From Ken Ditkowsky on the lawlessness of the ARDC decision in my case

A honest review of the file in JoAnne Denison’s disciplinary case causes any person familiar with the Constitution of the United States and/or Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution to wonder if last night we were invaded and our core values removed.   The actions of the IARDC (Illinois Disciplinary Commission) are unprecedented.    Ms. Denison ‘runs’ a blog that discloses corruption and in particular judicial corruption in Probate Court.
Even though by statute 47 USCA 230 her action is protected and even though the First, Fifth and Fourteenth amendments protects her action the IARDC misrepresented to the Supreme Court of Illinois the Sawyer and Alvarez cases and wrongfully claimed that her disclosure of the misconduct of the Court in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.
As if the assault on the First Amendment was not enough perfidy, it was discovered that a portion of the transcript of proceedings was altered.  (NB – the testimony of Judge Stuart was altered to remove her admission of perjury during her direct examination)    Worse yet, in direct violation of the Rules of Court the IARDC without notice sought to impose $18,000 of costs on Ms. Denison.    An examination of the petition for costs = not served on Ms. Denison) revealed that in violation of Illinois Statutes the IARDC used unlicensed Court reporters.  Section 13 of the Act prohibits payment to unlicensed court reporters.    If the Court unlicensed Court reporters were paid by the IARDC a felony was committed by the administrator of the State Attorney Disciplinary Commission, and his exparte communication with the Court a serious ethical violation.   The petition filed a serious criminal contempt of Court.
This is the problem that Ms. Denison faces, to wit:  a lawless Attorney Disciplinary Commission that has not only violated her Civil Rights, but has itself committed a felony.  (Theft of public funds to pay fees to unlicensed court reporters specifically prohibited by section 13 of the Court reporter licensing act)
Illinois has a long history of corruption which has once again raised its ugly head.   The Denison case represents the nadir of the legal profession.    There are few cases in which even a cursory look at the file would indicate that the ‘fix’ is in.   The Mary Sykes case found at 09 P 4585 – Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois = is such a case.   755 ILCS 5/11a -3b makes clear that the guardianship act of Illinois complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act, and that the guardian to be appointed is not only a fiduciary, but is limited in authority to making a reasonable accommodation.   The reasonable accommodation is not met by depriving a citizen of her property, her liberty, her civil rights and her human rights.
If you take a look at the file you will notice that the Jurisdictional criteria connoted in the statute (755 ILCS 5/11a – 10) are ignored.   The Summons required to be served on Mary Sykes was never served.  The notice of hearing required to be given to close relatives was never given.   The hearing that is required to determine the extend and nature of any disability was not had.    In fact every protection provided by law was ignored and on page 91 of her evidence deposition (taken by the IARDC) the presiding judge admitted to being ‘wired.’ Of course in a corrupt proceeding facts are ignored and the lynching of Ms. Denison was accomplished violating her Constitutional Rights.

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