From Ken Ditkowsky–talk is cheap–save our senior citizens!

As I’ve written many times – TALK IF CHEAP- Promises are easily made, but not so easy to keep.

The elderly and the disabled of America are being systematically herded into guardianships wherein they are isolated from their loved ones so that corrupt judges, guardians (including guardians ad litem) lawyers and the political and judicial elite can strip them of their humanity, civil rights and assets. Herein Illinois JoAnne Denison, an attorney, has complied a list that contains many of the victims which she has and will make available to you. On he list you will find Mary Sykes. Without even colorable compliance with due process or the guardianship statute, Mary was spirited away from her home, and prior life. She was isolated from her sisters, her younger daughter and her life so that control of her property could be stolen. A safety deposit box was secretly accessed an a million dollars in gold coins disappeared. All in all after about three million dollars was secreted Mary wasted away and died. The story is all in her court file 09 P 4585 (Cook County) and spread of record in Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA blogs.

The system swallowed her up. A corrupt judge (who on page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted that she was wired) ignored due process as the guardian, the guardian’s attorney, two guardian ad litem ran rough shot over her and her family (and friends). When a call went out for an HONEST INVESTIGATION it was met by a cover-up of massive proportions – that is still going on. Attorneys who complained were subjected to fraudulent and wired disciplinary proceedings.

The Government Accounting Office has complete four reports to congress as it relates to this problem of elder cleansing and nothing has been done to end this war on the elderly and the disabled. No one is interested! Even a striking similarly to the Holocaust does not incite even a scintilla of concern or action. Alice Gore, an elderly victim was guardianized and 1.5 million dollars stolen plus the grains of gold found in the filings in her teeth. In Florida, Col Smith came under the control of guardian – the guardian found his wife objected to the mistreatment. No problem – the Court ordered the marriage annulled!
Helen Stone’s daughter took her mother to lunch – at the mother’s request – the daughter was jailed. ******

The issue to many of us very simple. We have been promised the world before. The days when we fell of the turnip truck are long past and we say – promises are easy to make – lets see something tangible.

All you have to do for us, if demand an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF ELDER CLEANSING. The laws have been enacted but they are being ignored. Anybody can make promises – Everyone talks and expresses their sympathy for the elderly. The Americans With Disabilities Act designates that the justice department is to administer the law. The guardianship law is specific in protecting the civil rights of the disabled. Enforcement is negative as corruption is out of control. The judge in the Sykes case who admitted to being wired was rewarded after she admitted to her corruption – she was elevated to the Appellate Court.

Mr. ***** – this is the acid test! We do not ask you to believe or give credence to any of our allegations – or any of the statements in GAO reports – we ask for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and if our averments are found correct the FIX to end and the miscreants prosecuted to the full extent of the law = and required to pay the income taxes on their booty!
Ken Ditkowsky

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