From Kathlee Arthur–Is “right to lie” the law for DCFS?

I’m sorry I don’t have youtube or vimeo URL yet for this video, but Ms. Kathlee Arthur is appalled by the fact that the court has ignored the fact that once again (as many of you are familiar), a client has a recording of DCFS filing one thing, and then saying another in police reports or to the court.

As far as I have heard, state agencies (other than the police, which is also bogus) has NOT been granted a right to lie.  However, I have multiple reports from the public, they do it all the time in court.

Any complaints fall on deaf ears.  I hope Ms. Arthur will provide more details such as state, case details, etc.  I’m going to research this a bit further.


Links to briefs of litigants


link to case information

Here’s Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment, it explains how a jury found the State actors lied, causing Mother to wrongfully lose her children:

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