Bribes in the Prosecutor’s offices–How do they do it? From JD and Ken Ditkowsky

I am not going to take sides on this blog on the stories of DT or HC, but they will be used as examples.  Vote as you wish, and in Chicago, vote early and often and do not let death discourage you from the polls
From the DT camp, we have DT making campaign donations to make things go away,
from Ken Ditkowsky:
And from the HC camp we have a campaign contribution to the wife of the Deputy Director of the FBI of some $675,000.00 opened the door to disclosing to all of us in vivid detail just how simple it is for any corruption political figure to subvert the Justice System and how easy the cover-up has become.
For instance, not one Chicago Newspaper or television station was interested in the ‘story of the century’ to wit:  under the guise of a guardianship a corrupt judge, in concert with a corrupt guardian ad lite, aided by a cast of corrupt lawyers and judges not only robbed an elderly widow of 1.5 million dollars, but ravaged her by pulling 29 teeth to gather the few grains of gold that they could savage.    Indeed, no one grain was inventoried and after Alice Gore’s body could yield no more value she was abandoned to die alone.   The perpetrators then went on to ravage another elderly widow!
In the Sykes case, a valuable cache of coins disappeared and a $1.2 million plus home was sold without an accounting.  The tax stamps could be added up to determine that discount, but why bother, Gloria and Mary Sykes were owed a Trust accounting they never received.  And what was worse, when Judge Stuart admonished that Estate funds or income could not be used to pay for Trust Property (the house), otherwise the Trust had to be brought into the estate beause the funds were being commingled, that phrase and word fell off the transcript.
How did the desecration of America’s core values occur right in the Circuit Court of Cook County?   How is it that no one in authority raised a finger in protest?  How come the family was harassed and intimidated?    Why is the media silent?
Alice Gore’s fate and gulag is not a rare occurrence – it is common-place and any Ilinois attorney who calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION can expect to have the Jerome Larkin Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission come down on him/her.   In Florida it is the Florida Bar that does the dirty work.  In Indiana it is ******.   The result is the same.   The criminals in black robes and their 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators get their riches, power, and fame while the great unwashed are ravaged flotsam.
The ‘elite’ have propaganda machines in place to protect them and their associates in crime.    Thanks to this Presidential campaign and the over-reach by both Presidential Candidates the mechanisms are being laid bare.   The machinery of corruption is ingrained and protected however, it does not have to be.    America has to cut the head of the corruption off, and its core perpetrators!    We have to make it unsafe for criminals to perpetrate our political system by co-ordinated resistance at every level.   The Deputy Director McCabe and the Administrator Jerome Larkin have to be brought before the bar of Justice.   McCabe claimed that he distanced himself from his wife’s campaign and the Obama Administration accepted this!   Distinction without a difference may fool the co-conspirators, but not you and me (the great unwashed) – or does it!
from Joanne:
Another article on this blog announced that a study was done on prosecutor’s offices across the nation and it was revealed this happens all the time.
No one is surprised, but it is like a petri dish for corruption to grow and flourish.
The State of Illinois Legislature had told all state agencies they must Ethics Report and identify all sources of income.  The ARDC, Jerome Larking and James Grogin, in house counsel do not do that.  Many judges and ARDC personnel have very suspicious property records. Many people allege that one person is taking out loans and others (the mob) are paying them off, keeping judges in their pocket.
How else do you explain the fact that Alan Frake is still being drugged with psychotropic drugs and is being abused? What about his son Gary who has not seen him for a year?  Ted Rhodes, Cary Peck and Tom Kleinhenz (probate counsel, attorneys and home health care) do not respond and make no attempts to hide the fact that Gary must not visit.
So many cases are uninvestigated in Illinois.
In Florida, we have Karen Fegherighti, who is obviously very intelligent, well reasoned, but her evil sister wants to grab an inheritance, so she had Karen declared incompetent.  Now Karen has no rights and she is being abused without adequate food and her own money to buy what she wants when she wants.
All the vultures in Florida are waiting for the disbursement from Probate to attack that motherloade of cash and devour it like a two day old carcass and a pack of hyenas.
All of this has to end.  We must treat the elderly and disabled with all due respect.
Karen has been complaining up a storm with dozens of videos on Facebook (go ahead and friend her), and other sources showing she is sane, highly competent and well reasoned.  Worst of all, she is only 57!  If this can happen to an R.N. who held 2 jobs and was attending CE classes, it could happen to any of us.
She has been to the FBI and no one cared.  The states attorneys and OIG and no one cared.
She is holed up in a hotel room with a stalker from the court that follows her everywhere.  She is not safe.  They could put her in a locked facility at any time and give her enough drugs for a small horse, and no one would care or notice, and then when the money was gone, 2 or 3 days to narcotize her to death–just as happened to Mary Sykes,  Lydia Tyler, Dorothy Baker, Rose Drabik and on and on and on.
When will this end?  Let’s make it to day and free Karen Fegerighti and Alan Frake.

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