Moving help needed today in exchange for extra Furniture–5330 W Devon, Chicago, IL

My new place is a whole lot smaller, so that benefits you   I have extra book cases (Ikea and metal) file cabinets, a solid cherry futon, a large desk and conference table–and all you have to do is help me move and choose a piece from my collection that won’t fit in my new office.

Call me if you can help 773 255 7608

Lots of stuff must go, all in exchange for a small donation or moving assistance!

I hope to be up and running on Monday, blogging and writing books about corruption in the courts to make sure THERE IS JUSTICE FOR EVERYONE in our nation’s court system, and in particular, the heavily troubled Daley Center.

Right now, the Daley Center needs:  1)  brochures and flyers at the Elder Law division because they don’t really help people, I help people.

2) get ALL the pleadings of EVERY active case up and running online and let people download the files for 8 cents a page like Pacer, and if the litigant has a 298 certificate from an attorney, then copies should be for free.

3) make the random case assignment process really random and let litigants WATCH the computer when cases are assigned or reassigned.  No more “back room” with empty promises stuff (Vara v. Integra Realty–that case was wired, tyvm).

4) reinstate Ken Ditkowsky, myself and Lanre Amu because we really do help people and the “false statements” kangaroo court the ARDC is running is fooling no one.  Lanre Amu spoke out against a corrupt judge, Crain’s Chicago business verified and the ARDC took out a wonderful, kind, compassionate attorney anyway.  Every attorney at the ARDC that took part in these kangaroo trials of  “false statements” should be tested for psychopathy with a PET brain scan and removed from their positions at the ARDC. It’s time to clean up that office.  No more kangaroo trials and courts.  The ARDC has to have separate hearing officers NOT chosen by them or the Illinois Supreme Court, but they must be truly independent.  Anna Loftus was given a judgeship for taking out Ken Ditkowsky (what a croc), my fixed panel was done thru the chair being partners with a relative of the Madigans and all the court corruption blogs and even the Trib, Suntimes, Crain’s have decried the fact she covers up corruption.

It’s time to stop the nonsense and start cleaning up the courts and make Chicago honest, fair and just again.



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