From Elena Federova–How pro se litigants are really treated in the courtroom

From Elena:
All Soviet Union and North Korea jurists would be very  jealous of Cook County Court TODAY’s corruption and blatant discrimination of civil right against certain groups of people, who are not  welcomed to this Court because judges expect to see paying clients.
As a ProSe litigant in Cook County Court I very quickly learned that I am a “secondary class” person who “was directed to hire a lawyer to be fairy heard” (judge Griffin). In other words, Judge Griffin created a sub-class of citizens who can be only fairy heard when they have a lawyer.  Griffin, who openly fixed my case and whom I highly suspect in bribes, was promoted to a Supervising Judge in Law Division.
According to Judge Hambring, I am “nothing in this Court because [I] don;’t have a lawyer”. My file is his “dummy file” – this he yelled in my face, waiving his empty folder in front of me.
When I appeared  before Judge Margaret Ann Brennan, she asked that which motions were  filed in the case. I was the only one who filed a Motion, so, I started “Your Honor, I….” which was immediately confronted by Judge Brennan in a very rude manner “I did not give your right to talk!” So apparently she was only interested to hear that lawyers had to say. She was always extremely rude to me while treated lawyers with incredible lenience. All their bogus emergency TROs were granted, no questions asked. When I asked for protection – Brennan’s response was “you are not entitled to this extreme remedy” So, my opponents apparently can talk in Brennan’s court and receive extreme remedy, but I don’t have ANY rights neither to talk or ask for protection.
Judge Curry, in a very rude manner, informed me that I have no legal right to present him my oral Motions. Opposite lawyer presented his oral requests all the time. But I had a written and filed motion – which was furiously denied by Curry
When I challenge obviously void orders, I am always in contempt – but lawyers who lie to judges (and whose lies I can prove on the spot) – are never charged with any wrongs.
Filed forged documents and lied to the judge? Great, here is your Order  of possession of the property. Fabricated non-existing debt and lied to the judge? Great, here is your favorable judgement. An African American immigrant went to jail for seven years telling Judge Lynch that his niece was not married while she apparently was.
Black people are specifically abused. For example, Judge Chevere sent African Americans to jail for contempt because the were wearing SAGGY PANTS! Imagine that.
I don’t like saggy pants, I think it is a bad choice of fashion, but contempt and jail? “Eight young men, according to the investigation, were sent to jail for wearing pants that sagged too low” Judge Chevere also is not a beauty queen. So, should I ask for a better looking judge if I don’t like her personal appearance? And send her to jail for her bad looks?
Cook County  Court is  so segregated for “right lawyers (paying) and “wrong lawyers, ProSe litigants, wrong skin colored litigants, wrong accent litigants – maybe we should stop the Court monopoly, at least demand impeachment for Supreme Court for the beginning?

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