From Ken Ditkowsky–how do you become a victim of corruption?

From Ken Ditkowsky

How do you become a victim?    The elements are avarice coupled to a corrupt attorney, allied with a venal (and fixable) judge who supervises and appoints venal (and fixable) corrupt attorneys *****.    See the Cook County case of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585.  See also the evidence deposition of Judge Connors (the presiding Judge in the Sykes case) on page 91 wherein she admits that she was wired.    No jurisdiction was required.   Mary was literally swept off the street, hustled out of the County so that she could be isolated, abused, doped, robbed and deprived of all liberty and property rights!    A million dollars in gold coins just disappeared!   Three million in all of assets disappeared tax free and inventory free.   All discovery quashed.  All investigations by the authorities, the AG, the FBI and the ARDC refused.
How do the corrupt public officials get away with it?    Here in Illinois the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission leads the cover-up!    Citizens who complain are given the cold shoulder and discouraged from complaining further, and lawyers who object are subject to discipline.   Jerome Larkin wrongfully accuses them of lying.   Even evidence of the prospecting of a senior’s mouth for the few grains of gold in her teeth is not to be mentioned by the legal profession as it reflects badly on judges and the elite members of the legal community.   Even though such has occurred to Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators it is untrue — reality is not what happens, but what Larkin and his gang say happened!
Presidential Candidates – do you wish to make America safe?  do you wish to make America great?   Right here in Cook County Illinois we have a cancer that is killing us!     IT IS JUDICIAL AND PUBLIC CORRUPTION!    
It is was worth a four year suspension from the practice of law and enduring defamation by Jerome Larkin and his tax evading felon co-conspirators to write to the Attorney General of the United States and cry out for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.   It made me proud to be me, however it was discouraging to learn that so many in my profession cowered in the corner afraid to join in the fight to retain their honor.   Ms. Denison did not waiver – she started the MaryGSykes blog to along with Probate Sharks and NASGA to expose the Elder Cleansing Cancer and the cover-up, terrorist assault on the First Amendment, and Establishment elite growing wealthy on the pain of elderly and the disabled.   
To all presidential candidates and US senators – read the four GAO reports that are being judiciously ignored!   Links to them are on the NASGA, MaryGSykes, and Probate Sharks sites!    Words are cheap – deeds are dear.   Our government is supporting the miscreants through government health care.   There is a 700 percent surcharge on health care assessed by the corruption.    Many of our elected officials are profiting from the War instituted against the elderly and the disabled.
Do not believe a word that we say – examine the facts for yourself!    Alice Gore, minus 29 teeth extracted to garner a few grains of gold for the pockets of Judicial and political elite’s pockets, urges you all from the grave to remember – a few grains of a chemical administered to you can make you a victim of elder cleansing and helpless if you ignore her plight and history.    
Do not expect any help from the American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Assn, the Chicago Bar Assn, the American Civil Liberties Union, the AARP, *****.     Do not expect the victims of elder cleansing to Vote for you our Presidential candidates – the miscreants who control their lives will see that their votes are cast for the Political and Judicial elite who they have long relations.   Here in Chicago with motor voting, absentee voting, early voting and a long history of ******, watch the nursing residents as an example be transported to the polling places so that they can be voted.  
Presdidential Candidates – call attention to the plight of the seniors who are being elder cleansed – Read the GAO reports and the disclosures in Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA –  Eliminate Elder Cleansing and make America once again a place that it is safe place to grow old!

From Joanne to concerned attorneys and law enforcement:

Attached is our latest compilation of horror stories in probate.  We now have 8 Illinois citizens who were MURDERED in probate. (Sykes, Gore, Tyler, Rector, Jaycox, Drabik, Baker, Teichert, etc.) and the numbers grow daily.  No investigation.  Repeated requests to law enforcement.  In addition, at least  8 seniors are “at risk” of death or murder (Frake, Degante, Lahoody, Spera (mother and son), Olsen, Miss. LV, Durham, Peyton)

We are begging you to look into these stories, let me do a presentation to the Senate Subcommittee on Aging and get a special investigator to help these citizens.
All the money taken fraudulently from these estates must be returned.  Any living senior should be put with a volunteer or low cost Elder Assistant to just help them pay bills and live with their family members until they pass.   They should retain all rights.
See my blog at for the latest murder I uncovered in probate court.  This woman died alone, narcotized to death, and isolated from 20+ friends and family for 1.5 years.  She was put into a dirty, filthy nursing home and left to sit for hours in her own filth and soiled diapers, despite the fact she could toilet herself prior to the guardianship.
Who does this to seniors?  This is an outrage for the citizens of Illinois.
No less than 4 GAO reports back up these stories, still nothing is done to end the pain and suffering of the victims and their families.
JoAnne Denison
cc:  Illinois states attorneys and Chicago FBI

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Justice 4 Every1, NFP
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