From Ken Ditkowsky – Universal Health Care in the US threatened by Universal Fraud in Health Care

It is now getting to be very clear that America has more to fear from those in power than it has to fear even our enemies.   Our enemies are honest – they hate us and want us dead; however, the current gang of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators not only have no respect for us (the functional equivalent of hating us) but want to destroy all that we as a Nation held dear before they destroy us (the functional equivalent of killing us).
There is nothing  from our politicians in Illinois that we can necessarily believe.   Everything is calculated to deceive.    The health care fiasco is no exception.   WHY HAS OBAMA CARE HAD PROBLEMS WITH EXPENSIVE POLICIES?    It really never had a chance as there were privileged people out there in the health care industry such as Seth Gillman, Philip Esformes, ***** who were stealing billions from Medicare ******.    Omnicare, another venture in which Esformes (Morris) was involved got caught stealing over 150 million dollars.    The booty of stolen health care funds is in the billions.
In addition, Insurance carriers had to absorb similar thefts.    With Obama care the predators were able to seize more illegal gains as sicker Americans were drawn into the loop and there were more victims to exploit.    Primary amongst the victims were the elderly and the disabled.    Under normal circumstances these victims were easy prey; however, with Court appointed guardianships designed to abuse, exploit, isolate and steal the assets of the victims designated for elder cleansing the funds available for theft went on steroids!  Note that many elders and disableds are or were at risk of expensive institution placement against their will.   In the Sykes Estate several million dollars in Mary’s funds disappeared into the pockets of the elder cleansers.    In the Gore Estate 1.5 million dollars and the gold from Alice’s teeth disappeared into the elder cleansers pockets.
Has any candidate for public office zeroed in on this National disgrace?   Indeed – NO!    It is a hot potato and the 2nd tier political elite have staked the territory for their own profit and gain.   Just look at the Esformes theft of a billion dollars! Philip Esformes is small potatoes!   The gang in New York, Chicago, ***** are doing exactly the same thing – however, they are being provided extreme protection.    Maybe it is because they can deliver almost 100% of the residents in their nursing homes as voters for the dominant political party!!!    Maybe it is because they have learned to share!    Maybe it is because *****!
The bottom line is that forcing the ‘health care’ providers to charge for services actually delivered, charge a fair price for pharmaceuticals, skilled care, etc and OBAMA CARE premiums go down, not up!    (The problems still exist, however, the net cost is down about 600%)    Why is the mafia related thug who is in the nursing home business in Chicago who is reported to have lied to the FBI not being prosecuted?   Why is this individual allowed to open new facilities ******?
Attorneys in Illinois are being silenced.   Ms. Denison and I called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and one of dishonest Guardians appointed by a judge who admitted on page 91 of her deposition to being fixed complained about seeing the said call on the blog PROBATE SHARKS!    What happened?   The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and the Supreme Court of Illinois acted to suspend our law licenses.   The Court case (In re: Mary Sykes 09 P 4585) at the heart of the scandal that we were reporting was not allowed into evidence even though Jerome Larkin (the administrator of the IARDC) made untrue perjured statements concerning it – the case file would have proven Larkin nefariousness and 18 USCA 371 violation).
Drawing on the article that is cited supra – we know why Larkin ‘covered up’ the criminal thefts in the Sykes case.     Rest assured – Larkin, like Deputy Commissioner McCabe was well compensated!    Rest assured both Larkin and McCabe will not face criminal prosecution or have to pay taxes on the extra-ordinary remuneration–until the IRS and IDR forces the issue upon them.

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