupt courts, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt political figures are all actively engaged in the activity.   Our cause is just, but ignored.   Linking the cause to a great ***** Conspiracy is counter productive.   Judge **** sitting in Emmett County, Michigan is not involved in the Mary Sykes case directly, indirectly or in his dreams.   The WW2 Nazis who escaped from Germany in 1944/45 are all dead or nearly dead at this point in time.
Ladies – all we have in these elder cleansing cases is garden variety avarice and local conspiracies by a group of like thinking miscreants to enrich themselves by stealing from grandma.    Judge **** in Florida has no role in whatever Judge **** in Illinois is doing or not doing.   The attempt to link their actions just destroys our credibility.

From Ken Ditkowsky on the lawlessness of the ARDC decision in my case

A honest review of the file in JoAnne Denison’s disciplinary case causes any person familiar with the Constitution of the United States and/or Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution to wonder if last night we were invaded and our core values removed.   The actions of the IARDC (Illinois Disciplinary Commission) are unprecedented.    Ms. Denison ‘runs’ a blog that discloses corruption and in particular judicial corruption in Probate Court.
Even though by statute 47 USCA 230 her action is protected and even though the First, Fifth and Fourteenth amendments protects her action the IARDC misrepresented to the Supreme Court of Illinois the Sawyer and Alvarez cases and wrongfully claimed that her disclosure of the misconduct of the Court in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.
As if the assault on the First Amendment was not enough perfidy, it was discovered that a portion of the transcript of proceedings was altered.  (NB – the testimony of Judge Stuart was altered to remove her admission of perjury during her direct examination)    Worse yet, in direct violation of the Rules of Court the IARDC without notice sought to impose $18,000 of costs on Ms. Denison.    An examination of the petition for costs = not served on Ms. Denison) revealed that in violation of Illinois Statutes the IARDC used unlicensed Court reporters.  Section 13 of the Act prohibits payment to unlicensed court reporters.    If the Court unlicensed Court reporters were paid by the IARDC a felony was committed by the administrator of the State Attorney Disciplinary Commission, and his exparte communication with the Court a serious ethical violation.   The petition filed a serious criminal contempt of Court.
This is the problem that Ms. Denison faces, to wit:  a lawless Attorney Disciplinary Commission that has not only violated her Civil Rights, but has itself committed a felony.  (Theft of public funds to pay fees to unlicensed court reporters specifically prohibited by section 13 of the Court reporter licensing act)
Illinois has a long history of corruption which has once again raised its ugly head.   The Denison case represents the nadir of the legal profession.    There are few cases in which even a cursory look at the file would indicate that the ‘fix’ is in.   The Mary Sykes case found at 09 P 4585 – Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois = is such a case.   755 ILCS 5/11a -3b makes clear that the guardianship act of Illinois complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act, and that the guardian to be appointed is not only a fiduciary, but is limited in authority to making a reasonable accommodation.   The reasonable accommodation is not met by depriving a citizen of her property, her liberty, her civil rights and her human rights.
If you take a look at the file you will notice that the Jurisdictional criteria connoted in the statute (755 ILCS 5/11a – 10) are ignored.   The Summons required to be served on Mary Sykes was never served.  The notice of hearing required to be given to close relatives was never given.   The hearing that is required to determine the extend and nature of any disability was not had.    In fact every protection provided by law was ignored and on page 91 of her evidence deposition (taken by the IARDC) the presiding judge admitted to being ‘wired.’ Of course in a corrupt proceeding facts are ignored and the lynching of Ms. Denison was accomplished violating her Constitutional Rights.

From Ken Ditkowsky–talk is cheap–save our senior citizens!

As I’ve written many times – TALK IF CHEAP- Promises are easily made, but not so easy to keep.

The elderly and the disabled of America are being systematically herded into guardianships wherein they are isolated from their loved ones so that corrupt judges, guardians (including guardians ad litem) lawyers and the political and judicial elite can strip them of their humanity, civil rights and assets. Herein Illinois JoAnne Denison, an attorney, has complied a list that contains many of the victims which she has and will make available to you. On he list you will find Mary Sykes. Without even colorable compliance with due process or the guardianship statute, Mary was spirited away from her home, and prior life. She was isolated from her sisters, her younger daughter and her life so that control of her property could be stolen. A safety deposit box was secretly accessed an a million dollars in gold coins disappeared. All in all after about three million dollars was secreted Mary wasted away and died. The story is all in her court file 09 P 4585 (Cook County) and spread of record in Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA blogs.

The system swallowed her up. A corrupt judge (who on page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted that she was wired) ignored due process as the guardian, the guardian’s attorney, two guardian ad litem ran rough shot over her and her family (and friends). When a call went out for an HONEST INVESTIGATION it was met by a cover-up of massive proportions – that is still going on. Attorneys who complained were subjected to fraudulent and wired disciplinary proceedings.

The Government Accounting Office has complete four reports to congress as it relates to this problem of elder cleansing and nothing has been done to end this war on the elderly and the disabled. No one is interested! Even a striking similarly to the Holocaust does not incite even a scintilla of concern or action. Alice Gore, an elderly victim was guardianized and 1.5 million dollars stolen plus the grains of gold found in the filings in her teeth. In Florida, Col Smith came under the control of guardian – the guardian found his wife objected to the mistreatment. No problem – the Court ordered the marriage annulled!
Helen Stone’s daughter took her mother to lunch – at the mother’s request – the daughter was jailed. ******

The issue to many of us very simple. We have been promised the world before. The days when we fell of the turnip truck are long past and we say – promises are easy to make – lets see something tangible.

All you have to do for us, if demand an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF ELDER CLEANSING. The laws have been enacted but they are being ignored. Anybody can make promises – Everyone talks and expresses their sympathy for the elderly. The Americans With Disabilities Act designates that the justice department is to administer the law. The guardianship law is specific in protecting the civil rights of the disabled. Enforcement is negative as corruption is out of control. The judge in the Sykes case who admitted to being wired was rewarded after she admitted to her corruption – she was elevated to the Appellate Court.

Mr. ***** – this is the acid test! We do not ask you to believe or give credence to any of our allegations – or any of the statements in GAO reports – we ask for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and if our averments are found correct the FIX to end and the miscreants prosecuted to the full extent of the law = and required to pay the income taxes on their booty!
Ken Ditkowsky

Glenda Martinez Smith awaits decision of Fla Supreme court as to whether her marriage will be annulled in guardianship

Marriage annulment in guardianship case heads to Florida Supreme Court

Palm Beach Post (FL)

July 16–Glenda Martinez Smith has already made an important impact on adult guardianship of incapacitated seniors in the state of Florida.

The court appeal she won in March 2015 told judges in six Florida counties they could no longer ignore pre-need directives by seniors about who they want as their health care surrogate and pre-need guardian if they become incapacitated.

‘Great public importance’

But Martinez Smith is not done yet.

She is heading to the Florida Supreme Court and aims once again to overturn Circuit Judge David French, who made the unusual move to annul her 2011 marriage to J. Alan Smith at the behest of a court-appointed professional guardian and the guardian’s attorney.

The 4th District Court of Appeal on June 29 certified “a question of great public importance:” to the state’s highest court on whether incapacitated individuals can retain one of the most sacred of American rights.

“It involves the fundamental right of a ward to marry,” said Jennifer Carroll, the Palm Beach Gardens attorney who represents Martinez Smith. “When and under what circumstances does a ward have to get the court’s approval before exercising his fundamental right to marry?”

Martinez Smith added, “I have always been an advocate for people who are disabled. I say you have to fight for your loved ones, no matter what it takes.”

The Palm Beach Post first brought to light Martinez Smith’s fight against the guardian of her husband in April 2015. She wanted to provide care for J. Alan Smith, an 85-year-old formerBoynton Beach resident who worked for 30 years for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

He became incapacitated after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, but before that he had proposed marriage to Martinez Smith and made her his health-care surrogate and pre-need guardian in a living will.

Guardian John Cramer placed Smith in a nursing home where Martinez Smith complained he wasn’t getting the necessary therapy.

Professional guardians — and the attorneys who represent them — are paid out of life savings of seniors in guardianship. A new law signed this year will give the state its first regulatory authority over the professional guardianship industry after abuses were brought to lawmakers’ attention.

An annulment can be a cash cow for a guardian and the attorney who represents him or her. The Post reported in its series Guardianship: A Broken Trust how annulment proceedings initiated by a guardian can drain the estate of the senior and cost loved ones tens of thousands of dollars in court fees fighting it.

Emotional pain

A marriage annulment in guardianship can affect benefits for the surviving partner after the incapacitated senior dies and cause great emotional pain for the couple. Martinez Smith contends that the annulment was designed so that the guardian and his attorney could drain as much money from her husband’s accounts, as possible.

Martinez Smith, who was financially secure long before she met Smith, said she spent upwards of$150,000 form her own money fighting the guardianship and reversing decisions made by Palm Beach Circuit judges. Her husband, she said, was left personally bankrupt as the guardian liquidated life insurance policies.

She got no relief from the judges. Circuit Judge Martin Colin threw her out of the courtroom. He also insulted her looks. The 4th DCA on April 3, 2013 granted her petition to disqualify Colin.

The court concluded “that the judge’s acts of ejecting petitioner from the courtroom, later striking her testimony on the basis of a perceived insult to him, and his comment that petitioner’s entire demeanor, including that ‘her face, her voice, her sound, may be unpleasant to everyone else,’ save the ward, would lead any reasonably prudent person to fear that she would not receive a fair hearing before the judge.”

Martinez Smith didn’t know at the time that Colin’s wife, Elizabeth “Betsy” Savitt, worked as a professional guardian. Colin announced his retirement after The Post’s Broken Trust series reported on the judge’s conflict of interest and the litany of complaints orbiting his wife’s guardianships. Colin was transferred out of the guardianship division then announced his retirement.

When Judge David French inherited the case, Martinez Smith was unaware he was good friends with Colin and Savitt — so much so that French once planned a cruise vacation with them. When she brought up concerns that Smith wasn’t receiving his therapy in the nursing home, Cramer’s attorney Ellen Morris sent a letter to Judge French, who then banned her from seeing the man she married.

Again, Martinez Smith turned to the 4th DCA and persevered. The appellate court headquartered in West Palm Beach controls courts in Broward, Indian River, Okeechobee, Palm Beach, St. Lucieand Martin counties.

The March 2015 decision stated Smith’s preneed health directives naming Martinez Smith as his surrogate long before the car accident could not be undone by a judge or professional guardian. She brought Smith back home to Miami to care for him and Cramer resigned as guardian.

Cramer and Morris did not return phone calls or emails for comment.

Martinez Smith’s last mountain to climb: reversing French’s annulment of her marriage.

Annulment on appeal

The ruling to send the issue to the Florida Supreme Court stems from a request for a rehearing after the 4th DCA initially ruled against Martinez.

Judge Martha Warner — who has been an advocate in the court’s decisions for the rights of incapacitated people — was joined by Judge Melanie May in asking the Florida Supreme Court to clarify the statutes, saying it “particularly affects the elderly.”

State law requires court approval of a marriage of an incapacitated individual who has lost his right to enter into contracts. The 4th DCA wants to know whether a judge can approve a marriage after the fact or whether the incapacitated individual has to get approval beforehand.

“Because of its implications on the fundamental right to marry and its potential impact on wards, the interpretation of that statute is a question of great public importance,” the court ruled.

Judge Dorian Damoorgian dissented, saying Smith’s right to marry was made subject to the court approval “for his own protection.”

“The implication of the majority’s certified question is to allow a ward to be victimized and then have the court system unravel the mess,” he wrote.

Martinez Smith says she is just happy to have the man she married at home. Smith still can’t speak.

“We understand each other with our love. He is my light of my life every day,” she said. “We are just a normal couple who fell in love in our later years. This had nothing to do with money.”


(c)2016 The Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, Fla.)

Visit The Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, Fla.) at

Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.


From Joanne:

Glenda has already done much work to protect her marriage and the love of her life.  It is important we all pray this decision goes well.  The Appellate court sided with the guardian, which is not a good sign. This means that people, once guardianized must have the permission of the guardian to marry and marriages may be annulled to get at assets and drain them, even though the disabled person never intended that whatsoever.



Court corruption victim needs housing

Court corruption/domestic violence victim left penniless is looking for home or loft apartment renting or sharing arrangement for $700 dollars/mo in safe neighborhood area–preferably on north or northwest side. Also, Pets have to be okay. One small dog, one Medical assist Dog.

This court corruption victim has been put thru the psychopathic wringer and is looking for quiet safe spot.  Older woman.  Reliable, kind.  Would like 2 bedroom apartment or apartment sharing.
Please email joanne and she will give details.

From Joanne Denison–how about a law that before nursing home placement, the judge has to stay there…..

For at least a few days.  In fact, the GAL’s and attorneys and OPG should join her. You know, eat the same slop, be held down and shot up with Roxanol, Seroquel, Halodol–the drug de jour.

Also, they will not be able to use phone or internet and they cannot receive visitors.

Arm and leg restraints shall be used if they object.

In addition, if they have contact lenses, glasses, those will be taken and the glasses will be forced onto one of their friend that does not need glasses.

Then they can listen to patients cry out all day for justice, to go home and to see their loved ones.

I really like the trick in one recent case I heard of. So Nurse Ratchet could act as personally bully to a patient, he could not be left alone in his room, so he was kept at the nurses’ station all day so he could be watched.  Before the POA took over, he had friends and family.  After the POA took over, she banned everyone. Even the daughter had a hard time seeing her own father.

The judges and lawyers should be chemically and physically restrained.  They should not be told anything about their loved ones all they time they are there.  They should be gaslighted all the time.

Seems fair turnabout, don’t you all think?


From Ken Ditkowsky–Chicago Courts during the Depression

Subject: Re: Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski – disciplined lawyer series – lawyers for judicial reform
Date: Jul 26, 2016 1:05 PM
Having had experience with the cover-up of the elder cleansing cottage industry and in particular Jerome Larkin I very much agree that the corruption of the attorney disciplinary process is deplorable and wrong.   The regulators have to be just as Caesar’s wife and have to meet and exceed the standards of conduct imposed on lawyers.   The Lanre Amu case as an example – suspended for three years for exposing the corruption of Judge Egan – i.e. Practicing Law while Black, is outrages and it in of itself should result in the disbarment of Jerome Larkin and every attorney involved in the prosecution of the matter.   In addition Judge Egan herself ought to be disbarred and removed from the bench.
The Estate of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 is a disgrace of mammoth proportions.   The Judge who admitted to being wired (see page 91 of the Evidence Deposition of Judge Connors); the Judge who participated in extortion, fraud, assault, violation of ADA and Perjury; the two guardian ad litem; the attorneys for the guardian; the attorneys who acted in the cover up of the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes all should be summarily disbarred.    The Cover-up of Alice Gore case, Carol Wyman ***** similarly should be career ending for the attorneys engaged in the elder cleansing and outrageous acts of exploitation and dehumanization.
There is no excuse for the felonies committed by Jerome Larkin the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   There is no excuse *******.
However, I actively practiced law for 53 years.  My practice was not limited to closing real estate deals, office work, drafting documents, taking depositions, obtaining continuances, but actually involved appearing in Court in contested matters, negotiating contested matters, trial, appeal etc.   There is hardly a type of case that I did not appear and represent a client.   Of the course the Bar Examination could not test to determine if I could present a client’s claim to a jury, nor could it determine if I could write a cogent contract to manufacture widgets.   The legal NATURAL SELECTION made that determination.   Natural section eliminates the dead wood in every profession and the practice of Law is not the only place where that occurs.
The 700 pound gorilla is the room is corruption.   My partner’s father graduated from the University of Chicago during the depression and found a job with a large law firm.   He was assigned a case that gravitated from the type of case a first year associate was given to a major piece of litigation.   He struggled with it, and the case finally made the trial call. The trial was before a 12 man jury.    He presented the evidence to jury, and after closing was entirely please with his presentation and the case given to the jury.   To his shock the jury came in with an adverse verdict.   He was devastated!    As he sat dejected at the counsel table, the lead attorney for the defendant came up to him and informed him that HE DID NOT HAVE A CHANCE  – the entire jury had been bribed!   
When he related this situation to me he told me that he could not put up with the corruption and quit cold turkey.   He got a job with a Bank and remained in that position until the day that he died.
Corruption, wired Courts are an unpleasant fact of life that every practicing lawyers has to deal.   The Mary Sykes case was not the first ‘fixed’ case that I had to deal with.   The Disciplinary proceedings of the IARDC was not the second ‘wired’ case that I encountered.  Here in Cook County, Illinois many cases are not on level playing fields and one side or the other has to deal with corruption.   However, not all adverse decisions are tainted.   In fact the majority of cases are actually fairly handled by all the judicial personnel.    Thus,  I was able to survive for 53 years. 

From NASGA – Elder Abuse Report & Separation of Powers & Cheating man out of Life Savings

National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse

The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 12:53 AM PDT

The fraud research community has long suspected that losses due to elder financial abuse were worse than the $2.9 billion previously estimated. True Link’s data science team, looking for clarity and an accurate assessment of the problem, decided to tackle this question head-on.

The results of this research, The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015, reveals that seniors lose $36.48 billion each year to elder financial abuse — more than twelve times what was previously reported. What’s more, the highest proportion of these losses — to the tune of $16.99 billion a year — comes from deceptive but technically legal tactics designed to specifically take advantage of older Americans.

According to Shawna Reeves, Director of Elder Abuse Prevention at the Institute on Aging, “Those of us working in the field have long known that the United States is in the throes of an elder financial abuse epidemic. Unfortunately, we’ve lacked well-designed studies capturing the true nature and scope of the problem. This study is a game changer. Not only does it challenge the previous studies but it serves as a clarion call for further research and action.”

In our 2015 report, you can learn more details about the size and severity of the problem, how seniors are being targeted, what puts them at risk, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Other important findings include:

*Small losses are evidence of an underlying vulnerability: A senior who lost as little as $20 in a year to exploitation could be expected to lose $2,000 a year to other types of fraud.

*A person who receives just one telemarketing phone call per day is likely to experience three times as much financial loss as someone who receives no or only occasional telemarketing calls.

*It is estimated that 954,000 seniors are currently skipping meals as a result of financial abuse.

The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015

“Constitutional Requirement for Separation of Powers”

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 12:52 AM PDT

by NASGA Member David Arnold

The root cause of guardianship abuse is that the present system of managing guardianship violates the principle of separation of powers required under the constitution to provide checks and balances. Cut the root and the whole plant will die.

The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that no one in a democracy has absolute power. When there is no separation of powers the result is dictatorship.

Under the present system the court is responsible for selection and appointment of guardians in addition to its defined duty of prosecuting abuse by guardians. The court has sole power over guardianship.

If there is collusion between a judge and a guardian there is no legal recourse! If there is a complaint against a guardian the judge is both a party to the dispute and the arbiter of the dispute. This is a conflict of interest.

Judges cannot be forced to prosecute a guardian they appointed. This forces judges to admit they made a mistake. This violates the constitutional right of judges against self incrimination!

The answer to the problem is to separate authority for appointment and oversight of guardians from authority for prosecuting guardians.

Separation of powers can be accomplished by transferring authority for managing the affairs of incapacitated elder persons from the court to the state Elder Service agencies.

My state of Massachusetts has good Elder Service agencies that are capable of managing guardianship. This separation of powers would prevent collusion between a judge and a guardian and allow a judge to prosecute a guardian as a disinterested party without fear of self incrimination.

Having the Elder Service agency be responsible for selection and oversight of guardians does not represent a net increase in cost since the court would no longer have this duty.

NASGA Soapbox

ABC Team 10: Man Cheated Out of His Life Savings

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 07:54 AM PDT

Ed Ramsey, 81, lost his money in a sweepstakes-related scam.

Local Man Scammed Out of His Life Savings

From Ken Ditkowsky–US Shame–Elderly Trafficking = Seniors for cash

From Ken Ditkowsky;
I promised Mr. Larkin when he first tried to silence me that I would not silenced and until the injustice again the victims of elder cleansing was properly addressed I will be heard and will use my First Amendment rights to the fullest.
This article is forwarded to all with the following purpose:

1) obtain justice for the Elderly and the disabled who are victims of the corrupt judges and lawyers engaged in the elder cleansing scandal
2) to call attention to the fact the scam of protecting social security is nothing but an excuse for not addressing the real problem , to wit:  The political and judicial elite are profiting from the elderly scandal and are using the IaRDC and other organizations to distract from the MAJOR crimes that are being perpetrated.    Esformes engaging in the alleged fraud and theft of a billion dollars in Florida is and was not accomplished without major players in our political and judicial life being co-conspirators.   Simply put – I do not want Esformes to be an escape goat – all who acted with him are equally guilty and must not only share the blame but the restitution requirement.
3.  Most importantly I want America to be a safe place to grow old.
It is now time for action!    Talk is cheap.   Donald Trump wants to make America Great again.
It is respectfully submitted that a large part of making America great again is to restore honesty to the Justice system, and restore HONOR to the endeavors of government.   Medicare which is reputed to have lost a billion dollars to Esformes is not innocent!   Esformes could not accomplish such a theft without strong assistance from the established political and judicial figures in the South Florida government.   These co-conspirators have to be exposed and properly punished.
As you can see from the Jan Scherrer article below that this problem is not new, and was not unknown.   Indeed, when Jerome Larkin started his persecution of Attorney JoAnne Denison and his ‘wards’ (i.e. the corrupt lawyers and judges on the 18th Floor of the Chicago Daley Center)  he was aware of this criminal conspiracy.    He also was not alone.   Both major newspapers in Chicago and every media outlet had knowledge.    No one did anything or said anything!
OK – that is all in the past; however, the problem exists and it must be efficaciously addressed so that tomorrow it will be safe to grow old in America!    Even before he is elected Donald Trump can show that he is one of us and a real leader who acts rather than talks.    Elderly citizens are being elder cleansed in Illinois, Florida, California, Arizona, New York *****.    The opportunity is NOW!
(NB   We invite every person, including those people running for public office to take the challenge – we want to grow old in the United States of America without fear and particularly without being elder cleansed.   Ergo, we no longer want talk – we want action.    Believe it or not we really understand the difference.     We, the great unwashed, are not as stupid as the political elite think we are.    If you are running for public office stop talking – DO SOMETHING to show us that you merit our support!
Ken Ditkowsky

Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2016 9:51 PM
Subject: [Shared Post] America’s Shame: Trafficking Our Elderly

From Joanne, Ken is right.
Now they have indicted the Esformes in California for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Certainly the Esformes stole at least that much in Illinois and Chicago.
It is time for the FBI to add to the charges of the Esformes the murder and looting of Alice Gore’s teeth and Mary Jane Teichert’s death in Chicago, and reimburse those family members.

From Ken Ditkowsky –Esformes has been indicted and it’s good riddance

To: 70+ recipients
Subject: Why the Judicial/political elite are above the law.
Date: Jul 23, 2016 2:00 PM
Yesterday the Justice Department announced that it charged Esformes with a One Billion dollar Fraud Medicare Fraud Scheme.    Take a look at the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times for today.
The Esformes nursing homes have been infamous here in Chicago and the relationship between them and the elder cleansing scandal notorious.   Alice Gore was one of the notable alleged victims and blogs and public access television has fought the news blackout with valor.   How often does anyone steal a billion dollars?  Even the Clinton’s with their $250,000 speeches, foundation conduit, etc are no so bold or so callous.   But – the Saturday newspapers of Chicago have barely a mention! 
The past few months have demonstrated that the ‘great unwashed’ are restless and want HONEST and responsive government, public institutions, and judiciary.    The crafty  from whom Justice can be purchased is no longer admired.   The double speak and double dealing political miscreant who promises the world and delivers a cesspool no longer has the large following that is mesmerized by the words ******* and *******.    People no longer look to the mainstream media for their filtered news and even the New York Times has financial problems.   Here in Chicago is not conceivable that we are to become a town with no daily newspaper (such as the Suntimes/Tribune) .   
It is a shame!    But with the political and judicial elite being a able to cover-up their amoral and criminal conduct because the mainstream media desires to control thought by discriminating journalism (i.e. protecting the elite from bad publicity).   The fact is that any mention of bad conduct by the political and judicial elite that  fortuitously occurs – i.e. they get caught – is suppressed.
The most recent example is found in the JoAnne Denison disciplinary case.    Forget about the fact that everything she did was appropriate and as a good citizen she had an obligation to do.   Forget about the fact that blatantly openly and notoriously her appropriate conduct was derogatorily labeled. (Yelling fire in a crowded theater equated to exposing judicial corruption).    Forget about the fact that the actions of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission not only told lies about her, subordinated perjury, abdicated its official duties, and lied to Supreme Court as to the holdings of the SCOTUS, and the facts.
Forget about the fact that the American Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, ***** all were good little Nazis and sat silent.   Forget all about that!
It used to be if a man bit a dog it was news, and the New York Times printed it under the heading of all the news meant to be printed.
Fast forward to 2016.   The Illinois legislature determined that to protect the public and preserve some integrity in the legal process Court reporters have to be licensed.    (The legislature wanting to make certain that Reports of Proceedings were no edited so as to change testimony – see the testimony of Judge Stuart and the editing out of her admission to lying under oath during direct testimony).    The IARDC has been formed to protect the public from dishonest lawyers whether practicing law or on the bench.    (Ask Mr. Larkin and his cronies as to what their mission is!)
It appears in documents that the IARDC filed before the Supreme Court of Illinois in ex-parte proceedings that should never have been ex-parte, that unlicensed court reporters were engaged by the IARDC.    Yes, the IARDC admits that they hired unlicensed court reporters.   Their excuse – we need time to think of an excuse, or how to cover up the violation of law!
The story that is suppressed!   Jerome Larkin, that bastion of the morality of the 2nd oldest profession, dipped into public funds to make illegal payments.   Jerome Larkin, like the GAL who supervised the prospecting for gold in the mouth of Alice Gore, teaches legal ethics in the official Illinois Continuing Legal Education program.
No – you cannot make this stuff up!    Even the cover-up of one hell of story of Illinois corruption cannot kill the outrage that Larkin’s theft of public funds is causing or the fact that local law enforcement is disinterested.   
We are citizens are creating a hue and cry.  If you read the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times it appears that we are accepting his outrage in the very same manner as we accept the South and West sides of our City of Chicago being turned into war zones.    Or maybe NOT!
We shall see *******.       
Ken Ditkowsky

And let’s not forget that Ken Ditkowsky is one of the leaders of the hue and cry to eliminate corruption in guardianship and in the health care system and in Medicare.  For these hundreds of emails, faxes and letters to the authorities to get off their butts and do something, he was awarded a 4 years suspension by the Ill. Atty.Registration and Disciplinary Commission, when all he did was ask for justice for those that could not speak out for themselves.  While Ken argued the First Amendment and that he, as a lawyer, was not only helping others, but he was also well within his constitutional rights, the ARDC and Jerome Larkin mde an exmple to him that not cowing to the supreme elite would earn him a lengthy suspension, as well as anyone else who dared come to the assistance of the hoi poli and the unwashed masses.  Lawyers are the elite and are only to serve the elite.

 You may as well use your copies of the US Consitution to line your bird cages, as far as the ARDC is concerned.

 Foolish arguments by “senior litigation” counsel did not go unnoticed, as they asked Ken to be repentant for sending out reports of corruption to the authorities such as the states attorneys and FBI and asking for a complete and honest investigation.  At the same time these same counselors asked Ken to be repentant for quote GAO and other government articles with scores of stories and statistics that there are real problems and issues afloat in Illinois and across the US.  And finally, they just blatantly lied about US Supreme Court law saying that lawyers “had no First Amendment rights” when they very well knew that both the Sawyer case and the Bates (lawyer advertising case) said exactly the opposite.

 Someone must be reading this blog and Ken’s unending emails to every FBI agent, states attorney, politician and senator/congress person, because there seems to be fires lighting up across the US as Atg Loretta Lynch is taking her position seriously.

Just this last week, I published yet another harrowing story involving a judge on the 18th floor of the Daley center where an elderly woman, Mary Jane Teichert was abused at the Carlton and kept drugged and away from her daughter. Her daughter was not even allowed to waive at her own mother in the parking lot.  This, the guardian, GAL and guardian’s attorney, was for the protection of Mary Jane.  How could that be?  The two were as close as peas in a pod.

Next we find out that the elderly son is disabled, can only walk with a walker and has slurred speech.  So what do they do to him?  Threaten him with loss of visitation if he lets his sister call her own mother or even waive at her in a parking lot.   He lived with his mother for 20 years.  What does the OPG (office of public greed) do to him?  Allow him to visit once per week for 2 hours. And what does he see when he visits Mary Jane, a heavily drugged woman, on her way to death, who can barely speak or move at times, always in a soiled diaper, always begging someone to change her and take her to the toilet.  The brother Mark is in tears as he tells me this story, for most of the story.

What happens to Mary Jane, formerly a kind, sweet elderly woman who loved to go to church almost daily and fix her clothes, hair and nails as if she were going to a royal wedding?  She never sees the light of day again.  20+ former friends and family are forbidden to see her ever again. They are all told they cannot and must not visit, it’s for the protection of Mary Jane.

The son is ridiculed constantly and harangued and told HE should be put in a home away from his mother, locked up because he’s a waste.

Who says these things?  Nursing home staff in a nursing home approved by the court “for Mary Jane’s protection.”

Ken and I speak out against these abuses, so we are severely sanction with 3 and 4 year suspensions.

The lawyers and judge in the Mary Jane Teichert, according to the family and friends, belong in prison for many long years and may they never see the light of day again.

Neither the daughter nor son could ever report the abuse in court. They were sushed up immediately and surrounded by burly bailiffs who ensured they were intimidated.

What is going on here?

Why are Ken and I suspended, but these lawyers and judges are free to roam the Daley center and abuse the disabled, drug them, isolate them, degrade and defame family members–and it’s all a system.

Why aren’t the actors in the Mary Jane Teichert story investigated, de liensed and indicted?

The public wants to know



Phillip and Morris Eformes are going down also, per the Feds, for $1 billion

The US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is after the Medicaid fraudsters like flies on dead bodies.  From the New York Times and a huge THANK YOU to Atty Lynch. Without prosecutions like these, our elders and disableds are at risk of the “target, medicate, isolate, drain the estate and cremate” scheme currently plaguing our probate guardianship courts, nursing homes and hospitals.  This should send a huge message to the Illinois Atty Registration and Disciplinary Commission and Atty Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart that such actions will not longer be tolerated and the feds know exactly what 18 USC 4 for misprison of felony and 18 USC 371 can be used for.

WASHINGTON — In the biggest health care fraud case the Justice Department has ever brought, prosecutors charged on Friday that the owner of a network of Florida nursing facilities orchestrated an elaborate scheme to defraud Medicareand Medicaid of more than $1 billion over the last 14 years.

The case, featuring allegations of bribes to Miami doctors, hush money to witnesses, and laundering of huge profits through shell companies, shone a light on a lucrative Medicare black market that has surfaced in the last decade.

“Medicare fraud has infected every facet of our health care system,” Wifredo A. Ferrer, the United States attorney in Miami, said Friday in announcing the indictments of the owner of the medical facilities, Philip Esformes, and two others.

Mr. Esformes’s lawyer said on Friday that the businessman, who runs about 30 health care facilities in Florida and other states, “strongly asserts his innocence.”

Prosecutors, however, described him as the “mastermind” of a conspiracy that cycled some 14,000 elderly people in and out of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, whether they needed medical care or not.

With the help of doctors, pharmacists, health care consultants and other medical personnel who got kickbacks for their roles, the facilities billed Medicare and Medicaid for high-priced drugs, medical procedures and health equipment that the patients either did not need or never received, prosecutors said.

In some cases, they charged, Mr. Esformes’s operation “preyed upon” the elderly patients by giving them narcotics so that they would have to remain longer in the care facilities to treat their addictions and “the cycle of fraud could continue.”

The Justice Department charged that Mr. Esformes, 47, who owns homes in both Miami Beach and the Chicago area, profited handsomely from the ill-gotten proceeds.

He reported assets of $78 million two years ago, and he withdrew more than $4 million in cash over the years from his many banking accounts, using proceeds from the scheme to pay for a $600,000 watch, the leasing of private jets and chauffeured limousines, and periodic trips with escorts to a Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, prosecutors charged in Federal District Court in Miami.

The scheme produced “staggering losses in excess of $1 billion,” said George L. Piro, the special agent in charge of the F.B.I. office in Miami. Leslie R. Caldwell, who leads the Justice Department’s criminal division, said that the $1 billion in fraudulent billings made the prosecution the biggest that the department had ever brought against individuals in a health care case.

“This was a whole network of people scratching each other’s backs, paying kickbacks and giving each other referrals,” she said. “It shows what people can do when they’re determined to put their hand in the Medicare pot.”

The indictments refer to other unnamed participants accused of taking part in the billing scheme, including doctors and pharmacists, and Ms. Caldwell said the Justice Department was continuing its investigation to determine whether additional charges should be brought.

With evidence of Medicare fraud growing, federal officials have created “strike forces” in Miami and eight other locations in recent years to better identify and prosecute suspects. They have also turned more frequently to data analytics tools to look for red flags. The effort has led to charges against 2,900 people in the last decade, with the fraudulent billings totaling $10 billion.

Ms. Caldwell said that in prosecutions like the one in Miami, “we’re getting better at focusing on the worst of the worst.”

Mr. Esformes has faced legal scrutiny before in Florida and Illinois over the operations of his nursing and assisted-living facilities. In 2006, he and his partners agreed to pay $15.4 million to settle a civil lawsuit brought by federal officials over accusations of Medicare fraud in the Miami area.

But prosecutors charged in the indictment announced on Friday that he continued the fraudulent billings even after that settlement, using intermediaries, shell companies and money laundering operations to disguise the scheme.

He is also accused of trying to pay an associate, Guillermo Delgado, who was prosecuted earlier in the same investigation, to flee to Europe rather than stand trial.

Mr. Esformes is charged with health care fraud, paying and receiving kickbacks, obstruction of justice and other crimes, and prosecutors said he could face a life sentence if convicted. The Justice Department asked on Friday that he be held without bail because his wealth and history made him a risk to flee.

Michael Pasano, a Florida lawyer representing him, said in an email after the charges were announced that “Mr. Esformes is no flight risk and is anxious to get back to his family and to be working on defending against these charges.”

He said that Mr. Esformes asserts his innocence and “insists all billings related to his facilities are legitimate and appropriate.”

As for the details of his client’s lifestyle, he said that “we will not comment on unfair and spurious allegations,” and he added that the Justice Department’s “only purpose” in including them was “to taint and defame Mr. Esformes.”

Breaking news–Dorothy Brown is going Down–big time

After several new articles in the Trib and Sun-times about corruption and pay to play with Dorothy Brown, a new lawsuit has survived a Motion to Dismiss brought before ND Illinois Federal Court Magistrate judge Valdez.

Earlier this year Atty Nejla Lane filed a most excellent complaint against Dorothy Brown and company for her “pay to play” system where Nejla’s Plaintiff went to the FBI and sung like a canary. Tweetie Bird would be proud.

You can find the complaint here:

You can find the Memorandum and Decision Order here:

Recently DB has been in the news for her corrupt friends, here’s a goat deal that went down:

A former employee in Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown’s office pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to a federal grand jury investigating pay-to-play allegations in the clerk’s office.

In pleading guilty to one count of perjury, Sivasubramani Rajaram, 48, did not agree to cooperate with prosecutors in the ongoing investigation. He faces up to 16 months behind bars when he is sentenced in September by U.S. District Judge John Darrah.

The charge alleges that Rajaram was hired by Brown’s office in September 2014, just weeks after he purportedly lent $15,000 to a company controlled by Brown’s husband, Benton Cook III.

Illinois secretary of state records show Goat Masters Corp. was incorporated in June 2014 by Cook, who is listed as the company’s agent.

In an interview in January with the Tribune Editorial Board, Brown said she and her husband founded the goat meat supply company after securing “several acres of land down south” and buying goats from Arkansas and Texas.

“They have a lot of babies. So you can buy a few goats, and you can increase the number, your profit, very quickly,” Brown said. “Goat meat is actually eaten by a lot of different groups in the United States. It’s very profitable.”

Brown also repeatedly denied wrongdoing, saying it’s “impossible for me or anyone else to sell any jobs in that office.” But she has denied a Tribune request for copies of subpoenas related to the federal probe, saying they are not subject to state open records laws.


Really, impossible?  Apparently her “impossible” sales deals leave bread crumbs behind and more workers are calling hard working Attorney Nejla Lane to represent them because they are coming forward with details of DB’s  “pay to play”.  Please call or email her offices if you know anything about this or are one of her victims.

and see this article on allegations of corruption tied to Ms. Brown:

In this article, she refused to turn over her office emails to the FBI!  Incredulous.  And, the FBI apparently backed down.  Atty Lane will not be backing down.

For years we in Cook County have not had a computerized court system. You still have to pay $2 first page, $1 second page then .25 cents per page for court records.  You can’t get them on the internet.  Most files in the files rooms on the 12th, 7th, 8th and other floors are a disaster with crumpled beat up pages no where near in chronological order. This is a court system?  It’s a disaster.  An unmitigated disaster with surly clerks that dwaddle and ramble over slowly to help. And NEVER piss these people off or you will never leave there.

One time I printed out about 500 pages, paid for them, the printer failed, the supervisor said come back tomorrow, refused to email me the docts, and of course, I never got them.  Still, to this day. They don’t care.  I called and called.  Always they say “I dunno”.

Pacer went into the Federal Courts in 2000–SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.  Eight cents a page. Easy, simple quick system. Everyone likes it, tho it’s still very rudimentary, it’s not the dark ages filing system of DB.

I can’t say I will miss DB and her crazy ass filing system and lack of technology and service to the citizens and lawyers of Cook County.

But let’s give a great honor to Atty Nejla Lane for cleaning up the Court System of Cook County.

And in addition to Magistrate Judge Maria Valdez for upholding the law against such nonsense and Plaintiffs Mildbrandt and Zepeda for coming forward and fighting a very entrenched corrupt system.

from the Daily Law Bulletin

Judge allows suit vs. clerk to continue

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
by Patricia Munson

A federal judge has cleared the way for two employees to pursue a lawsuit against the Cook County circuit clerk over the clerk’s hiring practices.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Maria G. Valdez did not rule on the merits of a lawsuit filed by Maria Milbrandt and Esther Zepeda. But she rejected the clerk’s argument that the women waited too long to sue.

Milbrandt and Zepeda allege that Circuit Clerk Dorothy A. Brown was providing jobs and promotions to people of Indian or Pakistani descent in return for cash payments.

Valdez acknowledged that a two-year deadline applies to bringing a claim under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 1983.

And she acknowledged that Milbrandt and Zepeda’s allegations extend back as early as 2001 — 14 years before they filed their lawsuit.

But the women maintain they were not aware of the alleged system until recently, Valdez wrote.

The women’s first amended complaint alleges Zepeda was told by a “reliable source” — a co-worker of Indian descent — that money was being paid for employment and advancement.

The complaint also alleges a “reliable source” told Milbrandt in July 2014 that a former chief deputy clerk was given his position in return for a relative’s $50,000 payment to Brown.

Construed in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs, Valdez wrote, citing Savory v. Lyons, 469 F.3d 667 (7th Cir. 2006), “the claim accrued within the two-year statute of limitations period.”

Valdez also declined to dismiss a Section 1983 claim against Cook County based on the purported system of hiring and promotion.

Milbrandt and Zepeda adequately allege the existence of a pattern or practice of paying Brown for career opportunities, Valdez wrote.

“While the complaint relates only two incidents in which plaintiffs were told about the ‘pay to play’ system,” she wrote, “that is not the same as alleging that the system was only implemented on two occasions.”

The lead attorney for Milbrandt and Zepeda is Nejla K. Lane of Lane Keyfli Law Ltd.

In an e-mail, Lane said Valdez “did the right thing.”

Her clients continue to face discrimination and harassment and to be denied the chance to advance, Lane contended.

“Too much discrimination and human rights, quality of life violations exist even to this date,” she wrote.

She contended pay-to-play in Brown’s office was “the norm” until the FBI began an investigation within the past two years.

The lead attorneys for Brown and the county are Cook County Assistant State’s Attorneys John E. Murray and Kevin W. Frey.

In an e-mail statement, Brown spokeswoman Jalyne R. Strong said the clerk “finds these allegations baseless.”

Brown, Strong continues, “has nothing further to add regarding this ongoing litigation, which is being handled by our attorney.”

Milbrandt and Zepeda still work in the clerk’s office at the 3rd Municipal District courthouse in Rolling Meadows. Milbrandt is from Mexico and Zepeda is from El Salvador.

They allege they were denied promotions and cross-training and subjected to a hostile work environment because of their national origin.

They also allege their supervisors targeted them with emotionally distressing scrutiny and harassing remarks.

And they allege they were denied equal protection of the law because of the purported pay-to-play scheme.

In her opinion Monday, Valdez dismissed some of their claims, included counts accusing the clerk of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Valdez held that such claims based solely on the discrimination allegations are pre-empted by the Illinois Human Rights Act.

But the claims based on the insults and constant scrutiny the women allegedly endured may move forward, she held.

The case is Maria Milbrandt, et al., v. Dorothy Brown, et al., No. 15 C 7050.

This week’s ruling came two months after a former Brown employee pleaded guilty to lying to a federal grand jury investigating pay-to-play allegations in the office.

The perjury charge against Sivasubramani Rajaram of Glenview alleged that he made a $15,000 loan to a company run by Brown’s husband in return for a job as a level-four senior clerk. In his plea agreement, Rajaram admitted to offering false testimony regarding personal contact with Brown after his hiring in 2014. United States v. Sivasubramani Rajaram, No. 15 CR 692.

Please note that our email address has changed:

From Ken Ditkowsky–Letter from Sen. Kirk to VA to investigate

I have been faxing the Illinois senators to look into the 30 horror cases in probate.  If you have not submitted your story on my form, please do so now.   I also have a list of about 8 corrupt custody cases, and 30 wrongfully discipline lawyer cases.  These are faxed about once per week if I have time and money.  The problem is, many times I don’t have either, so keep up your support.
WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) today sent a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Inspector General Michael Missal on recent investigations into VA hospitals in Illinois. The Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission found that rights violations were committed against Illinois veterans with disabilities at the Edward Hines Jr. and Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Hospitals. Senator Kirk called on Inspector General Missal to address and investigate reports of forced administration of medication without direct correlation to a veteran’s mental health needs and the issuance of criminal citations for a veteran exhibiting mental health related behavioral symptoms.
“Our veterans, especially those seeking treatment for mental health issues, deserve the best health care available and must be treated with dignity,” said Senator Kirk. “Addressing disturbing reports of violations at VA facilities should remain a top priority for IG Missal and receive immediate attention. Mistreatment of veterans at the VA is unacceptable.”
July 8, 2016 
The Honorable Michael Missal
Inspector General
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C.  20420
Dear Mr. Missal,
Please find enclosed the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission’s recent investigations into ongoing rights violations committed against Illinois veterans with disabilities at the Edward Hines Jr. and Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Hospitals.
The Commission is particularly concerned with the forced administration of psychotropic medication, sometimes with VA police presence, without adequate cause to a veteran’s mental health needs and the issuance of criminal citations for a veteran exhibiting mental health related behavioral symptoms.  As the Commission explains it, the VA Hospitals use the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (405 ILCS 5/2-107) to involuntarily commit veterans, however, they fail to uphold the same Code’s rights protections for these veterans. 
The Guardianship and Advocacy Commission was created to protect the rights and promote the welfare of Illinois disabled citizens.  I am confident you share my concerns over the violations the Commission has investigated and ask that you open an investigation.   Specifically, please focus on the following questions:  
1. The report details a complaint where VA police were present during the administration of medication “to hold the patient (sic) down if he refused.”  What is the VA policy regarding the involvement of VA police officers in the administration of treatments with patients?
2. As a federal agency, what is the standard for VA facilities to follow state laws that govern how patients in mental health units must be treated and how medications are administered?  This report suggests that violations of Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (405 ILCS 5/2-107) occurred when staff administered forced psychiatric medication to veterans.  Were the rights of the Illinois veterans mentioned in this report violated while in the care of the VA hospitals?  What Illinois and federal laws, as well as VA policies, were overstepped or disobeyed by the VA health care professionals or the VA police officers during the incidents described in the report?
3. This report indicates that staff in the Behavioral Health Unit at Hines VA Hospital “have stated that forced medications are given on an emergency basis at the first sign of agitation.”  The report states that upon investigation in Authority case #14-030-9023, the veteran did not meet the standard for dangerousness before forced medication was administered.  What is the VA policy for administrating emergency medication without veteran consent?  What assessments are employed to determine if/when a veteran is exhibiting dangerous or self-harming behavior requiring emergency medical intervention?  Is there a VA standard for such assessments?  What training is VA staff provided to identify these behaviors?
4. This report includes testimony from a VA physician who states “I wouldn’t use emergency medications at all.  But these are trained killers.”   Is this standard VA policy when interacting with veterans with mental illness?
5. This report states that upon investigation in Authority case #15-030-9003, the Jesse Brown VA Hospital inappropriately issued a criminal citation for a veteran who exhibited behaviors related to his documented mental illness.  This report indicates this is a direct violation of protection guaranteed by the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (405 ILCS 4/1 et eq.)  Were the rights of the Illinois veterans mentioned in the report violated while in the care of the VA hospitals?  What Illinois laws or policies were overstepped or disobeyed by the VA health care professionals or the VA police officers during the incidents described in the report?
6. The Commission states that “attempts to resolve the violations at these hospitals have either been unsuccessful or ignored.”  Additionally, this report states that “even after repeated requests the VA has failed to respond to these substantiated findings of rights violations for Illinois veterans with disabilities,” and that the two above mentioned cases were closed and published without any VA response.  Why was there no response by the VA to these reports?  What action has the leadership at Hines and Jesse Brown VA hospitals taken to address the Commission’s concerns and recommendations?  Does the VA have a policy in place requiring response to state investigations based on violations against veterans in the VA’s care?
7. There is a reported practice of issuing criminal citations to in-patient veterans with mental illness.  This report indicates that the Commission’s Legal Advocacy Service Program has represented veterans at both Hines and Jesse Brown VA in involuntary commitment and court ordered medication hearings, one of which the veteran could not attend his hearing due to his in-patient status in the VA Behavioral Health Unit, but it took painstaking steps by the legal team to get the citation dropped so the veteran patient would not be held in contempt.  What are the VA policies governing VA police issuing criminal citations to veterans on the premises of VA hospitals, and most importantly, those veterans who are receiving in-patient treatment?
I am concerned that these practices may be widespread and only thanks to the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission these violations were uncovered.  Veterans with mental health problems should not be treated with less respect or without protections of their rights.  Finally, I request that the VA establish a working relationship with state agencies like the Commission who provide important services to our less fortunate and disabled veterans.  The wellbeing and humane treatment of veterans in need of mental health care is of vital importance.  Federal and state agencies should be working together in the best interest of our nation’s heroes.
I look forward to receiving timely updates on your investigation and learning of your findings and recommendations to protect the rights of veterans who are seeking or in need of treatment at a Behavior Health Unit at Hines and Jesse Brown VA Hospitals.
I appreciate you opening an investigation into these allegations.
Mark Kirk
United States Senator
From Joanne:
This is a ridiculous letter. 1)  Ken and I have been constantly in contact with Sen. Kirk’s offices reporting the corruption in probate and forced drugging of 60 to 80% of the nursing home population (including VA nursing homes) and they are well aware of the problem and that it is illegal in Illinois and I assume the vast majority, if not all states.  There are black box warnings on these drugs they are not to be given to those over 60 or under 20 because they ruin your internal organs, including the brain.
2) He is perfect been made aware of the Sykes case (murdered)  Alice Gore case (murdered and 29 gold teeth pulled) and numerous other murder-in-guardianship cases in Illinois and he does not respond to those as he should.
How many faxes and emails do we have to send to take care of the problem of murder and attempted murder in probate?

My favorite psychopath videos on Youtube explain why these entities do not think as “normies” or empaths do. Have a psychopath-a-thon tonight

One of the worst problems I have with court corruption victims, like many therapists out there, is that they have problems explaining that other people do not think like they do.

The “normies” or empaths as psychopaths love to call us, do not think like we do. They are cold and calculating, they love torture, humiliation, violence, cruelty, nastiness.  Remember, psychopathy is NOT a mental disease or defect.  These people LIKE to live this way.  They love living this way and want money, power and fame.  It’s like being type A or type B.  There is no therapy for them and they are not going to change. Don’t bother with that nonsense.

While we have sought love and nurturing all our lives, they are out for money and power. They think that “emos” or emotionals waste our time and talents. Good for them because they are only in it for money, power, fame and glory.

So here’s my psychopath-a-thon for those of you still thinking the judge that ripped away your kids with false evidence is a nice guy because he is decorous to you.  No, he’s not, he a glib, shallow, nasty psychopath.


Here’s a Christian youth minister as a psychopath molesting children (yes, psychopaths are in your church, they feed on your and your kids)

watch the Part 2, it’s bone chilling.

Dr. Hare is the first psych D that developed the term. See what he has to say:


and here we have the psychopaths in suits that go to work



still not convinced?  try this one, and remember, that judges and attorneys have a high rate of psychopathy, but they dress in suits and ties:


I would greatly appreciate if you watch these and stop telling me your GAL, your judge, the courtroom vendors “mean well” but the file false reports, lie in court and rip away your kids and elders.  Stop that nonsense.

They wear Armani suits and Italian leather shoes on the outside, but there’s a devil on the inside.

Not all psychopaths murder, commit crimes or rape kids.  Sociopaths conform to laws.  But underneath it they are just as cruel and end up as doctors, lawyers, judges, CEOs–even litigation lawyers and administrators at the ARDC.

Don’t be fooled. Watch these videos and learn.

Fortunately, we now have a PET brain scan to detect and diagnose psychopathy that cannot be fooled.  Psychopaths are master manipulators and live to fool psych tests.

I want to test the entire ARDC with a PET brain scan.  But then again, they don’t file Ethics reports as required by the Illinois Ethics Reporting Act of 2009, so what hope do I have?

Also, banks will not reveal and the courts will not allow any common person to divulge the contents of bribes and kickbacks known as “deposits from others” when huge home loans are taken out and other people pay them off, so what chance do I have?


From Ken Ditkowsky–how do you become a victim of corruption?

From Ken Ditkowsky

How do you become a victim?    The elements are avarice coupled to a corrupt attorney, allied with a venal (and fixable) judge who supervises and appoints venal (and fixable) corrupt attorneys *****.    See the Cook County case of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585.  See also the evidence deposition of Judge Connors (the presiding Judge in the Sykes case) on page 91 wherein she admits that she was wired.    No jurisdiction was required.   Mary was literally swept off the street, hustled out of the County so that she could be isolated, abused, doped, robbed and deprived of all liberty and property rights!    A million dollars in gold coins just disappeared!   Three million in all of assets disappeared tax free and inventory free.   All discovery quashed.  All investigations by the authorities, the AG, the FBI and the ARDC refused.
How do the corrupt public officials get away with it?    Here in Illinois the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission leads the cover-up!    Citizens who complain are given the cold shoulder and discouraged from complaining further, and lawyers who object are subject to discipline.   Jerome Larkin wrongfully accuses them of lying.   Even evidence of the prospecting of a senior’s mouth for the few grains of gold in her teeth is not to be mentioned by the legal profession as it reflects badly on judges and the elite members of the legal community.   Even though such has occurred to Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators it is untrue — reality is not what happens, but what Larkin and his gang say happened!
Presidential Candidates – do you wish to make America safe?  do you wish to make America great?   Right here in Cook County Illinois we have a cancer that is killing us!     IT IS JUDICIAL AND PUBLIC CORRUPTION!    
It is was worth a four year suspension from the practice of law and enduring defamation by Jerome Larkin and his tax evading felon co-conspirators to write to the Attorney General of the United States and cry out for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.   It made me proud to be me, however it was discouraging to learn that so many in my profession cowered in the corner afraid to join in the fight to retain their honor.   Ms. Denison did not waiver – she started the MaryGSykes blog to along with Probate Sharks and NASGA to expose the Elder Cleansing Cancer and the cover-up, terrorist assault on the First Amendment, and Establishment elite growing wealthy on the pain of elderly and the disabled.   
To all presidential candidates and US senators – read the four GAO reports that are being judiciously ignored!   Links to them are on the NASGA, MaryGSykes, and Probate Sharks sites!    Words are cheap – deeds are dear.   Our government is supporting the miscreants through government health care.   There is a 700 percent surcharge on health care assessed by the corruption.    Many of our elected officials are profiting from the War instituted against the elderly and the disabled.
Do not believe a word that we say – examine the facts for yourself!    Alice Gore, minus 29 teeth extracted to garner a few grains of gold for the pockets of Judicial and political elite’s pockets, urges you all from the grave to remember – a few grains of a chemical administered to you can make you a victim of elder cleansing and helpless if you ignore her plight and history.    
Do not expect any help from the American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Assn, the Chicago Bar Assn, the American Civil Liberties Union, the AARP, *****.     Do not expect the victims of elder cleansing to Vote for you our Presidential candidates – the miscreants who control their lives will see that their votes are cast for the Political and Judicial elite who they have long relations.   Here in Chicago with motor voting, absentee voting, early voting and a long history of ******, watch the nursing residents as an example be transported to the polling places so that they can be voted.  
Presdidential Candidates – call attention to the plight of the seniors who are being elder cleansed – Read the GAO reports and the disclosures in Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA –  Eliminate Elder Cleansing and make America once again a place that it is safe place to grow old!

From Joanne to concerned attorneys and law enforcement:

Attached is our latest compilation of horror stories in probate.  We now have 8 Illinois citizens who were MURDERED in probate. (Sykes, Gore, Tyler, Rector, Jaycox, Drabik, Baker, Teichert, etc.) and the numbers grow daily.  No investigation.  Repeated requests to law enforcement.  In addition, at least  8 seniors are “at risk” of death or murder (Frake, Degante, Lahoody, Spera (mother and son), Olsen, Miss. LV, Durham, Peyton)

We are begging you to look into these stories, let me do a presentation to the Senate Subcommittee on Aging and get a special investigator to help these citizens.
All the money taken fraudulently from these estates must be returned.  Any living senior should be put with a volunteer or low cost Elder Assistant to just help them pay bills and live with their family members until they pass.   They should retain all rights.
See my blog at for the latest murder I uncovered in probate court.  This woman died alone, narcotized to death, and isolated from 20+ friends and family for 1.5 years.  She was put into a dirty, filthy nursing home and left to sit for hours in her own filth and soiled diapers, despite the fact she could toilet herself prior to the guardianship.
Who does this to seniors?  This is an outrage for the citizens of Illinois.
No less than 4 GAO reports back up these stories, still nothing is done to end the pain and suffering of the victims and their families.
JoAnne Denison
cc:  Illinois states attorneys and Chicago FBI

JoAnne Denison, Executive Director
Justice 4 Every1, NFP
5940 W. Touhy Ave, #120
Niles, IL 60714
Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
Email me at
Cell Phone 773-255-7608
Work Ph 312-553-1300 or 847-600-3421
Fax 312-553-1307
See our website at

Please note that this message may contain confidential or attorney client communications.  If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender and destroy all emails you have received in both your inbox and trash or other folders which may contain same.  Thank you.

Another Day, another murder in Cook County Probate–Scully/Teichert Guardianship Horror Story


Estate drained quickly, personal property and valuable paintings disappear–Burrows moving company loots home. Pipe breaks and place frozen out. EIGHT false arrests. Home sold for pennies on the dollar. Belongings of mother AND two children all looted by goons and thugs of OPG. Disabled brother loses all his medical equipment. Wrongful eviction. Mother restrained and drugged against her will. Mother found in dirty filthy conditions. Dehydrated, malnourished, dirty unkempt hair and nails. Wrongful summary termination of Trust and POAs without due process. Probate court forbids reports of abuse and/or hands back reports of abuse to abusers.  No independent investigation. All tied in people deemed “trustworthy” by a magic wand.  Probate court votes a DNR over advance directives of Mother. Legal Euthanization under color of law. Case sealed. Thank you Judge Kathleen McGury for ruining this family for a buck or a promise, which was it?

Case Summary for:
Linda Scully
PO Box 481081, Niles, IL 60714

Case number: 13 P 4339, Guardianized July, 2013, passed February 2015

Case Name: In re Mary Teichert

Case Jurisdiction: Cook County, Illinois

Judge(s): Kathleen M. McGury, Room 1811, Daley Center, 50 W Washington Ave

Relationship to you; Mother

Opposing counsel: Nathan Goldensen (OPG) , Hanny Pei-Reodreguez (GAL),
James Burton (Supposedly represented brother Mark, Mark denies this)

1. Service: Was there proper service in the case?
I lived with my mother in the same building. We were very close. We saw each other every day and I took care of her and we were like 2 peas in a pod. I took her everywhere, every day. Shopping, groceries, errands, took her to doctor, hairdresser. We were best friends. After my father died, I was her world. I quit my job to take care of my mother and disabled brother. My brother had an aneurism about 15 years ago. He got hit with a sledge hammer from working a job and was never the same after that.

I never saw a sheriff come to the house.

Was the disabled person served properly 14 days or more in advance of the hearing?

I never saw a sheriff come to the house

Was the disabled person given a copy of a Summons and Complaint and Notice of Hearing by the Sheriff or Process Server?

See above

Was the disabled read her/his rights under the law?

See above

Were all next of kin notified of when the hearing for guardianship take place?

No, the certificate of service indicates “overnight mail” but I never received any overnight mail, I never signed for anything and never saw anything.

They said they served July 29th for August 26th. I never saw anything.

– how were they notified (phone/email/mail/in person)?

My son was not notified, neither was my brother.

– did anyone lie about service in court?

2. Isolation
Is there an order limiting visits? (Please attach, if possible)

From July, 2013 until she died, she was isolated from all her former friends and family except for Mark Scully a disabled person, and Richard McGreal, whom she was estranged from (Mother saw him 4 times in last 20 year). Prior to that she regularly visited with 20+ family members (including grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.). She was also isolated from friends (about 6 to 10), and neighbors (10) and shopkeepers (30).
No one was allowed to see her.

OPG issued orders no one could visit or call except for 4 people, and only one of these was allowed to come once per week.

Mary begged and cried often to see her daughter and other loved ones. She begged to go home. Daughter Linda would wave from the parking lot and eventually the OPG issued a letter that Linda could not drive through the parking lot and waive to her OWN MOTHER.

Everything she owned was lost at the nursing home or from the OPG. All family photos were tossed or removed to heavens knows where. Paintings, statutes, keepsakes, artwork, family photos, all gone.

Many items were taken from Mother and from everyone who lived in the building. They looted an entire building and took everything of value.
How are the visits limited? None, there were no visits

Are there medical records indicating visitation limits? Could not get medical records.

Is there a list of “permitted visitors”?

Yes, see letters from OPG. Only 4 allowed, and even they could not actually visit

Who made up the list? OPG

Who is your loved one not seeing right now (list name and relationship) where the visits are limited and how are they limited? How many former friends and family members are they isolated from?
Further, she never had her glasses, OPG would not give them to her. Repeated requests. Without them, she could not see a face, watch TV, nothing.  Never allowed outside, never saw light of day, never went to her church. Went to church nearly daily before guardianship. She loved church.

3. Chemical Restraints

Is your loved one taking any forms of chemical restraints or psychotropic drugs?

On July 22, 2013, I came into St. Francis, and she was tied down by her arms and feet.
She was clearly drugged and disoriented and she was heavily soiled. She begged me to take her to the bathroom and take off a loaded diaper. Her mouth was so dry she could barely speak.

Linda got her cleaned up and tried to transfer her out of the abuse and to Northwestern Mem. Hosp. She came back with clean underwear, was arranging a transfer, but then she came back and was then blocked by 35 people. Evanston police, security guards for the hospital, doctors, nurses, staff. She and her brother Mark told the miscreants that Mother was being severely abused and you were there to remove her as POA and these 35 people told them to get out or Linda would be arrested. The 35 miscreants did look at the documents, they would not answer questions, Linda and Brother Mark were just told repeatedly they had to leave or they would be arrested.

The Evanston police were informed of the abuse and they refused to act.

Are you allowed to check to see if they are taking such medications?

No, constantly blocked from hospital records

Do you have the disabled person’s medical records? Why or why not?

I still do not have them. I am constantly blocked

Is the person drooling or do they have slurred speech?

I only saw her once and she was babbling and could not speak properly. I never even saw her before she died. She was moved between 3 hospitals and nursing homes

Does the Guardian have a court order permitting the administration of psychotropic drugs?

I don’t know, I could not get any medical records, they continually blocked me.

Has the disabled person ever been held down and shot up with drugs against their will?

She would never consent to the administration of psychotropic drugs.

4. Abuse of Disabled

Since the guardianship proceeding, has your loved one been abused?

Yes, she was tied down by her arms and legs and left in a heavily soiled diaper.

My brother told me there were constantly soiled diapers, she was thirsty all the time, clothes were stolen, dirty, unkempt. Nails dirty, unkempt. They kept on breaking her family pictures and put them in the drawer. Constantly hungry. Same for the rest of the people there. Most were hungry and begging for food.

Please state all ways in which they have been abused.

She went from a beautiful home to a nursing home bed with a curtain. July 22, 2013, until death Jan. 20, 2015

She went from St. Joseph Hospital on 1/26/15 to Loving Hands Hospice on 1/29/15. She died on 2/20/15. Daughter never saw her during this time.
List any hospitalizations and approx. dates where abuse was a problem.

I am aware that she was hospitalized at least once for dehydration and malnutrition

Was the disabled returned to the same abusive situation?

Always. We complained in court and went to court approximately once per month. Sometime they did not tell us of hearings. They sealed the record from the beginning of the case, and there was no reason to seal the case. McGury was always advised of the abuse and she always handed back reports of abuse to the abuser. She always took the side of the court appointed attorneys and never had the abuse investigated. Linda always asked to take her beloved mother home. McGury would always deny the request. Linda was once held in contempt of court because she refused to turn over a greek statute that was hers. OPG stole paintings and sold them on the internet.  We have proof.

Did the court direct that the abusers (attorneys, GAL’s, case managers) investigate allegations of abuse?


Abuse can consist of bruises, cuts, broken bones, broken skin, bed sores (very serious), aspiration of food into lungs (because patient was not sitting while eating, very serious), malnutrition, dehydration, etc.

Was a feeding tube inserted against the disabled’s will? Unknown

What is the hygiene of each place the disabled has been placed into? Please list any incidents where the disabled was living in filthy conditions and the approx. dates.

Dirty and very smelly. They have a 3rd floor which is their showcase floor which looks nice and clean. The other two floors are filthy and smell of urine and feces and rotting food and decaying near death bodies. (This is the Carlton Nursing home by the lake at Montrose.  I believe this is the one where Alice Gore was murdered too and her teeth removed).
Have you made any complaints? If so list dates and brief summary of complaint and its outcome

Yes, tons of complains were made to the Illinois Dept of Health about the abuse and conditions and they refused to investigate.  I have a stack of them.

Were you told you could visit, but then you were blocked by the guardian?


Did the court issue orders you could visit, but then the visits never happened?

Complaints were made to the court about no visits, and the court refused to allow these unless the OPG allowed, and the OPG never allowed anything.

Did the disabled want to live at home or with a relative but the court ordered them into a nursing home?

Yes, both Linda asked and Mother asked repeatedly. It never happened. Judge McGury said a dirty, filthy, foul smelling nursing home where she laid in dirty diapers for hours was better. Mother had no problems walking at home. She toileted herself and took showers regularly.

Was your loved one placed in a nursing home, group home or institution without a court order naming the institution?

We don’t know yet–records are sealed

Did the court find it was all right to pay a nursing home for care but not pay a family member to care for the disabled at home or in the relative’s home?


If there was isolation, how many times did you see your loved one per week, month or year?

Never saw her once the OPG took over
5. Abuse of Family

Have you or any family members been falsely arrested because of the guardianship? Please provide details, if so.

Linda tried to evict squatters who where drug dealers and gang bangers were destroying her mother’s building and Linda was constantly jailed and charged with misdemeanors. All were dropped. Arrested 8 time at least. Always held overnight. Released ROR. Sometimes had to post bond between $100 to $500 to $1000. The charges named the squatters as victims that Linda was harassing the squatters to get out.  They were squatters heavily damaging the property. The squatters had kids who were being neglected because the parents were clearly drug dealers. The building had no heat and no hot water at that point. There was no food for those kids.  The OPG is clearly tied in with DCFS to protect those who abuse children and place them in dangerous situations. How does this happen?

The Guardian let Linda’s two dogs out, a neighbor saw this and she never got her dogs back. A man In a white pick up showed up and took them into his car.

The guardian showed up and took away everything in Linda’s apartment without a court order.

They had court to do the inventory, and if Linda did not let them in, they would have her arrested. They showed up 20 people, and she said she would only let in 4 at a time. Nate Goldenstein with another man from the OPG if Linda did not let him in that day he would “evict her so damn fast she’d be thrown out on her ass that day.”

The Guardian let the pipes freeze and the contents of Linda’s apartment was encapsulated in ice.

Her mother’s building was infested with gang banger squatters. Doing drugs, selling drugs. Had 5 kids in there. Called DCFS and they said everything was fine. Smelled of marijuana. No heat and no water. No food. Kids were dirty and uncared for. They ran wild.
Have you been defamed, false lighted, slandered or libeled by the court or any attorneys? If so, please list approximate dates and what was falsely said about you.
Have false civil charges been brought against you or a family member? False accusations of theft, missing assets blamed on the wrong person, etc?

They said I abuse my mother, I had put drugs and alcohol in her system. Mother tested repeatedly in hospital and at nursing home for drugs. No drugs or alcohol. Said I had 4 elder abuse indicated reports with Catholic Charities, but that was not true. Financially abused her. They said the entire family abused her. Served Linda with a Citation to Discover assets but that never went anywhere.  Never prosecuted.  Just dropped.   If Linda financially abused Mother, where was the proof? Why did they not prosecute Linda?  The guardianship was open 15 months.  Linda loved her mother and gave her whatever she needed.  If Linda put drugs and alcohol in her mother, where was that proof?  No medical records. She was out and about and saw dozens of people during the week–neighbors, friends, family, people at church.  You cannot find one witness Mary T was either drunk, high or inebriated in any fashion.  The OPG made this all up–as the OPG always does, to get their victim.  They are tied in and corrupt.
Were you the subject of a gag order not to talk about or post information on social media, blogs and the internet (please attach order).

No, not blogging at the time.  I should have.
Was any family member threatened with retaliation if they spoke out against abuse or on the internet? Is anyone running a blog or facebook page right now? What is the URL?

No, no one blogging.

Linda was threatened if she showed up at the nursing home to see her mother she would be arrested. If her brother let her in or anyone else, their right to visit would be terminated permanently.

6. Constitutional Rights

Has the court issued any gag orders or “location” orders where the disabled person cannot travel as desired.


List dates of all gag or location orders, a brief summary of the content.


Did the disabled ask for an attorney and receive one prior to the hearing for guardianship?


Was the attorney clearly independent, or did s/he not fight for the disabled’s rights?
Were you told that the attorney must come from a secret list the court keeps?


Was the disabled given a choice of attorneys? If the disabled could not choose, did the family choose freely?


Did the disabled come to all court hearings they wanted to attend?

No. They said they would not allow it. Linda said she wanted her mother in court numerous times. Judge McGury consistently denied it, said it was for her best interests.

Was anyone told not to talk about the case on social media or on the internet? Explain.


Were they prevented from coming to any hearings? If not, why not? Was transportation provided for the disabled person?

Mother was never allowed to come to any court hearing. Linda never got notice of any court hearings. She would have to check the docket sheet until they sealed that too. They knew we objected and were vocal about it, so they sealed everything. Told us nothing. They were cold and calculating and wanted it this way.

Was the disabled ever told not to speak in court when they wanted to make a point? N/a, she was never permitted to come

Were any of the family members told not to speak in court when a family member wanted to make a point?

Just about every time Linda and her fiance, Jim Vargis tried to bring up an issue of abuse or theft, they were told not speak, not to bring issues, then suddenly armed bailiffs would appear and surround them and try to intimidate them.  They were told to be quiet, they were told not to say anything in court.  This was the MO for 1.5 years while poor Mary T was being tortured, drugged and lived in filth and squalor.

Did the disabled person want to waive any rights (right to a hearing, right to an attorney, right to be present at their hearing, who would be the Guardian?) Was the waiver of rights recorded?

Not known.

Were you told you could not record proceedings?


Were you blocked or delayed in receiving transcripts?

She asked for transcripts and pleadings and the other lawyers would not give them to Linda.  Once in a while they would give her a copy of a  few pleadings.

7. Mental Exam

Did the disabled get a full and fair mental exam by an independent doctor of the disabled’s choice?

Not known

Why or why not?

Not known

Did the court appoint any evaluators?


Did these evaluators come from a secret list the judge had?

Not known, probably

Was a full physical exam conducted before the mental exam to determine if there were any treatable conditions?

Not known, probably not.

Did the court ever consider pseudo dementia, where a person can be confused or forget, but it’s from another treatable psychological condition such as depression, avoidance syndrome, etc.?

Not as far as I knew. They should have because she was shy around strangers and was often depressed. I don’t know where or how they did the mental exam, no one would tell me.

Was the disabled informed in advance of the exam to prepare for the exam?

Most likely not

Was the disabled told in advance the results would be used in court to guardianize him or her?

Not known

Did the disabled sign a waiver they knew the results would be used in court against them to guardianize them?

Most likely not

During the exam did the disabled have their glasses and hearing aids and did they function properly?

Glasses. She never had her glasses once the OPG goons came to get her.  I don’t know about her teeth. She did have a partial.  We asked repeatedly to get her her glasses, and the OPG made sure that did not happen.

Was your loved one taken on a Pscyh Hold? Was it with a court order? Who signed the papers your loved one was a danger to themselves or others? How long were they held and were they forced to take psychotropic drugs against their will?

Not known

8. Final Days on earth

Did the disabled receive appropriate medical treatment and medicines at all times?

Not known, they would not give us any records or information.

Was the disabled put in hospice against his or her will or instructions or POA?

Yes, she is a Roman Catholic and this was in her POA. The miscreants and court cancelled that and put her in hospice and drugged her and narcotized her to death. That is a sin, according to the Roman Catholic Church.

Did the disabled leave a Medical Power of Attorney or living will that said “no hospice”?

yes it was ignored.

Does the disabled’s religion prohibit hospice (Roman Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, etc.)


Was the disabled narcotized to death with psychotropic drugs while food and water were withheld?

Yes, they murdered her.

Was the disabled cremated to destroy evidence of the murder?

No, it was a miracle.

Did the disabled want to be cremated?

Yes, and no service. My brother only saw her.

Was there a funeral? No An obituary? no

Has a marker been placed? Yes Is the body missing? Who knows

Was your mother gravely ill in the last month and no one told you?

Yes.  No one called, no one let me visit it broke my heart when I found out she died alone in a cold, nasty dirty room. She never saw the light of day again once she was guardianized.

9. Assets

Were any assets missing from the inventory or accounting that you were aware?

Just about all of them. Many valuables gone. Stolen by the OPG and Burrows moving company.

Please list any valuable asset that was missing and if an insurance or Bonding claim was filed and the result of the claim.

Statutes, jewelry, valuable paintings, every valuable was gone for both Linda and Mother.

Did a nursing home get paid any kickbacks for placing the disabled there?

probably, but don’t know

Were you allowed to serve discovery on this issue?

they did not let us do anything ever in court. They surrounded us with armed guards anytime we tried to speak out and help my mother get out of the abusive situation she was in.

Have you called the Guardian, the GAL and the nursing home to ask about this issue?

The nursing home would never protect us or help us. They were tied into the court system.

Did the disabled get the funeral and burial of his or her choice?


Did the court or estate take any funds or property into the estate which were held in joint tenancy with any other person without notice, hearing, discovery and jury trial?

Building in Trust, that was ignored. Jewelry and valuables gone, everything. Over a period of time, men from Burrows came into the house and took everything, when Linda was gone, they would show up and loot.
They gave us 4 hours to get out, no eviction procedure. They put padlocks on the house. We cut them off. They told us we had to get out anyway. They destroyed a beautiful building that was well maintained. Water leakage destroyed walls, ceilings, personal property. OPG let water leak for 6 weeks. I had to call the water dept. and they shut off the water after 6 weeks. OPG did not care.

There was water pouring everywhere when we left, they took everything. All my brother’s medical equipment was ruined.

Did the court evict anyone in the disabled’s home without eviction notice, hearing discovery and jury trial?

Yes, the court ordered a disabled person had to leave after living there for 20 years in just 4 hours. Linda had been there 5 years as caretaker.

Further Comments:

Places to complain

1) Nursing home abuse may be reporter to the state agency licensing nursing homes

Linda reported the abuse a half dozen times to the Illinois Dept. of Health. They rejected all her complaints and said they only do Medicare fraud and not abuse of patients.  they refused to investigate the abuse (see John Wyman’s book “Against her Will” that you have to file dozens of times and cite the law and scream at supervisors in the IDPFR to get the Ill. Dept of Health to admit that a patient was being abused.)

2) Complaints about attorneys may be made to the state disciplinary board for attorneys.

They will be coming

Complaints about judges should be directed to the state’s judicial inquiry board for review.

They will be coming

3) State, County and local Attorney General’s Offices and the Inspector General in the case of nursing home fraud (placement against will, drugging with psychotropic drugs, etc.) The Inspector General is supposed to prevent waste of state funds.

4) State, County and local politicians

Numerous times I filed complaints with the states attorneys offices–Illinois and Cook Couty. I never heard back from them

5) FBI. The FBI is generally interested in cases where more than $500,000 was stolen or there were changed transcripts, ex parte conversations between opposing counsel or parties and the judges.

I filed a complaint with the US Atty General and they never wrote me back. I went to the FBI and they said they do not handle probate court corruption.

I am interested in gathering together all valid police reports, abuse reports, complaints to the authorities which were routinely dismissed and not investigated.

I authorize you to publish this on the blog;YES
I am interested in writing a book to warn others. _YES_____ (yes or no)

Please load up as many pleadings as you can find into a gdrive folder and “share with” for verification.
Please email this form back to

Thanks. This information can help many others and I can start blogging about your case.

From Ken Ditkowsky–time for law enforcement to do its job!

To: JoAnne M Denison <>, and 30 others….
Subject: Re: ARDC v. JMD demand for fee payment for using unlicensed court reporters
Date: Jul 19, 2016 6:24 AM
It is not often that any public body is so blatant as to intentionally misrepresent the holdings of the SCOTUS, or make statements comparing the disclosure of judicial corruption as being akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   It is common for dishonest regulators to misrepresent disclosures by calling them untrue; however, Mr. Larkin and the IARDC have reached new lows that even most dishonest political and judicial miscreants would avoid.
As an example, calling the blog’s disclosures of the corruption by dishonest judges untrue statements when the IARDC took a deposition of Judge Connors and in the judge admitted on page 91 her being wired takes a particular form of dishonesty.   Subordinating the perjury of a Judge Stuart was bad enough, but when the judge admitted the perjury to have the transcript cleansed and accuse those who objected as making untrue statements is a low that even the most ethically challenged miscreant would be forced to contemn.   
The fact that Larkin has been able to get away with his assault on the First Amendment and to engage so openly in an 18 USCA 371 cover-up is a very serious matter.    Public officials using their positions of trust and confidence to silence Free Speech is so reprehensible that it meets the criteria of terrorism.  Larkin is fully aware of the Illinois Constitution (Article 1) and the First Amendment.   Larkin is fully aware of 47 USCA 230 and its prohibition of his action *****.    How does he get away with it?    More political and judicial corruption.
It is high time for Law Enforcement to demonstrate to the public that no one is above the law and public officials in particular if they ignore the law are going to be dealt with harshly.
A public official who lies under oath, lies in admininstrative proceedings, lies before Congress, lies ***** is not qualified to be on the public payroll.    Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have demonstrated a total disregard for their over-paid positions and their duty to the public.    This travesty and assault on the core values of America cannot continue.

From JMD — Motion to Reconsider and Demand to do the right thing

As many of you know, the ARDC obtained a judgment against me for $18,554 for mostly unlicensed court reporters–which is clearly against the law in Illinois.

They never disclosed to me or anyone else they were breaking this law from
February of 2013 to the present day, and as of June 29, 2016, they continue to deny they have done anything wrong–that the trust funds of the ARDC may be used to pay unlicensed court reporters and obtain false judgments.

Such a situation is absolutely horrendous and terrifying.

As each of you know, this blog tells nothing but the truth.  No citizen has challenged it.  The group of lawyers that have gone in league with the ARDC to challenge it have a horrid reputation and are or have been on NASGA’s most wanted list–which is not a laudatory position.

Here is the link to my most recent filing:

I guess the only question is how much corruption will the Illinois Supreme Court tolerate from the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission until they put their foot down. Surely they must know that their reputation for allowing the ARDC to commit fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice is quickly making the public angry, it further denigrates the already well maligned legal profession, and they are doing nothing to stop the downward spiral.

As in a typical railroaded proceeding, they struck my discovery, they struck my 5 expert witnesses, they struck my preferred attorney, Ken Ditkowsky, making up a pretextual disqualification he might testify when you know there would not be a chance in you-know-what of that. Then they struck Gloria Sykes’ testimony and that of Scott Evans who would have made excellent witnesses.  At the review board hearing, they told the court reporter not to set up, and she did.  Obviously only unlicensed court reporters can set up in the ARDC hearing rooms.

Jerome Larkin and Steven Splitt (a John Marshall Law School Ethics professor) both say they teach ethics courses.  What ethics could these two possibly be teaching?  At one time, Steven Splitt filed something on my appeal, I think he’s supposed to be the appellate litigator, but he has not filed anything recently.  I think this case is even too much for him to stomach.  No bounds for Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek, they just go full steam on the ridiculous pleadings, lack of justice and lack of accountability.

As of this date, the ARDC sadly has not announced that it is complying with the 2009 Illinois Ethics Act Reporting Act. Why does Illinois have to comply?  Please see this article:

Most citizens want to know all sources of income for their state workers.  Today, large envelopes of cash are not handed over the table, or under the table or slipped into a drawer or the judge’s coat pockets. It is done through the property records.  One person takes out a loan, the other pays it off.  If you skipped the article, Jerome Larkin has several $750,000 loans on his Wilmette home and last year put it into Tenancy by the Entireties. For those of you that don’t know this T by E is used when one spouse may have significant debts or may be worried about personal liability or a bankruptcy. T by E protects your home from creditors who have judgments against one spouse but not the other.

The signs are all over this.  Unlicensed court reporters, suppression of first amendment rights, striking of major witnesses, striking of a skilled attorney. Where is the states attorney Lisa Madigan and Anita Alvarez in all of this debacle of 3 years?  Apparently sleeping.

Make no mistake, none of this is going away. It’s all Fraud on the Court. Fraud on the Court has no limitations period.  It can be brought up the 1st, 5th, 500th day of a trial court proceeding, and also on the 1st, 5th or 10th appeal.  My case and Ken Ditkowsky’s case and Mr. Lanre Amu’s case will have to be dealt with.

Just as the 20 or so videos of Chicago Police shooting unarmed black men on the South Side were suppressed for scores of months, my case will have to be dealt with.

It’s all Fraud on the Court. Putting the “fix” on things can only go so far. There are always witnesses.  In this case, scores of witnesses in Illinois whose loved ones were the target of “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, cremate” will never forget their loved ones. The inactions of the ARDC and particularly Jerome Larkin has led to the deaths and at risk of death situations for scores of Illinois disabled senior citizens.

This must end.  And I am sworn to bring back integrity, accountability and justice to this overly beleagured justice system in Illinois that has so very many problems.


From Ken Ditkowsky –ISBA article on appointment of Guardian

Terrorism takes many forms.     An entity created by the Supreme Court of Illinois that ignores the law and joins in a conspiracy to protect the miscreants who are using the guardianship law to elder cleanse senior citizens is a front line terrorist organization.
In 2004 the Illinois Bar Association published a short course in Guardianship law.    It stated:
Government Lawyers Newsletter
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers
A short course on guardianship appointment and service
Editors’ Note: This article is the second in what is hoped to be a series of articles written by government lawyers with expertise in an area of law in which family and friends often pose questions. We welcome additional articles in this regard.
In a previous article, I reviewed advanced directives and how they may be utilized.* This article will look at what happens when a person has deteriorated to the point that he or she does not have the capacity to execute an advanced directive or never had capacity. As discussed in my previous article, medical decisions may be made for a person lacking capacity under the Health Care Surrogate Act. 755 ILCS 40/1 et seq. Under that Act, a surrogate may not address non-medical decisions such as where the person will live, how his or her funds will be spent and who may see the individual’s records. For decisions in those areas and many others, a guardian must be appointed.
In this article I will examine the process of appointing a guardian, focusing on the differences from other civil actions. I will then look at how a guardian performs his or her duties. First, though, a couple of terms you will see in this article should be explained. The term “alleged disabled person” designates those persons who are believed to be incapable of making decisions and those persons who are subject to guardianship proceedings until the permanent guardian has been appointed. As used in the Probate Act of 1975, the phrase “disabled person” refers to:
a person 18 years or older who (a) because of mental deterioration or physical incapacity is not fully able to manage his person or estate, or (b) is a person with mental illness or a person with a developmental disability and who because of his mental illness or developmental disability is not fully able to manage his person or estate, or (c) because of gambling, idleness, debauchery or excessive use of intoxicants or drugs, so spends or wastes his estate as to expose himself or his family to want or suffering. 755 ILCS 5/11a-2.
Once a permanent guardian has been appointed, the person is called a “ward.” In some older files you may see the term “conservator,” the person appointed to make decisions regarding the ward’s property. Under current Illinois law, the Probate Act of 1975 refers to that person as the “guardian of the estate” or “estate guardian.” 755 ILCS 5/11a-18.
The appointment of a guardian
All guardianship proceedings are actions before the circuit court. Forms necessary to establish a guardianship are available in every circuit clerk’s office. The forms for guardianship cases are somewhat specialized and general civil forms would be difficult to modify. The Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education has published a QuickGuide on guardianship with forms included and will publish a more extensive volume of guardianship and mental health law next year.
To initiate a guardianship proceeding, it is necessary to prepare and file a petition, accompanied by a physician’s report, a guardianship summons and an Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem. The petition contains the allegations that must be pleaded for the appointment of a guardian. 755 ILCS 5/11a-8. Unlike most petitions or complaints, the Petition for Adjudication of Disability and Appointment of Guardian must also list the nearest known relatives and close friends of the alleged disabled person, an estimate of the alleged disabled person’s assets, both real and personal, and the alleged disabled person’s estimated annual income. The petitioner usually nominates the person he or she thinks should serve as guardian in the petition. In most cases, the nominated person will be a relative or friend of the alleged disabled person. They know him or her best and in theory would be best able to decide matters as the alleged disabled person would want. The statutory requirements for who may serve as a guardian are not very rigid. The guardian must be at least 18 years of age, not suffer from a mental defect, be a resident of the United States and not be a convicted felon. 755 ILCS 5/11a-5. The requirement that the guardian of the estate had to be a resident of Illinois was removed from the statute.
If there are no willing or suitable family or friends to serve, then other options for the guardian must be explored. There are, throughout Illinois, local voluntary organizations that serve as guardians. The best way to find such organizations would be to contact the circuit clerk’s office, probate division. Each county also has a public guardian that handles cases where estates are larger than $25,000. The activity level of the public guardian varies according to local custom and the willingness of the public guardian. For more on the pubic guardians, please review article 13 of the Probate Act. 755 ILCS 5/13-1 et seq.
For cases where the estate of the alleged disabled person is less that $25,000, the State of Illinois has established the Office of State Guardian, a part of the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission. 20 ILCS 3955/1 et seq. This writer is an attorney for the Office of State Guardian. The Office of State Guardian serves as guardian of last resort, accepting an appointment only when no other suitable guardian can be found. To refer cases to the Office of State Guardian you may contact its intake office at (866) 274-8023. The Intake Office can also provide the name and contact information for your county public guardian. More information on the Office of the State Guardian and on guardianship in general may be found on the agency’s Web site: <http://gac.>.
If the estate of the alleged disabled person is very large, the petitioner may wish to appoint a bank or other financial institution as guardian of the estate. Such an institution may be better positioned to invest and manage large sums of money. The guardian of the estate and the guardian of the person do not need to be the same person or entity. A bank may be willing to serve as guardian of the estate but unwilling to handle the duties of a guardian of the person. Another person or entity may be appointed guardian of the person.
A physician’s report should be filed with the circuit clerk at the same time the guardianship petition is filed. 755 ILCS 5/11a-9. This report, usually in the form of an affidavit, is a functional assessment of the abilities of the alleged disabled person and his or her abilities to make decisions. As the name implies, the report must be signed by at least one physician who has examined the alleged disabled personwithin three months of the date the petition is filed. If for some reason the report cannot be obtained, such as if the alleged disabled person refuses to see a doctor, then the petitioner may file his or her petition and request that the court order that the alleged disabled person submit to an examination.
guardian ad litem (GAL) will be appointed at the time of the filing of the petition or soon thereafter. 755 ILCS 11a-10(a). A written order for the appointment needs to be prepared and presented by the petitioner. How the GAL is chosen is a matter of local practice. Some counties maintain a list and the GAL is whoever is next on the list. In other counties the judge appoints the GAL and attempts to choose so the burden is evenly spread. In still other counties, the same person serves in almost all cases. You should consult with the circuit clerk or the judge’s office to determine how the GAL is selected in the particular county.
The circuit clerk will issue a summons after the petition is filed. 755 ILCS 5/11a-10(e). Unlike a summons used in most civil matters, the summons for guardianship will name a date and time certain for return. How that date and time are chosen is a matter of local custom. Many counties have regular walk-in times where uncontested guardianship cases may be presented. The petitioner may choose one of those regularly scheduled times that will allow time for the sheriff to serve the summons on the alleged disabled person (14 days notice, not the more familiar 30 days on most civil summonses, required before the hearing in guardianship cases). In other counties, the judge will want to set the matter on his or her calendar for hearing. Unlike other summonses, those used in guardianship cases must list the name and telephone number of the judge who will hear the case. Finally, the summons must have a statement of the rights of the alleged disabled person in guardianship matters. The rights are:
1. You have the right to be present at the court hearing.
2. You have the right to be represented by a lawyer, either one that you retain, or one appointed by the judge.
3. You have the right to ask for a jury of six persons to hear your case.
4. You have the right to present evidence to the court and to confront and cross-examine witnesses.
5. You have the right to ask the judge to appoint an independent expert to examine you and give an opinion about your need for a guardian.
6. You have the right to ask that the court hearing be closed to the public.
7. You have the right to tell the court whom you prefer to be your guardian.
In addition to the alleged disabled person, those listed as family and friends of the alleged disabled person in the petition, as well as the proposed guardian, if the guardian is to be someone other than the petitioner, must receive 14 days written notice of the date and time of the hearing. Failure to provide notice is a jurisdictional flaw that will render the order void. 755 ILCS 5/11a-10(f); Seibold v. Schulte, 195 Ill. App. 3d 891(5th Dist. 1990); Wright v. Carley, 172 Ill. App. 3d 1055 (4th Dist. 1988).
Where there is a need for immediate protection of the alleged disabled person or his or her estate from harm during the period of time between the filing of the petition and the date of the hearing, a petition for the appointment of a temporary guardian may be filed. 755 ILCS 5/11a-4. The filing of the petition for temporary guardian is usually done at the same time as the filing of the petition for a permanent guardian. The petition for a temporary guardian may be presented to the judge immediately after filing and an order may be entered on such notice as the court directs. In most cases, no notice is given to the alleged disabled person. Hasse v. Arbor of Itasca, Inc.327 Ill. App. 3d 1057 (2nd Dist. 2002). The order appointing a temporary guardian must state the actual harm identified by the court as necessitating the need for the appointment. The order must also innumerate the specific powers that the temporary guardian may exercise. The term of the temporary guardian is no longer than 60 days or until the appointment of the permanent guardian and may not be extended. Meanwhile, the process toward a hearing on the petition for permanent guardian continues.
Prior to the hearing for the appointment of a permanent guardian, the GAL must visit the alleged disabled person and inform him or her about his or her rights during the guardianship process and the contents of the guardianship petition. The GAL should also talk to the alleged disabled person and those who are familiar with his or her condition to determine both the appropriateness of the guardianship and the alleged disabled person’s view on whether a guardian should be appointed and, if so, who that guardian should be. The GAL must then prepare a written report of his or her actions and findings and file it with the court. The GAL should also appear at the time of the hearing to elaborate on the report if the court desires further information.
If the alleged disabled person disagrees with the appointment of a guardian, then independent counsel should be appointed to represent the alleged disabled person at the guardianship hearing. In the past, the GAL often served in that capacity but changes in the law have made that a more neutral role. In consultation with the independent counsel, the alleged disabled person may demand an independent medical examination and trial by a six-person jury. The decision to exercise the right to independent examination and trial by jury are matters of trial strategy and must be considered carefully. It is not uncommon for the independent medical examiner to agree that the alleged disabled person is in need of a guardian. Having the alleged disabled person’s own physician make that recommendation would, of course, be very detrimental to the position of one contesting the appointment. Likewise, citizens who are called to serve as jurors may not be as accustomed to seeing unique characters as would a judge who sees them every day in court. If the alleged disabled person would not present well to a jury or has a unique lifestyle, it may be wiser to try the case before the judge alone.
Most guardianship hearings, however, are uncontested affairs that take place with the parties gathered at the bench. If the alleged disabled person does not object to the appointment or is in such a condition that he or she is unable to object, many courts will not require that witnesses be called. The judge makes his or her decision based upon the statements of the attorneys, the report of the GAL and the physician’s report. If witnesses are required, the testimony is often limited, involving the observed activity of the alleged disabled person tending to show that the alleged disabled person is unable to make decisions for himself or herself.
After the hearing, the jury, or in a bench trial, the judge, will make a determination of whether a guardian should be appointed, and if there is to be a guardian, who that guardian should be. The alleged disabled person has the right to make his or her wishes known as to who should serve, but ultimately the decision on who should be appointed guardian is made by the judge based on what is in the best interest of the disabled person. 755 ILCS 5/11a-8(d). It is not uncommon in cases where the alleged disabled person has been abused or exploited, either physically or financially, for the alleged disabled person to choose his or her abuser as the guardian. Obviously, such an appointment would not be in the alleged disabled person’s best interest. At times, even well meaning individuals may not be appropriate if it does not appear they have the ability to carry out their duties. 755 ILCS 5/11a-12(d).
The written order issued by the court must give the factual basis for the need to appoint a guardian. The order will also state whether the ward is in need of a guardian of the person, of the estate or of both. The order should indicate whether the guardian will be limited, granting the guardian the authority to make some but not all of the decisions for the ward, or plenary, where the guardian has all of the power that can be exercised by a guardian on behalf of another. 755 ILCS 5/11a-12. If the guardian is someone other than the Office of State Guardian or the public guardian, the order must specifically provide for residential placement if the guardian is to have that power. 755 ILCS 5/11a-14.1.
After the order is entered, the guardian will have to file an oath of office agreeing to accept the case and promising to carry out his or her duties faithfully. If appointed guardian of the estate, the guardian will also be required to file a satisfactory bond. 755 ILCS 5/12-2. The amount of the bond is twice the value of the personal property if personal sureties are used, and 11⁄2 times the personal property if a commercial bond is obtained. Additional amounts may be added by the court where the real estate of the ward is under the control of the guardian. The judge must approve the bond. Many circuit clerks’ offices have a form oath and bond combining the two documents.
After the oath and bond are filed, the circuit clerk will issue letters of office to the guardian and will provide the guardian with certified copies of the letters of office. It is the letters of office that the guardian will show as proof of appointment. At times, a bank or other entity dealing with the guardian may require that the letters of office be recertified to demonstrate that the guardianship is still in effect. The guardian will then have to contact the circuit clerk and ask the clerk to sign, date and seal the bottom certificate form on the letters of office.
If sufficient, the estate of the ward is required to pay for the costs of bringing a guardianship case, including the fees of the GAL and of the independent counsel. If the estate of the ward is not sufficient, it becomes the obligation of the petitioner to pay those costs. 755 ILCS 5/11a-10(c).
The guardian’s duties
So the guardian is appointed. Now what? How is the guardian to go about his or her duties? The section of the Probate Act dealing with the guardianship is thin, only a few pages in length. Moreover, the case law is scant, usually addressing a particular circumstance or event. Some of the direction that is provided often seems contradictory and confusing. The powers of a guardian are great. A plenary guardian will make decisions concerning nearly every aspect of the ward’s life. Often, however, the guardian must look at what is provided in the statutes and the case law and attempt to extrapolate how he or she should make a particular decision. When in doubt about a crucial issue, the guardian may return to court and seek its advice on how to deal with a particular situation.
Guardians are required to make their decisions, whenever possible, based on substituted judgment: to take what the guardian knows of the ward, his or her beliefs and attitudes, and attempt to make the decision the ward would have made if he or she was capable of doing so. When the guardian is unable to determine what the ward would want, the guardian must make his or her decision based on what is in the ward’s best interest. What would a reasonable person do if required to make the decision? 755 ILCS 5/11a-17(e). Neither of these standards is wholly satisfying. It is impossible to truly know what a person would want or what is in the ward’s best interest in a particular circumstance. But at least this instruction gives the guardian a framework upon which he or she can begin to make decisions.
Guardian of the person
As the name implies, the guardian of the person makes personal decisions for the ward. Section 11a-17 of the Probate Act provides general instructions for the guardian of the person. 755 ILCS 5/11a-17. The grant of statutory authority includes medical decisions, from minor first aid to end-of-life decisions. As was noted in the previous article on advanced directives, the guardian of the person is the first person listed on the hierarchy of surrogates under the Health Care Surrogate Act. 755 ILCS 40/25. Thus, some minor care decisions may be made in advance with directions to the caregivers.
The guardian of the person also makes decisions on where a ward will live, if that authority is specifically granted in the court’s order. The guardian must take into account the ward’s preferences but may have to decide contrary to those preferences where the ward’s wishes have a reasonable certainty to result in harm to the ward or his or her estate. The guardian should look to what is the least restrictive placement for the ward that provides for his or her needs. The guardian of the person may, but is not required to, provide personal care for the ward. It is not required that the ward live with the guardian. A guardian is a decision-maker. It may often be the case that others, community providers, nursing home staff, or others, provide the actual care.
The guardian of the person also has access to all of the records of the ward. The guardian may review the ward’s medical or facility chart and may be asked to authorize the sharing of that information as is necessary for the benefit of the ward. This is often required where a ward sees several doctors or information from a doctor needs to be provided to the ward’s residence so that the doctor’s orders may be carried out.
The case law setting out the extent of a guardian of the person’s authority may be summarized as follows:
• The guardian may not consent to psychotropic medication or elecotroconvulsive therapy over the objection of the ward. Such decisions may only be made pursuant to the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (405 ILCS 5/2-107.1). In re Austin, 245 Ill. App. 3d 1042 (4th Dist. 1993).
The guardian may not place a ward in a mental health facility or in a specialized portion of a nursing home or other facility specializing in the care of persons with mental illness. In re Gardner, 121 Ill. App. 3d 7 (4th Dist. 1984); Muellner v. Blessing Hospital, 335 Ill. App. 3d 1079 (4th Dist. 2002).
The guardian may not bring an action for divorce on behalf of a ward. In re Marriage of Drews, 115 Ill. 2d 201 (1986). But a guardian may maintain an action for divorce filed by the ward when he or she was able to do so. 755 ILCS 5/11a-17 (a-5); In re Marriage of Burgess, 189 Ill 2d 270 (2000). The question of what is the guardian’s authority to consent to or prevent marriage is not yet settled. Pape v. Byrd145 Ill. 2d 13 (1991).
• A guardian may consent to an abortion on behalf of a ward. Jolivet v. Chuhak,134 Ill. App. 3d 788 (1st Dist 1985).
• A guardian may not remove driving privileges. Thompson v. Patner186 Ill. App. 3d 874 (1st Dist. 1989).
The guardian is required to make periodic reports to the court on the progress of the ward and his or her circumstances. Usually these reports are required annually. 755 ILCS 5/11a-17(b). Forms for making the report may be found on the Illinois Guardianship Commission Web site “Legal Forms You Can Use.” The guardian of the person can serve as representative payee for Social Security benefits. Some pensions and annuities will also pay to a guardian of the person or in accordance with the guardian’s directions. Some investigation of these issues prior to appointment may eliminate the need for a guardian of the estate and the requirements that come with that office.
Guardian of the estate
The guardian of the estate is charged with the prudent management of the ward’s property, both real and personal. Section 11a-18 of the Probate Act provides general instructions to the guardian of the estate. 755 ILCS 5/11a-18. The guardian of the estate begins his or her service with the filing of an inventory. 755 ILCS 5/14-1. The inventory is a listing of all of the assets in the ward’s estate on the date that the guardian of the estate is appointed. The inventory must be filed within the first 60 days after appointment. The guardian of the estate is a fiduciary. He or she is required to care for the ward’s estate to maximize the benefit to the ward.
One of the most important things a guardian of the estate should do after appointment is to set up a separate account to manage the assets of the ward. The most frequent error that people make as the guardian of the estate is to commingle the guardian’s personal funds with those of the ward’s estate. To some extent, commingling of funds may feel natural to the guardian. This is especially true when the ward is a family member and lives with the guardian. All of the household money goes into an account and is used to pay the bills of the household. However, the guardian of the estate is required to account for all of his or her actions. An accounting must be filed on the first anniversary of appointment and then at least every three years thereafter. An accounting must also be filed at the close of the estate. 755 ILCS 5/24-11. In this accounting, the guardian of the estate must be able to demonstrate how each asset of the estate and every item of income has been expended for the benefit of the ward. Any remaining funds are shown and form the beginning balance for the next accounting. If the guardian has commingled personal funds with those of the ward, it is nearly impossible to demonstrate which expenditures were made for the ward’s benefit and which for the guardian’s. The guardian of the estate may be required by the court to reimburse those funds that he or she cannot document as having gone to the ward’s benefit. It is still possible for the estate of the ward to pay a portion of the guardian’s household expenses. The ward is using items just like other members of the residence. The guardian can use the ward’s funds to pay certain bills while using their own funds to pay others. At accounting time, the guardian will then be able to show where the funds of the ward went specifically. If the division of the bills appears to be fair, the courts generally do not have a problem with such an arrangement.
With the approval of the court, the guardian of the estate may be required to sell real and personal property of the ward in order to meet the ward’s needs. Procedures for the sale of real estate are found in article 20 of the Probate Act. 755 ILCS 5/20-1 et seq. Those for the sale of personal property are found in article 19 of the Probate Act. 755 ILCS 5/19-1 et seq.
Inability of the guardian to serve
Another area of concern is what to do if the guardian becomes temporarily or permanently unable to serve. If the guardian is unable to carry out his or her duties for a brief period of time, such as if the guardian becomes ill or is going to be away for a time on business or vacation, the statutes provide for the appointment of a short-term guardian. A form for the appointment of a short-term guardian is set forth in the Probate Act. 755 ILCS 5/11a-3.2. The form may also be found on the Illinois Guardianship Commission Web site “Legal Forms You Can Use.”
Short-term guardian
A short-term guardian may serve no more than 60 days in any 12-month period. Appointment of the short-term guardian does not require court action. The ward’s views on the person to serve as short-term guardian must be taken into consideration. If the ward objects to the person who has been appointed, the ward may request that the court terminate the short-term guardian. 755 ILCS 5/11a-18.3(a). The short-term guardian has all of the powers of the permanent guardian of the person, unless that authority is limited in the appointing instrument. The authority of the short-term guardian over the estate of the ward is limited to the collection of public benefits such as Social Security funds. 755 ILCS 5/11a-18.3(b).
Standby guardian
To plan for the possible death or incapacity of the permanent guardian, the Probate Code provides for a standby guardian. Again, a form is provided in the statutes and may be found on the Illinois Guardianship Commission Web site under “Legal Forms You Can Use.” The form designating a standby guardian may be filed with the court either at the time the permanent guardian is appointed or a later date. The court appoints the standby guardian. The standby guardian has no duties until he or she is notified of the death or disability of the permanent guardian. At that time, the standby guardian steps into the shoes of the permanent guardian. The standby guardian has authority to act for up to 60 days. During that period, he or she may file a petition with the court asking to be appointed as permanent guardian. 755 ILCS 11a-18.2.
Successor guardian
The Probate Act also provides for the nomination of a successor guardian by the permanent guardian in his or her last will and testament. The nominated person is a testamentary guardian. 755 ILCS 5/11a-16. Unlike the standby guardian, the testamentary guardian has no authority to act on behalf of the ward until he or she appears in court and is appointed successor guardian. If no successor is named in either the guardian’s last will and testament or by appointing a standby guardian, then any interested person may file a simple petition detailing the permanent guardian’s inability to serve and the ward’s continuing need for a guardian. 755 ILCS 5/11a-15. The court will usually appoint a successor guardian with little delay. The benefit of the standby guardian is that there is no gap in guardianship for the ward. The standby guardian serves essentially like a temporary guardian during that period of time between the death or disability of the permanent guardian and the appointment of a successor.
So now we have learned about advanced directives and the guardianship process. I encourage others of you who have expertise in common areas of the law to take the time to write an article so that other government attorneys may benefit from your knowledge.
*See “A Short Course on Advanced Directives,” ISBA’s Committee on Government Lawyers newsletter, August 2003, Vol. 5,
The statute and in particular 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b  brings the guardianship act into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act and limits who may be placed under a guardianship and the extent of the guardianship.
From Ken Ditkowsky
Terrorist Jerome Larkin and his merry band of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators knew or should have known of the requirements of the Statute.    Judge M. Connors, the presiding judge in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 should have also known the requirements of the statute.    Each of the attorneys involved in the Sykes case and Gore also should have been cognizant of the Statute and its requirements.   How then did this article and the statute escape notice?    IT DID NOT!
A conscious and nefarious pattern of conduct was promulgated in the CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY ILLINOIS to enrich a group of corrupt public officials, health care providers, judges and attorneys to isolate selected seniors so that their estates could be redistributed in the hands of more deserving individuals.    The targeted seniors were to be isolated, placed into guardianships that removed them from humanity, their prior lives, and contact with anyone who might interfere with the embezzlement of the estate.      A small cadre of judges were recruited to administer the 18 USCA 371 conspiracy and the criminal enterprise.    Avenues for dissent, exposure, and/or remedy were thwarted.   Jerome Larkin, Lea Black *** and other attorneys at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission were recruited to silence any public or attorney dissent.      Family members who felt aggrieved would be discouraged and attorneys who had the temerity to object or file Rule 8.3 objections would face severe disciplinary action.   After-all complaining that a Judge engaged in a conspiracy to defraud a senior citizen disparaged the reputation of the judge, especially if the charge was true.    As Ms. Black explained Operation Greylord had the deleterious effect of causing the public to hold the score of judges plus in disrepute.   The IARDC did not want corruption to be so openly exposed again.
On the Probate Sharks and the MaryGSykes Blog the Sykes and Gore cases are discussed and detailed.   NASGA site also contains details of these cases and others.     So far, even though on page 91 of her deposition Judge Connors admits that she was wired, and in the JoAnne Denison current proceedings before the Illinois Supreme Court Larkin and the IARDC admit to serious ethically and legally challenged conduct – such as embezzlement of public funds to pay illegal charges and serious misrepresentation to the Supreme Court of Illinois – law enforcement has turned a blind eye and the fraud continues.
This corruption of the legal system is the functional equivalent of tossing a bomb in a crowded theater.    Not only has it undermined the legal system and its escape value function, but it has destroyed the lives of innocent citizens.    Yes, Mary Sykes and Alice Gore were old!    Every citizen, young and old is entitled to equal protection of the law.    They and their families are entitled to be safe and no victims of government funded predators.         An elderly person should not be placed in fear to open her mouth, lest M****   **** or some other guardian ad litem might observe there are a few grains of gold in her filings that might bring a few dollars.       An elderly person should according to the ADA be entitled to reasonable accommodation so that he/she because of the infirmity of age continue to enjoy the fruits of America and not fear that government might enter the picture and warehouse you so that a nursing home operator or a hospice provider can purchase a new yacht or a congressman.    The fear of being shot by a crazed gunman is no less a reality than being doped out of your mind in the nursing home of a wealthy predator.
When Beverly Cooper asked one of the cadre of Nursing home operators who are infamous in the Chicago area, how he squares his highly publicized religiosity with his exploitation and abuse of Alice Gore, his answer was:  “Because I can!”
I pray that these e-mails will induce law enforcement officers who have moral compasses to help us change the answer to – YOU CAN NOT!
from Joanne Denison
I believe this article completely misstates the position and goals of a Plenary Guardian:
(755 ILCS 5/11a 3) (from Ch. 110 1/2, par. 11a 3)
Sec. 11a 3. Adjudication of disability; Power to appoint guardian.
(b) Guardianship shall be utilized only as is necessary to promote the well being of the disabled person, to protect him from neglect, exploitation, or abuse, and to encourage development of his maximum self reliance and independence. Guardianship shall be ordered only to the extent necessitated by the individual’s actual mental, physical and adaptive limitations
However, in Probate court you will find every disabled person needs 24/7 care and plenary powers are given and there is no warning that a disabled person gets to make his/er own decisions if the decisions are reasonable.
Far too often, this statement is not made, the plenary guardian sets to the task of isolating (illegal) and drugging (illegal) and placing the disabled person into a facility when the disabled wants to live in his/er own home or with a  relative.
I am told by many home care health agencies that placement in a facility or institution comes with a hefty reward (kickback) for those that put the ward in the facility.  If you go to a nursing home or facility, all you will see is a line of elderly or disabled people that want to go home.  They prepared for their retirement and saved, many of them. They do not understand why they cannot live at home or in a child or sibling’s home surrounded by their loved ones in their final years on earth.
No one investigates, but every one knows: it is because they are forced there by the courts, the guardians, and court appointed attorneys.
This system has to end and it has to end now.
I want to know why 755 ILCS 5-11a-3-b has become nothing but lip service, and disableds are rarely asked what it is they want.

From Ken Ditowsky-the Basics on Guardianship and the harmful system it has become.

Many on this e-mail thread have expressed serious concerns about the entire guardianship situation and ask why should there ever be a guardian appointed.     The answer is derived from the understanding that society has to take care of the people who are unable one way or another to take care of themselves.   This is Parens Patrie and one of the most important concepts of American and English Law.
Long ago we as humans recognized that to toss the elderly and the unwanted out in the wilderness to die was barbaric and wrong.   We recognized that those amongst us who were unable to survive on their own had lives that were as precious as our own.    Ergo, every religion has some system of social justice and aid those who cannot help themselves.    Both the quantity and the quality of the assistance varies and is a matter of conscience, but it exists.
Here in the United States we all are dedicated to providing ONLY such assistance was being needed, no more and no less.   The operating words of just about every statute and the Americans with Disabilities Act is “reasonable accommodation.”     What does reasonable accommodation mean?     It means that the person giving the aid does not diminish the recipient in any way.      Thus, to be eligible for a guardian an individual must have a ‘disability’ that prevents the person from enjoying the basic rights, privileges and immunities that the average citizen enjoys and thus can receive aid only to the extent of the aforesaid disability.   Handicap parking privileges are a common accommodation.
Unfortunately, the best program can be abused, and the four Government Accounting Office reports demonstrate just how serious the abuse has gotten.    The blogs Probate Sharks, NASGA, MaryGSykes, **** all further report the problem.
Every senior in America today has to have apprehension about growing old because of the governmental abuse and incentives to miscreants to abuse the system and the elderly.    As we get older the first blush with the problem usually occurs when a parent become infirm.    The infirmity can be so minor that it passes un=noticed except by family, or it be evidenced more obvious deficiencies.     In most of these circumstances the family addresses the issue.
My personal saga
In my personal situation, my mother became infected by a virulent form of Breast Cancer that had a prognosis of killing the victim within days of diagnosis.    My uncle, who was a physician, diagnosed the disease and recommended immediate surgery.    My mother rejected the advice and opted to obtain treatment back home in Miami Florida.    During the 2.5 day trip the tumor grew from microscopic to the size a basketball.    The surgery was performed in Miami’s Cedars of Lebanon Hospital and was horrific.
My brother, who at the time was just starting his medical career, discussed the problem with one of his instructors and was introduced to a highly experimental program.      It was predicated on the fact that there was a serum that was fatal to the fastest growing cells in the body, and Dr. T reasoned that as the particular breach cancer cells grew at such a rapid rate no other cells in the body would be affected.   My brother and I both agreed instantly to the procedures and that day mother became subject to the medication.    Fortuitously, the cancer became in check and one day about a year and one-half later, I received a telephone call from the doctor: “I have to see you personally in Miami as soon as humanly possible.”
I immediately called the airport, and hurried to O’Hare Field as they literally held the Miami flight for me.    Out of breath I climbed into the airplane and sat anxiously as the two and one-hour flight unfolded.    My secretary arranged for a rental car for me to be delivered to the door of the terminal so not a minute would be wasted.    I arrived at Miami, literally ran to the front entranced, hopped into my rental car and drove to the doctor’s office.    When I arrived my brother was there, looking somber and anxious.    I climbed into a chair and head the following words: “this morning’s examination indicated that your mother had no evidence of cancer!”
The reaction from me pure unaltered anger – I had inconvenienced just about everyone I knew or came in contact with to rush to Miami to hear my mother was cured – words that could have been communicated on the telephone!     I was furious, livid, and about to ask him why in the HELL he could not have told me the good news over the telephone rather than dragging me out 1300 plus miles went he went on to say: “I do not know what, if anything, I am to do now!”     I do know that the cancer will come back in spades doubled and redoubled and I will not be able to resume the treatment.
The cancer did come back, and but it was not quite in spades, but it was untreatable and eventually killed her.     The anxiety that it created was horrible and started a routine that eventually caused me to file to Florida every other weekend.      It was cruel and horrible for everyone.    Mother abdicated all financial responsibility to me and my brother was left to deal with the nitty gritty of seeing that she took her medication did not create a social situation that was untenable.    On one occasion her electrolytes became out of balance and the doctors decided that Gatorade was the best solution for her to address.    Gatorade is terrible tasting – poison is more acceptable.   Bill went to the grocery store, purchased a case of Grape Gatorade – the least object able in terms of taste, and literally used threats, intimidation, and brute force to get her to down a quart every day – until mother threatened to call the police and demand protection from his demand that she drinks the vile liquid.   The task then fell on me and mother never forgave Bill for his forcing her to drink that stuff.    (I just threatened to cease coming to Florida if she did not comply – she never called my bluff).
This episode took five years out of our lives.    My brother and I on day one agreed to the program with mother was subjected to and in all candor had she lived another mother she would have buried both of us.    Yes, we hired caretakers – who she fired.   Yes, we sought help from social services, and yes we got tired, and demoralized, but, we dealt with the problem.    We were not alone in our plight, but we were united.
We were lucky.   Mother was competent and able to pay her bills, conduct what business she had, and was fully competent.     However, when the cancer debilitated her I was able to step in as needed and do what had to be done.     Since I was fourteen I was on my parent checkbook as a signor.    I had the power of appointment as to their investments and thus, I was always a fiduciary to my parents.    I did not payout a dime without making my brother aware of each expenditure and the reason therefore.    Had he objected to anything we would have worked out the objection.
Many people doing find themselves in the position that my brother and I found ourselves.    First mother lived five years more than any other similar cancer patient and had a strong will to live.   Second, she was not incompetent during her illness, but available for us to consult with and to guide us as to her wishes. [1]     Parents (and other loved ones) become hostile, irrational, and sometimes self-defeating.   Worse yet, they cease being trusting and become paranoid.    Other siblings are not co-operative and/or downright hostile.
Many people find the elderly person (Mother) in a quagmire that is not only new, but, out of everyone’s range of knowledge.      Siblings usually want to do the right thing by mother, but most have an exclusive plan that assumes that the other members of the family just fell off the turnip truck, cannot be trusted, or do not care etc. etc.   One person usually assumes the leadership role and as there is a great deal of disagreeable work to be just temporarily abdicate.     It is not uncommon for the oldest sibling to ‘get stuck’ with the job.      There are variations on the theme but the result for the elderly person is the same.    A death by elder cleansing!
What is to be done in these situations?     In many of these situations all sides must act in extreme good faith and have tolerance for other opinions.     It is a dream to expect such to happen and as this scenario progresses at this point in time the family arrives at the entry point for many of the elder cleansing cases.      It should be noted that there is an entire cadre of lawyers who have no moral compass and who allied with Nursing home operators, crooked judges, and other crooked judicial officials all of whom are ready willing and able to exploit the weaknesses of the affected families.     It is very easy to convince a paranoid sibling that his other siblings are only after mother’s money and all the brains have gone into his/her head and everyone else is tainted.     These lawyers are experts at this type of thing.    Some are arrogant enough to teach ethics in Continuing Legal Education courses. Once one of these corrupt lawyers gets his fingers into the elderly person’s life, the 18 USCA 371 conspiracy goes into play.     One of the most common ploys is to talk reassuringly to the sibling gaining the confidence of the ‘mark.’      The lawyer makes it clear that Judge ***** will be supervising the proposed guardianship and he/she will have to answer to the judge, but the ‘mark’ will have every tool available to protect the parent from the greed of his/her siblings and ******.      A disingenuous miscreant might even read to ‘mark’ from the statute to assure him/her that mother will be protected.
The guardianship starts with a Petition that is directed to the Court to appoint the ‘mark’ as plenary guardian.   Pursuant to statute everyone with an ‘interest’ in the proceedings is to be notified about two weeks prior to the hearing, and mother is served with a bundle of papers by the Sheriff.      A doctor, most of the time obtained by the lawyer, signs a statement (or an affidavit) that mother is suffering from dementia and is unable to take care of herself or her affairs.     This doctor is given a couple of dollars and in many of the situation has never examined mother; however, he has mother have filled out a few forms that are claimed to be mental competency tests.     Few if any questions deal with ascertaining if mother knows the object of her bounty, the extent and nature of her property, or can perform the routine test of purchasing a bottle of milk at the local store and if she still recognizes her children and grandchildren, even if by pictures in her living room.
The Judge (who is usually wired or fixed) does a 30 second hearing and then signs an order appointing the ‘Mark’ as plenary guardian.       A flunky who is usually another scavenger reports that he/she visited with mother and in his/her opinion mother had the mentality of a stone.    Any objecting siblings are accused of agitating mother and are given strict warnings that if they do not attorn to the soon to commence secret elder cleansing of mother they will be subjected to supervised visitation–or worse.
The lawyer who is now a hero to the plenary guardian diligently helps the aforesaid plenary guardian to garner the assets, inventory the most obvious, and pay his fees, the guardian ad item’s fees, and a sorted expense that may or may not be legitimate.      Of course, mother’s whims are given great respect and doses of cash.    It is not too long that the non-accountant fiduciary has a set of books that do not balance, and is solemnly informed that some of the expenditures (using tens of thousands of dollars) were paid without permission of the Court.     The lawyer points out the fact that he warned the plenary guardian that every dollar had to be supervised by the Court.
This is the cross-roads.    If the plenary guardian has moxie and a little larceny the problem goes away.    If the guardian is one of those people who have integrity he or she is in for a rough ride.    The Judge will become hysterical, threaten contempt, removal for office, judgment etc. – how dare the guardian buy mother a warm coat for winter without approval of the Court!     This action by the guardian is disreputable a breach of fiduciary responsibility and requires a contempt hearing.
The other siblings, now cowed do not put up any fuss – or if they are not cowed are accused of agitating mother and therefore we have to have an independent guardian.    The guardian ad litem agrees to help in the search.      A lackey = sometimes one of those ‘banks’ that is friendly toward the miscreants is appointed as the successor plenary guardian.
Mother is then isolated and drugged until every dollar that can be garnered is safely expropriated and in the hands of the conspirators.      Mother is housed a great expense in a friendly nursing or sheltered care facility that is willing to pay generous finders fees to the corrupt judicial officials.     When the money runs out, for as long as government payments can be obtained mother is warehoused drugged to the gills.    She finally has little value and then she is placed into hospice until that money runs out.    Death releases the estate into perpetuity.
Of course there are variations on this theme, but, the bottom line – a targeted victim is isolated, stripped of all dignity, human rights, civil rights, property and any other thing of value all for the benefit of corrupt judges, lawyers, judicial officials and political elite.      The words and phrases of the statute are noble, but totally ignored.
Today, the Elder Cleansing continues unabated.     The Congressional committees have done little, if anything, State agencies do what State agencies always do – nothing, the Courts are still harboring these corrupt conspiracies and the miscreants remain unpunished.     In fact, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is openly and notoriously ‘covering up’ the felonies with intimidation, extortion, and ethically challenged behavior all in violation of 18 USCA 371 ******.    The Illinois Supreme Court has been rubberstamping the ‘cover-up’ of this criminal conduct and even condoning a bit of racial profiling, discrimination such as found in the Lanre Amu case.
The Mary Sykes and the Alice Gore case are poster board cases that illustrate every aspect of the criminal conspiracy of Elder Cleansing.       The Probate Sharks and MaryGSykes blogs have memorialized the facts of each case and the tactics that are so reprehensible.     Judge Connors evidence deposition at page 91 is an admission that Judge Connors was not only ‘wired’ but clearly not even embarrassed by her misconduct.    The Judicial System obviously did not rebuke Judge Connors for her admitted corruption as it rewarded her with a position on the Appellate bench.    The miscreants who acted to destroy the lives of Mary and Alice were rewarded with substantial fees and no prosecution.   The 1.5 million dollars stolen from Alice Gore remains unrecovered and untaxed even though a Circuit Court judge supervised the estate – including the scavenging in her mouth for a couple of grains of Gold The 3.0 million dollars including a million dollars in gold coins was similarly never recovered or taxed by has been taxed by either Federal or State Authorities. *****
What can be done?
The candid answer is I DO NOT KNOW?        Operation Greylord sent a score of Judges to jail and several score lawyers to jail, but, a few years down the road the corruption has so gotten out of hand that the Public guardian’s office was implicated in the literal kidnapping of homeless people so as to provide revenue to a very well connected nursing home operator.     Of course no one was prosecuted!    His sheltered care facilities *****.
A naïve answer is LET US ENFORCE THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA without exception, equally and to the letter.     Let us start with the ‘cover up’ that makes the situation so onerous.     First; The Tax man should civilly visit Jerome Larkin and his fellow co-conspirators at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and collect the taxes, interest and penalties that they owe because of their 18 USCA 371 assistance to the elder cleansing.   They have joint and several liabilities.     Once the ‘cover’ is removed, the crooked Judges and lawyers are easy game.    Removing their license to practice law and prosecution for their fiduciary theft not only is revenue generating but it leaves naked the sheltered care operators who now will have to deal with the agencies that are overpaid to supervise nursing homes and other facilities so that the elderly and safe and secure while residents thereof.
Democracy is not a spectator sport nor can citizens ignore their personal responsibilities and be safe.     In recent weeks we have watch a prospective presidential candidate ‘game’ the system and be exposed by no less a personage as the Direct of the FBI as lying to Congress, and committing felonies openly and notorious = and escape prosecution in what can only be called a ‘fix’ at the highest levels of American Government.     Worse yet, the calls for this miscreant candidate to withdraw from the quest for the Democratic nomination for president to be slim and none.     How as a practical matter can a democracy remain a democracy when even the people wiring the process to prevent the candidate from having to face criminal charges have to admit she has no moral compass!
Being practical what chance have we, the great unwashed to deprive corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials, and corrupt public officials of the very lucrative booty from elder cleansing?       John Kass of the Chicago Tribune pointed out that it took a wad of cash ($50,000) paid to the Democratic Committeeman to become a judge in Cook county, Illinois (now reported to be $150,000)   –  ****** (you fill in the blanks)

[1] The last three months of mother’s life were hard, but typical.    In early summer mother wanted to go to her summer home in Northern Michigan.    This was arranged and through one of the social agencies I obtained a ‘caretaker’ ‘companion.’     A lady by the name of “Goodbody” She spoke in such a manner that you could see the birds being talked out of the trees.   She was well named and a person who at first sight you fell in love with.  (she may have been mother’s age).
I got the two women to Oden, Michigan along with a vehicle with little problem and settled them in for the summer, I thought.    As I was about to pat myself on the back for a job well done, Mrs. Goodbody informed me that the State of Florida had suspended her driver’s license.     I now had two elderly women in a house in a small town that had no shopping and essentially total isolation.    Both were helpless and once the initial supplies ran out they would have nothing.
Mrs. Goodbody informed me that she did know how to drive and was a safe driver, but she had neglected to pay some tickets and the State of Florida had suspended her license.     I then took her into Petoskey, we went into Motor Vehicles and I told my story of woe to the supervisor of the office.    To my surprise he said: “no problem” if one of you can pass the Michigan Motor Vehicle test I will issue Ms. Goodbody a temporary license.    He agreed that I would take the test.   I did and passed.   She got a license.
A week thereafter mother was hospitalized as she was having breathing problems.    I flew up to Michigan, when to the hospital and saw my mother gasping for breath as she lay in her bed.    The Florida doctor has forbidden the administration of Oxygen as he did not want to augment the cancer.   I talked to Dr. Burns who ran the hospital and was frustrated beyond belief.    Finally, I could stand it no more and informed the medical staff that unless my mother was made comfortable now (and give 02) I was going to sue everyone in sight.    Within about a minute 02 was administered and the labored breath ceased.    The conflagration however did not end until I made it clear to the doctor in Florida that I could care less about the cancer – I want my mother comfortable.    A much politer demand was made by my brother.      Several months’ later mother died of the cancer just before the metastatic effects caused her to suffer.
Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne:
IMPORTANT NOTICE;  Cancer is easily cured with Vitamin C (lyposomal or Lypospheric form only) and H2O2 therapy if in critical condition.  You will note that when oxygenated, Mother got better.  The doc is and was a liar. If you have cancer, heart disease or dementia, you want to take vitamins B, lyposomal C, D3 (get tested), probiotics and MSM sulfur.  For acute cases, add in food grade H2O2 therapy (get details and supplies on ebay).  My mother had multiple myeloma, grade 3B, and I put her on supplements and H2O2 therapy and she lasted another 4 years and only passed when she stopped taking the supplements.  Go to for even more advice.  Eating low carb, low sugar is also crucial.  That’s why Gatoraide is so harmful–too much sugar and this feeds cancer cells.  Stop it with the table salt, and only use Himalayan sea salt, aluminum free.  NaCl or common table salt may raise your blood pressure because NaCl or table salt is too crystalline in structure and scrapes the insides of your arteries so the body packs on cholesterol in an attempt to fix the damage.  Vitamin C cures high blood pressure and heart disease by making veins and arteries very strong and healthy. If your electroytes are out of balance, use sea salt in tomato juice, like a virgin bloody mary.
You must research carefully everything your doctor says on the internet.  Demand clinical studies for each drug that is prescribed.  Google the name of the prescription  and the phrase “harm from” or “deaths from.”  Be smart and stay safe.  Modern docs do whatever mega pharma tells them and most no longer do their own medical research.

Fundraiser– Help us help corruption victims

Most of you already know our work, but we have ongoing expenses to keep our little office open–rent, cell phone, comcast, fax, copier paper, etc.  It is very, very expensive to operate any type of an office, but especially in the area of helping out court corruption victims.

Any amount will help, no amount is too small.

Please read on and we all thank you for your support.

We need help to fight corruption. We need help to fight for victims who have experienced a loss of a loved one in Probate (guardianship) or Custody through corruption (lack of jurisdiction, changed transcripts, lying in court, false evidence, lying shrinks and courtroom vendors.
Right now, we are trying to raise funds for telephone service, supplies and whatever else is needed to help fight corruption for our victims (~$1800). Most of you are familiar with the work we do – we help everyone and do not turn anyone away.  We are also trying to get to Washington, D.C. and deliver the stories of court corruption vicitms to the Senate Subcommittee on Aging and the House subcommittee on the Judiciary.  I  am always told by politician that the FBI, the States Attorneys and other government agencies that these are “isolated incidencts” and that’s why they do not have to act.  You and I know this is code speak for an excuse to cover up the massive amounts of fraud in health care and in custody battles.

Currently, we are working on taking cases involving courtroom corruption in Probate Court to the Senate Subcommittee on the Judiciary. We want to demand that they appoint a special investigator to review all the corrupt cases where seniors and the disabled are at high risk involving “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, eliminate and cremate,” as well as custody where parents are denied co-parenting (50-50) due to corruption in the court room – no service of pleadings, no due process, evaluation reports ignored, and lying psychiatrists/psychologists.   We also want to go to the House Subcommittee on the judiciary to have them appoint a special investigator in custody/state kidnap cases where DCFS and police reports are 180 degrees of home inspections, psych reports from court tied in evaluators–psychD’s and psychiatrists that always want to declare the poorer parent as having a mental disease or disorder which they do not have so the richer parent pays them the most money for the best (albeit lying) outcome.
All our work is important. We return loved ones and their monies to their families.

We are taking any donation – no donation is too small. Everyone who makes a request will be put on my prayer list if you do not have the funds to donate, just let me know.

We are mostly looking for small donations of $10 to $50, but any amount can be put to good use in cleaning up our courtrooms.

You can text, email or Facebook a check to my name or “Justice4 Every1, NFP” or you can donate by Paypal to or text a check to 773 255 7608.  I can send you a paypal invoice.

We do not have any government funding and we rely on donations. We are a 501(c)(4) social justice Not for Profit, and donations are not tax deductible so we can support and endorse new laws that stop corruption in its tracks (requiring waiver of rights to be in writing or recorded by GAL’s, see our wish list on our blog at,)


Absolutely Amazing–judge claim that Absolute Immunity impugns them from corruption

And you wonder why Jerome Larkin has a problem

Some Fourth Judicial District Court judges, who face claims for damages in a lawsuit filed in federal court by their peer Judge Sharon Marchman, filed pleadings Monday arguing they cannot be sued for acts of corruption or malice.

The four defendant judges making that argument are judges Fred Amman, Wilson Rambo and Carl Sharp as well as retired Judge Ben Jones, who now serves as court administrator, at Fourth Judicial District Court for Ouachita and Morehouse parishes. They are represented by special assistant attorney general Brian D. Landry, of Shreveport.

Those four judges are just a few of a handful of defendants who Marchman claimed violated her constitutional rights when she tried to expose the defendants’ concerted efforts to cover up law clerk Allyson Campbell’s alleged payroll fraud and document destruction.

In her lawsuit filed April 19 in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, Marchman is seeking damages from the judges, Campbell, their attorneys as well as from former Attorney General Buddy Caldwell.

Many of the same defendants also were sued by Monroe businessman Stanley Palowsky III in Fourth Judicial District Court. Palowsky’s July 2015 lawsuit against Campbell and the judges detailed many of the same allegations that appeared in Marchman’s lawsuit. Marchman is represented in her federal lawsuit by attorneys Sedric Banks of Monroe and Joe Ward of Covington, who also represent Palowsky in his district court litigation.

“It is from this diseased root system of a state court action that Plaintiff Judge Marchman’s civil rights’ lawsuit arises, with even the same gardeners, in the form of Mr. Palowsky’s own attorneys seeking to tend the same noxious vines in this federal action,” stated a proposed memorandum filed Monday by the four defendant judges in U.S. District Court.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the four defendant judges were awaiting approval of their proposed memorandum since it exceeded the page count requirements under federal court guidelines.

In their proposed memorandum, the four defendant judges urged U.S. District Court Judge Maurice Hicks Jr. to follow the example of ad hoc Judge Jerry Barbera, of Thibodeaux, who dismissed Palowsky’s lawsuit against Campbell and the judges in November 2015 on the grounds of judicial immunity. At that time, Barbera ruled that judges and law clerks were shielded from lawsuits — even if they committed criminal acts — because they performed a necessary judicial function.

“The alleged cover-up allegations are the most egregious, as Plaintiff Judge Marchman is accusing the Defendant Judges of what constitutes essentially corruption,” stated the judges’ memorandum. “Although not specifically pled, there is also an undercurrent of implied malice, when Plaintiff Judge Marchman asserts her retaliation charge.”

“However, acts of corruption or malice, even if true, do not affect absolute judicial immunity,” the judges added.

The defendant judges argued further that a U.S. District Court judge must set “all its experience and common sense aside (to) find some viable constitutional claim” in Marchman’s lawsuit. If that happened, the judges were still protected under judicial immunity, they argued.

The defendant judges claim Marchman, like other judges of the court, did not believe any crime had been committed when allegations first surfaced that Campbell had committed payroll fraud. That matter was discussed during a personnel committee meeting among Fourth Judicial District Court judges, but Marchman didn’t ask an outside authority to investigate, the judges said.

“… (Marchman) did not recommend referral of the payroll issue to any law enforcement or prosecuting authority for investigation or prosecution,” the judges’ memorandum stated.

The defendant judges argued Marchman’s claims that her constitutional rights were violated can be boiled down to frustration with other judges who did not agree with her administrative recommendations concerning Campbell.

“Plaintiff Judge Marchman may truly be a pariah, or an outcast among her peers, but that status appears to be of her own making, and not the actions of the Defendant Judges,” the judges’ memorandum stated.

Marchman’s claim that her free speech rights as a private citizen were violated rings false, the judges argued, especially since private citizens do not generally enjoy the right to participate in the judges’ personnel committee meetings.

“For whatever reason, Mr. Palowsky, Plaintiff Judge Marchman, and their attorneys do not like this law clerk,” stated the judges’ memorandum. “Further, Plaintiff Judge Marchman is unhappy with her judicial colleagues’ decisions concerning the law clerk, even to the point where Plaintiff Judge Marchman moved for discharge of employment, and none of the other 10 members of the bench would allegedly second her motion.”

From Ken Ditkowsky: How can Larkin teach Legal Ethics with a Straight Face?

Answer:  Check and see if his fingers are crossed behind his back!

From Ken Ditkowsky:

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

To:  about 80 email address
Subject: Have you been wondering how Jerome Larkin can teach LEGAL ETHICS with a straight face?
Date: Jul 14, 2016 11:04 AM
I trust that everyone knows that Jerome Larkin and the guardian ad litem who orchestrated the exhibition into the mouth of Alice Gore to recover (and not inventory) the 29 teeth that were suspected of having a few grains of gold in them both teach ethics in required Continuing Legal Education courses.    Those of us who are aware of the perfidy, corrupt conduct, and amorality of both of these individuals literally choke at the thought!    
However, unless you live in ‘wonderland’ or some other fictional cline, you have learned to live with Hypocrisy promulgated by the corrupt judicial and political elite.   Even the fiction of honor, honesty, truth, sincerity or dedication to America’s core values in recent weeks has been shattered.    The most recent filings by Larkin before the Illinois Supreme Court are magnificent examples of a plea for special privilege and ‘cover-up.’    
Larkin was caught RED HANDED–NO EXCUSES
Knowing that he  routinely hired unlicensed court reporters and knowing that he was barred by the statute from paying all unlicensed court reporters, nevertheless he dipped into public trust funds and embezzled thousands of dollars.   Apparently this nefariousness was common place as when an inquiry was made as to what other disciplinary proceedings were tainted by Larkin’s personal ethicial deficiencies.  (We usually call such conduct theft – but we are dealing with the Judicial elite, i.e. those criminals who are placed in positions of trust and confidence based upon political clout rather than competence – and therefore we have to bend the knee for these esteemed miscreants).
The net is, in spite of all that talk about LAW AND ORDER honor, honesty, and “I am fighting for you” the people’s business is a joke.   Our political leaders will say anything and do anything to benefit and enrich themselves as noted by the conduct and candor of all the presidential candidates on either sides of party lines.
It is time for Law enforcement to DO AN HONEST INVESTIGATION and after gathering all the facts to indict Jerome Larkin for his malfeasance in office, conversion, violation of civil rights **** , N.B. The IDR should be collecting the taxes due from the political and judicial elite.
It is time for HONESTY, INTELLIGENCE, HONOR, AND MORALITY  to be part of the Judicial system and in particular the Judicial System of Illinois.    No elderly person should fear getting old and being a victim of elder cleansing.   Jerome Larkin has joint and several civil liability for the income benefits derived by the miscreants that he protects and should pay the taxes, interest and penalties due thereupon.   (Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy and if these taxes were collected it would not need to raise taxes – exactly why Larkin should be immune to the same rules that the rest of us are subject to is a mystery)
Ken Ditkowsky

From Joanne:  I would like to note that Larkin has plenty of co-conspirators to chip in on the $18,550+ bill:  Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Sang Yul Lee, Ziad Alnaqib, Stephen Splitt (ironically, also an ethics reporter at John Marshall).  If they each put up about $3,700 that would take care of their false, fraudulent and void judgment against me for $18,554 in false court reporter and vendor charges they rubber stamped through the Illinois Supreme Court without notice to myself or any one else the charges were primarily fake.  Then they can surrender their law licenses, place a notice on the ARDC website and apologize to me and the citizens of the State of Illinois for their legerdemain and perfidy.  (as Ken noted, we cannot simply call the “judicial elite” thieves and fraudsters.  We must be careful in our use of language. Theft is embezzlement or conversion, and lying and cheating is malfeasance, misfeasance or defalcation.)

From John Zamboni–why write a Writ of Cert to SCOI when the odds are against you

From: Zamboni John
Sent: Jul 13, 2016 5:04 PM
Subject: RE: Filing a petition for certiorari in the Supreme Court is an exercise in rigged gambling and waste

I reviewed your well thought argument against pro se’s going to the Supreme court and do not for a minute deny any of your statistics are invalid.  I cite many of the same when I have people ask me about going to the Supreme Court.  Nevertheless, I see no harm and also a certain benefit in pro se litigants taking their shot at winning the lottery for several reasons:

1.  Even though they may have a one in ten million shot at getting heard, it is possible for them to strike it rich.  I cite as an example Gideon v. Wainright, that was won by a pro se appellant, whose case you would have said had no chance at winning.  It is now considered by everyone to be one of the top three cases of all time to be heard by the US Supreme Court.

2. It may be considered fun, like playing the lottery.  There is a certain amount of satisfaction of being able to say you fought the bastards all the way to the bitter end. I filed one pro se suit all the way to the US Supreme Court concerning the building of Safeco Field which was a $200 million stadium financed by taxpayers.  They could not build that thing until all appeals had been exhausted. Even though they eventually were able build it, they could not build it until my appeal was dealt with, which took six months longer than the mainstream attorneys, who were compensated with millions in attorney fees. There was a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that I was the last man standing. I even heard that mine got within one vote of being heard.  I have had a couple of clients who filed, who have the satisfaction of knowing that their opponents had to spend thousands to respond to the petition, because their opponents felt uncomfortable enough about it, that they felt they had to respond in order to keep from losing.

3.  It can be therapeutic.  I had one client  who had been declared mentally insane by at least 4 different courts. He submitted a very well written brief, taking a shot at establishing a civil Gideon for the mentally disabled.  His arguments were treated with respect, and most the defendants felt they had to respond with briefs written by attorneys.  While he lost, he had the satisfaction of knowing that of all his legal actions, this one was the one that was the most well received because it was a case of first impression. His only regret was he couldn’t figure out a way to put his opponents on trial as war criminals before some international tribunal.

4.  Finally, there is simply doing it for the intellectual challenge and to build support for your position.  Sure, you may be tilting windmills but in the process, you circulate your ideas among others.  Who knows, you or someone else might associate with, might win another case somewhere else, because they cut and pasted a thought developed by you.

Don’t think for a minute that you are not doing the same thing when you advocate trying to win support of Donald Trump.  One thing I have learned about the rich, is that they didn’t get rich by being generous.  The only reason Donald Trump is talking about a crooked judge is that he is trying to get off the hook for swindling those students out of $30,000 at Trump University.  He will not contribute a dime to any else’s efforts without making he gets more than he put in.  Good luck on getting him to contribute money to our cause. .

Thanks for your comments!

From Ken Ditkowsky–Why is Jerome Larkin not in Jail

Why is Jerome Larkin not in jail – Why is he give license to censor the call for an Honest investigation of elder cleansing.

To: “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, and 90 others
Subject: Why is Jerome Larkin not in jail – Why is he give license to censor the call for an Honest investigation of elder cleansing.
Date: Jul 13, 2016 12:52 PM
The battle lines have been drawn.   If you are exposing corruption of the privileged political and judicial elite you are “toast!”   No matter where you turn there is an concerted effort to abrogate the core values of America and in particular the First Amendment.
In Florida the Helen Stone case is a beacon of horror.   The extra-judicial judicial treatment of Barbara Stone sands as hallmark of corruption.     Dr. Sugar is now under attack again as he stands up against the illegal guardianships for profit that are so lucrative to Florida judicial miscreants.  Apparently, Dr. Sugar is making headway.   Mrs. Smith had to fight off a guardian and a court the found that her objection to the exploitation of Col Smith warranted the annulment of her marriage.   Mrs. W objected to a guardian seizing her personal monies.  The Circuit Court saw nothing wrong with a confiscation penalty being imposed.  The Appellate Court reversed, so the trial court just assessed the confiscation penalty as the guardian’s attorney fees.
In Illinois we have Jerome Larkin totally lawless misconduct and precedent.    Indeed, Larkin usurped the Illinois Constitution and the US Constitution by ruling that it was not unethical to harvest the gold in Alice Gore’s mouth, the million dollars of gold coins in Mary Sykes’ safety deposit box, *****, but it was ethically challenged to make the same public in the MaryGSykes blog.    He described the disclosure of Judicial corruption and in particular giving public the information as to where to find the evidence of Judicial corruption as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    (In particular, at page 91 of her evidence deposition Judge Connors admitted to being ‘fixed’ and or “wired”  – and in the unaltered transcript of Judge Stuart’s testimony she admits to perjury)    Indeed, so necessary to the quest to destroy America’s First Amendment and Right of Free Speech that even the Supreme Court of Illinois is apparently willing to look the other way and allow Larkin to misuse public funds (embezzlement) to pay unlicensed court reporters for their ‘services rendered’ even though the Illinois Legislature in paragraph 13 of the Court reporter licensing Act prohibits such activity.
I do not know if any of the other claims as to similar action are accurate, but a full court press is in full force and effect to protect the business of elder cleansing, to wit: isolation of the elderly so that a guardian can be appointed to with corrupt Court supervision individual elderly can be stripped of their liberty, their property, their humanity and every dollar that they saved or amassed in their lifetime.   (The Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 is a text book example of exactly how the dastardly deed is done)

From Anon Lawyer–ABA rule censoring free speech are nothing but a thinly veiled cover up for Case Fixing systems

From: Anon Lawyer
Sent: Jul 13, 2016 11:16 AM
To: ‘SAM’ , ‘Harley Chick’ , ‘Gwendolyn Shavers’ , ‘JoAnne M Denison’
Subject: Linked is a article regarding ethics and judges/lawyers.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the lined article.


“those who want to be a judge can’t discuss most issues that voters are interested in.”  So you are left with Bar Association reviews (those not “connected” do not get rated highly.


“There are also ethics rules that bar lawyers from besmirching other lawyers.”  So much for freedom of speech.  With no criticism, there is no way to fix (or identify) any problems with the system or profession.  Speaking up is an ethics violation.  And we complain about the police “code of silence.”  Lawyers have a required code of silence to not besmirch other lawyers?


” So it’s a quid pro quo.”  In other words, lawyers/judges help each other.  You donate to my campaign, you can expect me to help you in court.  Seems to me this is nothing but a system to ensure case fixing and continue the public’s low regard for lawyers.


“I’ve been applying for judicial positions for some time,” Reid said. “Frankly, I haven’t been successful. After this last go-around, I just decided, if I’m going to be a judge, I have to run for it.”  In other words, judges are not appointed by quality, but by who they know.  Ordinary people have to do it the correct way – by being elected by the people.


“in 2009, when she was initially appointed to the bench, she failed to get a 65-percent approval rating, the minimum needed to be considered a recommended choice for a judgeship.”  Yet, “Illinois Supreme Court last year picked her over Reid and other candidates to fill the circuit court vacancy”  Sounds like she has the qualities to be an Illinois judge – friends in high places.


“Those bar polls can have a lot of value, but I’d much rather have the approval of the Illinois Supreme Court.”  While I think it is BS that voters must rely on attorneys to tell them who is qualified, it is even more BS that we discount people who may know the candidates, and instead, go strictly with those who have friends on the Supreme Court.

Question:  Am I in violation of ethics rules by pointing out and commenting on the above.  If so, then someone must have hacked my email, and this did not come from me.

Not so Deep Throat


Tonight on Twigg Cafe Radio Dr. Karen Huffer and Legal Abuse Syndrome

Subject: July 12th, 2016 – Tonight on Justice Served – Dr. Karin Huffer – Legal Abuse Syndrome and ADA Courtroom Advocacy – Equal Access Advocates, 6:00pm, est!
Date: Jul 12, 2016 12:26 PM
Tonight on Justice Served – Dr. Karin Huffer – Legal Abuse Syndrome and ADA Courtroom Advocacy – Equal Access Advocates
“We are focusing on persons with invisible disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects ALL persons having equal access to all public and private services. If you can’t see the disability it is a Legal abuse to accuse them of using a ploy and being dishonest. Another legal abuse is forcing the person to reveal and prove the disability in court allowing opposing to counsel to challenge it. These are unfair tactics that discriminate against the 1 in 4 Americans that suffer from such things as depression, anxiety, PTSD, TBI, cancer, cardiac conditions and many others.”
Andy Ostrowski host of Justice Served improving the quality & equality of access to the Justice System in America.