From Lyle Harrison on the State of his corrupt case in Moultrie County with Judges Flannell and Broch

(this was in response to an alumni event invitation)
Dear Laura and Kettering Alumni Committee!

I hope you are well.  I sincerely wish I could attend this Alumni dinner, there is nothing more that I desire to do, but help my alma mater Kettering University and its outstanding Alumni succeed.  I will do my utmost now and in the future to help Kettering succeed.  I regret to tell you I cannot attend this lunchmeeting with President Robert McMahan, the Board, and the Kettering family for the sad reasons below.
My family and I have been sued in several court cases for about 6 years now because we refused to sign away to Corrupt Judge Dan L. Flannell our Trust property.(+1,400 Acres) My family is fighting alone the entire corrupt legal system in the 6th judicial circuit; specifically Corrupt Judge Dan L. Flannell and his best friend and protege, corrupt Judge Richard L. Broch.  These are the two most CORRUPT people I have ever known or seen in my life, including after living in communist China for one year. Both Judges have a publicly stated goal of incarcerating my entire family (8 siblings) and I until we sign over our Trust property and entire trust wealth (+$20 Million) to a bank the Judge Dan L. Flannell owns common stock in, HARDWARE STATE BANK.  I must tell you that this fight against these 2 Corrupt judges in Illinois has taken all my time and energy for +6 years.  Both Judges illegally incarcerating me and 2 other family members for a total of 299 days threatening life sentences for all of us unless we signed over our Trust property and Trust money to them. So I am currently in hiding, and unable to continue my profitable businesses.  I can however, file the appeals, which is what I work on most of the time.  Both judges have tried any and every effort to stop me from filing the Truth so you wouldn’t have the facts before you attached to this email. My father died due to the stress put upon him by these two unbelievably corrupt judges.
If my appeals should fail, or the Illinois Supreme Court/SCOTUS should reject my appeals, I will have no other option but to continue by fight through the worldwide/international media, and on social media websites, because I believe my very life to be at stake.  To this extent I was even denied food and proper nutrition in an effort by both judges to starve me, while illegally incarcerated. This action by both judges caused a small prison riot.  While incarcerated, my very good friend the late Professor Reginald Bell wrote me two letters and knew of the situation in great detail. Sadly, he died 2 days after I was released and I was never able to see him again. Again, ALL state and federal agents have looked the other way to these crimes against me, except the IRS, but they work slowly.
Unfortunately, even though the federal and state law enforcement agents have all ADMITTED crimes are occurring to I and my family, ALL federal and state law enforcement thus far have refused to do their jobs and arrest, Notorious Criminal Tax Evader Attorney Robert V. ElderJudge Richard Broch and Judge Dan L. Flannell and convene a Grand Jury.  Both judges have fabricated evidence, falsely arrested me, falsely incarcerated me, planted evidence, manipulated transcripts, and denied me EVERY constitutional right I am granted under the State/Federal Constitution, including the most fundamental right, the right to represent myself in a allegedly criminal case! WOW!  Meanwhile, federal agents stand by and do nothing.
Therefore, because my life has been threatened it would be very foolish to appear publicly until both Judges are arrested and prosecuted.  Both Judges have stated in open Court, the Constitution is irrelevant and has no place in their courtroom, and no laws matter, but what they decide is law.(They claim to legislate from the bench their own laws)  Their sheriffs and deputies have privately told me, “The state and federal laws don’t matter to these Judges, THESE JUDGES MAKE THE LAW UP AS THEY GO”.
It is truly amazing the State of Illinois continues to allow such evil and sickening corruption, but my family stands firmly for the truth regardless of their crimes, deception, corruption, and lies. If you have additional questions, you may reach me by this email.
I have attached a Mandamus I filed with the Illinois Supreme Court on CORRUPT Judge Dan L. Flannell for you to see the level and extent of corruption I am dealing with.  The Illinois Supreme Court has thus far done nothing to Judge Dan L Flannell, but awarded him a pension of +$160,000 a year.  My families court cases are exactly like the largest criminal enterprise, the Illinois Judiciary ever destroyed by the FBI, “Operation Greylord”(Wikipedia) the FBI conducted on the Illinois Judiciary in 1982 by arresting over 10 Corrupt judges and 20 corrupt attorney’s for the very same crimes as Judge Dan Flannell and Judge Richard Broch, please google this FBI operation for details.  
For additional information please also Google “Kids for Cash Scandel”(Wikipedia)  to understand the two judges in Pennsylvania ran the same type of criminal enterprise as Attorney Robert V. Elder, Judge Dan L. Flannell and Judge Richard Broch for +6 years against 1,400 kids.  
Amazingly the 1,400 kids never got restitution for what happened to them, and no Attorney’s would help those 1,400 kids who were jailed for years for money and bribes to both Corrupt judges. This is my situation, and these two corrupt and despicable judges along with notorious criminal Tax Evader,Attorney Robert V. Elder, have been stealing my families trust funds (+$20 Million) for +43 years $500,000 per year on +1,440 acres of farmland. The Judges Bank has committed Federal Tax evasion of more than +$17 Million, see attached IRS docs.
Best Regards,
Lyle R Harrison
Pleadings with respect to this case may be viewed at the following link:
Remember that I do not post about cases with supporting pleadings.  If you would like me to write or blog about your case, please upload all the court documents you have (the complete record or record on appeal is best) and then send me what you want me to post on the blog.  We look for cases of court corruption, including, but not limited:  bribes and money laundering, cronyism, favoritism, bad behavior by attorneys and judges in the court; judges or attorneys that tell pro se litigants to shut up in court, pro se pleadings that are summarily dismissed, stricken or ignored, changed transcripts, attorneys that make deals, attorneys that dump or trash your case when you don’t pay them more, or they defame you.  If this is what you have experienced, please upload your documents into gdrive, share the drive with me and provide an outline of your case.
I also help people write courtroom corruption complaints to the authorities, the states attorneys, the offices of inspector general,  and the FBI and politicians.
It is up to the public to demand judicial accountability in a free, transparent and open democratic court system.  Speak out and up.

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