From Ken Ditkowsky and the WSJ–Law Schools raising the bar for accredition

The legal profession has exposed itself to charges of aiding and abetting serious corruption by its failure to address the WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED promulgated by the Nationwide Elder Cleansing scandal as evidenced here in Illinois by the MarySykes case 09 P 4585, and the Alice Gore case in which a Court appointed Guardian ad Litem orchestrated the stripping of a senior citizen of her humanity and prior life.    How has the 2nd oldest profession reacted to public reaction?
Law Disciplinary Commissions and the State Supreme Courts have first attempted to silence critics and any lawyer who had the courage to follow Rule 8.3 and actually expose corruption.  They actively quash free speech and stifle discussion on corruption such that it appears it does not exist, when it reality it is rampant, judging from the dozens of valid citizen complaints brought in Illinois and throughout the US.    The Illinois Supreme Court has infamously disgraced itself by allowing Jerome Larkin to teach ethics and then expose his total abdication of his public trust.  Numerous pleadings filed with the Illinois Sup. Court to point out the Constitutional Rights of Lawyers to complain publicly have falled on deaf ears.   As a public figure Larkin memorialized either his disrespect for the State and Federal Constitutions or his ignorance by equating the MaryGSykes blog’s exposure of judicial corruption with “yelling fire in a crowded theater” and totally misrepresenting the holding of the SCOTUS in the Alvarez case.    The lawyers (paid with public funds) being administrated by Larkin has also proven themselves either grossly incompetent or totally incompetent as they have allowed the Supreme Court of Illinois to become a laughing stock as they rubber-stamp the assaults on the basic core principles of the State and the United States.    (NB.  How can it be reconciled with our core principles when Diane Nash – an icon of the Civil Rights movement – is denied entry into a public hearing?   Ditto for without evidence determining that a lawyer (Lanre Amu) was not telling the truth when the Judge accused does not deny the allegation and a respected publication – Crain’s Chicago Business makes the same serious averment.    The list of horrors continues being augmented almost daily.   The latest outrage that has been made public is the Seth Gillman case.   Why is an attorney who is patently guilty of serious crimes not a danger to the public when first disclosure of his perfidy?    It was a “joke” that Gillman’s crimes were given a pass by the IARDC (Supreme Court entity) when disclosed for more than TWO years; however, when it became public that he was co-operating with Federal prosecutors, bingo – Mr. Larkin and IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court suddenly determined that Gillman should receive an interim suspension of the law license.   (Just coincidence?) 
The Government Accounting office has written no less than 4 reports to Congress detailing the serious subject of Elder abuse/Elder exploitation/Elder deprivation of Civil and Human Rights promulgated by corrupt Courts (another one is out or due to be out very soon).    Congress, the Legal Profession, the Establishment ***** all have done relatively nothing to address this problem and the incompetence or corruption exhibited by Jerome Larkin and others in similar positions to ‘cover-up’ the Elder Cleansing scandal have literally laughed all the way to the Bank.
Diversion and misdirection are the currency of the corrupt Judicial Establishment that is openly aiding and abetting the felonies of elder cleansing.    The American Bar Association has not covered itself with glory and is endeavoring to engage in another diversion as it is now being recognized that this judicial corruption is fostering the difficulty in achieving social reforms (including affordable health care).    The Philip Esformes case, while not focusing on the legal profession’s role in his felonies does disclose just how much money is involved in these fraud schemes.  (Esformes stole from Medicare a BILLION dollars).    The Esformes scenario is not limited to South Florida – it is a Nationwide scandal and it funds the 18th floor scandal (elder cleansing) at Chicago’s Daley Center *****.
As the organized Judicial Establishment did when OPERATION GREYLORD was disclosed, it (the Judicial Establishment) shed tears as it intentionally and wrongfully placed barriers up to protect the criminals within it own ranks.   Of course it did not work, a score of judges went to jail and several score of lawyers and judges were forced to retire or face prison.  In total, 117 sitting judge, police officer and lawyers were indicted during Operation Greylord..   It took a while for the crooks to re=establish themselves, but have no fear they are back and fighting tooth and nail to prevent any HONEST INVESTIGATION.
The latest gambit is connoted in today’s Wall Street Journal.    
Law school accreditors are getting tough on schools
Law School Accreditors Raising the Bar
How sad that large numbers of law students cannot pass the Bar.    The problem is serious; however, when the public finds that there are so many lawyers out there = such as Jerome Larkin – who have no respect for the core values of America, it is not hard to see why standards for becoming a lawyer must be enhanced, rather than induce law schools to teach how to pass the Bar.     A lawyer has a responsibility to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED when Government over steps and certain criminals within government act improperly.
The presiding jurist in the Sykes case admitted at page 91 of her evidence deposition taken by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission to being corrupted (wired).   Not only was she not held to be accountable but she was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.   The Attorney Disciplinary Commission reacted – not to root out corruption or protect the public from an ethically challenged judge – they ‘covered up’ her criminal activity and he participation in the Elder Cleansing of Mary Sykes.    The lawyers who exposed the corruption were stripped of their law licenses in an effort to silence them.     Perjury, fraud, **** were the tools of the trade for the Attorney Disciplinary Commission and the Illinois Supreme Court.
Passing the Bar is not a problem for a student with average intelligence who obtains a basic knowledge of what the law is all about.   The law is a living breathing entity that must be fueled with integrity, honesty, and understanding of the role of the individual in a democratic society. A lawyer (who actually practices law) has to be alert to assaults on the core values of America and have the courage to speak out (and sometimes act) when those values are threatened.    The lawyer learns that talk is cheap = actions in defense of liberty speak much louder than words.    (see Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPG blogs)   Today it is unsafe to grow old!    Lawyers are guilty of aiding abetting this American holocaust!   No wonder so many prospective lawyers fail to pass the Bar!!!
From Joanne;
It seems to me laws are clear and it does not take a genius to be a lawyer; however what is grossly lacking in lawyers these days (and the public will assuredly agree wholeheartedly) is a moral compass.
Today we have PET brain scans for psychopathy which detect if a person’s brain is ever used for sympathy, empathy, guilt and remorse.  It turns out these feelings do in fact give us a moral compass.  I regularly hear from the internet and print and audio media that scans are now down to about $600 each, including diagnosis. Why isn’t SCOI and the ARDC requiring these tests and that they must be published for all licensed lawyers. Certainly a strong diagnosis of psychopathy should bar someone from being licensed as a lawyer, and further, already licensed lawyers should be required to take a PET brain scan for psychopathy if they have any complaints filed against a lawyer on ethical or moral grounds.
It is imperative that the authorities catch up with advances in science and begin by first testing themselves.

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