From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to End the Silence! The public outcry for judicial accountability is deafening.

Subject: Re: News Alert: Annoyed Dems dismiss recount as ‘waste of time’ – What should the real headline be?????
Date: Nov 29, 2016 2:13 PM
Take a look outside today – the Sun is out, the weather is mild, the air is fresh, and it is great to be alive.  It is even a quiet news day!    However, the media is up and at them pouring vitriol and irrelevancy into the atmosphere.
The real news of the day is obscured by nonsense such as the recount, who President elect Trump is going to appoint for his personal dog=catcher and who Senator **** objects to him because of his stand on *****.   However, lets look at two fact situations:
Fact situation 1.   An attorney, is involved in a company that supplies Hospice services to the dying.   He has a company, and is the Trustee of employee funds – such as their retirement funds.   It is discovered that this attorney in engaged in a fraud wherein he steals millions of dollars of Government health care funds.  Upon his discovery he steals the employee trust funds.   He is indicted and his trial is set.   At his trial he pleads guilty.
Fact situation 2.   An attorney is involved in the active practice of law.  During the course of his practice (or her practice) the attorney discovered that certain Judges are “wired”  (“fixed”) or otherwise corruption.   Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 and Attorney Rule 8.3 the attorney reports the criminal activity that he/she observes.
My question is very simple.   Which attorney is more ethically challenged?
Here in Illinois I am referring to actual cases that have been presented to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   The commission – affirmed by the Supreme Court of Illinois determined that the attorney in Fact Situation 2 was the not only unethical but deserved to have his/her law license suspended.   In two of the three cases in which this fact situation 2 occurred the offense was so obscene to the Supreme Court of Illinois that interim suspensions were imposed!
It is submitted that the two fact situations represent ipso facto represent serious problems for a democratic society.   The suppression of the duty of the legal profession to expose criminal conduct within the judicial system is not only reprehensible but a breach of the public trust.   It is one of the most serious breaches of the public trust as it is a ‘gold standard of corruption!’ and totally contrary to the core values of America.   Why is the media not interested?   Why is there no hue and cry?    How do the miscreants get away with their perfidy?
The fact is they do because the media is obsessed with worrying about non-issues and frightened to disclose Establishment political and judicial figures raping Ms. Liberty!   Like it or not, this scenario has been the proximate cause of the Sanders and the Trump movement.   It may sound like an old record, but no matter how the present political climate is couched the average American no longer is going to voluntarily tolerate from any political or judicial figure calling US stupid, or insisting that up is down, right is left, dark is light *****.
That said, the rumblings of dissent are starting to grow.   The cover- up is also gaining momentum!    No amount of recounts are going to change Wrong into Right or confuse fidelity and honesty with deceit and fraud.   That does not mean that the miscreants are not going to try.    The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is still going to try and we can expect that the Supreme Court of Illinois will rubber=stamp their perfidy.    The fact situation 1 scenario is the Seth Gillman proceeding.    The actual criminal acts of Seth Gillman were not sufficient for anything but cursory action on the part of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois; however, when it became public that Mr. Gillman was co-operating with the FBI in its investigation of similar criminal scenarios the IARDC acted promptly – it requested from the Illinois Supreme Court an interim suspension of Mr. Gillman’s license.
Obviously, the alleged (now admitted) theft of trust funds, health care funds and fraud were to plebeian for such an ‘august’ group such as the IARDC to concern itself with; however, the co=operation of Gillman (like the facts in fact situation 2) merited immediate response.
NB.  it has been reported that the IARDC acted in a similar manner when Operation Greylord was being undertaken by the United States of America.
Why does the press (media) not cover such serious assaults on America by the public officials at the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court?     We all know the reason!     We also know that today is the day that we  – i.e. you and me – have to take some action to removed the corrupt public officials from office and shame the media into doing its job and honestly and appropriately exposing the criminals who prey on us (us being you, me and the great unwashed).
If we remain silent and allow the mainstream media to distract us from the duty that we have of protecting ourselves – we will have no democracy, no freedom, and no republic.
Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne;
And I still note that the City Lawyers have not turned over numerous tapes of blacks and minorities being gunned down on Chicago’s South Side.  What attorneys are covering that mess up at the ARDC and costing taxpayers millions by enraging federal court judges to issue sanctions and the little guy gets no relief.
It has been reported on this blog highly suspicious property records by judges and clouted attorneys and the ARDC wherein it appears one person takes out a loan, and another (ingratiated and looking for quid pro quo) is paying it off; i.e. money and bribe laundering.
It would take the FBI or the states attorneys minutes to get a warrant and pull the bank records to see the type of individuals expecting quid pro quo for hundreds of thousands of dollars per miscreant.
This blog has been publishing this information for quite a long time now, yet no indictments have appeared on the horizon.
Illinois citizens should be asking why?  Is not the FBI still getting millions for investigations.  Is not the IRS and Illinois Dept of Revenue listening?
How much clout does it take to cover up hundreds of thousand in bribes?
Why was it determined that one states atty from a small county was found with $500k in her election campaign fund. Who put it there and what are they expecting for quid pro quo on that amount.
Just where are the state’s attorneys, OIG (Office of Inspector General) and the FBI on all of this.
Again, more questions than answers.
The Public deserves better from its elected and appointed officials who are paid hamsomely to do their job.

From Ken Ditkowsky–God Bless us all in Illinois, Tiny Tim, we sure do need it!

From Ken Ditkowsky;
This morning as I took my morning bicycle ride I looked at the beauty that surrounded me and crisp fresh air and was struck with the thought – IT IS GREAT TO BE ALIVE.     Now that I am retired, I do not have to give a damn!   Unfortunately I do!
It did occur to me after I send out my e-mail decrying the fact that here in Illinois it is ethically challenged to report criminal behavior by judges, lawyers, political officials, judicial officials and others who owe US fidelity, honesty, and integrity.  My e-mail goes on to complain that people who breach their fiduciary relationships and the public trust are held in very high regard by the Illinois Supreme Court and our Illinois public official.
A watchdog of the public morals actually barred an Icon of the Civil Rights movement from a public accommodation and when this outrage was reported not only was the media silent, but so was the political establishment.   No apology for the obvious racial discrimination was provided and even though I was “outraged” by racial discrimination occurring on public premises of the State of Illinois only the victim and I were not amused.   Indeed, the perk who did not don his white rob, patent leather shoes, mask and hood for the occasion did parade proudly his contempt for civil rights and equality before the law.    Indeed, public figure and Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois had no shame for his overt racism or his overt assaults on the Bill of Rights and the Illinois Constitution.  (I am not going to bore you with a recitation of his miscreant and pernicious conduct).
Now for the humor!    The paragon of racial discrimination and warrior against the Bill of Rights is over-paid by the Illinois citizens to administer an agency that is funded by the public to protect the public!   We do this even though the State of Illinois is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY!     For this indulgement we have money to spend!   For education, mental health, infra=structure we in Illinois have no money!
So obscene is the Illinois political and judicial system we even engage our paragon of evil to teach LAWYER ETHICS!
God Bless us all Tiny Tim!    (we sure need it!)

From Ken Ditkowsky–All we want is an HONEST investigation

Subject: Re: 2016 GAO report s/b out Wednesday – Senate Hearing 2:30 11/30/16 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg 562
Date: Nov 28, 2016 10:18 PM
All JoAnne Denison and I asked for was an HONEST INVESTIGATION  of a guardianship that was so flawed the flaws stuck out as sore thumbs.   The flaws were:  1) the Sheriff denied serving summons; 2) the jurisdictional criteria of notice to near relatives was ignored, 3) there was no hearing to determine either incompetency of the degree of incompetency, and 4) there were two guardian ad litem, the petition was improper, and the Judge admitted in her evidence deposition at page 91 that regardless of the evidence she would find the need of a guardianship.  (You cannot make this stuff up!)
The victim died and about 3 million dollars including a million dollars in gold coins disappeared!   Jerome Larkin the administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission went the extra mile to cover-up the theft and eventual murder of Mary Sykes.   His cover-up continues unabated.
It is my impression that a simple solution to this elder cleansing scandal is to have the IRS appear at Mr. Larkin’s doorstep and demand that as he is a co-conspirator (and therefore has joint and several liability) that he pay the taxes, the interest and the penalties on the booty!   He might then do his job and an HONEST INVESTIGATION  would occur.   The miscreants have in the aggregate stolen billions of dollars.  With the interest and penalties the State of Illinois upon collecting the taxes, interest and penalties would be bailed out and the USA a windfall sufficient to rebuild its infra structure!    
The victims – such as Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Carolyn Wyman ***** are all dead;   however – the miscreants and their co-conspirators all laugh all the way to the Bank.    The ‘wired’ judge was elevated to the Appellate Bench as a reward for her services to the miscreants in preventing an HONEST INVESTIGATION.      
So audacious are these criminals that they openly intimidate any who speak up.   They get away with it also:   Seth Gillman literally escaped the loss of his license as he admitted to committing hospice frauds.   (He was dragging the bottom of the barrel !)  However, when he started to co-operate with the FBI and his co-operation become public knowledge, Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission were quick to act!   The immediately filed with the Illinois Supreme Court a Petition for an interim suspension of Mr. Gillman’s law license.   It was interesting to note that before his co=operation was known, their quest for his license was about slim and none!    THE PENALTY IN ILLINOIS for even a sniff of co-operation in the fight against elder cleansing is Professional death!

From Roxi Lamb: need Court Watchers in Santa Ana and Victim Helpers

Need Court room Observers for upcoming court dates.
please contact me asap if you choose to help in other ways listed or not listed.

NOTARY to take Marsden to Kathryn for signature with me and, hopefully, couple of witnesses.

Courtroom Observers needs asap for upcoming court dates.


The next known date is Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 8:30am.

Superior Court

Central Justice Center

700 Civic Center Drive West

Santa Ana, Calif 92701

DEPT 60 … it is usually Commissioner Edmund Hall, but could be a stand in.

1) Please text me when you arrive and are parked. Please arrive at 8:15am at Dept 60 outside these entry doors on the 3rd floor to meet me.
2) Please check for Kathryn Stuart’s name on the outside of Dept 60 list to the left of the entry doors.
2) Please check the name on the name card in front of the judge’s bench

3) Please look professional (black is always good), have legal notepad and few pens or pencils with which to take notes.

4) I’ll be presenting docs to court clerk and need all to hear as clearly as possible as will be telling her to file the docs I have. Need you to hear her reply. I’ll ask her to repeat if I remember saying I can’t hear her.
5) I’ll be presenting docs to public defender IF WE ARE AT THE 12/27 DATE WITHOUT HAVING HAD A MARSDEN HEARING BEFORE.

5) Please type your notes after the event and email to me at: I’ll ask you a couple questions if need be to remind you of something that is urgent to see if you heard and then ask you to notarize your affidavit of facts and send me 4 copies to:

Roxi Lamb

1048 Irvine Avenue, #544

Newport Beach, California 92660


Observer coordinator who creates a phone tree, teleseminar to go over all info and what one is to do before, during and after.

Someone to pick up and return to/from court (my car was stolen).

COPY MAKER: Help making copies if anyone has a home copy machine as need 4-5 copies of each document.


PLACE TO LIVE ASAP for me… looking (to exchange healthy cooking – also do planning, shopping, and clean up – or health consultations or personal fitness training or good companionship for dining/cultural arts or rent) guesthouse, back house, studio, master bedroom (which has inside bathroom), or, at the very least, a private bedroom with full bathroom just outside the bedroom door.

PLACE TO LIVE for Kathryn who will be able to pay rent once she starts working but I expect it will take about 6 months for her to be able to rebalance and re-energize as has Cothard’s Syndrome which is a very rare syndrome for young females who have an extremely low level of nutrition and electrolytes as to be life-threateneing so one thinks they are dead. She has this from the 1.5 years in jail receiving no nutrition and no safe drinking water. Kathryn is being sexually assaulted since last August by deputies who also give her a shot where she passes out for three days. She just told me on November 9 and I’ve called and reported Nov 14, to the FBI but not sure if they have any good, honest people in there either. I was treated like scum just trying to get someone on the phone.

Thanks for any and all help.


Roxi Lamb

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If you prefer, you can pay me and I will send you a signed copy for $15, inclg shi.  773-255-7608–You can text a check to me.
IF YOU ARE A COURT CORRUPTION VICTIM and would like to have me write a book for you or help you write a book and add in legal commentary on what they did was wrong, please email me at and I will send you a book contract.

From Ken Ditkowsky –Mr. Larkin, the Gore and Sykes cases cannot be excused, nor may they be forgotten

Subject: Re: FULL RECOVERY — Where In The Hell Are My “Inalienable Legal Rights” & “Durable Legal Safeguards”?

When law enforcement becomes rigid, and the Rule of Law lack humility and humanity there is no civilization and no society.   The RULE OF LAW is intended to be the grease that keeps Democracy from being totalitarian.   Enforcement of the Law for vengeance purposes (or advancing a political cause) is a perversion of the RULE OF LAW.
Every public official (including the clouted Wealthy) must be held accountable; however, one has to remember another RULE OF LAW.   For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.   For this reason we give prosecutors reasonable discretion as to when and how to deal with crimes.   Today America faces a crisis – our homeland is threatened.   (It does not matter who is responsible – the fact is that we are in personal danger).
As to guardianships, the RULE OF LAW makes it very clear that a guardianship is supposed to occur only in those rare situations wherein it is necessary and exist only to the extend needed so that the ward can reap the most benefit from the intervention.   The fact that we have literally thousands of instances of exploitation, abuse, and the murder of people tossed into these guardianships does not mean that all guardianships are bad.   The 4 GAO reports, along with the recounted cases on the Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPg blogs reveals specific cases of felony misconduct by corrupt judges, lawyers and others that are getting escaping appropriate punishment.
This corruption is the focus!   Each one of these cases is important and must be addressed by society if only to protect the elderly and the disabled in the future.   The corrupt judge in Alice Gore case the travesty of the guardian ad litem orchestrating the search for gold in the mouth of the elderly grandmother (along with the theft of 1.5 million dollars) cannot be given a pass.   Nor can any of the other criminal acts; however, we have to use rifle bullets to bring the miscreants to Justice.   I’ve suggested that society pick out targets for prosecution.
The ‘cover up’ of the elder cleansing scandal is particularly obnoxious.   Here in Illinois, Jerome Larkin and his Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission have distinguished themselves by their perfidy.   One of the ways to address such persons is to make them pay the Federal and State Income taxes on the booty.   With interest and penalties Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators owe hundreds of millions of dollars (jointly and severally) with the elder cleansers.   Making an example out of Mr. Larkin will discourage the political and judicial elite from using their clout to quash the tax collection and HONEST INVESTIGATIONS.   18 USCA 371 is a real inducement for public officials to do the right thing.    The 1.5 million plus interest, plus penalties sends a message.   In Civil Enforcement situations the BURDEN OF PROOF is on Mr. Larkin!   Lying to Federal Investigators is a separate crime!
As to the criminals who committed the actual crimes against the elderly and the disabled – garden variety criminal prosecutions have the desired effects!   I want to hear the Gore guardian ad litem explain why it was necessary to ravage the mouth of Grandma Gore to obtain the gold filings that were therein.  Maybe her explanation will be better than that of her cohorts who testified at the Nuremberg trials after WW2.

From Ken Ditkowsky and the WSJ–Law Schools raising the bar for accredition

The legal profession has exposed itself to charges of aiding and abetting serious corruption by its failure to address the WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED promulgated by the Nationwide Elder Cleansing scandal as evidenced here in Illinois by the MarySykes case 09 P 4585, and the Alice Gore case in which a Court appointed Guardian ad Litem orchestrated the stripping of a senior citizen of her humanity and prior life.    How has the 2nd oldest profession reacted to public reaction?
Law Disciplinary Commissions and the State Supreme Courts have first attempted to silence critics and any lawyer who had the courage to follow Rule 8.3 and actually expose corruption.  They actively quash free speech and stifle discussion on corruption such that it appears it does not exist, when it reality it is rampant, judging from the dozens of valid citizen complaints brought in Illinois and throughout the US.    The Illinois Supreme Court has infamously disgraced itself by allowing Jerome Larkin to teach ethics and then expose his total abdication of his public trust.  Numerous pleadings filed with the Illinois Sup. Court to point out the Constitutional Rights of Lawyers to complain publicly have falled on deaf ears.   As a public figure Larkin memorialized either his disrespect for the State and Federal Constitutions or his ignorance by equating the MaryGSykes blog’s exposure of judicial corruption with “yelling fire in a crowded theater” and totally misrepresenting the holding of the SCOTUS in the Alvarez case.    The lawyers (paid with public funds) being administrated by Larkin has also proven themselves either grossly incompetent or totally incompetent as they have allowed the Supreme Court of Illinois to become a laughing stock as they rubber-stamp the assaults on the basic core principles of the State and the United States.    (NB.  How can it be reconciled with our core principles when Diane Nash – an icon of the Civil Rights movement – is denied entry into a public hearing?   Ditto for without evidence determining that a lawyer (Lanre Amu) was not telling the truth when the Judge accused does not deny the allegation and a respected publication – Crain’s Chicago Business makes the same serious averment.    The list of horrors continues being augmented almost daily.   The latest outrage that has been made public is the Seth Gillman case.   Why is an attorney who is patently guilty of serious crimes not a danger to the public when first disclosure of his perfidy?    It was a “joke” that Gillman’s crimes were given a pass by the IARDC (Supreme Court entity) when disclosed for more than TWO years; however, when it became public that he was co-operating with Federal prosecutors, bingo – Mr. Larkin and IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court suddenly determined that Gillman should receive an interim suspension of the law license.   (Just coincidence?) 
The Government Accounting office has written no less than 4 reports to Congress detailing the serious subject of Elder abuse/Elder exploitation/Elder deprivation of Civil and Human Rights promulgated by corrupt Courts (another one is out or due to be out very soon).    Congress, the Legal Profession, the Establishment ***** all have done relatively nothing to address this problem and the incompetence or corruption exhibited by Jerome Larkin and others in similar positions to ‘cover-up’ the Elder Cleansing scandal have literally laughed all the way to the Bank.
Diversion and misdirection are the currency of the corrupt Judicial Establishment that is openly aiding and abetting the felonies of elder cleansing.    The American Bar Association has not covered itself with glory and is endeavoring to engage in another diversion as it is now being recognized that this judicial corruption is fostering the difficulty in achieving social reforms (including affordable health care).    The Philip Esformes case, while not focusing on the legal profession’s role in his felonies does disclose just how much money is involved in these fraud schemes.  (Esformes stole from Medicare a BILLION dollars).    The Esformes scenario is not limited to South Florida – it is a Nationwide scandal and it funds the 18th floor scandal (elder cleansing) at Chicago’s Daley Center *****.
As the organized Judicial Establishment did when OPERATION GREYLORD was disclosed, it (the Judicial Establishment) shed tears as it intentionally and wrongfully placed barriers up to protect the criminals within it own ranks.   Of course it did not work, a score of judges went to jail and several score of lawyers and judges were forced to retire or face prison.  In total, 117 sitting judge, police officer and lawyers were indicted during Operation Greylord..   It took a while for the crooks to re=establish themselves, but have no fear they are back and fighting tooth and nail to prevent any HONEST INVESTIGATION.
The latest gambit is connoted in today’s Wall Street Journal.    
Law school accreditors are getting tough on schools
Law School Accreditors Raising the Bar
How sad that large numbers of law students cannot pass the Bar.    The problem is serious; however, when the public finds that there are so many lawyers out there = such as Jerome Larkin – who have no respect for the core values of America, it is not hard to see why standards for becoming a lawyer must be enhanced, rather than induce law schools to teach how to pass the Bar.     A lawyer has a responsibility to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED when Government over steps and certain criminals within government act improperly.
The presiding jurist in the Sykes case admitted at page 91 of her evidence deposition taken by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission to being corrupted (wired).   Not only was she not held to be accountable but she was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.   The Attorney Disciplinary Commission reacted – not to root out corruption or protect the public from an ethically challenged judge – they ‘covered up’ her criminal activity and he participation in the Elder Cleansing of Mary Sykes.    The lawyers who exposed the corruption were stripped of their law licenses in an effort to silence them.     Perjury, fraud, **** were the tools of the trade for the Attorney Disciplinary Commission and the Illinois Supreme Court.
Passing the Bar is not a problem for a student with average intelligence who obtains a basic knowledge of what the law is all about.   The law is a living breathing entity that must be fueled with integrity, honesty, and understanding of the role of the individual in a democratic society. A lawyer (who actually practices law) has to be alert to assaults on the core values of America and have the courage to speak out (and sometimes act) when those values are threatened.    The lawyer learns that talk is cheap = actions in defense of liberty speak much louder than words.    (see Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPG blogs)   Today it is unsafe to grow old!    Lawyers are guilty of aiding abetting this American holocaust!   No wonder so many prospective lawyers fail to pass the Bar!!!
From Joanne;
It seems to me laws are clear and it does not take a genius to be a lawyer; however what is grossly lacking in lawyers these days (and the public will assuredly agree wholeheartedly) is a moral compass.
Today we have PET brain scans for psychopathy which detect if a person’s brain is ever used for sympathy, empathy, guilt and remorse.  It turns out these feelings do in fact give us a moral compass.  I regularly hear from the internet and print and audio media that scans are now down to about $600 each, including diagnosis. Why isn’t SCOI and the ARDC requiring these tests and that they must be published for all licensed lawyers. Certainly a strong diagnosis of psychopathy should bar someone from being licensed as a lawyer, and further, already licensed lawyers should be required to take a PET brain scan for psychopathy if they have any complaints filed against a lawyer on ethical or moral grounds.
It is imperative that the authorities catch up with advances in science and begin by first testing themselves.