From Denise Rothmeier on FB: Crime Victim’s Fund

For sure the ARDC doesn’t pay out on crime victims.  They deny the lawyers did anything wrong when in fact they clearly did, or they make up excuses why they don’t have to pay (thanks Jerome Larkin, we know what side you are on after the Seth Gillman prosecution that only happened after he turned state’s evidence).

Thank you Denise Rothmeier and FB for reminding us of this fund.

Let me know if anyone has any problems with their applications:

Today I am send two applications for crime victim compensation to the Attorney General’s Office. When these two families approached me with their situation as crime victims neither of them had been informed of victim compensation. Even though both had reported the offense to law enforcement. If you know of anyone who is a victim of crime, please inform them of crime victim compensation or refer them to me and I will help them with their application. We cannot let these funds expire and go unspent! To date, $11.2 million expired and went unspent. Crime victims are not being informed of this compensation which provides for reimbursement of therapy, medical costs, funeral expenses, loss wages or support, emergency housing, etc. Each crime victim can receive up to $27,000 for expenses related to the criminal offense. Please share and make sure everyone you know is aware of the Crime Victim Compensation fund, do not assume that crime victims are being informed of this vital resource which is intended to help survivors recover and rebuild their lives. Thank you, Denise Rotheimer 847-406-8566 or Jasmine Jimenez Denise Rotheimer

Keep up the good work, Denise



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