From Ken Ditkowsky and Dr. Cordero–how to solve the problem of lack of Judicial Accountability in our nation’s Court Systems

From Ken Ditkowsky

Medicare Fraud

Why Jerome Larkin and the lawyer disciplinary commissions have their panties in a bunch when the words “Honest investigation” is mentioned. Another view.
The Trump Administration has set a goal to revoke and replace Obamacare. Unfortunately this goal is about as useless as tits on a bull! It will be ineffective because there is a 700% fraud surcharge that has been imposed on health care by criminals in the about the health care industry. The $25.00 aspirin tablet is now commonplace, and the ghost doctors who bill patients for non-visits (i.e. the doctor who slows down to 30 MPH as he passes the nursing home so that he charge most of the residents for a visit!) appear on just about every bill. Indeed, it is now routine that the average nursing home patient is given some chemical to calm him/her down so that they will be easier to isolate and medicate. The Nursing home is a big business and a very substantial money maker.
I thought the following article was significant. I marked the sections that I wish to give emphasis. To wit:

Medicare Fraud Gets Messier
New charges in a massive health-care fraud case shine light on the need for stronger bribery investigations .
Art Stewart March 14, 2017 0 Comments

The U.S. Justice Department has filed new charges in what prosecutors are calling the biggest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history, the Miami Herald reports . Prosecutors say health-care executive Philip Esformes’ network of skilled-nursing and assisted-living facilities, and co-conspirators billed Medicare US$1 billion for services that were either unnecessary or not provided to about 14,000 patients between 2009 and 2016. According to the indictment, physicians and other medical professionals at Larkin Community Hospital [1] referred many of the Medicare patients to Esformes’ facilities in exchange for kickback payments. Later, the facilities would send the patients back to the hospital. The latest charges allege Esformes gave an associate US $5,000 to bribe an employee of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration to find out what evidence the regulator had on Esformes’ health-care network . That associate, Gabriel Delgado, secretly videotaped the exchange to receive a lesser sentence from federal prosecutors. The details of this case are similar to a 2006 civil dispute over kickback allegations that Esformes, his father, Delgado, and Delgado’s brother settled for US$15.4 million [2]. If convicted, the Justice Department could seize most of Esformes’ assets and send him to prison for the rest of his life.
Lessons Learned
In 2015, U.S. health-care spending was about US $3.2 trillion , with more than $4 billion in insurance claims processed. The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates that the financial losses from health care fraud are in the tens of billions of dollars each year . [3] Whether it impacts employers, governments, or individuals, this level of fraud inevitably translates into higher premiums, expenses, costs of providing benefits, and reduced benefits or coverage. It may even make the difference between whether or not some Americans can afford health insurance. [4]
There are two particularly troubling aspects of this story . First is the length of time it took officials to catch the alleged perpetrators, along with the lack or ineffectiveness of scrutiny of a vast number of false or over-billed claims for medical services. Second is the use of bribery techniques to circumvent inspections and investigations of com plaints that might have helped detect this fraud earlier. [5]
Weaknesses in the internal controls over the approval of health-care billing and claims must continuously be monitored and addressed [6]. Recent audits conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveal that the nation’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act marketplaces remain “vulnerable to fraud.” The audits, which looked at the 2015 and 2016 coverage years, echo previous findings about the potential for fraud, and the failure to detect it, within organizations that are part of health-care delivery systems and government-run exchanges that sell individual health plans. The investigations looked at how well the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) did at verifying whether claims filed were eligible for reimbursement. They also looked at whether people with dubious documentation could actually enroll in coverage, particularly for coverage that was subsidized by the federal government for applicants with low or moderate incomes. For both sets of testing, the GAO submitted fictitious or incomplete documentation as part of the application and enrollment processes [7] . As one example of an area for improvement, the GAO found that HHS inspections focused on supporting documentation that had obviously been altered. If the documentation submitted did not show such signs, inspectors were not likely to question its authenticity.
Strong internal controls are essential to prevent bribery of government officials. A fraud risk assessment is one good way to assess the degree and focus of measures to counter this kind of corruption. The GAO has noted that bribery, along with infiltration by organized crime elements, is prevalent in South Florida. Key internal controls over this area include:
§ Policies. Organizations must have in place clear, robust, and readily understood conflict-of-interest and code-of-conduct policies that include a practical level of prohibition of the kinds of behaviors that must be avoided by employees, backed by senior leadership endorsement and reinforcement.
§ Practices and procedures. Each policy should have a corresponding practice and documentation procedure. This could include a requirement that no one employee may have sole contact with a medical services biller that has a history of claims exceeding a particular value. Regulators also could implement electronic security measures that monitor communications between staff members performing approval and regulatory functions over billers.
§ Enforcement. While most organizations with conflict/code-of-conduct policies may also have enforcement provisions for noncompliance, exceptions made to enforcement actions can occur frequently — for valid reasons in some cases. However, such exceptions can signal to potential noncompliant billers that the chances of being prosecuted may be low. [8]In addition, an active and robust internal audit function is an essential tool.
§ Whistleblowing. Where supported by senior management and established in collaboration with regulators and law enforcement officials, whistleblower programs can be one of the most effective measures in deterring and detecting bribery schemes. [9]:

From Ken:
It should be noted that the HHS has acknowledged it has room to improve and intends to take action, as indicated by this statement: “As recommended by the GAO, we are applying their marketplace fraud risk assessment to areas of eligibility and enrollment to identify and prioritize key areas for potential risk in the marketplace.” The statement goes on to say, “We are also working closely with issuers through the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership to identify trends, schemes, and specific bad actors.”

If the United States Department of Justice were really interested in doing their jobs most of the current nursing homes and their operators would be in jail. If anyone were interested in honest elections the nursing home operators who vote for the 300 plus residents in their facilities would be prosecuted for vote fraud. Indeed, if anyone was interested in providing a credible health care system for America the fraudsters would be under indictment! At least the booty (cash illegally obtained) stolen from the guardianship would be TAXED. Pursuant to 18 USCA 371, Jerome Larkin, (in my opinion) and the attorneys in both my case and JoAnne Denison’s disciplinary proceeding would be paying the taxes, interest, and penalties that were incurred by the theft of about 3 million dollars in the Sykes case, 1.5 million in the Gore case ******.

The article supra is very clear – we are dealing with the cancer of public (judicial) corruption and there is a massive coverup that is occurring. The dollars are humongous and the miscreants are laughing at us all the way to the bank. A crooked public official has been assigned to guard the hen house so that the fox is unimpeded in his quest to dehumanize America’s elderly and redistribute ‘grandmother’s’ wealth to crooked judicial and other public officials.

The time for an HONEST INVESTIGATION is now! The time to end the perfidy is now! The time for government to prosecute the predators who are stealing the Medicaid dollars and the estates of the elderly! A good start would be with the indictment of the leader of the Illinois cover-up! The Department of the treasury (and the Illinois Department of Revenue) collecting that taxes that this public official owes (plus interest and penalties) will be a great first step.
[1] Does Jerome Larkin or his family have something to do with the Larkin Hospital? It certainly would explain Mr. Larkin’s conduct.
[2] Note the continuing pattern of misconduct. Unfortunately Esformes is not the only villain. The pattern of repeat frauds is not limited to Esformes, but continues in New York, Los Angeles, Miami etc. The frauds include massive vote fraud as well as money laundering and generating corruption. Here in Illinois the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission appears to be owned lock stock and barrel by the nursing home cabal, and it has been alleged that the Illinois Office of Public guardian has even worked hand and glove with the miscreants to assist in the frauds. In the Sykes case 09 P 4585 it has been more than suggested that former employees of the office of the Public guardian were the moving elements of the crimes against nature committed. The tie in to the 18 USCA 371 cover-up leads, in the opinion of the professionals who have given opinions on the subject, right into the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court. In other words the fix goes right to the top!

[3] Without strict enforcement of the RULE OF LAW and the protection of the elderly NO HEALTH CARE PROGRAM CAN BE Successful! We must have audits that are honest and meet the audit standards – and there cannot be advance warnings as to when audits are to occur. Similarly the political influence has to END! The political animal who does favors for the nursing home operator in exchange for a little vote fraud and a few dollars should not only go to JAIL but should pay taxes, interest and penalties on the money cleansed funds and non-declared income of the acting miscreants.

[4] Indeed – it costs about 2,500 dollars a month to keep a senior citizen or disabled adult in a nursing home, however, the charges are reported to average about $8000 a month and sometimes exceed $15,000 a month. A senior with little wrong with her except the fact that the family wants to get rid of a troubled grandmother is reported to be addressed at $10,000 a month. Death of the annoying grandmother usually takes a year – or until Medicare runs out!

[5] It is no coincidence that inspections and audits are unsuccessful. An Honest investigation is believed and therefore alleged upon reliable information to reveal that politicos who sit in the highest tribunals of our government on the payroll. The IARDC in writing described a blog that exposed corrupt judges as being akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater” and the attorney (JoAnne Denison) who authored the blog received an interim suspension of her law license (reserved for lawyers who are a danger to the public) and a 3 year suspension of her law license as a patent example to all attorneys who might attempt to speak out and protect the public from grave harm. No public official, civil rights advocate, politician etc. was heard to protest. Even the ACLU was disinterested!

[6] The bribery of public officials, including high ranking officials of the very agencies that have been set up to monitor the health care facilities is apparently common and being exposed more and more. The booty is so excessive (billions of dollars in the case of Esformes – see indictment) and the clout so obnoxious that at least one member of the House of Representatives has been noted to be attorning to the wishes of the nursing home cabal. Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court have demonstrated in the Lanre Amu affair that they do not want to be confused with the facts – and even independent source expose are ignored. The Evidence Deposition of Judge Maureen Connors is a classic – the Judge on page 91 actually admitted her complicity and the fact that she was wired and the case was fixed and no matter what happened, the outcome would always be the same. When the file is examined the file reveals that 1) there was no jurisdiction as 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 was totally ignored and 2) no hearing was held so that the limitations of section 3b and the Americans With Disability Act could be complied with. In other words, Mary Sykes was openly and notoriously isolated, abused, exploited dehumanized and murdered under the supervision of a Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County who admitted her culpability! The miscreants (including the elected members of the Supreme Court of Illinois) have no qualms! The 18 USCA 371 cover-up, mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud et al is totally ignored.

[7] This statement may be a typo – however – government and government agencies all have been appropriately accused of a FRAUD ON THE PUBLIC. There is no way that under the RULE OF LAW and the governmental mandates that this situation could exist without the agreement of branches of the government!

[8] The government has budgeted millions of dollars to regulate this industry and to protect senior citizens. It the government refused to do its job, the people assigned these jobs should be terminated. Why should our government pay the regulators to either look the other way or ‘cover up’ from criminals that are preying on the elderly and the disabled. These bureaucrats are a clear and present danger

[9] Whistleblowing is actively discouraged! It will not exist when families who complain are told quite bluntly that their complaints are not welcome and the regulators encourage the villains to prey on the complainers. Indeed 18 USCA 4 is punished. So effective is the discouragement that the American Bar Association (the local Bar Associations included), the ACLU, Federal Consumer Protection agencies, State Consumer protective agencies etc. all ignore the situation and worse yet try to solicit funds from the aggrieved (including all whistle blowers especially attorneys). Indeed, as the article points out – whistle blowing is effective, ergo bureaucrats and miscreants (including members of the elected Supreme Court of Illinois) openly and notoriously misuse their public trust to attempt to silence any person (including lawyers) who report the criminal activities of judges, guardians, lawyers, public officials etc.
Ken Ditkowsky
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Subject: Fake News

If you look at the world, the first fact that strikes out at you is that fact that nothing is totally 100% or totally black or white. Worse yet, there are people out there ON OUR SIDE of the fence who are not pure and may be as nefarious as the bad guys we oppose. Even some of the cries for help are not genuine!

The March for Science yesterday and especially its coverage is a stark example. I ran across the following in the Wall Street journal this morning, to wit:

Opinion Journal: The Climate Change Debates You Never Hear About
Opinion Journal: The Climate Change Debates You Never Hear About
Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin on scientific self-censorship. Photo: istock images

We need an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the Judicial corruption and the elder cleansing and we want some HONEST enforcement of the RULE OF LAW. Free Speech and honest government are essentials.
Ken Ditkowsky
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Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2017 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: [PoliticalMisconduct] A for-profit business plan for exposing how judges self-exempt from discipline by dismissing 99.83% of complaints against them, and dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions; a proposal for public hearings thereon; paying for ‘speeches’ is another way of paying a bribe. What possible information can most of these political elite impart that is worth the money that they are paid?


WATCHDOGS: Struggling NEIU paid big for years for grad speakers
CHICAGO 04/22/2017, 01:07pm
Valerie Jarrett, who agreed to do away with her $30,000 fee, would have been only the latest in a series of high-paid graduation speakers at financially struggling Northeastern Illinois University. | Getty Images
Dan Mihalopoulos and Tina Sfondeles
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The $30,000 fee Northeastern Illinois University was going to pay former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was just the latest in a series of big fees the financially troubled state school has paid to snag prominent graduation speakers, records show.
Despite its money troubles — a Wall Street credit agency just dropped Northeastern deeper into “junk-bond” status — the state university has handed out five-figure fees to each of the speakers at its May commencement events the past four years.
That’s in sharp contrast to what’s done at other state schools, also facing tight-money times, including the three University of Illinois campuses, Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University and Eastern Illinois University. Administrators at those universities and others say they don’t pay graduation speakers beyond travel costs.
Jarrett — who was a top aide to former President Barack Obama — agreed earlier this month not to accept a speaking fee for the May 8 commencement after the Chicago Sun-Times reported she was being paid $30,000.
Jarrett said she was unaware of the extent of the financial problems facing the university, which serves about 10,000 students on five campuses, including the main campus on North St. Louis Avenue south of Bryn Mawr.
Northeastern has cut three days from the school year and ordered all 1,100 of its employees to take an unpaid week off during spring break to cut costs amid financial problems worsened by the state government’s continuing budget impasse. The employees also won’t be paid for the three canceled class days.
When Jarrett said she would abandon her speaker’s fee, she already had been paid in full, university records show — and Northeastern administrators agreed to let her keep $1,500 of the $30,000 after they learned Jarrett still expected the school to pick up the tab for her travel.
The public university has paid a total of nearly $46,000 to speakers for its May commencements since 2013, the records show, including:
• $15,000 to Democratic political operative Donna Brazile in 2013. Brazile ran Al Gore’s losing campaign for president in 2000 and twice was interim leader of the Democratic National Committee.
• $10,750 in May 2014 to Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, a professor at the University of Texas in Austin who is an MSNBC and Telemundo contributor.
• $10,000 in 2015 to Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress Rita Moreno, who appeared in the movie musicals “West Side Story” and “The King and I.”
• $10,100 last year to Evan Wolfson, a New York civil right lawyer who founded Freedom to Marry, which pushed successfully to legalize gay marriage.

From left, Donna Brazile, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Rita Moreno and Evan Wolfson. | Getty Images, supplied photos
Northeastern Illinois officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.
In the past, Illinois legislators have tried to bar public universities from paying commencement speakers, but those efforts haven’t gone anywhere. Some lawmakers say they plan to try again following the reports of how much Jarrett was to be paid.
State Rep. Mark Batinick, R-Plainfield, says he thinks the law should allow state schools to cover travel expenses only and provide no payment for speeches.
“It should be an honor,” Batinick says, to speak at a university commencement.
In response to public records requests covering the past five years, the University of Illinois system — which includes campuses in Chicago, Urbana and Springfield — and other Illinois state universities say they don’t pay commencement speakers beyond travel costs, though Southern Illinois University Carbondale has done so twice in that period.
Eastern Illinois University spent a total of $2,273.92 to cover lodging, airfare, rental car and fuel for graduation speakers from 2013 through 2016.

Former Denver Broncos coach — and Eastern Illinois alum — Mike Shanahan. | File photo
The biggest name among them was Mike Shanahan, an Eastern Illinois graduate who coached the Denver Broncos to three Super Bowl victories. He addressed the Class of 2015. It cost the university $155.40 — the price to put Shanahan up for a night at the Unique Suites Hotel in downstate Charleston, records show.
Governors State University in University Park has spent close to $3,500 to cover travel expenses of graduation speakers over the past four years and plans to continue the policy for its two speakers this year. Its top recent payment, in 2015, was more than $1,300 to bring poet Nikki Giovanni to its south suburban campus from Virginia.
Illinois State University’s College of Fine Arts has spent about $3,300 since 2013 to welcome back alumni who speak at its graduation events.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville also covers only travel costs — amounting to a total of $1,244.08 in state funds for this year’s and last year’s graduation speakers.
Western Illinois University doesn’t have to worry about such things. “Our president delivers the commencement address,” says Darcie Shinberger, spokeswoman for the campus in Macomb.

Frank Abagnale.
Southern Illinois University Carbondale now covers only travel costs. But it did pay $30,000 plus expenses to Frank Abagnale — the con man-turned-security consultant portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Catch Me If You Can” — to speak in 2013 and $40,000 plus expenses to actress Ali Wentworth in 2014.
Chicago State University said they needed more time to respond.
The City Colleges of Chicago covered nearly $6,000 in travel costs for rapper Common to be keynote speaker at a commencement ceremony in 2015, including first-class plane tickets from Los Angeles for Common and an assistant, two nights in a $589-a-night room at The Langham hotel downtown, meals from room service and airport limousines.
At Northeastern, the deal to bring in Jarrett next month grew out of discussions with Jim Oliver of Gotham Artists, a New York talent agency and speakers bureau, records show. Oliver previously had offered possible speakers to the university. On Jan. 24, Christie Miller, director of the school’s Office of Cultural Events and Community and Professional Education, asked for suggestions for a commencement speaker.
“We need someone with star power but also appropriate for a very diverse student body,” Miller wrote to Oliver, who declined to comment. “We had a LGBT activist last year so we don’t want that this year. But a diverse speaker to highlight leadership, motivation, etc. would be ideal.”
Oliver sent a list of speakers with biographies. Miller then asked for “further info on fee and availability for Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett and Erin Brockovich.”
She said Northeastern wanted a speaker for the May 8 commencement as well as for a May 6 lecture. But Oliver told her Jones, Jarrett and Brockovich couldn’t do anything more than the commencement because “all three are pretty busy here in early May.”
Jones, a CNN commentator, would have cost $55,000, according to Oliver. Brockovich, the environmental activist portrayed by Julia Roberts in the movie that bears her name, would have charged $24,000.
Initially, Jarrett’s asking price to speak at the state school was $45,000, plus first-class travel, accommodations and local ground transportation, though Oliver added, “Might have some flexibility on fee, we can discuss.”
Miller replied: “I think Valerie Jarrett might be first choice right now. What kind of flexibility do you think there is on the fee?”
On Feb. 8, the university made Jarrett an offer: $10,000 plus first-class expenses. But Miller made clear the university was willing to pay more.
“Our president asked me to make this offer,” she wrote to Oliver. “I realize there may be a counteroffer if she is interested.”
Eight days later, the university signed a deal with Jarrett for $30,000 that said: “Fee is inclusive of all expenses.”
The school sent Jarrett’s agency a “non-refundable deposit” of $15,000 on March 13 and a second payment covering the balance owed on April 7.
Trustees for the university apparently didn’t know of the deal or its terms until their April 6 meeting. According to a recording of the meeting, one member of the board said it was “disturbing” to pay Jarrett so richly at a time the university is facing deep financial problems.
Another trustee asked whether Jarrett might donate the fee to a student scholarship in her honor but was told, “The contract has been negotiated and signed.”
The board also approved an honorary degree for Jarrett, with three members voting against the measure.
On April 10, hours after the Sun-Times requested records related to the contract, the university revealed that Jarrett’s contract was for $30,000. But schools officials said they found an unnamed donor to cover that.
The following day, a spokeswoman for Jarrett said she told the university “she will not be accepting a speaking fee.”
On April 13, Oliver wrote to Northeastern officials again. “She would still of course need her travel covered from D.C.,” Oliver said. “Those expenses are coming out to $1,500.”
Miller replied two minutes later: “Yes, that is fine. Thanks!”
Oliver told Miller that Gotham Artists had mailed the school a check for $28,500 — the fee she’d been paid minus travel costs, which weren’t itemized.
Asked about the travel expense Jarrett’s spokeswoman Amy Brundage said the amount was “standard.”
“The travel fee is simply a standard allotment in the contract, but we of course don’t expect the travel to cost that amount,” Brundage said.
Before going to work at the White House in 2009, Jarrett was a $300,000-a-year executive of The Habitat Company, a Chicago real estate development company. In January, in the last federal financial disclosure form she submitted as an Obama aide, Jarrett reported total assets of between $2.22 million and $7.86 million.

Ken Ditkowsky
On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 7:23 PM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
The Courts (both Federal and State) are the escape value of society and judges must be like Caesar’s wife. The rash of abuse of the elderly cases that have gone unpunished is deplorable. The Government Accounting Office has written four reports to Congress detailing the felonies perpetrated against the elderly and their families and virtually nothing has happened.

Indeed, we have had the prosecution of Philip Esformes for stealing a BILLION dollars in Medicare sums, we have had Seth Gillman plead guilty to hospice fraud of another $100 million over 5 years, and we have some minor players prosecuted, but the major players not only go unpunished but literally laugh at American values as they draw billions of dollars of health care money out of the economy.

Illinois is a microcosm but the theft of health care funds from the government, insurance carriers, the elderly and their families is not insignificant. In the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 (Cook County) the booty was approximately three million. In the Alice Gore it was 1.5 million plus the gold stolen right out of her mouth, ******. The miscreants are not only given immunity, but are protected so that they can operate free of enforcement of the law and payment of the Federal and State income taxes.

The Chicago Tribune reported (in a column by Cass) just how a lawyer become a judge in Cook County. The open secret of corruption and purchasing of judgeships is accepted as ‘life in the big city’ and a fact of life. Jerome Larkin, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, and the Illinois Supreme Court openly and notoriously thumb their collective noses at the RULE OF LAW and the core values of America as they (in violation of 18 USCA 371) have established right on the 18th Floor of the Daley Center a criminal enterprise that acts to isolate the elderly so that their assets can be redistributed to corrupt judges, lawyers, political elite, judicial elite, nursing home operators, etc.

I have referred to this American gulag as “elder cleansing” and have noted the number of cases in which the victim is treated to an involuntary assisted suicide. The cover-up is complete and any lawyer who utters even a suggestion of the need for an Honest Investigation can expect to be barred from the Practice of Law. Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court will not tolerate any lawyer complying with 18 USCA 4 or Rule 8.3. In the JoAnne Denison kangaroo disciplinary hearing Larkin filed pleadings that equated the mention of the corruption in Attorney Denison’s blog as being akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater!”

Dr. Cordero’s approach has great merit – however, what we need is the United States of America to do what has become an anomaly – enforce the Rule of Law not only against the minor players in the 700% fraud surcharge that is added to health care costs, but against the major players and the corrupt public and judicial officials including but not limited to Justices of the Supreme Court who act in concert with disciplinary commission attempting to silence reports of judicial corruption the permeates the elder cleansing scandal. The prosecution must also extend to put out of business not only Philip Esformes, but all their associates and fellow travelers. This is not an easy task and may cause a terrible dent in the vote fraud industry as no longer will the nursing homes be able to deliver 100% of the resident votes to the dominant political party and no longer will certain political operatives be indebted to these miscreants.

Please note – it is not necessary in many of the cases to bring criminal proceedings! A public official who is essential to the perpetuation of the criminal enterprise such as Jerome Larkin can be neutralized by civil tax enforcement. In the Mary Sykes case there is more than ample evidence of Mr. Larkin’s culpability as a co-conspirator with the miscreant judicial appointees, the presiding judge et al. As a co-conspirator he and every one of the overpaid lawyers who was called upon to protect the interest of the ‘elder cleansers’ has JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY. In other words as $3,000,000 was stolen from the Mary Sykes Estate, Larkin and his co-conspirators each owe the Federal and State Income TAxes on the stolen sum – plus interest and plus penalties!

The State of Illinois is in fiscal trouble ($8 billion in current receivables and $110 billion in unfunded pension accounts) and collecting the Income taxes owed by Jerome Larkin on each of the Estates that acted to cover-up by itself will be a boon to the State Treasury. It should be noted that in Civil Prosecutions Larkin will have the burden of proof to establish and exculpation. It may be a new concept – but the tax man usually gets the benefit of the Rule of Law and the ‘fix’ is rarely in!
Ken Ditkowsky
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Subject: [PoliticalMisconduct] A for-profit business plan for exposing how judges self-exempt from discipline by dismissing 99.83% of complaints against them, and dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions; a proposal for public hearings thereon

NOTE: If in spite of all the effort to circumvent the glitch in software or interference with communications that creates “joinedwords” in Dr. Cordero’s emails( †>ol2:426§C), this email has them or any other formatting oddity, kindly overlook them and send a note to Dr.Richard.Cordero_Esq@ verizon .net, DrRCordero@Judicial-

A For-profit Business Plan for exposing how judges self-exempt from any discipline by dismissing 99.83% of complaints against their peers, and dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions;
a proposal for public hearings conducted by Congress and/or a board of national media outlets on the personal cases and experience of litigants, lawyers, and others at the mercy of judges above discipline and their decisions by fiat
Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City
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Dear Advocates of Honest Judiciaries,

Thank you for your emails replying to my article on Judge Neil Gorsuch and his fellow judges( †>ol2:546), and for letting me know about your projects and seeking my opinion thereon. Kindly consider the following comments on two projects that are representative of others.
† See my study of judges and their judiciaries as they perform in practice as opposed to the conduct prescribed for them in their codes of conduct and statutory rules. It is titled and downloadable as follows:
Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability
and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field
of judicial unaccountability reporting*†
* http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf
http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf

A. On the sit-in in Washington, D.C., to request that the President appoint a certain kind of people to the judiciary
1. You want to ensure that “intelligent, honorable, morally and ethically correct individuals” are appointed to the bench. Yet, they must also have the academic qualifications and professional experience needed to perform competently as judges so that they are acceptable to the nominators and confirmers; otherwise, you and the nominees are headed for an exercise in self-embarrassment.

2. The appointment of a judge, whether to the federal or a state judiciary, is a political act intended to assure that the laws enacted by the appointing party will be upheld as constitutional and interpreted as intended by their adopting party. A group like yours does not offer anything as important as that intended assurance. On the contrary, your demand for honest judges works against the interest of politicians.

3. Known for their double-talk and opportunism, not their principles, politicians have an interest in appointing people of their ilk, willing to play the power game. They have no use for the likes of Mother Theresa of Calcutta and St. Francis of Assisi.

4. Hence, your Washington sit-in will be an exercise in futility that will only waste the effort, time, and money of your group and cause through disappointing results an erosion of commitment.
5. Neither the President, a governor, nor a legislative body will ever nominate a person who is not a lawyer and a judge, or who does not have the qualifications to be a judge –Justice Elena Kagan was never a judge but was a lawyer and former dean of Harvard Law School–. The risk is too great that the lack of such qualifications may lead to public criticism of the nominee, embarrassment of the appointer, and the forced withdrawal by the nominee of his or her name.

6. You only need to remember the embarrassment of President George W. Bush when he nominated Ms. Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court in 2005. She was roundly disapproved by even fellow Republicans as unqualified and had to withdraw herself from the nomination. Bush did not risk nominating even his Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez. Instead, he went for a sure name, Then-Judge John Roberts, a member of the Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit.
7. This shows that what appears to advocates of honest judiciaries to be a good idea must be evaluated in the context of one’s resources, the facts, and other people’s interests to determine how to turn it into a reality. This calls for pragmatism enhanced by dynamic analysis of harmonious and conflicting interests underlying strategic thinking and resulting in a strategy( †>ol2:445§B, 475§D).

B. On breaking up the Ninth Circuit
8. Even if that circuit were broken up into two or more circuits, the judges that have been appointed for life would remain on the bench. Belonging to a smaller or a new circuit is not going to cause them to become “intelligent, honorable, morally and ethically correct individuals”, never mind political neutral and committed to applying only and always the rule of law. They will remain political appointees expected to rule along political lines.   (From Joanne: remember that Dr. Richard Fine was disbarred because he took on the massive corruption in California where judges were receiving funds from prosecutors for every criminal defendant convicted which is a utterly corruption system.   While he ended this system of corruption in the criminal courts, it is noted that most judges who received these bribes were never charged with a crime and the vast majority of these crooked judges still sit on the bench, even at the Appellate Court level. They should all be indicted, the funds taxed and returned to the taxpayer and baseless convictions should be overturned at the judges’ expense.)

9. That is shown by the politically motivated controversy in the Senate over the confirmation of Judges Merrick Garland and Neil Gorsuch, nominated to the Supreme Court by Presidents BO ad DT, respectively.

10. Worse yet, their respective interests favor maintaining the status quo: The politicians will not dare investigate for misconduct the judges for whose honesty they vouched, lest they indict their good judgment and vetting procedures and provoke the retaliation of all judges, for each could be investigated next. They will continue to hold them unaccountable and allow them to self-exempt from discipline, as shown by the analysis of the official statistics(ol2:546).

11. The judges will keep risklessly engaging in wrongdoing for their gain and convenience at the expense of everybody else.

12. Politicians and judges have a harmonious interest in frustrating the advocates’ conflicting interest in non-political judges. The Circuit break-up is not a strategy for judicial honesty. It is an effort that proves that in the absence of strategic thinking and its analysis of interests, there is only wishful thinking, amateurism, and improvisation that do not attain the intended objective.

C. A reasonable strategy: first expose judges’ unaccountability and consequent riskless wrongdoing, thus establishing the need for judicial reform
13. The first step to reform the judiciary is to show why it needs reforming: Judges abusively exempt themselves from 99.83% of complaints, are held unaccountable by their Republican and Democratic appointers, and risklessly engage in wrongdoing(jur:5§3) harmful to everybody else.

14. For instance, circuit judges dispose of 93% of appeals in decisions “on procedural grounds [e.g., a mere ‘for lack of jurisdiction or jurisdictional defect’] by consolidation, unpublished, unsigned, without comment”(ol2:455§§B-E). These decisions are so “perfunctory”(*>jur:44fn68) or wrongful that the majority of them are issued on a 5¢ summary order form and/or marked “not precedential”…in a legal system rooted in precedent –as opposed to a code of rules– to prevent arbitrariness and off-the-cuff decision-making, and promote predictability and thus, conformance by the man and woman in the street of his or her conduct to reliable legal expectations.

15. Circuit judges mostly affirm the decisions on appeal and deny motions raised in the appeals(ol2:457¶26). District judges, who weigh pro se cases as 1/3 of a case and treat them accordingly(ol2:45§B), know that most of their decisions will be affirmed pro-forma and act perfunctorily.

16. Their decisions, whether reasonless or cobbled together, are the ad hoc fiats of the judges of “the swamp of the Establishment”(ol2:453), for their life-appointment and in effect irremovability –only 8 federal judges have been impeached and removed in the last 228 years since the creation of their Judiciary in 1789(jur:21§a) – make them the Establishment’s most established members.

17. So, We the People are at the mercy of judges who risklessly deny us due process and equal protection of the law, which are reserved for the 7% of decisions that, intended for public scrutiny, are reasoned, signed, and published.

18. If this information, based on official statistical facts, is made known to the national public -not just the passers-by at the time of a sit-in in D.C.-, it can outrage the People and cause them to demand that their senators and representatives, lest they be voted out of, or not into, office, call on Congress to conduct public hearings on the experience of the People at the hands of the judges that they hold unaccountably independent.

D. The benefit for advocates of meeting and discussing the most cost-effective way of attaining their objective: an honest judiciary
19. You and other advocates should meet locally to discuss the above facts and out-of-court inform-and-outrage strategy before embarking on any trip. Even demonstrating at your courthouse has no chance at present of accomplishing anything: Your demands will not imperil legislators’ electability or even make it to the newscast; they will be ignored like those of most demonstrators.

20. Your focus should not be on your personal, local cases, which are of as little interest to anybody else as theirs are to you. Rather, highlight through the use of the official statistical tables accompanying the article on Judge Gorsuch and his peers‡ how judges in your circuit abusively dismiss 99.83% of complaints against them, enabling their riskless wrongdoing(ol:154¶3) that harms and interests everybody else.

a. If your appellate attorney failed to disclose that his or her attorney’s fees would buy you a 93% chance of receiving only a reasonless 5¢ form decision, consider suing him or her for malpractice. If your doctor failed to disclose that he or she would charge you thousands of dollars for medical treatment that for 93% of patients was useless but caused 100% of them a lot of anxiety for months on end, what would you do?

21. Meet(cf. ol:274) with other advocates to use the table template(ol2:555) to draw up the table concerning your judges. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Gain and wield it to implement the inform-and-outrage strategy that can earn you public respect and attention, and make future demonstrations numerous and effective.

22. You and others can inform the public by distributing that article by email and social media and discussing it with local groups.

23. This will allow you to strategically pursue your and other people’s personal cases and share experiences involving wrongdoing judges by demanding that public hearings thereon be held with a view to judicial reform by Congress and/or a pioneering and potentially trendsetting entity: a board of national media outlets working in their commercial and public interest(ol2:558§§D,E).

E. Participating in a business to expose judges’ wrongdoing and advocate judicial reform
24. If you and your group are travelling for a demonstration to D.C. or anywhere else for free and without having to sacrifice time that you could or must use to earn a living, I would like to know how you have managed that feat. Such scenario is, of course, unrealistic.

25. Planning to travel there or just to demonstrate locally on a workday must have made you all realize that even the noblest objective requires effort, time, and money. Implementing any plan or strategy needs financing.

26. Thus, I have devised a for-profit business plan to pursue through strategic thinking the exposure of judges’ wrongdoing and the advocacy of judicial reform. Its table of contents is below. I welcome your ideas on how to raise the necessary investment capital to implement that plan. If you have any experience with Fund Me initiatives or access to individuals willing to put their money where their noble or business ideas are, I would appreciate your letting them and me know.

27. In this vein, I offer to present to you and your group by video conference or, upon your invitation, in person, why it is necessary and opportune to share and post widely the article that discusses judges’ official statistical facts; to implement a business plan that addresses the public harm caused by their unaccountable abuse of their power over your property, liberty, and the rights and duties that determine your and everybody else’s life; and to hold them liable to compensate the victims of their wrongdoing, for they are not entitled to be Judges Above the Law.

28. Your contribution to informing We the People that in ‘government of, by, and for the people’ they are the masters of all public servants, including judicial public servants; outraging the masters at their servants’ wrongdoing; and empowering them to hold their servants accountable can earn you the People’s recognition and turn you into their Champion of Justice.

So I look forward to hearing from you.
Visit the website at, and subscribe for free to its series of articles thus:
http://www.Judicial-Discipline- > + New or Users >Add New

Dare trigger history!(*>jur:7§5)…and you may enter it.
* http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City

Dr.Richard.Cordero_Esq@verizon .net, DrRCordero@Judicial-, CorderoRic@, Dr.Richard.Cordero.Esq@ cantab. net dr-richard-cordero-esq- 0508ba4b

their analysis points to
its judges’ arbitrary handling of caseloads
that denies due process and equal protection of the laws

Sections A-E(†>ol2:454, 546)

† Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and
Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field
of judicial unaccountability reporting *†

* http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf
http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf

Table of Contents
for raising investment capital to expose judges’ wrongdoing and advocate judicial reform through a for-profit business that caters to professionals, litigants, and The Dissatisfied With The Judicial and Legal Systems

F. Executive Summary: Paying to acquire, and earning by providing, knowledge and services to counter judges’ power to harm by denying due process and equal protection of the laws and engaging in other wrongdoing

G. Dr. Cordero’s study of judges and their judiciaries: the foundation for the for-profit business of judicial wrongdoing exposure and reform

a. The publication of the study and the formats of publication

H. Dr. Cordero’s website: the storefront for the public to look in and the billboard to attract clients
I. The targeted segments of the market

a. The Dissatisfied With The Establishment

b. The market of professionals

c. Professors and students as a pool of employees

d. The market of pro ses

J. Activities to be financed to enable the offering of services

K. Formation of the team of professionals to pursue the multidisciplinary and business venture and its evolution into the institute of judicial accountability reporting and reform advocacy

a. Desirable association with a prestigious academic institution from early on

b. The key members of the team or officers of the institute

c. The logistics of setting up and running the office

L. Key profit points of the business plan

M. What investors can provide in addition to investment capital

N. Conclusion: This is the most opportune time for a business intended to help “drain the swamp of corruption of the Establishment”

Visit the website at, and subscribe for free to its series of articles thus: http://www.Judicial-Discipline- > + New or Users >Add New

****************************** *******
Justiceship Nominee Neil Gorsuch reportedly said:
«An attack on one of our brothers and sisters of the robe is an attack on all of us».
Guided by that we-against-the-rest-of-the- world mentality, he and his peers in the 10th Circuit have protected each other by disposing of the 573 complaints filed against any of them during the 1oct06-30sep16 11-year period through self-exemption from any discipline except for one reprimand, a 99.83% dismissal rate; they also dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions.
The concern is not whether Judge Gorsuch favors big corporations over the little guy, but whether anybody protects us from them:
The demand for public hearings of complainants and parties that he and his peers have for their own benefit dumped out of court

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
http://Judicial-Discipline- hearings_JGorsuch_ complainants&parties.pdf and
http://Judicial-Discipline- OL2/DrRCordero- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf >ol2:546

From Jakkie Pidanick–Very Rare Audio tape of court corruption victim being harassed by state police (SLED)–in her OWN home, no less!

Most of the time, a court corruption victim is are harassed by the police and other authorities for standing up for their rights, but there is no recording of the incident.  This situation is rare because the client had numerous friends in the court corruption arena (including me who also forewarned and forearmed her) that once she filed a complaint in Federal Court, or filed a grievance with the attorney registration board (which she did) or filed with the judiciary discipline board, it is not uncommon to expect a wide variety of harassment and intimidation for revealing court corruption publicly–and she MUST be prepared to record every single incident.

Well, it happened.  While these state police officers insist they were contacted by Facebook for using certain words and terms in her posts, Jakkie advises me there is very heated litigation ongoing in federal court for her posting to remove her trial court judge from the bench on Facebook.  Her opposing counsel, Attorney Marshall Horton immediately sent her a cease and desist letter (get this one) claiming that Mother violated a non disparagement clause in the visitation/custody court order judgment because by saying the Judge should be removed that this somehow indirectly caused defamation to Father, which is prohibited by court order.  You couldn’t stretch that further with a rubber band made by ACME mfgr on a Roadrunner cartoon if you tried.

In reaction to the cease and desist letter, and the subsequent kangaroo court proceeding where Mother was summarily told 30 days or $5,000 for posting a Petition on to remove the judge, she filed suit in Federal Court for violations of her First Amendment rights.

Please listen carefully to the audio (I do NOT recommend anyone talk to the police without an attorney being present), Jakkie, a very brave soul, who has taken numerous paralegal courses does a very credible job of challenging these two dopey police officers on not knowing what criminal intent is or how their assertions against her constitute a violation of her First Amendment Rights.  (it becomes nearly comical when they try to argue that South Carolina law triumphs Federal Law and the US Constitution, so you know what kind of educational system they have in S. Carolina.  Ever heard of the Supremacy Clause?  Go Google it please and get that 6th grade education back!)

For all of you who are court corruption victims, the tape is a must hear.

Sorry I do not have a transcription, but it has been shortened down to 13 minutes from 30 to just hit the highlights.

Bonus points for the first to point out where one cop admits to having committed a felony.  Please name the felony and the statute violated and I’ll give you 10 gold stars for being super lawyerly smart, all you pro se’ers out there.

Here is the link.  Enjoy.

ps– you might have to download to hear, 13 minutes is a lot of data.

PPS–for all of my court corruption victims out there, after hearing the tape and reviewing the incident, these are my recommendations when faced with this situation:

  1.  NEVER let cops into your home or car without a warrant.  You roll down that car window or get they into your home, next thing you know is an arrest because they “claim” they smelled MJ or alcohol.  Talk thru the window. Show your ID through the window.
  2. Always record every incident.  If your phone isn’t working, get to a business areas where you know they will have cameras.  But keep your phone charged and ready to turn on video.  Get a dash cam that records audio and video. Download the ACLU app to record police incidents and to know your rights. There is no ACLU app yet for Illinois, but we should get one.  Until then, use the N. California one since they have the most pro-citizen rights laws.  Install a security camera or cameras outside and inside your home WITH audio.  Make them motion/voice sensitive.  Get the police right under one and record everything.  Have off site backup if they attempt to destroy it.  Best that it records and can be viewed on the internet.  There are web crawlers that back up everything.
  3. Do not answer questions. Say “I do not answer police questions.”  (Go ahead and blame your lawyer)  You do have to show them ID (sleeper case from SCOTUS), but they really cannot make you answer any questions. Best to turn the questions on them. Why are they doing this? What do they know?  You don’t answer questions but with a question. If you’re nervous, just say, put your questions in writing and I’ll have my atty review and answer them for you.  Here’s my email (or street address)
  4. The police cannot make you do anything. Always say “I will cooperate if you insist, but I object.”  Practice the phrase. Over and over.  The police cannot make you walk a line down the highway, look into your eyes to see if they dart back and forth or ask you to perform any sort of stupid cop tricks whatsoever.  Why do they do this?  Any “test” is designed for the citizen to fail.  So don’t bother.
  5. The police cannot make you wait for drug searching dogs, the Second Coming or anything.  If they ask you to wait, politely say no, I object.  You don’t need a reason.
  6. Police are allowed to lie, but you aren’t. The police lie to you and there are no repercussions (very bad Supreme Court case).  You lie to them, it’s obstruction of justice, a felony with a 5 year prison sentence. Don’t do it.  Unless everything you say is the absolute truth provable to the nth degree, don’t say anything.  Just say I object and I will get an attorney to answer your questions, here is my email.  Email me.  Or write me, or what ever.
  7. Most important, if you don’t object and don’t say anything, you have consented (another dumb US Supreme Court case). So always object to anything and everything.  Answer:  Can I search your car–answer, I object, but I will not resist.  Question:  will you wait for drug sniffing dogs;  Answer:  I object, but I will not resist your commands.
  8. If you want to get rid of the police, either flirt with them (oh, officer, so are so handsome like Tom Cruise or Eddie Murphy, blah, blah) or start a debate on probable cause or criminal intent. Only a cursory review of these subjects is necessary, no in depth study is required.  Most police, like the audio you will hear, have absolutely no idea what any legal terms mean. They don’t study them, they are not required to do so and they don’t care. They have learned to just make stuff up as they go along.  Most of them run scared at the mention of the laws or legal guidelines.  Only engage the police in a conversation if you have the guts to do so.  If you get nervous or are easily intimidated, never engage in this tactic (unless you like playing match maker with the police and friends and family or you really do want to date your police officer–go for it).
  9. The sad reality is our police in the US know little or nothing about the Bill of Rights and Civil and Human Rights. In other countries, police officers study the law for 2 to 3 years before they are allowed to get a license as a police officer.  Here they get little or nothing. Further, there is no national requirement for CLE for them or Continuing Legal Education. That is a serious mistake.  Every police office should be required to spend 2 to 3 hours minimum in the local law library studying citizen’s rights.
  10. And finally, they should all be tested for psychopathy with a PET brain scan, but we have no laws for that yet.  A PET brain scan uses glucose markers to see if a person’s brain is really functioning in the areas of love, kindness, caring, sympathy, empathy and understanding.  The human brain, it turns out, can be easily mapped.  A psychopath will have little or no brain activity in those areas.  Psychopaths with a police license are extremely dangerous. Why we do not test them across the US since the science is well known and has been established for well over a decade is unknown to me.

Important Announcement–Justice 4 Every1, NFP is now a 501-c-3 corporation and your donations are now officially tax deductible.

I just got the letter today.  Because of the letter, we cannot campaign for or against any candidate as a main part of our business. For that reason, please submit your posts in a format that does not identify and particular person who runs for office as a way to support them or discourage voting for them.

Of course, we are still allowed to speak the truth about what happens in court and warn people about elder abuse, it’s just that we cannot make this a main part of our business or make it look like we are endorsing any particular person who runs for office.

Reporting crimes and abuses of the system is different, and the public must be warned.

If you want a tax deduction for your contribution, you must receive a donation letter from us at the end of the year, which we will provide upon request.

We are also required to provide financials of all donations to Justice 4 Every1, NFP which we will be glad to do.

For now, most of the use of this NFP structure has been to provide 298 certificates for indigent application.


From MG: Parental Alienation Protest–Tomorrow, April 25, 2017 Chicago Daley Center 10 am to 4 pm

Here are the details:


Thompson Center plaza

100 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL

10:30AM – 4:00PM


See you there.




Michael D. Gerhardt (Cell: 312-593-5100)

I think this would be a great day for all the courtroom corruption victims to gather together with protest signs and make their voice known.

There’s always media coverage at the Thompson Center for a large rally, and I know that Mick Gearhart is always a great activist working for fairness and accountability in our nation’s courtroom.

Thanks Mick, for putting this together.

Co parenting 50-50 is always best unless one parent is proved unfit by clear and convincing evidence.

Far too often today the parent with the most money, the parent who sleeps with the judges or attorneys, ends up the winner takes all in custody battles.

This has got to end.

Same in probate.  Certain connected attorneys are allowed to take huge chunks of money per year out of guardianship estates with impunity.  That system has to end and we need to go to a volunteer elder assistant program where Elder Assistants just help the elderly pay bills and make choices.  No more “target, guardianize, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, when the money is gone, narcotize to death.”

In the case of 99 year old Alice Gore, they pulled 29 gold teeth and put a diaper at one end and a feeding tube laced with drugs at the other (btw, Alice could eat just fine, tyvm).  In the case of Mary G Sykes, $1 million in valuable coins disappeared, a safe deposit box was drilled out without a court order, all discovery was quashed in the case, her home was likely sold for pennies on the dollar (no accounting was ever filed and the court and the ARDC for sure quashed all discovery on that)–no one, it appears is allowed to know where all the money and assets in an estate go–that is decided by the judges and attorneys up front behind closed doors, just as the Drabiks in the disappearance of $9 million from the Lydia Tyler estate–and her body is STILL missing.

Poor Jay Brouckmeersch was 94 when she was transferred to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was given an overdose of heparin, a dangerous blood thinner for over one month.  The Daughter tried over and over again to have her mother taken to the ER because she was severely dehydrated and bleeding, but Warren Barr nursing home staff refused to do so. (This is a common occurrence in some nursing homes–the staff just doesn’t care about life threatening conditions).  When Daughter finally prevalied, Mother desperately needed blood transfusions and IV fluids. She was patched up and transferred back to the nursing home where this happened again in just a few days.  WB still didn’t want to send her to the ER and a court battle ensured where Judge Quinn repeatedly ignored the fact that Mother was dazed, confused, and in need of immediate medical attention.  Finally, she was transferred to NMH ER where the Office of State Guardian outrageous told the ER doctor “not to treat” which is  patient dumping under EMALTA and in 2 days, Mother died.  All Mother needed was more IV fluids and a blood transfusion due to the heparin overdose.  No one cared, not the OSG, Judge Quinn or the OPG==all were involved in the murder of an elder.

Please join the Coparenting support rally today, and if you are a court corruption victim, come by and tell you story about how there is in fact a crisis of injustice at the Daley Center, we DO need special investigators both in Probate and in the Family Law Division.

Having a child erased from your life without a finding of being “unfit” is a tragedy. Parents commit suicide over this and are permanently psychologically harmed.  Plus, it’s child abuse, plain and simple.

The policy of “target, guardianize, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and narcotize to death” also has to end.

We need Justice, Truth and Accountability at the Daley Center.

All court rooms should have cameras and audio/video recording at all times.

Judges should only seal cases in accordance with the guidelines that the 7th Circuit have deemed constitutional (notice, a hearing, a law or ordinance, discovery, findings of fact and conclusion of law regarding why sealing the court room is unconstitutional.

Please join with us in seeking Justice for Everyone!


From Eliot Bernstein; Update on Marvin Siegel/Lisa Belanger case

It started out simply: a retired Boxford lawyer, Marvin Siegel, got along in years, and as he approached his 83rd year amongst his fellow men, he began to slip a bit, needing some help around the house. His family pitched in, and at one point, a service that provided checkups on the elderly would visit with Mr. Siegel and see to his needs.

As time went on, his needs increased and a family member related that it made sense for his youngest daughter, a lawyer like her dad, to move into the family home with her father. (The eldest daughter lives thousands of miles away, and the middle daughter has some “issues” according to her younger sibling.)

Things appeared fine at first, having one daughter, her husband and two of his grandchildren fill the voids in his previously silent home. Dinners together, helping out with laundry care, just watching TV together and bringing joy to Mr. Siegel…Then one day, the grandkids returned home with their mom, and found their grandfather being taken away in an ambulance.

According to statements from the daughter and court documents (and we’re in the process of obtaining more documents, and scrutinizing hundreds of pages of filings and transcripts and listening to the court recordings), the visiting helper felt that Mr. Siegel was in an ill condition, tired and apparently forgetful. She called for an ambulance and he was transported to Beverly Hospital. From there, he was transported to another facility for evaluation, and that’s where the drugging began.

According to his youngest daughter, Mr. Siegel is medicated against his wishes, isolated from her, has had his cell phone taken away from him by his court-appointed guardian, and has 24/7 “guards” (medical providers) with him at his home in Boxford. She notes that within months of the ambulance ride, and the subsequent involvement of court-appointed personnel, she and her family were kicked out of her dad’s home, and she’s been prohibited from visiting with or having any communication with him.

That was five years ago.

Oh, and his bank accounts have dwindled over the past five years, with his net worth apparently oozed away, going from approximately $9 million to less than $4 million, and shrinking.


Ah, the money. Follow the money.

And where has that money gone?

As an example, various court documents reveal that one local lawyer, Marsha Kazarosian of Haverhill, billed the retired lawyer’s holdings in excess of $200,000 in just one 12-month period. Apparently, other lawyers and groups associated with the Mr. Siegel similarly drew sums of money from the multi-millionaire, against his expressed wishes.

 Kazarosian billed more than $200K in one 12-month period

Ironically, one of the daughters had initially hired Atty. Kazarosian to help ensure her father’s original estate planning would remain intact. The daughter relates and presented to court an argument that despite a filing by Atty. Kazarosian detailing under oath that the multi-millionaire was fully competent of handling his own personal affairs, something changed. Within a short period of time, Atty. Kazarosian switched teams, signed on to work for a court-appointed guardian for Mr. Siegel, and began working against Mr. Siegel’s daughters.

But wait, it gets better.

Mr. Siegel attempted to fire Kazarosian for going against his wishes, but she refused to be fired. Instead, she took his signed, hand-written dismissal letter and consulted with the court-assigned guardian, Attorney Brian Cuffe. Together, the two – in spite of the letter – agreed that he would keep her on the dole, his team, protecting Mr. Siegel’s estate from his daughters and grandchildren.



Yes, you read that right. To date, two of the three daughters have been accused by the various court-appointed parties and those who have drained money from their father’s estate of taking advantage of their father, specifically blaming the daughters for the loss of funds. What? Why? Because, if the daughters would simply shut up and go along and get along, and not object to the guardian’s and the lawyer’s handling of their father’s funds, then no one would have to go to court to fight the daughters. That way the lawyers would not have to bill such large sums, draining his accounts so quickly. What?

At one point, one of the daughters submitted that she was offered a $100K settlement if she would just simply walk away from her father and his millions. She termed it a bribe, and refused.

Out-gunned, Out-maneuvered

Two of the daughters filed multiple “complaints for emergency and preliminary injunctive relief” against various parties whom they have accused of having a part in the taking of funds from their father. The accused parties have included, but are not limited to the following:





















DIANE POWELL, SCOTT DAILEY, MICHAEL SPRINGMAN, with Elder Services of Merrimack Valley, Inc., and individually,



MARY ANN REMILLARD, ESQ., in her official capacity as a State actor and individually, NORTHEAST HOSPITAL CORPORATION, d/b/a BEVERLY HOSPITAL,


RICHARD GARMIL, ESQ., in his official capacity with Whittier Pavilion and individually,










BRENDA WOJICK, R.N., in her official capacity with Right At Home and individually,




But the family notes that they are out-gunned, out-financed, and at every turn out-maneuvered. The lawyers they have gone up against, and the corporations, and those (Cuffe and others) who can use their own money as well as their multi-millionaire’s father’s money against them have had a clear advantage. And the courts have not been kind to the daughters.

Indeed, in one rebuke, the daughters were apparently slammed by the courts for excessive filings. “We’ve been hit with judgments because we’re fighting these people and have submitted too much paperwork, can you imagine?” daughter Lisa Siegel Belanger related. “I submit the documentation because I don’t want this to be about our opinion, or who is credible or not credible. I submitted the documents so that anyone who cares can read them and rule on the facts. The facts are there. The documents show what they have done, how they are drugging, isolating, and draining my father’s funds.”

To summarize the case, which has been in and out of probate court, and pending now in new filings, the family wrote the following:

“With well-established circumstances, Attorney Siegel memorialized his own unequivocal intentions and desires in a panoply of executed estate planning, he explicitly designated his youngest daughter, Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger, as his attorney-in-fact and his eldest daughter, Devora Kaiser, as successor attorney-in-fact. The two outmost important things Attorney Siegel cared about was: 1) his reputation and dignity and 2) his three (3) daughters.

Through a convoluted vortex of circumstances, on August 4, 2011, multi-millionaire Attorney Siegel was thrusted under a court appointed guardianship and conservatorship, unlawfully ending up with judicially deemed ward of the Commonwealth on August 17, 2011.”

With their father’s wishes being ignored, and getting no relief from probate court, the daughters had attempted an appeal to federal court. One portion of the transcript notes a daughter stating: “This initially starts off before that where my father, Attorney Siegel, had his established durable power of attorney and array of estate planning instruments for a long and continuous [time]…we’re here because of the fraudulent ouster and dismantling of that durable power of attorney.”

In English, that means that the daughter is accusing and presenting evidence that those in power – from the doctors to the hospitals to the lawyers entrusted with handling her father’s estate, dismantled years of estate planning instruments, stripped away all powers from the multi-millionaire, began a process of administering various drugs, have aided in isolating him from his family, and have been a party to draining his estate.

On page 31 of 97 of just one filing, the family states that a lawyer, cognizant that Mr. Siegel was being “involuntarily drugged with antipsychotics,” did “surreptitiously, through fraud and deception…” secure a signature from Mr. Siegel which set off a chain reaction, undoing years of his estate planning, while Mr. Siegel was in a psychiatric facility for two days of evaluation. The results of the evaluation showed no psychiatric issues and Mr. Siegel was subsequently released to his home.

Fundraiser today for Justice 4 Every1 for rent 5330 W Devon Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago

Now that the move is over, we must continue to do fundraisers. We do not receive corporate money of any kind, nor do we receive any government grants.

During the last month, however, the Office of State Guardian narcotized poor Jay Brouckmeersh, age 92 to death using the ER docs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, so we are all aware that the need to bring justice back to guardianship court is dire and acute.

Please join us today from 2 to 4 pm, as we continue our fight for Justice and Accountability in the Cook County, Illinois Probate Court System.

We will be having (courtesy of a donor) smoked salmon and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and wine and cheese.  Please bring a dish or whatever you would like to share.

We accept donations by:  text, fax or email. Simply take a picture of your check and text it to 773 255 7608, fax it to our new efax number at 888 350 0192 or email it to or pay by Paypal to same address or Chase Quick Pay (you do not have to be a Chase customer to do this, all you need is a bank account and an email or text message capabilities).

All donations are much appreciated.  We very well know how probate courts strip the elders of all their money, as well as friends and families in false court proceedings.

But we all have to band together to fight for Truth and Justice. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Our new rent is $700 per month, so we have a bit of fundraising to do.


From NASGA–hidden cameras show elderly woman being abused by aides in nursing home

SHARON, Mass. – A hidden camera captured a 93-year-old great-grandmother being tossed around and her hair pulled in a Sharon nursing home and rehab last week.

The video, set up by her family in her room at Wingate at Sharon, shows two women toss the elderly resident into her wheelchair. The resident, whose family, has identified her only as Dorothy, then struggles to maintain her balance.

“Get the hell away from me,” Dorothy says. “You think you’re pretty smart,” as one aide shows Dorothy her fist. Seconds later, the other aide grabs her hair from behind and yanks her head around.

The video from March 5 begins with Dorothy, who has dementia, swearing at and exchanging swipes with the pair. She threatens to break one certified nursing assistant (CNA)’s nose and says she will call police. Her granddaughter Kristen says Dorothy was defending herself.

“She can’t really hurt you. She’s 98 pounds. They were picking her up and whipping her around,” Kristen said. “It’s awful. We haven’t even slept nights with the images in our head of what was taken place, and we weren’t there to help her.”

Sharon police investigating the case filed a court summons for Domingas Teixeira, 61, and Leonide Jean Paul Bien-Aime, 49, both of Brockton, on charges of assault and battery on a person over 60.

Teixeira denied physically assaulting Dorothy but declined to comment further without an attorney.

FOX25 tried to reach Bien-Aime at home but could not make contact with her.

Wingate confirmed to FOX25 both aides had been fired. The company sent the following statement to FOX25.

“Upon hearing this deeply upsetting news, we moved swiftly to terminate the two employees involved, conduct a full investigation and work with the authorities.  We have brought in a counselor to support the resident and family and are re-educating all of our staff on appropriate and compassionate patient care. We are confident that this is an isolated incident, because we know our dedicated staff members who work hard every day to ensure the safety and dignity of the residents for whom they care. Nonetheless, it is heartbreaking.”

A spokesperson for Wingate also provided a letter that was sent to residents’ families, informing them of the incident, promising it was isolated and pledging, “nothing is more important to us than the safety and dignity of our residents.”

Dorothy, sick with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection, has been transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital. There, Kristen said, she is happier. She will never return to Wingate, the family said.

“I’m disgusted. I’m sickened by it. She’s defenseless,” Kristen said. “We trusted this place to take care  of her, and this is what was taking place in their facility.”

In an effort to protect her own grandparent and others, Kristen has been sending letters to lawmakers urging them to reconsider an electronic monitoring bill that was never passed but was proposed more than 15 years ago to allow residents of nursing homes to keep a camera rolling in their room.

If you suspect elder abuse, report it to the Elder Abuse Hotline: 800.922.2275 (Voice/TTY) in Massachusetts or (603) 271-7014 in New Hampshire. 

Full Article & Source:
Hidden camera captures nursing aides allegedly abusing grandmother


New Recommended Book–Michigan Monsters–the story of murder of an elderly father

Best of all, if you have Amazon unlimited, it’s free.  If not, it’s a bargain at $2.99.

The book does an excellent job of detailing the harrowing end of days of one elderly man, age 72, who was in good mental health, and good physical condition.

Once drugs are dispensed, it’s an easy step to have the person declared incompetent, put in a locked down nursing home where more drugs are dispenses–and every knows (or should know), if you were mentally competent prior to taking these drugs, they will ruin your mind and body.

Psychotropic drugs are not FDA approved for those over 60 or under 20, but they are dispensed all the time to the elderly.  Up to 80% of nursing home residents are dispensed psychotropic drugs, whether they want them or need them or not.  The FDA has declared this is a dangerous practice–so dangerous that in fact, a doctor’s (or nurse’s) license should be revoked if they engage in such behavior.

Nonetheless, this book is an excellent and quick read and I hope everyone takes the time and trouble to read the truth about guardians and guardianship courts and how this one easily worked with a murderer to commit murder.

My review, just posted:

5.0 out of 5 stars A true and accurate tale of murder in guardianship — a good example, April 20, 2017
This review is from: MICHIGAN MONSTERS: The True Story of how Karen Chism and Kristie Compton Murdered my Dad (Kindle Edition)
Excellent story of what really happens in guardianship court where an elder can easily be guardianized in just minutes even though they are perfectly competent and in good health and condition. Once someone drugs you with psychotropic drugs and takes away your hearing aides and glasses, many court appointed shrinks, for the right amount of money will declare you incompetent, in need of 24/7 care, in need of being drugged and in an institution, and then a system of felonies takes right over. You will be drugged, you will even be restrained physically while your estate is being drained by nefarious actors such as Guardians ad Litem, attorneys, (anti) social workers and a whole host of licensed criminals. At the right time, food and water will be withheld and drugs administered so that death (murder) easily comes in just 2 to 3 days.
This is an excellent short story of the corruption of our nation’s court system,and in particular, the guardianship system where so very many people steal money from an elder with money, it closely resembles the worst Dickensonian scenes ever.
See the following blogs: marygsykes, justice4every1 and the NASGA and ProbateSharks blogs for more information on this growing problem in the US and how you can help stop heart wrenching stories like these from taking place. Excellent job. Accurate job.

From FB: Medical Kidnap–If you don’t think there is something seriously wrong with our justice system, take a look at these horrors


Health Impact News

Earlier this month (October 2014) we reported the sad story of the Diegel family, who had their two daughters seized by Phoenix Children’s Hospital for disagreeing with the doctors over their treatment. We have previously reported many similar stories of hospitals using Child Protection Services (CPS) to remove children from loving parents simply for disagreeing with doctors, such as Justina Pelletier at Boston Children’s Hosptial, and Isaiah Rider at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Behind each of these stories is a link to experimental drug trials for the same medical conditions these children were suffering. This prompted a group of lawmakers on Capital Hill to introduce new legislation to stop this kind of medical experimentation on children who are seized from parents and made wards of the state (see: “Justina’s Law” Seeks to End Experimental Medical Research on Children Seized by Child Protection Services).

History of Phoenix Problems in Medical Kidnapping

Since publishing the Diegel family story, Health Impact News has been approached by many families with similar experiences with CPS in Phoenix, and with Phoenix Children’s Hospital. What we have learned in our investigation is truly troubling, and needs to be exposed by the media.

Like Melissa Diegel, who was threatened by family court with a gag order and ordered to take down her Facebook Page and other content documenting her family’s experience, these parents are terrified of coming forward and telling their story. Therefore, many of our sources for this story wish to remain anonymous. Some of them hold important positions within the community in the Phoenix area, but fear retaliation.

What we have learned is that while the problem of medical kidnapping is systemic and present in all 50 states, linked to federal funding for CPS and the foster care business, apparently it is “by far” worse in Arizona than any other state. One source said:

We have upwards of 15,000 kids in and out of home placement. It is a billion dollar business and more when the judges, lawyers, guardian ad litems, experts, cps case managers, cps administration, hospitals, physicians, foster parents, and court appointed attorneys are included. It is not uncommon for a hospital to bill AHCCCS (Medicaid) a million dollars a year on one child.

First, there are a many stories of medical kidnapping in Phoenix that are publicly available. We will highlight a few of the many.

Escape to Mexico to Avoid Medical Kidnapping


In a 2012 story that was covered in the national mainstream media, Norma and Luis Bracamontes’ 11-year daughter, who had been diagnosed with leukemia, was being treated at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH). But while she was in the hospital, she developed a serious infection in her arm that caused her arm to be amputated. The parents became very concerned about the kind of treatment she was receiving, especially when doctors inserted a catheter into her heart.

However, PCH would not allow the parents to take their daughter to another hospital. So in an action that was captured on the hospital’s security camera and broadcast to the whole country via the mainstream media, Norma took her daughter into a bathroom, removed her IV, and walked out of the hospital with her daughter. You can watch the original report on NBCLatino here.

Phoenix police searched for the girl and her mother, stating that the girl’s life was in extreme danger, and that she would die if she was not returned to the hospital.

However, the parents stated just the opposite. They stated the hospital was already responsible for her losing her arm, and they were concerned their daughter’s life was in extreme danger if they continued to allow PCH to hold their daughter. So they escaped to Mexico.

Once safe in Mexico, the mother and daughter appeared to the media to prove that the daughter was safe, and that she was getting better in the care of her Mexican doctors. You can watch the interview on the Today Show here. They were also interviewed by the local media on KSWT News 13 here, where the mother explains that PCH would not release the daughter unless she applied for health insurance.

The parents action, while quite possibly saving the child’s life, resulted in them becoming criminals and fugitives in Phoenix, as local police there say they face arrest for “child endangerment and abuse.”

Using Psychological Diagnosis of Parent to Seize Children


In a report covered by 3TV in Phoenix in 2012, Rachel Sparks had her son snatched right from her arms from CPS due to a psychological diagnosis and drugs her doctor had prescribed to her. Her doctor made a mistake in prescribing a dose too high, which landed her in the hospital. She was alleged to be unfit to care for her autistic son, so they took him away from her. Her son became suicidal in foster care, missing his mother so much.

There was no evidence of Rachel abusing or not being able to care for her children. So when months turned into years, 3TV in Phoenix got involved. They uncovered internal documents with the CPS showing that a team of specialists wrote: “There are no risk factors at this time as client has met her goals above and beyond showing strength and stability in safe parenting.” Yet, he was not returned until a year and half later, after an attorney picked up the case pro bono and obtained a court order to have him returned.

For Sparks, it has been a long and painful journey.

“It’s scary – I’m still scared,” she said. “Not that I’ve done anything wrong but that this can happen to regular people.”

Still Sparks says she’s a survivor — and so are her kids.

“My kids are my life,” she tells us. “They are the reason I am living.”

Read the full story and watch the video here.

The Arizona 5 – Heal Your Kids Naturally and You Lose Them


To understand some of the rationale behind the medical industry and the development of new drugs, one must understand that modern medicine is dependent to a large extent on the field of genetics. This is the “new frontier” in drugs. Therefore, to present the cure or remedy to a disease based on environmental causes, such as toxins in our environment, is a threat to this theory. It suggests there are natural, not patent-able, non-pharmaceutical solutions outside of the drug industry. (See: Genetics Research Fraud: Your Genes do NOT Determine Your Health.)

When the source of the toxins causing sickness is a pharmaceutical product to begin with, like a vaccine, then there is a double threat to the powerful pharmaceutical industry.

There is probably no field of modern medicine so contentious and so full of fraud as the field of vaccines and autism. (See: Vaccine Scandals and Criminal Cases Increase in 2014.)

In 2010 when a family of five children who were all diagnosed with autism began to see improvement in their children using natural remedies and diet, they had their children taken away from them by CPS at the order of doctors at PCH.

Dr. Andrew Wakefied became aware of the family while giving a lecture in Phoenix in 2010, and became so interested in their case that he wrote a book about them: Waging War on the Autistic Child: The Arizona 5 and the Legacy of Baron von Munchausen (Skyhorse Publishing). Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the book:

As the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders grows each year, new discoveries and controversies arise. Andrew Wakefield explores many of these in his thorough investigation of the recent trial case of the “Arizona 5,” which destroyed an Arizona family. Two parents, with five children on the spectrum, were accused of Münchausen syndrome by proxy—a rare form of child abuse—and were ganged up on by physicians, child protective services, and the courts, who alleged that the parents fabricated medical symptoms in all five children. However, Wakefield now presents ample evidence that was disregarded and which would have proven the parents’ innocence.

Families affected by autism suffer great hardship and prejudice, particularly as they navigate the uncertain waters of diagnosis, treatment, and education. The shocking story of the Arizona 5 family delves into the tremendous challenges some parents have to face, especially if their views on how to treat the syndrome don’t align with the medical world’s standards. Wakefield also includes numerous studies and research trials that support the controversial yet significant roles that vaccines and diet play in autism, factors many medical professionals wrongfully dismiss.

To watch an interview with Dr. Wakefield and family members, go here.

Using the Field of Psychology to Kidnap Children at PCH

In almost every single case of medical kidnapping we have covered here at Health Impact News, a psychologist or psychiatrist is used to justify removing the children from the parents. And this seems to be especially true with PCH as well.

One person from Arizona told us that PCH uses an out-of-state psychologist that is not licensed in Arizona to come in and review cases where children are removed from parents. This is what they told us about the procedure PCH uses to medically kidnap children:

In Arizona when a physician or hospital commits a medical mistake there is a well planned procedural process that takes place immediately.

The child is immediately moved to a special room within the hospital. The special room is wired for audio and video with the capacity to pick up sounds and visuals from every angle except the bathroom. The child is recorded 24/7 or until they develop enough circumstantial evidence to make accusations that the mother has done something to or with the child.

Then the physicians have the hospital social worker call CPS and state, “it is not in the child’s best interest to return home with the mother as it will impede the child’s recovery”. 

CPS then comes to the hospital and takes control of the child and the parent is forbidden from seeing the child.

Then Dr. Kathryn Coffman who works for the hospital and the doctors that called in to CPS and Brenda Bursch PhD., who subcontracts with the state of Arizona, begin an extensive review of the medical records, “but” not all of the medical records. “Only” medical records that draw a picture that mother possibly did something to the child. This is not evidence but only pure conjecture. The court never is told the true condition of the child. That is hidden and exculpatory evidence is hidden as well.

It is my understanding that Brenda Bursch PhD. is on at least 12 cases like this in Arizona. She is an out-of-state psychologist that is not licensed in Arizona but is allowed to practice here for 20 days each year.

It is unethical for a psychologist to wear more than one hat on a case. Not so in Arizona! I attempted to file complaints with the California Psychology Board. They sort of snickered and said that she is not doing anything wrong in California so it is none of their concern.

I and multiple other parents and citizens filed complaints with the Arizona Psychology Board. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office blocked those complaints saying that she is not licensed in Arizona so they have no jurisdiction. There were at least five complaints that I know of and all were blocked. I am attaching a “white paper” I did to demonstrate the number of hats out-of-state psychologists wear here in Arizona on these cases. The state picks them up at the airport and transports them to their hotel and to and from court proceedings at no charge. (Possibly a gift of state funds and possibly tampering with a witness to draw sympathy or share information.)

Here is a list of inappropriate ways the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Child Protective Services branch, contracts and uses “out-of-state” psychologists:

  • These “out-of-state” psychologists are not licensed in Arizona.
  • These “out-of-state” psychologists are not accountable in the state of Arizona to the Arizona Psychology Board.
  • These “out-of-state” psychologists are not accountable in the state they are licensed in because their valid actions and inappropriate actions happen inside of Arizona and not in their home states.
  • These “out-of-state” psychologists are not contracted through the normal bidding process.
  • These “out-of-state” psychologist’s contracts are not available on the Arizona Procurement site and have to be specifically requested.
  • These “out-of-state” psychologists are not fingerprinted in Arizona or background check by Arizona.
  • These “out-of-state” psychologists do not have to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) nor the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); even though it is in their contract with the State of Arizona.
  • These “out-of-state” psychologists unethically wear more than one “hat” simultaneously;
    • Evaluator
    • Expert Witness
    • Consultant to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Child Protective Services
    • Consultant to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office
    • Coordinator of Services and Treatment
    • Treatment Consultant
    • Trainer to Providers
    • Consultant to Provider Agencies Providing Services in the same case
  • CPS workers take these confidential Parent Psychological Evaluations completed by “out-of-state” psychologists and share them with their children, spouses, family members, inmates, and others without the knowledge of the person evaluated or the permission of the person evaluated. Clear violations of ethics, confidentiality and the law.

Governor Jan Brewer’s Role?

In January of 2014 Arizona Govenor Janice Brewer completely abolished the state’s Child Protection Agency via an executive order. In its place, she appointed all funds to be handled by her own representative, Charles Flanagan. Mr. Flangan became the director of the “Division of Child Safety and Family Services.”  The reason given for abolishing CPS was that there were 6,500 abuse and neglect cases filed that were not properly investigated.

So now Gov. Brewer has complete control of the agency that is responsible for these medical kidnappings. Is she part of the solution, or part of the problem?

The victims of the system claim she is part of the problem, not the solution. She has allegedly never responded to any of the complaints from families who have requested help after having their children seized by medical authorities via an out-of-state psychologist who is not even licensed in Arizona.

Today, Arizona has by far the highest rate of children removed from their homes and placed in foster care of any other state in the U.S. While most other states in the U.S. are seeing declines in foster care placements, Arizona is seeing the biggest percentage of increase among U.S. states. Over the past decade, Arizona had the second-largest increase in the nation, adding 7,296 children. Texas, with 4 times the population, had the most with 8,294. (Source.)

Children Abducted for Drug Trials?

Some parents, such as Melissa Diegel, have spoken out against what they see are medical experimentations on their children as part of drug trials to develop new drugs. As we have reported previously in our coverage of the Diegel family situation, just prior to the state taking custody of the two Diegel sisters, they were examined by several different doctors at PCH, all in the field of genetics. It was during this time that the girls were diagnosed with “congenital disorder of glycosylation” (CDG).

Unknown to the parents at the time, there was funding and drug trials going on for this rare condition. The glycosylation drug trial through NHGRI/ TGEN opened up on March 14th, 2014, just 3 weeks before the two Phoenix sisters were medically kidnapped.

As we reported above, drug trials and new drug development today are dependent on genetic research. In this area, Arizona is a leader. The new Translational Genomics Research Institute is in downtown Phoenix. You can see the board of directors here, which includes Arizona governor Jan Brewer and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

In addition, PCH just announced this month that billionaire doctor Patrick Soon-Shiong had joined Phoenix Children’s Hospital to open a new “Groundbreaking Pediatric Genomic Research and Translational Precision Medicine Institute.”

Forbes calls Dr. Soon-Shiong “the richest doctor who ever lived.”

It would seem they need plenty of new patients in pediatrics for drug trials for all this new research to have any “success.”

Parents Terrorized from Speaking Out

As we mentioned earlier, when children are abducted and placed into the foster care system via family court, the parents are threatened, and usually hit with gag orders against speaking out. This was done to Melissa Diegel a couple of weeks ago. When Health Impact News first reported her story, gathered from facts collected by an advocacy group which started a Facebook Page, the court ordered her to tell us to take down our story.

We did not. As the story stayed up and went viral, we started hearing from others with very similar stories, particularly from Arizona. We will begin to document them and publish them on our new website, The website is still under construction, but if anyone wants to tell us their story they can contact us here.

Just before the court ordered Melissa to take down her Facebook Page and all social media regarding her children and her fight to expose what was happening at PCH, she was interviewed on in September. Here is an excerpt we extracted from the interview, and we are sure it is a message she wants all of America to hear, a message certain people are trying hard to suppress:

You can listen to the full interview here.

GoFundMe – To help Melissa with her legal fees in fighting to get her children back!


How to Raise a Healthy Child
In Spite of Your Doctor

How To Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor Dangers of Hospital Stays

by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD
Free Shipping Available!

by Attorney Jonathan Emord

From Joanne:


If you don’t think there is something seriously wrong with all of these cases, then you don’t fully realize the extent that corporations, including hospitals and drug companies have corrupted our beautiful country with such a great national Constitution and individual state Constitutions with many freedoms and well constructed Bills of Rights for citizens.

We have the laws. They are NOT being used.

Delores Bedin, Northwestern Memorial Hospital:  never told for 4 years that she had a polyp that developed right into pancreatic cancer.  why?  NMH receives grant money for pancreatic cancer studies.  When the daughter filed suit over the gross malpractice, NMH managed to have most of the case dismissed and this was overturned on appeal, but poor Daughter was left with only one claim–intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Her claims for violations of hers and her mother’s civil rights and wrongful death all dismissed.  As soon as NMH realized the malpractice that was committed in their hospital, they kicked poor Delores Bedin out of their hospital and denied her crucial cancer rehab.


When poor Jay Brouchmeersch was overdosed by NMH staff with heparin, a dangerous blood thinner, they worked in cahoots with the nursing home, Warren Barr to kill her off. They guardianized her and the Illinois Office of State Guardian told the ER staff doctor at NMH “not to treat” and she died when poor Mother was denied crucial IV fluids for dehydration and blood transfusions.  The Daughter wanted to kidnap her mother and remove her from the nursing home and take her to Illinois Masonic for treatment.

Apparently she should have.

Staff at the OSG and NMH killed poor elderly Jay Brouckmeersch.

Does anyone care?  not Judge Quinn.

All these psychopaths must be tested and delicensed and not be paid another dime for the evil they do.


Center of Concern in Park Ridge needs more volunteers for “Volunteer Day” on April 29, 2017 at 9:30 am

Please come and volunteer if you can. This organization helps keep seniors in their own home.

I have not heard of any situations where they ratted out a senior and put them in a nursing home, but let me know if any one has heard of this and I will publish any documented story..

You can volunteer by going to their website at

thanks for your participation.


More details on “Volunteer Day”

Thank you again for volunteering to help our senior clients at our Community Service Day on Saturday, April 29.

Here are a few details regarding that day:

  1. We will meet at our new office, 1665 Elk Boulevard, Des Plaines at 9:30 a.m., and will provide a light continental breakfast.
  2. You will be given a list of clients, addresses, and phone numbers of those we would like you to help as well as the tasks they would like done.  Depending on the size of your group, there will be 3 – 4 clients on your lists, located in the same general area.  Most of the tasks will be window washing and yard work, including weeding and bush trimming.  A few of our clients live in condominiums, so that will be inside window washing.  Those clients will be home and waiting for you.
  3. If you are able to, please bring buckets, sponges, rags, squeegees, trowels, clippers, and work gloves.  We will have some supplies available if you don’t have your own.
  4. Some of our clients need some painting done.  WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO DO THIS??  PLEASE let me know ASAP.  Client will provide paint, brushes, and everything else required.
  5. We will also provide you with a box lunch, as well as a lunch to bring to the homes of the clients you visit.
  6. If you can, please take photos of the work you are doing, and send them to me.  We would appreciate this so that we can show the public all the good work you are doing.

Please email or call me if your schedules have changed and you can no longer volunteer, or if you have any questions.

See you Saturday, April 29!


And a Happy Easter to all of you out there who have been erased from a loved senior or disabled person.

I know that this past weekend was very hard on many, many children and nieces and nephews who could not see a beloved grandparent because the state has erased them from your lives, issued false protective orders, issued false directions to nursing homes, etc.– all in the name of money.

Your elderly or disabled person was sold and that was it.

In order to perfect the sale, a letter or order issued in a summary manner saying no one can visit them.

This means they can be abused and abused again and no one will know.

My heart goes  out to you at this time and I pray for healing and comfort for you.

This has happened in soooo many case in Illinois and throughout the nation, it is a disgusting, horrible situation that simply cannot be ignored.

Mary Sykes–isolated for 6 years from 20+ friends and family–no more Easters for her with her beloved ones; Carol Wyman–isolated for months until she escaped from Illinois to loving son in Colorado; Alan Frake–isolated for years from Son Gary Frake who saw his dad only a handful of times over the years because visits had to be supervised by the evil Tom Kleinhenz that the court loves; Alice Gore–isolated for 10 months from over 20+ friends and family, forbidden to live with loving daughter who wanted to take her in, forced to live in dangerous Warren Barr nursing home where she was narcotized to death after 29 gold teeth pulled; Jay Brouckmeersch–medically neglected in probate court and then narcotized to death; Helen Rector–isolated from beloved Christian minister daughter who was told not to talk to her mother about God, angels or religion in the months prior to mom’s death where she was narcotized to death by guardian with attorney’s assistance and so on and so forth.

You all know the stories.

The real Easter question is where is our savior, our special investigator that will give all the money back to the families and indict the murderers?

I wish you all Easter, Passover and all spring holiday best wishes.


From Elena Federova to Presiding Judge Timothy Evans

Scores of people have filed valid grievances with Timothy Evans, presiding judge of Cook County Court System, only to get a form letter back.

The ARDC told me I could not ask Timothy Evans if he was on the side of Corruption or Truth and Justice, for some reason that really bothered them.

It is my understanding that TE was “given” that seat by our former mayor Daley because he was afraid TE would get all the black votes and win an election. What a croc for getting and even keeping that seat.  If that’s true, why isn’t it investigated and why isn’t he removed.  As we learned with Gov Blago, political seats must not be “let’s make a deal.” And what about that “scheduling department” of his?  They always transfer cases behind closed doors and just “promise” you it was fair and random.

If that’s true, why can’t we see and why do I hear rumors and actually see it for myself that insurance companies who pay off get the judges who always rule in favor of defendants and favored crony big law firms pay off and always get judges who rule in favor of plaintiffs.

If this is true, why isn’t the public able to see the random case generator that is always done “in the back room” with a promise of impartiality.

Me thinks these ladies doth protesteth far too much.

From Elena, she makes some great points:

From: chicago summer <>

Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 10:35 AM
Subject: Public comments to Chief Judge Evans and suggestions for improvements

April 14, 2017
Hon.  Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans
50 W. Washington St.  Room 2600
Chicago IL 60602 Dear All,
Re: Public comments and Notice pursuant to 18 USC §4 to investigate corruption in your Court
Dear Honorable Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans :
I am contacting your office and request to investigate rampant judicial corruption in your court and report us which  steps taken by your office to improve public confidence. I also suggest you to start educating  IL citizens about their real chances  to find justice in your Court.  I further respectfully request your office to add to your Court’s  website a page where full biographies of your judges, along with their photos will be displayed for the public.  Right now most public offices and private law Firms have bios and photo IDs of their employees, while Cook County Judges profiles lack this essential information. The biography must disclose each judge relationships with other judges and their donors, as well and donations amounts. For example:
Judge John C. Griffin ,a  long-time friend with Justice Daniel J. Pierce, who is a 1965  class-mate with Appeal Court Justice Thomas E. Hoffman, both long-time friends with Edward Burke and his wife Anne Burke whom Daniel J. Piece gave substantial amounts of money to get elected in exchange of his appointment as a judge from 14th Subcirtcuit and transfer to Appeal Court without election. Griffin, who was appointed by Supreme Court where Justice Pierce’s friend’s wife Anne Burke is a Justice, was the main donor for his election. Before election Griffin was charged by  IL Board of Elections for deception about his in-kinds donations, but still got judicial position, which has absolutely nothing to do with his connections with Justice Pierce and Burkes’ family; and was promoted to be a Supervising Judge despite adverse  public complaints for fixing cases for substantial amounts of money; lies from the bench  that he does not know who are his donors; and Administrative and Federal Court legal proceedings against him. Griffin donated about $30K to himself, received $500.00 from Justice  Pierce; as well numerous donations from real estate lawyers, developers and insurance companies”; or
Judge Robert E. Senechalle, protégé of Michael Madigan who obtained his seat through “Madigan’s List”;
Judge James P. Flannery, Jr., former Assistant Attorney General, supported by Daley family ”;
Judge Irvin Solganick, partner for Vdrolyak law Firm, who obtained his judicial position though Sulski-Solganick stunt, where Rod Blagojevich was helping to sign Solganick’s petitions”’
Judge John J. Curry, Jr. a long-time friend  to Tyrone Fahner, 1981-83 IL Attorney General. Curry struggled for six years to obtain a slot for election, which became available in 2014 upon retirement of  Judge Anthony Iosco (who in 1998  was not recommended for the bench; a Democrat’s candidate was preferred over Iosco,  but Iosco was elected anyway in 2000, when he registered his committee a month before election). John Curry, former Republican Party Treasurer, was the main sponsor for his election where he and his wife, a well-connected financier,  donated and loaned to him about $100,000.00. Curry was not opposed by any Democrats because his patron and former boss Tyrone Fahner, who is a top partner at Mayer Brown LLP, donated substantial amounts of money to Democrats Burke, his wife, Justice Theis and Mayor Daley, or those parties who regularly stack our benches with their cronies. Mayer Brown LLP represents many banks in foreclosure cases which  Judge John J. Curry, Jr. is currently handling as a judge.
  Judge Clare Quish, appointed by IL Supreme Court former clerk for Justice Theis and partner for Schulyer Roche Grisham, where another former Justice Theis clerk judge Jean Prendergast Rooney was as a partner. Quish, Rooney and Schulyer Roche Grisham donated at least $30,000.00  combined funds to help Justice Theis be elected
Appointed by IL Supreme Court Judge Elizabeth A. Karkula, wife of well-connected Judge Paul A. Karkula, who was NOT recommended to be a judge but somehow found his way to the bench. Both worked for Vdrolyak law firm who gave substantial donations to Justice Freeman. In 1998 Paul and Elizabeth Karkula created a joint Committee to offer IL public their judicial services. Karkulas did not succeed and the committee  was closed
Judge Martin Moltz, former Assistant Attorney General. In 1992 Moltz created a Committee “Citizens to Elect Martin Moltz as a Judge”. Until 2000 the main supporters to the Committee were Martin Moltz and his treasurer. In 2000 Moltz dissolved his committee and in 2007 he was appointed to be an Associate Judge. Moltz was regularly sued in Federal Court for violations of civil rights, Due Process rights, corruption and racket. Moltz customary rules in favor of predatory collects, including his verdict in favor of LVNV Funding LLC who collected debt in IL without being licensed. Other predatory collectors now use this verdict in support of their cases”.
I also request to disclose on the Court site how much money your judges received from various lawyers to get elected, it will help the public to make an educated choice which lawyer they should hire.  For example, Judge Griffin directed me to hire a low budget lawyer  to be “fairly heard” in his Court while he perfectly knew that this is not how the system  works. Low budget lawyer would just increase my expenses, without any chance for a  fair hearing  because I regularly see how Judge Griffin rules in favor of a better funded party, especially if they are related to real estate business or large law firms. For example, Chicago Association of Realtors v. Geller (or Holland &Knight vs. Solo Practitioner), a questionable defamation case which Griffin approved to proceed, while CRA was not able to prove ANY facts against Geller and dropped the case voluntarily.  
Compare it to Griffin’s verdict in my case: ProSe vs. 7 large Law Firms, including  Hinschaw &Culbertson (who have a personal Judge, Dad of their partner, Thomas Mulroy, III, sitting in your in Law Division; a personal judge Horan, appointed by Justice Theis H&C partner,  in Municipal Division; over 800 very sizable donations under firm’s name to various judges( and many  additional  from their individual lawyers ); $4,550 donations to Judge Thomas Hogan whom judge Flannery placed on his stead to approve bogus consolidation with my case, a favorable verdict from Justices Harris ,Daniel Pierce and Simon  in case against predatory collectors  Blitt&Gains; Gibbs v. B&G, 14-123681;  substantial amounts of money [to Judge Griffin] to dismiss my case, ect). Of course I have no chance to be fairy heard in Griffin’s Court  without hiring a very specific lawyer – the one who gave  more money to judges than Hinschaw&Culbertson .
It will be much more helpful if I knew upfront about Judge Griffin and Justice Pierce relations  (who was the first judge on my case, until your daughters  or other employees “accidentally” transferred it to Pierce friend, Judge Griffin) , as well and their connections with Appeal and Supreme Court Justices and Mr. Burke.
It would be obvious from the beginning that if I, for example, hire Mr. Philip Corboy’s nephew, partner  Daniel Kotin, to represent me;  and my opponents  hire any Mayer Brown LLP associate, judge John C.  Griffin  will rule in favor of Mayer Brown LLP  because they donated much more money to judges than Mr. Kotin.
But if I hire Mr. Steven Elrod, son of Judge Richard Elrod, and partner of Holland & Knight, Judge John C. Griffin would most likely rule in favor of Mr. Elrod.
It would save me thousands of dollars  wasted on your filing fees, copies and postage, as well as years of nerves in your Court; and definitely improve my confidence in justice  (with the twist, of course).
I am sending my request and suggestions to all other authorities, including IL Board of Elections and IL Supreme Court, and also request them to provide me your respond about the steps to combat corruption in our Courts and improve public confidence in Justice (for which we pay you very substantial money from the Budget).
Very truly yours,
Elena Fedorova

From Dr. Klimek on the rising rate of teen girl suicide

to jdenison
Hi JoAnne:

Here is an article published in a reputable journal.   It’s on the “surprising” increase in suicide of adolescent girls.  Because sexual abuse is sooo harmful and difficult to admit to anyone (a common PTSD symptom)  they usually act out their pain and their shame.  Just wanted you to know the bigger picture of all this early abuse, if you hadn’t been aware of it. That’s all.  ***** speaks so highly of you that I’m glad you are working with him.  He’s a miracle in his own right.

Sincere regards,


Kevin, M.D.

Why Are Suicide Rates Rising?

Completed attempts are just the tip of the iceberg

  • by Christopher Johnson MD
  • April 13, 2017
Those of us who work in pediatric intensive care have frequent encounters with the problem of suicide and attempted suicide. It has seemed to me for some years that the numbers are increasing, and this has been shown to be the case. After years of declining, the suicide rate in our country has been increasing, now at about 125% of the rate of several decades ago.
This increase accelerated after 2006. Although all age groups showed an increase, the rate among women, particularly adolescent girls, took a notable jump. In 2012 suicide was the second leading cause of death in adolescents ages 12 to 19 years, accounting for more deaths in this age group than cancer, heart disease, influenza, pneumonia, diabetes mellitus, human immunodeficiency virus, and stroke combined. Here are some recent statistics of women from the CDC, although they don’t quite break out adolescents they way I would like.
Actual suicide is just the tip of the iceberg, since, at least among adolescent girls who attempt it, typically, with a drug overdose, there are as many as 90 attempts for every death. Since a large number of these attempts end up in the PICU, I’m not surprised we are seeing more and more of them come through our doors. A few other points are worth noting here. The success statistics for adolescent boys are unfortunately much higher because boys tend to use more violent means than girls, such as hanging, firearms, or automobiles.
However, although rates for boys are up slightly, they really haven’t changed much. It’s also important to realize suicide attempts are a spectrum — some are more serious than others. Many girls take an overdose and then immediately tell somebody about it. These are often called suicide gestures and can be quite impulsive. Some use the term “cry for help” to describe them. More ominous are children who carefully plan, such as by hoarding powerful drugs in secret and taking them in a setting where they won’t be found. They may leave a suicide note. I couldn’t find any data about whether these different categories are discordant in the rate increase, but I assume the two are tracking together. Finally, a child may not know which drugs are truly dangerous. I have seen very serious suicide attempts by children who take overdoses of what we know to be innocuous medications, but the child does not. Regardless of what category the attempt is, of course, the child needs mental health services subsequently. These days we find a child’s text messages to be very helpful. So why the increase in adolescent girls?
Presumably, suicide rates are rough and ready markers for rates of depression. Is teen depression increasing? A 2006 study says no, at least up until then. What about the last decade, since 2006 appears to be the year suicide rates inflected upward in adolescent girls. I did find a snapshot for 2015 from the CDC of the number of adolescents who experienced a major depressive episode during the year — girls were nearly 20%.
A recent study in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, found a nearly 50% increase in adolescent depression over the past 11 years. Mental health problems are notoriously difficult to study because, of course, we have no definitive test for them — no blood test, no fancy brain scans. We mostly rely on surveys. Still, it does seem something changed about a decade ago, and this is probably reflected in the increase in suicide attempts among girls at roughly the same rate as the increase in major depression.
There are a few other things to keep in mind. Prescriptions of antidepressants have increased dramatically, particularly of drugs in the class we call selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Common brand names for these are Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, and Zoloft. There has been concern that in the short term after starting them, SSRIs may actually increase thoughts about suicide in adolescents. Another new development is social media. Teenagers, especially those in difficult home situations or who are socially isolated, are quite susceptible to bullying behavior, and cyberbullying has emerged as a new threat to such children. There have been several dramatic cases in the news about suicides following cyberbullying.
I’m sorry to say I really don’t know what explains these increasing rates, except to point out the overall rate of suicide for the whole population has also increased to some extent; it was 10.5 deaths per 100,000 persons in 1999 and is now 13 per 100,000. Middle-aged males have seen a dramatic jump in rates. It appears to me that, for many possible reasons, there is more social anxiety and depression in America, which in turn increases suicide rates. Adolescent girls are feeling this in particular. You might say our entire society is issuing a cry for help.
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From Elena Federova–how the Chicago authorities laugh at those with no power when they abuse them

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 5:03 AM, chicago summer <> wrote:

I hope you all seen how City of Chicago officers who serve O’Hara airport, helped United Airline to abuse a paying customer whom they violently dragged from the plane to accommodate “more important” passengers.
The accident clearly illustrates how lawless is our City and how helpless are people who are facing oppression and abuses from a more powerful party, usually a corporation.
This precedent very much reminded me our Courts where more powerful and better funded parties get full support, regardless how malicious and unlawful are their actions. Basically, the ARDC and Jerome Larkin were those “officers” who  “dragged” Lanre Amu, Ken Ditkowsky and you from the legal profession in the same manner as the passenger from United, regardless of all rights.
According to the eyewitness, city officers were even laughing at the victim of their abuses! I am sure that judges are also laughing at us, too, when they attack us with their threats from the bench, and disbar lawyers, totally confident in their impunity.
 I don’t know how many millions will Dr. Dao demand from the City of Chicago but I am absolutely confident  that these money (as well as defense costs) will be paid by us while all responsible parties will retain their seats in the public offices.
“The passenger dragged from his seat aboard a Sunday night flight at O’Hare International Airport took the first step toward potential legal action against United Airlines or the city on Wednesday. David Dao, who has retained a high-powered personal injury lawyer, asked the Cook County Circuit Court for an order requiring United and the city of Chicago to keep all video, cockpit recordings and other reports from the flight, along with the personnel files of the Aviation Department officers who pulled Dao from the plane. The request was filed a few hours before the Chicago Department of Aviation said it had placed two more officers on administrative leave until further notice as a result of the incident.”
“The disgusting mishandling of the situation included everyone from the rude ticket agent who demanded that this man give up his seat on the flight United overbooked, to one of the officers laughing in the midst of the incident, to the violent, abusive way the passenger was dragged off the plane by the officer. It was the worst possible model for my students, and frankly, was traumatizing to many of us who watched this from such close proximity.
What are we modeling for our children? Are we teaching our children to scream at other people, to jump quickly to force if we can’t get the results we want, to use violence to solve problems, to have total disrespect for other people?
I was appalled at how United Airlines and the officers handled the situation, but I was also encouraged by my fellow passengers’ attempts to interfere — despite how helpless we all felt. Some passengers audibly protested to the officers, some stood and removed themselves from the plane rather than continue to witness the abuse, and one father, while trying to console his 8-year-old daughter, confronted the officer saying, among other things, “you ought to be ashamed of yourself!These are the models of which I hope our children will see more.


New Business Address and phones

While the old phone numbers from Comcast are waiting to be ported, I have some new ones that if I am not there, they go to voice mail and the voice mail is emailed to me.

See my new contact us page:

Contact Us:

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Fax:(888) 350-0192

Our phone now has voice to email so I will get your voice mails right away!

Yeah for Matt my son that set this up.


Tony Phillips and Linda Scully


NOTE: If you do not see a name listed under “contact us”, it is because that person is not associated with our firm. All our employees are promptly listed on this page, and removed when they leave our firm.

A question from Julitte Fairley–Did Larkin really allow Miriam Solo to mine Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth?

And why wasn’t she disbarred.  For sure this is how the Nazi’s started.

yep he sure did and you can watch bev cooper talk about it on her shows.  Go to you tube and search for our names, “joanne denison” and “bev cooper” and “north shore live” and “ken Ditkowsky”.  JL is an evil, evil man.  File a complaint against Miriam Solo aka Solotevich and see how it gets dismissed.

Alice Gore was separated from 20+ friends and family for over 10 months.  She was put in a locked down nursing home, Warren Barr on Oak Street in Chicago.  Her daughter wanted to take her home and care for her there.  MS would not allow it.  Bev had to drive 30 min each way to see her mother from Highland Park (Google the trip), then when she saw her mom after 10 months, they pulled 29 gold teeth and put a feeding tube laced with drugs at one end and a diaper at the other.
Ask Larkin where are the subpoenas he served on MS and Warren Barr regarding bribes and kickbacks to attorneys and judges from nursing homes.    You will find the subpoenas to be utterly invisible.
Ask Larkin where are the subpoenas to Carolyn Toerpe for her stealing nearly $1 million in gold coins from the Sykes case. Those are invisible too.
Right now I am calling on the public, and you probate victims who have been abused, to call up the attorneys listed in your false grievance rejection letters and ask where copies of the subpoenas served on Miriam Solo for mining 29 gold teeth from an elder, Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern for allowing nearly $1 million in gold coin to disappear and $500k from a Lasalle Bank account (now Bank of America) and the subpoena to Sharon Rudy asking her why she liened the family Wyman home when she nearly killed Carol Wyman in an abusive nursing home (down 2 pints of blood, beaten and sexually abused), and JEROME LARKIN DOES NOTHING BUT COVER IT ALL UP.
Demand to see the Sykes, Wyman, Gore subpoenas!
The ARDC loves crooked attorneys making money from felonies.  Mention that in a complaint and it always gets dismissed.
Mention that an attorney is speaking out against corruption (Ditkowsky, Amu and Denison), and they will quickly file a complaint, allege that the felonious judges and attorneys cried like a baby girl, and they will prosecute vigorously, making up all sorts of lies, and then suspend your law license forever.
They will harass you, stalk you and oppress you.  They will put your head on a stake as a warning to other honest attorneys to shut the F up–or else.  We ARE the mob and we ARE in control.
You wouldn’t believe the harassment and oppression that I, Ditkowsky and Amu have lived through.  They force nightmares on you.
But in all of my struggles and troubles, these pale in comparison to the murders and deaths and miserable lives of the following judge/attorney/probate victims:  Alice Gore, age 99; Mary G Sykes, age 95; Alan Frake, over 80, Helen Rector, 90’s, Jay Brouckmeersch, 90’s–all murdered, all narcotized to death, denied treatment, denied services.  And there are more.  I have a list of 29 victims of abusive attorneys and judges in the court system.
Please pray for us all.

Great Memorandum or Brief on Motions to unseal Court cases

We all know that corrupt cases are sealed left and right up and down.  We also know in Chicago, in years past, the Office of Public Guardian had mysterious fires and also City Hall had mysterious fires where only half a floor of records would always burn — only the City half and not the County Half.

I also still have litigants unable to get unconstitutionally sealed cases and transcripts unsealed after many long months.  In Cook County, apparently after you get the order unsealing an unconstitutionally sealed court case file, then the paper file mysteriously disappears and even more mysterious, the computer file suddenly becomes unable to print.

You would not believe the files I have heard that are secreted away, found elsewhere and will not print.

In Cook County, apparently our case files have wings to fly away, legs to walk away and magnets to make them unable to print.

I am sure other jurisdictions have these problems were files or portions of files disappear, files or portions of files are suddenly unprintable, but my favorite is the lawyer that is somehow running around with a missing file (true story) and the judge gets livid, but really does nothing in the end.  Go figure.

So for all of you out there with the complaints of files with wings and legs and only certain attorneys are allowed a take home assignment with a court file, this one is for you.

In a case that has been the subject of national media attention, this court ordered
on June 7, 2007, that “the balance of all proceedings . . . shall be filed under
seal.” Consent Order, June 7, 2007. The court’s order states that the subject of the
order was heard during a case management conference on June 1, 2007, that it was
supported by “good cause,” and that all counsel consented to its entry. Id. Other
than these perfunctory statements, there is no indication in the public record of
why the court ordered the case sealed. Nor is there any indication of whether the
court found that the parties’ interest in the secrecy of any particular filings outweighed
the public’s presumptive right of access.
The court’s umbrella sealing order violates the well-established rule in New
Jersey that courts “must examine each document individually and make factual
findings with regard to why the presumption of public access has been overcome.”
Hammock v. Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc., 142 N.J. 356, 382, 662 A.2d 546, 559 (N.J.
1995). Accordingly, proposed intervenor Public Citizen respectfully requests that
the court unseal all filings or portions of filings for which the court has not made
findings that concrete interests in secrecy outweigh the public’s right to know. In
particular, the court should unseal any orders and opinions explaining the justification
for its decision to seal the case so that Public Citizen can, if necessary, effectively
challenge the adequacy of that justification.
This case involves a suit by Antonia Verni, who was injured by a drunk
driver when she was two years old, against the driver, Daniel Lanzaro, and various
businesses that served Lanzaro alcohol prior to the accident. The background of the
case is set out in the accompanying memorandum in support of Public Citizen’s
motion to intervene.
The public has a presumptive right of access to judicial records that can be
overcome only by a strong showing of an important countervailing interest. The
heavy burden of this showing is on the party opposing disclosure and must be
made with specificity on a document-by-document basis. In this case, there are no
motions by the parties or decisions by the court in the public record supporting the
decision to seal the case. Because important public interests mandate disclosure of
the filings and no countervailing interests justify keeping them secret, the court
should unseal all pleadings, transcripts, exhibits, and other documents filed in the
case. Even if the parties can meet their burden as to specific materials, however,
the court should unseal any documents—in redacted form if necessary—for which
the parties’ burden has not been met. At the least, the court should unseal its own
decisions in the case, including any orders granting the parties’ motion to seal.
I. The Common Law, Rules of Court, and the First Amendment Create a
Presumptive Right of Public Access to Court Filings.
There is a strong “presumption of public access to documents and materials
filed with a court in connection with civil litigation.” Hammock, 142 N.J. at 375,
662 A.2d at 556; see also In re Cendant Corp., 260 F.3d 183, 192 (3d Cir. 2001).
This presumption arises both from the common-law right of access and from New
Jersey court rules requiring decisions to seal the record or to enter protective orders
to be supported by “good cause.” R. 1:2-1, 4:10-3; Hammock, 142 N.J. at 367-68,
662 A.2d at 551-52.
Court filings are part of the public record when they have “been filed with
the court, or otherwise somehow incorporated or integrated into a . . . court’s adjudicatory
proceedings.” Cendant, 260 F.3d at 192; Hammock, 142 N.J. at 381, 662
A.2d at 559. Thus, the public record includes all “documents, transcripts, and legal
memoranda with attachments filed with the court.” Hammock, 142 N.J. at 361, 662
A.2d at 548. It also includes settlement agreements, at least as long as the settlement
has been filed. See Bank of Am. Nat’l Trust & Sav. Ass’n v. Hotel Rittenhouse
Assocs., 800 F.2d 339, 343-45 (3d Cir. 1986) (holding that a settlement filed with
the court was a public record); Jackson v. Del. River & Bay Auth., 224 F. Supp. 2d
834, 838-40 (D.N.J. 2002) (holding that a draft settlement agreement and transcript
of proceedings where the draft was discussed were public documents).
The presumption of public access “disallows the routine and perfunctory
closing of judicial records.” Cendant, 260 F.3d at 193-94. Before records can be
sealed, the party advocating secrecy must meet its “burden of showing that the material
is the kind of information that courts will protect” and that “disclosure will
work a clearly defined and serious injury.” Id. at 194 (internal quotations omitted).
Only specific and identifiable privacy interests, such as genuine trade secrets,
privilege, or interests created by statute or court rule justify sealing the record in
civil cases. Baxter Int’l, Inc. v. Abbott Labs., 297 F.3d 544, 546 (7th Cir. 2002);
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. v. FTC, 710 F.2d 1165, 1178 (6th Cir. 1983).
“Broad allegations of harm, unsubstantiated by specific examples or articulated
reasoning, are insufficient.” Hammock, 142 N.J. at 381-82, 662 A.2d at 559; Cendant,
260 F.3d at 194.
Even assuming that the parties satisfy their burden of identifying a compelling
privacy interest, they must still show that the interests in secrecy substantially
outweigh the strong public presumption of access. Hammock, 142 N.J. at 381, 662
A.2d at 559; Cendant, 260 F.3d at 194. This balancing process must be conducted
separately for each document to be sealed. Hammock, 142 N.J. at 381-82, 662 A.2d
at 559. Moreover, “to have the least intrusive effect on the public’s right-ofaccess,”
an entire document should not be sealed when it is possible to redact just
the private information. Hammock, 142 N.J. at 382, 662 A.2d at 559.
In addition to the common-law right of access, the First Amendment provides
a right of access to judicial decisions and other sorts of filings in civil cases.
N.J. Div. of Youth & Family Servs. v. J.B., 120 N.J. 112, 119-123, 576 A.2d 261,
264-66 (N.J. 1990); Publicker Indus., Inc. v. Cohen, 733 F.2d 1059, 1067-71 (3d
Cir. 1984). The presumption of openness under the First Amendment is even
stronger than the common-law presumption and can be overcome only by showing
“an overriding interest based on findings that closure is essential to preserve higher
values and is narrowly tailored to serve that interest.” Publicker, 733 F.2d at 1073
(internal quotation omitted); In re Providence Journal Co., 293 F.3d 1, 11 (1st Cir.
II. The Interests of the Public in Access to Court Filings Mandate Disclosure
in This Case.
Because of the strong public presumption of openness, Public Citizen need
not offer any particular justification for the public’s right of access to all the filings
in this case. Regardless of the particularities of the case, public access to the
1 All the federal courts of appeals to have decided the question have held
that the First Amendment protects access to civil filings. See Grove Fresh Distribs.
v. Everfresh Juice Co., 24 F.3d 893, 897 (7th Cir. 1994); Rushford v. New Yorker
Magazine, Inc., 846 F.2d 249, 253 (4th Cir. 1988); Westmoreland v. CBS, Inc., 752
F.2d 16, 23 (2d Cir. 1984); Publicker, 733 F.2d at 1067-71; Brown & Williamson
Tobacco Corp., 710 F.2d at 1177; Newman v. Graddick, 696 F.2d 796, 801-02
(11th Cir. 1983).
court’s files serves important societal values. Court openness “promotes public
confidence in the judicial system by enhancing testimonial trustworthiness and the
quality of justice dispensed by the court” and by “assur[ing] that judges perform
their duties in an honest and informed manner.” Cendant Corp., 260 F.3d at 192
(internal quotations omitted). It also “provides the public with a more complete
understanding of the judicial system and a better perception of its fairness.” Id. Indeed,
the public’s ability to access civil trials is “inherent in the nature of our democratic
form of government.” Publicker, 733 F.2d at 1069.
Although establishing the right of public access does not require any showing
as to the particular public-interest value of the case, the circumstances of this
case make public access especially important. In its first round through the courts,
the case led to the largest alcohol-liability award in the United States in at least
twenty-five years. Verdict Against Stadium Beer Vendor Overturned, Chi. Trib.,
Aug. 4, 2006, at 16. This large verdict led to extensive national discussion and debate.
Hundreds of articles and editorials were written about the case, including articles
in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune,
Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Post, and USA Today.
When, as here, the subject matter of the litigation is of interest to the public,
the public’s presumptive right of access is strengthened. See Pansy v. Borough of
Stroudsburg, 23 F.3d 772, 788 (3d Cir. 1994) (“If a settlement agreement involves
issues or parties of a public nature, and involves matters of legitimate public concern,
that should be a factor weighing against entering or maintaining an order of
The importance of openness in this case is further amplified by the issues of
public health and safety involved. See Hammock, 142 N.J. at 379, 662 A.2d at 558
(“[T]here is a profound public interest when matters of health, safety, and consumer
fraud are involved.”); Pansy, 23 F.3d at 787. The case sparked a national
debate about the “culture of intoxication” at ballparks, and much of the media coverage
speculated that the case would be a “wake up call” to teams and stadiums
that would lead to reforms. See, e.g., Tom Fitzgerald, A Sobering Reality for NFL
Concessionaires, S.F. Chron., Sept. 25, 2005, at D3; Robert Dvorchak, ‘Culture’ of
Drinking, Sports Is Given a Sobering Revision, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Apr. 3,
2005, at D1; Mark Maske, Ruling May Affect Team Policies, Wash. Post, Jan. 22,
2005, at D3. The Vernis’ attorney, David Mazie, said the verdict “sends an appropriate
message, and hopefully will make a difference at arenas across the country.”
David Porter, Jury Awards $75M in Damages from Crash, USA Today, Jan. 19,
2005. That message, however, and any deterrent value the settlement might have
had, is lost as long as the settlement is kept secret.
Finally, the fact that the case involved approval of a settlement involving a
minor increases the importance of public access. This is not a typical settlement
agreement, which is never filed in court and is essentially just a private contract between
the parties. See Pansy, 23 F.3d at 776. Rather, because this case involves a
minor, Rule 4:44-3 requires the court to “determine whether the settlement is fair
and reasonable as to its amount and terms.” R. 4:44-3. This requirement of judicial
approval increases the importance of public oversight to ensure fairness of the
process. See Jessup v. Luther, 277 F.3d 926, 929 (7th Cir. 2002) (“The public has
an interest in knowing what terms of settlement a . . . judge would approve and
perhaps therefore nudge the parties to agree to.”); Bank of Am., 800 F.2d at 345;
Stephens v. County of Albemarle, 422 F. Supp. 2d 640, 644 (W.D. Va. 2006).
Thus, whereas “a competent adult, whose settlement need not be judicially approved,
is free to negotiate a ‘private’ settlement[,] in the case of a minor or incompetent,
the requirement of judicial approval of the settlement forecloses, in the
ordinary case, the plaintiff’s privacy option.” Hammock, 142 N.J. at 368, 662 A.2d
at 552 (internal quotation omitted); see, e.g., Zukerman v. Piper Pools, Inc., 256
N.J. Super 622, 607 A.2d 1027 (N.J. Super. Ct. App. Div. 1992) (unsealing a minor’s
settlement where the presumption of access was not overcome). Courts
should not make decisions about the fairness of settlements without public oversight,
and the public cannot judge the fairness of a settlement—or of the court’s
decision approving the settlement—if they cannot see it.
III. No Countervailing Interests Support Keeping the Motions Under Seal.
Nothing in the public record explains the perceived need for secrecy in this
case or how this need outweighs the public’s strong interest in access to public
documents. Public Citizen therefore only can speculate as to the reasons that led
the court to seal the case file. Nevertheless, there are two reasons to believe that the
parties cannot show a compelling interest in secrecy here.
First, the court’s order requires prospective sealing of all future documents
in the case. It thus covers documents that had not even been filed at the time of the
order, for which the court could not possibly have made a determination that privacy
interests outweighed the presumption of public access. Courts strongly disfavor
umbrella sealing orders that fail to account for the circumstances of individual
documents. See Pansy, 23 F.3d at 786-87 (“The burden of justifying the confidentiality
of each and every document sought to be covered by a protective order remains
on the party seeking the order.”); Hammock, 142 N.J. at 381-82, 662 A.2d at
559 (“The need for secrecy must be demonstrated with specificity as to each document.”);
see, e.g., Public Citizen v. Liggett Group, Inc., 858 F.2d 775, 790 (1st Cir.
1988) (rejecting a blanket protective order that “extend[ed] broad protection to all
documents . . . without a showing of good cause for confidentiality as to any individual
documents”). The court’s sealing order in this case disregards this requirement
of an individualized determination.
Second, the case has already been through a four-week public trial that was
the subject of national press coverage. Any previously private or confidential facts
are thus probably already in the public record. The only facts that are likely not to
have already been made public are the terms of the settlement agreement itself, but
courts have repeatedly stressed that an agreement to secrecy as a term of a settlement
cannot trump the public’s right to know. See Lederman v. Prudential Life Ins.
Co., Inc., 385 N.J. Super. 307, 311, 897 A.2d 362, 365 (N.J. Super. App. Div.
2006) (“[P]arties’ contractual agreements do not outweigh the presumption of
openness that applies to court proceedings and filed documents.”); see also, e.g.,
Union Oil Co. v. Leavell, 220 F.3d 562, 567 (7th Cir. 2000) (“Calling a settlement
confidential does not make it a trade secret . . . .”); Bank of Am., 800 F.2d at 345-
46 (holding that the parties’ private confidentiality agreement could not bar access
to a settlement in the public record). The parties may argue that secrecy was an essential
element of their agreement, but the public’s right of access to documents
that have been filed with the court cannot be bargained away by the parties. See
Bank of Am., 800 F.2d at 345; see also Nault’s Auto Sales, Inc. v. Am. Honda Motor
Co., 148 F.R.D. 25, 44 (D.N.H. 1993) (“The decision to seal pleadings and
documents filed with the Court is not one properly left to the litigants themselves.”).
Thus, “[i]t is immaterial whether the sealing of the record is an integral
part of a negotiated settlement between the parties, even if the settlement comes
with the court’s active encouragement.” Brown v. Advantage Eng’g, Inc., 960 F.2d
1013, 1016 (11th Cir. 1992).
IV. At the Very Least, the Court Should Unseal Its Orders and Opinions in
the Case, Including Any Order Authorizing Sealing the Record.
Even if the court does not unseal all documents in the file, it should, at a
minimum, unseal all of its orders and opinions in the case. In particular, the court
should publicly release any documents that explain its rationale for sealing the case
The public’s right of access to judicial decisions is especially strong. Hicklin
Eng’g, L.C. v. Bartell, 439 F.3d 346, 348 (7th Cir. 2006) (“[R]edacting portions of
opinions is one thing, secret disposition is quite another.”); BBA Nonwovens Simpsonville,
Inc. v. Superior Nonwovens, LLC, 303 F.3d 1332, 1335 n.1 (Fed. Cir.
2002) (citing the importance of public scrutiny on the administration of justice in
denying a motion to issue an opinion under seal); Joy v. North, 692 F.2d 880, 893
(2d Cir. 1982) (“An adjudication is a formal act of government, the basis of which
should, absent exceptional circumstances, be subject to public scrutiny.”). Because
of the importance of public access to judicial decisions, courts have upheld the
right of access even when national security interests were at stake. See, e.g., United
States v. Ressam, 221 F. Supp. 2d 1252, 1263-64 (W.D. Wash. 2002). As the court
wrote in Ressam:
[T]here is a venerable tradition of public access to court orders, not
only because of the inherent value in publicly announcing a particular
result, but because dissemination of the court’s reasoning behind that
result is a necessary limitation imposed on those entrusted with judicial
power. A court’s order therefore serves a function that extends far
beyond a specific case. More than merely informing the parties of the
outcome of a motion, an order also enlightens the public about the
functioning of the judicial system.
Id. at 1262. The court should therefore, at a minimum, allow access to its decisions
in the case, including its order approving the settlement.
Most importantly, the court should release any orders or opinions that justify
its decision to seal the balance of proceedings in this case. The New Jersey Supreme
Court has explained that, when a court seals a document that is part of the
public record, it “must . . . state with particularity the facts, without disclosing the
secrets sought to be protected, that currently persuade the court to seal the document
or continue it under seal.” Hammock, 142 N.J. at 382, 662 A.2d at 559; see
also Ressam, 221 F. Supp. 2d at 1263-64 (holding that protective orders sealing the
record must be released with redactions). Moreover, Rule 1:2-1 requires that the
“good cause” supporting the decision to seal a filing “shall be set forth on the record.”
R. 1:2-1. Other than the perfunctory statement that the sealing order was
supported by good cause, however, there is no indication in the public record of
this case of why the court entered its sealing order. Only by examining the court’s
rationale for sealing the file can Public Citizen effectively challenge that rationale,
both in this court and on appeal.

From Ginny Johnson on the abusive Winstanley Guardianship case–when will this end?

From Ken Ditkowsky–Who checks the fact checkers and why do we need any panels of “fact checkers” in Illinois anyway?

The establishment has a new tool in which to distort the facts – it is called the fact check.    In the elder cleansing arena the fact check is created by “panels” of lawyers who are “wired” and predetermined to find that any deviation from the accepted ‘tale’ is a lie.   Thus, when confronted by the fact that Mary Sykes was openly and notoriously deprived of her civil and human rights by a corrupt judge (who on page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted her corrupt conduct) and a group of pernicious lawyers who were engaged in the nitty gritty of elder cleansing – the call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION had to be confronted.   It was by calling a fact that every one knew not to be fact as the gospel!    This gospel by Jerome Larkin was then given a complete white wash.   Unfortunately, this white wash continues with the criminal enterprise scrambling to obfuscate the facts.
Today’s Washington Post reveals there was a cover-up (i.e. the Chemical weapons brag that was fact checked and found true and now being pointed out as not very true) as an embarrassment that is not going away quietly even with the full court press writing articles on the use of chemical weapons. (From Joanne, I don’t even understand why these manufacturers of chemical weapons are not hunted down and imprisoned, but that’s another article.  You can never, every harm another human being intentionally, or you will be responsible for them and making up the harm and the long you wait, the more debt is due, tyvm Ms. Karma).
Obfuscation and double talk are the meat and potatoes of the ESTABLISHMENT.
It is time for an Honest Investigation of the ELDER CLEANSING scandal and especially the cover-up in violation of 18 USCA 371 engaged in by the lawyer disciplinary commission (such as the Illinois attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission) and the Stat Supreme Court.
We cannot and will not do anything about the lies that our National Government told us but we are the target of the criminals in black robes and the predators who have the elderly (potentially you and me) in their sights.    These people have no conscience and qualms or fear.     Need an example!   Illinois is no the verge of BANKRUPTCY and looking desperately for funds.   The Illinois Department of Revenue appears to have no interest in collecting the taxes that Jerome Larkin owes jointly and severally because of the overt actions that he took and is still taking in pursuance of the thefts from the Estate of Gore, Tyler, Sykes, Wyman ****
The State of Illinois could be collecting taxes on the criminal income of $3 million Sykes, $9 million Lydia Tyler, $1.5 million Alice Gore, the value of a small home in Rockford for Carol Wyman,  but for someone reason it refuses so we have $110 billion in unfunded state pensions and $8 billion in current debts we cannot pay.  The Illinois Health Fund is meager and cannot provide free health care for all Illinois citizens because it is repeatedly raped by the fraudsters in health care (Seth Gillman $100 million over 5 years with fake hospice claims).
SR is an angel and a candidate for sainthood compared with the violators of the public trust in our judicial establishment in Illinois and in many of the other States of the United States of America!    IT IS TIME TO FISH OR GET OFF THE POT!

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

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Subject: Re: LOOK NOW April 9 2017 Today on Full Measure TV on Guardian Abuse Pass it to more people hurry

It is time to take a look at:
Dr. Sugar has laid out the problem, and the cause for all to see.    The time to act is now!    The moron in North Korea and the idiots in Syria are threats to others, however, the miscreants portrayed at , AAAPG – Educate – Advocate – Legislate
Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA et al are more than potentially targeting you and me – everywhere you turn they are having a profound effect on our daily lives. The high cost of health care and its 700% surcharge should not be lost in the shuffle.    The corruption in our courts is aided and abetted by the profitability of this corruption and the fact that the booty is given immunity from taxation.
Three million dollars stolen from an estate escaped all taxation in the Mary Sykes case.   One million five hundred thousand dollars escaped taxation in the Alice Gore case ******.  Eight million escaped taxation in the Tyler case and the list continues.    In fact the criminal enterprise is so profitable that Lawyer Disciplinary Commissions such as the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission are devoting hundreds of hours protecting dishonest lawyers and judges from the victim public!
All that we have ever asked the Establishment for was an HONEST INVESTIGATION!   We have a better chance of having the butcher of Syria or the monster of North Korea give a positive response than we have in getting an honest shake from the 18 USCA 371 breachers of the public trust!

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Subject: Re: LOOK NOW April 9 2017 Today on Full Measure TV on Guardian Abuse Pass it to more people hurry

let us define terms.


A judge determines if a litigant has met the standard of proof.   It is up to the petitioner to present evidence that proves by a preponderance of the evidence that a particular individual is incompetent and the extent and nature thereof.    If the petitioner has not met the standard of proof (clear and convincing in the case of an alleged disabled person) the judge has only one responsibility – DISMISS THE PETITION.


A wired or fixed  judge is one who is induced by some non-relevant incentive= such as money, friendship, promises et al to render a decision that the petitioner has met a standard of proof which the aforesaid petition has not done so.   


An Incompetent judge  is a judge who is biased or does not have the capacity to make an HONEST determination if the standard of proof has been presented.   An incompetent judge is not venal – however, the questioning of just how such a judge reached the bench.


The distinctions are important.    The guardianship appointment is necessary in many cases – not the hundreds of thousands in which it is being used for elder cleansing and unjust enrichment of certain criminal health care providers/   An easy test of competency is to ask three questions:


1) Do you know the objects of your bounty?
2) Do you know the extent and nature of your property?
3) can you plan and execute a simple business transaction. 

Thus, if Mary Sykes knew that her husband had died and she had two daughters surviving – she met the test criteria 1.   (Mary met this test when she filled out a Petition for a Protective order against her older daughter (who also was appointed her plenary guardian as the Petition for a Protective order was hidden).     Mary met test 2 with color’s flying when she on her own ascertained correctly that her older daughter had stolen several thousand dollars from her.    She met test 3 when she figured out how to obtain a Petition for an order of Protection and also when she personally did her own banking.


As the standard is so high – due to the Constitutional protections of both the State and Federal Jurisdiction – Judge Maureen Connor’s culpability is also noted from the Common Law Record (court file) as not only did she shirk her basic responsibility by ignoring these facts and by allowing one of the guardian ad litem to recommend a doctor who had no qualms about perjury and open and notorious violation of Civil Rights.    This subordination of perjury should be noted in the August 2009 Transcript of Proceedings in case 09 P 4585.    (Obviously – Jerome Larkin knew or should have known of this intentional violation of Mary Sykes’ Constitutional Rights – and his overt act of trying to intimidate both JoAnne Denison and I not to call this perfidy, fraud and clearly wrongful behavior  to the attention of Law Enforcement)

If Mary knew that she had a Bank account, a Safety deposit Box, owned her own home, etc – she met the test criteria 2.

Ken Ditkowsky

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Ken – a judge is not qualified to diagnose ‘capacity’, nor is he/she have the authority to do so.
Add another ‘wired’ Judge to the list.

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This is the possible future for every senior!
Under ADA, the judge is required to inquire as to whether or not the Petitioner could hear what was going on in the proceedings.   In addition, a Medical professional should be called upon to address the situation of the extent of any disability.    Judicial proceedings that are honest (intellectually honest) attempt to ascertain the truth.   People have a right to have different opinion, but THIS IS A SEARCH FOR HONEST OBJECTIVITY!    
The proof of incompetency must be   Clear and Convincing
Now let us apply these facts.    If the proof presented is clear and convincing that the subject is incompetent to such and such degree and we have an honest and competent jurist the objectors by definition are unreasonable and their objection is lacking in merit.
However, if we have ‘wired judges’ or incompetent judges there is a very serious CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION that has to be remediated and arrested.
This is not fun and games – this is real life drama

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Subject: LOOK NOW April 9 2017 Today on Full Measure TV on Guardian Abuse Pass it to more people hurry
Send this to everyone hurry its to air in 30 mins. today on TV look up “Full Measure” and find your City and the Station it will be air LOOK at the Coverage – on Guardian Abuse – and how they SCAM
Sharyl: Court-appointed guardianships for incapacitated adults can do a tremendous service protecting their assets, fielding family feuds, and making difficult decisions. But some elderly feel victimized by the very system tasked with protecting them. One estimate in 2013 found 1.5 million adults were under court-ordered guardianships controlling $273 billion in personal assets. Complaints appear to be growing but it’s impossible to know for sure because there are no reliable statistics. Our cover story looks at a family claiming the guardianship system did more to hurt than help
Sharyl: This is video of Betty Winstanley, taken last year. She’s a 95 year-old living in a Pennsylvania retirement community. When her husband died in 2014, she was left with a comfortable savings. But when her three children disagreed on whether she should manage her own affairs, Betty ended up in front of a judge. Liz and David Winstanley are two of her children and told us some of the claims they’ve outlined in court documents.
David Winstanley: She was taken to court without hearing aids…she didn’t understand or hear what was going on. After the testimony, the judge ruled her incapacitated. And ordered a third party guardianship to watch over my mother.
Sharyl: And you firmly believe your mother’s mental health is perfectly fine?
David Winstanley: Absolutely.
Sharyl: Their brother, who declined to speak with us, disagrees. And so did the court, which ordered a guardianship, meant for Betty’s own good. But the arrangement is quickly depleting her life’s savings and keeping her from moving to Maryland, closer to Liz and David. Betty’s court-appointed guardian from a for-profit company controlled virtually every aspect of Betty’s life…at Betty’s own expense.
Sharyl: What are some of the expenses that you’ve seen or that you think are exorbitant?
David Winstanley: My brother called the guardian, talked to her for some amount of time. And there’s a bill showing $900 for that phone call.
Sharyl: Your mother had to pay for that? David: Yes. Sharyl: What kind of rate does she get paid?
Liz Winstanley: She initially invoiced at $300. $300 an hour for her services. And then she had a nurse. She was charging $150 for, I believe?
Sharyl: To be clear, this is on top of the care your mom already gets?
Liz Winstanley: Exactly.
Sharyl: In assisted living, that she’s paying for?
Liz Winstanley: Yes.
Sharyl: Invoices show the guardian charged Betty. $180 for an email sent to the family on Mother’s Day. More than $400 for conversations about “ownership of a French horn.” And more than two thousand dollars to discuss Christmas visits. In one five-month period, guardian bills came to more than $93-thousand dollars. After the family complained about the $300 an hour rate, the guardian refunded about half of her fees and reduced her rate to $150 an hour. When Betty’s children challenged the guardianship, the guardians’ fees were paid from Betty’s account. Court records show in one seven-month period those legal fees added up to more than $57 thousand. We weren’t able to talk to Betty ourselves. The guardian won’t allow her to speak to the media.
Betty Winstanley: You have me here and I don’t know what you’re trying to do to me.
Sharyl: David took this video of his mom shortly after the guardianship, talking to her previous guardian’s helper.
Betty Winstanley: Why are you trying to damage my life by taking me away from all of my family and my friends?
Sharyl: Betty’s current estate guardian wouldn’t agree to an interview but issued a statement saying the company is “committed to serving the best interest of its clients” and has “a high-quality standard of practice and operates under nationally accepted guardianship regulations.” In court filings and a letter, the guardian has blamed David and Liz for running up costs by challenging their mother’s guardianship. The courts have repeatedly supported the actions of Betty’s guardians. Today, Betty lives under strict, guardian-imposed restrictions intended for her own good.
Sharyl: Can your mom leave anytime she wants?
David Winstanley: No.
Sharyl: Can your mom live where ever she wants?
David Winstanley: No.
Sharyl: Can your mom go to a doctor whenever she thinks she needs to see a doctor?
David Winstanley: No. She has to go through the guardian to get permission to do that.
Sharyl: And every time she goes to the guardian, it costs more money?
David Winstanley: Yes.
Sally Humre: Very frequently there are other sides to the story.
Sharyl: Sally Hurme is with the National Guardianship Association.
Sally: That’s why it’s important for the courts to be there to exercise their supervision and their monitoring, give both sides the opportunity to air their concerns in a court of law rather than in the media.
Sharyl: She says most guardians do a competent, caring job…some as volunteers with no pay at all.
Sally Hurme: Also, very frequently, there are branches in the family. The family dynamics can be very much a part of the dissatisfaction that we hear about sometimes in the press.
Sharyl: David and Liz estimate the guardian process cost $1.9 million from Betty’s estate in less than three years, and that she has less than $40,000 left in cash. After complaints from the family, the court recently appointed Betty’s attorney to share in guardianship decisions.
Betty Winstanley: I don’t know who to go to. I’m desperate. Do you understand how I feel?
Sharyl: Can we assume most guardianships don’t go wrong? That people are pretty happy with the outcome?
Sally Hurme: Absolutely. I think the best we know is that the great majority of guardianships are helping the individual.
Sharyl: David and Liz continue to appeal to the judge in their mother’s case. And each time they do, it costs Betty since she’s forced to pay her guardian’s legal fees.
David Winstanley: It can happen to anybody. A neighbor can report you as incapacitated and take you into a guardianship. Friends, family members– attorneys, accountants, it can happen very easily. And it happens quickly. And it’s nearly impossible to break a guardianship once it’s established, especially through a state.
Liz Winstanley: It’s one thing for us, as the children, to watch mum going through this. And it’s another for her. She is absolutely devastated that she is an “incapacitated” person.
Betty Winstanley: It’s just something that’s just unreal.
Sharyl: Just a few days ago, the court replaced Betty’s personal guardian. But there’s no word on whether the new guardian will allow her to move to Maryland now that her savings are nearly gone.

From Ken Ditkowsky–Back to Basics

Getting down to basics
The ‘fix’ is one of the dreaded dreams that every litigant endures.     Every day we are confronted with the realization that in many venues a level playing field just does not exist.    We all know about the political arena and how bias media coverage can render one candidate toast and the other a hero regardless of the facts and we all have experience business transactions that a competitor has a finger on the scale.   It certainly does not hurt to be the customer’s prospective son-in-law.    In the legal venue, we all heard about the Chicago Judge who was reputed to have a ‘cash register’ on the bench so that he could keep track of the bribes.
Believe it not, several of my friends actually took a trip downtown to see if in fact Judge **** actually did have a cash register on the bench.     As litigant appearing before the judge they were not surprised however to find out that to obtain justice you had to 1) hire the right lawyer, and 2) negotiate a fair price.    (This prior to Greylord!).     Leading up to Greylord the dishonest judges (not all the judges were dishonest) were confident that they were above the law, but prices were reasonable.     After Greylord the price range was augmented to all that the trade will bear and the ‘cost’ charged by the Democratic Party of Illinois to be slated for Judge went up in price quite dramatically.      (Being slated as a Democrat is practically automatic).
Chicago business people and Chicago lawyers learn to live with bribery as a fact of life.    Fortunately, most cases are tried on a level playing field and most lawyers refuse to participate in the process.    If both lawyers refuse to pay off the judge the judge must decide sans pecuniary consideration.    Lawyers refusing to participate in the extra undisclosed compensating of judges are aided and abetted by clients who demand honesty from their legal representatives.      Often therefore hearings and trials are conducted on the square rather than as bidding wars.
Recognizing a Fixed proceeding
Certain law firms are specialists in ‘fixing cases.’      If they appear as your opponent you now that most probably the case is fixed and you are going to lose.      In addition, in certain administrative hearings where the Administration hires the Administrative Law Judge expect that a strong bias will exist that is not in your favor.     Expect that a Judge who over-rules the agency is not going to get too many assignments.     Examples are the Department of Labor, EPA, etc.     Securities litigation panels also tend to be packed with arbitrators who think that every complaining investor is exhibiting sour grapes.      The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission has demonstrated not only a tendency toward Jim Crow, but an organ designed to protect the corrupt judges, lawyers, and others who have no respect for the Rule of Law.   
The Disciplinary proceeding is a textbook example of just how perverted a legal proceeding can become.     By law the burden of proof imposed upon the disciplinarian is CLEAR AND CONVINCING.    This is the highest burden placed upon anyone in a civil proceeding.     It is the functional equivalent of the criminal burden of BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.       The burden of proof goes to every element of the claim, is not generalized.     Thus, the fact that the respondent might have a terrible reputation, be a murderer, a serial rapist, etc. is not relevant.     A recognized ethical violation must be proven.    
Thus, we know that Jerome Larkin has some relationship with some less than nice people, but, in accusing him of being paid off the IARDC has to prove all fact related to the charge.    The failure to name the person who paid him off, when this occurred and the amount of the payoff would render the charge unprovable by clear and convincing evidence; however, under the concept of preponderance of the evidence the unexplainable substantial increase in Mr. Larkin’s net worth and his relationship with a miscreant individual with a history for such nefarious conduct might meet the standard.     A provable relationship with a nursing home operator with a reputation might meet the bill, to wit:
This guilt by association is not enough to convict in the criminal court or by clear and convincing evidence without more.
Thus, when I was charged by the IARDC based upon the letter of Guardian ad Litem Cynthia Farenga complaining of an article on the blog Probate Sharks in which JoAnne Denison and I reiterated our demand for an HONEST INVESTIGATION I had a hint that I was going to be railroaded.      The hint was reinforced when I subpoenaed the file IN RE MARY SYKES 09 P 4585  upon which all the verified allegations of Jerome Larkin were based and the subpoena was quashed.    When Judge Connors’ deposition was taken by the IARDC and on page 91 she admitted to being wired and the proceedings were not quashed sua sponte by the commission I knew the result of any hearing.      I had the chance of a snowball in HELL!     
The fact of the fix was reinforced when a IARDC attorney actually asked me if I was repentant for my totally proper FIRST AMENDMENT protected letter to the Attorney General of the United States requesting an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing felonies associated with the Mary Sykes case.      In that letter, I outline crimes that included kidnapping, theft by a fiduciary of a million dollars in gold coins etc.      The fix included the lawyers who constituted the hearing panel as even a pre-teen is aware that the questioning was outrageously improper.     Not one of the lawyers constituting the panel was the least bit interested as to why Mr. Larkin, the Illinois Supreme Court and the IARDC thought that there was something wrong with a citizen complying with 18 USCA 4, or an attorney complying with lawyer Rule 8.3 and the Himmel case.     Of course, no one was interested in such details as how it was that:
A.      The required summons required to obtain jurisdiction over Mary Sykes (755 ILCS 5/11a – 10) was not served or the Sheriff of Cook County wrote a letter wherein he admitted that his office had not served any summons.    (This is required for jurisdiction to attach) and for the most basic of Mr. Larkin’s sworn affidavit allegation to have any credence.     (The first requirement for a judge is to ascertain if he/she has jurisdiction and thus before I could be accused of defaming a judge that judge would have to have jurisdiction) [1]
B.      As the Sykes case was in competency case the legislature recognized the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Constitutional limitations of this parens patrie jurisdiction. [2]    Thus, two requirements are imposed, to wit:
a.      Notice to all next of kin prior to hearing 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.    This is jurisdictional
b.      Hearing to ascertain the extent and nature of the claimed incompetency 755 ILCS 5/11a -b, and 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.
             Of course, the filed in Sykes reveals that there was NO NOTICE GIVEN TO EITHER THE NEXT OF KIN   or anyone else.    INDEED, THERE WAS NO HEARING HELD.
Judge Connors in August 2009 several months after the case was filed was made aware that Mary Sykes’ treating physician refused to sign a form specifying that Mary Sykes was incompetent and in her presence on the guardian ad litem steered the Petitioner to a doctor who had been co-operative in the past.    Thus, Judge Connor’s admission on page 91 or her evidence deposition and the refusal to provide the Court file which would have disclosed this perfidy made in abundantly clear that the ‘fix’ was in and the trier of fact was “wired!”
Every litigant who must deal with such a situation faces not only frustration but despair!     How can it be that no one cares what the facts are and I am going to be railroaded?    Indeed, it was bad enough when I played baseball and the umpire called me out on a strike that was marginable, but, herein we are addressing not only my life, but the lives of my brethren and more importantly the Citizens who depend upon the legal (Justice) system for access to the principles of “America”
The ramifications gets more serious when the Appellate process is also tainted.    Here you as a litigant have no contact and no warning that the ‘fix’ is in.     The Appellate process is usually more formal and there are three judges all of who have to be addressed for a fix to occur.       The typical litigant and his attorney are more confident of a just result; however, in certain proceedings (especially in Illinois) such hope is an illusion.       The IARDC disciplinary commission proceeding proves the point.
The fraud of the hearing commission was obvious and a child required to take the Constitution test would have recognized it on the first go around.      A major tenet of American jurisprudence and the RULE OF LAW is the fact that the Bill of Rights embodies the core values of America.     Forget about the fact that the IARDC without a scintilla of evidence was able to meet it burden of proof of clear and convincing evidence.    Forget about the fact that there was no service of summons on Mary Sykes, no prior notice of any hearing, and Judge Connors ignored all the criteria of jurisdiction.     Forget also about the fact that the complaint of the IARDC was protected not only by Rule, but by Statute and both the Illinois and Federal Constitutions.
The most serious aspect of this cover-up was the fact that I was complaining that DUE PROCESS of a citizen was being violated by allegedly corrupt guardian ad litem (2 of them), various attorneys, and a judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.    The file in the Sykes case revealed that there was NO HEARING ON THE SUBJECT TO THE EXTENT AND NATURE OF ANY INCOMPETENCY OF MARY SYKES!
Without a hearing, there was NO DUE PROCESS and a series of FELONIES had been committed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.    Pursuant to 18 USCA 4, Rule 8.3, and my duty as a citizen I had an absolute obligation notify the authorities of this criminal conduct.    I did, demanded an HONEST INVESTIGATION and even though every fact is verifiable by quick reference to the Court file not only was the full weight of the Illinois Supreme Court brought to bear on me to try and shut me up, but Attorney JoAnne Denison was also similarly affected.
The fix was in and complete.    My Civil rights (and Ms. Denison’s) were violated.   Mary Sykes’ humanity was snatched from her as she was elder cleansed.    Mary’s family suffered devastating losses that are not fully compensable ever and America was pillaged and humiliated by the miscreants.     Every lawyer who participated in this outrage is a disgrace to the profession and should be disbarred; however, the fix is in and so far has been successful.
Addressing the Fix   What does the victim of a fix do?
Most of the time the victim can do nothing!     This fact is sad but true.      In my own situation, I engaged counsel in the vain hope that he could address the situation.    That did not work.     I also proceeded to take full advantage of the Appellate process even to the extent of filing a Petition for Cert to the United States Supreme Court.    The Petition was rejected.      In addition, I wrote protest notes, and then embarked upon a campaign of letter writing to everyone in sight in an effort to call attention to the vicious criminal scheme that was being perpetrated by a group of health care fraud specialists and being covered up by judicial criminals.     I singled out a key public figure actor in the criminal enterprise who was the lynch pin of protecting the criminals and set out to attempt to make him famous.
Indeed, I written to every law enforcement agency I’ve ever heard of, and every organization that claims to be interested in Justice, the Rights of the elderly, humanity, etc.      I’m made myself available to appear before groups, television and other audiences etc.    I’ve given information to every law enforcement agency possible and even shown how the State and Federal Taxing authorities can profit by being diligent in law enforcement.      I’ve pointed out that the Federal Conspiracy standard is 18 USCA 371 and further pointed out that all conspirators have joint and several liabilities.   Thus, when Jerome Larkin filed his totally false disciplinary complaint against JoAnne he did an overt act pursuant to the conspiracy.  Ditto re: his complaint against me, his Jim Crow action against Diane Nash, his disrespect and negative abusive conduct toward Gloria Sykes, *******.    Thus, he owes jointly and severally the taxes, interest and penalties due regarding all the matters he has ‘covered up’ directly and indirectly.    In a similar manner, each of the crooked attorneys who participated in Larkin’s panels etc.    It should be noted that the State of Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy — the billions of dollars stolen in the Elder Cleansing scandal all have generated liabilities (jointly and severally) in each and every participant as relates to the scandal.
Indeed, you and I will both continue, as long as the Stars and Stripes wave over America to fight for the rights of all citizens including the elderly and the disabled and law enforcement will hear from us as often we are able to contact them to demand an HONEST INVESTIGATION.
The foregoing is old hat!       There is no reason why every aggrieved person cannot engage and attorney and joint in a RICO action naming every single criminal enterprise and activity that has falls into the category of ELDER CLEANSING and in which Jerome Larkin and his cronies at the IARDC has had a hand in.    Each transaction is a separate criminal activity.    For instance, the Sykes case leaves no doubt as to Larkin’s miscreant promulgation of predicate acts directed to the false imprisonment (kidnapping), theft, violation of civil rights, mail fraud, wire fraud is obvious.   The proof is demonstrated by the Court file and the evidence deposition of Judge Maureen Connors.     The Alice Gore case is a similar example wherein Ms. Gore was deprived of her human rights by the criminal enterprise of the IARDC’s use of the mails and the telephone.    The Carol Wyman cover up ********. [3]
The law is very clear.    A fiduciary cannot profit at the expense of his ward.    Stealing a million dollars in gold coins is clearly a breach of fiduciary relationship.   (see Gloria Sykes affidavit) The cover-up is an overt act.     The stealing of 1.5 million dollars in the Gore estate is clearly a breach of fiduciary relationship.    Each of the people reading this knows of a similar cover up.      The conspirators owe the Estates not only the money stolen back, but attorney fees.    As this was an organized conspiracy RICO applies to each grouping of elder cleansing cases.     (RICO provides for triple damages! And the conspiracy makes the liability joint and several).      A fiduciary cannot profit at the expense of the ward, and a fiduciary is entitled to compensation only for the services that are necessary and proper.    As Mary Sykes was not incompetent (as there was no hearing to determine her competency as required by Law, we have a massive damage situation.     Ditto for most all of the elder cleansing cases. [4]
In Illinois, we have a case in which the guardian (an attorney) was urged by the family of the incompetent not to rent or sell the incumbent’s home.     They felt that not having the home immediately available for mother to come back to or stay the night might be detrimental to the ward.    The guardian attorned.     When the ward died, the executor claimed that the guardian had an unequivocal duty to protect the estate and by not leasing the home he injured the Estate.    The Judge agreed and my client was surcharged for his   kindness.    The appeal was unsuccessful.   There are several later cases concurring.        
We have the facts and the law on our side.     Is every civic organization and every attorney intimidated by the Criminal Conspiracy?      It is time for us to organize and defeat the WAR UPON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.
The shoe is now on our collective foot!      Are we all talk or are we prepared to organize and demand Justice.     We all would rather Law Enforcement and particularly the United States Attorney take the lead in this fight, but every day Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators laugh at us and consider us a COMMODITY!       

[1] If I accused the Judge of having sexual relations with his/her neighbor’s dog such would not fall within the preview of the IARDC.    My crime was calling for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and Mr. Larkin interpreted that call to be an affront to the Judge and the two-guardian ad litem.
[2] An incompetency proceeding is by necessity an invasion into the privacy of citizen and therefore under law the intrusion must be minimal.     It would be unconscionable for a citizen to lose all his friends and vested rights just because he had minor deficiency.    Citizenship is not supposed to be that frail!     Thus 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b spells out exactly what are the limits of a guardianship.   The ADA also spells these limitations.     To make certain that a citizen is not railroaded into a guardianship timely notice is required to each of the ‘next of kin’ so that they can render their objections.     The burden of proof is placed upon the petitioner for guardianship to prove each element of his/her claim by clear and convincing evidence.

[3] What Is Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Illinois?

Posted on Aug 24, 2013 by attorney  Robert Cohen
“Breach of fiduciary duty” is a catch-all phrase the law uses to describe when a trusted person — a “fiduciary” — commits a wrong against the person who trusted him or her. That usually (but far from always) means in plain English that someone took money or property entrusted to that person. It is somewhat related to common law fraud.
So, the simplest breach of fiduciary duty to describe would be a breach by a trustee of a trust. Almost anything a trustee does wrong with regard the the trust could be considered a “breach of fiduciary duty.” Some of these things require little in the way of explanation. If the trustee steals money from the trust, that is a breach of fiduciary duty.
Suppose, instead, that the trustee invests the money is a stock, and loses money. That may not be a breach, if he was allowed to invest in stocks and just made an honest bad choice. But, in many trusts it will be against the trust rules to invest in stocks. So, the investment is a breach of fiduciary duty. In fact, the trustee has breached the duty the second he made the improper investment, even if he did not lose any money. Whether that wrongful act can result in a lawsuit, though, is another issue.
Before looking at the question of whether a person can be sued, a short summary of the other “fiduciaries” in day to day lives is appropriate:
1. Attorneys
2. Employees
3. Real estate brokers
4. Partners
5. Agents
6. Guardians
Also, as a general rule, any person who is in a special relationship of trust may be considered a fiduciary. Some accountants fill this role, or any person taking care of a sick, dependent person. The law leaves this pretty much open to interpretation.
Note, oddly, a few seeming “fiduciaries” who are not typically considered fiduciaries, at least under Illinois law:
Insurance companies (unless they are holding money in trust)
Insurance brokers
The principle behind excluding bankers and insurers seems to be that they are adequately regulated when dealing with the day-to-day affairs of their business. Insurance broker liability has been limited by statute, but brokers remain liable as “fiduciaries” if they take money in trust.
So how does one “breach” a fiduciary duty? Many ways:
Lawyers   are in breach in almost every situation that would be considered malpractice, although that imposes no different punishment than malpractice itself. Any time a lawyer misappropriates a client’s money, that too constitutes breach of fiduciary duty and grounds for disbarment.
[4] As Jerome Larkin, the IARDC, the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois and most of the co-conspirators have been using their power over the corrupt Court system to prevent the victims to obtain counsel or a remedy – Ergo, pursuant to Article 1 Section 12 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 (and similar Constitutions) the Statute of Limitations is tolled and every claim is proper and timely!

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

Sent: Saturday, April 8, 2017 8:50 AM
Subject: The need for an HONEST INVESTIGATION

It has been my credo to point out that no one has to believe a single word that I utter.    In fact they should take everything with a grain of salt.   All I have ever asked for is an HONEST INVESTIGATION!   
The resistance to an Honest investigation is amazing.  The agencies that are paid quite handsomely to protect public = such as the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission treat the call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION as if were a call to attend a Klu Klux Klan lynching.    (Of course, after the mistreatment of Lanre Amu and the discourtesy afforded  Diane Nash I have not doubt they have good reason for being resistant).    
Our President has vowed to drain the swamp!   A good start would be to pull the plug on the criminals who wear black robes and those who provide 18 USCA 371 support for them.     
Ken Ditkowsky

Moving help needed today in exchange for extra Furniture–5330 W Devon, Chicago, IL

My new place is a whole lot smaller, so that benefits you   I have extra book cases (Ikea and metal) file cabinets, a solid cherry futon, a large desk and conference table–and all you have to do is help me move and choose a piece from my collection that won’t fit in my new office.

Call me if you can help 773 255 7608

Lots of stuff must go, all in exchange for a small donation or moving assistance!

I hope to be up and running on Monday, blogging and writing books about corruption in the courts to make sure THERE IS JUSTICE FOR EVERYONE in our nation’s court system, and in particular, the heavily troubled Daley Center.

Right now, the Daley Center needs:  1)  brochures and flyers at the Elder Law division because they don’t really help people, I help people.

2) get ALL the pleadings of EVERY active case up and running online and let people download the files for 8 cents a page like Pacer, and if the litigant has a 298 certificate from an attorney, then copies should be for free.

3) make the random case assignment process really random and let litigants WATCH the computer when cases are assigned or reassigned.  No more “back room” with empty promises stuff (Vara v. Integra Realty–that case was wired, tyvm).

4) reinstate Ken Ditkowsky, myself and Lanre Amu because we really do help people and the “false statements” kangaroo court the ARDC is running is fooling no one.  Lanre Amu spoke out against a corrupt judge, Crain’s Chicago business verified and the ARDC took out a wonderful, kind, compassionate attorney anyway.  Every attorney at the ARDC that took part in these kangaroo trials of  “false statements” should be tested for psychopathy with a PET brain scan and removed from their positions at the ARDC. It’s time to clean up that office.  No more kangaroo trials and courts.  The ARDC has to have separate hearing officers NOT chosen by them or the Illinois Supreme Court, but they must be truly independent.  Anna Loftus was given a judgeship for taking out Ken Ditkowsky (what a croc), my fixed panel was done thru the chair being partners with a relative of the Madigans and all the court corruption blogs and even the Trib, Suntimes, Crain’s have decried the fact she covers up corruption.

It’s time to stop the nonsense and start cleaning up the courts and make Chicago honest, fair and just again.



From Lyle Harrison on the State of his corrupt case in Moultrie County with Judges Flannell and Broch

(this was in response to an alumni event invitation)
Dear Laura and Kettering Alumni Committee!

I hope you are well.  I sincerely wish I could attend this Alumni dinner, there is nothing more that I desire to do, but help my alma mater Kettering University and its outstanding Alumni succeed.  I will do my utmost now and in the future to help Kettering succeed.  I regret to tell you I cannot attend this lunchmeeting with President Robert McMahan, the Board, and the Kettering family for the sad reasons below.
My family and I have been sued in several court cases for about 6 years now because we refused to sign away to Corrupt Judge Dan L. Flannell our Trust property.(+1,400 Acres) My family is fighting alone the entire corrupt legal system in the 6th judicial circuit; specifically Corrupt Judge Dan L. Flannell and his best friend and protege, corrupt Judge Richard L. Broch.  These are the two most CORRUPT people I have ever known or seen in my life, including after living in communist China for one year. Both Judges have a publicly stated goal of incarcerating my entire family (8 siblings) and I until we sign over our Trust property and entire trust wealth (+$20 Million) to a bank the Judge Dan L. Flannell owns common stock in, HARDWARE STATE BANK.  I must tell you that this fight against these 2 Corrupt judges in Illinois has taken all my time and energy for +6 years.  Both Judges illegally incarcerating me and 2 other family members for a total of 299 days threatening life sentences for all of us unless we signed over our Trust property and Trust money to them. So I am currently in hiding, and unable to continue my profitable businesses.  I can however, file the appeals, which is what I work on most of the time.  Both judges have tried any and every effort to stop me from filing the Truth so you wouldn’t have the facts before you attached to this email. My father died due to the stress put upon him by these two unbelievably corrupt judges.
If my appeals should fail, or the Illinois Supreme Court/SCOTUS should reject my appeals, I will have no other option but to continue by fight through the worldwide/international media, and on social media websites, because I believe my very life to be at stake.  To this extent I was even denied food and proper nutrition in an effort by both judges to starve me, while illegally incarcerated. This action by both judges caused a small prison riot.  While incarcerated, my very good friend the late Professor Reginald Bell wrote me two letters and knew of the situation in great detail. Sadly, he died 2 days after I was released and I was never able to see him again. Again, ALL state and federal agents have looked the other way to these crimes against me, except the IRS, but they work slowly.
Unfortunately, even though the federal and state law enforcement agents have all ADMITTED crimes are occurring to I and my family, ALL federal and state law enforcement thus far have refused to do their jobs and arrest, Notorious Criminal Tax Evader Attorney Robert V. ElderJudge Richard Broch and Judge Dan L. Flannell and convene a Grand Jury.  Both judges have fabricated evidence, falsely arrested me, falsely incarcerated me, planted evidence, manipulated transcripts, and denied me EVERY constitutional right I am granted under the State/Federal Constitution, including the most fundamental right, the right to represent myself in a allegedly criminal case! WOW!  Meanwhile, federal agents stand by and do nothing.
Therefore, because my life has been threatened it would be very foolish to appear publicly until both Judges are arrested and prosecuted.  Both Judges have stated in open Court, the Constitution is irrelevant and has no place in their courtroom, and no laws matter, but what they decide is law.(They claim to legislate from the bench their own laws)  Their sheriffs and deputies have privately told me, “The state and federal laws don’t matter to these Judges, THESE JUDGES MAKE THE LAW UP AS THEY GO”.
It is truly amazing the State of Illinois continues to allow such evil and sickening corruption, but my family stands firmly for the truth regardless of their crimes, deception, corruption, and lies. If you have additional questions, you may reach me by this email.
I have attached a Mandamus I filed with the Illinois Supreme Court on CORRUPT Judge Dan L. Flannell for you to see the level and extent of corruption I am dealing with.  The Illinois Supreme Court has thus far done nothing to Judge Dan L Flannell, but awarded him a pension of +$160,000 a year.  My families court cases are exactly like the largest criminal enterprise, the Illinois Judiciary ever destroyed by the FBI, “Operation Greylord”(Wikipedia) the FBI conducted on the Illinois Judiciary in 1982 by arresting over 10 Corrupt judges and 20 corrupt attorney’s for the very same crimes as Judge Dan Flannell and Judge Richard Broch, please google this FBI operation for details.  
For additional information please also Google “Kids for Cash Scandel”(Wikipedia)  to understand the two judges in Pennsylvania ran the same type of criminal enterprise as Attorney Robert V. Elder, Judge Dan L. Flannell and Judge Richard Broch for +6 years against 1,400 kids.  
Amazingly the 1,400 kids never got restitution for what happened to them, and no Attorney’s would help those 1,400 kids who were jailed for years for money and bribes to both Corrupt judges. This is my situation, and these two corrupt and despicable judges along with notorious criminal Tax Evader,Attorney Robert V. Elder, have been stealing my families trust funds (+$20 Million) for +43 years $500,000 per year on +1,440 acres of farmland. The Judges Bank has committed Federal Tax evasion of more than +$17 Million, see attached IRS docs.
Best Regards,
Lyle R Harrison
Pleadings with respect to this case may be viewed at the following link:
Remember that I do not post about cases with supporting pleadings.  If you would like me to write or blog about your case, please upload all the court documents you have (the complete record or record on appeal is best) and then send me what you want me to post on the blog.  We look for cases of court corruption, including, but not limited:  bribes and money laundering, cronyism, favoritism, bad behavior by attorneys and judges in the court; judges or attorneys that tell pro se litigants to shut up in court, pro se pleadings that are summarily dismissed, stricken or ignored, changed transcripts, attorneys that make deals, attorneys that dump or trash your case when you don’t pay them more, or they defame you.  If this is what you have experienced, please upload your documents into gdrive, share the drive with me and provide an outline of your case.
I also help people write courtroom corruption complaints to the authorities, the states attorneys, the offices of inspector general,  and the FBI and politicians.
It is up to the public to demand judicial accountability in a free, transparent and open democratic court system.  Speak out and up.

Ken Ditkowsky on Cooper’s Corner-Update on Elder Cleansing in Illinois

It is not safe to grow old in Illinois!  Watch Ken Ditkowsky detail the methods the guardianship courts use to wrongfully guardianize seniors with assets. They put them in locked down nursing homes against their will and drug them into a stupor to keep them from protesting and enforcing their human and civil rights.  Then miscreant attorneys drain their estates–sell everything at a discount to friends and cronies, steal most other things, often unconstitutionally seal proceedings, and then narcotize the senior or disabled to death when the money runs out.

If you were disgusted by the Kids for Cash case in Pennsylvania, this will send chills up your spine.

This video is a must see.  It tells the truth about a number of murders in the Cook County Illinois Probate System.

From Elena Federova–How pro se litigants are really treated in the courtroom

From Elena:
All Soviet Union and North Korea jurists would be very  jealous of Cook County Court TODAY’s corruption and blatant discrimination of civil right against certain groups of people, who are not  welcomed to this Court because judges expect to see paying clients.
As a ProSe litigant in Cook County Court I very quickly learned that I am a “secondary class” person who “was directed to hire a lawyer to be fairy heard” (judge Griffin). In other words, Judge Griffin created a sub-class of citizens who can be only fairy heard when they have a lawyer.  Griffin, who openly fixed my case and whom I highly suspect in bribes, was promoted to a Supervising Judge in Law Division.
According to Judge Hambring, I am “nothing in this Court because [I] don;’t have a lawyer”. My file is his “dummy file” – this he yelled in my face, waiving his empty folder in front of me.
When I appeared  before Judge Margaret Ann Brennan, she asked that which motions were  filed in the case. I was the only one who filed a Motion, so, I started “Your Honor, I….” which was immediately confronted by Judge Brennan in a very rude manner “I did not give your right to talk!” So apparently she was only interested to hear that lawyers had to say. She was always extremely rude to me while treated lawyers with incredible lenience. All their bogus emergency TROs were granted, no questions asked. When I asked for protection – Brennan’s response was “you are not entitled to this extreme remedy” So, my opponents apparently can talk in Brennan’s court and receive extreme remedy, but I don’t have ANY rights neither to talk or ask for protection.
Judge Curry, in a very rude manner, informed me that I have no legal right to present him my oral Motions. Opposite lawyer presented his oral requests all the time. But I had a written and filed motion – which was furiously denied by Curry
When I challenge obviously void orders, I am always in contempt – but lawyers who lie to judges (and whose lies I can prove on the spot) – are never charged with any wrongs.
Filed forged documents and lied to the judge? Great, here is your Order  of possession of the property. Fabricated non-existing debt and lied to the judge? Great, here is your favorable judgement. An African American immigrant went to jail for seven years telling Judge Lynch that his niece was not married while she apparently was.
Black people are specifically abused. For example, Judge Chevere sent African Americans to jail for contempt because the were wearing SAGGY PANTS! Imagine that.
I don’t like saggy pants, I think it is a bad choice of fashion, but contempt and jail? “Eight young men, according to the investigation, were sent to jail for wearing pants that sagged too low” Judge Chevere also is not a beauty queen. So, should I ask for a better looking judge if I don’t like her personal appearance? And send her to jail for her bad looks?
Cook County  Court is  so segregated for “right lawyers (paying) and “wrong lawyers, ProSe litigants, wrong skin colored litigants, wrong accent litigants – maybe we should stop the Court monopoly, at least demand impeachment for Supreme Court for the beginning?

From Paul Abramson to Scott Renfroe at the ARDC–please do your job!

To: “Renfroe, Scott” <>
Subject: Return of Paul Abramson ARDC file regarding Attorney Barry Feinberg complaint 2010
Date: Apr 6, 2017 8:18 PM
Mr Renfroe

Per your request i am writing this letter and request in the interest of justice under Illinois Supreme Court rule 766 that you return my personal 2010 ARDC file regarding attorney Barry Feinberg that came into your possession only because the attorney who stole all my Illinois cases client files ( Margaret Lundahl) happened to surrender my personal  ARDC file to ARDC attorney Gina Abbatemarco in the course of her investigation in my ARDC complaint 2016IN 03788 against Ms Lundahl.
During the course of that investigation I also filed a complaint against attorney Mark Broaddus and his firm Chuhak and Tecson which was assigned to you as you already had Broaddus up on charges that were being escalated to a hearing.
Apparently when I advised you that Lundahl had surrendered my personal ARDC file on Feinberg to Abbatemarco you not only reviewed it but made a copy before Abbatenarco illegally returned all my client files back to Lundahl.
I need my personal 2010 ARDC file returned as it is and was my personal property not that of the ARDC which had since expunged the 2010 complaint file.. The only reason my file found its way back to the ARDC is because Lundahl stole it so it does not automatically become confidential or internal work product because of the lost and found history (it is not finders keepers). Further as the ARDC knows, this whole sordid history of litigation etc has been going on for almost a decade and with no end in sight anytime soon. I need the file back because 1. it is mine and 2. It may lead to discoverable evidence as well as any claims and rights known or  unknown.
You also know the information itself can not be subpoenaed as all ARDC information is inadmissible which is even more reason you need to return my personal file as there is no remedy to order its return. Therefore the ARDC has no basis to keep it as you already closed your investigation against Broaddus with respect to my complaint and refused my many valid requests to reopen it. The 2010 ARDC complaint was expunged from ARDC records a long time ago. The only reason for you to keep it would be to cause me intentional harm for the previously mentioned reasons. Therefore, for good cause and in the interest of justice under supreme court rule 766 please return my personal property  file on attorney Barry Feinberg this week. Thank you in advance for your cooperation
Truly Yours
Paul Abramson
cc Jerome Larkin
James R. Mendillo

From Ken Ditkowsky — On cleaning up the ARDC and its propensity to engage in cover ups which benefit the elite and not the average senior citizen in need of protection

Cc: “JoAnne M. Denison” <>
Subject: Interesting to note
Date: Apr 5, 2017 3:19 PM
Politics is a cancer that has entered the arena.    It is very clear that the recent disgraceful order of the Supreme Court of Illinois in relation to JoAnne Denison’s case is political.    How else could a legitimate court sitting in the United States of America allow the orgy of corruption to play out that has occurred in the Denison disciplinary case.
In particular:
1) JoAnne’s (and my personal call) call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the obvious criminal felonies that are evident in the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 (Cook County) is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, State and Federal Statutes, and the core values of America.     These protections are self evident even though a bunch of heavy clouted political elite and a corrupt judge are involved.
2) pursuant to lawyer rule 8.3 , 18 USCA 4, and the Himmel case in Illinois not reporting the felonies observed to be committed by the heavily clouted miscreants and the judge would be grounds for disciplinary action (and possible criminal prosecution)   The particular:
    1. The Gloria Sykes affidavit (co-owner of Mary Sykes safety deposit box) reveals the theft (felony) of a million dollars in gold coins
    2. Judge Connors on page 91 of her evidence deposition taken by the IARDC admitting to her being corrupted.    This is particularly significant as the Court file reveals
        1. No proper service of process on Mary Sykes pursuant to 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.
        2. Improper venue.
        3. failure to address Petition for protective order filed by Mary prior to the guardianship proceeding (the matter was never heard and the file was secreted away to another judge in another division)
        4. Lack of hearing as to Mary Sykes’ competency required by ADA, 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b and 10
        5. numerous other strange happenings – including the very very strange proceedings involving Judge Stuart and the personal funds of Gloria Sykes and chaining Gloria to a table in the judge’s ante room and threatening her precious pets with euthanasia.
    3. The fact that two guardian ad litem were appointed in a case where it was obvious that Mary Sykes was perfectly competent – The August 2009 hearing before Judge Connors in which it was revealed that the petition could not obtain anyone to testify that Mary was incompetent other than two court crony docs– and one of the two guardian ad litem recommending an individual who was used all the time;
 3) Matters involved in the Disciplinary hearing, to wit:
  • Judge Stuart’s perjury reported by Court watchers – she testified on direct under oath as to a material fact denying that she had Gloria Sykes, a non-party, chained and intimidated to induce Ms. Sykes to reveal where she had her own personal funds.    NB.   Judge Stuart on cross examination admitted that she was not telling the truth.
  • the Court reporter’s transcript having this sequence of reported processing eliminated.
  • the obvious ‘fixing’ of the proceedings allowing the disciplinary commission to not be required to meet the standard of proof, provide a scintilla of evidence that any statement made by the attorney was even vaguely inaccurate etc.
  • the breach of the law that specifically prevented Mr. Larkin from engaging (for the protection of the public and in particular the attorney respondent) a non-licensed Court reporter.   Of course Larkin ignored the law, his ethical responsibilities, and his public trust.

We appear to be just about to leave the era of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and group thought.   Many of us have swallowed hook line and sinker many of the words and phrases of our government without thinking about them, and thus we have allowed cases such as JoAnne Denison case to pollute our democracy.    Denison is not the only case.   One of the most obnoxious disciplinary cases of this era has been the Lanre Amu matter.   Amu received an interim suspension of his law license even though Jerome Larkin, the IARDC, and the Illinois Supreme Court knew/or should have known that the Larkin complaint against him was totally false and a sham.   Even when Crain’s Chicago Business, a respected business publication made the very same allegations the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, its miscreant Administrator, and the Illinois Supreme Court would not acknowledge that a terrible injustice has occurred!

We, the people (the great unwashed) did nothing and we are still doing nothing; however, a recent article suggests that we might be stirring!
From Ken Ditkowsky

Request to Publish from Paul Abramson on Judge Pantle and problems in his case

January 22nd 2016
Honorable Timothy C. Evans, Circuit Judge Chief Judge
Daley Center, 50 W. Washington St., Rm. 2600, Chicago, Illinois 60602
RE Notice of Judicial impropriety case 13 CH 17457, (Abramson v Abramson)
Your Honor
I am writing you at the advice of retired attorney Bernard Hammer
My name is Paul Abramson and I am the Defendant being sued in Chancery court (judicial notice case 13 CH 17457) by my father and well known Chicago attorney Floyd Abramson for alleged breach of contract arising out of the settlement of my late mother’s estate (judicial notice case 08P000335). The reason for my communication is because I believe the Judge assigned to the Chancery case, Judge Kathleen Pantle has been intentionally engaging in a course of conduct through out this case that favors the Plaintiff and is prejudicial to my case and a violation of my civil rights as follows:
1 Judge Pantle allowed without good cause for process service of the Plaintiff’s summons and complaint by electronic mail to Defendant
2.Judge Pantle denied Defendent’s motion to have the case removed to Probate court even though the probate settlement order stated it retained jurisdiction
3 Judge Pantle has granted every request the Plaintiff has made and denied all of Defendant’s other than a motion to strike which was re plead by Plaintiff.
4 Judge Pantle has made biased comments in open court including stating that the Plaintiff has breach of contract monetary damages even though none have ever been plead to date
5 Judge Pantle has given legal advice to help the Plaintiff stating they should file a Motion to Quash a scheduled deposition of one of Defendant’s s key witnesses which was thereafter filed by the Plaintiff and the motion to quash was granted by Judge Pantle.
6 During the course of this case Judge Pantle testified as a character witness in a non judicial personal matter in front of the ARDC on behalf of Plaintiff’s counsel P Andrew Fleming without ever disclosing this material fact to the Defendant or Defendant’s counsel or voluntarily recusing herself from the case. (ARDC document – relevant page attached)
7. Defendant timely filed a petition for Substitution of Judge for cause when discovering Judge Pantle had acted on behalf of Plaintiff’s counsel in a personal matter. On 1/22/16 Judge Pantle refused to allowed the petition for Substitution of Judge to be transferred to another judge for determination and instead ruled to deny it.
Therefore for and including the above reasons I respectfully request an investigation into my complaint against Judge Pantle as well as my previously filed petition for Substitution of Judge be timely transferred and determined by a third party judge, Please be advised failure to take immediate action could forever prejudice my rights. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Respectfully Submitted
Paul Abramson
Glendale CA 91210, telephone 818-******
cc Judge Moshe Jacobius



June 24th 2016 FAX 312-814-5719
ATTENTION Kathy D Twine Executor Director and General Counsel
RE Judge Kathleen Pantle
Ms Twine Esq
I am in receipt of your letter of 6/13/16. When I contacted your office
regarding the closing letter I was told to “read between the lines”. Indeed
since the Judge is still on the bench I can only assume no action of reform
was ever taken.
I was very surprised under the circumstances due to the very serious
allegations raised regarding Judge Kathleen Pantle that the investigation
was closed only after being opened about a month prior. Indeed the
investigator in my opinion (Wade Crossin) did not take the matter very
seriously if at all. I had one conversation with him then he never took or
returned a phone call. I did reach him one other time but he said he was
leaving and when I asked him to attend a hearing in my case to observe the
Judge he stated he was too busy to attend. Further in his conversation with
my Counsel Ms Margaret Lundahl he made light of and was dismissive of
the numerous biased complaints lodged against this Judge (mostly from
Attorneys). The bottom line is I do not think any due diligence was used in
investigating the Judge and the fact she was removed from the Criminal
bench as well as apparently the post Judge for appeals alone should raise
red flags for investigation and action being taken. As I understand It is rare
that the JIB even investigates a Judge but to “white wash” an investigation
is not only unjust but against the public interest
Truly Yours