My favorite psychopath videos on Youtube explain why these entities do not think as “normies” or empaths do. Have a psychopath-a-thon tonight

One of the worst problems I have with court corruption victims, like many therapists out there, is that they have problems explaining that other people do not think like they do.

The “normies” or empaths as psychopaths love to call us, do not think like we do. They are cold and calculating, they love torture, humiliation, violence, cruelty, nastiness.  Remember, psychopathy is NOT a mental disease or defect.  These people LIKE to live this way.  They love living this way and want money, power and fame.  It’s like being type A or type B.  There is no therapy for them and they are not going to change. Don’t bother with that nonsense.

While we have sought love and nurturing all our lives, they are out for money and power. They think that “emos” or emotionals waste our time and talents. Good for them because they are only in it for money, power, fame and glory.

So here’s my psychopath-a-thon for those of you still thinking the judge that ripped away your kids with false evidence is a nice guy because he is decorous to you.  No, he’s not, he a glib, shallow, nasty psychopath.


Here’s a Christian youth minister as a psychopath molesting children (yes, psychopaths are in your church, they feed on your and your kids)

watch the Part 2, it’s bone chilling.

Dr. Hare is the first psych D that developed the term. See what he has to say:


and here we have the psychopaths in suits that go to work



still not convinced?  try this one, and remember, that judges and attorneys have a high rate of psychopathy, but they dress in suits and ties:


I would greatly appreciate if you watch these and stop telling me your GAL, your judge, the courtroom vendors “mean well” but the file false reports, lie in court and rip away your kids and elders.  Stop that nonsense.

They wear Armani suits and Italian leather shoes on the outside, but there’s a devil on the inside.

Not all psychopaths murder, commit crimes or rape kids.  Sociopaths conform to laws.  But underneath it they are just as cruel and end up as doctors, lawyers, judges, CEOs–even litigation lawyers and administrators at the ARDC.

Don’t be fooled. Watch these videos and learn.

Fortunately, we now have a PET brain scan to detect and diagnose psychopathy that cannot be fooled.  Psychopaths are master manipulators and live to fool psych tests.

I want to test the entire ARDC with a PET brain scan.  But then again, they don’t file Ethics reports as required by the Illinois Ethics Reporting Act of 2009, so what hope do I have?

Also, banks will not reveal and the courts will not allow any common person to divulge the contents of bribes and kickbacks known as “deposits from others” when huge home loans are taken out and other people pay them off, so what chance do I have?


4 thoughts on “My favorite psychopath videos on Youtube explain why these entities do not think as “normies” or empaths do. Have a psychopath-a-thon tonight

    • Same thing as in his books. If the movie isn’t there, I understand that most libraries are lending books online now so you can read his books thru your local library. But I’m sure there is another link to his documentaries.

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