From KKD: Judge Boliker and attorneys provide their excuses for stealing approx. $7k per month in Marital Assets from Dean Sallas

You would not believe. Dean has over the past year or so revealed to the public and to law enforcement that Judge Boliker and Byline Bank and Eve Epstein and OPG attorney Lisa Casanova have been participating in a criminal scheme to deprive Dean Sallas of all of his marital estate. They have been pretending that Amelia Sallas’ funds are not marital property and that Dean does not have the right to manage, control and spend those funds–even for his own necessities.

Prior to the guardianship, Dean had amassed some $9 million in real estate. But the Guardianship court stopped paying the mortgages (of course), threw them into foreclosure, presumably so banks and favored 3rd party entities could get a deal on them. This is common in probate and guardianship. If you complain, judges like Boliker will quickly turn a deaf ear.

So what’s the guardianship court’s excuse for stealing all this money, committing a string of serious felonies and perhaps even criminal RICO? Not sure. It seems to vacillate between it’s not his money (yes, it is) and or the probate court doesn’t know his assets? Really? Why would Dean Sallas, who is not incapacitated have to provide an accounting to the guardianship court when he is clearly not incapacited, is under no guardianship and owes the Cook County Probate court no duty. And based upon the past history of this evil cabal and group of criminals, every dime he revealed to them, they would concoct some dasterdly scheme to part him with those funds and assets regardless.

These nefarious individuals–Boliker, Casanova, the OPG and Epstein, have been caught red handed stealing every thing they can from Dean Sallas, and what do they do about it? Come to Jesus and return it and make Dean whole? Heck nope, they double and triple down on nefarious criminal activities.


So here is yet another blog post of mine, telling the truth, revealing the truth, and you know the ARDC will side with the judges and dishonest attorneys and come after me for only posting this–but only IF I were licensed and no, I am not licensed. I have no intention of applying for a license with a patent criminal organization, the ARDC. They need to come clean too and come to Jesus. I have told Sharon Opryszek, senior litigation counsel, I refuse to buy into the perfidy and mendacity of the ARDC and I will not under any circumstances attorn to their dishonesty.

I am not abandoning all the probate court victims and my readers. You are the ones who suffer because the ARDC is dishonest. You are the ones who have ruined lives, financial disasters because the ARDC attorns to criminality and dishonesty.

The lives of both Dean and Amelia Sallas have been ruined. a 50 year plus married couple very much in love has been utterly destroyed by the Guardianship court. Dean cannot see his beloved wife and she cannot see him. This is the absolute nadir of the legal profession and the judicial profession.

And even worse, they all admit to it and the cover up. Theft of assets, mismanagement and waste, loss of consortium between husband and wife. Could it be worse?

Below is the transcript as certified proof of the crimes and their admissions of guilt.

Who does this?

Click on this link for the transcript:

It’s a short transcript 10 pages. It very efficiently contains all the admissions of the crimes involved and it appears Boliker, Eve Epstein, Lisa Casanova and the OPG are all co conspirators

Britney Spears got freed but suffered tremendously. Where is the outcry for Dean and Amelia Sallas

From KKD: The Sallas Case continues to be a travesty of Justice. The Judge and attorneys on the case have commandeered Dean’s assets though he is under no guardianship

This is exactly the point – it is also the point that Dr. Sugar, Rick Black, yours truly et al have been trying in vain to make.
The problem is that the elderly have so much money that is available to be stolen that the crooked guardians and judges cannot resist the temptation.    Unfortunately when we live in a society wherein political parties sell polltical and judicial systems the most qualified and honest candidates for public and judicial office are not always placed in that office.  
Looking a Cook County, Illinois is it a wonder that we have corruption.   How many of our public officials are under Federal indictment?    How many should be?     
It is an open secret that a Judgeship is sold by the individuals within the Cook County Democratic organization for somewhere either at $150,000 or North thereof.    (see John Kass (Chicago Tribune))    What can we expect from a lawyer who pays a bribe for his job?    Do we expect that he will be the pillar of integrity.    Unfortunately, cash on the barrelhead is not the only way to obtain a judicial or political job – should this make the ‘great unwashed’ warm and comfortable?
with machinery in place to protect the criminals within the system is it any wonder that even in cases that totally offend everyone  – such as Sallas/Spears etc – it is a given that the Human trafficking victims are going to get the short end of the stick.  
The eight million in savings that Mr. and Mrs. Sallas had accummulated was just too much temptation for a dishonest judge and her Court appointed Guardian.  Indeed, they acted overtly and then discovered that maybe they ought to have paid attention in law school.  NO MATTER – with 8 million plus to divy up it was clear that protection from prosecution was on the agenda.   They were also assurred that Dean’s lawyers would be benign – and they were.   Unfortunately, someone told Dean Sallas that the savings he and his wife accummulated was MARITAL PROPERTY.    Indeed, there was no sheltered a dime from this designation as everything Amy had was co-mingled with marital property and ditto for Dean.
Dean inquired of his attorney!   She recognized the jig was up!    She ambushed Dean and with the ethically challenged Judge’s attornment she withdrew.   Dean was now left without counsel and at the mercy of the FINANCIAL ELDER ABUSERS.   Such is the status – 
Yes, what happened is wrong, unconstitutional, criminal etc.   BUT IT IS THE REAL LIFE STATUS QUO.
I realize that to solve a problem first you have to know what the problem is.   Unfortunately we know what the problem is and absent Law enforcement doing its job we are helpless.    law enforcement is aware that a guardian or a conservator is a fiduciary.   Ergo, the bar by which the guardian is measured is loftly !    He has to be of the highest integrity.   Theft by a fiduciary is a serious felony.
Without law enforcement that is interested in enforcing the laws and in particular protecting the helpless and the infirm elderly – the law is academic and irrelevant.    Like Sallas myoptic lawyers and others watched as Spears was exploited.   They and the miscreants even claimed that they were duty bound to help her because she could not help herself.   Of course with the help of the media and apologists for the criminal human traffickers one simple fact was omitted from the public knowledge.   Spears not only knew the objects of her bounty, but was very successful from a financial basis – she earned millions of dollars.    Her conservatorship was a totally a violation of the the 14th Amendment!    If she knew the objects of her bounty, the extent and nature of her estate and could do a simple financial arrangment proof of the need for a conservator or guardian was not possible.  In Sallas – it was reported that the Judge told Sallas that HE HAD NOT PROVEN BY CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE THAT HIS WIFE WAS NOT INCOMPETENT!It was reported to me his attorney was indifferent to the Judge’s statement!    If the Judge made such a statement 755 ILCS 5/11a  – 3a was not met.   Of course this corrupt judge did not make or file FINDINGS OF FACT or CONCLUSIONS OF LAW.     As I read 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 findings of fact and conclusions of law are necessary – if they are not filed by the judge the judge cannot comply with the requirements of section 3b.    If the Rule of Law means nothing – then so does the requirement.No one need be surprised that HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ELDERLY/ELDER CLEANSING ET AL is a very lucrative criminal cottage industry that is protected by the elite of the judicial profession!The protection also protects the miscreants from having to pay their INCOME TAXES!
Judge Boliker’s hearing of yesterday November 18, 2021 should provide along the coffin nail on the Sallas case!     Yesterday, Judge Boliker again had the opportunity to address the serious deficiencies that I outlined in today’s Memor to the Judicial Inquiry Board and others.    Dean was specific in pointing out that the Guardian had taken wrongful dominion over his (Dean’s) vested property interests.  While this is a fact that the judge should have known as a lawyer and a judge and is charged with knowing – criminal law requires intent!    The words and phrases allegedly uttered by Judge Boliker clearly establish intent!

At the very least – Judge Boliker owes as joint and several co-conspirator a great deal of FEDERAL AND STATE INCOME TAXES, PLNALTIES AND INTEREST!       

Ken Ditkowsky

On Friday, November 19, 2021, 09:04:13 PM CST, <> wrote:

Spears’s case has illuminated the impossible bind that conservatees can sometimes find themselves in: once a person has been formally deemed incapacitated, she might well lose the opportunity to ever prove her capacity. Few people who wish to fight their conservatorship have the chance to show that they are able to do more than what their conservators imagine. “There are hundreds of thousands of other Britneys across the United States, people who aren’t famous, but who deserve the same rights we all take for granted—until they get taken away,” Jonathan Martinis, the senior director for law and policy at a Syracuse University center for disability rights, said. “#FreeBritney can’t end with Britney being free.”

From KKD: Back to now: Names of Cook County judges charged with corruption c. 1991/Greylord

In case we never forget Greylord in Chicago where 45 judges, police and attorneys were indicted for corruption (in just one area, traffic court, other areas were not invovled) Ken Ditkowsky reminds us of the following Tribune article:



Three years after Operation Greylord investigators went public with stunning charges of judicial corruption, a federal indictment released Wednesday charges, Cook County Judge Adam N. Stillo Sr. conspired to fix a criminal case secretly filed by the FBI.

Stillo, 74, is the second Cook County judge to be indicted on bribery charges in the last week and the 20th indicted in federal court since Operation Greylord. Fifteen judges were convicted and two acquitted in Greylord cases.

On Friday, retired Criminal Court Judge Thomas J. Maloney, in a case stemming from the Operation Gambat probe of 1st Ward corruption, was charged with taking bribes to fix three murder cases. Earlier that week, David J. Shields, former presiding judge of Chancery Court, was convicted by a federal jury of taking $6,000 in bribes in 1988 to rule favorably in a civil suit concocted by the FBI in connection with Gambat.

Asked if recent events meant Operation Greylord did not substantially deter judicial corruption, U.S. Atty. Fred Foreman said: ”Unfortunately, I think the results of the past week speak for themselves, and probably speak louder than anything I could say.”

Stillo, now retired after 24 years on the bench, also was charged with racketeering for allegedly accepting bribes to fix a series of cases for three corrupt lawyers from about 1976 until 1987, Foreman disclosed.

The indictment also charged Stillo`s nephew, attorney Joseph T. Stillo, 45, with conspiring to commit extortion by acting as a ”bagman” for the judge in 1986 in the bogus FBI case, Foreman said at a news conference in the Dirksen Federal Building. Both Stillos live in River Forest.

The indictment charged Judge Stillo with taking bribes from about 1976 until 1983 to fix cases for three lawyers: Robert Cooley, who began cooperating with the government in 1986 after nearly two decades as a corrupt Chicago lawyer; William Swano, who pleaded guilty last July to allegedly bribing Maloney in two murder cases; and James Costello, who was sentenced to 8 years in prison in 1986 for paying bribes to Judge Wayne Olson.

Reading further, the indictment alleged than in one case, Judge Stillo himself acted as a bagman, agreeing to pass a bribe from one lawyer to an unnamed assistant state`s attorney ”to influence that individual in the performance of his offical duties.”

The most damaging charge against Stillo appears to be the phony FBI case, in which a fictitious James D. Hess was accused of possession of marijuana, improper lane usage, speeding, failure to signal and illegal transportation of an alcoholic beverage.

Cooley acted as Hess` lawyer and apparently captured incriminating remarks from both Stillos on a tape recorder he secretly wore.

State police drafted a phony report saying Hess was stopped by a state trooper on Aug. 20, 1986, for the traffic offenses on the Eisenhower Expressway near Hillside.

When the trooper searched the car, the phony report said, more than 10 grams of marijuana was discovered.

In a meeting with Cooley in the Maywood branch of Circuit Court on Oct. 6, 1988, Stillo, who had been assigned the Hess case, agreed to rule in Cooley`s favor in return for an undisclosed amount of money, the indictment charged.

At that meeting, Stillo allegedly told Cooley to contact the judge`s nephew to arrange details of the bribe, the government said.

But on Nov. 5, 1986, Judge Stillo convicted Hess on narcotics charges.

The government contends Stillo correctly figured out that Hess was an undercover FBI agent and that the case was a ”plant” by the FBI to uncover court corruption, the indictment said.

Yet Joseph Stillo apparently still trusted Cooley, according to the charges, because that same day he confided to Cooley that his uncle did not fix the case because he thought Hess looked ”like an FBI agent.”

Two days later, Judge Stillo confirmed his reasons for failing to deliver the fix in a personal meeting with Cooley, the indictment alleged.

At the same time, the judge acted to conceal the conspiracy by telling Cooley of the need for secrecy in handling bribes and questioning Cooley about whether he had discussed the fix with anyone, the charges said.

In November, Stillo sentenced Hess to a $50 fine and supervision, though he could have been fined $1,000 and sentenced to a year in jail.

The indictment disclosed that in August 1986, before Cooley approached Judge Stillo about the Hess case, the judge had told Cooley not to seek a fix on gambling cases because he had heard rumors of an investigation.

During the decade covered in the charges, Stillo was assigned to the southwest suburban criminal courts and misdemeanor court at 13th Street and Michigan Avenue in addition to the Maywood branch. He retired from the criminal division in Maywood in 1988.

”Judge Stillo has served for 24 years with distinction as a judge, during which time he engaged in no wrongdoing whatsoever,” said William Hedrick, a lawyer representing the former judge. ”The judge intends to vigorously contest the charges, and he expects to be vindicated.”

Attorney George Collins, representing Joseph Stillo, said he had not seen the indictment and could not comment beyond indicating Stillo will plead not guilty.

Foreman said the charges against former Judge Stillo are one of the first cases to involve charges from both Greylord and Gambat.

Foreman referred to the two undercover investigations as ”brothers Gambat and Greylord.”

”I suggest there`s been a lot of inroads made (against judicial corruption),” Foreman said, ”but I suggest there`s a lot of work

to do, particularly in Cook County.”


Defendant Position Case status

John J. Devine Associate judge Convicted; 15 years

Daniel Glecier Associate judge Convicted; 6 years, $50,000 fine

Martin F. Hogan Associate judge Convicted; 10 years

Reginald Holzer Circuit judge Convicted; 13 years

Richard LeFevour Presiding judge+ Convicted; 12 years

Thomas J. Maloney Circuit judge Indicted on racketeering charges

John H. McCollom Circuit judge Convicted; 11 years

John J. McDonnell Circuit judge Convicted; 6 years

Michael E. McNulty Associate judge Pleaded guilty; 3 years, $15,000 fine

John M. Murphy Associate judge Convicted; 10 years

James L. Oakey Associate judge Convicted; 6 years

Wayne W. Olson Circuit judge Pleaded guilty; 12 yrs., $35,000 fine

John F. Reynolds Circuit judge Convicted; 10 years, $33,000 fine

Frank Salerno Circuit judge Pleaded guilty; 9 years, $10,000 fine

Roger E. Seaman Circuit judge Pleaded guilty; 4 years

David J. Shields Presiding judge++ Convicted; faces sentencing

Adam N. Stillo Sr. Circuit judge Indicted on racketeering charges

Raymond Sodini Circuit judge Pleaded guilty; 8 years

+Of 1st Municipal District; formerly supervising judge of Traffic Court

++Of Chancery Court

Chicago Tribune Graphic; Source: News reports.

From KKD: The one huge source of election fraud is nursing homes: why is there no focus on that

and while this article blames one party, BOTH parties engage in it, and I have heard from numerous sources the FBI and the FEC knows about this and does nothing about it!

Wisconsin Elections Commission ‘Shattered’ Laws By Telling Nursing Home Staffers To Illegally Cast Ballots For Residents

One of the family members said his mother would ask him who he was, meaning she didn’t recognize her own son. She hadn’t voted since 2012 — yet MyVote Wisconsin revealed she voted twice in 2020.

Kylee Zempel

By Kylee ZempelOCTOBER 29, 2021

Racine County, Wisconsin law enforcement blew the 2020 election integrity question wide open on Thursday after an investigation into one nursing home. It revealed not only that state election officials flagrantly broke the law and ordered health-care employees to help them, but that the problem likely runs much deeper throughout the swing state’s other 71 counties.

An “election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered by members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission,” Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said during a Thursday press conference in which he and Sgt. Michael Luell detailed the findings of an investigation into Ridgewood Care Facility.

What Happened in Racine County?

The investigation came about when a woman named Judy signed a sworn affidavit with the Wisconsin Elections Commission after she discovered that her mother, who had died on Oct. 9, 2020 after a period of severe cognitive decline, had voted in the 2020 presidential election. The affidavit was later passed along as a complaint to the county district attorney.

Judy alleged that her mother Shirley’s mental state had deteriorated so far that she was having hallucinations and wasn’t able to recall what she had eaten during a day or even what day it was. According to Judy, her mother couldn’t see — her glasses were broken, and she couldn’t even recognize her own daughter — so even if she were of a sound mind, she wouldn’t have known whether someone assisting her with a ballot had voted according to her wishes.

Luell, who led the investigation at the request of the district attorney, found an unusual spike in voting at this care facility: 42 people had voted in the 2020 presidential election. That number is usually 10. Furthermore, in 2020, 38 people had requested absentee ballots, up from the usual 0-3 in normal years.

When Luell attempted to contact the families of these voters to check whether their loved ones had the cognitive capacity to cast a vote, seven replied no, and almost all of them hadn’t voted since 2012. One of the family members said his mother would ask him who he was, meaning she didn’t recognize her own son. She hadn’t voted since 2012 — yet MyVote Wisconsin revealed she voted twice in 2020.

Wisconsin Election Commission Broke the Law

This surge in voting was the result of Wisconsin Elections Commission officials breaking state law. The commission — which is made up of six commissioners, including three Democrats and three Republicans, who are appointed by legislative leaders or the governor and serve as an agency in the executive branch under the governor — authorized nursing home employees to help residents vote, which Luell noted “is a direct violation of law.”

According to Luell, employees would ask residents how they voted in the past and then vote according to that party. In other words, if Judy’s mother “could only recall JFK,” staff would vote Democrat for her.

According to state law, however, nursing home staff can’t assist residents with voting. In fact, nobody can help the voter other than a relative or “special voting deputies,” which are people appointed by municipal clerks or elections boards to conduct absentee voting at care facilities.

In March, however, the Wisconsin Elections Commission sent out a letter mandating that municipalities should not use the “special voting deputy process.”

“Ladies and gentleman, it’s not a process. It’s the law,” Luell said, citing state Statute 6.875.

The original letter was issued under the guise of COVID guidelines. Nevertheless, in September, after the governors’ lockdown orders had expired and the initial shock of the pandemic had passed, the Wisconsin Elections Commission sent a letter to all residential care facilities telling the workers how to help residents vote, including even marking the ballot for them, in direct violation of state law.

Racine law enforcement looked at 2020 visitor logs and found that other visitors were let into the nursing home throughout the pandemic, about 900 times between the decision in March not to use special voting deputies and November 2020. Those visitors included someone to clean the fish tanks and birdcages and even DoorDash delivery people.

“Those people were allowed into the Ridgewood Care Facility, but heaven forbid we make an exception for special voting deputies,” Luell said.

Under Wisconsin state statute 12.13, breaking these laws about special voting deputies constitutes “election fraud,” which is a felony.

“We’re just one of 72 counties, Racine County,” Schmaling noted. “Ridgeland is one of 11 facilities within our county. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of these facilities throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. We would be foolish, we would be foolish to think for a moment that this integrity issue, this violation of the statute, occurred to just this small group of people at one care facility in one county in the entire state. I would submit to you that this needs the attorney general’s investigation,” the sheriff said, calling for the AG to launch an immediate probe into the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Add It to the List

This bombshell investigation is only the latest in the long list of malfeasant actions by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, especially regarding the 2020 election. As Wisconsin radio host and lawyer Dan O’Donnell put it, the commission “was downright derelict in its duty to fairly and impartially oversee an election.”

As O’Donnell documented, the commission unlawfully allowed clerks to “cure” ballots, illegally permitted clerks to go home on election night and return to finish counting in the morning, and illegally told clerks they could relocate polling locations in the weeks before the election.

Furthermore, the commission failed to issue relevant laws and rules for training municipal election workers, special voting deputies, and election inspections. Worse, it failed to investigate voter rolls for the hundreds of thousands there incorrectly, including more than 45,000 first-time voters whose names didn’t match Department of Transportation records, among other issues.

As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway outlines in her new book “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections,” the Wisconsin Elections Commission also wrongly kept third-party candidates off the ballot, including Kanye West and the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins. Third parties can significantly affect elections in the Dairy State.

“Following the [Legislative Audit Bureau] report, what Sheriff Schmaling has uncovered + disclosed might only be tip of the iceberg of fraud in the 2020 election. The Legislature must be given the time, resources, and cooperation of election officials to conduct a complete investigation of allegations,” tweeted Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin following the Racine press conference. “Using elderly residents with cognitive decline to commit election fraud is reprehensible, and should concern every Wisconsinite and American.”

Johnson continued: “If Democrats will stoop this low to impact elections, one can only imagine what else they’re willing to do.”Kylee Zempel is an assistant editor at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter @kyleezempel.Photo Spc. Miguel Pena/U.S. Army

From Joanne;

From what I have heard, this type of fraud from the nursing homes is not party specific. Generally operatives at the nursing homes call both parties, as for a bid on all their ballots and the party that pays the most, gets a straight party vote from that party.

This has to end.

Online voting would end this fraud in that a computer program can easily capture signature, voice and face recognition to automatically check for voter fraud.

If we can bank online, we can vote online and the votes don’t need to end up as those from the highest bidder paying to nursing home operatives.

And remember, statistically election fraud does not favor one party over the other. When fraud is committed, both parties seem to benefit about equally.