From MG: Parental Alienation Protest–Tomorrow, April 25, 2017 Chicago Daley Center 10 am to 4 pm

Here are the details:


Thompson Center plaza

100 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL

10:30AM – 4:00PM


See you there.




Michael D. Gerhardt (Cell: 312-593-5100)

I think this would be a great day for all the courtroom corruption victims to gather together with protest signs and make their voice known.

There’s always media coverage at the Thompson Center for a large rally, and I know that Mick Gearhart is always a great activist working for fairness and accountability in our nation’s courtroom.

Thanks Mick, for putting this together.

Co parenting 50-50 is always best unless one parent is proved unfit by clear and convincing evidence.

Far too often today the parent with the most money, the parent who sleeps with the judges or attorneys, ends up the winner takes all in custody battles.

This has got to end.

Same in probate.  Certain connected attorneys are allowed to take huge chunks of money per year out of guardianship estates with impunity.  That system has to end and we need to go to a volunteer elder assistant program where Elder Assistants just help the elderly pay bills and make choices.  No more “target, guardianize, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, when the money is gone, narcotize to death.”

In the case of 99 year old Alice Gore, they pulled 29 gold teeth and put a diaper at one end and a feeding tube laced with drugs at the other (btw, Alice could eat just fine, tyvm).  In the case of Mary G Sykes, $1 million in valuable coins disappeared, a safe deposit box was drilled out without a court order, all discovery was quashed in the case, her home was likely sold for pennies on the dollar (no accounting was ever filed and the court and the ARDC for sure quashed all discovery on that)–no one, it appears is allowed to know where all the money and assets in an estate go–that is decided by the judges and attorneys up front behind closed doors, just as the Drabiks in the disappearance of $9 million from the Lydia Tyler estate–and her body is STILL missing.

Poor Jay Brouckmeersch was 94 when she was transferred to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was given an overdose of heparin, a dangerous blood thinner for over one month.  The Daughter tried over and over again to have her mother taken to the ER because she was severely dehydrated and bleeding, but Warren Barr nursing home staff refused to do so. (This is a common occurrence in some nursing homes–the staff just doesn’t care about life threatening conditions).  When Daughter finally prevalied, Mother desperately needed blood transfusions and IV fluids. She was patched up and transferred back to the nursing home where this happened again in just a few days.  WB still didn’t want to send her to the ER and a court battle ensured where Judge Quinn repeatedly ignored the fact that Mother was dazed, confused, and in need of immediate medical attention.  Finally, she was transferred to NMH ER where the Office of State Guardian outrageous told the ER doctor “not to treat” which is  patient dumping under EMALTA and in 2 days, Mother died.  All Mother needed was more IV fluids and a blood transfusion due to the heparin overdose.  No one cared, not the OSG, Judge Quinn or the OPG==all were involved in the murder of an elder.

Please join the Coparenting support rally today, and if you are a court corruption victim, come by and tell you story about how there is in fact a crisis of injustice at the Daley Center, we DO need special investigators both in Probate and in the Family Law Division.

Having a child erased from your life without a finding of being “unfit” is a tragedy. Parents commit suicide over this and are permanently psychologically harmed.  Plus, it’s child abuse, plain and simple.

The policy of “target, guardianize, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and narcotize to death” also has to end.

We need Justice, Truth and Accountability at the Daley Center.

All court rooms should have cameras and audio/video recording at all times.

Judges should only seal cases in accordance with the guidelines that the 7th Circuit have deemed constitutional (notice, a hearing, a law or ordinance, discovery, findings of fact and conclusion of law regarding why sealing the court room is unconstitutional.

Please join with us in seeking Justice for Everyone!


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