How far does the First Amendment Go? Harvard Students to Re-enact Satanic Black Mass

Now, this event will not take place in a church, but rather a pub, but it evokes a very interesting concept:  apparently the Satanic “black mass” makes fun of Mother Mary and Jesus or something like that.  We don’t really know, because the RCC and Fox News (the news agency that has suddenly become Roman Catholic (RCC), is sketchy on details but long on criticism of an event which has not happened yet, and for which details have not been released, at least not yet on

So this week we found:

I guess I found the Fox News video to be lame as usual, a stiff collared priest claiming “mockery” of Catholic Religion, etc. but with no details. So this even more lame Catholic student “Tag” just says all Catholic students are up on arms but no one else cares.  Primarily, “Tag” looks like a stuck up rich kid just missing his SmartPhone to play with thru all the interview, and he isn’t really ready with his POV.

What I don’t understand is why Fox News did not interview a satanist.  Are there Satanists?  What do they stand for?  Do they hate or taunt RCC members or do they just make fun of them?  Are we talking South Park Satan, or Penny Dreadful Satan or Exocist scary Satan? The RCC has to learn that our knowledge and understanding of Satan and Lucifer no longer comes from the bible, but from the MPAA.  That means we have to be told whether or not Satan is South Park, Penny Dreadful or Exorcist.

The Fox response?  Burn the Koran instead of insulting the RCC church (Roman Catholic, there are American Catholics, you know).  The priest’s conclusion? Pray and be respectful.  Good idea and I agree with that, but then he goes one step further and says “don’t denigrate us or make fun of us.”

Okay, just so everyone is straight on this blog. You DO get to make fun of me and denigrate me, but only if the joke is better than “somewhat lame.”  I will even publish it.  I grew up with 4 brothers and now have a husband and 3 sons (can’t get away from that 4 male numbers), but I can deal with it.  I promise you won’t make me cry.

The First Amendment Response is everyone has to get along in the sandbox.  And yes, sometimes you will be made fun of and taunted and maybe it’s time to go home for milk and cookies.  But hey, we’re all older so we can do cheeseburgers and jello shots!

Remember, the Satanists won’t get milk and cookies.

Of course, the true answer to all of this is that it must be a slow newsday.  South Park makes more fun of all religions, but esp. the Roman Catholic Church, Jesus AND Satan.  No one mentioned that.  I’m pretty sure South Park has done a Satanist mass on South Park, but I don’t think the Satanists have called for South  Park creators to resign.  Well maybe they did, but they just got another show making fun of them.

I don’t know if they burned a Koran on South Park either, but they regularly dig into the Muslim stuff and yes, they have even shown Mohammed in construction paper on the show.  Another ho hum.

Again, slow news day.  If the Satanists at Harvard want to re-enact a “black mass” (what is that, a black licorice eucharist) I do believe the Frist Amendment permits that, and it permits South Park doing the same too. (Does it mean I’m a Satanist if I advocate chocolate cake for a eucharist instead of a boring, possibly GMO over processed white wafer of “bread product?”)

Now, do I want to go and get all that negativity on me?  Heck no.  But if there is some perceived need for a bunch of Harvard students to engage in such risky behavior, I’m not sure it needs to be treated like recreational drugs or drinking parties.

Because in the end you pray for something negative for someone else, it always seems to come back to YOU.  If you ask for harm, it will be in the end on YOUR shoulders and rarely the intended victim.  If Harvard kids, as smart as they are made out to be, haven’t figured that out, well there is something else–free will, and they need to hold their hands over the fire to get a burn, so be it.  Just to mix religions like a Waldorf salad, I also believe in free will and karma as an effective learning tool, so you all go for that. As Sponge Bob says when Plankton wants to take over the world, “good luck with that.”

Another of their websites:

On this website they claim the students will in fact denigrate or “sacrilege” a eucharist, which is basically sacrilege a piece of bread.  The RCC doesn’t do the real, organic, fair trade, wine and bread thing any more, they have tasteless thin wafers instead.  I’m not sure how you can “sacrilege” those, they already look pretty processed to me, but then I think sacrilege would be making them GMO or something, AND allow them to be made non organic.  Again, I have no idea how a black mass would affect an RCC eucharist since those already look overly processed, non-organic, non fair trade and GMO to me.  I mean, they really aren’t food already are they?  They’re a “food product.”  The RCC for sure has gone “kraft” mac and cheese, far as I can tell.

And just to point out another hole in their “holy” religious warfare logic here, if the Satanic Anti-Mass is only a re-enactment, the RCC teaches you can’t have a “real” RCC mass without a “real” male RCC priest (women and gay RCC priest/esses don’t count), so if the Satanic Priest is only an educator or student, then how can what he does possibly count for anything or have any effect?  Just pointing that out.  The RCC usu. requires something official and genuine, and the annoucement says it is an unofficial re-enactment for educational purposes.

In any case, without any details or a video or you tube

As usu. an absolutely brilliant reporter said they won’t use a “concentrated host“, but just a saltine cracker.  Hmm, interesting.  More reasons for me NOT to watch CNN or Fox “news”.

In this video, a priest comes up with the word “provocating” and “absolutize” to justify the fact that Harvard should ban all “black masses.”  Unfortunately the First Amendment does not ban provocating and absolutized speech.

My question?  The issues are definitely worthy of South Park, all the Boston priests are actually a bunch of yawners and Fox News once against justifies the fact it is not worth watching.  With respect to the “Harvard Student” they are lame, rich, unconnected at best, and at worst, they obviously didn’t pass their 6th grade US and state constitution tests, (which I did with 100%) and they make our own CPS look good in that arena.  Glad I went to U of I in Chicago after seeing those students.

Interesting that no lawyers were put on these shows–only priests, students,etc.

Let’s see if the show is utubized to see if the warnings of danger, drawing up evil forces and all that are shown on video.  One would think that if religion requires intent, which it does, and anti religion, unlike anti matter would also require intent. pure educational interests should be devoid of an intent factor–something required to change neutral to bad or good to evil.  The students, with the explanation of “educational pursuit” have the best argument so far.  If you don’t intend harm, none will come.

It still seems to me that if Satan and Lucifer are “fallen angels” and if Jesus always forgives with pure love, can Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the entire holy family show up and convince Satan and Lucifer to change their evil ways?  It also seems to me, that if the RCC and all it’s priests and priestesses are so strong (I do take the encompassing approach that a few strong bishops cannonizing women priestesses is valid and actually advances the RCC), why don’t they just hand out their pamphlets on a “better religion” on the way in and out?  Also, can’t they just “white light” the service and participants and be done with it?  I thought the basis of “black mass” is that it is hidden evil and can do actual harm because it can’t be countered with prayer and light.

However, I have to note for the record, if the Pentagon and the White House are creating wars and weapons and drones that kill, that is a far worse and serious “black mass”  or “black magic” or “black religion” (hmm, maybe pun intended) than any Harvard student can ever dream up in the name of education and I find that to be a much more serious issue.

I believe the Harvard students are in fact educating us to what works in our lives and what does not.  What is a “black mass” and if you do in fact worship Lucifer and Satan, are you joining the dark side.  Will you end up in Congress or even the President and intellectually justify wars which mostly kill women and children and the elderly and rarely a “terrorist” and rarely anyone it was intended to kill?  Is the “black mass” at Harvard in the basement of a pub, or is it in Congress when they vote to wage war or when the President authorizes drones to kill people, on “foreign soil” (and I do NOT believe any land given to us by god/dess is somehow different from our own soil, we all have to share, you know), is any less harmful than the “black mass” said tonight in a pub at Harvard.

You tell me.  Why does Fox News use useless commentators when lawyers would have been better.  We all have religion, most of us have has past lives as priests and priestesses, but our thoughts I believe are more interesting.  And we don’t think that by using “provocating” and “absolutize” that gets us around the First Amendment.

I think the real fear with any church is that they WANT to control, they WANT to corral, but god/dess has given us free will.  The best way for some people to learn is by burning their hands when they put them over candles, and I for one do not want to keep them from such an interesting and effective karmic exercise in their lives.





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