From Ken Ditkowsky and Dr. Cordero–how to solve the problem of lack of Judicial Accountability in our nation’s Court Systems

From Ken Ditkowsky

Medicare Fraud

Why Jerome Larkin and the lawyer disciplinary commissions have their panties in a bunch when the words “Honest investigation” is mentioned. Another view.
The Trump Administration has set a goal to revoke and replace Obamacare. Unfortunately this goal is about as useless as tits on a bull! It will be ineffective because there is a 700% fraud surcharge that has been imposed on health care by criminals in the about the health care industry. The $25.00 aspirin tablet is now commonplace, and the ghost doctors who bill patients for non-visits (i.e. the doctor who slows down to 30 MPH as he passes the nursing home so that he charge most of the residents for a visit!) appear on just about every bill. Indeed, it is now routine that the average nursing home patient is given some chemical to calm him/her down so that they will be easier to isolate and medicate. The Nursing home is a big business and a very substantial money maker.
I thought the following article was significant. I marked the sections that I wish to give emphasis. To wit:

Medicare Fraud Gets Messier
New charges in a massive health-care fraud case shine light on the need for stronger bribery investigations .
Art Stewart March 14, 2017 0 Comments

The U.S. Justice Department has filed new charges in what prosecutors are calling the biggest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history, the Miami Herald reports . Prosecutors say health-care executive Philip Esformes’ network of skilled-nursing and assisted-living facilities, and co-conspirators billed Medicare US$1 billion for services that were either unnecessary or not provided to about 14,000 patients between 2009 and 2016. According to the indictment, physicians and other medical professionals at Larkin Community Hospital [1] referred many of the Medicare patients to Esformes’ facilities in exchange for kickback payments. Later, the facilities would send the patients back to the hospital. The latest charges allege Esformes gave an associate US $5,000 to bribe an employee of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration to find out what evidence the regulator had on Esformes’ health-care network . That associate, Gabriel Delgado, secretly videotaped the exchange to receive a lesser sentence from federal prosecutors. The details of this case are similar to a 2006 civil dispute over kickback allegations that Esformes, his father, Delgado, and Delgado’s brother settled for US$15.4 million [2]. If convicted, the Justice Department could seize most of Esformes’ assets and send him to prison for the rest of his life.
Lessons Learned
In 2015, U.S. health-care spending was about US $3.2 trillion , with more than $4 billion in insurance claims processed. The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates that the financial losses from health care fraud are in the tens of billions of dollars each year . [3] Whether it impacts employers, governments, or individuals, this level of fraud inevitably translates into higher premiums, expenses, costs of providing benefits, and reduced benefits or coverage. It may even make the difference between whether or not some Americans can afford health insurance. [4]
There are two particularly troubling aspects of this story . First is the length of time it took officials to catch the alleged perpetrators, along with the lack or ineffectiveness of scrutiny of a vast number of false or over-billed claims for medical services. Second is the use of bribery techniques to circumvent inspections and investigations of com plaints that might have helped detect this fraud earlier. [5]
Weaknesses in the internal controls over the approval of health-care billing and claims must continuously be monitored and addressed [6]. Recent audits conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveal that the nation’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act marketplaces remain “vulnerable to fraud.” The audits, which looked at the 2015 and 2016 coverage years, echo previous findings about the potential for fraud, and the failure to detect it, within organizations that are part of health-care delivery systems and government-run exchanges that sell individual health plans. The investigations looked at how well the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) did at verifying whether claims filed were eligible for reimbursement. They also looked at whether people with dubious documentation could actually enroll in coverage, particularly for coverage that was subsidized by the federal government for applicants with low or moderate incomes. For both sets of testing, the GAO submitted fictitious or incomplete documentation as part of the application and enrollment processes [7] . As one example of an area for improvement, the GAO found that HHS inspections focused on supporting documentation that had obviously been altered. If the documentation submitted did not show such signs, inspectors were not likely to question its authenticity.
Strong internal controls are essential to prevent bribery of government officials. A fraud risk assessment is one good way to assess the degree and focus of measures to counter this kind of corruption. The GAO has noted that bribery, along with infiltration by organized crime elements, is prevalent in South Florida. Key internal controls over this area include:
§ Policies. Organizations must have in place clear, robust, and readily understood conflict-of-interest and code-of-conduct policies that include a practical level of prohibition of the kinds of behaviors that must be avoided by employees, backed by senior leadership endorsement and reinforcement.
§ Practices and procedures. Each policy should have a corresponding practice and documentation procedure. This could include a requirement that no one employee may have sole contact with a medical services biller that has a history of claims exceeding a particular value. Regulators also could implement electronic security measures that monitor communications between staff members performing approval and regulatory functions over billers.
§ Enforcement. While most organizations with conflict/code-of-conduct policies may also have enforcement provisions for noncompliance, exceptions made to enforcement actions can occur frequently — for valid reasons in some cases. However, such exceptions can signal to potential noncompliant billers that the chances of being prosecuted may be low. [8]In addition, an active and robust internal audit function is an essential tool.
§ Whistleblowing. Where supported by senior management and established in collaboration with regulators and law enforcement officials, whistleblower programs can be one of the most effective measures in deterring and detecting bribery schemes. [9]:

From Ken:
It should be noted that the HHS has acknowledged it has room to improve and intends to take action, as indicated by this statement: “As recommended by the GAO, we are applying their marketplace fraud risk assessment to areas of eligibility and enrollment to identify and prioritize key areas for potential risk in the marketplace.” The statement goes on to say, “We are also working closely with issuers through the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership to identify trends, schemes, and specific bad actors.”

If the United States Department of Justice were really interested in doing their jobs most of the current nursing homes and their operators would be in jail. If anyone were interested in honest elections the nursing home operators who vote for the 300 plus residents in their facilities would be prosecuted for vote fraud. Indeed, if anyone was interested in providing a credible health care system for America the fraudsters would be under indictment! At least the booty (cash illegally obtained) stolen from the guardianship would be TAXED. Pursuant to 18 USCA 371, Jerome Larkin, (in my opinion) and the attorneys in both my case and JoAnne Denison’s disciplinary proceeding would be paying the taxes, interest, and penalties that were incurred by the theft of about 3 million dollars in the Sykes case, 1.5 million in the Gore case ******.

The article supra is very clear – we are dealing with the cancer of public (judicial) corruption and there is a massive coverup that is occurring. The dollars are humongous and the miscreants are laughing at us all the way to the bank. A crooked public official has been assigned to guard the hen house so that the fox is unimpeded in his quest to dehumanize America’s elderly and redistribute ‘grandmother’s’ wealth to crooked judicial and other public officials.

The time for an HONEST INVESTIGATION is now! The time to end the perfidy is now! The time for government to prosecute the predators who are stealing the Medicaid dollars and the estates of the elderly! A good start would be with the indictment of the leader of the Illinois cover-up! The Department of the treasury (and the Illinois Department of Revenue) collecting that taxes that this public official owes (plus interest and penalties) will be a great first step.
[1] Does Jerome Larkin or his family have something to do with the Larkin Hospital? It certainly would explain Mr. Larkin’s conduct.
[2] Note the continuing pattern of misconduct. Unfortunately Esformes is not the only villain. The pattern of repeat frauds is not limited to Esformes, but continues in New York, Los Angeles, Miami etc. The frauds include massive vote fraud as well as money laundering and generating corruption. Here in Illinois the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission appears to be owned lock stock and barrel by the nursing home cabal, and it has been alleged that the Illinois Office of Public guardian has even worked hand and glove with the miscreants to assist in the frauds. In the Sykes case 09 P 4585 it has been more than suggested that former employees of the office of the Public guardian were the moving elements of the crimes against nature committed. The tie in to the 18 USCA 371 cover-up leads, in the opinion of the professionals who have given opinions on the subject, right into the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court. In other words the fix goes right to the top!

[3] Without strict enforcement of the RULE OF LAW and the protection of the elderly NO HEALTH CARE PROGRAM CAN BE Successful! We must have audits that are honest and meet the audit standards – and there cannot be advance warnings as to when audits are to occur. Similarly the political influence has to END! The political animal who does favors for the nursing home operator in exchange for a little vote fraud and a few dollars should not only go to JAIL but should pay taxes, interest and penalties on the money cleansed funds and non-declared income of the acting miscreants.

[4] Indeed – it costs about 2,500 dollars a month to keep a senior citizen or disabled adult in a nursing home, however, the charges are reported to average about $8000 a month and sometimes exceed $15,000 a month. A senior with little wrong with her except the fact that the family wants to get rid of a troubled grandmother is reported to be addressed at $10,000 a month. Death of the annoying grandmother usually takes a year – or until Medicare runs out!

[5] It is no coincidence that inspections and audits are unsuccessful. An Honest investigation is believed and therefore alleged upon reliable information to reveal that politicos who sit in the highest tribunals of our government on the payroll. The IARDC in writing described a blog that exposed corrupt judges as being akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater” and the attorney (JoAnne Denison) who authored the blog received an interim suspension of her law license (reserved for lawyers who are a danger to the public) and a 3 year suspension of her law license as a patent example to all attorneys who might attempt to speak out and protect the public from grave harm. No public official, civil rights advocate, politician etc. was heard to protest. Even the ACLU was disinterested!

[6] The bribery of public officials, including high ranking officials of the very agencies that have been set up to monitor the health care facilities is apparently common and being exposed more and more. The booty is so excessive (billions of dollars in the case of Esformes – see indictment) and the clout so obnoxious that at least one member of the House of Representatives has been noted to be attorning to the wishes of the nursing home cabal. Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court have demonstrated in the Lanre Amu affair that they do not want to be confused with the facts – and even independent source expose are ignored. The Evidence Deposition of Judge Maureen Connors is a classic – the Judge on page 91 actually admitted her complicity and the fact that she was wired and the case was fixed and no matter what happened, the outcome would always be the same. When the file is examined the file reveals that 1) there was no jurisdiction as 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 was totally ignored and 2) no hearing was held so that the limitations of section 3b and the Americans With Disability Act could be complied with. In other words, Mary Sykes was openly and notoriously isolated, abused, exploited dehumanized and murdered under the supervision of a Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County who admitted her culpability! The miscreants (including the elected members of the Supreme Court of Illinois) have no qualms! The 18 USCA 371 cover-up, mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud et al is totally ignored.

[7] This statement may be a typo – however – government and government agencies all have been appropriately accused of a FRAUD ON THE PUBLIC. There is no way that under the RULE OF LAW and the governmental mandates that this situation could exist without the agreement of branches of the government!

[8] The government has budgeted millions of dollars to regulate this industry and to protect senior citizens. It the government refused to do its job, the people assigned these jobs should be terminated. Why should our government pay the regulators to either look the other way or ‘cover up’ from criminals that are preying on the elderly and the disabled. These bureaucrats are a clear and present danger

[9] Whistleblowing is actively discouraged! It will not exist when families who complain are told quite bluntly that their complaints are not welcome and the regulators encourage the villains to prey on the complainers. Indeed 18 USCA 4 is punished. So effective is the discouragement that the American Bar Association (the local Bar Associations included), the ACLU, Federal Consumer Protection agencies, State Consumer protective agencies etc. all ignore the situation and worse yet try to solicit funds from the aggrieved (including all whistle blowers especially attorneys). Indeed, as the article points out – whistle blowing is effective, ergo bureaucrats and miscreants (including members of the elected Supreme Court of Illinois) openly and notoriously misuse their public trust to attempt to silence any person (including lawyers) who report the criminal activities of judges, guardians, lawyers, public officials etc.
Ken Ditkowsky
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Subject: Fake News

If you look at the world, the first fact that strikes out at you is that fact that nothing is totally 100% or totally black or white. Worse yet, there are people out there ON OUR SIDE of the fence who are not pure and may be as nefarious as the bad guys we oppose. Even some of the cries for help are not genuine!

The March for Science yesterday and especially its coverage is a stark example. I ran across the following in the Wall Street journal this morning, to wit:

Opinion Journal: The Climate Change Debates You Never Hear About
Opinion Journal: The Climate Change Debates You Never Hear About
Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin on scientific self-censorship. Photo: istock images

We need an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the Judicial corruption and the elder cleansing and we want some HONEST enforcement of the RULE OF LAW. Free Speech and honest government are essentials.
Ken Ditkowsky
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Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2017 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: [PoliticalMisconduct] A for-profit business plan for exposing how judges self-exempt from discipline by dismissing 99.83% of complaints against them, and dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions; a proposal for public hearings thereon; paying for ‘speeches’ is another way of paying a bribe. What possible information can most of these political elite impart that is worth the money that they are paid?


WATCHDOGS: Struggling NEIU paid big for years for grad speakers
CHICAGO 04/22/2017, 01:07pm
Valerie Jarrett, who agreed to do away with her $30,000 fee, would have been only the latest in a series of high-paid graduation speakers at financially struggling Northeastern Illinois University. | Getty Images
Dan Mihalopoulos and Tina Sfondeles
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The $30,000 fee Northeastern Illinois University was going to pay former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was just the latest in a series of big fees the financially troubled state school has paid to snag prominent graduation speakers, records show.
Despite its money troubles — a Wall Street credit agency just dropped Northeastern deeper into “junk-bond” status — the state university has handed out five-figure fees to each of the speakers at its May commencement events the past four years.
That’s in sharp contrast to what’s done at other state schools, also facing tight-money times, including the three University of Illinois campuses, Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University and Eastern Illinois University. Administrators at those universities and others say they don’t pay graduation speakers beyond travel costs.
Jarrett — who was a top aide to former President Barack Obama — agreed earlier this month not to accept a speaking fee for the May 8 commencement after the Chicago Sun-Times reported she was being paid $30,000.
Jarrett said she was unaware of the extent of the financial problems facing the university, which serves about 10,000 students on five campuses, including the main campus on North St. Louis Avenue south of Bryn Mawr.
Northeastern has cut three days from the school year and ordered all 1,100 of its employees to take an unpaid week off during spring break to cut costs amid financial problems worsened by the state government’s continuing budget impasse. The employees also won’t be paid for the three canceled class days.
When Jarrett said she would abandon her speaker’s fee, she already had been paid in full, university records show — and Northeastern administrators agreed to let her keep $1,500 of the $30,000 after they learned Jarrett still expected the school to pick up the tab for her travel.
The public university has paid a total of nearly $46,000 to speakers for its May commencements since 2013, the records show, including:
• $15,000 to Democratic political operative Donna Brazile in 2013. Brazile ran Al Gore’s losing campaign for president in 2000 and twice was interim leader of the Democratic National Committee.
• $10,750 in May 2014 to Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, a professor at the University of Texas in Austin who is an MSNBC and Telemundo contributor.
• $10,000 in 2015 to Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress Rita Moreno, who appeared in the movie musicals “West Side Story” and “The King and I.”
• $10,100 last year to Evan Wolfson, a New York civil right lawyer who founded Freedom to Marry, which pushed successfully to legalize gay marriage.

From left, Donna Brazile, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Rita Moreno and Evan Wolfson. | Getty Images, supplied photos
Northeastern Illinois officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.
In the past, Illinois legislators have tried to bar public universities from paying commencement speakers, but those efforts haven’t gone anywhere. Some lawmakers say they plan to try again following the reports of how much Jarrett was to be paid.
State Rep. Mark Batinick, R-Plainfield, says he thinks the law should allow state schools to cover travel expenses only and provide no payment for speeches.
“It should be an honor,” Batinick says, to speak at a university commencement.
In response to public records requests covering the past five years, the University of Illinois system — which includes campuses in Chicago, Urbana and Springfield — and other Illinois state universities say they don’t pay commencement speakers beyond travel costs, though Southern Illinois University Carbondale has done so twice in that period.
Eastern Illinois University spent a total of $2,273.92 to cover lodging, airfare, rental car and fuel for graduation speakers from 2013 through 2016.

Former Denver Broncos coach — and Eastern Illinois alum — Mike Shanahan. | File photo
The biggest name among them was Mike Shanahan, an Eastern Illinois graduate who coached the Denver Broncos to three Super Bowl victories. He addressed the Class of 2015. It cost the university $155.40 — the price to put Shanahan up for a night at the Unique Suites Hotel in downstate Charleston, records show.
Governors State University in University Park has spent close to $3,500 to cover travel expenses of graduation speakers over the past four years and plans to continue the policy for its two speakers this year. Its top recent payment, in 2015, was more than $1,300 to bring poet Nikki Giovanni to its south suburban campus from Virginia.
Illinois State University’s College of Fine Arts has spent about $3,300 since 2013 to welcome back alumni who speak at its graduation events.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville also covers only travel costs — amounting to a total of $1,244.08 in state funds for this year’s and last year’s graduation speakers.
Western Illinois University doesn’t have to worry about such things. “Our president delivers the commencement address,” says Darcie Shinberger, spokeswoman for the campus in Macomb.

Frank Abagnale.
Southern Illinois University Carbondale now covers only travel costs. But it did pay $30,000 plus expenses to Frank Abagnale — the con man-turned-security consultant portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Catch Me If You Can” — to speak in 2013 and $40,000 plus expenses to actress Ali Wentworth in 2014.
Chicago State University said they needed more time to respond.
The City Colleges of Chicago covered nearly $6,000 in travel costs for rapper Common to be keynote speaker at a commencement ceremony in 2015, including first-class plane tickets from Los Angeles for Common and an assistant, two nights in a $589-a-night room at The Langham hotel downtown, meals from room service and airport limousines.
At Northeastern, the deal to bring in Jarrett next month grew out of discussions with Jim Oliver of Gotham Artists, a New York talent agency and speakers bureau, records show. Oliver previously had offered possible speakers to the university. On Jan. 24, Christie Miller, director of the school’s Office of Cultural Events and Community and Professional Education, asked for suggestions for a commencement speaker.
“We need someone with star power but also appropriate for a very diverse student body,” Miller wrote to Oliver, who declined to comment. “We had a LGBT activist last year so we don’t want that this year. But a diverse speaker to highlight leadership, motivation, etc. would be ideal.”
Oliver sent a list of speakers with biographies. Miller then asked for “further info on fee and availability for Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett and Erin Brockovich.”
She said Northeastern wanted a speaker for the May 8 commencement as well as for a May 6 lecture. But Oliver told her Jones, Jarrett and Brockovich couldn’t do anything more than the commencement because “all three are pretty busy here in early May.”
Jones, a CNN commentator, would have cost $55,000, according to Oliver. Brockovich, the environmental activist portrayed by Julia Roberts in the movie that bears her name, would have charged $24,000.
Initially, Jarrett’s asking price to speak at the state school was $45,000, plus first-class travel, accommodations and local ground transportation, though Oliver added, “Might have some flexibility on fee, we can discuss.”
Miller replied: “I think Valerie Jarrett might be first choice right now. What kind of flexibility do you think there is on the fee?”
On Feb. 8, the university made Jarrett an offer: $10,000 plus first-class expenses. But Miller made clear the university was willing to pay more.
“Our president asked me to make this offer,” she wrote to Oliver. “I realize there may be a counteroffer if she is interested.”
Eight days later, the university signed a deal with Jarrett for $30,000 that said: “Fee is inclusive of all expenses.”
The school sent Jarrett’s agency a “non-refundable deposit” of $15,000 on March 13 and a second payment covering the balance owed on April 7.
Trustees for the university apparently didn’t know of the deal or its terms until their April 6 meeting. According to a recording of the meeting, one member of the board said it was “disturbing” to pay Jarrett so richly at a time the university is facing deep financial problems.
Another trustee asked whether Jarrett might donate the fee to a student scholarship in her honor but was told, “The contract has been negotiated and signed.”
The board also approved an honorary degree for Jarrett, with three members voting against the measure.
On April 10, hours after the Sun-Times requested records related to the contract, the university revealed that Jarrett’s contract was for $30,000. But schools officials said they found an unnamed donor to cover that.
The following day, a spokeswoman for Jarrett said she told the university “she will not be accepting a speaking fee.”
On April 13, Oliver wrote to Northeastern officials again. “She would still of course need her travel covered from D.C.,” Oliver said. “Those expenses are coming out to $1,500.”
Miller replied two minutes later: “Yes, that is fine. Thanks!”
Oliver told Miller that Gotham Artists had mailed the school a check for $28,500 — the fee she’d been paid minus travel costs, which weren’t itemized.
Asked about the travel expense Jarrett’s spokeswoman Amy Brundage said the amount was “standard.”
“The travel fee is simply a standard allotment in the contract, but we of course don’t expect the travel to cost that amount,” Brundage said.
Before going to work at the White House in 2009, Jarrett was a $300,000-a-year executive of The Habitat Company, a Chicago real estate development company. In January, in the last federal financial disclosure form she submitted as an Obama aide, Jarrett reported total assets of between $2.22 million and $7.86 million.

Ken Ditkowsky
On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 7:23 PM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
The Courts (both Federal and State) are the escape value of society and judges must be like Caesar’s wife. The rash of abuse of the elderly cases that have gone unpunished is deplorable. The Government Accounting Office has written four reports to Congress detailing the felonies perpetrated against the elderly and their families and virtually nothing has happened.

Indeed, we have had the prosecution of Philip Esformes for stealing a BILLION dollars in Medicare sums, we have had Seth Gillman plead guilty to hospice fraud of another $100 million over 5 years, and we have some minor players prosecuted, but the major players not only go unpunished but literally laugh at American values as they draw billions of dollars of health care money out of the economy.

Illinois is a microcosm but the theft of health care funds from the government, insurance carriers, the elderly and their families is not insignificant. In the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 (Cook County) the booty was approximately three million. In the Alice Gore it was 1.5 million plus the gold stolen right out of her mouth, ******. The miscreants are not only given immunity, but are protected so that they can operate free of enforcement of the law and payment of the Federal and State income taxes.

The Chicago Tribune reported (in a column by Cass) just how a lawyer become a judge in Cook County. The open secret of corruption and purchasing of judgeships is accepted as ‘life in the big city’ and a fact of life. Jerome Larkin, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, and the Illinois Supreme Court openly and notoriously thumb their collective noses at the RULE OF LAW and the core values of America as they (in violation of 18 USCA 371) have established right on the 18th Floor of the Daley Center a criminal enterprise that acts to isolate the elderly so that their assets can be redistributed to corrupt judges, lawyers, political elite, judicial elite, nursing home operators, etc.

I have referred to this American gulag as “elder cleansing” and have noted the number of cases in which the victim is treated to an involuntary assisted suicide. The cover-up is complete and any lawyer who utters even a suggestion of the need for an Honest Investigation can expect to be barred from the Practice of Law. Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court will not tolerate any lawyer complying with 18 USCA 4 or Rule 8.3. In the JoAnne Denison kangaroo disciplinary hearing Larkin filed pleadings that equated the mention of the corruption in Attorney Denison’s blog as being akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater!”

Dr. Cordero’s approach has great merit – however, what we need is the United States of America to do what has become an anomaly – enforce the Rule of Law not only against the minor players in the 700% fraud surcharge that is added to health care costs, but against the major players and the corrupt public and judicial officials including but not limited to Justices of the Supreme Court who act in concert with disciplinary commission attempting to silence reports of judicial corruption the permeates the elder cleansing scandal. The prosecution must also extend to put out of business not only Philip Esformes, but all their associates and fellow travelers. This is not an easy task and may cause a terrible dent in the vote fraud industry as no longer will the nursing homes be able to deliver 100% of the resident votes to the dominant political party and no longer will certain political operatives be indebted to these miscreants.

Please note – it is not necessary in many of the cases to bring criminal proceedings! A public official who is essential to the perpetuation of the criminal enterprise such as Jerome Larkin can be neutralized by civil tax enforcement. In the Mary Sykes case there is more than ample evidence of Mr. Larkin’s culpability as a co-conspirator with the miscreant judicial appointees, the presiding judge et al. As a co-conspirator he and every one of the overpaid lawyers who was called upon to protect the interest of the ‘elder cleansers’ has JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY. In other words as $3,000,000 was stolen from the Mary Sykes Estate, Larkin and his co-conspirators each owe the Federal and State Income TAxes on the stolen sum – plus interest and plus penalties!

The State of Illinois is in fiscal trouble ($8 billion in current receivables and $110 billion in unfunded pension accounts) and collecting the Income taxes owed by Jerome Larkin on each of the Estates that acted to cover-up by itself will be a boon to the State Treasury. It should be noted that in Civil Prosecutions Larkin will have the burden of proof to establish and exculpation. It may be a new concept – but the tax man usually gets the benefit of the Rule of Law and the ‘fix’ is rarely in!
Ken Ditkowsky
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Subject: [PoliticalMisconduct] A for-profit business plan for exposing how judges self-exempt from discipline by dismissing 99.83% of complaints against them, and dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions; a proposal for public hearings thereon

NOTE: If in spite of all the effort to circumvent the glitch in software or interference with communications that creates “joinedwords” in Dr. Cordero’s emails( †>ol2:426§C), this email has them or any other formatting oddity, kindly overlook them and send a note to Dr.Richard.Cordero_Esq@ verizon .net, DrRCordero@Judicial-

A For-profit Business Plan for exposing how judges self-exempt from any discipline by dismissing 99.83% of complaints against their peers, and dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions;
a proposal for public hearings conducted by Congress and/or a board of national media outlets on the personal cases and experience of litigants, lawyers, and others at the mercy of judges above discipline and their decisions by fiat
Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City
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Dear Advocates of Honest Judiciaries,

Thank you for your emails replying to my article on Judge Neil Gorsuch and his fellow judges( †>ol2:546), and for letting me know about your projects and seeking my opinion thereon. Kindly consider the following comments on two projects that are representative of others.
† See my study of judges and their judiciaries as they perform in practice as opposed to the conduct prescribed for them in their codes of conduct and statutory rules. It is titled and downloadable as follows:
Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability
and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field
of judicial unaccountability reporting*†
* http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf
http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf

A. On the sit-in in Washington, D.C., to request that the President appoint a certain kind of people to the judiciary
1. You want to ensure that “intelligent, honorable, morally and ethically correct individuals” are appointed to the bench. Yet, they must also have the academic qualifications and professional experience needed to perform competently as judges so that they are acceptable to the nominators and confirmers; otherwise, you and the nominees are headed for an exercise in self-embarrassment.

2. The appointment of a judge, whether to the federal or a state judiciary, is a political act intended to assure that the laws enacted by the appointing party will be upheld as constitutional and interpreted as intended by their adopting party. A group like yours does not offer anything as important as that intended assurance. On the contrary, your demand for honest judges works against the interest of politicians.

3. Known for their double-talk and opportunism, not their principles, politicians have an interest in appointing people of their ilk, willing to play the power game. They have no use for the likes of Mother Theresa of Calcutta and St. Francis of Assisi.

4. Hence, your Washington sit-in will be an exercise in futility that will only waste the effort, time, and money of your group and cause through disappointing results an erosion of commitment.
5. Neither the President, a governor, nor a legislative body will ever nominate a person who is not a lawyer and a judge, or who does not have the qualifications to be a judge –Justice Elena Kagan was never a judge but was a lawyer and former dean of Harvard Law School–. The risk is too great that the lack of such qualifications may lead to public criticism of the nominee, embarrassment of the appointer, and the forced withdrawal by the nominee of his or her name.

6. You only need to remember the embarrassment of President George W. Bush when he nominated Ms. Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court in 2005. She was roundly disapproved by even fellow Republicans as unqualified and had to withdraw herself from the nomination. Bush did not risk nominating even his Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez. Instead, he went for a sure name, Then-Judge John Roberts, a member of the Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit.
7. This shows that what appears to advocates of honest judiciaries to be a good idea must be evaluated in the context of one’s resources, the facts, and other people’s interests to determine how to turn it into a reality. This calls for pragmatism enhanced by dynamic analysis of harmonious and conflicting interests underlying strategic thinking and resulting in a strategy( †>ol2:445§B, 475§D).

B. On breaking up the Ninth Circuit
8. Even if that circuit were broken up into two or more circuits, the judges that have been appointed for life would remain on the bench. Belonging to a smaller or a new circuit is not going to cause them to become “intelligent, honorable, morally and ethically correct individuals”, never mind political neutral and committed to applying only and always the rule of law. They will remain political appointees expected to rule along political lines.   (From Joanne: remember that Dr. Richard Fine was disbarred because he took on the massive corruption in California where judges were receiving funds from prosecutors for every criminal defendant convicted which is a utterly corruption system.   While he ended this system of corruption in the criminal courts, it is noted that most judges who received these bribes were never charged with a crime and the vast majority of these crooked judges still sit on the bench, even at the Appellate Court level. They should all be indicted, the funds taxed and returned to the taxpayer and baseless convictions should be overturned at the judges’ expense.)

9. That is shown by the politically motivated controversy in the Senate over the confirmation of Judges Merrick Garland and Neil Gorsuch, nominated to the Supreme Court by Presidents BO ad DT, respectively.

10. Worse yet, their respective interests favor maintaining the status quo: The politicians will not dare investigate for misconduct the judges for whose honesty they vouched, lest they indict their good judgment and vetting procedures and provoke the retaliation of all judges, for each could be investigated next. They will continue to hold them unaccountable and allow them to self-exempt from discipline, as shown by the analysis of the official statistics(ol2:546).

11. The judges will keep risklessly engaging in wrongdoing for their gain and convenience at the expense of everybody else.

12. Politicians and judges have a harmonious interest in frustrating the advocates’ conflicting interest in non-political judges. The Circuit break-up is not a strategy for judicial honesty. It is an effort that proves that in the absence of strategic thinking and its analysis of interests, there is only wishful thinking, amateurism, and improvisation that do not attain the intended objective.

C. A reasonable strategy: first expose judges’ unaccountability and consequent riskless wrongdoing, thus establishing the need for judicial reform
13. The first step to reform the judiciary is to show why it needs reforming: Judges abusively exempt themselves from 99.83% of complaints, are held unaccountable by their Republican and Democratic appointers, and risklessly engage in wrongdoing(jur:5§3) harmful to everybody else.

14. For instance, circuit judges dispose of 93% of appeals in decisions “on procedural grounds [e.g., a mere ‘for lack of jurisdiction or jurisdictional defect’] by consolidation, unpublished, unsigned, without comment”(ol2:455§§B-E). These decisions are so “perfunctory”(*>jur:44fn68) or wrongful that the majority of them are issued on a 5¢ summary order form and/or marked “not precedential”…in a legal system rooted in precedent –as opposed to a code of rules– to prevent arbitrariness and off-the-cuff decision-making, and promote predictability and thus, conformance by the man and woman in the street of his or her conduct to reliable legal expectations.

15. Circuit judges mostly affirm the decisions on appeal and deny motions raised in the appeals(ol2:457¶26). District judges, who weigh pro se cases as 1/3 of a case and treat them accordingly(ol2:45§B), know that most of their decisions will be affirmed pro-forma and act perfunctorily.

16. Their decisions, whether reasonless or cobbled together, are the ad hoc fiats of the judges of “the swamp of the Establishment”(ol2:453), for their life-appointment and in effect irremovability –only 8 federal judges have been impeached and removed in the last 228 years since the creation of their Judiciary in 1789(jur:21§a) – make them the Establishment’s most established members.

17. So, We the People are at the mercy of judges who risklessly deny us due process and equal protection of the law, which are reserved for the 7% of decisions that, intended for public scrutiny, are reasoned, signed, and published.

18. If this information, based on official statistical facts, is made known to the national public -not just the passers-by at the time of a sit-in in D.C.-, it can outrage the People and cause them to demand that their senators and representatives, lest they be voted out of, or not into, office, call on Congress to conduct public hearings on the experience of the People at the hands of the judges that they hold unaccountably independent.

D. The benefit for advocates of meeting and discussing the most cost-effective way of attaining their objective: an honest judiciary
19. You and other advocates should meet locally to discuss the above facts and out-of-court inform-and-outrage strategy before embarking on any trip. Even demonstrating at your courthouse has no chance at present of accomplishing anything: Your demands will not imperil legislators’ electability or even make it to the newscast; they will be ignored like those of most demonstrators.

20. Your focus should not be on your personal, local cases, which are of as little interest to anybody else as theirs are to you. Rather, highlight through the use of the official statistical tables accompanying the article on Judge Gorsuch and his peers‡ how judges in your circuit abusively dismiss 99.83% of complaints against them, enabling their riskless wrongdoing(ol:154¶3) that harms and interests everybody else.

a. If your appellate attorney failed to disclose that his or her attorney’s fees would buy you a 93% chance of receiving only a reasonless 5¢ form decision, consider suing him or her for malpractice. If your doctor failed to disclose that he or she would charge you thousands of dollars for medical treatment that for 93% of patients was useless but caused 100% of them a lot of anxiety for months on end, what would you do?

21. Meet(cf. ol:274) with other advocates to use the table template(ol2:555) to draw up the table concerning your judges. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Gain and wield it to implement the inform-and-outrage strategy that can earn you public respect and attention, and make future demonstrations numerous and effective.

22. You and others can inform the public by distributing that article by email and social media and discussing it with local groups.

23. This will allow you to strategically pursue your and other people’s personal cases and share experiences involving wrongdoing judges by demanding that public hearings thereon be held with a view to judicial reform by Congress and/or a pioneering and potentially trendsetting entity: a board of national media outlets working in their commercial and public interest(ol2:558§§D,E).

E. Participating in a business to expose judges’ wrongdoing and advocate judicial reform
24. If you and your group are travelling for a demonstration to D.C. or anywhere else for free and without having to sacrifice time that you could or must use to earn a living, I would like to know how you have managed that feat. Such scenario is, of course, unrealistic.

25. Planning to travel there or just to demonstrate locally on a workday must have made you all realize that even the noblest objective requires effort, time, and money. Implementing any plan or strategy needs financing.

26. Thus, I have devised a for-profit business plan to pursue through strategic thinking the exposure of judges’ wrongdoing and the advocacy of judicial reform. Its table of contents is below. I welcome your ideas on how to raise the necessary investment capital to implement that plan. If you have any experience with Fund Me initiatives or access to individuals willing to put their money where their noble or business ideas are, I would appreciate your letting them and me know.

27. In this vein, I offer to present to you and your group by video conference or, upon your invitation, in person, why it is necessary and opportune to share and post widely the article that discusses judges’ official statistical facts; to implement a business plan that addresses the public harm caused by their unaccountable abuse of their power over your property, liberty, and the rights and duties that determine your and everybody else’s life; and to hold them liable to compensate the victims of their wrongdoing, for they are not entitled to be Judges Above the Law.

28. Your contribution to informing We the People that in ‘government of, by, and for the people’ they are the masters of all public servants, including judicial public servants; outraging the masters at their servants’ wrongdoing; and empowering them to hold their servants accountable can earn you the People’s recognition and turn you into their Champion of Justice.

So I look forward to hearing from you.
Visit the website at, and subscribe for free to its series of articles thus:
http://www.Judicial-Discipline- > + New or Users >Add New

Dare trigger history!(*>jur:7§5)…and you may enter it.
* http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City

Dr.Richard.Cordero_Esq@verizon .net, DrRCordero@Judicial-, CorderoRic@, Dr.Richard.Cordero.Esq@ cantab. net dr-richard-cordero-esq- 0508ba4b

their analysis points to
its judges’ arbitrary handling of caseloads
that denies due process and equal protection of the laws

Sections A-E(†>ol2:454, 546)

† Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and
Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field
of judicial unaccountability reporting *†

* http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf
http://Judicial-Discipline- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf

Table of Contents
for raising investment capital to expose judges’ wrongdoing and advocate judicial reform through a for-profit business that caters to professionals, litigants, and The Dissatisfied With The Judicial and Legal Systems

F. Executive Summary: Paying to acquire, and earning by providing, knowledge and services to counter judges’ power to harm by denying due process and equal protection of the laws and engaging in other wrongdoing

G. Dr. Cordero’s study of judges and their judiciaries: the foundation for the for-profit business of judicial wrongdoing exposure and reform

a. The publication of the study and the formats of publication

H. Dr. Cordero’s website: the storefront for the public to look in and the billboard to attract clients
I. The targeted segments of the market

a. The Dissatisfied With The Establishment

b. The market of professionals

c. Professors and students as a pool of employees

d. The market of pro ses

J. Activities to be financed to enable the offering of services

K. Formation of the team of professionals to pursue the multidisciplinary and business venture and its evolution into the institute of judicial accountability reporting and reform advocacy

a. Desirable association with a prestigious academic institution from early on

b. The key members of the team or officers of the institute

c. The logistics of setting up and running the office

L. Key profit points of the business plan

M. What investors can provide in addition to investment capital

N. Conclusion: This is the most opportune time for a business intended to help “drain the swamp of corruption of the Establishment”

Visit the website at, and subscribe for free to its series of articles thus: http://www.Judicial-Discipline- > + New or Users >Add New

****************************** *******
Justiceship Nominee Neil Gorsuch reportedly said:
«An attack on one of our brothers and sisters of the robe is an attack on all of us».
Guided by that we-against-the-rest-of-the- world mentality, he and his peers in the 10th Circuit have protected each other by disposing of the 573 complaints filed against any of them during the 1oct06-30sep16 11-year period through self-exemption from any discipline except for one reprimand, a 99.83% dismissal rate; they also dispose of 93% of appeals with reasonless decisions.
The concern is not whether Judge Gorsuch favors big corporations over the little guy, but whether anybody protects us from them:
The demand for public hearings of complainants and parties that he and his peers have for their own benefit dumped out of court

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
http://Judicial-Discipline- hearings_JGorsuch_ complainants&parties.pdf and
http://Judicial-Discipline- OL2/DrRCordero- Honest_Jud_Advocates.pdf >ol2:546

From Jakkie Pidanick–Very Rare Audio tape of court corruption victim being harassed by state police (SLED)–in her OWN home, no less!

Most of the time, a court corruption victim is are harassed by the police and other authorities for standing up for their rights, but there is no recording of the incident.  This situation is rare because the client had numerous friends in the court corruption arena (including me who also forewarned and forearmed her) that once she filed a complaint in Federal Court, or filed a grievance with the attorney registration board (which she did) or filed with the judiciary discipline board, it is not uncommon to expect a wide variety of harassment and intimidation for revealing court corruption publicly–and she MUST be prepared to record every single incident.

Well, it happened.  While these state police officers insist they were contacted by Facebook for using certain words and terms in her posts, Jakkie advises me there is very heated litigation ongoing in federal court for her posting to remove her trial court judge from the bench on Facebook.  Her opposing counsel, Attorney Marshall Horton immediately sent her a cease and desist letter (get this one) claiming that Mother violated a non disparagement clause in the visitation/custody court order judgment because by saying the Judge should be removed that this somehow indirectly caused defamation to Father, which is prohibited by court order.  You couldn’t stretch that further with a rubber band made by ACME mfgr on a Roadrunner cartoon if you tried.

In reaction to the cease and desist letter, and the subsequent kangaroo court proceeding where Mother was summarily told 30 days or $5,000 for posting a Petition on to remove the judge, she filed suit in Federal Court for violations of her First Amendment rights.

Please listen carefully to the audio (I do NOT recommend anyone talk to the police without an attorney being present), Jakkie, a very brave soul, who has taken numerous paralegal courses does a very credible job of challenging these two dopey police officers on not knowing what criminal intent is or how their assertions against her constitute a violation of her First Amendment Rights.  (it becomes nearly comical when they try to argue that South Carolina law triumphs Federal Law and the US Constitution, so you know what kind of educational system they have in S. Carolina.  Ever heard of the Supremacy Clause?  Go Google it please and get that 6th grade education back!)

For all of you who are court corruption victims, the tape is a must hear.

Sorry I do not have a transcription, but it has been shortened down to 13 minutes from 30 to just hit the highlights.

Bonus points for the first to point out where one cop admits to having committed a felony.  Please name the felony and the statute violated and I’ll give you 10 gold stars for being super lawyerly smart, all you pro se’ers out there.

Here is the link.  Enjoy.

ps– you might have to download to hear, 13 minutes is a lot of data.

PPS–for all of my court corruption victims out there, after hearing the tape and reviewing the incident, these are my recommendations when faced with this situation:

  1.  NEVER let cops into your home or car without a warrant.  You roll down that car window or get they into your home, next thing you know is an arrest because they “claim” they smelled MJ or alcohol.  Talk thru the window. Show your ID through the window.
  2. Always record every incident.  If your phone isn’t working, get to a business areas where you know they will have cameras.  But keep your phone charged and ready to turn on video.  Get a dash cam that records audio and video. Download the ACLU app to record police incidents and to know your rights. There is no ACLU app yet for Illinois, but we should get one.  Until then, use the N. California one since they have the most pro-citizen rights laws.  Install a security camera or cameras outside and inside your home WITH audio.  Make them motion/voice sensitive.  Get the police right under one and record everything.  Have off site backup if they attempt to destroy it.  Best that it records and can be viewed on the internet.  There are web crawlers that back up everything.
  3. Do not answer questions. Say “I do not answer police questions.”  (Go ahead and blame your lawyer)  You do have to show them ID (sleeper case from SCOTUS), but they really cannot make you answer any questions. Best to turn the questions on them. Why are they doing this? What do they know?  You don’t answer questions but with a question. If you’re nervous, just say, put your questions in writing and I’ll have my atty review and answer them for you.  Here’s my email (or street address)
  4. The police cannot make you do anything. Always say “I will cooperate if you insist, but I object.”  Practice the phrase. Over and over.  The police cannot make you walk a line down the highway, look into your eyes to see if they dart back and forth or ask you to perform any sort of stupid cop tricks whatsoever.  Why do they do this?  Any “test” is designed for the citizen to fail.  So don’t bother.
  5. The police cannot make you wait for drug searching dogs, the Second Coming or anything.  If they ask you to wait, politely say no, I object.  You don’t need a reason.
  6. Police are allowed to lie, but you aren’t. The police lie to you and there are no repercussions (very bad Supreme Court case).  You lie to them, it’s obstruction of justice, a felony with a 5 year prison sentence. Don’t do it.  Unless everything you say is the absolute truth provable to the nth degree, don’t say anything.  Just say I object and I will get an attorney to answer your questions, here is my email.  Email me.  Or write me, or what ever.
  7. Most important, if you don’t object and don’t say anything, you have consented (another dumb US Supreme Court case). So always object to anything and everything.  Answer:  Can I search your car–answer, I object, but I will not resist.  Question:  will you wait for drug sniffing dogs;  Answer:  I object, but I will not resist your commands.
  8. If you want to get rid of the police, either flirt with them (oh, officer, so are so handsome like Tom Cruise or Eddie Murphy, blah, blah) or start a debate on probable cause or criminal intent. Only a cursory review of these subjects is necessary, no in depth study is required.  Most police, like the audio you will hear, have absolutely no idea what any legal terms mean. They don’t study them, they are not required to do so and they don’t care. They have learned to just make stuff up as they go along.  Most of them run scared at the mention of the laws or legal guidelines.  Only engage the police in a conversation if you have the guts to do so.  If you get nervous or are easily intimidated, never engage in this tactic (unless you like playing match maker with the police and friends and family or you really do want to date your police officer–go for it).
  9. The sad reality is our police in the US know little or nothing about the Bill of Rights and Civil and Human Rights. In other countries, police officers study the law for 2 to 3 years before they are allowed to get a license as a police officer.  Here they get little or nothing. Further, there is no national requirement for CLE for them or Continuing Legal Education. That is a serious mistake.  Every police office should be required to spend 2 to 3 hours minimum in the local law library studying citizen’s rights.
  10. And finally, they should all be tested for psychopathy with a PET brain scan, but we have no laws for that yet.  A PET brain scan uses glucose markers to see if a person’s brain is really functioning in the areas of love, kindness, caring, sympathy, empathy and understanding.  The human brain, it turns out, can be easily mapped.  A psychopath will have little or no brain activity in those areas.  Psychopaths with a police license are extremely dangerous. Why we do not test them across the US since the science is well known and has been established for well over a decade is unknown to me.

Important Announcement–Justice 4 Every1, NFP is now a 501-c-3 corporation and your donations are now officially tax deductible.

I just got the letter today.  Because of the letter, we cannot campaign for or against any candidate as a main part of our business. For that reason, please submit your posts in a format that does not identify and particular person who runs for office as a way to support them or discourage voting for them.

Of course, we are still allowed to speak the truth about what happens in court and warn people about elder abuse, it’s just that we cannot make this a main part of our business or make it look like we are endorsing any particular person who runs for office.

Reporting crimes and abuses of the system is different, and the public must be warned.

If you want a tax deduction for your contribution, you must receive a donation letter from us at the end of the year, which we will provide upon request.

We are also required to provide financials of all donations to Justice 4 Every1, NFP which we will be glad to do.

For now, most of the use of this NFP structure has been to provide 298 certificates for indigent application.


From MG: Parental Alienation Protest–Tomorrow, April 25, 2017 Chicago Daley Center 10 am to 4 pm

Here are the details:


Thompson Center plaza

100 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL

10:30AM – 4:00PM


See you there.




Michael D. Gerhardt (Cell: 312-593-5100)

I think this would be a great day for all the courtroom corruption victims to gather together with protest signs and make their voice known.

There’s always media coverage at the Thompson Center for a large rally, and I know that Mick Gearhart is always a great activist working for fairness and accountability in our nation’s courtroom.

Thanks Mick, for putting this together.

Co parenting 50-50 is always best unless one parent is proved unfit by clear and convincing evidence.

Far too often today the parent with the most money, the parent who sleeps with the judges or attorneys, ends up the winner takes all in custody battles.

This has got to end.

Same in probate.  Certain connected attorneys are allowed to take huge chunks of money per year out of guardianship estates with impunity.  That system has to end and we need to go to a volunteer elder assistant program where Elder Assistants just help the elderly pay bills and make choices.  No more “target, guardianize, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, when the money is gone, narcotize to death.”

In the case of 99 year old Alice Gore, they pulled 29 gold teeth and put a diaper at one end and a feeding tube laced with drugs at the other (btw, Alice could eat just fine, tyvm).  In the case of Mary G Sykes, $1 million in valuable coins disappeared, a safe deposit box was drilled out without a court order, all discovery was quashed in the case, her home was likely sold for pennies on the dollar (no accounting was ever filed and the court and the ARDC for sure quashed all discovery on that)–no one, it appears is allowed to know where all the money and assets in an estate go–that is decided by the judges and attorneys up front behind closed doors, just as the Drabiks in the disappearance of $9 million from the Lydia Tyler estate–and her body is STILL missing.

Poor Jay Brouckmeersch was 94 when she was transferred to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was given an overdose of heparin, a dangerous blood thinner for over one month.  The Daughter tried over and over again to have her mother taken to the ER because she was severely dehydrated and bleeding, but Warren Barr nursing home staff refused to do so. (This is a common occurrence in some nursing homes–the staff just doesn’t care about life threatening conditions).  When Daughter finally prevalied, Mother desperately needed blood transfusions and IV fluids. She was patched up and transferred back to the nursing home where this happened again in just a few days.  WB still didn’t want to send her to the ER and a court battle ensured where Judge Quinn repeatedly ignored the fact that Mother was dazed, confused, and in need of immediate medical attention.  Finally, she was transferred to NMH ER where the Office of State Guardian outrageous told the ER doctor “not to treat” which is  patient dumping under EMALTA and in 2 days, Mother died.  All Mother needed was more IV fluids and a blood transfusion due to the heparin overdose.  No one cared, not the OSG, Judge Quinn or the OPG==all were involved in the murder of an elder.

Please join the Coparenting support rally today, and if you are a court corruption victim, come by and tell you story about how there is in fact a crisis of injustice at the Daley Center, we DO need special investigators both in Probate and in the Family Law Division.

Having a child erased from your life without a finding of being “unfit” is a tragedy. Parents commit suicide over this and are permanently psychologically harmed.  Plus, it’s child abuse, plain and simple.

The policy of “target, guardianize, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and narcotize to death” also has to end.

We need Justice, Truth and Accountability at the Daley Center.

All court rooms should have cameras and audio/video recording at all times.

Judges should only seal cases in accordance with the guidelines that the 7th Circuit have deemed constitutional (notice, a hearing, a law or ordinance, discovery, findings of fact and conclusion of law regarding why sealing the court room is unconstitutional.

Please join with us in seeking Justice for Everyone!


From Eliot Bernstein; Update on Marvin Siegel/Lisa Belanger case

It started out simply: a retired Boxford lawyer, Marvin Siegel, got along in years, and as he approached his 83rd year amongst his fellow men, he began to slip a bit, needing some help around the house. His family pitched in, and at one point, a service that provided checkups on the elderly would visit with Mr. Siegel and see to his needs.

As time went on, his needs increased and a family member related that it made sense for his youngest daughter, a lawyer like her dad, to move into the family home with her father. (The eldest daughter lives thousands of miles away, and the middle daughter has some “issues” according to her younger sibling.)

Things appeared fine at first, having one daughter, her husband and two of his grandchildren fill the voids in his previously silent home. Dinners together, helping out with laundry care, just watching TV together and bringing joy to Mr. Siegel…Then one day, the grandkids returned home with their mom, and found their grandfather being taken away in an ambulance.

According to statements from the daughter and court documents (and we’re in the process of obtaining more documents, and scrutinizing hundreds of pages of filings and transcripts and listening to the court recordings), the visiting helper felt that Mr. Siegel was in an ill condition, tired and apparently forgetful. She called for an ambulance and he was transported to Beverly Hospital. From there, he was transported to another facility for evaluation, and that’s where the drugging began.

According to his youngest daughter, Mr. Siegel is medicated against his wishes, isolated from her, has had his cell phone taken away from him by his court-appointed guardian, and has 24/7 “guards” (medical providers) with him at his home in Boxford. She notes that within months of the ambulance ride, and the subsequent involvement of court-appointed personnel, she and her family were kicked out of her dad’s home, and she’s been prohibited from visiting with or having any communication with him.

That was five years ago.

Oh, and his bank accounts have dwindled over the past five years, with his net worth apparently oozed away, going from approximately $9 million to less than $4 million, and shrinking.


Ah, the money. Follow the money.

And where has that money gone?

As an example, various court documents reveal that one local lawyer, Marsha Kazarosian of Haverhill, billed the retired lawyer’s holdings in excess of $200,000 in just one 12-month period. Apparently, other lawyers and groups associated with the Mr. Siegel similarly drew sums of money from the multi-millionaire, against his expressed wishes.

 Kazarosian billed more than $200K in one 12-month period

Ironically, one of the daughters had initially hired Atty. Kazarosian to help ensure her father’s original estate planning would remain intact. The daughter relates and presented to court an argument that despite a filing by Atty. Kazarosian detailing under oath that the multi-millionaire was fully competent of handling his own personal affairs, something changed. Within a short period of time, Atty. Kazarosian switched teams, signed on to work for a court-appointed guardian for Mr. Siegel, and began working against Mr. Siegel’s daughters.

But wait, it gets better.

Mr. Siegel attempted to fire Kazarosian for going against his wishes, but she refused to be fired. Instead, she took his signed, hand-written dismissal letter and consulted with the court-assigned guardian, Attorney Brian Cuffe. Together, the two – in spite of the letter – agreed that he would keep her on the dole, his team, protecting Mr. Siegel’s estate from his daughters and grandchildren.



Yes, you read that right. To date, two of the three daughters have been accused by the various court-appointed parties and those who have drained money from their father’s estate of taking advantage of their father, specifically blaming the daughters for the loss of funds. What? Why? Because, if the daughters would simply shut up and go along and get along, and not object to the guardian’s and the lawyer’s handling of their father’s funds, then no one would have to go to court to fight the daughters. That way the lawyers would not have to bill such large sums, draining his accounts so quickly. What?

At one point, one of the daughters submitted that she was offered a $100K settlement if she would just simply walk away from her father and his millions. She termed it a bribe, and refused.

Out-gunned, Out-maneuvered

Two of the daughters filed multiple “complaints for emergency and preliminary injunctive relief” against various parties whom they have accused of having a part in the taking of funds from their father. The accused parties have included, but are not limited to the following:





















DIANE POWELL, SCOTT DAILEY, MICHAEL SPRINGMAN, with Elder Services of Merrimack Valley, Inc., and individually,



MARY ANN REMILLARD, ESQ., in her official capacity as a State actor and individually, NORTHEAST HOSPITAL CORPORATION, d/b/a BEVERLY HOSPITAL,


RICHARD GARMIL, ESQ., in his official capacity with Whittier Pavilion and individually,










BRENDA WOJICK, R.N., in her official capacity with Right At Home and individually,




But the family notes that they are out-gunned, out-financed, and at every turn out-maneuvered. The lawyers they have gone up against, and the corporations, and those (Cuffe and others) who can use their own money as well as their multi-millionaire’s father’s money against them have had a clear advantage. And the courts have not been kind to the daughters.

Indeed, in one rebuke, the daughters were apparently slammed by the courts for excessive filings. “We’ve been hit with judgments because we’re fighting these people and have submitted too much paperwork, can you imagine?” daughter Lisa Siegel Belanger related. “I submit the documentation because I don’t want this to be about our opinion, or who is credible or not credible. I submitted the documents so that anyone who cares can read them and rule on the facts. The facts are there. The documents show what they have done, how they are drugging, isolating, and draining my father’s funds.”

To summarize the case, which has been in and out of probate court, and pending now in new filings, the family wrote the following:

“With well-established circumstances, Attorney Siegel memorialized his own unequivocal intentions and desires in a panoply of executed estate planning, he explicitly designated his youngest daughter, Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger, as his attorney-in-fact and his eldest daughter, Devora Kaiser, as successor attorney-in-fact. The two outmost important things Attorney Siegel cared about was: 1) his reputation and dignity and 2) his three (3) daughters.

Through a convoluted vortex of circumstances, on August 4, 2011, multi-millionaire Attorney Siegel was thrusted under a court appointed guardianship and conservatorship, unlawfully ending up with judicially deemed ward of the Commonwealth on August 17, 2011.”

With their father’s wishes being ignored, and getting no relief from probate court, the daughters had attempted an appeal to federal court. One portion of the transcript notes a daughter stating: “This initially starts off before that where my father, Attorney Siegel, had his established durable power of attorney and array of estate planning instruments for a long and continuous [time]…we’re here because of the fraudulent ouster and dismantling of that durable power of attorney.”

In English, that means that the daughter is accusing and presenting evidence that those in power – from the doctors to the hospitals to the lawyers entrusted with handling her father’s estate, dismantled years of estate planning instruments, stripped away all powers from the multi-millionaire, began a process of administering various drugs, have aided in isolating him from his family, and have been a party to draining his estate.

On page 31 of 97 of just one filing, the family states that a lawyer, cognizant that Mr. Siegel was being “involuntarily drugged with antipsychotics,” did “surreptitiously, through fraud and deception…” secure a signature from Mr. Siegel which set off a chain reaction, undoing years of his estate planning, while Mr. Siegel was in a psychiatric facility for two days of evaluation. The results of the evaluation showed no psychiatric issues and Mr. Siegel was subsequently released to his home.

Fundraiser today for Justice 4 Every1 for rent 5330 W Devon Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago

Now that the move is over, we must continue to do fundraisers. We do not receive corporate money of any kind, nor do we receive any government grants.

During the last month, however, the Office of State Guardian narcotized poor Jay Brouckmeersh, age 92 to death using the ER docs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, so we are all aware that the need to bring justice back to guardianship court is dire and acute.

Please join us today from 2 to 4 pm, as we continue our fight for Justice and Accountability in the Cook County, Illinois Probate Court System.

We will be having (courtesy of a donor) smoked salmon and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and wine and cheese.  Please bring a dish or whatever you would like to share.

We accept donations by:  text, fax or email. Simply take a picture of your check and text it to 773 255 7608, fax it to our new efax number at 888 350 0192 or email it to or pay by Paypal to same address or Chase Quick Pay (you do not have to be a Chase customer to do this, all you need is a bank account and an email or text message capabilities).

All donations are much appreciated.  We very well know how probate courts strip the elders of all their money, as well as friends and families in false court proceedings.

But we all have to band together to fight for Truth and Justice. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Our new rent is $700 per month, so we have a bit of fundraising to do.


From NASGA–hidden cameras show elderly woman being abused by aides in nursing home

SHARON, Mass. – A hidden camera captured a 93-year-old great-grandmother being tossed around and her hair pulled in a Sharon nursing home and rehab last week.

The video, set up by her family in her room at Wingate at Sharon, shows two women toss the elderly resident into her wheelchair. The resident, whose family, has identified her only as Dorothy, then struggles to maintain her balance.

“Get the hell away from me,” Dorothy says. “You think you’re pretty smart,” as one aide shows Dorothy her fist. Seconds later, the other aide grabs her hair from behind and yanks her head around.

The video from March 5 begins with Dorothy, who has dementia, swearing at and exchanging swipes with the pair. She threatens to break one certified nursing assistant (CNA)’s nose and says she will call police. Her granddaughter Kristen says Dorothy was defending herself.

“She can’t really hurt you. She’s 98 pounds. They were picking her up and whipping her around,” Kristen said. “It’s awful. We haven’t even slept nights with the images in our head of what was taken place, and we weren’t there to help her.”

Sharon police investigating the case filed a court summons for Domingas Teixeira, 61, and Leonide Jean Paul Bien-Aime, 49, both of Brockton, on charges of assault and battery on a person over 60.

Teixeira denied physically assaulting Dorothy but declined to comment further without an attorney.

FOX25 tried to reach Bien-Aime at home but could not make contact with her.

Wingate confirmed to FOX25 both aides had been fired. The company sent the following statement to FOX25.

“Upon hearing this deeply upsetting news, we moved swiftly to terminate the two employees involved, conduct a full investigation and work with the authorities.  We have brought in a counselor to support the resident and family and are re-educating all of our staff on appropriate and compassionate patient care. We are confident that this is an isolated incident, because we know our dedicated staff members who work hard every day to ensure the safety and dignity of the residents for whom they care. Nonetheless, it is heartbreaking.”

A spokesperson for Wingate also provided a letter that was sent to residents’ families, informing them of the incident, promising it was isolated and pledging, “nothing is more important to us than the safety and dignity of our residents.”

Dorothy, sick with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection, has been transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital. There, Kristen said, she is happier. She will never return to Wingate, the family said.

“I’m disgusted. I’m sickened by it. She’s defenseless,” Kristen said. “We trusted this place to take care  of her, and this is what was taking place in their facility.”

In an effort to protect her own grandparent and others, Kristen has been sending letters to lawmakers urging them to reconsider an electronic monitoring bill that was never passed but was proposed more than 15 years ago to allow residents of nursing homes to keep a camera rolling in their room.

If you suspect elder abuse, report it to the Elder Abuse Hotline: 800.922.2275 (Voice/TTY) in Massachusetts or (603) 271-7014 in New Hampshire. 

Full Article & Source:
Hidden camera captures nursing aides allegedly abusing grandmother