From Paul Abramson to Scott Renfroe at the ARDC–please do your job!

To: “Renfroe, Scott” <>
Subject: Return of Paul Abramson ARDC file regarding Attorney Barry Feinberg complaint 2010
Date: Apr 6, 2017 8:18 PM
Mr Renfroe

Per your request i am writing this letter and request in the interest of justice under Illinois Supreme Court rule 766 that you return my personal 2010 ARDC file regarding attorney Barry Feinberg that came into your possession only because the attorney who stole all my Illinois cases client files ( Margaret Lundahl) happened to surrender my personal  ARDC file to ARDC attorney Gina Abbatemarco in the course of her investigation in my ARDC complaint 2016IN 03788 against Ms Lundahl.
During the course of that investigation I also filed a complaint against attorney Mark Broaddus and his firm Chuhak and Tecson which was assigned to you as you already had Broaddus up on charges that were being escalated to a hearing.
Apparently when I advised you that Lundahl had surrendered my personal ARDC file on Feinberg to Abbatemarco you not only reviewed it but made a copy before Abbatenarco illegally returned all my client files back to Lundahl.
I need my personal 2010 ARDC file returned as it is and was my personal property not that of the ARDC which had since expunged the 2010 complaint file.. The only reason my file found its way back to the ARDC is because Lundahl stole it so it does not automatically become confidential or internal work product because of the lost and found history (it is not finders keepers). Further as the ARDC knows, this whole sordid history of litigation etc has been going on for almost a decade and with no end in sight anytime soon. I need the file back because 1. it is mine and 2. It may lead to discoverable evidence as well as any claims and rights known or  unknown.
You also know the information itself can not be subpoenaed as all ARDC information is inadmissible which is even more reason you need to return my personal file as there is no remedy to order its return. Therefore the ARDC has no basis to keep it as you already closed your investigation against Broaddus with respect to my complaint and refused my many valid requests to reopen it. The 2010 ARDC complaint was expunged from ARDC records a long time ago. The only reason for you to keep it would be to cause me intentional harm for the previously mentioned reasons. Therefore, for good cause and in the interest of justice under supreme court rule 766 please return my personal property  file on attorney Barry Feinberg this week. Thank you in advance for your cooperation
Truly Yours
Paul Abramson
cc Jerome Larkin
James R. Mendillo

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