A new badge of honor–No “special hall pass” to Daley Center

I believe I wrote you all a few months ago, when activist attorney Tom Gearhart told me that they took away his Daley center attorney’s pass.

Now, as you know, I for one have absolutely no need for “special treatment”, arrogance, condescension, being better than others, etc. and that’s why I write this blog, and that’s why I fight the powers that be, reminding them to follow the law and don’t look the other way when miscreants are doing the wrong thing.  Speak up. Say your peace, before nothing is left of the Bill of Rights and our Democracy.

So, yesterday, I trudged down to CL114 to try to renew my attorney pass, and the nice deputy man looked at my pass and said, “hon, I’m going to have to take this pass and you can’t get another, I think (horrors) you’re on “the list.”  Hmm, I wonder if that includes the “no fly” list too, but since I’ve so little money fighting for everyone’s rights at the Daley center (which I am perfectly fine with), it doesn’t matter they put me on that list either.  ho hum drum to that.

I asked to see a supervisor.   No, he was the supervisor.  I asked why they are doing this when I am an attorney in good standing.  He said he did not know.  I asked how I can find out.  He didn’t know.

Well, again, for me this is not a problem at all, in fact it’s just one more fun thing to put on the blog.  If you tell the truth about the Daley Center and the Sheriff’s Office, apparently they take away your hall pass, like some 7th grade bully that got made hall monitor because he threatened the teacher too!

Will I abandon you, the dear public over a silly pass?  Heck no.  Federal Court makes me stand in line anyway (looking for embroidery scissors and corkscrews) so no problem with the Daley Center and the Sheriff’s department, mainly because I stood up for myself and this blog and said THE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO BLOG.  Now I’ve also said that people have a right to bring in their laptops, or whatever they need to take notes in court and calendar dates and when I’ve said that, the deputies didn’t like it.

Also, in probate when someone tries to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction, they will add deputies to the courtroom (as if anyone cares about that other than the powers that be).  I am associated with the Sykes case and Gloria’s emphatic, emotionally charged First Amendment speeches (as if a 90 lb elderly vegan woman grandstanding is something dangerous to behold, when in fact they are in the absolutely lowest level of statistically criminally minded persons on earth.–that is next to 56 year old mothers of 4 that have no need for anything other than espousing justice firmly and not backing down).

Perhaps I need my “hall pass” taken away because of this blog.

I don’t know, but certainly the likes of Janet Phelan and Gloria Sykes can do FOIA’s and investigations and this can be reported to the authorities.

Since I and this blog only tell the truth, and the only thing I have done in court is calmly and collectively asserted my First Amendment rights and those of others, this means again, something nefarious is going on when a 56 year old mother of 4 has her “hall pass” taken away, for reasons that will not be stated, and the hall pass monitors will not say when I can get it back. (They suggested to me to come back in a year.)

In law school they told us if you are a criminal lawyer, and you get people off that makes the prosecutors mad, expect to get harassed by the IRS and other authorities on a regular basis because “that’s what they do.”  Even though it’s completely unfair, and unAmerican, expect it because “that’s what they do.”

My main badge of honor is that a blog about corruption (not following the law as written and in particular the Illinois Probate Act) is the “misconduct” medal by the ARDC and it was won with the following parade of witnesses against me: 1) an attorney with a $60k tax lien on his home and a super jumbo loan 2) attorneys that testify “they care deeply about probate wards and help them tremendously” and then admit they’ve only seen Mary about a half hour total in 5 years with one not seeing her at all; 3) a judge that changes her testimony on the stand during cross examination, a transcript different than what I heard or witnesses heard.  All of these people swore up and down on the ARDC stand they were “wonderful attorneys” “well respected by their colleagues”, but then their names are in fact nefarious and appear on the NASGA website as “most wanted.”

I really don’t know how the ARDC can live this one down and keep a straight face.  It’s near impossible.   SO called me a “mean girl” during the trial but she was at the same time referring to this blog.  The blog of a “mean girl.”  As far as I can tell, I’m only the “mean girl” when a court is doing X and the law is Y and I point that out.  Got it.

So I will keep on going down to CL114 and see if I can bring a crowd and see if I can get people to FOIA this information on my behalf.

You would think after the blog, the silly but grueling trial I went through, the fact that Ken Ditkowsky is now a hero and a martyr amongst probate victims, they would stop picking on us because the blog tells it all and it never ends well for the “powers that be” that are doing wrong.

Guess not.  Their is still too much money and power in it.

Just so you know, I don’t mind standing in line and talking to the nice guards about the US and Illinois constitution.  I LOVE talking about the constitutions in line and reminding people of their rights and they have the right to note take in court, they have the right to bring in their cell phones and laptops, they have the right to record in court under People v. Clark.

Pete Seeger is a personal hero of mine.  He was banned under the McCarthyism era when he refused to state to the US Congressional committee if he had “communist associations” or some such other nonsense.  He replied MYOB and I’m not answering that.  So he lost his lucrative Hollywood contracts, he was banned and blackballed.  He would, however, play regularly on PBS.  Good for him. But the worst upshot for the ‘powers that be” was that he then went out and taught thousands upon thousands of school children (where he could freely play his music) songs of protest, love, peace, activism and justice.  That’s how we know him and let’s pray for him and his recent passing over into eternal peace, love and justice. He went home in glory with all his tailfeathers.  He taught thousands and thousands of children to speak up for peace, love, truth and justice.  Good for him, a thousand gold stars for him, a thousand bags of coal for xmas for his persecutors.

Sometimes the devil wants to take your tail feathers, and he entices you with things like “special hall passes.”

Don’t buy into that, it’s a trap.

I have a button making kit and I’ll probably just wear a button, proud to uphold the US Constitution when I go in.

But for the life of me, I have no idea why the “powers that be” are so arrogant they could have possibly thought this was in fact a good idea.  No, it’s just more fodder for the martyr cannon.  And why would they think that going after a 56 year old mother of four looks anything but highly suspect on their part.  Again, they seem to be protecting attorneys and judges that do X when the law is Y, my question is, why do that do that?  What is the perceived need?  Or why do they pick on attorneys that uphold the constitutions of the US and Illinois and question the need for courts that do X when the law is Y?

Peace and love, all, peace and love.


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