From Ken Ditkowsky on covering up Illinois corruption in government

On 2016-11-19 09:06, ‘kenneth ditkowsky’ via Lawsters wrote:
Yesterday I received an e-mail from my daughter which I forwarded by e-mail to everyone in sight.    (Analysis of the election continues, noting that many candidates did well by simply challenging the establishment).
What is so wrong with the establishment?     Why is “establishment” such a dirty word?      The e-mail that I forwarded points out in simple words of one syllable the answer.      Political correctness.     It is now politically correct to abuse, exploit, and dehumanize the elderly and disabled, however, it is not politically correct to talk about it.
When Diane Nash, an icon of the Civil Rights movement sought to obtain the public accommodation of attending one of the kangaroo hearings involving the demonization of Attorney JoAnne Denison, she was barred from the hearing.    How was this act of racial discrimination rationalized?     It was not – the agent of the Supreme Court of Illinois (Jerome Larkin) just ignored the anguished calls!     The Establishment did not call him on it, nor will they.     Larkin knew that there was a vacant seat right next to me – however, he would not even give the usual insincere apology that is so common amongst the political set.    Simply put – it is politically correct to deprive persons of their civil rights as long as you have sufficient clout and your standing in the establishment is intact.
It goes without saying that it is politically correct to take citizen’s FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS  away if they do not comply with the current political view.     For instance, JoAnne Denison’s blog MaryGSykes exposes judicial corruption and has called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Carol Wyman ***** cases, and points out that at page 91 of her evidence deposition, the Honorable Maureen Connors admitted to being corrupt, in words and phrases admitting that she was ‘wired’ (‘fixed’) when hearing the Mary Sykes case.      To the politically correct Illinois Supreme Court, Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) and of course the “administrator of the IARDC, Jerome Larkin, the First Amendment does not apply to citizens who disagree with Establishment’s War on the Elderly and the Disabled.      He wrote to the Supreme Court of Illinois that the exposure (in the blog) of judicial corruption was akin to yelling “fire in a crowded theater!”     To attempt to silence Ms. Denison the Supreme Court of Illinois ordered that he license to practice law be suspended!      Simply put – if a lawyer complains of corruption or the elder cleansing of the elderly and the disabled it is not politically correct and that lawyer’s Civil rights are forfeit.
In the Lanre Amu case the political correctness was taken to a National Socialist extreme.     Amu was suspended from the practice of law because not only did he complain that Judge Egan was hearing a case in which she was a member of the Board of Directors of the defendant (and her brother was an attorney for the defendant) but he had the temerity to have the wrong skin color and worse yet – a prestigious business publication (Crain’s Chicago Business) made the same charge.    Mr. Amu was suspended from the practice of law by the Illinois Supreme Court.    Simply put – if a lawyer complains of corruption and has a dark hue to his skin, such is ipso facto politically incorrect and that lawyer must be suspended from the practice of law for his audacious failure to be politically correct.    The political incorrectness is gross and lacking respect for the Establishment.     Practicing Law while Black is inexcusable in the eyes to the Illinois Supreme Court.
Political correctness is the Law of the Land and it obviates even the State and Federal Constitutions.     Of course, it is not politically correct to point this fact out and therefore the weight of the Establishment must be throw at the offender.   WikiLeaks exposed the e-mails of the Establishment at the Democratic National Committee attempting to quash Bernie Sanders’ revolt against the Establishment.     Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPG **** and other blogs have attempted to expose the plot of the Establishment to extinguish and cover-up the Establishment’s War against the Elderly and the Disabled.  
Political leaders, such as Illinois’ senior senator are successfully leading the Political correctness movement and the War on the Elderly and the Disabled.     I wrote to the senior senator requesting his assistance.   I received his reply – a copy of a stupid speech he gave on “saving Social Security.”    I wrote the junior senator – he was defeated in the last election.    I personally called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION – the Supreme Court of Illinois suspended my law license and forced my retirement.
The battle goes on –  the Chicago Tribune Article is worth repeating!
From Joanne–Ken is absolutely right.  In my ARDC hearing all my witnesses were barred except two (disabled Kathie Bakken and her elderly mother Yolanda), and was told “no discovery.”  The ARDC rules do not permit discovery without  permission from the Tribunal–and of court they did not feel I needed discovery (this is not to mention that the Chair Sang Yul Lee is business partners with Thomas Matyas and he is the brother in law to Lisa Madigan, and Lisa Madigan is famous (see Blog and Tribune and Craig’s Chicago Business) on that issue.
Craig’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Tribune have reported widely on the misdeeds of lawyers, but nothing every comes to their lawyers on staff.  But if you are an individual lawyer fighting for the little guy and turning over information to the authorities and the FBI on corruption–they go after you lock, stock and barrel, and that is what they did to myself, Lanre Amu and Kenneth Ditkowsky.  None of us were allowed discovery.  The ARDC went out of its way to make sure the family complaints did not get into the record.
We still don’t know where the $1 million in missing gold coins are from the Syskes 09 P 4585 case are, nor do we know where approximately $1.5 million in assets from Alice Gore’s estate are–no discovery permitted there either.
What we do have is one Probate Judge–Maureen Connors noting for the record that no matter what happened, even if she had to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction, it would simply be refiled and she would come to the same conclusions.
How can that be?  She will skip an investigation into how the case came to be running for years without jurisdiction and that no lawyers or GALs involved should ever be punished for that?  Lawyers that know there is no jurisdiction or service upon Mary and notice to her elderly sisters should not be disciplined for that.  Does this mean she would still quash discovery so no one would know where the $1 million in gold/silver coins and no Trust Accounting would ever be performed and filed with the court, sent to the beneficiaries who are entitled to a Trust Accounting?
Gloria filed numerous objections and motions.  Most were just stricken from the record without comment.  In cases, where there was comments, they were horrific (when Gloria’s attorney asked for Discovery of Carolyn, the Judge quipped, “why would you want that?”.,  when it was pointed out to the Judge there was no jurisdiction in the case, the judge parroted the GAL’s who said the matter had been considered numerous times and the motion was denied. When I delivered a stack of all the orders to the judge showing there had been no prior ruling on jurisdiction, and Gloria brought it to the Judge’s attention, nothing ever came of it.
In Robert Grundstein’s new book, “Bad Minds/High Places”, he describes numerous court systems which also refuse to do justice except for the clouted and connected, and he tell the tale of his own mother’s estate where the Trustee (an attorney) stole tens of thousands of dollars.  When RG filed a motion for an accounting and distribution of property, as was his right, he was sanctioned.  When he filed a motion to reconsider, he was sanctioned again. Then when he appealed, he was sanctioned again.  All for asking for an accounting and distribution of property that rightfully belonged to his Mother’s Trust.  More than $20k in sanctions were awarded against him merely for asking for an accounting that that Trust proceeds be distributed to the rightful beneficiaries.
You can read his book here:
for $12 it is an eyeopener regarding the nadir to which lack of justice has sunk in various courtroom across the country.
It is time now to demand the Illinois Atty Registration and Disciplinary Commission do their job.
More than 30+ videos of the Chicago Police killing unarmed innocent citizens still have not been produced in numerous courtrooms in Cook County.  The City Law Department should be discipline and disbarred for not turning over these crucial videos to bereaved family members.
We have to stand together on doing Justice in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois.
There were many inexperienced upstarts in the last election.  Many just complained about how horrible the situation was in US government and did not offer any real solution.
They won nonetheless.  People are tired and fed up with all of the lack of transparency and accountability.  They made a statement: Time for a change.

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