From Ken Ditkowsky — what exactly is “good for us” according to the ARDC

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 12, 2014 10:04 AM
To: Tim NASGA , Bill , probate sharks , JoAnne Denison , NASGA , Tim NASGA , Janet Phelan , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , “”
Subject: Fw: Hey, your name is missing from this petition to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon

If you need an exhibit 1 as to why we have been so ineffective this attached e’mail and its appropriate exercise of First Amendment rights provides a clear and present example.   (yes – even advocating that we be stripped of our First Amendment Rights is protected speech!)
The premise of most assaults on the First Amendment and the assaults on the right to dissent from the policy and practice of government is that the persons temporarily in power have the inside track on what is ‘good for us!’ and that whatever activity or speech that they feel threatens their agenda provides a clear and present danger akin to fire in a crowded theater.
During JoAnne’s hearing one of Larkin’s attorneys actually equated her Blog to yelling fire in a crowded theater
George Soros (one of 1%) an icon of the left participated in the funding and creation of “move on” to counter the influence of the ‘tea party.’  Couching themselves as ‘grass roots’ organizations both perform extremely valuable services as they force people to take a look at government not only from the center, but from the extremes.   Like the democrats and republicans each has an agenda that may not serve our parochial needs but is worth consideration in an ideal world.  
It is not in our interests to be ‘rote’ followers of any point of view.   The common cause that keeps us together is the single fact that each of us is a (direct or indirect) target of the miscreants conducting the war of the elderly and the disabled.   
Some of us will accomplish our goals and defeat the bad guys by an HONEST complete intelligent and comprehensive investigation of the failure of the State and Federal governments to enforce the guardianship laws.   Others by other remediation such as defeating members of the political elite at the polls.  The blocking of our avenues of communication by the miscreants is a defeat for all of us.
The Supreme Court has taken the position that government, no matter what guise it adopts cannot defeat speech.   Thus, when you or I call for an investigation of Alice Gore’s teeth being mined for their gold filings Mr. Larkin is off base and violating our constitutional rights when he attempts to stop us!    Larkin however has an absolute right to petition to law enforcement to investigate us, to speak out that we are ***** etc.    His agency also has a right to refer us to law enforcement.   The only thing he cannot do is use the color of law which his agency enjoys to attempt to silence us!   The distinctions are subtle = however, they are important.
The life of every American citizen depends on honest government that respects the First Amendment even when it it allows speech that we -for whatever reason – think might subvert America. 
In throwing this stone, I have to admit that my offenses in this regard are major and in a sense I am getting some of my own medicine. I have on more than one occasion failed to protect another citizen’s First Amendment Rights. 
when I first obtained my license, I was designated the Secretary of Rug Cleaner’s Association.  In my job I had occasion to receive all sorts of mail.  The American Nazi party delighted in sending me terrible publications the equated Jews to devils.   I was irritated by the mailings, and relieved upon Barnkarnis (sp) vs. Illinois (group libel) to contact my representative and demand he join with me in silencing the National Socialists.   He did, however, law enforcement read the Constitution and suggested that I pound sand.   
My opportunity however came and I jumped to it.   The Nazis made a death threat.   They threatened a Judge.   The City attorney assigned to his courtroom asked me to meet with the Judge and I suggested an extra-judicial solution.   The city issued building violations against the owner of the building that housed the party headquarters.    After being forced to move several times the point was made.   The harassment generated was sufficient to make  a strong suggestion and while it did not put them out of business their mailings ceased and they were not so ready to identify themselves.
When the Nazi march on Skokie was announced I advised my clients to let them March; however, make certain that they marched on empty streets.    I said pay them no attention and spread the word – get everyone off the street.    I was outvoted and many of my clients armed themselves and decided that the March was to be a turkey shoot.   Fortunately, the March was cancelled and the Civil Liberties Union went to court to force Skokie to issue a permit.   
The Illinois Supreme Court in a highly unpopular decision upheld the First Amendment and essentially told us to ‘pound sand.’   A few hot heads (including several of my clients) still wanted to ‘bag’ a Nazi, but when the March went off few attended.    
My personal role in assaulting the First Amendment still does no inspire confidence in my personal devotion to the core values of America; however, I do know that I was wrong.   I am not proud of the fact that I had so little confidence in democracy.    The issue that I face to day is what I would do if the KKK or the National Socialists were to try to march today?  I know what I should do!  But would I?
Ken Ditkowsky

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