From Activist Post–what to do during a warrantless ‘DUI’ search?

First of all, I have to be a bit suspect.  You know when the police in the US do warantless searches without probable cause, they aren’t looking for drunken drivers.  Drunken drivers are obvious–they can’t drive.  They weave, they speed or they drive too slowly.  So what’s the point of these check points?  As shown in the video, I think they’re looking for drivers with warrants (this means forfeited bond money), drivers who need license plate or city stickers and who have parking tickets  I for one, have never believed that the police were after drunken drivers when those are so easy to spot.

So this video explains it all.  I’m not sure where this is, but if you plates are expired or stickers or whatever, they impound your car there.  Yikes

Note the family with young children having to walk home. That could have been as serious an outcome as a drunken driver, a family without bright clothes, walking down busy streets at night, any or all of them could have been run over.


I’m just saying.

I for one do not believe that our Constitutions (US and State) permits any type of warrantless stops and seizures–except for an ongoing investigation, and yes, according to a recent SCOTUS decision, you do have to give the police your name and address.  If driving you have to show your driver’s license, etc.

But I will add, EVEN IF A POLICE OFFICER ASKS YOU TO DO SOMETHING HE HAS NO RIGHT TO ASK (remain for an indefinite period of time, destroy photos, stop recording or filming, submit to invasive searches), if you avoid jail, by all means do it and document it.  The reason you want to avoid jail is because it can be very, very dangerous.  Your safety is not guaranteed there and you can be put with very violent other offenders.  Risking jail is not worth searches, unfair and unreasonable detentions, destroying your property, etc.  Your life and safety is more important than anything else.


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