Never say that Gloria is not creative — GOOD FOR HER!

One of the problems with getting media coverage for problematic probate cases is 1) the miscreant attorneys will threaten to sue the media outlets claiming that the ward has a right to privacy and so nothing can be said about them.  since the attorneys are generally court appointed and connected, the media backs off.  they have plenty of other stories. 2) the stories and situation is so out of control, absolutely no one believes or even wants to believe that all this is true; and 3) the court records systems are not fully public at this time, and so information is difficult to verify, and many miscreant attys want it that way.

Does that stop Gloria?  Heck no, see her major news story below, from Detroit, of all places.


You go girl and keep it up.  Good job.   Well done.  A thousand gold stars for you today.


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