Blogging/note taking interference in the courtroom–EXACTLY what happens to me

It seems that a law professor had now had the same experience I have had, and IT GOT PUBLISHED IN THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.,0,304914.story

I find it even more interesting the guy was in the military “defending our democratic rights” and espousing them on foreign soil, and little did he know that in actual practice, the bailiffs and sometimes even the judges tromp all over them.  I find it amazing when military soldiers tell me “they defend our free and democratic country”, I have to shake my head and tell them that while they are away on foreign soil spouting great words of wisdom that government should be free and open and democratic, there are powers that be in the US currently taking away those rights and they need to return to US soil and blog and protest, blog and protest first, before they need to go elsewhere.  Our Bill of Rights is being seriously eroded in many courtrooms and with our own police forces.  The legislature generally makes great democratic laws, and then the courts and the police get involved and another thing entirely happens on the streets and in the courtrooms–sometimes.  Not always, but sometimes enough it is truly frightening and I think the soldier should all be recalled to US soil to blog and protest now until these issues are gone, but that is JMHO.

I have been stopped blogging in Judge Stuart’s court room on numerous occasions and have complained to Presiding Judge Tim Evans and Sheriff Dart/Kevin Connelly with absolutely no apology, no assurances that it was wrong, unconstitutional and will not happen again.

Heck, I’ve even offered to teach a course to the bailiffs and others on the constitutional rights of public courtroom observers, to no avail, no response.

Ken and I for sure know all the relevant important cases:  Alvarez, Citizens United, Gentile, Sawyer, Nelson, Sawyer, etc.   But no one other than my self, Ken and now this brave law professor seems one bit interested.

This was a great catch in the Chicago Trib by Judy Ditkowsky and a thousand gold stars to her today for this completely relevant find, while Ken and I are battling our civil rights case in the 7th circuit.

Sigh.  I will write to him.



4 thoughts on “Blogging/note taking interference in the courtroom–EXACTLY what happens to me

  1. my pet name for the opg was the gestapo.
    they showed up at my door 8am. l let them in
    because opg atty josh told me it was ok.
    one guy held a clipbroad and walked from room to room writing down my things. another blond headed guy was going thru my car, and the third guy who was black, stood watching oprah. when they demanded a set of keys i told them they could and better leave. they did. the atty josh
    told me not to worry. they were helping me..
    thanks rena

    • A great big lie. I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.
      I could probably finish that story and my first two guesses would not count. I assume you were subsequently robbed blind.
      Also, never let the OPG or any probate attorney count gold teeth. Alice Gore did at age 99 and she lost 29 of her 32 teeth.
      No surprises here.
      For the record, what jurisdiction are you in, but that really does not matter, either. From what anyone can tell, it’s all the same.
      Next time the excuses are: 1) I’m not at home; 2) I’m indecent; 3) I’m washing the dog (you don’t need a dog for this excuse); 4) I gave at the office; 5) I already get plenty of magazines. you get the hint.
      Also, apparently you can’t threaten them by saying “I know who you are, I know you are crooks and thieves, I’ve had you investigated, now get off my porch you’re trespassing and I’m calling 911.” True story. That person was guardianized in 2 days (for reals) with a doctor’s report saying the person was “paranoid, schizophrenic and delusional” by a board certified (tied in) psychiatrist. They’re so arrogant, this story is even in the record!

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