From Ken Ditkowsky–the need for an Honest Investigation of Elder Cleansing Continues

To: Chicago FBI <>, Probate Sharks <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Bev Cooper <>, Andy Ostrowski <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, Janet Phelan <>
Subject: How to steal a billion dollars
Date: Nov 10, 2016 4:12 PM
Many years ago I ran across a Charity scam.     It was a full proof money laundering scheme that was full proof and very simple.   The scammer would make a charitable contribution and recover the contribution by a series of mesne transactions that benefited the donor.   Let me simplify the transaction.   I give ten dollars to a charity.   The charity then buys an twenty cent apple from me for ten dollars and ten cents.    It is my recent understanding that the nursing home cabal has a wrinkle on this scam – i.e. a kickback of x % in cash for every dollar contributed.   This allows the charity to operate and also creates some tax free money for the donor.    It also is a method of providing untraceable bribes to public officials.   The payments by charities for services rendered etc are rarely questioned.   For instance, if an attorney charge were to made for consultations or additional counsel in a lawsuit who is going to question it.
When I was questioned as to what advice I would give to Philip Esformes in light to the trouble he was in, I said candidly – he should go to the FBI and answer every one of their questions honestly accurately and without hesitation.   I figures that the United States of America would be grateful to him for being honest and providing information that would allow them to finish their investigation in a successful manner more quickly and more successfully.   I reasoned that he had a wealth of information.
Today I learned how to steal a billion dollars and why my advice was naive – but still good advice.
It has been previously alleged that the cabal had been preying on the elderly here in Chicago and their bodies were a treasure trove for a raid on the Medicare and Medicaid funds.   I was indeed accurate, but again naive.   The Florida scenario that resulted in the indictment was pure and simple human trafficking.
My understanding was that homeless people were targeted.  They were picked up by agents of the miscreants who offered them money to engage in some benign medical testing.   So that the criteria for the testing could be met, drugs were used to adjust the victim to that criteria.   The net was that as every reaction has an equal reaction the victim was rendered helpless and in need of medical assistance.  Victims were picked who were medicare or medicaid eligible and the sudden change was always Medicare eligible.   Maximum remunerations were always obtained.
The breakdown apparently came when Esformes and his associates who were indicted used the same victims more than once and under multiple names.   Government computers picked up information that was collated and caused investigators to become suspicious.    Not only were the beds in nursing homes kept full, but, very profitable.   As many of the victims were in relatively good health they could be victimized multiple times with little investment by the cabal.   In areas such as Florida, California et al the supply of homeless people is always abundant.
I blinded copied Jerome Larkin as to this message as it is my understanding that his role in these schemes is being ferreted out and I expect that the next time that I talk to my contact he will have more detail.    I have been making inquiry as to why Larkin was so opposed to an HONEST INVESTIGATION.   The net is tightening.   Mr. Larkin should adopt my advice  – it is only a matter of time before this entire scenario is public knowledge.
The Nazi holocaust disclosed man’s inhumanity to man in its most vile form.   No one of good will would have ever believed that such misconduct would ever occur again.   No one would ever expect that such human trafficking could occur in the USA.   However, when it was disclosed that the miscreants had pulled 29 teeth out of Alice Gore head to salvage the gold in her teeth, I realized that no inhumanity was too obscene for these people and the details of the Philip Esformes medicare fraud are suggesting that the Nazis were amateurs and there are no limits on depravity.
We need an HONEST INVESTIGATION now.   We need to protect our homeless and our elderly from these predators  – and also we need to prosecute the public officials (including judicial officials) who are ‘covering up’ for these horrible people!   At the very least we should charge them Federal Income taxes – plus interest (jointly and severally) on the booty that they obtain (or obtained).
From Joanne:
Alice Gore had an estate of $1.5 million.  She had all her teeth and loved to eat.  Her beloved daughter, Bev Cooper wanted to take her home and care for her there (and save the Estate some $10k+ per month).  The crazy judge Kowamoto said no. The crazy GAL Miriam Solotevitch said no.  So poor Alice Gore had to stay in a nursing home for the rest of her life where she was starved, isolated and neglected.
Neither the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board nor the Illinois Atty. Regn & Disc. Committee ever investigated the Alice Gore case.  Alice Gore, her estate drained from the nursing home and all the missing monies (which were never investigated by the court or the GAL, btw), was then narcotized to death when the money ran out. That has never been investigated either.
When people on Go Fund Me give $100,000 to give an 18 year old dog or cat a heart transplant, yet no one cares about kicking grandma or grandpa down the stairs at age 95.
This is indeed a sad world we live in.

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