From Teresa Lyles–NEW BOOK–horror stories of guardianship order from

65 Minutes

Paperback, 182 Pages
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This is a true story of the horrors in Guardianship Court where Teresa Lyles, PhD lost her mother to an abusive system and several abusive “guardians” who allowed her precious Cuban mother to be drugged, isolated, tortured, forced to live in a locked down facility, where she eventually died, after being forced into a guardianship she did not want and did not authorize. She wanted to live in her own home or with her Protective Daughter, Teresa. Ms. Lyles discusses her early family life, how much she was loved, and how much she wanted to love her mother and care for her in her own home. But that was not to be, for her mother was put through the horrors of an abusive Guardian and Guardianship court and a maze of uncaring Judges and Lawyers who simply were in it for the money billing at hundreds of dollars per hour. The Guardians also just wanted the money and all complaints of abuse, chemical restraints, and where Mother wanted to live, were always ignored.

You can Order from this Link:  Teresa Lyles Book

Teresa has a Ph.D. and did an excellent job on the book.  Please read the book and give her a great review on, and (soon to be released on and Amazon)
And, please get me YOUR STORY of abuse in guardianship. We need more books and blogs, not less. We need to make it impossible for miscreants like Jeorme Larkin, James Grogin, Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart to go after attorneys that represent these people and complain about corruption in the courts and severe abuse of elders (Mary G. Sykes, Alice Gore, Alan Frake, Dorothy Baker, etc..) to claim that the stories are false and clouted attorneys and judges should be immune from prosecution.
You can write me for a book contract at:
Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryszek have made it impossible for me to help others seek justice in the courts. But they have not and cannot take away my First Amendment right to blog about guardianship abuse and how we need all volunteer Elder Assistants NOW in the courtrooms to protect the elderly and disabled.
They have given me a full time job blogging, filing complaints with the authorities and writing books.
Thanks for reading and ordering this book.
And I still have plenty of John Wyman’s books on “Against her Will”–also a harrowing tale of abuse, neglect and attempted murder in Guardianship in Rockford Illinois.
You can also order these books by texting me a check for $15 to 773-255-7608, or emailing me a check, or sending $15 via paypal (email for an invoice) or FB me the funds.
Thanks so much to all of you for making this possible.

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