From Ken Ditkowsky–Chicago Courts during the Depression

Subject: Re: Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski – disciplined lawyer series – lawyers for judicial reform
Date: Jul 26, 2016 1:05 PM
Having had experience with the cover-up of the elder cleansing cottage industry and in particular Jerome Larkin I very much agree that the corruption of the attorney disciplinary process is deplorable and wrong.   The regulators have to be just as Caesar’s wife and have to meet and exceed the standards of conduct imposed on lawyers.   The Lanre Amu case as an example – suspended for three years for exposing the corruption of Judge Egan – i.e. Practicing Law while Black, is outrages and it in of itself should result in the disbarment of Jerome Larkin and every attorney involved in the prosecution of the matter.   In addition Judge Egan herself ought to be disbarred and removed from the bench.
The Estate of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 is a disgrace of mammoth proportions.   The Judge who admitted to being wired (see page 91 of the Evidence Deposition of Judge Connors); the Judge who participated in extortion, fraud, assault, violation of ADA and Perjury; the two guardian ad litem; the attorneys for the guardian; the attorneys who acted in the cover up of the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes all should be summarily disbarred.    The Cover-up of Alice Gore case, Carol Wyman ***** similarly should be career ending for the attorneys engaged in the elder cleansing and outrageous acts of exploitation and dehumanization.
There is no excuse for the felonies committed by Jerome Larkin the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   There is no excuse *******.
However, I actively practiced law for 53 years.  My practice was not limited to closing real estate deals, office work, drafting documents, taking depositions, obtaining continuances, but actually involved appearing in Court in contested matters, negotiating contested matters, trial, appeal etc.   There is hardly a type of case that I did not appear and represent a client.   Of the course the Bar Examination could not test to determine if I could present a client’s claim to a jury, nor could it determine if I could write a cogent contract to manufacture widgets.   The legal NATURAL SELECTION made that determination.   Natural section eliminates the dead wood in every profession and the practice of Law is not the only place where that occurs.
The 700 pound gorilla is the room is corruption.   My partner’s father graduated from the University of Chicago during the depression and found a job with a large law firm.   He was assigned a case that gravitated from the type of case a first year associate was given to a major piece of litigation.   He struggled with it, and the case finally made the trial call. The trial was before a 12 man jury.    He presented the evidence to jury, and after closing was entirely please with his presentation and the case given to the jury.   To his shock the jury came in with an adverse verdict.   He was devastated!    As he sat dejected at the counsel table, the lead attorney for the defendant came up to him and informed him that HE DID NOT HAVE A CHANCE  – the entire jury had been bribed!   
When he related this situation to me he told me that he could not put up with the corruption and quit cold turkey.   He got a job with a Bank and remained in that position until the day that he died.
Corruption, wired Courts are an unpleasant fact of life that every practicing lawyers has to deal.   The Mary Sykes case was not the first ‘fixed’ case that I had to deal with.   The Disciplinary proceedings of the IARDC was not the second ‘wired’ case that I encountered.  Here in Cook County, Illinois many cases are not on level playing fields and one side or the other has to deal with corruption.   However, not all adverse decisions are tainted.   In fact the majority of cases are actually fairly handled by all the judicial personnel.    Thus,  I was able to survive for 53 years. 

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