Another Day, another murder in Cook County Probate–Scully/Teichert Guardianship Horror Story


Estate drained quickly, personal property and valuable paintings disappear–Burrows moving company loots home. Pipe breaks and place frozen out. EIGHT false arrests. Home sold for pennies on the dollar. Belongings of mother AND two children all looted by goons and thugs of OPG. Disabled brother loses all his medical equipment. Wrongful eviction. Mother restrained and drugged against her will. Mother found in dirty filthy conditions. Dehydrated, malnourished, dirty unkempt hair and nails. Wrongful summary termination of Trust and POAs without due process. Probate court forbids reports of abuse and/or hands back reports of abuse to abusers.  No independent investigation. All tied in people deemed “trustworthy” by a magic wand.  Probate court votes a DNR over advance directives of Mother. Legal Euthanization under color of law. Case sealed. Thank you Judge Kathleen McGury for ruining this family for a buck or a promise, which was it?

Case Summary for:
Linda Scully
PO Box 481081, Niles, IL 60714

Case number: 13 P 4339, Guardianized July, 2013, passed February 2015

Case Name: In re Mary Teichert

Case Jurisdiction: Cook County, Illinois

Judge(s): Kathleen M. McGury, Room 1811, Daley Center, 50 W Washington Ave

Relationship to you; Mother

Opposing counsel: Nathan Goldensen (OPG) , Hanny Pei-Reodreguez (GAL),
James Burton (Supposedly represented brother Mark, Mark denies this)

1. Service: Was there proper service in the case?
I lived with my mother in the same building. We were very close. We saw each other every day and I took care of her and we were like 2 peas in a pod. I took her everywhere, every day. Shopping, groceries, errands, took her to doctor, hairdresser. We were best friends. After my father died, I was her world. I quit my job to take care of my mother and disabled brother. My brother had an aneurism about 15 years ago. He got hit with a sledge hammer from working a job and was never the same after that.

I never saw a sheriff come to the house.

Was the disabled person served properly 14 days or more in advance of the hearing?

I never saw a sheriff come to the house

Was the disabled person given a copy of a Summons and Complaint and Notice of Hearing by the Sheriff or Process Server?

See above

Was the disabled read her/his rights under the law?

See above

Were all next of kin notified of when the hearing for guardianship take place?

No, the certificate of service indicates “overnight mail” but I never received any overnight mail, I never signed for anything and never saw anything.

They said they served July 29th for August 26th. I never saw anything.

– how were they notified (phone/email/mail/in person)?

My son was not notified, neither was my brother.

– did anyone lie about service in court?

2. Isolation
Is there an order limiting visits? (Please attach, if possible)

From July, 2013 until she died, she was isolated from all her former friends and family except for Mark Scully a disabled person, and Richard McGreal, whom she was estranged from (Mother saw him 4 times in last 20 year). Prior to that she regularly visited with 20+ family members (including grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.). She was also isolated from friends (about 6 to 10), and neighbors (10) and shopkeepers (30).
No one was allowed to see her.

OPG issued orders no one could visit or call except for 4 people, and only one of these was allowed to come once per week.

Mary begged and cried often to see her daughter and other loved ones. She begged to go home. Daughter Linda would wave from the parking lot and eventually the OPG issued a letter that Linda could not drive through the parking lot and waive to her OWN MOTHER.

Everything she owned was lost at the nursing home or from the OPG. All family photos were tossed or removed to heavens knows where. Paintings, statutes, keepsakes, artwork, family photos, all gone.

Many items were taken from Mother and from everyone who lived in the building. They looted an entire building and took everything of value.
How are the visits limited? None, there were no visits

Are there medical records indicating visitation limits? Could not get medical records.

Is there a list of “permitted visitors”?

Yes, see letters from OPG. Only 4 allowed, and even they could not actually visit

Who made up the list? OPG

Who is your loved one not seeing right now (list name and relationship) where the visits are limited and how are they limited? How many former friends and family members are they isolated from?
Further, she never had her glasses, OPG would not give them to her. Repeated requests. Without them, she could not see a face, watch TV, nothing.  Never allowed outside, never saw light of day, never went to her church. Went to church nearly daily before guardianship. She loved church.

3. Chemical Restraints

Is your loved one taking any forms of chemical restraints or psychotropic drugs?

On July 22, 2013, I came into St. Francis, and she was tied down by her arms and feet.
She was clearly drugged and disoriented and she was heavily soiled. She begged me to take her to the bathroom and take off a loaded diaper. Her mouth was so dry she could barely speak.

Linda got her cleaned up and tried to transfer her out of the abuse and to Northwestern Mem. Hosp. She came back with clean underwear, was arranging a transfer, but then she came back and was then blocked by 35 people. Evanston police, security guards for the hospital, doctors, nurses, staff. She and her brother Mark told the miscreants that Mother was being severely abused and you were there to remove her as POA and these 35 people told them to get out or Linda would be arrested. The 35 miscreants did look at the documents, they would not answer questions, Linda and Brother Mark were just told repeatedly they had to leave or they would be arrested.

The Evanston police were informed of the abuse and they refused to act.

Are you allowed to check to see if they are taking such medications?

No, constantly blocked from hospital records

Do you have the disabled person’s medical records? Why or why not?

I still do not have them. I am constantly blocked

Is the person drooling or do they have slurred speech?

I only saw her once and she was babbling and could not speak properly. I never even saw her before she died. She was moved between 3 hospitals and nursing homes

Does the Guardian have a court order permitting the administration of psychotropic drugs?

I don’t know, I could not get any medical records, they continually blocked me.

Has the disabled person ever been held down and shot up with drugs against their will?

She would never consent to the administration of psychotropic drugs.

4. Abuse of Disabled

Since the guardianship proceeding, has your loved one been abused?

Yes, she was tied down by her arms and legs and left in a heavily soiled diaper.

My brother told me there were constantly soiled diapers, she was thirsty all the time, clothes were stolen, dirty, unkempt. Nails dirty, unkempt. They kept on breaking her family pictures and put them in the drawer. Constantly hungry. Same for the rest of the people there. Most were hungry and begging for food.

Please state all ways in which they have been abused.

She went from a beautiful home to a nursing home bed with a curtain. July 22, 2013, until death Jan. 20, 2015

She went from St. Joseph Hospital on 1/26/15 to Loving Hands Hospice on 1/29/15. She died on 2/20/15. Daughter never saw her during this time.
List any hospitalizations and approx. dates where abuse was a problem.

I am aware that she was hospitalized at least once for dehydration and malnutrition

Was the disabled returned to the same abusive situation?

Always. We complained in court and went to court approximately once per month. Sometime they did not tell us of hearings. They sealed the record from the beginning of the case, and there was no reason to seal the case. McGury was always advised of the abuse and she always handed back reports of abuse to the abuser. She always took the side of the court appointed attorneys and never had the abuse investigated. Linda always asked to take her beloved mother home. McGury would always deny the request. Linda was once held in contempt of court because she refused to turn over a greek statute that was hers. OPG stole paintings and sold them on the internet.  We have proof.

Did the court direct that the abusers (attorneys, GAL’s, case managers) investigate allegations of abuse?


Abuse can consist of bruises, cuts, broken bones, broken skin, bed sores (very serious), aspiration of food into lungs (because patient was not sitting while eating, very serious), malnutrition, dehydration, etc.

Was a feeding tube inserted against the disabled’s will? Unknown

What is the hygiene of each place the disabled has been placed into? Please list any incidents where the disabled was living in filthy conditions and the approx. dates.

Dirty and very smelly. They have a 3rd floor which is their showcase floor which looks nice and clean. The other two floors are filthy and smell of urine and feces and rotting food and decaying near death bodies. (This is the Carlton Nursing home by the lake at Montrose.  I believe this is the one where Alice Gore was murdered too and her teeth removed).
Have you made any complaints? If so list dates and brief summary of complaint and its outcome

Yes, tons of complains were made to the Illinois Dept of Health about the abuse and conditions and they refused to investigate.  I have a stack of them.

Were you told you could visit, but then you were blocked by the guardian?


Did the court issue orders you could visit, but then the visits never happened?

Complaints were made to the court about no visits, and the court refused to allow these unless the OPG allowed, and the OPG never allowed anything.

Did the disabled want to live at home or with a relative but the court ordered them into a nursing home?

Yes, both Linda asked and Mother asked repeatedly. It never happened. Judge McGury said a dirty, filthy, foul smelling nursing home where she laid in dirty diapers for hours was better. Mother had no problems walking at home. She toileted herself and took showers regularly.

Was your loved one placed in a nursing home, group home or institution without a court order naming the institution?

We don’t know yet–records are sealed

Did the court find it was all right to pay a nursing home for care but not pay a family member to care for the disabled at home or in the relative’s home?


If there was isolation, how many times did you see your loved one per week, month or year?

Never saw her once the OPG took over
5. Abuse of Family

Have you or any family members been falsely arrested because of the guardianship? Please provide details, if so.

Linda tried to evict squatters who where drug dealers and gang bangers were destroying her mother’s building and Linda was constantly jailed and charged with misdemeanors. All were dropped. Arrested 8 time at least. Always held overnight. Released ROR. Sometimes had to post bond between $100 to $500 to $1000. The charges named the squatters as victims that Linda was harassing the squatters to get out.  They were squatters heavily damaging the property. The squatters had kids who were being neglected because the parents were clearly drug dealers. The building had no heat and no hot water at that point. There was no food for those kids.  The OPG is clearly tied in with DCFS to protect those who abuse children and place them in dangerous situations. How does this happen?

The Guardian let Linda’s two dogs out, a neighbor saw this and she never got her dogs back. A man In a white pick up showed up and took them into his car.

The guardian showed up and took away everything in Linda’s apartment without a court order.

They had court to do the inventory, and if Linda did not let them in, they would have her arrested. They showed up 20 people, and she said she would only let in 4 at a time. Nate Goldenstein with another man from the OPG if Linda did not let him in that day he would “evict her so damn fast she’d be thrown out on her ass that day.”

The Guardian let the pipes freeze and the contents of Linda’s apartment was encapsulated in ice.

Her mother’s building was infested with gang banger squatters. Doing drugs, selling drugs. Had 5 kids in there. Called DCFS and they said everything was fine. Smelled of marijuana. No heat and no water. No food. Kids were dirty and uncared for. They ran wild.
Have you been defamed, false lighted, slandered or libeled by the court or any attorneys? If so, please list approximate dates and what was falsely said about you.
Have false civil charges been brought against you or a family member? False accusations of theft, missing assets blamed on the wrong person, etc?

They said I abuse my mother, I had put drugs and alcohol in her system. Mother tested repeatedly in hospital and at nursing home for drugs. No drugs or alcohol. Said I had 4 elder abuse indicated reports with Catholic Charities, but that was not true. Financially abused her. They said the entire family abused her. Served Linda with a Citation to Discover assets but that never went anywhere.  Never prosecuted.  Just dropped.   If Linda financially abused Mother, where was the proof? Why did they not prosecute Linda?  The guardianship was open 15 months.  Linda loved her mother and gave her whatever she needed.  If Linda put drugs and alcohol in her mother, where was that proof?  No medical records. She was out and about and saw dozens of people during the week–neighbors, friends, family, people at church.  You cannot find one witness Mary T was either drunk, high or inebriated in any fashion.  The OPG made this all up–as the OPG always does, to get their victim.  They are tied in and corrupt.
Were you the subject of a gag order not to talk about or post information on social media, blogs and the internet (please attach order).

No, not blogging at the time.  I should have.
Was any family member threatened with retaliation if they spoke out against abuse or on the internet? Is anyone running a blog or facebook page right now? What is the URL?

No, no one blogging.

Linda was threatened if she showed up at the nursing home to see her mother she would be arrested. If her brother let her in or anyone else, their right to visit would be terminated permanently.

6. Constitutional Rights

Has the court issued any gag orders or “location” orders where the disabled person cannot travel as desired.


List dates of all gag or location orders, a brief summary of the content.


Did the disabled ask for an attorney and receive one prior to the hearing for guardianship?


Was the attorney clearly independent, or did s/he not fight for the disabled’s rights?
Were you told that the attorney must come from a secret list the court keeps?


Was the disabled given a choice of attorneys? If the disabled could not choose, did the family choose freely?


Did the disabled come to all court hearings they wanted to attend?

No. They said they would not allow it. Linda said she wanted her mother in court numerous times. Judge McGury consistently denied it, said it was for her best interests.

Was anyone told not to talk about the case on social media or on the internet? Explain.


Were they prevented from coming to any hearings? If not, why not? Was transportation provided for the disabled person?

Mother was never allowed to come to any court hearing. Linda never got notice of any court hearings. She would have to check the docket sheet until they sealed that too. They knew we objected and were vocal about it, so they sealed everything. Told us nothing. They were cold and calculating and wanted it this way.

Was the disabled ever told not to speak in court when they wanted to make a point? N/a, she was never permitted to come

Were any of the family members told not to speak in court when a family member wanted to make a point?

Just about every time Linda and her fiance, Jim Vargis tried to bring up an issue of abuse or theft, they were told not speak, not to bring issues, then suddenly armed bailiffs would appear and surround them and try to intimidate them.  They were told to be quiet, they were told not to say anything in court.  This was the MO for 1.5 years while poor Mary T was being tortured, drugged and lived in filth and squalor.

Did the disabled person want to waive any rights (right to a hearing, right to an attorney, right to be present at their hearing, who would be the Guardian?) Was the waiver of rights recorded?

Not known.

Were you told you could not record proceedings?


Were you blocked or delayed in receiving transcripts?

She asked for transcripts and pleadings and the other lawyers would not give them to Linda.  Once in a while they would give her a copy of a  few pleadings.

7. Mental Exam

Did the disabled get a full and fair mental exam by an independent doctor of the disabled’s choice?

Not known

Why or why not?

Not known

Did the court appoint any evaluators?


Did these evaluators come from a secret list the judge had?

Not known, probably

Was a full physical exam conducted before the mental exam to determine if there were any treatable conditions?

Not known, probably not.

Did the court ever consider pseudo dementia, where a person can be confused or forget, but it’s from another treatable psychological condition such as depression, avoidance syndrome, etc.?

Not as far as I knew. They should have because she was shy around strangers and was often depressed. I don’t know where or how they did the mental exam, no one would tell me.

Was the disabled informed in advance of the exam to prepare for the exam?

Most likely not

Was the disabled told in advance the results would be used in court to guardianize him or her?

Not known

Did the disabled sign a waiver they knew the results would be used in court against them to guardianize them?

Most likely not

During the exam did the disabled have their glasses and hearing aids and did they function properly?

Glasses. She never had her glasses once the OPG goons came to get her.  I don’t know about her teeth. She did have a partial.  We asked repeatedly to get her her glasses, and the OPG made sure that did not happen.

Was your loved one taken on a Pscyh Hold? Was it with a court order? Who signed the papers your loved one was a danger to themselves or others? How long were they held and were they forced to take psychotropic drugs against their will?

Not known

8. Final Days on earth

Did the disabled receive appropriate medical treatment and medicines at all times?

Not known, they would not give us any records or information.

Was the disabled put in hospice against his or her will or instructions or POA?

Yes, she is a Roman Catholic and this was in her POA. The miscreants and court cancelled that and put her in hospice and drugged her and narcotized her to death. That is a sin, according to the Roman Catholic Church.

Did the disabled leave a Medical Power of Attorney or living will that said “no hospice”?

yes it was ignored.

Does the disabled’s religion prohibit hospice (Roman Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, etc.)


Was the disabled narcotized to death with psychotropic drugs while food and water were withheld?

Yes, they murdered her.

Was the disabled cremated to destroy evidence of the murder?

No, it was a miracle.

Did the disabled want to be cremated?

Yes, and no service. My brother only saw her.

Was there a funeral? No An obituary? no

Has a marker been placed? Yes Is the body missing? Who knows

Was your mother gravely ill in the last month and no one told you?

Yes.  No one called, no one let me visit it broke my heart when I found out she died alone in a cold, nasty dirty room. She never saw the light of day again once she was guardianized.

9. Assets

Were any assets missing from the inventory or accounting that you were aware?

Just about all of them. Many valuables gone. Stolen by the OPG and Burrows moving company.

Please list any valuable asset that was missing and if an insurance or Bonding claim was filed and the result of the claim.

Statutes, jewelry, valuable paintings, every valuable was gone for both Linda and Mother.

Did a nursing home get paid any kickbacks for placing the disabled there?

probably, but don’t know

Were you allowed to serve discovery on this issue?

they did not let us do anything ever in court. They surrounded us with armed guards anytime we tried to speak out and help my mother get out of the abusive situation she was in.

Have you called the Guardian, the GAL and the nursing home to ask about this issue?

The nursing home would never protect us or help us. They were tied into the court system.

Did the disabled get the funeral and burial of his or her choice?


Did the court or estate take any funds or property into the estate which were held in joint tenancy with any other person without notice, hearing, discovery and jury trial?

Building in Trust, that was ignored. Jewelry and valuables gone, everything. Over a period of time, men from Burrows came into the house and took everything, when Linda was gone, they would show up and loot.
They gave us 4 hours to get out, no eviction procedure. They put padlocks on the house. We cut them off. They told us we had to get out anyway. They destroyed a beautiful building that was well maintained. Water leakage destroyed walls, ceilings, personal property. OPG let water leak for 6 weeks. I had to call the water dept. and they shut off the water after 6 weeks. OPG did not care.

There was water pouring everywhere when we left, they took everything. All my brother’s medical equipment was ruined.

Did the court evict anyone in the disabled’s home without eviction notice, hearing discovery and jury trial?

Yes, the court ordered a disabled person had to leave after living there for 20 years in just 4 hours. Linda had been there 5 years as caretaker.

Further Comments:

Places to complain

1) Nursing home abuse may be reporter to the state agency licensing nursing homes

Linda reported the abuse a half dozen times to the Illinois Dept. of Health. They rejected all her complaints and said they only do Medicare fraud and not abuse of patients.  they refused to investigate the abuse (see John Wyman’s book “Against her Will” that you have to file dozens of times and cite the law and scream at supervisors in the IDPFR to get the Ill. Dept of Health to admit that a patient was being abused.)

2) Complaints about attorneys may be made to the state disciplinary board for attorneys.

They will be coming

Complaints about judges should be directed to the state’s judicial inquiry board for review.

They will be coming

3) State, County and local Attorney General’s Offices and the Inspector General in the case of nursing home fraud (placement against will, drugging with psychotropic drugs, etc.) The Inspector General is supposed to prevent waste of state funds.

4) State, County and local politicians

Numerous times I filed complaints with the states attorneys offices–Illinois and Cook Couty. I never heard back from them

5) FBI. The FBI is generally interested in cases where more than $500,000 was stolen or there were changed transcripts, ex parte conversations between opposing counsel or parties and the judges.

I filed a complaint with the US Atty General and they never wrote me back. I went to the FBI and they said they do not handle probate court corruption.

I am interested in gathering together all valid police reports, abuse reports, complaints to the authorities which were routinely dismissed and not investigated.

I authorize you to publish this on the blog–YES
I am interested in writing a book to warn others. _YES_____ (yes or no)

Please load up as many pleadings as you can find into a gdrive folder and “share with” for verification.
Please email this form back to

Thanks. This information can help many others and I can start blogging about your case.

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