How to explain elder cleansing to a novice atty

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 21, 2014 9:00 PM
Subject: How to explain elder cleansing to a novice atty

This transaction is not a single case, but a ‘war’ on the First Amendment and a separate ‘war’ on the elderly and disabled.
The case that JoAnne and yours truly are personally engaged in is a defense of the core values of American civilization – i.e. the First Amendment.    We were drawn into the fray when we refused to remain silent when we observed that a pattern was developing in which court appointed villains (I am tired of calling them miscreants) used their court appointed positions to railroad senior citizens (and anyone else who had money that they could get their hands on) into guardian ships.   Once a guardianship was established, the race was on to grab all the booty that was available, reduce the victim to a zombie and subject him/her to assisted involuntary suicide.
The fight to stop the elder cleansing of the elderly victims is one series of cases.   Each case is different and has its own ramifications.   For instance, in the Sykes case there have been a series of judges who have actively participated in the pernicious activities.  You have to read Judge Connor’s evidence deposition!   Then read the August 2009 and 2010 transcripts.   These are amazing documents.   On the other hand in the Alice Gore case we have an GAL who orchestrated a scenario that would curl the hair of a devil.  The amorality is legend.   After a 1.5 million dollars estate was reduced to zero, the GAL arranged for Ms. Gore’s teeth to be mined for their gold filings.    The cases of guardian misconduct are numerous.   Where do you want to start?   Pick your State and pick your court!
The second series of cases involve attorneys who believe in the Rule of Law, and pursuant to 18 USCA 4 run to law enforcement and anyone who will listen and cry=out “Gulag!”   “holocaust”   In Illinois up to the plate steps Administrator Jerome Larkin, and he is relentless in his effort to silence the calls for any law enforcement investigation of the felonies that occur daily and which deprive the elderly and the disabled of their liberty, property, civil and human rights.   (Larkin appears to be able to induce the legal profession (including the Courts) to stand mute and watch the assault on the First Amendment.    If the case that the attorney wants to address!    If so – welcome aboard. 
Unfortunately what I’ve described is the tip of the iceberg.   The ‘elder cleansing cases’ do not arise in a vacuum.   How did Adam Stern become a GAL?    What special qualifications does he have?    Why is he willing to undertake such a selfless undertaking?  (Read 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq and in particular 11a -3b)   Why would anyone undertake such a task?   
Let me assure you that these people do not become guardians out of the goodness of their hearts!   They bid for these jobs and expect to get rich!   They do!   
Let us go one step backwards and follow the money.   take a look at the moguls who control the nursing home industry.   Take a look at their side companies.  ReHab Assist frequently raises its ugly head.  
Illinois’ statutes require that a potential guardianship victim be afforded notice and hearing.   Section 11a – 10 specifies the notice required to obtain jurisdiction.   The burden of proof is clear and convincing.  
In the Mary Sykes case clear and convincing meant – the petitioner and the two guardian ad litem agreed that Mary was a ‘stone’ and the judge rubberstamped their decision.   It was irrelevant that Mary not only knew the objects of her bounty, but had regular social intercourse with them.   The fact that Mary did her own banking and was sharp enough to call out the petitioner for plenary guardian for stealing four thousand dollars from her apparently was evidence of her incompetence.   The fact that Mary met President Clinton and had a conversation with him was not considered – all that mattered was Mary had a safety deposit box with about a million in gold coins in it.  
Being blunt!   Applying the standard and the procedure afforded Mary sykes, you, I and President Obama all could wind up with a plenary guardian!   
How does this happen!  An Honest complete and comprehensive investigation by law enforcement would tell us.   It also would tie in some very big names!    Jerome Larkin cannot afford to allow these names to be disclosed – nor can *****.    I disclosed some of the names and made specific averments and I got suspended for four years!   
Do you believe in coincidences?    My making public the deposition of one of the miscreants and the Supreme Court of Illinois taking my license occurred in exactly that order and in that sequence.   
As an MD you are aware that a cancer that is left untreated can create future problems.  
Exactly what case is the attorney interested in?    If he wishes to attack I will be delighted to assist.   The elder cleansing problem is a cancer that is attacking the underpinnings of America.   When a group of citizens is singled out for mistreatment by public officials the National Socialist miscreants have raised their ugly heads – when a profession – such as the legal profession is either cowed or disinterested we as a Nation are in real trouble.
I have singled out Jerome Larkin as he claims to be the conscience of the legal profession – and in that role demonstrates contempt for America’s core principles.   His attempted intimidation and disrespect for the Rule of Law – all at State of Illinois expense – are intolerable breaches of everything that America stands for!   18 USC 4 makes it a crime not to report his perfidy!
Ken Ditkowsky

12 thoughts on “How to explain elder cleansing to a novice atty

  1. Down the Yellow brick road.. The courts only listen to their music. The music stops for the victims of a predatory guardian.

  2. Billy Corgan, Kirstie Alley & James Woods are all very anti-corruption/ pro Judeo-Christian values types. I’d recommend bringing your blog & charity to their attention, probably the best way to do so would be a tweet on their account pages. Mary Sykes is more than just a name, she’s everyone’s grandmother, mother, sister, etc.

      • I don’t use social media.. that said, I’ll definitely go about it using standard contact forms and email address’. Np, thank YOU for running this site so courageously, Joanne!!!

      • thank you for commenting and if you get a chance set up a Facebook account and make 5000 friends so we can get the word out. I would love to hear about your case or the cases you know and perhaps put them on the blog. Also we struggle day today with finances and if you can find a generous donor or generous donor that would be great

      • You can welcome to call me at any time and I’ll show you how to get 5000 friends within a few days on Facebook. Basically just get into my 3500 friends and friend all of them and automatically you will get dozens of friend request

      • I get the heebie jeebies from social media these days, to the point of possibly needing exposure therapy. All joking aside I’ll do my best, I know philanthropists.. they’re more-less private people, so I wouldn’t necessarily know how they’d react to the request. Let’s try and arrange something in terms of exposure though, I’ll give a call next week. Thanks, Joanne

      • I’ll call then, thanks again, Joanne, in the meantime please take a look at this article (and consider making a post about it), Democrat State Representative Dianne Pappas Says Men Should Be Castrated to End Abortions, Taxed to Store Their Sperm. This appears to be the epitome of the corruption & stupidity levels we’re dealing with on a day to day basis now. To put this in better perspective, imagine a Target employee saying this to you as you’re checking out at the register.. what would happen to their job?? And it perfectly explains the Miriam Solo/ Soloveichik/ Greenfield Esformes connection.. corruption levels in the posts on your blog, imo. Have a great weekend!!!

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