From Ken Ditkowsky–US Shame–Elderly Trafficking = Seniors for cash

From Ken Ditkowsky;
I promised Mr. Larkin when he first tried to silence me that I would not silenced and until the injustice again the victims of elder cleansing was properly addressed I will be heard and will use my First Amendment rights to the fullest.
This article is forwarded to all with the following purpose:

1) obtain justice for the Elderly and the disabled who are victims of the corrupt judges and lawyers engaged in the elder cleansing scandal
2) to call attention to the fact the scam of protecting social security is nothing but an excuse for not addressing the real problem , to wit:  The political and judicial elite are profiting from the elderly scandal and are using the IaRDC and other organizations to distract from the MAJOR crimes that are being perpetrated.    Esformes engaging in the alleged fraud and theft of a billion dollars in Florida is and was not accomplished without major players in our political and judicial life being co-conspirators.   Simply put – I do not want Esformes to be an escape goat – all who acted with him are equally guilty and must not only share the blame but the restitution requirement.
3.  Most importantly I want America to be a safe place to grow old.
It is now time for action!    Talk is cheap.   Donald Trump wants to make America Great again.
It is respectfully submitted that a large part of making America great again is to restore honesty to the Justice system, and restore HONOR to the endeavors of government.   Medicare which is reputed to have lost a billion dollars to Esformes is not innocent!   Esformes could not accomplish such a theft without strong assistance from the established political and judicial figures in the South Florida government.   These co-conspirators have to be exposed and properly punished.
As you can see from the Jan Scherrer article below that this problem is not new, and was not unknown.   Indeed, when Jerome Larkin started his persecution of Attorney JoAnne Denison and his ‘wards’ (i.e. the corrupt lawyers and judges on the 18th Floor of the Chicago Daley Center)  he was aware of this criminal conspiracy.    He also was not alone.   Both major newspapers in Chicago and every media outlet had knowledge.    No one did anything or said anything!
OK – that is all in the past; however, the problem exists and it must be efficaciously addressed so that tomorrow it will be safe to grow old in America!    Even before he is elected Donald Trump can show that he is one of us and a real leader who acts rather than talks.    Elderly citizens are being elder cleansed in Illinois, Florida, California, Arizona, New York *****.    The opportunity is NOW!
(NB   We invite every person, including those people running for public office to take the challenge – we want to grow old in the United States of America without fear and particularly without being elder cleansed.   Ergo, we no longer want talk – we want action.    Believe it or not we really understand the difference.     We, the great unwashed, are not as stupid as the political elite think we are.    If you are running for public office stop talking – DO SOMETHING to show us that you merit our support!
Ken Ditkowsky

Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2016 9:51 PM
Subject: [Shared Post] America’s Shame: Trafficking Our Elderly

From Joanne, Ken is right.
Now they have indicted the Esformes in California for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Certainly the Esformes stole at least that much in Illinois and Chicago.
It is time for the FBI to add to the charges of the Esformes the murder and looting of Alice Gore’s teeth and Mary Jane Teichert’s death in Chicago, and reimburse those family members.

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