From a blog fan who has studied the corruption…

And just to remind everyone, if you send me something, it is nice to send it “okay to publish/post/cross post” so I can publish right away.  Also if you want to remain anonymous, I want to reassure everyone I will claim reporter’s privilege and the Illinois Reporter’s Shield Law and/or attorney confidential information.  I am prepared to go to jail to hide your identity, I don’t wear shoes with shoe laces anyway.  I prefer flip flops, if you all know (but not in the office or court).

From a person that wants to remain anonymous:

“I never thought these criminals to be stupid, I believe that they had a fairly tight organization which may have a few minor cracks.  I know from the millions I have heard about being stolen by other victims who are not afraid to talk, that this organization is well financed.  I suspect that there are some in this organization, or that have been part of this organization in the past, who realize they got in to more than they bargained for.  I hope that some of these people will come forth now that they know they will not have to fight alone.  Since the Jan and Feb articles in the Denver Post this year, I have met several other people who have been victims trying to fight this alone.  several other victims have complained against the same small group of career criminals that I believe allowed my mother to die for their own greed.  
I think we all have to worry that these spies have even infiltrated some groups like this one.  There is a lot of money at stake. I expect that they will abuse their positions and try to spy on and harass anyone they can.  Their weapons will likely include abuse of the laws with frivolous lawsuits like contempt. 
These criminals have relied on threats, abuse and misuse of laws.  For them stealing from an Alzheimer’s patient is as easier than taking candy from a baby.   It is especially easy in probate, when you can gag the baby. 
Law is probably a lot easier when you don’t have to substantiate or actually justify anything you do, and evidence your opponents produce is mocked as irrelevant.
These felons count on fear of financial ruin or even imprisonment.  They don’t realize that to those of us who really cared about their so called ‘ward’,  we have lost much more already than they can ever take away, or make reparations for.  Then never counted on the persistence of these people to do risk freedom or even money to see that we live in the country we thought we lived in.  They never counted on the tenacity of the victims that they beat into the ground, many times using their own money against them.  They never counted on the ability of people to use groups like this one, to put together the pieces of the crimes they thought they could bury as easily as buried our loved ones.
As discouraging as our legal system is, I still have hope that in the end, like in the comics, Justice will prevail over evil. 
“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”…..John Lennon(Imagine)

thank you for your kind thoughts.  because you are a probate victim and court corruption victim, your words mean more than my words do, anonymous or not.  I pray for your and your sufferings and that you be granted, peace, love and blessings.


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