From Ken Ditkowsky –Mr. Larkin, the Gore and Sykes cases cannot be excused, nor may they be forgotten

Subject: Re: FULL RECOVERY — Where In The Hell Are My “Inalienable Legal Rights” & “Durable Legal Safeguards”?

When law enforcement becomes rigid, and the Rule of Law lack humility and humanity there is no civilization and no society.   The RULE OF LAW is intended to be the grease that keeps Democracy from being totalitarian.   Enforcement of the Law for vengeance purposes (or advancing a political cause) is a perversion of the RULE OF LAW.
Every public official (including the clouted Wealthy) must be held accountable; however, one has to remember another RULE OF LAW.   For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.   For this reason we give prosecutors reasonable discretion as to when and how to deal with crimes.   Today America faces a crisis – our homeland is threatened.   (It does not matter who is responsible – the fact is that we are in personal danger).
As to guardianships, the RULE OF LAW makes it very clear that a guardianship is supposed to occur only in those rare situations wherein it is necessary and exist only to the extend needed so that the ward can reap the most benefit from the intervention.   The fact that we have literally thousands of instances of exploitation, abuse, and the murder of people tossed into these guardianships does not mean that all guardianships are bad.   The 4 GAO reports, along with the recounted cases on the Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPg blogs reveals specific cases of felony misconduct by corrupt judges, lawyers and others that are getting escaping appropriate punishment.
This corruption is the focus!   Each one of these cases is important and must be addressed by society if only to protect the elderly and the disabled in the future.   The corrupt judge in Alice Gore case the travesty of the guardian ad litem orchestrating the search for gold in the mouth of the elderly grandmother (along with the theft of 1.5 million dollars) cannot be given a pass.   Nor can any of the other criminal acts; however, we have to use rifle bullets to bring the miscreants to Justice.   I’ve suggested that society pick out targets for prosecution.
The ‘cover up’ of the elder cleansing scandal is particularly obnoxious.   Here in Illinois, Jerome Larkin and his Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission have distinguished themselves by their perfidy.   One of the ways to address such persons is to make them pay the Federal and State Income taxes on the booty.   With interest and penalties Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators owe hundreds of millions of dollars (jointly and severally) with the elder cleansers.   Making an example out of Mr. Larkin will discourage the political and judicial elite from using their clout to quash the tax collection and HONEST INVESTIGATIONS.   18 USCA 371 is a real inducement for public officials to do the right thing.    The 1.5 million plus interest, plus penalties sends a message.   In Civil Enforcement situations the BURDEN OF PROOF is on Mr. Larkin!   Lying to Federal Investigators is a separate crime!
As to the criminals who committed the actual crimes against the elderly and the disabled – garden variety criminal prosecutions have the desired effects!   I want to hear the Gore guardian ad litem explain why it was necessary to ravage the mouth of Grandma Gore to obtain the gold filings that were therein.  Maybe her explanation will be better than that of her cohorts who testified at the Nuremberg trials after WW2.

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