From Judy Ditkowsky–please send us YOUR internet searches on health care fraud and Chicago

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Sent: May 30, 2014 10:51 PM
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Cc: JoAnne Denison <>, NASGA <>, probate sharks <>, Harry Heckert <>, Eric Holder <>, matt senator kirk <>, Janet Phelan <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, Chicago Tribune <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, SUNTIMES <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Chicago FBI <>, “” <>, Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan <>,
Subject: Re: I2F – Transaction Review Result

The following url’s show that the F.B.I. is prosecuting hospice and medicare frauds quite vigorously.  Neither the SunTimes nor the Chicago Tribune is carrying the stories or making the connections.  (The Sun-times briefly carried the story, but apparently only in its Lincolnwood Edition, and its “SEARCH ENGINE” is supposedly acting up and can’t find the links!)We need people to find these links and keep up the pressure on the media to connect the dots.  This could end up being VERY significant for Gloria, and for all of the people out there whose loved ones have been railroaded into guardianships.

We know that there are tie-ins between the persecution of Gloria and her mother and certain persons in Chicago  involved in these schemes.

This terrible charge comes on the heels of

You messaged me about the first article which apparently appeared in the Lincolnwood Edition of the Sun-times, BUT today I looked to see if it was still mentioned in the SEARCH and it has disappeared! Why? Isn’t a $90 billion dollar indictment of four people who if found guilty will have to reimburse the government newsworthy any more? This terrible charge comes on the heels of

Feds charge three more Passages Hospice employees with fraud
Three more high-level employees at the now-shuttered Passages Hospice LLC have been charged with defrauding the federal government.


The Chicago Sun-Times
We have some issues with the search functionality on our website, which we are aware of and working on fixing. I found those links for you by doing a search on Google. The articles still are live on our site, and the links I sent still should work. They have not been removed.
I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that helps.
From the FBI website

May 29, 2014
Matthew Kolodesh, a/k/a “Matvei Kolodech,” 52, of Churchville, Pennsylvania, was sentenced Friday to 176 months in prison and ordered to pay $16.2 million in restitution to Medicare and $16.2 million in a forfeiture money judgment for orchestrating a scheme to defraud Medicare through his home hospice business, among other crimes, announced United States Attorney Zane David Memeger.
In October 2013, following a four-week jury trial, a federal jury found Kolodesh guilty of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, 21 counts of health care fraud, 11 counts of money laundering, and two counts of mail fraud. From 2003 to 2008, Kolodesh’s business, Home Care Hospice Inc. (HCH), located on Grant Avenue in NE Philadelphia, submitted false claims to Medicare totaling approximately $16.2 million for patients that were not eligible for hospice services and for patients that never received the level of hospice services billed by HCH. Ineligible patients were patients who were not terminally ill and patients who were on service for more than six months.
The scheme was successful because nurses and other staff participated in a massive fraud that involved altering patient records to make patients appear eligible for hospice services, when in reality they were not. HCH even tricked Medicare auditors. At the direction of Kolodesh and co-owner and co-conspirator Alex Pugman, who was the director of HCH, HCH nurses and supervisory staff routinely “fixed” patient files and re-wrote nursing documentation to make patients appear sicker “on paper” by showing decline in medical condition through false entries for infections, fever, and weight loss, among other things. Old records were destroyed. The staff was also paid to falsely document 24 hour periods of high cost, intensive hospice care than was actually provided to the patient.
In order to buildup patient enrollment, Kolodesh and Pugman also paid health care professionals, including doctors, for referring patients to HCH, even when those patients were not eligible or appropriate for hospice services. In an effort to mask the kickback scheme, HCH fraudulently represented that some of those health care professionals were paid for services as medical directors, advisers, or hospice physicians.
“This massive fraud on a critical federal program costs taxpayers dearly,” said United States Attorney Zane David Memeger. “Today’s sentence makes clear that the justice system will punish severely those criminals who engage in this type of fraud and abuse. We will continue to work diligently with our federal partners to bring to justice those who defraud the government and deprive federal programs of valuable tax dollars.”
“Medicare is a crucial component of our nation’s healthcare system,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Edward J. Hanko. “This sentence sends a clear message to anyone looking to game that system and steal taxpayers’ money: we will catch you, and we will put you away.”
“Kolodesh’s 14-year prison sentence is a clear message to those stealing from Medicare,” said Nick DiGiulio, Special Agent in Charge for the Inspector General’s Office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Philadelphia. “We will keep working with our partners to protect our health care system from fraud, waste, and abuse and to send thieves to prison.”
Kolodesh siphoned $7.77 million dollars from HCH’s bank account for his own personal enrichment. His spouse was set up as a sham CEO of the company and received millions of dollars in salary draws and bonuses. Kolodesh also used funds for extensive renovations to his mansion, travel expenses for his family and friends, college tuition for his son, and a luxury automobile. He siphoned substantial sums of cash from the HCH operating account through cash kickback arrangements with various HCH vendors using a system of phony and inflated invoicing and through a charitable donation scam arranged with a local synagogue in which he was a member.
The mail fraud convictions stemmed from another scam orchestrated by Kolodesh which involved the Philadelphia Development Corporation (PIDC). In 2005, Kolodesh and Pugman applied for a low-interest loan worth $2.5 million with PIDC, a program designed to stimulate business investment and create jobs in the city of Philadelphia. The loan money was to be used to acquire and renovate a property for the business and to create 50 bona fide jobs in Philadelphia at 2801 Grant Avenue, the site of HCH. However, between August 2005 and July 2009, the job quota was not being met. To prevent default on the loan, Kolodesh set up a sham office at the Grant Avenue location purportedly for Community Home Health (CHH), his Bucks County health care business. Kolodesh falsely identified 73 CHH employees as working at that office location on Grant Avenue who, in fact, did not work there.
The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General. It was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Suzanne B. Ercole and Trial Attorney Margaret Vierbuchen of the Organized Crime and Gang Section in the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.
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From Ken Ditkowsky–response to ARDC threats to sock him with $1k in costs for a wrongful trial

If you review the Rules of Discipline for attorneys, there is a rule that the ARDC can get up to $1,000 in costs after they win.

The only problem with Ken’s case is he did nothing wrong.  The ARDC accuses him of falsely claiming to represent Mary in a letter to Dr. Patel, but they refuse to link to the letter on their blog, because the letter says the opposite.  They then say he lied about judges, but the record in 09 P 4585 is clear the court never served Mary nor her sisters and is sans jurisdiction.  This blog publishes those claims of Mr. Ditkowsky and challenges the ARDC and miscreants to support their (bogus) claims, which they simply cannot do.  It is all a facade, a house of cards.

So then we ask ourselves, why are they doing this, and we search for health care fraud, insurance fraud, etc. on the internet (and not in Chicago local papers) we find many internet articles on those topics, but the shocker is that and note allegations and convictions in this arena in absolutely astounding amounts of tens of millions of dollars ($90 million for attorney Stillman, $150 million for Omnicare, etc).  The real shocker is when you get to elder care and hospice and the level of fraud is absolutely unbelievable.

So, today on the SCOI website (Sup. Ct. of Ill.) Mr. Ditkowsky uploaded the following:


In the matter of:                                    ]
            Kenneth Ditkowsky                  ]    MR 26516
            Respondent                              ]   Commission No. 2012 PR OOO14
Now comes Kenneth Ditkowsky and objects to the assessment of costs and raises the Jurisdictional issue herein upon the following basis:
1)                  Lack of detail and evidence of costs.   That the request for costs, while misrepresenting the position of the respondent[1], does not detail what costs if any are appropriately charged to the respondent.  Costs have been narrowly defined and arbitrary assessments are improper. 
2)                  Lack of Jurisdiction.  That it is respectfully submitted that costs are particularly improper in these instant proceedings as the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois lack jurisdiction in this matter[2].  In particular:
a.                   Lack of Subject Matter jurisdiction:  Pursuant to Article 1 Section 4 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution removed from the State of Illinois (including the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois) the power to regulate the Speech of a citizen (including a lawyer).  The FirstAmendment
“is designed and intended to remove governmental restraints from the arena of public discussion, putting the decision as to what views shall be voiced largely into the hands of each of us, … in the belief that no other approach would comport with the premise of individual dignity and choice upon which our political system rests.” Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15, 24, 91 S.Ct. 1780, 29 L.Ed.2d 284 (1971).  As relevant here, the First Amendment safeguards an individual’s right to participate in the public debate through political expression and political association. See Buckley, 424 U.S., at 15.  McCutcheon v. F.E.C., 12-536, 2014 WL 1301866 (U.S. Apr. 2, 2014)
The Supreme Court has made it very clear in the cases of United States v. Alvarez, 132 S. Ct. 2537, 183 L. Ed. 2d 574 (2012), Brown v. Entmn’t Merchants Ass’n, 131 S. Ct. 2729, 180 L. Ed. 2d 708 (2011), Ashcroft v. Am. Civil Liberties Union, 542 U.S. 656, 124 S. Ct. 2783, 159 L. Ed. 2d 690 (2004), Snyder v. Phelps, 131 S. Ct. 1207, 179 L. Ed. 2d 172 (2011), Citizens United v. Fed. Election Comm’n, 558 U.S. 310, 130 S. Ct. 876, 175 L. Ed. 2d 753 (2010).  McCutcheon v. F.E.C., 12-536, 2014 WL 1301866 (U.S. Apr. 2, 2014) that Government including State, Federal Government, and the Court do not have the power (jurisdiction) to impede, interfere with, or otherwise prevent any citizen (including lawyers) from speaking out as to issues of the day.  Elder cleansing including abusive guardianships is a protected topic.
b.                  18 USCA 4.  It is respectfully suggested that all the matters that the respondent is accused of writing concerning were felonies committed by various persons who the IARDC arbitrarily and wrongfully chose to protect.    Indeed, pursuant to Federal Statute the letters that respondent is charged with writing to the Attorney General of the United States, and law enforcement, are required communications.  It is respectfully submitted that the Administrator of the IARDC in punishing the respondent with a four year suspension for communication with law enforcement concerning felonies is himself guilty of a violation of 18 USCA 371 and obstruction of justice.  It is respectfully submitted that this Court lacks jurisdiction to regulate the compliance or enforcement of Federal Statutes, and cannot by definition engage in conduct that might be interpreted as obstruction of justice.
In short, the Respondent had a duty to report the felonies that are the subject of this disciplinary complaint, he did so, and this Court lacks jurisdiction to impose discipline on him for his compliance with the United States Code section 18 USCA 4 which states:
Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both”   18 U.S.C.A. § 4 (West)[3]
            It therefore follows as the respondent (Ditkowsky) is required pursuant to 18 USCA 4 to risk a three year sentence for not complying with the Federal Statute, his receipt of a four year suspension for complying with the statute is an oxymoron and in derogation of In re Karavidas, 2013 IL 115767, but other jurisdictions
            Wherefore, the respondent moves for a denial of the assessment of costs as to the void judgment rendered by this Court punishing respondent for asserting his citizen requirements, a Federal Statute and allowing the petitioner IARDC to infringe on  the First. Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, Article 1 Section 4 and Article 1 section 12 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970..[4]
Respectfully Submitted,
Kenneth Ditkowsky
5940 W. Touhy Ave.
Niles, Illinois 60714

[1] The statement attributed to Mr. Larkin as to respondent’s position is irresponsible and ethically challenged.  The Petition for Cert to be filed with the Supreme Court of the United States is presently at the printer and will be forwarded and filed in the Supreme Court when finished.
[2] The Commission’s charges against Ditkowsky are faulty in that each action is verbal political or content related speech and therefore protected by the First Amendment and Article 1 section 4.  Various statutory protections also are present, to wit:  320 ILCS 20/4 (whistle blower protection for individuals (including attorneys) who report elder cleansing offenses). 735 ILCS 110/5, 18 USCA 4.  
[3] The record reveals a number of felonies being reported, to wit:  denial of liberty to a senior citizen, unlawful dominion over a senior citizen’s assets (theft), etc.  See Gloria Sykes affidavit.   This void judgment should be expunged from the record as it is an embarrassment to this Court.
[4] Respondent has been placed in a catch 22.  If he complied with the wrongful demands of the IARDC he would violation 18 USCA 371 and be guilty of Federal obstruction of justice.    By complying with the Federal law – as all citizens must – he loses his license to practice law. Article 1 Section 12 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 is violated.
Ken Ditkowsky

The next question is, will the $1,000 claim on top of the bogus grueling 2 day trial be just another drop in the fraud bucket for Chicago and the State of Illinois? Is it just  a Hershey bar in the arena of health care and elder care fraud dollars churned in this state?


From Ken Ditkowsky —

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 30, 2014 5:03 PM
To: JoAnne Denison , NASGA , probate sharks , j ditkowsky , Harry Heckert , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , Janet Phelan , Cook County States Attorney
Cc: Chicago Tribune , “” , “” , “” , SUNTIMES , “” , “” , “” , Chicago FBI , “” , GLORIA SYKES , Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan , Janet Phelan
Subject: Fw: I2F – Transaction Review Result

I thought it was rather interesting that knowing that the Supreme Court has in about a dozen cases pointed out that government cannot limit, impede or interfere with Free Speech.  Larkin has the temerity to no only continue to prosecute me, but he filed a petition for costs.  
I filed a response once again suggesting that the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission are required to follow the law as set forth by the Supreme Court of the United States.   Equally interesting is the fact that Jerome Larkin demonstrates his total disrespect for the law in that 18 USCA 4 provides for a three year penalty for not reporting felonies such as are found in the Sykes and similar cases.   Larkin decrees that an attorney who complies with 18 USCA 4 is ethically challenged and therefore he meted out a four year suspension to me.   
Catch 22 is alive and well!    Three years for not complying with the law and four years for doing so!    Ever wonder why the public has no respect for the Law.   It will be interesting to see is the Illinois Supreme Court is embarrassed by Larkin, the IARDC, and the obvious aiding and abetting of corruption in the Illinois courts.
As Mr. Larkin is openly and notoriously defying the mandate of the United States of America and openly and notoriously obstructing justice, I’ve forwarded this information to the Mr. Holder.  (Mr. Larkin does not approve of lawyers writing to the Justice Department – his stooge asked me on cross examination if I repented for a letter I sent to the Attorney General of the United States.   People in the Gallery were shocked by the question and are still buzzing over the fact that an attorney paid the State of Illinois demonstrated gross ignorance by asking such a question.  Apparently the law schools do not teach the first amendment or the policy and practice of the IARDC is to maintain a code of silence so as to protect as much corruption as is possible).    
The question that is presented is – does the Rule of Law mean something – or is like the Soviet constitution – meaningless words!  
I requested an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation of the entire elder cleansing scandal – No only has Larkin and the IARDC indicated they are not interested the have prosecuted JoAnne, Amu and myself for making such a suggestion.
For Larkin’s edification – please be advised that I do not repent for complying with 18 USCA 4, and routinely now write to law enforcement not only requesting an HONEST COMPLETE INTELLIGENT AND COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION of the IARDC, Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmiedel, Miriam Solo et al and their respective roles in the Sykes, Gore and similar cases but I intend to press not only for the investigation but for an investigation of why Larkin, Black et al are so opposed to such an investigation and how they justify aiding and abetting the criminal conduct that has been performed on Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Tyler and others!   It will be very interesting to hear under oath explanation concerning *****
Ken Ditkowsky

Similarities between Kids for Cash and Elder Cleansing–what happens when courts go bad

Someone just sent me the following link regarding court corruption:

(see second video for 20/20 segment)

and then Kathie Bakken sent me this link:

Here’s a link to a different video about the same events.
(The link you have posted is from a Russian or Afghan reporter and is a bit difficult to understand due to the accent) and they
sound like they have an ax to grind with the US.
And a link to info re: the documentary – interview with the mother (caseworker, she says that everything in court was the opposite of what it should have been, her daughter was arrested because she made fun of her high school principal  on myspace) who broke the story

In the above videos, you will note many similarities between that Kids for Cash program and what we are seeing on the 18th floor in some cases.

1)  Parties are told by court workers “lawyers not necessary” for guardianship (this is done by the tied in agencies and nursing homes and some social workers regarding guardianships).

2)  The judge tells parties to be quiet and does not let them talk

3)  One child brought a private lawyer and the private lawyer (wrongfully) was told he could not represent the child, the child had to have a court appointed lawyer (I have the US supreme court case on that one.  A child DOES have a choice of his or her own lawyer and the court CANNOT tell a child what lawyer to use, write me on that one).  Note in guardianships, a lawyer is selected by a judge from a “secret list”.  I have heard lawyers grumble when they go to court, they basically get kicked out by the GAL and the judge and are told they can no longer represent their former client.

4) Money that is “laundered” by miscreants ends up in another state. According to this video, the money went to Jupiter, Florida in the form of a 56′ yacht called “justice” and a $750k condo.  We see GALs and probate lawyers with expensive homes in Florida and California.

5) There is scant time spent on the case.  With the kids, it was 1.5 to 3.0 minutes per case and the court relied on “reports” from court selected personnel and they just made orders from those report.  What utter hogwash.  A judge is supposed to hold a hearing, listen to witnesses and consider evidence presented and entered into the record.  Real work.  In probate, look at Mary Sykes’ transcript for December 7, 2009, the date of her hearing.  Quick, done and all over. The judge never looked for a properly served summons and complaint, she never asked about the elderly sisters.  That clearly takes too long and is far too bothersome.

7) It is noted that from 2000 to 2009, there must have been hundreds of court personnel, district attorneys, private attorneys, you name the attorney, they were there during the sentencing of 5,000 children in seconds based upon heresay reports without evidence, a hearing or findings.  Like the elder cleansing scenario, NO ONE STOOD UP FOR THE KIDS, NO ONE STOOD UP FOR JUSTICE–as Mr. Larkin would like to have our court system consist of THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE over 9 years and 5,000 cases and untold dozens of dozens of attorneys who said nothing and perhaps a disciplinary board was involved for the judges and the attorneys that saw all of this, and the new reports never mention those disciplinary boards.

(Note, I have been asked many times to take down this blog, kowtow to the powers that be, protect my law license AND I WILL NOT GIVE UP YOUR JUSTICE FOR MY INCOME, rest assured.  I tell it like it is.)

From the news segment, it appears that one lone female attorney seemed to tell it like it is, she was identified as a “civil justice attorney” and she pushed to get the authorities involved, the FBI.

So please don’t give up hope, I am pushing for a properly filed summons and complaint and notice to the alleged disabled, I am fighting for the right for elderly siblings to be notified 14 days in advance of the time, date and place of hearing, I am fighting to expose tied in rubber stamping docs that file improper CCP 211 forms of incompetency to get booted, I am fighting the “secret lists” on the 18th floor.

I do care.  Maybe the world sees a parade of hundreds of attorneys in court protecting the “conspiracy of silence”  noted in the 20/20 report, but that will not be me.  I am not silent.  I have a voice.  I have a blog.  As as long as many can help me fight against corruption in the atty licensing arena, I will have a law license.  But even if they take that away, I will DESERT NO COURT ROOM VICTIM.

You have my word on it.



From Ken Ditkowsky, his experience on the schmemes he has seen as a lawyer.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 29, 2014 8:01 AM
To: Lucius Verenus
Subject: Re: hofstetter

When I was a youngster I worked for a company called Jackson Realty.   Our business was purchasing real estate for clients.  We competed with scavengers and bottom feeders who purchased anything that they thought was a bargain.  Except for ‘tax buyers’ by 1970 most of the bottom feeders were eliminated from the market place.   The Banks recognized a profit vehicle and bid in the amount due on their mortgage and eventually the bottom feeders got the message that all the glitters was not gold.
In the probate court there is a cadre of bottom feeders who act to disguise the theft of real estate from estates.  The Sykes real estate sale is an example.    The transaction words as follows:
1) real estate is targeted.
2) arrangements are made with a co-operative employee of the lender.   The property goes from being a performing loan to a non-performing loan.   If there is equity so much the better.   A foreclosure discourages most heirs and allows co-operative judges to close their eyes.   How can anyone fault a judge who salvages a the money so that the lawyers can be paid!
 A few dollars in the right place and financing a straw buyer works wonders.   The real estate quickly disappears from the sight to the heirs and the Court, the lawyer pockets the loose change, and magically the ‘favored’ few pay off the straw person, and resell the property at a handsome profit.    Putting dollar figures on the example:
Sykes property – prior to guardianship appraisal  $700,000
After guardianship claimed valuation  $250,000.
Sale price  $240,000  – Schmiedel/Stern/Farenga all get paid.
straw person bonus – $10,000
net profit $300,000 to $400,000.
Hofstetter if he visible is probably is a straw person.   It is too dangerous for the attorney for an estate to openly and notoriously appear to be purchasing the assets of the Estate.   He is a fiduciary!    Jerome Larkin can protect him only so far!    The Internal Revenue Service special agents, the FDIC special agents, and the FBI special agents see red when the run across lawyers who prey on the elderly and the heirs of dead people.    They cannot always make a case right away but, as each puts his life on the line all the time they have empathy as they can see these same bastards preying on their families.   The white wash is not persuasive.
The one thing that the Rothner deposition teaches is that there is no shortage of dummy corporations that can be promulgated to hid assets and mischief.    It also points out that the miscreants are not shy in using their alter-ego corporations or their straw people.
I am not on a vendetta, but, I do have to point out that official corruption is present every step of the way even though it only fools the media, other public officials, and those who are naive and have no real world experience.  This is part of the health care frauds as it funds other portions of the scenario.
18 USCA 4 requires people who have knowledge of these felonies to report them to law enforcement.  Lawyers are supposed to communicate these frauds to not only law enforcement but the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   However, history of the Denison case, the Amu case and my situation teach us that if you are a lawyer and comply with 18 USCA 4 you will be suspended for four years.   (Take your choice – 3 years in prison for violation of 18 UsCA 4, or four years for compliance.)
As the Supreme Court has affirmed the penalty for my compliance with 18 USCA 4 and judges are elected in Illinois ******.   (We deserve what we get!)
Ken Ditkowsky
this is based upon the following tip received today:
This atty is buying up properties on the 18th…    he’s a probate atty.

He is buying them up as Skyline Home Investments LLC….   do you think we should share this with KD?
So let’s take a look at this very busy atty “Daniel Hofstetter”:
This is from the grantor/grantee index.  If I were him, I’d make this disappear tomorrow.  I know it can be done and I’ve seen it done by probate attys to “protect the ward” but what is really does is protect the miscreant–for a price.  I’m sorry if I’m making the cost of criminal operations go up, I truly am.  The ARDC wants us attorneys to maintain a code of silence, if we can’t do that, then don’t use the word corruption and apologize if we reveal it to the public so they can be warned.  Actually, the ARDC believes the public has no rights.
this guy definitely is into a huge honey pot.
thanks for my anon tipster today, this will be forwarded to the FBI.
good job

Tim Larhman notes no Court Order to sell Mary’s Home–for any price

Mr. Lahrman notes there was no court order to sell Mary’s home.  Ken Ditkowsky notes this is a typical scenario.  In this case CT claimed she had rights under the trust–rights Gloria strenuously opposed in various courts–and which were never heard or determined by any court–and then CT sells the home and lawyers are paid as a matter of course, all without court approval.  Now I believe PS testified he got court approval for his payment from the sale, but he did not, as Gloria will verify and so will the court records.  I will publish the most recent court orders.  But the home was sold in early 2013 for $238k, about 1/3 it’s appraised value and quietly (if this blog will just shut up), later the home will be resold at a huge jump when things quiet down.
Same thing happened in the Carol Wyman estate.  The home was left to dilapidate, then a quick quiet sale was planned so those miscreants could sell the home at 60% of its appraised value (this is more typical and does not draw as much protest from the family or onlookers).  But what did John Wyman do?  He stepped in and stopped it at every turn, now he was left with a huge tax bill he had to redeem the home, plus a $5,300 utility lien even to get the utilities turned on and a whole host of other problems caused by a guardianship that did nothing but terrorize his entire family–all to the delight of Powell Wyman, a known abuser that just wanted his annoying, elderly wife gone and out of the picture.  He wanted to get a younger wife, and put his elderly wife away in a home and then divorce her.
Yep, the probate court in Illinois is  a perfect system to do that.
But John Wyman stepped up to the plate and had a fit, rescued his mother out to Colorado when the time came, and got her out of a horrible, horrible nursing home where she suffered near daily beatings, arrived in Colorado down 2 pints of blood and near death, plus she was sexually abused by the staff.  She kept a diary.
John made it possible for Carol Wyman to paint about 300 critically acclaimed works of art from 2009 to 2013 when she passed over.
John Wyman is a saint for doing all this.  Please pray for him because he still has major work to do to attain justice.
To: “” <>, Eric Holder <>, Chicago FBI <>, matt senator kirk <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>, “” <>, JoAnne Denison <>, NASGA <>, probate sharks <>
Subject: Re: Funding the Obstruction of Justice
Date: May 29, 2014 5:30 AM
 Of course not!   The back door approach is the approved method of operation in these elder cleansing cases.  
Like it or not, the Illinois ARDC under Larkin not only condones the extra-judicial actions of the miscreants but actively protects them.   18 USCA 4 was enacted to require citizens to report such situations to law enforcement and provides a three year jail sentence for not doing so.  Larkin and the ARDC have countered with a four year suspension of law license for compliance with Federal Law.
As I am a victim of the Illinois catch 22, I keep writing Justice requesting them to enforce the law, and prosecute Larkin and his minions for obstruction of justice.   I also routinely copy that Professional associations as they have a vested interest in protecting the Constitution.  
What the 2nd oldest profession does not realize is that the day is not distant when each individual lawyer will be confronted with the same National Socialists that I have had to deal with.   It may not be in the justice system – it most probably will be in the health care system wherein they are most vulnerable.   My public service is to alert to all who are sleeping on their rights that there may be a Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmiedel, Miriam Solo, Jerome Larkin **** in their future!   
No one is immune!  Democracy is not a spectator sport and those of us who forget their history are doomed to relive it.    What happened to Alice Gore, Mary Sykes et al is a clear warning
Ken Ditkowsky

From: “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 10:01 PM
Subject: Re: Funding the Obstruction of Justice

There was no court order to sell Mary’s Home.

From Ken Ditkowsky–who is challenging Mr. Larkin to just do his job?

—–Original Message—–
From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 28, 2014 10:21 PM
To: ginny johnson , matt senator kirk , Eric Holder , Cook County States Attorney , Edward Carter , Chicago FBI , Tim NASGA , NASGA , probate sharks , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , Martha Jantho , Janet Phelan , “” , “ACLU@ACLU.ORG”
Subject: Re: USAG office must approve for FBI to investigate all Federal Crimes on Elder Abuse neglect and financial exploitation in all 52 states

We have the legislation to defeat the cottage industry of elder cleansing as well as put the criminals who protect the jurists and the attorneys who prey on the elderly and disabled.   What we need is aggressive law enforcement.
Take the actions of Mr. Jerome Larkin.   Larkin as an attorney is presumed to know more about the constitution than the average pre-teen who desires to go to high school.   Yet, the pre-teen has to pass the Constitution test and can tell you that Free Speech (1st Amendment) means that government cannot impede or interfere with a citizens communicating or the right of citizen to petition for an HONEST complete, comprehensive investigation.    Yet, Larkin had the temerity to file disciplinary actions against lawyers who enjoy that very First Amendment rights and are required by law (18 UsCA 4) to report the very felonies that Larkin is covering up.  (obstruction of justice).
If law enforcement is doing its job people such as Larkin would quickly be in the dock and wearing orange jumpsuits!   He is a greater menace than the terrorist who straps a bomb to himself and ****.   His and his cronies assault on the First Amendment is serious stuff!   His remaining as Administrator of the IARDC is feeding the cancer that fuels the war on the elderly and the disabled.   
Legislation without appropriate enforcement is not a goal.  Larkin and his ilk could care less what the Congress or the Legislature does – they ignore it and more seriously only peons such as Amu, Denison, Ditkowsky et al challenge him. 
Ken Ditkowsky

FBI v. ARDC — Is Atty Gillman good (ARDC website) or bad (FBI/US OIG website)

As a part of the ongoing investigation into health care, hospice fraud, it is interesting to note the following post on the FBI blog:

You will note that an attorney was involved (Seth Gillman of Lincolnwood) and indicted in the ND Illinois Federal Court for falsely targeting and dragging into hospice care dozens of dozens of patients that did not qualify for hospice care.  They were simply “upgraded” to first class because well, easy govt money was left on the table completely unattended, or so they all thought.

Now go ahead and do an “attorney search” at the IARDC and you will note the IARDC has not filed, and there are no charges pending again Atty Seth Gillman. (Presumably because Atty Gillman never spoke out against attorneys and health care fraud and the targeting of seniors as a commodity or get rich quick scheme.  In fact, when one of the employees at one of his companies questioned what was going on and the large bonuses paid to certain personnel–he was quick to tell them to shut the fudge up!  A true leader in the code of attorney silence in fraud).

From the FBI website:  Gillman, an attorney, is the corporate agent, administrator, and one-fourth owner of Passages Hospice LLC, based in west suburban Lisle, and is also the agent and secretary of Asta Healthcare Company Inc., which operates Asta Care Center nursing homes in Bloomington, Colfax, Elgin, Ford County, Pontiac, Rockford, and Toluca, Illinois…… As Passages grew, it divided its operations into geographic regions covering Chicago and the western suburbs, Rockford, Bloomington, and Belleville, with different nurses, nursing directors, and medical directors for each region.


Note the huge level of involvement in the Illinois area–to the point of patient saturation, yet the indictment was from January, and here it is May and you will note the IARDC has not taken any action, even though the scheme began in 2008 to defraud medicare and Gillman was indicted in early 2014–that’s 6 years of silence on this scheme.

No doubt the IARDC would prosecute me for publishing information from the FBI or the US Office of Inspector General, but it remains suspiciously silent on health care fraud allegedly perp’d by atty Gilman which rises to the level of a 70 page affidavit to support his indictment.

How much money is involved in this scheme (remember Omnicare was $150 million, Shinfa Mental Health Care out of Louisanna was $258 million, etc.–see for details on millions and millions of dollars lost in fraud in just early 2014 alone!)

What kind of money was Gillman making?:

In fiscal year 2012, Medicare’s daily reimbursement for GIP was $671.84, while the daily payment for routine care was $151.23. According to claims data, from January 2006 to late 2011, Passages submitted claims for approximately 4,769 patients to Medicare and/or Medicaid and was paid approximately $95 million from Medicare and approximately $30 million from Medicaid. Between July 2008 and late 2011, Passages was paid approximately $23 million by Medicare for claimed GIP services, in addition to Medicaid payments for claimed GIP services submitted on behalf of more than 200 patients.

The charges further allege that in the fall of 2008, Gillman began paying bonuses, sometimes well in excess of their salary, to Passages’ directors overseeing nurses and certified nursing assistants based on the amount of GIP under their supervision. Gillman also authorized large bonuses to himself and a co-administrator, Individual A, based on the number of patients per day at certain nursing homes in the Belleville region, including $833,375 to himself between March 2009 and April 2011. The bonuses increased as the number of patients on GIP increased and as the number of facilities counted for the bonuses increased, according to the affidavit.

What is the penalty for health care fraud?

Health care fraud carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, and obstructing a federal audit carries a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, and restitution is mandatory.

Ken and I are publishing this and will continue to analyze the situation because just what kind of scheme did we step into with the likes of the Sykes case (in particular), Gore, Wyman, Drabik, Tyler, and many, many others where the law is X but the courts are doing Y–and they do it with apparent impunity, only punishing severely any attorney that runs a blog (myself), or continues to investigate probate court and issues hundreds of emails, faxes and letters to law enforcement (Ditkowsky) after we were both clearly told by those doing Y when the law is X to shut the fudge up — or else!

Why is the ARDC so silent, and why did atty Gillman operate for years without the IARDC saying a peep and where are they now on this issue?  There must have been complaints filed.

This blog is not going to shut up however, until the law is X and the courts and attorneys in probate are doing exactly X.

The fact that the US Dept of the OIG (Office of Inspector General) is publishing indictments and making clear the level of money to be extracted out of the US health care system–even by Illinois attorneys, certainly is not something the ARDC wants made public when Illinois attorneys are seeing the effects that health care fraud–in the hundreds of millions–has upon the medical field, and it is this fraud and greed which is the root cause of the problems that are spilling over into the court system.

While many, many people fear that single payer health care would simply be far too expensive, after reviewing the indictments made just in early 2014, it is clear that hundreds of millions of dollars are simply going to fraud, and if that fraud were eliminated it would have a huge impact on healthcare for those actually needing it, if doctors and medical professionals all were delivering the real thing–not fraud.  If a huge chunk of the US health care system is fraud, then perhaps by eliminating that, we could afford universal health care for everyone.

The upshot?  While all of this is going on, Atty Gillman is listed as a perfectly good attorney to hire according to the IARDC website.  Ken and myself apparently are not.

What the IARDC says about Ken Ditkowsky:

under information:

Mr. Ditkowsky, who was licensed in 1961, was suspended for four years and until further order of the Court. He made false or reckless statements about the qualifications and integrity of judges presiding over a guardianship matter. In addition, he sent a letter falsely stating that he represented the ward in that proceeding.

Note carefully they do not link to the letter. NEVER LINK TO THE LETTER.  Never let the public know that 1) the letter clearly says he was conducting an investigation and once that was complete he would only then represent Mary G Sykes and 2) his main witness, the Honorable Jane Louis Stuart SUDDENLY  retired on Thursday, May 8, 2014.

Hey look, I can link to the letter:

The question is, why doesn’t the ARDC link to that letter right on the page involved?

Here is the link to Ken Ditkowsky’s page: — (if link does not work, go to and click on “atty search” and put in “ditkowsky” under “last name”)

I can link to a page to support my blog posts, why don’t they?

Why doesn’t the ARDC mention that the Hon Jane Louis Stuart retired May 8, 2014, or why don’t they publish her testimony during my trial on my ARDC page when she was a main witness?  Why don’t they publish the audio from the court reporter so people can hear what she said and compare it to the transcript?  All of this is technologically possible, even by a grammar school child given the data.  A 2nd grader now knows how to start, run and publish on a blog any sort of PDF, MP3 or MP4 file, etc. but the ARDC does not know how to do this?  Come on now.


She apparently still has a webpage, sans information, why is that?

AND, most notably she is still listed under judges:

I postulate that if I published someone on my website had retired and I did not take it down right away, the ARDC would be all over me to tell the truth promptly, but it looks like the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, gets the “big free hall pass” on that one.  Teacher always writes a hall pass for her pets.  The rest of the brats like me and Ken have to hold it until recess and stand in line.


MY CONCLUSION: (which is really just a bunch of annoying questions the IARDC will NOT want to answer)

1) Why doesn’t the ARDC website link to the FAMOUS Dr. Patel letter on Ken’s “information page”

2)  Why doesn’t the ARDC mention that Judge Stuart, one of Ken’s and my main witnesses “suddenly” retired on May 8, 2014

3) Why doesn’t the ARDC provide the audio of Judge Stuart’s court testimony so the public can HEAR and COMPARE to the transcript which I previously published?

I can and have linked to all of these above.  THIS BLOG IS TRANSPARENT AND HONEST WHY CAN’T THE IARDC DO THE SAME?


From Ken Ditkowsky–Between a rock and a hard place

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: May 28, 2014 10:24 AM
To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>, “” <>, “” <>, GLORIA SYKES <>, probate sharks <>, NASGA <>, “” <>, Tim NASGA <>, Cook Sheriff <>, Chicago Tribune <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, Eric Holder <>, matt senator kirk <>, Mary Richards <>, mary wooley state police <>, SUNTIMES <>, scott evans <>, Diane Nash <>, “ACLU@ACLU.ORG” <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — honest atty unfairly persecuted by ARDC” <>, “” <>, “Atty Nejla Lane Lane Legal Services. com” <>, JoAnne Denison <>, Janet Phelan <>, John Howard Wyman <>, j ditkowsky <>, Harry Heckert <>, Kathie Bakken <>, “Mr. Kim” <>
Subject: Formal Complaint against Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the IARDC

After reading the Seth Gillman article in Crains and the Sun-times it became very clear meaningful health care is not possible unless that is a concerted effort by members of the public to dissect out the cancer that is eating away at our society.    Elder cleansing is not only here to stay, but has entrenched itself so firmly that the operators of this illegal cottage industry are openly and notoriously intimidating lawyers to keep silent.

As Jerome Larkin has gone to such extreme lengths to try to silence me – a four year suspension from the practice of law for writing to the Attorney General of the United States complaining that a 90 year old widow was being elder cleansed by some miscreant lawyers – it is time for all of us who want to avoid being victims to stand up be counted.    I therefore am filing a formal complaint against Larkin as is my right as a citizen.     The document that was faxed this morning to the IARDC states:

Formal Complaint

re: Jerome Larkin, Administrator, ARDC

Date:  May 28, 2014

To:   Law Enforcement

Subject:  Obstruction of Justice by Mr. Larkin and the IARDC i.e.  Punishing attorneys for compliance with 18 USCA 4.

From:   Kenneth Ditkowsky 5940 W. Touhy Ave, Niles, Illinois 60714,

Please be advised of the following facts:

18 USCA 4 states:

“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”  18 U.S.C.A. § 4 (West)

On or about April 2010, I was engaged to investigate the ‘railroading’ of a senior citizen – Mary Sykes into a guardianship.     My investigation discovered that 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 the jurisdictional authorization for the guardianship act had not been complied.    In particular, a process required by said 11a – 10 had not been served upon Sykes.    No timely service had occurred.    Close relatives required to be disclosed and timely served had not been disclosed in the petition and not served. (11a – 10(e).)     Thus there had been no jurisdiction obtained.    Mr. Peter Schmiedel admitted that instead of hearing on the issue of Mary’s incompetency some proceeding occurred in relation to a ‘care plan.’     Other irregularities were also noticed.

That Commencing April 2009 a number of citizen complaints had been made to law enforcement and to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.    Mr. Larkin is the Administrator of the said commission and earns remuneration from the State of Illinois for administrating the said administrative body.    All documents filed by the said agency appear to be filed in the name of Mr. Larkin pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 137.    Amongst the Citizens who filed complaints was one Gloria Sykes.     Mr. Larkin and attorneys employed by the agency not only ignored the complaints but were discourteous and condescending in their responses.   One response stated that the attorney (Adam Stern) who was the subject of the complaint had been appointed as Ms. Sykes’ guardian ad litem.    The averment was untrue, and 17 days later after Ms. Sykes threatened suit, the senior attorney for the IARDC claimed that the averment was a “typo.”   However, no investigation occurred.     The averments concerning Mr. Stern were serious and involved felonies associated with the cottage industry of elder cleansing.

That numerous efforts were made to silence complaints to law enforcement pursuant to 18 USCA 4 and pursuant to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.    Larkin being aware of the following facts instituted proceedings reasonably calculated intimidate and induce lawyers to ignore their legal, moral, ethical and 18 USCA 4 responsibilities:

Mary Sykes and others were being systematically denied due process and equal protection of the law.    In particular,  the Circuit Court proceedings in case 09 P 4585 were deficient.    a) The petition filed did not make the required disclosures. b) the jurisdictional criteria were ignored – put very bluntly – no jurisdiction was obtained and rather than address this lack of jurisdiction, vacate the void orders, Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel  in concert with Larkin and certain jurists refused to address the issue except in a manner reasonably calculated to intimidate.    As an example – attorney  Ditkowsky was sanctioned by a Court that knew it had no jurisdiction.   The Appellate Court vacated the sanction on this basis. c)  Mary was regularly abused – in particular she was barred from having contact with her two sisters, her younger daughter, her friends, her prior activities.  d) Mary’s estate had been pillaged.   Her safety deposit box had been emptied and the contents removed.  (Not one coin in the million dollars’ worth of coins was inventoried).

Persons who objected to the alleged criminal activities of Attorneys Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmiedel, et. al were being harassed, intimidated, and denigrated without any just cause.   In particular, Gloria Sykes was subjected to a denial of due process of law (full faith and credit of a valid judgment) by Judge Connors.   Later on, when she again complained too loudly, she was chained to a chair, threatened, and harassed until she disclosed where she had hidden her personal property.   (It is reported that at first Judge Stuart at first denied under oath this event, but later admitted it)

Attorneys who were engaged to represent the interests of Mary Sykes or the persons who were concerned that Ms. Sykes’ rights were violated were subjected to inappropriate and patently wrongful disciplinary proceedings.

That Attorney JoAnne Denison and Attorney Kenneth Ditkowsky when threatened by Attorney Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmiedel, Lea Black,  etc. refused to stop complaining concerning the continuing elder abuse/financial Exploitation (elder cleansing) that Mary Sykes was being subjected.    Ergo, at the direction of Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, Larkin  and others, disciplinary proceedings were commenced against Ditkowsky and Denison by the IARDC attorneys well knowing that every statement made by either attorney was verified by either an affidavit, testimony in Court, a statement in Court by Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel et. al, or affidavit.      The aforesaid attorneys were also well aware that every statement, every letter, every posting of statements made by the aforesaid attorneys was content related speech protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Article 1 section 4 of the Illinois Constitution and the public policy of the State of Illinois as set forth in 735 ILCS 110/5.

18 USCA 371 states:

If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.  18 U.S.C.A. § 371 (West)

To protect senior citizens and the disabled the Congress of the United States of America has enacted laws to protect citizens including the Elder Justice Act, Americans with Disabilities, 42 USCA 1983 etc.     The breach of fiduciary relationship is a taxable event.   Thus, when a benefit was obtained by the raiding of Mary Sykes’ safety deposit box, or the mining of Alice Gore’s teeth,  Federal Income  taxes became due and payable.   As the items were never inventoried it is assumed and therefore alleged upon reliable information and belief that the Federal Income taxes were not paid.

That Ms. Denison and Mr. Ditkowsky have called upon Mr. Larkin and the IARDC to join with them in calling for an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation of the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes and dozens of other senior citizens that have routinely occurred in the State of Illinois and in the United States of America.   Mr. Larkin’s answer has been to prosecute both Ditkowsky and Denison for making said request pursuant to law.

In light of the growing fraud scandals that are being reported in the Hospice industry, the nursing home industry, and the strong suggestions of involvement by lawyers  – and the continued prosecution by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of lawyers who have spoken out against Judicial corruption  the undersigned herewith files this written demand  and complaint.

The undersigned as citizens of the United States of America and the State of Illinois herewith demand that government including State of Illinois, the United States of America and the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission do an HONEST complete intelligent and comprehensive investigation of the ‘elder cleansing’ cottage industry and in particular the role of Larkin, Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, Black, and such other and different attorneys who aided and abetted their attempts to obstruct justice and discourage attorneys 18 USCA 4 reports to law enforcement.

Respectfully Submitted.


Kenneth Ditkowsky

This Complaint is also filed against Adam Stern, Peter Schmiedel, Cynthia Farenga, Lea Black and all other attorneys who have participated directly or indirection in the obstruction of justice that has been promulgated by Mr. Larkin and the IARDC in their attempt to Cover –up and impede citizen reporting of felonies to law enforcement.    There is no excuse for Attorneys licensed to practice law to not follow the law as set forth by the SCOTUS in its decisions and/or deny a citizen of his/her First Amendment rights and privileges.

The unsubstantiated allegation has been made that one or more of the miscreants has an investment in the nursing home industry and therefore has an independent profit from the elder cleansing industry.




I retain no copyright on this document and give my permission to whomever desires to copy, republish post etc.  My desire is to motivate all the victims of elder cleansing and their families to pursuant to 18 USCA 4 report the violations of the law to law enforcement, name names, and specify the acts of elder cleansing.


All attorneys as well as all public officials take an oath to defend the Constitution.    Part of defending the constitution is to root out those who are denying our fellow citizens of their Constitutional rights.    When MS orchestrated the mining of Alice Gore’s teeth for the gold filings each of us was made poorer!    We substantially lost our because each one of us did not report to law enforcement this outrageous act of stealing the gold out of the teeth of a senior citizen.   I personally lost out in that I did not write a letter to Mr. Larkin – which he would have ignored – demanding an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of attorney MS and her role is this disgusting event.  (The fact I was not educated concerning the event at the time is irrelevant as such went on in my City, my community and could have effected those I love).


Ken Ditkowsky

From Ken Ditkowsky on Obstruction of Justice 18 USC 1512

Subject: Fw: WestlawNext – § 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant – complaint against Jerome Larkin for ethical violations in addition to his failure to file State of Illinois Disclosure statements.

 The pattern of obstruction of justice is evident in the disciplinary proceedings illegally conducted by Mr. Larkin and his attorneys. to wit: 
1) the prosecution of Amu, Denison, and myself is an obvious assault in the First Amendment and therefore clearly a violation of 18 USCA 1512.
2) the fiasco orchestrated by Senior attorney Lea Black to discourage Gloria Sykes from testifying is clear tampering with a witness that would be unacceptable in any Court – but was condoned by the IARDC panel.   This tampering includes the disclosure of her improper conversations with Attorney Brodsky – who was Gloria’s lawyer until she refused to pay him any sums in excess of the dollars that he had already received.
3) the letter from a senior attorney at the IARDC claiming that Adam Stern had been appointed as GAL for Gloria Sykes (17 days after Gloria threatened suit the letter became a typo – but no investigation of either the letter or Stern followed)
4) the chaining of Gloria Sykes to a chair to extract information as to where her assets were hidden.  (The denial by the Judge, and later her admission of the truth of the statement – is more obstruction)   The ‘cover up’ by Larkin of this event is chilling.
5) the refusal of the IARDC to either join in the call for an investigation or conducting an investigation of Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel or Solo = but instead conducting prosecution of attorneys who complained.   This is official misconduct on the part of Larkin.
6) extra-judicial proceedings conduct by Larkin in direct violation of Article 1 section 4 of the Illinois Constitution.  It appears that ex-parte communications between Larkin (his attorneys) and panel members charged with adjudication is common.
7) extra judicial proceedings in an assault on the First Amendment.  Even a pre-teen interested in going to High School knows or should know that all citizens have a right to communicate amongst themselves and to petition the government.   Larkin in his prosecutions of attorneys just ignores the protections of the Constitution.
*)  Other an different actions
equal protection of the law mandates that Mr. Larkin and all who acted in concert with him (18 USCA 371) are guilty of obstruction of justice.    The crimes that we are charging Larkin with are very serious!   Mr. Larkin by his blatant attempts at intimidation has violated a public trust.   
Larkin as an attorney is well aware that his prosecutions of Denison, Amu, and myself are patently wrongful and should never have been commenced.   The continuation is deceitful and a breach of the public trust.
We have as before suggested that law enforcement give no credence to anything that I or any of other who are victims of the assaults on our First Amendment Rights state.   We ask only for an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation and if unbiased law enforcement finds that the elder abuse allegations are accurate that Larkin, Stern, Farenga, Solo, Schmiedel and the others who aided and abetted these felonies be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 
Pursuant to Himmel a copy of this e-mail has been forwarded to the IARDC .    This e-mail is a complaint against Larkin and the attorneys who were engaged in the prosecution of Denison, Amu, Ditkowsky and all other attorneys who have reported corruption to law enforcement.   This complaint cannot be swept under the rug by suggestion that Larkin refinanced his home.  – The complaint has been an is that Larkin aided and abetted the felonies of elder cleansing, assaulted the First Amendment and actively engaged in obstruction of justice in using his position as Administrator of the IARDC to impose a code of silence on attorneys and prevent attorneys from compliance with 18 USCA 4.
Ken Ditkowsky

Dorothy Brown and the Inspector General for the Circuit Court are very, very good friends.

And while I have wondered why back in 2000 when the Federal Courts went to Pacer and I talked with their staff and they said that they could easily convert the Circuit Courts of Cook County to Pacer, but they weren’t interested, comes one good possible explanation.


Apparently the Inspector General for the Court System contributes to the campaign of funds of Dorothy Brown!

This particular article from the Sun Times suggests an ethics violation, and so does the Better Government Assn who is bringing this to the public’s attention.

In re Kendall–3rd circuit–Clear and present danger Speech explained

Dear Readers;

One of the issues my trial stated out with was Atty Melissa Smart of the ARDC going on and on about how my blog is like “yelling fire in a crowded theater” which, I believe, is fairly akin to the Nelson 7th circuit case wherein 2 Aldermen in Chicago (Bobby Rush and Dorothy Tillman) entered the Art Institute of Chicago — one brandishing a gun– and claimed that a painting depicting former Mayor Harold Washington in ladies undies and a garter belt “would incite riots” in the street of Chicago, making that speech a “clear and present danger.”

So when and why is speech a “clear and present danger”.  Is there any belief amongst reasonable people out there that this blog in any means or manner could ever incite any sort of violent action, other than perhaps a paper cut? (pixels generally don’t damage anyone or anything, except maybe a backache from carrying a too heavy laptop so you would have to print it out to get even a paper cut).

In re Kendall, a 3rd circuit case, explains the standard Atty Smart was trying to invoke.  The only problem is, I don’t know of a single disciplinary case at any level–where a lawyer was able to incite a riot or any sort of violence other than the Civil War of 1860 and that involved slavery of a huge chunk of the United States.  Even the suffrage and women’s movement was not particularly successful in creating any riots or wars.  So what then is Atty Smart even talking about?

The concept, while largely unused (and certainly not for a blog or an atty not involved in any case but only commenting upon it) is explained in this case In re Kendall

In the realm of speech about ongoing judicial
proceedings, the government’s authority as sovereign
provides only limited power to criminally punish speech by
those outside the judicial system. As the Supreme Court
made clear in a trio of cases involving members of the
press held in criminal contempt for their news stories, speech
about ongoing judicial proceedings is criminally punishable
only if it poses a clear and present danger of obstructing or
prejudicing the ongoing proceedings. Craig, 331 U.S. at 372,
67 S.Ct. 1249; Pennekamp v. Florida, 328 U.S. 331, 348, 66
S.Ct. 1029, 90 L.Ed. 1295 (1946); Bridges v. California, 314
U.S. 252, 260–63, 62 S.Ct. 190, 86 L.Ed. 192 (1941); see
*826 also Standing Comm. on Discipline of U.S. Dist. Court
for Cent. Dist. of Cal. v. Yagman, 55 F.3d 1430, 1442 (9th
Cir.1995). The government has greater authority to discipline
speech about an ongoing judicial proceeding, though, when

the speaker is an attorney involved in that proceeding. See
Gentile, 501 U.S. at 1075, 111 S.Ct. 2720. Because the
attorney is likely to be viewed as “especially authoritative”
and his statements are more “likely to influence the actual
outcome of the trial,” the government has an overriding
interest in limiting the attorney’s prejudicial comments to
preserve the litigants’ constitutional rights to an impartial jury.
Id. at 1074–75, 111 S.Ct. 2720. Consequently, the attorney’s
speech is subject to discipline at a lower threshold: when it is
substantially likely to prejudice the proceedings. Id. at 1075,
111 S.Ct. 2720.

The only thing this blog has done is call for an investigation.  It has pointed out a court that does X when the law is clearly Y.  How that prejudices a proceeding is unknown to anyone at this time.

The ARDC wants to use a different standard, and that is any speech THEY deign to not like must be disciplined.  Two little problems with that are the free speech provisions of both the US and Illinois constitutions even they are sworn to uphold — and this becomes yet one more example of a government body doing X when the laws are clearly Y.

But that is a “blame the media” solution to their problem of reporting on what is going on in court–courtrooms where the attorneys reporting and commenting on the case have no appearance on file and are acting as bystanders to the proceeding.  Further, there is no prejudice to any of these cases:  Gore, Wyman, Sykes, Spera, etc. because there is no jury involved.  Presumably judges can spot bias and interpret the laws on their own, thank you very much.  They must avoid reading legal blogs with commentary about their own cases.  Judge Stuart said she did not read this blog.  Now she is retired, she can read it all she wants.

So what does this court have to say about a judge’s opinion that was denoted as

” The opinion characterized the Virgin Islands
Supreme Court’s reasoning as erroneous, “improper,” having
“no rational basis,” lacking “merit,” and “making no sense.”
In re Kendall, S.Ct. Misc. No. 2009–0025, 2011 WL
4852282, at *4 & n. 6 (V.I. Oct. 12, 2011). Indeed, the
opinion went so far as to say that the writ of mandamus “was
apparently sought and issued to facilitate [Bethel’s] blatant
misconduct and perpetrate a fraud on the [Superior] Court.”
Id. at *4 n. 6. Its issuance, Kendall wrote scathingly, was
therefore “contrary to law and all notions of justice.” Id.

but the ruling of the 3rd court was as follows:

we hold that the First Amendment protects a sitting judge from being criminally punished for his opinion unless that opinion presents a clear and present danger of prejudicing ongoing proceedings. Kendall’s opinion did not pose such a threat. We also agree with Kendall that there is insufficient evidence that his recusal was pretextual. Consequently, we will reverse the Virgin Islands Supreme Court’s judgment and vacate all of Kendall’s contempt convictions.

It is hard to see anything happening other than that.  Atty Kendall worked as a prosecutor and found a number of problems with the conviction of a certain criminal defendant.  At some point in time later, the case came back to him now as a sitting judge.  He then  wrote a scathing opinion on the plea bargain involved.  A new set of prosecutors and judges charged him with criminal contempt at the state appellate level.  The case eventually ended  up in the 3rd circuit where those Justices upheld the first Amendment and reversed Judge Kendall’s criminal contempt conviction.

Nonetheless, the standard, even for attorneys commenting on a case is good law.  The First Amendment requires that comments made by judge or attorney must present a “clear and present” danger.  While the ARDC does not like that Gloria Sykes, John Wyman Ken Ditkowsky and many, many others (Lisa Belanger, Rosanna Miller, Janet Phelan) have commented on cases and published on this blog where the law is X and the court did Y, none of this in a million years, even with stretching the truth like a weather balloon, could produce the resultant effect of this blog ever being a “clear and present danger” to anything or anyone.  It pretty much repeats what the litigants have said, and why they are extremely unhappy and it also explains why many of them have PTLD (post traumatic litigation disorder) and behave as probate victims do (fearful of attorneys, judges, court tied in or appointed personnel, etc.)

In re Kendall is very good case law.  The only question is, why the ARDC is doing X to Ken and I and Mr. Lanre Amu when First Amendment law is Y.


Ken Ditkowsky on Fiduciary Duty

To: Tim NASGA , JoAnne Denison
Cc: j ditkowsky , Tim NASGA , GLORIA SYKES , Janet Phelan
Subject: Breach of Fiduciary Relationships

While I am not an expert on Indiana law, I am confident in pointing out the following facts:
1) A fiduciary does not have ad hoc authority.   The Fiduciary has to act in the objection best interests of the ward.  This means that a fiduciary’s conduct is going to be examined by the ‘clear light of hindsight.’    It also means that a fiduciary cannot act in his/her best interests to the detriment of the ward.
2) Any benefit the fiduciary receives is a taxable event.
3) governmental operatives (such as judges, guardians, et al) are not afforded immunity to violate the law.   That does not mean that every wrong has to be addressed – there is a degree of discretion but that is also tempered by the clear light of hindsight.
(To give you an example – Jerome Larkin and the IARDC have received a delegation from the Illinois Supreme Court to regulate certain attorney conduct.   For instance, the wrongful appointment of a guardian so that particular individuals are given an advantage in the resolution of a dispute (your situation) would come under Larkin’s attorney had it occurred in Illinois).   18 USCA 4 provides that felonies have to be reported to law enforcement – it is a criminal act not to make such a report.   Thus, had Larkin learned about the attorneys who used a guardianship to usurp your interest in the ‘corporation’ he might because of too great a case loan have decided to over-look the problem, but he could not overlook his statutory obligation to report the matter to law enforcement.
Of course if Larkin decided to conduct a parochial investigation of any portion of the matter, the discretion would now translate into an abuse of discretion.   Simply put – subordination of perjury in the form of looking for excuses for the miscreants is another criminal act – i.e a violation of 18 USCA 371.    (This does not mean that RICO, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud et al may also have occurred.)
It thus appears that the ‘res judicata’ effect created by ‘wired judges’ not only does not release the miscreant, but inculpates the judge and those who have a duty to act.    It is for that reason that as we discuss the abusive guardianship situation pursuant to 18 USCA 4.  I copy Mr. Holder and the Justice Department.  I expect that General Holder is reporting the tax evasion to the Department of the Treasury.
The miscreants who have taken it upon themselves to separate you from your assets have some very serious Income tax problems in addition to their other problems.   Where fiduciary relationship are involved CYA is not a good idea – it can haunt you for a lifetime.
Once again – laws have to be enforced to have meaning.   People such as Larkin have the idea that their position and clout make them safe.   Heretofore such might have been an accurate assessment; however, the world has changed.  Health care costs are artificially high due to a massive fraud factor (70- 80%).    The fastest growing segment of the population is the elderly.  Thus, it is either enforce the law to the n’th degree against Larkin and those he acts in concert with – or America becomes a 3rd world country.
Enforcing the law as it is written and requiring Larkin, Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, Solo et al to obey the Rule of Law is essential to the survival of our Institutions and of  American survival.   Larkin’s covering up for the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes is a form of treason!   The fact that he is so RESISTANT  to an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation is clear and convincing evidence of his covert assistance of Farenga, Stern, et al.    It also aids and abets the health care crisis and subverts all efforts to provide to the public meaningful health care reforms.  (The 1.5 million of funds that disappeared from the Gore estate et al – went somewhere!)
Ken Ditkowsky

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 25, 2014 9:10 PM
To: j ditkowsky , Harry Heckert , Larry Chambers , Jo Anne M Denison , NASGA , probate sharks , Eric Holder , Cook County States Attorney , Cook Sheriff , “” , ISBA Main Discussion Group
Subject: Elder Cleansing Scandal

 I was informed that the hospice portion of the elder cleansing scandal that was in the newspaper is indeed related.   The local miscreant is Seth Gilman.
If the information that I received a few moments ago is accurate, the investigation is alive and well and the material that Mr. Jerome Larkin and the IARDC have disciplined me for forwarding pursuant to 18 USCA 4 to law enforcement does indeed suggest a culpability pursuant to 18 USCA 371 on the part of Larkin and those who acted in concert with him.
If the information that I received is accurate it is now very clear why the IARDC was so upset with the correspondence to the Justice Department and why I received a four year suspension.
It appears that the persons named in the article that I forwarded this afternoon are relatives of Gilman.   Our miscreant friends all follow the same pattern as Mr. R outlined in his deposition.
Ken Ditkowsky

And now from Ohio–the media admits troubles in the Guardianship Arena


Does all this sound familiar to you probate victims out there and in particular, Rosanna Miller from Ohio who has tried every trick in book, up to a writ of habeus corpus to protect her parents from abusive guardianships.  She has worked tirelessly, has not found a pro bono attorney to help her, and yet her case was grossly unfair.

you can easily see dozens of articles on her case by googling “rosanna miller ohio corrupt guardianship.”

Let’s keep her and her father (alive) and mother (passed over) in our hearts, minds and prayers and that Rosanna sees justice soon.

From Activist Post–what to do during a warrantless ‘DUI’ search?

First of all, I have to be a bit suspect.  You know when the police in the US do warantless searches without probable cause, they aren’t looking for drunken drivers.  Drunken drivers are obvious–they can’t drive.  They weave, they speed or they drive too slowly.  So what’s the point of these check points?  As shown in the video, I think they’re looking for drivers with warrants (this means forfeited bond money), drivers who need license plate or city stickers and who have parking tickets  I for one, have never believed that the police were after drunken drivers when those are so easy to spot.

So this video explains it all.  I’m not sure where this is, but if you plates are expired or stickers or whatever, they impound your car there.  Yikes

Note the family with young children having to walk home. That could have been as serious an outcome as a drunken driver, a family without bright clothes, walking down busy streets at night, any or all of them could have been run over.


I’m just saying.

I for one do not believe that our Constitutions (US and State) permits any type of warrantless stops and seizures–except for an ongoing investigation, and yes, according to a recent SCOTUS decision, you do have to give the police your name and address.  If driving you have to show your driver’s license, etc.

But I will add, EVEN IF A POLICE OFFICER ASKS YOU TO DO SOMETHING HE HAS NO RIGHT TO ASK (remain for an indefinite period of time, destroy photos, stop recording or filming, submit to invasive searches), if you avoid jail, by all means do it and document it.  The reason you want to avoid jail is because it can be very, very dangerous.  Your safety is not guaranteed there and you can be put with very violent other offenders.  Risking jail is not worth searches, unfair and unreasonable detentions, destroying your property, etc.  Your life and safety is more important than anything else.


From Tim Lahrman–Judge disrespects a disabled and gets disciplined for it

One of the rights a disabled person has is the right to ask for a “reasonable accommodation”  and this would include therapy animals, interpreters, and whatever else would help the disabled in court that was not expensive or requires extensive changes.

However see below what this judge did:–joseph-judge-peter-nemeth/PARAMS/article/29470

Not only did he deny a disabled person, but he did it in a rude and insolent way, and amazingly enough, he was disciplined for this violation of the ADA.


Thanks for the article Tim.


Never say that Gloria is not creative — GOOD FOR HER!

One of the problems with getting media coverage for problematic probate cases is 1) the miscreant attorneys will threaten to sue the media outlets claiming that the ward has a right to privacy and so nothing can be said about them.  since the attorneys are generally court appointed and connected, the media backs off.  they have plenty of other stories. 2) the stories and situation is so out of control, absolutely no one believes or even wants to believe that all this is true; and 3) the court records systems are not fully public at this time, and so information is difficult to verify, and many miscreant attys want it that way.

Does that stop Gloria?  Heck no, see her major news story below, from Detroit, of all places.


You go girl and keep it up.  Good job.   Well done.  A thousand gold stars for you today.


A new badge of honor–No “special hall pass” to Daley Center

I believe I wrote you all a few months ago, when activist attorney Tom Gearhart told me that they took away his Daley center attorney’s pass.

Now, as you know, I for one have absolutely no need for “special treatment”, arrogance, condescension, being better than others, etc. and that’s why I write this blog, and that’s why I fight the powers that be, reminding them to follow the law and don’t look the other way when miscreants are doing the wrong thing.  Speak up. Say your peace, before nothing is left of the Bill of Rights and our Democracy.

So, yesterday, I trudged down to CL114 to try to renew my attorney pass, and the nice deputy man looked at my pass and said, “hon, I’m going to have to take this pass and you can’t get another, I think (horrors) you’re on “the list.”  Hmm, I wonder if that includes the “no fly” list too, but since I’ve so little money fighting for everyone’s rights at the Daley center (which I am perfectly fine with), it doesn’t matter they put me on that list either.  ho hum drum to that.

I asked to see a supervisor.   No, he was the supervisor.  I asked why they are doing this when I am an attorney in good standing.  He said he did not know.  I asked how I can find out.  He didn’t know.

Well, again, for me this is not a problem at all, in fact it’s just one more fun thing to put on the blog.  If you tell the truth about the Daley Center and the Sheriff’s Office, apparently they take away your hall pass, like some 7th grade bully that got made hall monitor because he threatened the teacher too!

Will I abandon you, the dear public over a silly pass?  Heck no.  Federal Court makes me stand in line anyway (looking for embroidery scissors and corkscrews) so no problem with the Daley Center and the Sheriff’s department, mainly because I stood up for myself and this blog and said THE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO BLOG.  Now I’ve also said that people have a right to bring in their laptops, or whatever they need to take notes in court and calendar dates and when I’ve said that, the deputies didn’t like it.

Also, in probate when someone tries to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction, they will add deputies to the courtroom (as if anyone cares about that other than the powers that be).  I am associated with the Sykes case and Gloria’s emphatic, emotionally charged First Amendment speeches (as if a 90 lb elderly vegan woman grandstanding is something dangerous to behold, when in fact they are in the absolutely lowest level of statistically criminally minded persons on earth.–that is next to 56 year old mothers of 4 that have no need for anything other than espousing justice firmly and not backing down).

Perhaps I need my “hall pass” taken away because of this blog.

I don’t know, but certainly the likes of Janet Phelan and Gloria Sykes can do FOIA’s and investigations and this can be reported to the authorities.

Since I and this blog only tell the truth, and the only thing I have done in court is calmly and collectively asserted my First Amendment rights and those of others, this means again, something nefarious is going on when a 56 year old mother of 4 has her “hall pass” taken away, for reasons that will not be stated, and the hall pass monitors will not say when I can get it back. (They suggested to me to come back in a year.)

In law school they told us if you are a criminal lawyer, and you get people off that makes the prosecutors mad, expect to get harassed by the IRS and other authorities on a regular basis because “that’s what they do.”  Even though it’s completely unfair, and unAmerican, expect it because “that’s what they do.”

My main badge of honor is that a blog about corruption (not following the law as written and in particular the Illinois Probate Act) is the “misconduct” medal by the ARDC and it was won with the following parade of witnesses against me: 1) an attorney with a $60k tax lien on his home and a super jumbo loan 2) attorneys that testify “they care deeply about probate wards and help them tremendously” and then admit they’ve only seen Mary about a half hour total in 5 years with one not seeing her at all; 3) a judge that changes her testimony on the stand during cross examination, a transcript different than what I heard or witnesses heard.  All of these people swore up and down on the ARDC stand they were “wonderful attorneys” “well respected by their colleagues”, but then their names are in fact nefarious and appear on the NASGA website as “most wanted.”

I really don’t know how the ARDC can live this one down and keep a straight face.  It’s near impossible.   SO called me a “mean girl” during the trial but she was at the same time referring to this blog.  The blog of a “mean girl.”  As far as I can tell, I’m only the “mean girl” when a court is doing X and the law is Y and I point that out.  Got it.

So I will keep on going down to CL114 and see if I can bring a crowd and see if I can get people to FOIA this information on my behalf.

You would think after the blog, the silly but grueling trial I went through, the fact that Ken Ditkowsky is now a hero and a martyr amongst probate victims, they would stop picking on us because the blog tells it all and it never ends well for the “powers that be” that are doing wrong.

Guess not.  Their is still too much money and power in it.

Just so you know, I don’t mind standing in line and talking to the nice guards about the US and Illinois constitution.  I LOVE talking about the constitutions in line and reminding people of their rights and they have the right to note take in court, they have the right to bring in their cell phones and laptops, they have the right to record in court under People v. Clark.

Pete Seeger is a personal hero of mine.  He was banned under the McCarthyism era when he refused to state to the US Congressional committee if he had “communist associations” or some such other nonsense.  He replied MYOB and I’m not answering that.  So he lost his lucrative Hollywood contracts, he was banned and blackballed.  He would, however, play regularly on PBS.  Good for him. But the worst upshot for the ‘powers that be” was that he then went out and taught thousands upon thousands of school children (where he could freely play his music) songs of protest, love, peace, activism and justice.  That’s how we know him and let’s pray for him and his recent passing over into eternal peace, love and justice. He went home in glory with all his tailfeathers.  He taught thousands and thousands of children to speak up for peace, love, truth and justice.  Good for him, a thousand gold stars for him, a thousand bags of coal for xmas for his persecutors.

Sometimes the devil wants to take your tail feathers, and he entices you with things like “special hall passes.”

Don’t buy into that, it’s a trap.

I have a button making kit and I’ll probably just wear a button, proud to uphold the US Constitution when I go in.

But for the life of me, I have no idea why the “powers that be” are so arrogant they could have possibly thought this was in fact a good idea.  No, it’s just more fodder for the martyr cannon.  And why would they think that going after a 56 year old mother of four looks anything but highly suspect on their part.  Again, they seem to be protecting attorneys and judges that do X when the law is Y, my question is, why do that do that?  What is the perceived need?  Or why do they pick on attorneys that uphold the constitutions of the US and Illinois and question the need for courts that do X when the law is Y?

Peace and love, all, peace and love.


Just when you thought you had heard it all by the “elder cleansers”, you find new creative cold hearted cruelty

Janet Phelan emailed this to me, and apparently, VA hospitals hire and do not fire staffers that say “old veterans are worthless and should be taken out back and shot in the head to save money.

Unbelievable.  This whistleblower has also decried the rampant fraud and waste at VA facilities.

Again, many estimates say health care is about 70% fraud in the US created by professionals (not the patient, as the ads would have you believe, but its’ the docs, the investors, the staff, etc) that are involved in the bulk of false claims, shuffling patients between facilities, unneeded procedures (even including amputations and other dangerous therapies) which comprise the bulk of health care fraud.

It’s sad, when so many people need real healthcare, that this is permitted to fester and foster.


How to explain elder cleansing to a novice atty

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 21, 2014 9:00 PM
Subject: How to explain elder cleansing to a novice atty

This transaction is not a single case, but a ‘war’ on the First Amendment and a separate ‘war’ on the elderly and disabled.
The case that JoAnne and yours truly are personally engaged in is a defense of the core values of American civilization – i.e. the First Amendment.    We were drawn into the fray when we refused to remain silent when we observed that a pattern was developing in which court appointed villains (I am tired of calling them miscreants) used their court appointed positions to railroad senior citizens (and anyone else who had money that they could get their hands on) into guardian ships.   Once a guardianship was established, the race was on to grab all the booty that was available, reduce the victim to a zombie and subject him/her to assisted involuntary suicide.
The fight to stop the elder cleansing of the elderly victims is one series of cases.   Each case is different and has its own ramifications.   For instance, in the Sykes case there have been a series of judges who have actively participated in the pernicious activities.  You have to read Judge Connor’s evidence deposition!   Then read the August 2009 and 2010 transcripts.   These are amazing documents.   On the other hand in the Alice Gore case we have an GAL who orchestrated a scenario that would curl the hair of a devil.  The amorality is legend.   After a 1.5 million dollars estate was reduced to zero, the GAL arranged for Ms. Gore’s teeth to be mined for their gold filings.    The cases of guardian misconduct are numerous.   Where do you want to start?   Pick your State and pick your court!
The second series of cases involve attorneys who believe in the Rule of Law, and pursuant to 18 USCA 4 run to law enforcement and anyone who will listen and cry=out “Gulag!”   “holocaust”   In Illinois up to the plate steps Administrator Jerome Larkin, and he is relentless in his effort to silence the calls for any law enforcement investigation of the felonies that occur daily and which deprive the elderly and the disabled of their liberty, property, civil and human rights.   (Larkin appears to be able to induce the legal profession (including the Courts) to stand mute and watch the assault on the First Amendment.    If the case that the attorney wants to address!    If so – welcome aboard. 
Unfortunately what I’ve described is the tip of the iceberg.   The ‘elder cleansing cases’ do not arise in a vacuum.   How did Adam Stern become a GAL?    What special qualifications does he have?    Why is he willing to undertake such a selfless undertaking?  (Read 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq and in particular 11a -3b)   Why would anyone undertake such a task?   
Let me assure you that these people do not become guardians out of the goodness of their hearts!   They bid for these jobs and expect to get rich!   They do!   
Let us go one step backwards and follow the money.   take a look at the moguls who control the nursing home industry.   Take a look at their side companies.  ReHab Assist frequently raises its ugly head.  
Illinois’ statutes require that a potential guardianship victim be afforded notice and hearing.   Section 11a – 10 specifies the notice required to obtain jurisdiction.   The burden of proof is clear and convincing.  
In the Mary Sykes case clear and convincing meant – the petitioner and the two guardian ad litem agreed that Mary was a ‘stone’ and the judge rubberstamped their decision.   It was irrelevant that Mary not only knew the objects of her bounty, but had regular social intercourse with them.   The fact that Mary did her own banking and was sharp enough to call out the petitioner for plenary guardian for stealing four thousand dollars from her apparently was evidence of her incompetence.   The fact that Mary met President Clinton and had a conversation with him was not considered – all that mattered was Mary had a safety deposit box with about a million in gold coins in it.  
Being blunt!   Applying the standard and the procedure afforded Mary sykes, you, I and President Obama all could wind up with a plenary guardian!   
How does this happen!  An Honest complete and comprehensive investigation by law enforcement would tell us.   It also would tie in some very big names!    Jerome Larkin cannot afford to allow these names to be disclosed – nor can *****.    I disclosed some of the names and made specific averments and I got suspended for four years!   
Do you believe in coincidences?    My making public the deposition of one of the miscreants and the Supreme Court of Illinois taking my license occurred in exactly that order and in that sequence.   
As an MD you are aware that a cancer that is left untreated can create future problems.  
Exactly what case is the attorney interested in?    If he wishes to attack I will be delighted to assist.   The elder cleansing problem is a cancer that is attacking the underpinnings of America.   When a group of citizens is singled out for mistreatment by public officials the National Socialist miscreants have raised their ugly heads – when a profession – such as the legal profession is either cowed or disinterested we as a Nation are in real trouble.
I have singled out Jerome Larkin as he claims to be the conscience of the legal profession – and in that role demonstrates contempt for America’s core principles.   His attempted intimidation and disrespect for the Rule of Law – all at State of Illinois expense – are intolerable breaches of everything that America stands for!   18 USC 4 makes it a crime not to report his perfidy!
Ken Ditkowsky

From Tim Lahrman–some amazing research on what the term “ward” really means

Dear Readers;

Mr. Tim Lahrman of Indiana, who is actually a ward of that state, has graced us with some amazing and talented writing and research on the etymology of the term ward which is nothing less than fascinating.  Tim now researches and writes tirelessly for probate victims. Contact him if you have a pleading or statute to research and he may have your answers.

Read below and enjoy.

Tim–keep up the good work and much thanks for your sharing.


—–Original Message—–
Sent: May 20, 2014 7:51 PM
Subject: I almost never write an email this long … but I hope you read it nonetheless —- Re: the 13th and 14th amendment do NOT make us all wards–are you kidding?

No Joanne, I am not kidding — nor am I wimping out of my part of the fight for I am but a ward —  
To the contrary I am offering perspective for discussion —  beginning with the Norman Conquest circa 1066 A.D.  —  where the written history of ‘wardship’ in the feudal days of Old England originates.   Question Joanne, what do you know about the legend of Robin Hood ??  Did you by chance know that the legend of Robin Hood was in fact the story of a ward’s revenge for the wrongs he suffered under a wardship ??    What do you know about Charles Dickens ??  Did you know that Charles Dickens was a ward of the Superintendent of the king’s debtor prison.  As a young boy his parents were imprisoned for their debts and so the Super. took wardship of Charles and indentured him to work for his keep ?  Did you know that Charles Dickens grew up to work as a clerk in the court and a journalist/reporter and that his works are largely inspired by his experiences as a ward and those of his parents who were freed from debtors prison because it was expected that they were about to inherit an estate and could then pay their debts — yet after years in a probate fight to get the inheritance they never did inherit what was owed them…..  Of course you know that when the white Anglo-Saxon landed on this continent and began to settle in — ultimately they placed all the American Indians under a national wardship (think about the old movies and TV westerns —  the Indian was always a ‘crazy injun’ — in contrast consider the theme of Dances With Wolves ….  as our country was settled, that which we could not understand we simply slaughter and oppressed … chased them down hunted them down and confined them to the reservation — which in part looked like a segregated nursing home of the present…. I am being cynical of course.)
The problems with wardship and with ‘probate’ dates back to these times Joanne — it is an old old problem that has simply never really changed.  So let’s go back to feudal times …. and I garner this perspective in part from a 1962 Marquette Law Review article and a 1965 Ill App. Ct. case which point out …..
In feudal days and following the Norman Conquest — ‘society’ as it was then had a two-court system — the king had his court and the church had theirs (the ecclesiastic courts)
The jurisdiction and legal interests of the king was limited to control of his castle on ‘the hill’ and all land of the sovereign.  The only way a man (never a woman) could acquire land was by either service to the king or inheritance from some man who once served the king.  The king had no interest whatsoever in a man’s belongings, in his marriage, in the children of a marriage nor in death of any person.  All the king had jurisdiction over was his castle on ‘the hill’, the land of the sovereign and the taxes for the king’s land in the possession of others.  All land was held in wardship of the king.
The church courts had jurisdiction over marriage, divorce albeit a very rare event, care of the orphans and widows, and probate of a will and death estate.  In these times it was a sin to die without a will and the fees of the ecclesiastic court for the probate of a will were presumed to be intended by the decedent to ‘pay for masses’ [my words .. the final tithing]
so I ask — do we know and understand our history ???   Is the above structure of courts what the founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the ‘establishment clause’  —-  to forever keep the king out of the business of the churches ???   Which means to forever keep the king from having jurisdiction over anything but his castle on ‘the hill’ , the land of the sovereign and the taxes on the king’s land in the possession of others…..  Think about it folks —-  where do we see all this BS going on in the legal profession today — which is empowered centrally in the king, actually two kings now days (one state one federal) —  huhhhh, imagine that, family law proceedings and probate proceedings.   In sum, today, the king is performing what was historically the functions of the church courts.   How did the king get this jurisdiction ??   Before I answer the foregoing question, know this — throughout the history of old England from the feudal days neither the king nor the ecclesiastic courts had jurisdiction to appoint a guardian for an adult.  The ONLY jurisdiction for appointing a guardian was vested in the ecclesiastic courts to appoint a guardian for a minor child who had an interest in a decedent’s estate as an heir under a will in probate.  Death has always been the jurisdictional fact and requisite condition precedent for invoking the probate jurisdiction of the ecclesiastic courts.  Now, back to how the king got into the business of family law and probate …..
First of all the king in chancery was known to assume that on rare occasions a minor child could be provided for by the king (parens patriae) for example, Charles Dickens — the king imprisoned his parents, he was not an orphan that the church court had jurisdiction, and so the king, out of the goodness of his heart, gave wardship of Charles to the superintendent of the debtors prison —  Still however in these days the king had no interest whatsoever or jurisdiction to provide for the incompetent adult.  The church courts had no interest or jurisdiction because the unfortunate incompetent very likely never has any estate or a will. —–
Now, as I understand it from my research the kings court in Chancery was always open to those who were aggrieved by the events and processes of the ecclesiastic courts — by contrast those aggrieved by the kings court had no remedy in the ecclesiastic courts.  Accordingly the king had a steady flow of complaints about the ecclesiastic courts simply because the church courts were themselves at times corrupt and corruptible.  As I believe I once read in the 1400’s the king set up the “Star Chamber’ just for the cases of corruption that came to the kings court from the ecclesiastic courts …  the king had no problem meting out swift and summary justice to the evil-doers and untouchables over in the ecclesiastic courts — and the king always had an eye out for abolishing the ecclesiastic courts all together because, quite frankly, they were a pain in his ass …. and clogged up the kings courts …. (looks kind of familiar to the clog in todays courts too)
The struggle to abolish the ecclesiastic courts waged on and over time the king’s court in Chancery was increasingly taking jurisdiction of matters brought to it from the ecclesiastic courts — for example, the ecclesiastic court would admit a will to probate, appoint the estate representative — and if an interested party ‘filed a bill’ requesting Chancery to administer the estate, Chancery could and would take the case from the ecclesiastic court.  (a change of venue)  [This practice is still done to this date —  probate appoints a guardian and/or death estate representative — and any interested party can then ask the Chancery Court to assume jurisdiction over the ‘administration’.]
In 1832 the Parliament of England abolished its ‘Court of Delegates’ (which I understand was a special court for appeals to the king from ecclesiastic courts — evolved out of the Star Chamber) and the powers of the former Court of Delegates was transferred to the king’s Judicial Committee —  In 1857 [and this is significant I think] the king’s  ‘Judicial Committee’ created the English ‘Court of Probate’ and ‘Divorce Court’ —-  thus stripping the ecclesiastic courts of its jurisdiction over probate and matrimonial matters.  1857 …. is this important to us ??  I think so ….  Remember, it was not until 1857 that the king had original and exclusive jurisdiction over a man’s belongings, his marriage/divorce, children of a marriage etc. etc.  But in 1857 the king assumed his authority and jurisdiction over all of his ‘subjects’ and his ‘subject’s property ….  from birth to death.
1857 America — if I am not mistaken … Lincoln never really opposed slavery … it was a known and recognized practice to ‘indenture’ people, the slave however was not a people — the slave was a thing, a belonging, property which, at common law the king had no interest in nor jurisdiction over.  So how does the king in America get jurisdiction over that which at common law was beyond his authority —-  In 1862 Lincoln entered into a treaty with England to abolish slavery, a prior court case in England had abolished slavery and in keeping with our common law principles derived from English common law our country had to change policies on slavery — never mind there had already been an anti-slavery movement in the states, just not the southern states.  War broke out in S. Carolina and Kentucky over this anti-slavery treaty and in 1862 Lincoln issued Executive Order 1 which recognized the War Department for quashing the rebellion in Kentucky.  In 1863 Lincoln issued the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ — and again war broke out because — slavery was bad?  or was it because the king just took jurisdiction over a man’s property ?  It was absolutely imperative that Lincoln win the war because the Emancipation Proclamation was being challenged as an unconstitutional taking of property and it was imperative to Lincoln that the 13th Amendment be passed — in order to render the war moot … all of which took place in 1865.  On February 1, 1865 Lincoln approved and signed the Join Resolution of the Congress regarding the 13th amendment and submitted it to the States for ratification — on April 9, 1865 Lee surrendered at Appomattox, and on April 15, 1965 Lincoln is assassinated —  the law of the land is now — the sovereign (the king) has jurisdiction over what is/was a man’s belongings.  (don’t get me wrong … I do not espouse owning another person as property … but the 13th amendment did not abolish slavery … it only abolished ‘involuntary servitude’ … which means that voluntary servitude is still quite welcome and acceptable)  Interesting enough … along comes the 14th Amendment.  Never mind how beautiful it is and what it says —-  what did the 14th Amendment do ??   Okay, it conferred upon the states the first ten Amendments, it gave a legally recognizable ‘personage’ to the freed slave, and at the very same time it made all of us ‘citizens’ of a country to which we were never before citizens, and we now come under a jurisdiction to which we never before, as free-thinking liberty-loving people, fell under….  Bear with me here please because as you are about to see — in the minds of some — Lincoln did not free the slaves, but rather he made us all slaves and here is how.  The 13th amendment abolishes ‘involuntary servitude’ …. which only means the ‘slave’ has to be paid for his/her services, and because Article I of the Constitution gives to the United States Congress the power to regulate commerce — whether ‘slave’ or ‘freeman’ being paid for your services makes all of us an instrument of commerce for which Congress has the jurisdiction to regulate.  We are ‘wage slaves’ … might be free men and women … but we are ‘wage slaves’ ….  The system is set up in such a way that we have no choice but to be wholly dependent on a wage and without some means of commerce survival as a free man or woman is all but impossible.  You know, case law says it is the duty of the guardian to keep his ward employed ….  funny, Congress regulates our ‘minimum wage’ … and in recent years ‘job creation’ has been, in part, at the forefront of our country’s agenda …  You do realize that there is no constitutional right to vote (read Bush v. Gore) …. and what is your right to vote except the right to nominate your representative who will climb atop ‘the hill’ and represent your best interests as her or she sees fit ….  kinda looking like a guardianship here Joanne … you work, whether voluntarily or involuntarily out of necessity, your ‘representative’ takes his cut for his role of sitting atop ‘the hill’ representing your interests to the king in his castle… and you are told to get back to work …. leave the policy making to the ‘representatives’ that you nominated with your vote.  So I ask, some people say if you don’t vote — you don’t have a voice and have no right to complain —-  but is not voting really giving up your voice … to a representative who will climb atop ‘the hill’ and in the kings castle represent your interests ??  ….  I had to laugh several years ago when I heard King George Bush say in a press conference — “It’s time we let the American people keep more of their money”, and so I have to ask — where did King George ever get jurisdiction over my money (my stuff) in the first place …..  oh, that’s right —- the 13th and 14th Amendments which creates in me a ‘citizenship’ in a nation that I have, perhaps unknowingly, voluntarily consented to.
    I say, we are all wards — we might be free men and women — but our system of government views us all, and treats us all, as its ‘subjects’ under its control only allowing for us to control, in our own right, that which the king wants us to control …. otherwise, just like every other ward — the king, the supreme guardian, will decide for us just what is in our best interest ……   Of course the king does not want us to know we are his ward, lest we then try and enforce the fiduciary duties owed to us — and God knows the US Government has learned from the American Indian just what happens when and if the ward ever garners the insight and finally figures it out ….  In sum, not all of us can own and operate our own casino, with the kings blessing and sanction of course.
In close, does Chicago still refer to its political districts as ‘wards’ ??   Is not the ‘Superintendent of our prisons referred to as ‘the warden’ ?  Why at the hospital is it called the ‘maternity ward’ ?  Why do attorneys have ‘clients’ and why s the attorney-client relationship fiduciary in nature ??  Before I disclose the answer to this last question let me tell you how and why I went looking for the answer —-  a few years back a friend of mine, who has since died, was running for office as a County Commissioner — he was a former county sheriff and his soap box was the ‘prisoner for profit’ agenda.  Elkhart County was under a consent judgment with the DOJ to cure the overcrowding in our county jail — at the time of the consent judgment our jail was built to house 370 prisoners and the County was in the process of building a 100 million dollar 3,700 person capacity jail (expandable to 9,000) —  there was an article in the local paper about the county’s probation program and ‘community corrections’ contract being given to another entity in the dead of the night and without any bidding process.  Community Corrections administers the county’s probation program and as it turned out when the new entity began to set-up its operation …. low and behold there were more names on the probation roster than bodies in the probation program … of course names on the roster equates to federal funding from the DOJ and bodies in the program equates to higher administrative expense … you do the math and conclude as you wish …. but things really looked like a pile of fraud taking place…  Anyhow while blogging on the news article I asked the question —-  why does the article speak of ‘criminal defendants’ ….. and then half way through the article the ‘criminal defendant’ was suddenly on longer referred to as being a criminal defendant but rather was referred to as a ‘client’ of community corrections ??  Of course my point was that the word ‘client’ had some overtones of a commercial interest … and as it turns out I was dead wrong —– kind of anyhow.  The word ‘client’, defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd ed., derived in origin from the word ‘cliens’ … Roman Cannon Law and the word ‘cliens’, according to Black’s 2nd ed. —  denotes a guardianship…. hence the reason the attorney client relationship is fiduciary in nature and character (the client is wholly dependent on the attorney for the task the client submitted to the attorney) and the reason the ‘criminal defendant’ was a client of community corrections — he/she is/was a ward of the probation program.
It is simply inescapable —-  the law of wardship is deeply rooted in our history.  We have never really known true freedom and we never will truly realize true freedom so long as there is a king on ‘the hill’.  Think about it — the king (the sovereign) still to this day holds all land in wardship … don’t pay your property taxes and just look at who comes and takes the land back … the king does, afterall it has always been his land … he was just simply kind enough to let you use it and call it yours so long as you pay him the taxes.
As for Robin Hood —- he served the king in ‘knight-service’ and for his service he was entitled to land which — once Robin Hood completed his knight-service and went to claim his land … he found his land lay in waste, pilfered of all its resources and value by the Sheriff of Nottingham … and the rest is as we say —- what legends are made of.
Tim Lahrman, guardianship paralegal and advisor and ward of the state of Indiana.
Note, this is how learned and educated a ward is.  I defy the ARDC and the State of Indiana to come up with a single reason why this man is under a guardianship.
For a great book on some stories of the Workhouses and Poor houses of England, (5 stars on Amazon) read, “Call the Midwife” also available as DVD’s or a series on PBS, but the video version has not gotten to the story of Mrs. Jenkins, a woman who was so desperate to save her starving children after she had been widowed (circa 1930-40 in London), she rang the bell of the Workhouse.  She describes in detail how she was separated from her 4 children upon arrival and never saw them again.  The book explains how women were separated from husbands and how chlidren were taken away immediately, never to be seen again, because without the care and comfort of a mother, they died.  Her 4 children died of grief and inhumane conditions.  Read the story of “Mrs. Jenkins”.  She was “allowed” to leave the Workhouse after 20 years with a sewing machine to make a living, after she had “saved enough” and “proved herself”.  Work days every day, 12 hours, at pennies per hour.  No break.  No visitors.  Fresh air one hour per day in a gravel courtyard.  She never survived the workhouse or the death of 4 children there intact.  True story.  The book also has story after story of the true heroes (actually heroines) of the London docks in the 1940’s to 50’s talking about women who gave birth to child after child, raising them, feeding them with endless hours of housework.  Highly recommended.
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Subject: Re: the 13th and 14th amendment do NOT make us all wards–are you kidding?

13 th amendment:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation

14th amendment

Amendment XIV

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Section 2.

Representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the executive and judicial officers of a state, or the members of the legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such state, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such state.

Section 3.

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Section 4.

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Section 5.

The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
Section 1 contains beautiful words.  What’s with this doubting?  We have to stop doubting.  The Illinois Probate Act and other state laws are beautiful. The US constitution is beautiful.  The Illinois state constitution on its face is beautiful.
it does not make us slaves.  stop that nonsense.  stop your doubting and stand strong against these miscreants, reprobates and scallywags.
they want you to doubt and question yourself.
but when you were born, everything you need to know about love, caring, kindness, truth and justice was already imprinted upon your hearts.  stick with that.  then interpret the words of the laws of the land.
do you know how lucky we are to even have gotten those words?  it is amazing.
democracy is NOT a spectator sport.  get involved.  write letters.  pummel the IARDC, the federal district judges–anyone that is in a position of power to LISTEN to your grievances and instruction.  fax, write, email, call. whatever works for you.  the media is NOT important.
I know there are probate victims out there that have been brow beat, have PTLD that cannot do this. but please stop the doubting and the worrying, and carry your torch, your truth and light up the world.
the 13th and 14th amendments are amazing on their face. do not twist the words to the dark side.  do not doubt yourselves.
we all have our part.  do your part and do not doubt by thinking what I do is not enough, what the dark side says is true (it is most certainly not) and I can’t do anything as one person.
We ARE a collective consciousness.  Do your part.
PS okay to publish this and cross post

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Subject: Re: 2nd letters from Disciplinary Counsel – NOW WHAT DO I DO?

let’s see if we can set up it!   It certainly will call attention to the fact that we are losing the war promulgated by the miscreant judicial officials [and those in government who attorn] against the elderly and the disabled.
Ken Ditkowsky


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Subject: Re: Fw: SAVE OUR Girls

excellent okay to post?  you bring up a great issue and that is, if we are actually going to TREAT the poor and make everyone buy health insurance as part of Obama care (mexicans are the worst offenders), we will have to eliminate health care fraud to afford this program.  I believe the $150 million fine to Omnicare and the recent 6 cit sting by the feds arresting 95 medical professionals is a great start.

Health care fraud means that those who actually NEED health care, children, pregnant women, the elderly and those actually sick, aren’t getting it.  And for those that do, due to the ever pervasive unchecked fraud, the cost is astronomical.


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To: “” , “” , “” , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , NASGA , probate sharks , JoAnne Denison , jim , Martin Kozak , Eric Blair , “” , Janet Phelan
Subject: Fw: SAVE OUR Girls

 If there is going to be any health care reform there has to be a real crackdown on health care fraud.   This means that the war on the elderly and the disabled has to be ended.   The judicially appointed guardians who have been elder cleansing have to be sent to jail.  
Cases like Sykes are a disgrace!  The relationship of Judge Jane Stuart to the President is an incentive for the Obama Administration be upfront (and distance itself from the perfidy that she presided over) and to lead to eradicate the cottage industry that has developed and is denying senior citizens of their liberty, their property, their civil rights, and their human rights.  
It is my assumption that the President put all his efforts into Obamacare in an effort to make it a success.   Obamacare – and any other health care program= will fail, unless the fortuitous health care frauds are brought under control.   The president has more enemies among those who claim to support him than he has among those who actively support him.  
Let me explain.   Many of his supporters are in the legal profession.   Quess who are the people who support the war on the elderly and the disabled?   Right here in Illinois the guardianship scandal soon will be public is aided and abetted by Judges.  The president’s neighbor Jane Stuart presided over the Sykes case!   Judges appointed by his own party are ‘party’ to such events as the mining of Alice Gore’s teeth for their gold filings!    Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission are carving a name for themselves in infamy by assaulting the First Amendment.
Lets a step deeper.   The nursing home industry provides him and his party with zillions of dollars.   Walk thru their halls.   Do you see the people in wheel chairs!    Medicare is paying for them to sit there – the nursing homes call that physical therapy.   Yes, it is an improvement from lying in one’s own urine ******.   Do you see that Lexus that slowed as it drove by the facility – that is Dr ****.   Medicare just got billed for his visit to the 300 patients in the facility – that was ****’s physical examination and his consultation with patent *****.  
President Obama did not fall off the turnip truck last night – he knows of should know the situation better than me; however, this is his legacy and his signature program.   I, like 50% of America, will gain recognition by knowingly sitting on my GM and being critical – The President and his staff gain nothing by not being pro=active.   
Let me humbly and respectfully suggest:  1) Mr. Holder is active in pursuing the Hospice scandal (kickbacks) in Florida as well as the Omicare prosecutions.   Why do we hear absolutely nothing about the 147 million dollar fine of Omicare?  Why do we hear nothing of the investigation of the kickbacks in relation to Ms. Esformes, Mr. N et al?
2)GAL Adam Stern had a tax lien filed against him by the IRS.   Stern is one of the miscreants in the Sykes case.   In that case about a million dollars in gold coins was stolen by the plenary guardian and not a coin was inventoried.   Obvious the IRS is doing something – why do we hear nada concerning the attempts by the IRS to collect the taxes due on the stolen monies?    Is the IRS giving Carolyn Toerpe a Pass?   Is 18 USCA 371 not applicable to Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, Larkin et al.
In short – we as citizens believe that the President is doing more than joyriding on his big airplane and begging for campaign donations from the miscreants who want something from him.  Or do we?   
At the very least – it would be nice to see an FBI agent visit Mr. Jerome Larkin and ask him why the Illinois ARDC was so uninterested in the citizen complaints that he received from outraged citizens concerning the mining of Alice Gore’s teeth, the theft of the gold coins from Mary Sykes’ safety deposit box.   Indeed, I personally am dying to now why Larkin was so desperate to shut me up concerning my call for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of elder cleansing and in particular the Mary Sykes fiasco and criminal enterprise!  
Ken Ditkowsky

KKD asks who are the attys that laugh at the misery of the elderly?

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Subject: Fw: dorothy brown’s ******

Corruption in Illinois runs deep.  No matter where you turn, the Cook County Court house retains its reputation as being the grand-daddy example of everything that is wrong with the Judicial system of Illinois and the some of the political elite who administer it.  
The Corruption runs particularly deep on the 18th Floor of the Daley Center and Administrator Jerome Larkin acting in concert with Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmiedel and others to ‘cover -up’ the elder cleansing does not cover the legal profession with glory.   The septic tank known as the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4485 is continuing to be a poster board demonstration of the perfidy that is encouraged by the Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   It will be very interesting to hear Mr. Larkin explain to law enforcement why he was so opposed to the call for an HONEST intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation of the ‘elder cleansing cases’ and in particular the Sykes case.   The record of perfidy, deceit, and outright prevarication that the IARDC has created in both my case and the Denison case has now been disclosed to history and perpetuity.
The current scandal involving the clerk of the Court, the elder cleansing cases, the IARDC ultra vires prosecutions, and the assaults on the First Amendment (including those by the IARDC) defame the integrity of the Legal Justice System in America.   How can an organization that pays over 11 million dollars of State of Illinois  money in salaries to lawyers be on record as attempting to nullify the Core values of America and assaulting the First Amendment.
Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 I and other lawyers have reported to law enforcement the felonies that have been committed by lawyers given arbitrary immunity by Mr. Larkin, to wit:  Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, Solo ****.  The IARDC’s response has been to attempt to abrogate our First Amendment Rights and the Rule of Law as set out by the Supreme Court of the United States.   Pursuant to 18 USCA 371 Mr. Larkin **** acting in concert with Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, Solo ***** has culpability.
Contrary to the policy and practice of the IARDC the Illinois Supreme Court delegated to the IARDC the duty to protect the public from corrupt lawyers.   It would be nice if the State of Illinois were to receive some benefit for the dollars invested.   The job that Larkin was hired for was to make it uncomfortable for a lawyer to promulgate the horror that so many of the elderly victims of elder cleansing have endured.   Larkin at all times relevant was aware of the limitations of guardianship and the policy statement in 11a – 3, yet, he cheered as Alice Gore was stripped of her 1.5 million dollar estate and her teeth mined for their gold fillings.   He roared with laughter as Mary Sykes was  robbed of her property and liberty.    He gleefully joined in the effort to isolate Mary Sykes as she in the words of Mr. Schmiedel “made wonderful progress” toward a final solution.    
Indeed, my letters to law enforcement hopefully slowed the efforts to assist Mary Sykes in an involuntary assisted suicide as found by the captive IARDC panels!    It is my prayer that the United States of America will join NASGA, Probate Sharks, JoAnne Denison, myself, **** in our efforts to protect the liberty, property, human, and civil rights of senior citizens.
It is never too late to reform!   This e-mail is addressed to the IARDC in yet another effort to induce the IARDC to join in the call for an HONEST intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation of the ‘elder cleansing’ cottage industry operating in the Circuit Court.    [Yes I realize that Jerome Larkin believes that any call for an investigation of the miscreants who are preying on the elderly and disabled is unethical and worthy of a four year suspension of a law license – however, he is in the minority]
To NASGA/Probate Sharks/Joanne Denison/and all blogs protesting elder cleansing:
Please relay to everyone (that you think of) my most recent request to the IARDC to join in calling for an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation into the cottage industry of elder cleansing.
It is important that none of the miscreants escape the consequences of their felonies directed at the elderly and the disabled.   We must take the CYA option off the table so that there is a high cost to pay from a senior citizen is isolated from those her love her/him, stripped of her/his savings and liberty, and subsequently subjected to the indignity of being forced to lie in his/her own urine or have her teeth mined for their gold.   
Can you imagine the degree of decay to our democracy that will occur if the lawyers who have denied us of our civil rights and who openly ignore the Rule of Law as set for by the Supreme Court of Illinois should at some future time become Judges!    Pre-teens who seek to enter high school demonstrate more knowledge of the Constitution than the lawyers who prosecute other lawyers for complying with 18 USCA 4 and writing to law enforcement!    

Ken Ditkowsky

From Ken Ditkowky

From: kenneth ditkowsky
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Subject: Re: URL for important Chicago Tribune Article

Professor Jones’ experience is not unusual.   If your recall JoAnne was stopped from Blogging  – i.e. informing people of the blow by blow infamy that was going on on several occasions.    Once was during the my IARDC proceedings  – this of course was consistent with the disrespect for the First Amendment that the IARDC has demonstrated consistently.   Other times were on the 18th Floor of the Daley Center.
My memory is that Adam Stern would see JoAnne with her computer open taking notes and he would scurry up to Judge Stuart and a Sheriff’s deputy would take her computer away.   Secret proceedings are a necessity when a Court operates without jurisdiction, in defiance of its statutory mandate and actively engages in separating senior citizens from their liberty and property rights.
Professor Jones’ May 16, 2014 article entitled “An oppressive Cook County Courtroom’ is must reading!   It is an expose of the tip of the iceberg!  Respect for America’s core values is being rapidly lost.   Spectator’s at my IARDC hearing were shocked when an IARDC attorney waived my letter to Attorney General Holder in the air and asked me if I was repentant for writing to the Attorney General of the United States and complaining that court appointed lawyers were engaged in isolating a senior citizen from her elderly sisters and younger daughter.
No one was surprised that for my crime of continuing to aggressively demand an HONEST intelligent investigation of the elder cleansing cottage industry I received a four year suspension.   It just confirmed the decay and corruption that everyone knew our legal system was enduring.   After-all two Illinois governors were sitting in jail!   Hardly a day went by without some political person being placed in the ‘dock!’
Allowing citizens to take notes in a Courtroom is as obscene as mother insisting that a child wash with soap behind his/her ears!    Such infamy at age four was intolerable child abuse, and as an adult the next thing you know some radical might insist that the rule of law be the guiding principle of court proceedings.   A fair trial on a level playing field without a pre-determined result occurring in a courtroom in Cook County may be the dream of most lawyers and judges, but, under the IARDC administration of the Jerome Larkin when there is an opportunity for a favored attorney to join in the exploitation of an senior – *****.        
Ken Ditkowsky


And I would like to add that Illinois no longer has an Eavesdropping Statute, so people should be allowed to record court proceedings. They are public.  But see prior blog post for other considerations (there may be a federal law involved–see prior post on ISBA article).

This blog stands for any recordings made in public, and esp. in the court house should be covered under the First Amendment as a people’s right.


Blogging/note taking interference in the courtroom–EXACTLY what happens to me

It seems that a law professor had now had the same experience I have had, and IT GOT PUBLISHED IN THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.,0,304914.story

I find it even more interesting the guy was in the military “defending our democratic rights” and espousing them on foreign soil, and little did he know that in actual practice, the bailiffs and sometimes even the judges tromp all over them.  I find it amazing when military soldiers tell me “they defend our free and democratic country”, I have to shake my head and tell them that while they are away on foreign soil spouting great words of wisdom that government should be free and open and democratic, there are powers that be in the US currently taking away those rights and they need to return to US soil and blog and protest, blog and protest first, before they need to go elsewhere.  Our Bill of Rights is being seriously eroded in many courtrooms and with our own police forces.  The legislature generally makes great democratic laws, and then the courts and the police get involved and another thing entirely happens on the streets and in the courtrooms–sometimes.  Not always, but sometimes enough it is truly frightening and I think the soldier should all be recalled to US soil to blog and protest now until these issues are gone, but that is JMHO.

I have been stopped blogging in Judge Stuart’s court room on numerous occasions and have complained to Presiding Judge Tim Evans and Sheriff Dart/Kevin Connelly with absolutely no apology, no assurances that it was wrong, unconstitutional and will not happen again.

Heck, I’ve even offered to teach a course to the bailiffs and others on the constitutional rights of public courtroom observers, to no avail, no response.

Ken and I for sure know all the relevant important cases:  Alvarez, Citizens United, Gentile, Sawyer, Nelson, Sawyer, etc.   But no one other than my self, Ken and now this brave law professor seems one bit interested.

This was a great catch in the Chicago Trib by Judy Ditkowsky and a thousand gold stars to her today for this completely relevant find, while Ken and I are battling our civil rights case in the 7th circuit.

Sigh.  I will write to him.



From a blog fan who has studied the corruption…

And just to remind everyone, if you send me something, it is nice to send it “okay to publish/post/cross post” so I can publish right away.  Also if you want to remain anonymous, I want to reassure everyone I will claim reporter’s privilege and the Illinois Reporter’s Shield Law and/or attorney confidential information.  I am prepared to go to jail to hide your identity, I don’t wear shoes with shoe laces anyway.  I prefer flip flops, if you all know (but not in the office or court).

From a person that wants to remain anonymous:

“I never thought these criminals to be stupid, I believe that they had a fairly tight organization which may have a few minor cracks.  I know from the millions I have heard about being stolen by other victims who are not afraid to talk, that this organization is well financed.  I suspect that there are some in this organization, or that have been part of this organization in the past, who realize they got in to more than they bargained for.  I hope that some of these people will come forth now that they know they will not have to fight alone.  Since the Jan and Feb articles in the Denver Post this year, I have met several other people who have been victims trying to fight this alone.  several other victims have complained against the same small group of career criminals that I believe allowed my mother to die for their own greed.  
I think we all have to worry that these spies have even infiltrated some groups like this one.  There is a lot of money at stake. I expect that they will abuse their positions and try to spy on and harass anyone they can.  Their weapons will likely include abuse of the laws with frivolous lawsuits like contempt. 
These criminals have relied on threats, abuse and misuse of laws.  For them stealing from an Alzheimer’s patient is as easier than taking candy from a baby.   It is especially easy in probate, when you can gag the baby. 
Law is probably a lot easier when you don’t have to substantiate or actually justify anything you do, and evidence your opponents produce is mocked as irrelevant.
These felons count on fear of financial ruin or even imprisonment.  They don’t realize that to those of us who really cared about their so called ‘ward’,  we have lost much more already than they can ever take away, or make reparations for.  Then never counted on the persistence of these people to do risk freedom or even money to see that we live in the country we thought we lived in.  They never counted on the tenacity of the victims that they beat into the ground, many times using their own money against them.  They never counted on the ability of people to use groups like this one, to put together the pieces of the crimes they thought they could bury as easily as buried our loved ones.
As discouraging as our legal system is, I still have hope that in the end, like in the comics, Justice will prevail over evil. 
“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”…..John Lennon(Imagine)

thank you for your kind thoughts.  because you are a probate victim and court corruption victim, your words mean more than my words do, anonymous or not.  I pray for your and your sufferings and that you be granted, peace, love and blessings.


Another $6 Billion in Health Care Fraud Exposed and prosecuted–6 US city sting

It is very interesting this article is no where to be found in the Chicago Trib today, but the Christian Science Monitor published it.

Ken estimates health care fraud at 70% of the budget.  This article seems to back that up and kudos today for the Obama administration and eliminating this health care fraud so that people with real needs can be better taken care of.

Recently, $154 million was paid in health care fraud claims by Omnicare without batting an eye.  This $260 million sting operation in health care is not surprising.

Today, at the State of Illinois building I saw hundreds picketing for government health care.  I wondered how many of them knew that the massive fraud is the major element in preventing those programs from going forward.  We have plenty of people in need of health care.  For some reason the fraudsters make up imaginary patients and conditions, “treat” those patients when the real patients in need go wanting.

Let’s work to make this a better system. To expose the fraud and make the doctors and hospitals and nursing homes do their jobs so that people can be healthier and get better.



From Ken Ditkowksy — on the (sudden) resignation of Judge Jane Louise Stuart

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 13, 2014 6:31 AM
To: Eric Holder , GLORIA SYKES , Janet Phelan , Cook County States Attorney , Cook Sheriff , NASGA , probate sharks , Jo Anne M Denison , “” , j ditkowsky , Harry Heckert , scott evans , Kathie Bakken , Chicago FBI
Cc: Chicago Tribune , SUNTIMES , “” , “” , Chicago FBI , “” , “” , DAVID SILVER , Tim NASGA , “” , “”
Subject: 18 USCA 4 disclosure

 The resignation of Judge Jane Stuart opens a new phase to the call for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of the Mary Sykes case, and the role of Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmiedel, Adam Stern and Jerome Larkin.
Let me explain.  The representations made the plenary guardian, the two guardians ad litem, and the attorney for the plenary guardian – and Mr. Larkin – have been that the Sykes case is an estate with few assets.    The Sykes family has pointed out non inventory of cash that the plenary guardian removed from a mattress, gold coins from a safety deposit box, antique jewelry et al.    They also have pointed to the manifestations of wealth that the plenary guardian exhibits and exhibited after her appointment.  (Larkin, Stern, Schmiedel, Farenga have attempted to suppress the fact that the plenary guardian was impoverished prior to her appointment (and he husband was among the chronically unemployed).
Now as a parting gesture Stuart is reported to have made some outrageous awards of attorney fees from the Estate of Sykes to the miscreants.  For the record – Mary Sykes is not dead – she is very much alive at last report.    
The representations that Mary Sykes was a pauper suggests that Government funds were accessed!  As an example, why should the public pay for two guardian ad litem for five years?   (Remember in Sykes, jurisdiction pursuant to statute was never obtained!   Ms. Sykes has been attempting to have a hearing on this subject for five years, but has been thwarted.   Mr. Schmiedel has admitted that there was no hearing on Mary’s incompetency – only a ‘hearing’ on a care plan!   By statute Mary must have been proven to be incompetent by clear and convincing evidence.
The fact is that Mary was not incompetent at said time and probably for a long time thereafter.   The full press cover=up creates felonies pursuant to ADA and the Elder Justice Act.   Indeed, if you recall the Castro case in Cleveland – wherein young women were kidnapped and held for years against their will – the public got indignation was manifest – why should the public be complacent when seniors are subjected to the very same kidnapping.   Why should state of Illinois funds be expended by Mr. Larkin to cover-up this terrible situation.   And – how can attorney fees of the magnitude awarded to the miscreants be awarded when no benefit is obtained for the ward, except the loss of her liberty, her property and civil rights.
Just to make it clear – I am demanding an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation of Judge Stuart, Judge Connors, Peter Schmiedel, Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga,  Jerome Larkin, Leah Black and all the other participants in the Mary Sykes scandal!   The railroading of Mary Sykes into a guardianship in which her liberty, her property, her civil rights and human rights were taken from her by a Court lacking jurisdiction is intolerable.   The cover-up and the attempt to create a code of silence by Mr. Larkin et al cannot be tolerated in a free society.   The war on the elderly and disabled must cease and the assets of the elderly and the disabled cannot continue to be a profit center.    
Ken Ditkowsky

From Ken Ditkowsky — what exactly is “good for us” according to the ARDC

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 12, 2014 10:04 AM
To: Tim NASGA , Bill , probate sharks , JoAnne Denison , NASGA , Tim NASGA , Janet Phelan , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , “”
Subject: Fw: Hey, your name is missing from this petition to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon

If you need an exhibit 1 as to why we have been so ineffective this attached e’mail and its appropriate exercise of First Amendment rights provides a clear and present example.   (yes – even advocating that we be stripped of our First Amendment Rights is protected speech!)
The premise of most assaults on the First Amendment and the assaults on the right to dissent from the policy and practice of government is that the persons temporarily in power have the inside track on what is ‘good for us!’ and that whatever activity or speech that they feel threatens their agenda provides a clear and present danger akin to fire in a crowded theater.
During JoAnne’s hearing one of Larkin’s attorneys actually equated her Blog to yelling fire in a crowded theater
George Soros (one of 1%) an icon of the left participated in the funding and creation of “move on” to counter the influence of the ‘tea party.’  Couching themselves as ‘grass roots’ organizations both perform extremely valuable services as they force people to take a look at government not only from the center, but from the extremes.   Like the democrats and republicans each has an agenda that may not serve our parochial needs but is worth consideration in an ideal world.  
It is not in our interests to be ‘rote’ followers of any point of view.   The common cause that keeps us together is the single fact that each of us is a (direct or indirect) target of the miscreants conducting the war of the elderly and the disabled.   
Some of us will accomplish our goals and defeat the bad guys by an HONEST complete intelligent and comprehensive investigation of the failure of the State and Federal governments to enforce the guardianship laws.   Others by other remediation such as defeating members of the political elite at the polls.  The blocking of our avenues of communication by the miscreants is a defeat for all of us.
The Supreme Court has taken the position that government, no matter what guise it adopts cannot defeat speech.   Thus, when you or I call for an investigation of Alice Gore’s teeth being mined for their gold filings Mr. Larkin is off base and violating our constitutional rights when he attempts to stop us!    Larkin however has an absolute right to petition to law enforcement to investigate us, to speak out that we are ***** etc.    His agency also has a right to refer us to law enforcement.   The only thing he cannot do is use the color of law which his agency enjoys to attempt to silence us!   The distinctions are subtle = however, they are important.
The life of every American citizen depends on honest government that respects the First Amendment even when it it allows speech that we -for whatever reason – think might subvert America. 
In throwing this stone, I have to admit that my offenses in this regard are major and in a sense I am getting some of my own medicine. I have on more than one occasion failed to protect another citizen’s First Amendment Rights. 
when I first obtained my license, I was designated the Secretary of Rug Cleaner’s Association.  In my job I had occasion to receive all sorts of mail.  The American Nazi party delighted in sending me terrible publications the equated Jews to devils.   I was irritated by the mailings, and relieved upon Barnkarnis (sp) vs. Illinois (group libel) to contact my representative and demand he join with me in silencing the National Socialists.   He did, however, law enforcement read the Constitution and suggested that I pound sand.   
My opportunity however came and I jumped to it.   The Nazis made a death threat.   They threatened a Judge.   The City attorney assigned to his courtroom asked me to meet with the Judge and I suggested an extra-judicial solution.   The city issued building violations against the owner of the building that housed the party headquarters.    After being forced to move several times the point was made.   The harassment generated was sufficient to make  a strong suggestion and while it did not put them out of business their mailings ceased and they were not so ready to identify themselves.
When the Nazi march on Skokie was announced I advised my clients to let them March; however, make certain that they marched on empty streets.    I said pay them no attention and spread the word – get everyone off the street.    I was outvoted and many of my clients armed themselves and decided that the March was to be a turkey shoot.   Fortunately, the March was cancelled and the Civil Liberties Union went to court to force Skokie to issue a permit.   
The Illinois Supreme Court in a highly unpopular decision upheld the First Amendment and essentially told us to ‘pound sand.’   A few hot heads (including several of my clients) still wanted to ‘bag’ a Nazi, but when the March went off few attended.    
My personal role in assaulting the First Amendment still does no inspire confidence in my personal devotion to the core values of America; however, I do know that I was wrong.   I am not proud of the fact that I had so little confidence in democracy.    The issue that I face to day is what I would do if the KKK or the National Socialists were to try to march today?  I know what I should do!  But would I?
Ken Ditkowsky

How far does the First Amendment Go? Harvard Students to Re-enact Satanic Black Mass

Now, this event will not take place in a church, but rather a pub, but it evokes a very interesting concept:  apparently the Satanic “black mass” makes fun of Mother Mary and Jesus or something like that.  We don’t really know, because the RCC and Fox News (the news agency that has suddenly become Roman Catholic (RCC), is sketchy on details but long on criticism of an event which has not happened yet, and for which details have not been released, at least not yet on

So this week we found:

I guess I found the Fox News video to be lame as usual, a stiff collared priest claiming “mockery” of Catholic Religion, etc. but with no details. So this even more lame Catholic student “Tag” just says all Catholic students are up on arms but no one else cares.  Primarily, “Tag” looks like a stuck up rich kid just missing his SmartPhone to play with thru all the interview, and he isn’t really ready with his POV.

What I don’t understand is why Fox News did not interview a satanist.  Are there Satanists?  What do they stand for?  Do they hate or taunt RCC members or do they just make fun of them?  Are we talking South Park Satan, or Penny Dreadful Satan or Exocist scary Satan? The RCC has to learn that our knowledge and understanding of Satan and Lucifer no longer comes from the bible, but from the MPAA.  That means we have to be told whether or not Satan is South Park, Penny Dreadful or Exorcist.

The Fox response?  Burn the Koran instead of insulting the RCC church (Roman Catholic, there are American Catholics, you know).  The priest’s conclusion? Pray and be respectful.  Good idea and I agree with that, but then he goes one step further and says “don’t denigrate us or make fun of us.”

Okay, just so everyone is straight on this blog. You DO get to make fun of me and denigrate me, but only if the joke is better than “somewhat lame.”  I will even publish it.  I grew up with 4 brothers and now have a husband and 3 sons (can’t get away from that 4 male numbers), but I can deal with it.  I promise you won’t make me cry.

The First Amendment Response is everyone has to get along in the sandbox.  And yes, sometimes you will be made fun of and taunted and maybe it’s time to go home for milk and cookies.  But hey, we’re all older so we can do cheeseburgers and jello shots!

Remember, the Satanists won’t get milk and cookies.

Of course, the true answer to all of this is that it must be a slow newsday.  South Park makes more fun of all religions, but esp. the Roman Catholic Church, Jesus AND Satan.  No one mentioned that.  I’m pretty sure South Park has done a Satanist mass on South Park, but I don’t think the Satanists have called for South  Park creators to resign.  Well maybe they did, but they just got another show making fun of them.

I don’t know if they burned a Koran on South Park either, but they regularly dig into the Muslim stuff and yes, they have even shown Mohammed in construction paper on the show.  Another ho hum.

Again, slow news day.  If the Satanists at Harvard want to re-enact a “black mass” (what is that, a black licorice eucharist) I do believe the Frist Amendment permits that, and it permits South Park doing the same too. (Does it mean I’m a Satanist if I advocate chocolate cake for a eucharist instead of a boring, possibly GMO over processed white wafer of “bread product?”)

Now, do I want to go and get all that negativity on me?  Heck no.  But if there is some perceived need for a bunch of Harvard students to engage in such risky behavior, I’m not sure it needs to be treated like recreational drugs or drinking parties.

Because in the end you pray for something negative for someone else, it always seems to come back to YOU.  If you ask for harm, it will be in the end on YOUR shoulders and rarely the intended victim.  If Harvard kids, as smart as they are made out to be, haven’t figured that out, well there is something else–free will, and they need to hold their hands over the fire to get a burn, so be it.  Just to mix religions like a Waldorf salad, I also believe in free will and karma as an effective learning tool, so you all go for that. As Sponge Bob says when Plankton wants to take over the world, “good luck with that.”

Another of their websites:

On this website they claim the students will in fact denigrate or “sacrilege” a eucharist, which is basically sacrilege a piece of bread.  The RCC doesn’t do the real, organic, fair trade, wine and bread thing any more, they have tasteless thin wafers instead.  I’m not sure how you can “sacrilege” those, they already look pretty processed to me, but then I think sacrilege would be making them GMO or something, AND allow them to be made non organic.  Again, I have no idea how a black mass would affect an RCC eucharist since those already look overly processed, non-organic, non fair trade and GMO to me.  I mean, they really aren’t food already are they?  They’re a “food product.”  The RCC for sure has gone “kraft” mac and cheese, far as I can tell.

And just to point out another hole in their “holy” religious warfare logic here, if the Satanic Anti-Mass is only a re-enactment, the RCC teaches you can’t have a “real” RCC mass without a “real” male RCC priest (women and gay RCC priest/esses don’t count), so if the Satanic Priest is only an educator or student, then how can what he does possibly count for anything or have any effect?  Just pointing that out.  The RCC usu. requires something official and genuine, and the annoucement says it is an unofficial re-enactment for educational purposes.

In any case, without any details or a video or you tube

As usu. an absolutely brilliant reporter said they won’t use a “concentrated host“, but just a saltine cracker.  Hmm, interesting.  More reasons for me NOT to watch CNN or Fox “news”.

In this video, a priest comes up with the word “provocating” and “absolutize” to justify the fact that Harvard should ban all “black masses.”  Unfortunately the First Amendment does not ban provocating and absolutized speech.

My question?  The issues are definitely worthy of South Park, all the Boston priests are actually a bunch of yawners and Fox News once against justifies the fact it is not worth watching.  With respect to the “Harvard Student” they are lame, rich, unconnected at best, and at worst, they obviously didn’t pass their 6th grade US and state constitution tests, (which I did with 100%) and they make our own CPS look good in that arena.  Glad I went to U of I in Chicago after seeing those students.

Interesting that no lawyers were put on these shows–only priests, students,etc.

Let’s see if the show is utubized to see if the warnings of danger, drawing up evil forces and all that are shown on video.  One would think that if religion requires intent, which it does, and anti religion, unlike anti matter would also require intent. pure educational interests should be devoid of an intent factor–something required to change neutral to bad or good to evil.  The students, with the explanation of “educational pursuit” have the best argument so far.  If you don’t intend harm, none will come.

It still seems to me that if Satan and Lucifer are “fallen angels” and if Jesus always forgives with pure love, can Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the entire holy family show up and convince Satan and Lucifer to change their evil ways?  It also seems to me, that if the RCC and all it’s priests and priestesses are so strong (I do take the encompassing approach that a few strong bishops cannonizing women priestesses is valid and actually advances the RCC), why don’t they just hand out their pamphlets on a “better religion” on the way in and out?  Also, can’t they just “white light” the service and participants and be done with it?  I thought the basis of “black mass” is that it is hidden evil and can do actual harm because it can’t be countered with prayer and light.

However, I have to note for the record, if the Pentagon and the White House are creating wars and weapons and drones that kill, that is a far worse and serious “black mass”  or “black magic” or “black religion” (hmm, maybe pun intended) than any Harvard student can ever dream up in the name of education and I find that to be a much more serious issue.

I believe the Harvard students are in fact educating us to what works in our lives and what does not.  What is a “black mass” and if you do in fact worship Lucifer and Satan, are you joining the dark side.  Will you end up in Congress or even the President and intellectually justify wars which mostly kill women and children and the elderly and rarely a “terrorist” and rarely anyone it was intended to kill?  Is the “black mass” at Harvard in the basement of a pub, or is it in Congress when they vote to wage war or when the President authorizes drones to kill people, on “foreign soil” (and I do NOT believe any land given to us by god/dess is somehow different from our own soil, we all have to share, you know), is any less harmful than the “black mass” said tonight in a pub at Harvard.

You tell me.  Why does Fox News use useless commentators when lawyers would have been better.  We all have religion, most of us have has past lives as priests and priestesses, but our thoughts I believe are more interesting.  And we don’t think that by using “provocating” and “absolutize” that gets us around the First Amendment.

I think the real fear with any church is that they WANT to control, they WANT to corral, but god/dess has given us free will.  The best way for some people to learn is by burning their hands when they put them over candles, and I for one do not want to keep them from such an interesting and effective karmic exercise in their lives.