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Sent: May 16, 2014 11:13 AM
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Subject: Re: URL for important Chicago Tribune Article

Professor Jones’ experience is not unusual.   If your recall JoAnne was stopped from Blogging  – i.e. informing people of the blow by blow infamy that was going on on several occasions.    Once was during the my IARDC proceedings  – this of course was consistent with the disrespect for the First Amendment that the IARDC has demonstrated consistently.   Other times were on the 18th Floor of the Daley Center.
My memory is that Adam Stern would see JoAnne with her computer open taking notes and he would scurry up to Judge Stuart and a Sheriff’s deputy would take her computer away.   Secret proceedings are a necessity when a Court operates without jurisdiction, in defiance of its statutory mandate and actively engages in separating senior citizens from their liberty and property rights.
Professor Jones’ May 16, 2014 article entitled “An oppressive Cook County Courtroom’ is must reading!   It is an expose of the tip of the iceberg!  Respect for America’s core values is being rapidly lost.   Spectator’s at my IARDC hearing were shocked when an IARDC attorney waived my letter to Attorney General Holder in the air and asked me if I was repentant for writing to the Attorney General of the United States and complaining that court appointed lawyers were engaged in isolating a senior citizen from her elderly sisters and younger daughter.
No one was surprised that for my crime of continuing to aggressively demand an HONEST intelligent investigation of the elder cleansing cottage industry I received a four year suspension.   It just confirmed the decay and corruption that everyone knew our legal system was enduring.   After-all two Illinois governors were sitting in jail!   Hardly a day went by without some political person being placed in the ‘dock!’
Allowing citizens to take notes in a Courtroom is as obscene as mother insisting that a child wash with soap behind his/her ears!    Such infamy at age four was intolerable child abuse, and as an adult the next thing you know some radical might insist that the rule of law be the guiding principle of court proceedings.   A fair trial on a level playing field without a pre-determined result occurring in a courtroom in Cook County may be the dream of most lawyers and judges, but, under the IARDC administration of the Jerome Larkin when there is an opportunity for a favored attorney to join in the exploitation of an senior – *****.        
Ken Ditkowsky


And I would like to add that Illinois no longer has an Eavesdropping Statute, so people should be allowed to record court proceedings. They are public.  But see prior blog post for other considerations (there may be a federal law involved–see prior post on ISBA article).

This blog stands for any recordings made in public, and esp. in the court house should be covered under the First Amendment as a people’s right.


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