From Ken Ditkowsky –Esformes has been indicted and it’s good riddance

To: 70+ recipients
Subject: Why the Judicial/political elite are above the law.
Date: Jul 23, 2016 2:00 PM
Yesterday the Justice Department announced that it charged Esformes with a One Billion dollar Fraud Medicare Fraud Scheme.    Take a look at the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times for today.
The Esformes nursing homes have been infamous here in Chicago and the relationship between them and the elder cleansing scandal notorious.   Alice Gore was one of the notable alleged victims and blogs and public access television has fought the news blackout with valor.   How often does anyone steal a billion dollars?  Even the Clinton’s with their $250,000 speeches, foundation conduit, etc are no so bold or so callous.   But – the Saturday newspapers of Chicago have barely a mention! 
The past few months have demonstrated that the ‘great unwashed’ are restless and want HONEST and responsive government, public institutions, and judiciary.    The crafty  from whom Justice can be purchased is no longer admired.   The double speak and double dealing political miscreant who promises the world and delivers a cesspool no longer has the large following that is mesmerized by the words ******* and *******.    People no longer look to the mainstream media for their filtered news and even the New York Times has financial problems.   Here in Chicago is not conceivable that we are to become a town with no daily newspaper (such as the Suntimes/Tribune) .   
It is a shame!    But with the political and judicial elite being a able to cover-up their amoral and criminal conduct because the mainstream media desires to control thought by discriminating journalism (i.e. protecting the elite from bad publicity).   The fact is that any mention of bad conduct by the political and judicial elite that  fortuitously occurs – i.e. they get caught – is suppressed.
The most recent example is found in the JoAnne Denison disciplinary case.    Forget about the fact that everything she did was appropriate and as a good citizen she had an obligation to do.   Forget about the fact that blatantly openly and notoriously her appropriate conduct was derogatorily labeled. (Yelling fire in a crowded theater equated to exposing judicial corruption).    Forget about the fact that the actions of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission not only told lies about her, subordinated perjury, abdicated its official duties, and lied to Supreme Court as to the holdings of the SCOTUS, and the facts.
Forget about the fact that the American Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, ***** all were good little Nazis and sat silent.   Forget all about that!
It used to be if a man bit a dog it was news, and the New York Times printed it under the heading of all the news meant to be printed.
Fast forward to 2016.   The Illinois legislature determined that to protect the public and preserve some integrity in the legal process Court reporters have to be licensed.    (The legislature wanting to make certain that Reports of Proceedings were no edited so as to change testimony – see the testimony of Judge Stuart and the editing out of her admission to lying under oath during direct testimony).    The IARDC has been formed to protect the public from dishonest lawyers whether practicing law or on the bench.    (Ask Mr. Larkin and his cronies as to what their mission is!)
It appears in documents that the IARDC filed before the Supreme Court of Illinois in ex-parte proceedings that should never have been ex-parte, that unlicensed court reporters were engaged by the IARDC.    Yes, the IARDC admits that they hired unlicensed court reporters.   Their excuse – we need time to think of an excuse, or how to cover up the violation of law!
The story that is suppressed!   Jerome Larkin, that bastion of the morality of the 2nd oldest profession, dipped into public funds to make illegal payments.   Jerome Larkin, like the GAL who supervised the prospecting for gold in the mouth of Alice Gore, teaches legal ethics in the official Illinois Continuing Legal Education program.
No – you cannot make this stuff up!    Even the cover-up of one hell of story of Illinois corruption cannot kill the outrage that Larkin’s theft of public funds is causing or the fact that local law enforcement is disinterested.   
We are citizens are creating a hue and cry.  If you read the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times it appears that we are accepting his outrage in the very same manner as we accept the South and West sides of our City of Chicago being turned into war zones.    Or maybe NOT!
We shall see *******.       
Ken Ditkowsky

And let’s not forget that Ken Ditkowsky is one of the leaders of the hue and cry to eliminate corruption in guardianship and in the health care system and in Medicare.  For these hundreds of emails, faxes and letters to the authorities to get off their butts and do something, he was awarded a 4 years suspension by the Ill. Atty.Registration and Disciplinary Commission, when all he did was ask for justice for those that could not speak out for themselves.  While Ken argued the First Amendment and that he, as a lawyer, was not only helping others, but he was also well within his constitutional rights, the ARDC and Jerome Larkin mde an exmple to him that not cowing to the supreme elite would earn him a lengthy suspension, as well as anyone else who dared come to the assistance of the hoi poli and the unwashed masses.  Lawyers are the elite and are only to serve the elite.

 You may as well use your copies of the US Consitution to line your bird cages, as far as the ARDC is concerned.

 Foolish arguments by “senior litigation” counsel did not go unnoticed, as they asked Ken to be repentant for sending out reports of corruption to the authorities such as the states attorneys and FBI and asking for a complete and honest investigation.  At the same time these same counselors asked Ken to be repentant for quote GAO and other government articles with scores of stories and statistics that there are real problems and issues afloat in Illinois and across the US.  And finally, they just blatantly lied about US Supreme Court law saying that lawyers “had no First Amendment rights” when they very well knew that both the Sawyer case and the Bates (lawyer advertising case) said exactly the opposite.

 Someone must be reading this blog and Ken’s unending emails to every FBI agent, states attorney, politician and senator/congress person, because there seems to be fires lighting up across the US as Atg Loretta Lynch is taking her position seriously.

Just this last week, I published yet another harrowing story involving a judge on the 18th floor of the Daley center where an elderly woman, Mary Jane Teichert was abused at the Carlton and kept drugged and away from her daughter. Her daughter was not even allowed to waive at her own mother in the parking lot.  This, the guardian, GAL and guardian’s attorney, was for the protection of Mary Jane.  How could that be?  The two were as close as peas in a pod.

Next we find out that the elderly son is disabled, can only walk with a walker and has slurred speech.  So what do they do to him?  Threaten him with loss of visitation if he lets his sister call her own mother or even waive at her in a parking lot.   He lived with his mother for 20 years.  What does the OPG (office of public greed) do to him?  Allow him to visit once per week for 2 hours. And what does he see when he visits Mary Jane, a heavily drugged woman, on her way to death, who can barely speak or move at times, always in a soiled diaper, always begging someone to change her and take her to the toilet.  The brother Mark is in tears as he tells me this story, for most of the story.

What happens to Mary Jane, formerly a kind, sweet elderly woman who loved to go to church almost daily and fix her clothes, hair and nails as if she were going to a royal wedding?  She never sees the light of day again.  20+ former friends and family are forbidden to see her ever again. They are all told they cannot and must not visit, it’s for the protection of Mary Jane.

The son is ridiculed constantly and harangued and told HE should be put in a home away from his mother, locked up because he’s a waste.

Who says these things?  Nursing home staff in a nursing home approved by the court “for Mary Jane’s protection.”

Ken and I speak out against these abuses, so we are severely sanction with 3 and 4 year suspensions.

The lawyers and judge in the Mary Jane Teichert, according to the family and friends, belong in prison for many long years and may they never see the light of day again.

Neither the daughter nor son could ever report the abuse in court. They were sushed up immediately and surrounded by burly bailiffs who ensured they were intimidated.

What is going on here?

Why are Ken and I suspended, but these lawyers and judges are free to roam the Daley center and abuse the disabled, drug them, isolate them, degrade and defame family members–and it’s all a system.

Why aren’t the actors in the Mary Jane Teichert story investigated, de liensed and indicted?

The public wants to know



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