From Ken Ditkowsky: How can Larkin teach Legal Ethics with a Straight Face?

Answer:  Check and see if his fingers are crossed behind his back!

From Ken Ditkowsky:

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

To:  about 80 email address
Subject: Have you been wondering how Jerome Larkin can teach LEGAL ETHICS with a straight face?
Date: Jul 14, 2016 11:04 AM
I trust that everyone knows that Jerome Larkin and the guardian ad litem who orchestrated the exhibition into the mouth of Alice Gore to recover (and not inventory) the 29 teeth that were suspected of having a few grains of gold in them both teach ethics in required Continuing Legal Education courses.    Those of us who are aware of the perfidy, corrupt conduct, and amorality of both of these individuals literally choke at the thought!    
However, unless you live in ‘wonderland’ or some other fictional cline, you have learned to live with Hypocrisy promulgated by the corrupt judicial and political elite.   Even the fiction of honor, honesty, truth, sincerity or dedication to America’s core values in recent weeks has been shattered.    The most recent filings by Larkin before the Illinois Supreme Court are magnificent examples of a plea for special privilege and ‘cover-up.’    
Larkin was caught RED HANDED–NO EXCUSES
Knowing that he  routinely hired unlicensed court reporters and knowing that he was barred by the statute from paying all unlicensed court reporters, nevertheless he dipped into public trust funds and embezzled thousands of dollars.   Apparently this nefariousness was common place as when an inquiry was made as to what other disciplinary proceedings were tainted by Larkin’s personal ethicial deficiencies.  (We usually call such conduct theft – but we are dealing with the Judicial elite, i.e. those criminals who are placed in positions of trust and confidence based upon political clout rather than competence – and therefore we have to bend the knee for these esteemed miscreants).
The net is, in spite of all that talk about LAW AND ORDER honor, honesty, and “I am fighting for you” the people’s business is a joke.   Our political leaders will say anything and do anything to benefit and enrich themselves as noted by the conduct and candor of all the presidential candidates on either sides of party lines.
It is time for Law enforcement to DO AN HONEST INVESTIGATION and after gathering all the facts to indict Jerome Larkin for his malfeasance in office, conversion, violation of civil rights **** , N.B. The IDR should be collecting the taxes due from the political and judicial elite.
It is time for HONESTY, INTELLIGENCE, HONOR, AND MORALITY  to be part of the Judicial system and in particular the Judicial System of Illinois.    No elderly person should fear getting old and being a victim of elder cleansing.   Jerome Larkin has joint and several civil liability for the income benefits derived by the miscreants that he protects and should pay the taxes, interest and penalties due thereupon.   (Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy and if these taxes were collected it would not need to raise taxes – exactly why Larkin should be immune to the same rules that the rest of us are subject to is a mystery)
Ken Ditkowsky

From Joanne:  I would like to note that Larkin has plenty of co-conspirators to chip in on the $18,550+ bill:  Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Sang Yul Lee, Ziad Alnaqib, Stephen Splitt (ironically, also an ethics reporter at John Marshall).  If they each put up about $3,700 that would take care of their false, fraudulent and void judgment against me for $18,554 in false court reporter and vendor charges they rubber stamped through the Illinois Supreme Court without notice to myself or any one else the charges were primarily fake.  Then they can surrender their law licenses, place a notice on the ARDC website and apologize to me and the citizens of the State of Illinois for their legerdemain and perfidy.  (as Ken noted, we cannot simply call the “judicial elite” thieves and fraudsters.  We must be careful in our use of language. Theft is embezzlement or conversion, and lying and cheating is malfeasance, misfeasance or defalcation.)

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