From FB: Family sues over horrific abuse to grandma in nursing home

From Channel 4, New York Exclusive story:

I-Team: Photos Show Nursing Home Patient Left Sitting in Human Waste

Family of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient say photos taken inside Woodcrest Health Center in New Milford, New Jersey, show their mother was left to sit in her own feces with excrement smeared across her face.

The disturbing allegations of neglect are part of a lawsuit against Woodcrest and its parent company, Care One, a New Jersey nursing home operator with dozens of facilities across the Garden State.

“Facilities like this should not be allowed to take care of people,” said Susan Baines, the nursing home patient’s daughter.

“Every time we went there it was another issue,” said the patient’s son, Steven Paganessi. “She wasn’t being fed. She had fallen. She was covered head to toe in feces.”

Top Tri-State News Photos a spokesman for Care One, declined to address specific accusations in the lawsuit, but sent the I-Team a statement insisting Woodcrest is a highly rated nursing home and the legal claims would be fiercely contested in court.

“Woodcrest has served more than 2,000 residents over the last 5 years, and [the] Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Nursing Home Compare [rating] reflects that Woodcrest currently has 4 stars out of 5 in Quality Measures,” Hodges said. “CMS’s rating reflects the true quality of the care Woodcrest provides, as opposed to this sensational and improperly filed lawsuit.”

“She wasn’t being fed, she fell, she had bruises, she was seen sitting in her own waste.”

The excrement was everywhere, around her mouth in her bed, on her tray of food, everywhere.

The nursing home says the lawsuit was filed for improper services.

She fell and fractured her hip.  Every staff member always said they were understaffed.

No min. staffing requirements. The governor will not sign the bill to set standards.

The atty representing the family says its hard to sue without standards.  NJ has no standards.

Care One provided is one of NJ’s largest nursing home businesses. The owner is extremely wealthy.

It is also said the nursing home also mishandled this elderly woman’s personal funds and that’s another issue for nursing homes.  Should they be allowed to handle patient’s funds?


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