From Atty Candice Schwager–Blessings for a good Judge

From Candice:

Mary Lou Robinson (Age 82) is a name I will never forget, for she showed me more JUSTICE in one day than I have seen in a lifetime. I was literally HIGH on JUSTICE for 3 weeks before I could get my head out of the clouds back to earth as a result of this amazing woman. She restored my faith that judges still exist who are so righteous I have no words to describe them and yet, she had the perfect balance of mercy that caused her to withhold harsh actions she could have taken against a man who took my friend’s money and made the biggest mess I have ever seen by a lawyer. Clearly, Raul wasn’t a special education lawyer and had no idea what he was doing, but he also appears to have hardly cared. I firmly believe he was impaired and the Bar thought so as well.

You could look at the file from Houston to Amarillo and see “something is terribly amiss” with the attorney. In return for $25,000 and a contingent fee in the outcome, Raul agreed to handle my radio co-host’s case Tim. Tim was awesome and now advocates for special needs kids. He was hilarious on the radio. It was 2010, Thanksgiving, and while I prepared for a long relaxing break, Tim called and said, “would you mind taking a look at my case. I think something is terribly wrong. My lawyer won’t call me back and it’s almost time for trial.” I did. My response, “sit down.–”

I don’t know how to tell you this, but you are getting what’s called the ‘death penalty’, the worst of all sanctions. Your pleadings will be struck because your lawyer failed to amend them as the Judge ordered. You will be prohibited from introducing any evidence because your attorney failed to produce discovery, file an exhibit list, witness list or disclosures. And the School District is seeking $50,000 in sanctions against you for filing a frivolous lawsuit to teach you a lesson not unlike the lesson they teach other parents: this is what you get for asking us to provide an education to your child. And, trial is in 11 days. Your statute of limitations runs in 10 days on the Title 9 claim your lawyer should have pled, but didn’t. There are 5 motions to dismiss on file and your attorney has not answered any of them. After a long pause, I said, let’s do it. Fire your lawyer and go pro se. I will help you but it’s an emergency, so let me get busy.  

There goes thanksgiving, but what the heck?  I had never in my life even contemplated what I ultimately did in federal court, no less. I am still bewildered that I did this, and even more so that it worked!  Most people know how formal and strict federal judges are. The walls are even higher than state court, making you feel that much smaller. After reading the Judge ordered Raul to amend the pleadings and spoon fed him the amendments, which HAD TO BE MADE in order to cure the fatal defects in the way he sued the principal and school–their official capacity. That made them immune from suit, one basis for dismissal.

Instead of just following her generous instructions (federal judges do not tell you how to plead your case), he said, “oh, it’s no big deal. she won’t care.” Touche! Yikes! A federal judge can throw you in jail for next to nothing and Raul says “no big deal.” After reading that Raul asked for $2 billion in damages for various claims, stating that though he wasn’t suing for defamation per se (automatic damages presumed), he would like the same kind of presumed damages automatically–wouldn’t we all? I truly believed this man was on the moon, he was so impaired. The lawsuit was filed for illegal retaliation and discrimination against Tim’s autistic daughter for extreme retaliatory acts the district took against him for simply requesting a due process hearing to challenge the utterly pathetic education the district offered his daughter. That caused the first false APS report alleging Tim abused his daughter. Tim was cleared immediately.

Brandy suffered unbelievable acts of retaliation and neglect including a sexual assault by another developmentally disabled student and being assaulted with a goose egg size bump on the head courtesy of her instructor. The abuse was so severe, she suffered flashbacks for years thereafter, causing her to dig her fingernails into her mother’s arm and draw blood. Tim suffered three false APS reports and though he was cleared of wrongdoing in all, he and his wife were so scared of his school district and the lengths they would go to not provide federally mandated services, he abruptly got up and moved in the middle of the night, leaving his home and not looking back. He knew what it was like to be a Whistle blower because he blew the whistle before calling the EPA. He understood being a target.

I took one look at the file and knew that if God didn’t part the Red Sea and give me a miracle, he was done. So I stayed up all night drafting emergency motions for new trial, discovery, to amend the complaint late, for leave of court to late file designations of witnesses and exhibits, disclosures, and for an entirely new scheduling order with new dates for everything. As my opposing counsel whined, “she wants a ‘do-over’.” He was right, but it just sounds so crazy to ask a federal judge for a “do-over” 10 days before trial. Desperate people do desperate things. I suppose I expected many things, but not the “smart alike” TAPS motion the opposing counsel filed, stating that I failed to file a brief to support my request pursuant to Rule 7.1(h).

Anger surged through me and I said to myself, “I’ll give you a damn brief.” Writing has always been my passion and I’ve been told I am the equivalent of a sniper when it comes to hitting my target. I had little time with the hearing the following morning, given it was 8pm. But I was not going to let anything stop me from responding to that jerk. The attached brief is my response to his TAPS brief, mocking the fact that my friend was going down in flames and it was time for the funeral. THAT made me so angry, I could hardly see straight. But, I think it was the single biggest mistake the district’s attorney made because it made me angry enough to write one of the funniest briefs I have written in my life (Tim laughed 4 days straight with his wife and I wondered how he could laugh at all). I decided to use the defendant’s military style theme and the only case he cited, which supported Tim in every respect and rip him to shreds, while inciting the passions of the Judge in my approach. I first nearly vomited all of the disgusting facts into section 1, detailing the horrific abuse Brandy suffered and the retaliation Tim endured for doing nothing but enforcing his rights.

Then, I told the judge what a complete callous jerk their lawyer was to call his brief “TAPS” to signify “get ready for your funeral!” I truly could not believe this jerk was mocking my friend’s suffering. Section 2 takes the defendant’s only cited case and rips him to shred with it because every prong of the 4 part test supported us. Section 3 includes citation to Rules 15 (manifest injustice) and 16 (good cause) and while the defendant argued we lacked good cause, I invoked the sacred concept of manifest injustice as the harm Tim would suffer if our motions were denied. Ultimately, I showed the reverence and respect which I believe a Judge like Mary Lou merits 100 times over. I called Tim at 6am and said, “check your email. Fax this to that jerk and go file it now!  Hearing in 3 hours”. It wasn’t an hour before the district’s lawyer called Tim, begging forgiveness for his tasteless comment, but it was too late for that. The Judge’s emotions were seething just as I had hoped. In a display that was truly for the movies or a novel, the Judge ignored the sloppy drunk as if he weren’t there and went for the jerk’s jugular.

The rules stated that the Judge had no discretion to deny the 5 motions to dismiss, but he just totally pissed off the judge like nothing I have ever seen and she agreed with me–this was MANIFEST INJUSTICE! So, she called the district’s lawyer to the bench and intending to dismiss every motion to dismiss, she made him assert each one first so she could scream in his face “DENIED!!!” About that time, one of the very best special education lawyers in Texas walked in the door–and everyone must have fainted because it was a game changer. Marty Cirkiel did not enter an appearance, but notified the Judge he was there to take over for Tim. So, the question of what Tim was going to do was already resolved thanks to my ability to grovel and beg–and get him to Amarillo in 10 hours with almost no notice. I was riding on a prayer.

Tim asked me beforehand, “what do I do if she asks me who wrote this? she is going to know I didn’t.” I said, “you don’t ever lie to a federal judge. But don’t give me up unless she asks for my name.” Due to the emergency of having to file in 48 hours, I did not have time to get admitted to the ND Texas Federal Court, which was only a matter of paperwork easily done if we had time. Tim was summoned to the bench and asked, “So, I guess you had a little help?” Yes, Your honor. “and I am guessing an attorney helped you?” Yes, your honor. And that was that. Whew! Apparently that brief had everyone in Amarillo giggling. The result was unimaginable. I am still shocked, but we got a “do over.” And the district was not paid fees, even though Raul did waste their time. Hours before that statute ran on the Title 9 sexual harassment claim, Marty emailed the amended complaint to me, including Title 9, as well as everything else that should have been pled, but was not. I have never cried reading a petition, but that day, I bawled.

The Judge issued a lengthy ORDER and even sent a message to me, the Lone Ranger who rode in and out without detection like a ghost. The ORDER said clearly “all attorneys not admitted to the Northern district of Texas MUST do so immediately.” Enjoy the brief as you are thinking “she filed this in federal court?” I still ask myself the same question, wondering how in the world I got a “do-over” in federal court based upon JUSTICE ALONE. This case and other less dramatic cases keep me going, believing there is justice in our Courts. I will never forget this Judge! What a firecracker!

She was 82 when she heard Tim’s case. I honestly felt that God parted the Red Sea that day because I asked the Judge for something I am willing to bet has never been asked–a “do over.” A review of the record almost seemed like she knew Raul had “gone fishing” and was praying someone would come along and rescue Tim from his impaired lawyer. There is hardly a good explanation for her decision to not dismiss the case long before I came along. Divine Intervention? Absolutely!

The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) named MARY LOU ROBINSON “Jurist of the Year 2016” and this Judge is absolutely one Judge I will never forget as long as I live. I only wish I could have met her. She is beyond honorable and a true hero who elevated JUSTICE over legalism and rigid rules. To date, this is the only scenario in which I have ever pled FRCP 15, MANIFEST INJUSTICE. The Honorable Mary Lou Robinson of Amarillo, Texas, served as a judge for more than 60 years, beginning in 1955 – before women were allowed to serve on juries! Judge Robinson first served as a trial court judge in state courts, then as a justice on the Amarillo Court of Appeals, and for the last 37 years as a United States District Judge. Judge Robinson has exemplified fairness, impartiality and an intense commitment to the U.S. and Texas constitutional rights to jury trial in the American system of justice. Among her many notable cases, she was the presiding judge in the “Oprah Trial” in Amarillo, Texas.


From Joanne:

Actually, the rules are in Federal Court that an attorney can ghost write pleadings for a pro se client, but the client must let the court know they had an attorney draft the pleadings.

In Illinois, there is no duty to report ghost writing pleadings in state court.

From NASGA – Medication errors about in Nursing homes


Medication Errors Increasing in Nursing Homes

KVUE Defenders investigation uncovers an increase in Texas nursing home residents harmed by medication errors.

KVUE’s findings come after Sandy Martinez says her father, Paul Travio, is one of those residents impacted.

“We had noticed some behavior issues with him, and we couldn’t pinpoint what was going on because he started sundowning a lot. He wasn’t talkative anymore,” said Martinez.

A few months later, Travio’s daughter got a call from CVS Pharmacy indicating it was time to refill their father’s prescription for Sinemet, a medication to help treat Travio’s Parkinson’s disease.

She then checked with her father’s nursing home. “And it wasn’t until then that we had found out that he was not getting his medication properly.”

While the state cited Travio’s nursing home for medication errors in the past, his family couldn’t prove it this time. A KVUE Defenders investigation uncovered their concerns shed light into an increasing problem across the state.

Digging through state records, the KVUE Defenders uncovered state investigators cited Texas nursing homes 1,060 times for medication errors in 2011. In 2013, violations jumped by nearly 200 more.

Of those, staff giving residents ‘unnecessary drugs’ increased the most by more than 78 percent.

Earlier this year, AARP conducted a study on nursing home care across the country. It found Texas nursing homes inappropriately administer antipsychotic drugs to residents with no mental illness, nearly more than any other state in the country. Texas tied with Louisiana.

Full Article and Source:
Medication Errors Increasing in Nursing Home

From Ken Ditkowsky–why are Jewish congregants raising bail bond for Morris Esformes when his nursing homes regularly were cited for abuse/torture of the elderly?

Morris Esformes was recently indicted for $1 BILLION in medicare/medicaid fraud in Florida some years after the FBI order he divest himself of masses of nursing homes in California.  Recently, the Federal Court judge set no bail and yanked his passport and that of his son Philip Esformes, but read on below. Amazing, just amazing.  This predator regularly engaged in the mantra portion of “isolate, medicate, drain the estate and eliminate and cremate”. Finally the fed have taken action (thank you AIGs Holder and Lynch, thank you very much), but now Jewish congregants feel sorry for him?!?!
For certain, Federal prison will be a  cakewalk compared to what they do to the elderly in nursing homes across the nation–nursing homes like the ones he operated. A nursing home resident gets no visitors, the food is disgusting and not healthy, if you eat too slowly, they yank your teeth and put in a feeding tube (Alice Gore, Illinois, 99 years old), they isolate you from all or near all friends and family, and chemical and physical restraints are very common while the police, GALs and OPG do nothing to save you (Teichert, Cook County, Illinois).
Why isn’t this mainstream news in Chicago?  Why aren’t the Tribune and SunTimes following this case? When isn’t a $1 billion crime not newsworthy.  It for sure is combined with tons of fraud, deception, ruining peoples’ lives, and this one, even murder.  Narcotizing innocent elderly and disabled people to death.
From Ken Ditkowsky:
From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2016 11:56 AM
Subject: Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me

This morning I was informed that some respected members of the clergy were raising funds and committing hundreds of thousands of dollars for bond for Philip Esformes.   The fact that Esformes was being lionized by these clergymen was reprehensible to many who share the same religious designation as these clergymen.   We uniformly repudiate people who openly and notoriously are strangers to the truth, persons who prey on those who are vulnerable – such as children and the elderly, and those who practice pay to play politics.    We also condemn hypocrisy and all evil, except our own personal vices.
Each of us in heavily invested in the core values of America, the promulgation of good government, the protection of Liberty, Fidelity, and Justice.    We demand that YOU are loyal to RULE OF LAW and respect for your fellow citizens.
Periodically we are reminded that we also have some warts.   It is a struggle to not rationalize our personal shortcoming and justify pernicious conduct in our social, political, and judicial leaders.    Worse yet we consistently close our eyes to unpleasantness that we have to address.
The Philip Esformes theft and money laundering of a billion dollars in Medicare Fraud is reprehensible and no matter what his claimed religion or heritage is not a rallying point or excuse.   The profiteering known as ‘elder cleansing’ is beyond contempt and cannot be countenanced in a free society.    The ‘cover-up’ and attempted intimidation and extortion by lawyer disciplinary commission (including Jerome Larkin’s group IARDC) is pure terrorism.    From the reaction of the American Bar Association and the American Civil Liberties Union it appears that the 2nd oldest profession has been so intimidated that it has abandoned it function in American Democracy.    (NB – these civil rights organizations and others observed the ‘rape’ of the First Amendment by the Illinois Supreme Court, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission **** and nodded their collective heads and buried them in the sand.)
Lawyers are expendable – but are the elderly and the vulnerable in society.   Articles appear in sundry publications that sound the alarm.   They appear to be ignored, to wit:

Covering Orthodox Judaism Since 2004

Also from Ken:

A NBC article had the following statement, to wit:
Esformes and his co-conspirators are alleged to have further enriched themselves by receiving kickbacks in order to steer Medicare beneficiaries to other health-care providers — including community mental health centers and home health-care providers — who also performed medically unnecessary treatments that were billed to Medicare and Medicaid, the office said.
“In order to hide the kickbacks from law enforcement, these kickbacks were often paid in cash, or were disguised as payments to charitable donations, payments for services and sham lease payments, court documents allege,” according to prosecutors.”
Just how deep does this scandal go?  Is Rabbi Levin who committed 2.2 million toward Esformes’ bail part of the problem?    What about the other rabbi’s involved in sucking up to Esformes?
From my limited investigation of the Esformes and Esformes type operations here in Chicago it is just about incredible for anyone with two ears, two eyes, and a scintilla of intelligence not to recognize the nefariousness thereof.   A learned individual – in my humble opinion – certainly would give no credibility to any exculpatory claim that either Philip or his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators would or could offer.
I was taught as a very young person – fool me once – shame on you.  fool me twice – shame on me!    The fact that tainted money was given to very worthwhile charities does not cleanse the money or the act.   It certain does not turn Esformes into Robin Hood!

From Ken Ditkowsky–why does an aspiring states attorney need half a million dollars put in her campaign fund

first the article:

A half million dollars is less than three times what is required to be on the ballot as a Democratic Candidate for Judge in Cook County.    It is almost infinitely less than ********* spent to push ***** ****** aside for the nomination and with the ****** campaign planning on spending a Billion dollars to purchase the Presidency the half million dollars is nothing at all.
Such is the reason that protecting Jerome Larkin and his ilk is so important to the Political and Judicial Elite.   Without enforcers such as Larkin, lawyers and others would not be intimidated into silence.   Even the Supreme Court of Illinois is cowed into not crossing the line.   As an example – note that the ACLU, NAACP, Urban League, et al were not heard to utter a single protest when he and his local branch of the KKK  (IARDC) punished Lanre Amu for disclosing the very conflict of interest that Crain’s Chicago Business highlighted. They knew he mostly represented African immigrants and the poor so they pushed him away like a stray dog.    If you need more examples, note how the ABA, CBA, ISBA, ACLU, et al. came to our rescue when Larkin unilaterally determined that it was unethical to complain about Judicial corruption, elder cleansing, *****.    How much does it cost to run the IARDC/KKK here in Illinois?
There are important criminal enterprises that have to be protected if the current crowd, temporarily raping the estates of the elderly and the disabled  are to be able to continue their works.    Nursing homes, hospice facilities all designed to garner maximum public funds  – a billion dollars stolen by Philip Esformes – provide bigger opportunities. (Note the billion was in central Florida ONLY and it comprised only 30 nursing homes which the FBI seized–kudos to them–but dozens Esformes nursing homes and billions of fraud remains to add to the indictments of the Esformes and their banksters).
Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne
The states attorneys, the OIG and the OIIG have to start doing something about the corruption in Illinois, it is out of control and the taxes on this criminal activity and fraud are not being collected. The miscreants rake in handfuls of cash from the US and Illinois governments under fraudulent schemes, and they use this to start and maintain a cottage industry in everything connected to it, from the probate/guardianship courts to the zoning board grabbing homes of stubborn elders who won’t sell for a reasonable price.  Zoning is changed, eminent domain proceedings are threatened or begun.
If the Feds and the States Attorneys won’t protect the hoi poli and the elderly and disabled, who will?  Certainly no one is protecting this blog.  No one is supporting attorneys speaking out against corruption, not the ABA, CBA, ISBA or any of the other dozen “clubs” or bar groups.  When it comes to a cover up, the historical mandate in Illinois is to look the other way and don’t get involved.

From Ken Ditkowsky–Jerome Larkin continues to hide behind false case law averments

The Zimmer letter is a shot heard round the world.    It is an Emperor has no clothes story all over again.    The statement he made is pedestrian however, the political correctness Elite have so dominated the University campuses that anyone that advances a radical idea  – such as a particular political candidate is wrong = is pilloried.   Independent thought is prohibited.
I sent out today the following message.    This situation here in Illinois has reached critical mass.   The Lanre Amu case sticks in my craw as I might have been susceptible to the propaganda and lies that were promulgated by Jerome Larkin.    Worse yet – all the organizations that should have had kittens not only were silent but were obstructionist.
The American principle of FREE SPEECH embodied in the FIRST AMENDMENT and ARTICLE 1 OF THE ILLINOIS CONSTITUTION OF 1970 is not dead.     Amazingly in an era in which one of the major political candidates for President has advocated amending the First Amendment to advance parochial agenda, and a Lawyer exposing judicial corruption is equated to yelling fire in a crowded theater  – with full approval of the Supreme Court of the Illinois and no protest from the American Bar Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, or any other professional or civil rights organization Chancellor Zimmer of the University of Chicago had the temerity and courage to write:
Free speech is the basis of a true education
Even more surprising Chancellor Zimmer was not publicly castigated by the mainstream media, the Political and Judicial Establishment or either the Presidential candidates.      The WSJ analysis of the event is:
The Chicago School of Free Speech
Of course everyone knows how radical the University of Chicago is and how they were in the forefront of one revolutionary concept after another.    The University’s School of Business is a notable example.
The world was not born 8 years ago, and most of us did not just fall off the turnip truck.     Zimmer’s revolution is also not new – what is new is the fact that so many of us and the rest of the citizenry have been so lax in allowing others to defend OUR rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America and the State Constitution.     When Jerome Larkin wrote the Illinois Supreme Court that JoAnne Denison’s blog exposing the grossest and most venal corruption in the Circuit Court of Cook County (and elsewhere) was akin to yelling Fire in a Crowded theater few of us raised a hue and cry demanding that Mr. Larkin be pilloried for his ISIL assault on the most precious of America’s core values.    The American Bar Association carried the story and demonstrated its distain for the RULE OF LAW when it censored the stream of comments abhorring Larkin’s and the Illinois Supreme Court’s demonstration of disrespect.     The loud silence of the 2ndoldest profession, civil rights organizations, political leaders et al was an American nadir.     
Unfortunately, as college campuses followed their National Socialist policy of political correction applauded by the Political and Judicial Establishment, few voices were heard in protest.    The cancer grew like Topsy and it was not long before silent efforts to limit opposition speech were being echoed as policy.    Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Lawyer Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) in the JoAnne Denison case and others had the temerity to actually fabricate opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States.     For instance, in the Alvarez case (wherein the defendant claimed to be a Medal of Honor recipient when in fact he was not) Larkin resurrected a rejected argument and represented that it was the Rule of Law in the case.    In the Sawyer case he just purged the last paragraph of the decision so as to misrepresent the holding.     The Supreme Court of Illinois abdicated its position and rubber stamped Larkin’s misrepresentations and aided and abetted him in the ‘cover up’ of Judicial corruption.     In the Amu case, even though Crain’s Chicago Business made the very same averments concerning corruption by Judge Egan, Amu was stamped as a ‘liar’ and disciplined for practicing law while Black.      Of course, political correctness advanced along racial lines to punish the appearance of not being a good Nazi!     Civil Rights icon Diane Nash was actually denied entry into the public hearing room in which a Kangaroo proceeding against JoAnne Denison was being held.   Ms. Nash’s crime – supporting Ms. Denison’s right to expose Judicial Corruption of a Judge who subsequently committed perjury and a judge who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition to being ‘wired’ (fixed etc.).   
Today’s action by Chancellor Zimmer in a perfect world would be footnote; however in today’s climate in which so many of our political and judicial elite lack a moral compass – it is a screaming headline.      It is also a call to arms!     It is time for each of us to pick up our computer keyboard, smart phone, or whatever and demand that the POLITICAL and JUDICIAL elite be governed by the very same laws and principles are YOU and ME.     This means we all against the proposition of today’s political and judicial elite that RIGHT is LEFT, UP is DOWN, TRUTH is FICTION.      It means that the miscreants both Rich and powerful as well as Meek are all subject to HONEST LAW ENFORCEMENT and the Elder Cleansing conspiracy has to not only account for the thefts from Medicare, the Insurance companies, and the victims of Elder Cleansing.     It means that the Elder Cleansing miscreants pay the taxes interest and penalties on the money and benefits that they obtained from their breaches of the fiduciary and public trust that they voluntarily assumed.

Where to complain about Court Corruption — OIIG – Cook County Office of the Independent Inspector General, Patrick Blanchard

General Complaints

If you have information concerning corruption, fraud, waste, mismanagement, and/or employee misconduct(whether it involves a violation of County policy, criminal law, or both) in the operation of Cook County government, we encourage you to file a complaint. This may include employees, elected and appointed officials in the performance of their official duties, as well as contractors and subcontractors doing or seeking to do business with Cook County government.

If your complaint involves unlawful political discrimination, please see here.

If you would like to report a political contact (Political Contact Log), please see here.

Complaints are submitted to the OIIG via:

  • ONLINE: Submit Complaint Online
  • FAX: (312) 603-9744
  • MAIL: 69 W. Washington Street, Suite 1160, Chicago, IL 60602
  • PRINT COMPLAINT FORM: A complaint form can be printed and completed for mail or fax submission OR call the Complaint Hotline to request one be sent to you.
  • COMPLAINT HOTLINE: 877-IGTIPLN (877-448-4756) or (312) 603-0745. Please be sure to speak slowly and clearly when leaving your information.
  • BY APPOINTMENT: to schedule an appointment to file a complaint in person call: (312) 603-0350

Please include as much information as possible in your complaint, as this assists with investigating the issue.

If you have questions regarding the OIIG or have any questions regarding a possible complaint involving Cook County government, please contact us and a Cook County OIIG Investigator will be in contact with you.

Urgent need. Kind man rendered homeless by fraud in probate needs housing

This poor man has been rendered homeless and just needs a place to sleep  He has a car and is on disability.  His homelessness comes directly from fraud on the court perpetrated on the 18th floor of the Daley Center.  He is clean, neat, very respectable and well spoken.

He is trying to save money for a probate attorney to represent him on $300k in fraud taken from his father’s estate.

Many of you have been there and know what this is like.  I hope you will consider helping him with your basement or spare room and I am sure he will be very helpful and a source of support to any other court corruption victims out there.

If you know of something, please email me at

The miscreants in probate know he is homeless and did this anyway.  Not a one of the attorneys or the judge showed any care or concern for him.  He was wrongfully evicted not once, but twice after he repaired his father’s properties.

Thank you all for being decent human beings and caring and knowing it is wrong to summarily evict a child in probate without due process.  I find it disgusting and sad.

The court didn’t care, the ARDC for sure doesn’t care about how coverups and fraud in Probate endanger the health, safety and welfare of Illinois citizens.  We must clean up this mess.

No one in probate should be evicted summarily and without being  provided housing assistance. This is horrible, absolutely horrible.

From NASGA – Amicable divorce turns into Guardianship nightmare

Courtroom trauma: Amicable divorce turned to guardianship nightmare

Posted: 21 Aug 2016 11:00 PM PDT

When Cindy Hausburg filed for divorce in May 2013, she never envisioned that two years later she would be sitting before three members of a medical examining committee, trying to convince them that she knew how to tell the time of day.

Nor did she expect that a professional guardian would change her medications and the locks on her house. Or that her legal separation from her husband would morph into a bewildering fight to regain control of her own life. Or that guardians and attorneys would wind up billing her for some $125,000 in fees and costs.

After all, as divorces go, the Hausburgs’ was a familiar scenario: Children out of the nest, not enough in common anymore. Except for some tension over money, they expected a fairly amicable parting.

“We hadn’t been living in the same house for two years,” recalls Cindy Hausburg, 59. “But we were never enemies. We had a wonderful life with the kids.”

But three years after starting the process, the longtime Sarasota couple are not yet divorced. Instead, Cindy and Jon Hausburg find themselves united once more, in a legal struggle they both find baffling — even though he is an attorney himself.

“Honestly, if anything, this has brought us closer than we’ve been in years,” says Jon Hausburg, 64. “Ironically, all this nonsense has put us on the same side.”

The pinnacle of irony was perhaps reached early last December: At a divorce mediation session, four attorneys representing Cindy Hausburg and her two successive guardians sat down with Jon Hausburg and his divorce attorney, and — according to a draft settlement agreement filed in court — offered to hand over control of the wife’s property and medical care to her estranged husband, in exchange for $64,500 to be divided up among them.

In other words, after nearly 30 years of marriage, Jon Hausburg was given a chance to buy back the civil rights that a Florida court had taken from Cindy Hausburg, so that they could proceed to finalize their divorce.

“It was like I was a slave or a prostitute,” Cindy Hausburg says now. “I was put on the bidding block. They saw my property, and there’s only $163,000 left of my marital assets. They weren’t the least bit interested in me at all.”

As it turned out, the proposed settlement was never consummated, and Cindy Hausburg had her rights fully restored at a hearing on May 5. It appears likely that a new court monitor program — instituted in Sarasota County after a series of stories in the Herald-Tribune about Florida’s troubled guardianship system — played a role in this outcome.

But the wrangling over guardianship and attorney fees continues, in what might be one of the most puzzling cases ever to befall an adult ward in the state of Florida.

Hardly routine

When a spouse involved in a divorce is unable to make decisions because of frailty or cognitive impairment, it is not unusual for a court-appointed guardian to act for that person in legal proceedings.

But Cindy Hausburg’s year of guardianship — begun with her consent and then continued against her will — reflects an entirely new twist on the law, according to specialists in the field.

“I can honestly say I have not heard of that,” says Bernard A. Krooks, a New York elder law attorney considered a national expert in special needs planning. “That’s a first.”

The guardianship statute was designed to protect Floridians who lack capacity, because of age or infirmity, to make important decisions about money, relationships, employment, medical care, housing or even who they think should be the next president. Anyone can petition the court to remove an individual’s freedom to determine his or her own destiny. Most adult guardianships involve wards so cognitively impaired by a brain injury or progressive dementia that they need someone else to safeguard them from fraud, abuse or self-harm.

But critics say this legal system, easily set in motion and difficult to derail, often ignores basic civil rights. Much of it plays out in secret, to protect the ward’s privacy. When a ward has money, the system has built-in incentives for guardians and attorneys to pay themselves more than they otherwise might. And even after recent efforts to add state oversight, family members and friends of wards still complain of a routine process where professional guardians sell off elders’ property, and move them from familiar surroundings to institutions where they decline and die. Guardianship activists have a chilling description for this sequence: “liquidate, isolate, medicate.”

Cindy Hausburg’s case is hardly routine. While she has been treated for anxiety and depression, she does not begin to fit the description of an elder with irreversible dementia. While she had little understanding of what a legal guardianship is, she says, she was cleared by a medical doctor to enter into that status of her own free will.

Several months after hiring a new attorney in October 2014 to revive divorce talks that had faltered, she voluntarily placed her property under the guardianship of Lutheran Services Florida, a nonprofit agency that serves both indigent wards and those with the means to pay $85 an hour.

“In early March 2015,” Cindy Hausburg said in a sworn affidavit submitted to the court, her divorce attorney “described the voluntary guardianship as a ‘crash course’ in finances to help manage my money based on the pending resolution of my divorce. Her reasoning, as explained to me, was since I had been a homemaker for over 25 years that this guardianship would teach me how best to invest my money, how to shop around for the best and affordable insurances such as car, medical, home, etc. None of this was ever done.”

That attorney, Melinda Delpech of the Band Law Group in Sarasota, says everyone working on Cindy Hausburg’s behalf acted with good intentions. But, she adds, “I think the system is flawed and was never designed to provide the kind of assistance that people suffering with certain mental illnesses require.”

In 25 years of practicing family law, Delpech says, she has only twice recommended that clients consider arranging for professional guardians to manage their property.

Barbara Palmer of Bradenton filed a petition for voluntary guardianship in December 2012, expecting, she recalls, the same kind of help.

Delpech’s work on Palmer’s behalf in family law court impressed a young woman who happened to be assisting in the case on the opposing side: Cindy Hausburg’s eldest daughter Heather, who says she referred her mother to Delpech.

Palmer, now 62, has not been able to determine how much she paid for the two and a half years she spent under guardianship, and Manatee County court documents regarding wards are confidential. But she says she did not find the experience worthwhile: “I decided I no longer needed this person managing my finances; I certainly know how much I owe and what I’m doing to rid myself of debts.”
While it took until April 2015 to reach a final settlement with her former husband, Palmer says she was released from the voluntary guardianship at her request, in May 2014.

In the following year, Cindy Hausburg would not be disentangled from her own arrangement so easily.

‘Sign me up’

Her husband Jon remembers his reaction when he heard his wife had acquired a guardian.
“I was told that she went into this thing because she wanted a crash course in finances, and they were going to teach her how to get Blue Cross and auto and help her with her bills, because she was not good with money,” he says. “I was told it was $85 an hour. I thought, ‘The girl’s got seven bills; it’s three or four hours a month. Yeah, sign me up.’ Little did I know that they were billing her $7,000 a month to do this.”

Four months later, however, a petition was filed in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court to have his wife declared incapacitated and remove all her civil rights. The petition was signed by Elizabeth Carlson, who Cindy Hausburg says worked on her divorce case for Delpech as a forensic accountant. Carlson has not responded to a voicemail from the Herald-Tribune requesting comment.

“I did not initiate — nor did I ask anyone else to initiate — the involuntary guardianship of Ms. Hausburg,” Delpech says. “With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that this was not the right solution to the problem.”

Carlson submitted a document with her petition in July 2015 describing Cindy Hausburg as a “forty-seven-year-old woman” who was unable to make “appropriate” financial decisions and was not properly taking her medications. She “frequently pays bills her Guardian has already paid leaving no funds for her necessary expenses,” the document claimed, and she “miss’s appointments even when reminded.”

What happened next should not have happened, guardianship attorneys who agreed to discuss the case have said.

On Sept. 3, 2015, the court-appointed lawyer who represented Cindy Hausburg, Robert “Tad” Drean, and the lawyer for Lutheran Services appeared before Judge Charles Williams and told him that they would file a written stipulation regarding her incapacity if he would sign the orders to declare her incapacitated and appoint a new guardian with power over her medical and legal decisions as well as her finances.

“The stipulation actually just got executed on the doorsteps of the courthouse, so to speak,” Drean told the judge, according to a transcript of the hearing. “And so I’ll be — I’ll be filing it the moment I — return to my office, your honor.”

Asked to comment for this story, Drean requested questions in writing, then said in an email that he could not answer them because of “ethical duties, confidentiality issues, and attorney-client privilege.”

The stipulation, filed after Cindy Hausburg’s incapacity hearing, quoted medical examiners’ reports that “Her well being is in jeopardy because she does not keep doctor appointments;” “There is evidence that Cindy has been very careless with her money; and “Potential for exploitation is present.” The document also includes a handwritten addendum entitling Lutheran Services and its attorney “to be paid from the assets of the guardianship estate.”

Cindy Hausburg was not present in court that day. She says Drean advised her against it.

“He said, ‘If you go, I will not be able to obtain as many rights for you,’” she says. “So of course I’m not going to go and lose more.”

Krooks, the New York guardianship attorney, says wards may sometimes be advised to remain silent at their incapacity hearings, but always have the right to attend them.

“How do you have a guardian appointed without them being a party to the process?” he asks. “None of this makes sense. To have a guardian appointed for someone who has capacity, and then turn around and say that client lacks capacity, makes no sense to me.”

Jon Hausburg says he first heard about the petition to have his wife declared incapacitated when he was in North Carolina helping one of his four daughters with a move. She got a frantic call from her sister Heather.

“Have you looked at your email?” he remembers his eldest daughter saying. “They’re trying to commit Mom!”

The babysitters

To Cindy Hausburg, the view from inside her guardianship process appeared — well, crazy.

“They had a psychiatrist, a social worker and a nurse,” she says of the examining committee. “All three of them asked me to count back from 100 by sevens, and they threw out three words and later said, ‘What were the three words?’ And, ‘Draw a clock and make it 10 after four.’ And I said, ‘Do you want dots on the clock? Arabic numbers, Roman numerals, what?’ And after all that, they wrote that I was bipolar and had a tendency to spend too much money.”

As for the claim that she was double-paying bills, she wonders how that could even be possible after the guardianship began, because she had no money. Her husband paid a monthly allowance directly into her guardian’s account.

Once the new guardian had charge of her medical decisions, Hausburg says, home health “babysitters” came to her house daily.

“It was $25 an hour, 12 hours every day,” she recalls. “They didn’t do anything; they sat around watching TV and talking to me. They started messing around with my medication and it was making me loopy. I had been on the same meds for four years, and they cold-turkeyed me off of them.”

Because her guardian failed to pay the home health bills — unaffordable, given the amount of monthly support she receives from her husband — that account has been turned over to a collections agency, Cindy Hausburg says.

“My credit was 730 before they took it over,” she maintains. “It’s below 300 now.”

In October, after she missed an exit on Interstate 75 and ran out of gas, her guardian arranged for her to check into a detox program in Tampa, although Cindy Hausburg insists she has no alcohol or drug problem. Jon Hausburg said he agreed to pay the $10,000 a month — “I said, if that’s what she needs, yes” — and drove her to the clinic.

After a two-hour interview, both Hausburgs say, they were told the program was not appropriate for her. So Jon Hausburg drove his wife back to her Bradenton home, he says, to find her guardian’s assistant parked in the driveway and a locksmith changing all the locks.

Like other Florida wards before her, Cindy Hausburg believes she was treated with less fairness than criminals receive in court.

“At least they can stand up and say guilty or not guilty; I didn’t even get to say crazy or not crazy,” she says with a laugh. “They don’t want the family knowing that they’re trying to make you cuckoo with medications so they can justifiably lock you up, and then come in and change all the locks on your home. And I was charged $900 for that!”

Of all the attorneys working on her case, she says, only Drean talked to her. Repeatedly, according to his billing statements filed with the court, she asked him to intervene with her guardian.

“I finally got to get my Xanax back, at least,” she says. “Then I had to tell the caregivers, ‘Oh, you need to call your supervisor so you can get the code to the lockbox so you can give me my medication. And then you need to fill out this form about what we did today.’”

Discovery process

Drean proved to be an atypical court-appointed guardianship attorney in two ways. First, these attorneys rarely have any contact with wards once the hearing process is concluded. While an attorney for the guardian continues to be paid from a ward’s assets, the ward no longer legally has anyone to speak for him or her except the guardian.

“The role of the court-appointed attorney ends when the guardian is appointed,” explains Krooks, the New York elder law attorney.

Also unusual was the amount of interest Drean took in Cindy Hausburg’s divorce case. According to fee petitions filed in court, of the $30,165 he has billed so far, at least $8,337.50 is directly attributed to divorce issues such as discovery of Jon Hausburg’s assets, and work on the proposed financial settlement. This was at the same time that Melinda Delpech was billing for her work on the same issues — for a total of just over $45,000 so far.

In fact, Delpech’s and Drean’s billing statements show entries totaling at least $2,000 worth of billings for communicating exclusively with each other.

“The judge appointed various professionals to serve specific roles in the involuntary guardianship,” Delpech says. “I had no choice but to work with them. … I was very cognizant about the mounting attorney and other professional fees throughout the case and was vocal throughout the process about trying to rein them in.”

One issue that commanded attention from both Delpech and Drean, according to their fee petitions, was the effort to determine Jon Hausburg’s assets — a routine quest for a divorce attorney but not for a court-appointed ward’s representative. A lengthy discovery process, he says, revealed that his multimillion-dollar family inheritance was not part of the Hausburgs’ joint marital property. At this point, Cindy Hausburg had about $163,000 coming to her in the divorce, aside from her house and alimony expectations.

In November, Drean asked the court to consolidate the two cases — guardianship and divorce — in the interests of “judicial economy.” His motion mentioned a divorce mediation conference scheduled for December with Jon Hausburg, along with Delpech and attorneys for Cindy Hausburg’s first and second guardians.

One question to be resolved — after it was clear that Cindy Hausburg could not expect a million-dollar divorce settlement — was how all these attorneys and guardians might be paid.

Melton Little, Jon Hausburg’s divorce attorney, says the proposal that emerged from that Dec. 2 conference — to make his client the guardian of his future ex-wife in exchange for an agreement on fees — represents the kind of “out-of-box thinking” that such mediations are meant to encourage.
The deal was one way, he argues, to resolve a case that was getting out of hand.

“I’ve never seen one take on a life of its own like this one,” he says. “I’m not faulting anybody for what happened. I just think the case got enormously expensive and enormously litigated.”

But Jon Hausburg says the proposal was sparked by an offhand comment he made to express his dismay — both at the number of people who showed up for the mediation, and the fees they were demanding.

“Until that mediation in December, I had no idea that they were racking up that kind of money,” he says. “I said, ‘I’d be a better guardian than you; at least I’m free.’ The next thing I know, they’re actually taking me up on it. When they realized that the money was going to stop because I was going nuts, suddenly she didn’t need so much attention and they were willing to turn her over to me.”
‘Not a cocktail party’

The unusual settlement effort came to nothing. One snag appears to have been the proposed cap on fees; another was Cindy Hausburg’s refusal to sign releases that some attorneys reportedly wanted. But a turning point in the case came early this year, after the Herald-Tribune reported on state Sen. Nancy Detert’s bill to reform the guardianship process.

Cindy Hausburg happened to see the January story online, and wrote in the comments section about her predicament. Her plea was read by William Eppley and Pam Vergara, Brooksville attorneys who had represented a client in another Sarasota guardianship case profiled in the Herald-Tribune. In March, Eppley entered the Hausburg divorce case on behalf of Jon Hausburg.

Soon afterward, Cindy Hausburg filed her own petition to have her rights restored, called a “suggestion of capacity.” Drean’s billing records indicate that he had been working on a restoration of rights for her, but he never filed it. Instead he asked Judge Williams to appoint a court monitor to investigate the guardianship, citing negotiations that had “dragged on for months” along with “the complexities of the matter, Mrs. Hausburg’s dissatisfaction with her prior temporary guardian, her current limited guardian, her divorce attorney, and her court-appointed counsel.”

Williams designed the court monitor program, partly in response to a Herald-Tribune series examining the guardianship process, as a way of ensuring “that not one person slips through the cracks.” This is the first year of its existence, and the experiment appears to have had an impact in this case: Less than a month after monitor Dana Yawn submitted her confidential report, at a May 5 hearing Williams made restoring Cindy Hausburg’s rights his first order of the session — even though it was not among the topics set for discussion that day.

“OK,” he said after this swift action. “That takes care of the suggestion of competency, so what do you want to do next?”

With nine attorneys in the courtroom and one on the telephone — several of them asking to abandon a case that had spiraled out of control — the hearing was at times a chaotic affair. “This is not a cocktail party,” Williams said at one point, when Cindy Hausburg’s sister stood and attempted to speak.

The guardianship was suddenly, effectively at an end, and the divorce proceeding was in limbo. What remained to be hashed out — and still remains before the court — was whether Jon Hausburg should be held liable for all the fees that piled up during his wife’s yearlong experience as a ward of the court.

Delpech, who had asked for a decision on a motion to be paid for her work on the protracted divorce case, so she could withdraw as Cindy Hausburg’s lawyer, expressed little hope that her issues would take precedence.

“Melton Little and I got kind of pushed into this guardianship proceeding because we were trying to get these folks divorced with this going on in the background,” she told the court, “and it turned out to be the foreground and the divorce is the background.”

Little, the lawyer on the speakerphone, also seeking permission to withdraw as soon as his client found another family law attorney, summed up the level of confusion that had begun as an apparent effort to help a divorcing homemaker learn some financial skills.

“We got in this case as family law attorneys, and I think we did a pretty decent job helping the parties reach some agreement,” Little said. “The problem has been the amount of the fees and costs incurred in the guardianship proceedings and whether those fees and costs are going to be borne by one, both, or either of the parties in the divorce case. And that’s the problem, and that’s why at this point, it’s just over my head.”

Full Article & Source:
Courtroom trauma: Amicable divorce turned to guardianship nightmare

From Ken Ditkowsky–DOJ says the poor must be provided reasonable bail or be released.

WASHINGTON ― The Obama administration has joined the fight against the American bail industry, telling a federal appeals court that bail practices that keep poor defendants locked up because they cannot afford to purchase their freedom are unconstitutional.

“Bail practices that do not account for indigence result in the unnecessary incarceration of numerous individuals who are presumed innocent,” the Justice Department wrote in an amicus brief filed Friday.

The brief marks the first time DOJ has weighed in on the constitutional requirements of bail systems in a federal appeals court.

Bail practices in the United States often leave poor people languishing in jail simply because they cannot afford a certain amount of money to purchase their freedom. Many of the more than 800 jail deaths logged by The Huffington Post between July 2015 and July 2016 involved individuals who were incarcerated after being arrested for minor offenses and who were unable to afford their bail.

DOJ says that many jurisdictions still incarcerate people without taking their financial circumstances into account, and notes that the use of money bail has “increased substantially since 1990.”

Maurice Walker is at the center of the case at issue. The 54-year-old was arrested by the Calhoun Police Department in Georgia in September 2015 for allegedly being a “pedestrian under the influence.” Walker, who has limited income and serious mental health issues, was told he would not be released unless he came up with $160, the fixed amount set by bond for someone charged with being a pedestrian under the influence.

Court was held just once a week in Calhoun, and Walker was arrested on a Thursday before Labor Day when there was no court. He remained in jail for six days, and would have been there longer ― but he was released after lawyers with Equal Justice Under Law and the Southern Center for Human Rights filed a class action lawsuit on his behalf while he was still behind bars.

A lower federal court had ruled earlier this year that “any bail or bond scheme that mandates payment of pre-fixed amounts for different offenses to obtain pretrial release, without any consideration of indigence or other factors, violates the Equal Protection Clause.”

That ruling is being appealed by the city, and is also opposed by the American Bail Coalition. ABC claims that the plaintiff takes the “extreme position” that “any defendant is entitled to immediate release based on an unverified assertion of indigency,” and argues that bail is a “Liberty-Promoting Institution As Old As The Republic.”


From Ken Ditkowsky–the IARDC still has not investigated thefts and murders in probate.

Subject: Fw: Breitbart News Round-up: What Floods? Hillary Raises $$$$$ with Cher on Cape Cod
Date: Aug 22, 2016 3:55 PM
Just for the record – 
It is time to be counted!    DOES GRANDMA COUNT?
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2016 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: Breitbart News Round-up: What Floods? Hillary Raises $$$$$ with Cher on Cape Cod
Kissing babies and helping old ladies across he street were always staples of the political campaigns – UNTIL NOW.
Right here in America we have an active HOLOCAUST.    The villains are our corrupt Judicial and Political elite, and the victims are the elderly and the disabled.    Right here in Cook County, Illinois in case 09 P 4585 we have a text book example of the process.     Indeed, it is very simple:
1) Grab and senior, isolate her from her family and prior life and
2) appoint a guardian who then and there systematically removes the senior from her civil rights, human rights, and of course her life savings and other assets. and
3) when the estate is totally looted the miscreants just kill her off  – INVOLUNTARY ASSISTED SUICIDE IS WELL ACCEPTED here in Illinois.   We have nursing homes that are quite expert at it.
Yes, Illinois has a laws against such conduct, but, our Political and Judicial elite accept the principle that LAWS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN – AND they do exactly that–for as much money as they can grab.
09 P 4585 (Estate of Mary Sykes) is not unique, but is a product of arrogant disclosure.   The file is very clear in establishing a total lack of jurisdiction over Mary Sykes.   755 ILCS 5/11a -10 sets the standard – it is totally ignored.   The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission took the evidence deposition of the presiding jurist – Judge Maureen Connors.   At page 91 of her evidence deposition she admits to being ‘fixed’ or “wired.”     Without any evidence whatsoever she was prepared to render the decision that the miscreants wanted – AND WAS PROUD OF IT.
Normally a corrupt judge gets admonished — NOT IN ILLINOIS!  Judge Connors became Justice Connors and was elevated to the Illinois Appellate Court.
It is my estimation that about three million dollars was stolen from this estate – all of which was duly sanitized by the Court ignoring protests of Mary’s daughter Gloria and approving incorrect guardian accountings.
I call your attention to the blogs PROBATE SHARKS and MARYGSYKES.   These detail chapter and verse the perfidy of not only the Mary Sykes case but many other examples of ELDER CLEANSINGS.    The Alice Gore case is particularly obscene.    The avarice was so extreme that guided by the Guardian ad Litem and the Court supervision Alice’s 29 gold teeth were removed so that the miscreants could garner possession of the few grains of gold therein.  A feeding tube was implanted against her will because feeding her took too much time for a for-profit nursing home.
(It is of interest to note that President Obama signed an Executive Order for no more for-profit prisons. They cost just as much but the inmates receive far fewer services, security issues exponentiate, and daily troubles abound over government run prisons.  Same for the nursing home industry.  For profit nursing homes (gulags for the elderly) have 25% less patient assistance/staffing and while 50% of the nursing homes, comprise the bulk of nursing home complaints.
As you are aware we have a National crisis – – the budget deficient is through the roof on the Federal level and Illinois is almost in Bankruptcy.    Raising taxes is the method that the political establishment uses to deal with MONEY problems.   Collecting those taxes from the Political elite is the last avenue; HOWEVER, it should be the first avenue.    These elder cleansings are uniquely lucrative.    Recently Philip Esformes was indicted in Florida for stealing from medicare/medicaid a BILLION DOLLARS. He did it out of 30 nursing homes.   Seth Gillman running a Hospice operation in Chicago managed several hundred million dollars.   Omnicare was finded about a 150 million dollars for fraud on medicare, and was then sold to CVS pharmacy for 12.4 billion dollars.   In the Mary Sykes about three million was unaccounted for,  Alice Gore 1.5 million dollars.
A breach of fiduciary relationship is a taxable event.  Similarly theft is also taxable.    The Department of the Treasury and the Illinois Department of Revenue appear to be disinterested in collecting the taxes, interest and penalties due for the political and judicial elite.    18 USCA 371 makes all the participants jointly and severally liable for the taxes.
Thus, when Jerome Larkin acted upon the request of Cynthia Farenga to shut down the demands for an HONEST INVESTIGATION pursuant to 18 USCA 371 his action in an attempt to shut down the operation was a taxable event for him and as the Sykes case he incurred tax liabilities on the funds stolen from the estate.   The corrupt judge approving the inventories does not bind either the IRS or the IDR.    Fraud is fraud whether committed by the Political elite or the great unwashed.
What is interesting and quite sad is the fact that presidential candidates ****** and ****  and their entourages have not seen it appropriate to go to the aid to the abused and exploited little old ladies that are being brutalized by the miscreants – such as the cast of characters involved in either the Gore case of the Sykes case.    Indeed, no one appears to be interested.
We do not have the dramatics of having grandma hauled into a railroad care and transmitted to the killing field; however, the effect is the same.   Across America the outrage continues unabated in silence.  Lawyers who protest are stripped of their law licenses!   Family members who protest have their assets forfeit, tossed in jail etc.    THIS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
NO ONE CARES!   Today Grandma is not helped across the street – our political animals steal her purse and then toss her into the oncoming traffic.     Apparently in the lexicon of today political climate even the Trump came cannot be bothered with Grandma – **** or can Breitbart News induce it to sponsor an HONEST INVESTIGATION!
Ken Ditkowsky
Also, for the record, are lawsuits filed by candidates that deny civil rights.  I have already received one complaint that one candidate took an elderly woman’s property in eminent domain at a drastically reduced price to build a commercial for profit building.
Eminent domain is for the taking of bona fide public projects only that benefit a neighborhood–schools, hospitals, community centers, etc.  It is not to be used just because someone wants a deal on a piece of their neighbor’s property. Such actions are truly shameful.  It’s just more fraud in government.
I think we have seen eminent domain used in Chicago, to buy and tear down houses to build shopping centers for wealthy corporations that just want to make more money and that’s just plain wrong.  It’s fraud on the neighborhood, the public and the community and it’s just shameful.
Too many times I have heard that a guardianship has been initiated because some elder wanted to stay in their home until they died, refused to sell to a developer, and then the developer gets some crooked attorney and estranged family member to create guardianship all for a measly buck. The property is sold at a huge discount in probate to a stawman, and the process begins.  It’s all shameful.
And again, if you complain properties are sold in probate at huge discounts by letting them be filled with water or mold, or they come into disrepair, the Illinois Atty. Regn. and Disciplinary Committee just looks the other way. The Sykes case was one example where the property was right next to condos and the goal very well have been to get Gloria and Mary’s home and use it for lucrative condos. For sure, neither wanted to sell, they wanted to live in their own neighborhood until both passed.  But Mary was 90 and no matter what her health was (beating the pants off of the neighborhood card club in canasta)–she would be guardianized no matter what, no matter her protestations (find these on vimeo and facebook).  Gloria was a bit trickier, but all the miscreats had to do is allege some sort of fraud against the estate and blame Gloria–which they did.  It was all nonsense.  The ARDC refused to investigate then, and still does to this day, what really happened in the Sykes probate case.  It needs an investigation.  $1 millin in valuable coins–gone, no accounting of Mary’s home in probate, rumors it sold for pennies on the dollar.  Other cash accounts have disappeared, and no one, but no one can call for an investigation. Two attorneys (myself and Ken Ditkowsky) would be suspended for calling for an HONEST investigation of Sykes.  All discovery on missing items would be quashed. The Sykes Estate would be used to pay the expenses on Trust property (the Mary Sykes home), but the sales price, terms and conditions and an accounting for the sale would be taken off the books in Probate.  How interesting.
How long will the public put up with such shenanigins.  To this date none of the Plenary Guardian, Waller, Schmeidel, Farenga, Stern, etc. can or will be served with discovery on these highly important fianancial transactions.  Not a single deposition was taken, no interrogatories served (written questions) or a single request for documents.
How do these clouted people get away with such nonsense and there is no public clamor for justice? The ARDC goes right along with it and just says “move along, nothing to see here.”

FCLU meeting in Chicago at Manny’s Sept 24, 2016 from noon to 2 pm


We will hold our first face to face meeting in Chicago on Saturday September 24 from Noon – 2 PM.

Manny’s Deli
1141 S Jefferson St
Chicago, IL 60607

Has self parking in rear, or valet

We will discuss plans to drive judicial accountably in IL.  The Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board is ineffective and protects corrupt judges.  If judges are held accountable, they will be more likely to keep corrupt attorneys in check.  Complaints against judges are dismissed with no reason given and kept secret from the public.  As tax payers, voters and victims of their corruption we have the right to know about complaints against judges and the right to an honest effective judicial performance review process.

Through my family court reform efforts I have connected with Tamir Sukkary in California.  Tamir played a key role in addressing the same issue in CA.  The CA group brought the issues of the California Judicial Board before the Budget Committee and stopped additional funding.  The issue of Judge Persky sentencing a rapist to six months in jail greatly accelerated their efforts.  Recently the CA Legislature approved an audit committee of the CA Commission on Judicial Performance:

I believe we can take the same approach in IL.  Here is a link that contains additional links with reports developed by the CA group comparing the performance of the CA judicial review process/performance to other states.  We can develop the same for IL.

I am going to contact the IL Senate Judiciary  Committee members to make them aware of what we are doing and see if one or more will attend our meeting and work with us. Unlikely they will, but I will try.  If successful, I will also contact some reporters to see if they will cover our event and follow our journey on this effort.

Please let me and John Panko know if you will attend so we can reserve space at Manny’s.  Also if you know others that want to get involved send me their email address and I will add them to this group.

I look forward to working with all of you.

Best regards,

Mark Hexum

Peoria, IL


From FB–Scary stories of infants, toddlers and children on psychotropic meds at alarming rates.

Now mega pharma as usual is after the kids, maiming and killing them with adult poisons.

Check out these articles:

Xanax and Prozac for toddlers? Are they kidding?

A recent blog of mine described how unethical and illegal drug company activities have driven the prescription of toxic antipsychotic drugs to children. Now the “success” of this campaign has been documented in the Archives of General Psychiatry. In a comparison between the years 1993-1998 and 2005-2009, prescriptions of antipsychotic drugs for per 100 children (0-13 years old) rose from 0.24 to 1.83. That’s more than a sevenfold increase. Given that most of prescriptions are for the older children in this age range, the rate would be substantially higher among preteens and 13-year-olds. For adolescents (14-20 years old) the increase was nearly fivefold.

The federal government has not done enough to oversee the treatment of America’s foster children with powerful mind-altering drugs, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to be released Thursday.

ABC News was given exclusive access to the GAO report, which capped off a nationwide yearlong investigation by ABC News on the overuse of the most powerful mind-altering drugs on many of the country’s nearly 425,000 foster children.

The GAO’s report, based on a two-year-long investigation, looked at five states — Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas. Thousands of foster children were being prescribed psychiatric medications at doses higher than the maximum levels approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in these five states alone. And hundreds of foster children received five or more psychiatric drugs at the same time despite absolutely no evidence supporting the simultaneous use or safety of this number of psychiatric drugs taken together.

GAO Key Findings

Overall, the GAO looked at nearly 100,000 foster children in the five states and found that more than one-fourth of foster children were prescribed at least one psychiatric drug.

The GAO found foster children were prescribed psychotropic drugs at rates up to nearly five times higher than non-foster children, with foster children in Texas being the most likely to receive the medications compared to foster children in the other four states.

Although the actual percentages of children who received five or more psychiatric drugs at the same time were low in the five states included in the GAO report, the chances of a foster child compared to a non-foster child being given five or more psychiatric drugs at the same time were alarming.

In Texas, foster children were 53 times more likely to be prescribed five or more psychiatric medications at the same time than non-foster children. In Massachusetts, they were 19 times more likely. In Michigan, the number was 15 times. It was 13 times in Oregon. And in Florida, foster children were nearly four times as likely to be given five or more psychotropic medications at the same time compared to non-foster children.

From Joanne


This is truly scary stuff. And another GAO report.  After Leah Black Guiterrez asked Ken Ditkowsky if he was ashamed to quote a GAO report that elders in probate are being abused and exploited, fleeced and even murdered, I believe it is the Illinois ARDC’s offical position that lawyers are not supposed to quote GAO reports which tell the truth about the US court system. Instead of telling the truth and upholding US and state laws, we are supposed to help them cover up the horrific acts of some awful people in the court system.

Well, I simply refuse to be part of anyone’s cover-up, no matter how powerful and clouted they appear to be.


From FB: Man jailed for social media post gets one day in jail

From Joanne:

I really have no idea why this judge thinks he can regulate online media, but here’s the story:

A Chilton County Circuit Court judge recently jailed a man for a social media post that criticized the judge.

Court records related to the contested divorce of Carlos and Renee Ortigoza show Judge Sibley Reynolds jailed Carlos Ortigoza, an Air Force National Guard veteran, for contempt of court after he apparently violated an order from Reynolds not to post about his case on social media.

Reynolds originally ordered Ortigoza jailed for five days, but after Ortigoza served a day in jail, Reynolds had him released.

“I guess he felt guilty,” Ortigoza said. “To be quite honest, the entire ordeal is unbelievable.”

Records in the case show Reynolds ordered Ortigoza on March 18 to “refrain from negative posting on social media concerning his child’s mother.” Then, on July 18, Reynolds ordered Ortigoza to stop posting about the divorce.

On Aug. 3, Ortigoza said he posted on GoFundMe – a crowd-sourcing website in which people can solicit funds from the general public. In that post, he described his legal issues, provided his version of the dispute with his ex-wife and described Reynolds as “a corrupt judge.”

The next day, at a court hearing in his case, Ortigoza said his ex-wife’s attorney showed the GoFundMe page – which Ortigoza linked to his Facebook page – to Reynolds.

“He first started reading it out loud, like it was a joke,” Ortigoza said. “Then he got to the part where I said he was corrupt, and he read that to himself.

“When he finished, he asked if that’s how I really felt. I said it was. He said, ‘OK, five days in jail, I told you not to post on social media.’”

Attempts to reach Reynolds were unsuccessful. A person who answered his office phone said he was out of town.

HOT TOPIC: Meet the man behind plans for a mosque in Montgomery

Ortigoza said he had never been in jail prior to that night, but he did acknowledge making a mistake in posting derogatory information about his ex-wife.

“I shouldn’t have done that and I know it,” Ortigoza said. “I was just so angry and I let my emotions get the best of me. But I also know that Sibley Reynolds is wrong for what he’s done. We have freedom of speech, and that’s what a Facebook post is – my opinion, which is protected by the law.”

This isn’t the first time a judge found someone in contempt for posts on social media. In 2012, an 18-year-old was jailed for several days after she refused follow a judge’s order to delete her Facebook account.

New Filing to Illinois Supreme Court–why is the ARDC using unlicensed court reporters and trying to enforce fraudulent judgments against attorney activists?

Here is the most recent pleading filed:

Here are the exhibits

I don’t think that anyone can understand, with a straight face, what Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek are doing to come after me for a false judgment obtained with unlicensed court reporters.

Last week, Opryszek continued her delusion that the judgment is valid and that she can somehow play collections agent for the ARDC when in fact she was a direct part and participant in the fraud perpetrated upon the Illinois Supreme Court. She and Melissa Smart were in that hearing room when an unlicensed court reporter sat there and took the transcriptions.

Illinois law prohibits this for the “safety and welfare” of the citizens of Illinois.

Obviously, the ARDC is not at all interested in the safety and welfare of the citizens of Illinois. They put a judge (Judge Stuart) on the stand who lies and changes her testimony regarding putting a civil litigant (the younger Protective Daughter Gloria Sykes) into handcuffs via her bailiffs and threatens poor Gloria with the euthanization of her beloved pets if Gloria does not reveal the location of her own money–money that was to be used to fix up her home after it was damaged by mold.  All Judge Stuart wanted to do was hand the money over to the lawyers involved for their legal fees. And if they could not get it legally, they would fabricate and take it under false pretenses. What they all did was wrong and they all know it–from Judge Stuart who had to “suddenly retire” to Schmeidel, Soehlig, Farenga and Stern.

Stern threatens Ken Ditkowsky with disbarrment if Ken merely investigates the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.  Ken ignores Stern and finds the case riddled with lies, deception and falsehoods.  Stern then goes after Ken for sanctions–and get them–$5,000 worth via a rubber stamp, but only to be later overturned by the Illionis Court of Appeals, First District.

I am threatened with the loss of my law license by Judge Connors if I try to represent Gloria. Why? There is no true conflict.  I never represented Mary and everyone knows it.

Then we find that Justice Bernstein is pulling all the appeals at the court of appeals and getting them fixed, by an in court admission from Peter Schmeidel who is never investigated for all his subterfuge in this case. Why is that?

This blog reports the truth.  It is even admitted in my decision and quoted by the Tribunal that there is something “seriously wrong” in the Mary Sykes case by Kathie Bakken, Mary’s niece.

Mary Sykes was narcotized to death on May 23, 2015. There was no autopsy and no tox screen.  Gloria wanted that.  The Guardian blocked it like she blocked all investigations into her misbehavior, including the $4,000 taken from Mary Sykes in 2009 by the Guardian Carolyn Toerpe without Mary’s knowledge or permission. Mary filed for a Protective Order but that was never hear. Connors, Stuart, Waller, Schmeidel, Soehlig, Stern and Farenga must have been a part of that.  Why weren’t they investigated. Why aren’t they investigated even now?

Unless and until good Illinois citizens demand it,  disableds and seniors will continue to be railroaded into guardianships, assets lost, destroyed, stolen and fleeced. Valid citizen complaints are routinely ignored by the ARDC, but if a lawyer reports the truth on a blog, a heavy handed suspension is automatically issued as a head on a post to other lawyers that they dare not go there and protect the Truth, Honor and Justice or they will be flayed and drawn and quartered.

This blog and this lawyer doesn’t care. She will fight to the death for your rights to live in a free, open and transparent democracy where you don’t have to worry about your loved one being granny napped, abused, exploited and mistreated and then narcotized to death, all under color of law.

I and Ken are here to fight that. Lanre Amu spoke out against injutice and they flayed him too.

My case is all Fraud on the Court and I continue to fight it until the day I pass over.

So Sharon Opryszek and Jerome Larkin and Melissa Smart don’t think this is going away anytime soon. This blog is alive and well.  And I have backed it up numerous times and it is copyrighted.  You all need to do the right thing, restore my license, pay my damages and give me a grant so that I can fight this corruption for the next 10 years.  It’s all Karma, and Ms. Karma doesn’t go away until  you make amends.

That is my goal. No more lying, deceitful, money grubbing, outrageous lawyers in Illinois.

This has to end.


From Ken Ditkowsky – Jerome Larkin snubs a black attorney and a black and activist and what happens in Chicago? Nothing.

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016 6:56 AM
Subject: Re: ABA Rule 8.4 should put the ABA out of business – for violation of its own>
The racism that has been exhibited by Jerome Larkin, the Illinois Supreme Court, the ARDC (Illinois) in the Amu case – practicing law while Black –AND THE outrageous denial of admission to Diane Nash CANNOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG.
The Article that Judy sent out, to wit: 
 Is just another example of DON’T ASK DON’T TELL of the Political and Judicial Elite.
This article would never appear on CNN or even receive the play that it deserves – the reason is very simple – COVER=UP!     The Political and Judicial elite only care about being elected and a block votes react in a block.   A political candidate who offends either the racists or the non-racists is going to fall off the balance beam.   Where is the Africian American outrage here in Chicago – A Civil Rights icon was openly and notoriously refused admission to a public hearing!     An achieving individual who openly and notorious cast a stone for GOOD GOVERNMENT was literally told that he because he exercised his rights of citizenship against the reining political elite was to be deprived of his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS and his right to practice Law.   
Interesting, not a single CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST or CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST  – OR POLITICAL CANDIDATE has opened his or her mouth to protest this gross racial discrimination.    Racist is apparently mainstream and acceptable IF THE RIGHT PEOPLE ARE RACIST!
Indeed, in the McDonald case wherein a miscreant black teenager, who was apparently armed with a knife, was walking away from police officers at the time, was shot 16 times in 15 seconds by one police officer, was ignored so that Chicago’s current mayor could be re-elected without interference from the African-American community’s outrage at seeing so many of its teenagers finding permanent residence in the cemetery.   THUS THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT SWUNG INTO ACTION.   The entire City Counsel of Chicago – 100% DEMOCRATS =including the entire African American ALDERMANIC GROUP voted to PAYOFF and bribe the family of McDonald $5 million to keep quiet until the current mayor was re-elected. Video footage had been erased in the 24 hours ensuing the incident.  No police officer’s dash cam footage included audio, despite protocol it must be activated soon as an incident occurs.  Only one officer out of 8 shot at McDonald.
Today, with the mayoral election safely in the bag, the focus has changed and all those Uncle Tom’s who did not have the courage to stand up and be counted when the ELECTION WAS ON THE LINE are now once again vocal on the abstract, but dead silent on the specific cass such as the Amu case or the Establishments open discrimination against Diane Nash that prevented her from attending the IARDC’s kangaroo hearing.
In a similar manner the Judge referred to in the article, to wit:
is given a PASS!    He just like Judge Maureen Connors (who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition to be ‘wired’) was transferred.      Violations of OUR civil rights by the POLITICAL AND JUDICIAL elite is acceptable – if you or I say something that is inappropriate – BINGO the world stops!    
Did anyone notice where the errant Judge was transferred?       THE TRANSFER TELLS YOU JUST WHERE THE WORST JUDGES ARE ASSIGNED and the lack of respect that we – the great unwashed – enjoy.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.    It requires all of us to not only exercise our franchise but to place limits on the Political and Judicial Elite.     When they violate the LAW they – just like you and me – should be subject to the FULL FORCE OF THE LAW.    NO EXCEPTIONS!
Ken Ditkowsky

Elderly woman suffers horrifying death in Miami

Asst. AG On Death Of Elderly Woman: ‘Her Backside Rotted Away, Her Bones Liquefied’


HALLANDALE BEACH (CBSMiami) – The Broward Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, arrested the owner of a Hallandale Beach assisted living facility after an elderly woman died under her care.

Gail Victor, 64, is charged with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person by culpable negligence.

According to investigators, the 80-year-old woman “developed pressure ulcers on her buttocks, hips, sacrum and heels while under care at Bernadette’s ALF, located in Hallandale Beach.”

Detectives said Victor, a licensed practical nurse, not only failed to treat the victim but also falsified nursing notes.

Victor also allegedly concealed the extent and severity of the ulcers from others involved in the 80-year-old woman’s care.

Authorities said the victim’s condition worsened to the point she had to be taken to Aventura Hospital.

Just eight days after arriving at the hospital, the woman died as a result of cardio respiratory arrest, sepsis and osteomyelitis.

Assistant Florida Attorney General Arielle Demby-Berger said what Victor did to the victim was gruesome.

“Under the care of Ms. Victor, her backside rotted away, her bones liquefied.” Demby-Berger said. “This was a horrendous manslaughter.”

Victor has subsequently relinquished her license to the Department of Health.

When a family member asked that Victor be released without bond, Broward Judge Michael Davis wouldn’t hear it.

“This was a heinous crime, a particularly heinous crime,” the judge said.

He ordered Victor held on $20,000 bond.

She has to wear a GPS tracking device and is forbidden from having anything to do with anyone’s health care.

If convicted on the first-degree manslaughter charge, Victor faces up to 30 years in prison.

More from Gary Nelson

Regarding Lanre Amu’s Case where he was wrongfully disciplined

From: ‘Lanre O. Amu

Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 7:09 AM

To: ;

Subject: From ‘Lanre O. Amu – Request for Reinstatement of Law License Forms Pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 767

Dear All:


All People of Conscience, Please Help Me Rectify this Injustice!

1.       I present my case in all humility but unwilling to be bowed (to Evil) nonetheless because TRUTH repressed and crushed to earth MUST RISE AGAIN! to the Embarrassment of the Evil doers who are holding Public Office while betraying the very Oath of the Public Office they hold – leading to serious questions about what is Justice, Fairness, the Sanctity of our Society and Our Democracy. Lawless people it seems have hijacked the System and are now using it against the lawful people in Our Society. It is rather ironic that in the law schools, in the black letter law, in case law, in public speeches, we are admonished to be lawful. But the reality is that the lawful are now a threat to the lawless, as such the lawful must be eliminated in our Society. There is something wrong with this picture.

2.       I was unfairly suspended on August 6, 2013, (on the false claim and finding by the Illinois Supreme Court that I made false statements concerning the integrity of some judges) when in fact what happened was that I dared to expose a slam dunk case of Judicial Corruption by the “Mighty and the Powerful”. The fraud perpetrated that led to my suspension from the practice of law is a criminal act and an inside job within the System. The evidence to clear me is there but the Justices sworn under Oath of Public office to dispense the truth turned blind eyes to the evidence and struck my name from the roll of lawyers. Years after my exposure of the Corruption the Illinois Supreme Court claims is a lie, Crain Chicago Business independently exposed the very same pattern of judicial corruption concerning the same very judge. The judge I exposed never once said I made a false statement against her, she simply moved to quash my Subpoena aimed at exposing everything. The corrupt lawyers involved in the corruption saga never said I made a false statement against the judge, they simply moved to quash my Subpoena aimed at exposing everything. So, where is my false statement for God’s sake? Rather than allow me to Courageously bring down the House of Corruption I was swiftly suspended by telephone call from the Illinois Supreme Court on August 6, 2013, and made the Sacrificial Lamb by the Illinois Supreme Court’s 7 Justices who are sworn under Oath to Obey the Law and Uphold the Integrity of the Judicial and Court System. This Cover-up strategy to remove me and let everything die a natural death amounts to crushing TRUTH to Earth. They swept everything under the carpet – Amu is gone they celebrated! But TRUTH Crushed to Earth MUST rise Again!

3.       In a proceeding that will make Kangaroos blush by comparison, my right to defend myself and expose the fraud being perpetrated in the judicial system was removed by fiat by the Illinois Supreme Court’s 7 Justices. The ARDC appointed hearing officers or henchmen turned deaf ears to the fraud in their fierce resolve to hang me for daring and wanting to bring down the house of Court and Judicial Corruption. I could not subpoena witnesses or clear my name as I am trained to do as an astute lawyer. Nobody wanted me to embarrass or confront the System in its fraud. I must be gotten rid off immediately. I was suspended for 3 years without any witness testifying against me concerning any wrongdoing in the discharge of my duties as a lawyer on behalf of the People of Illinois. If in my Conscience, I have done anything wrong, I will admit and take my punishment. But that is not the case at all. I have done nothing wrong. I was simply faithfully discharging my duties as a lawyer and looking out for the Best Interest of the People of Illinois. What I get from the Illinois Supreme Court for being faithful, loyal, and honest is 3 years suspension from the practice of law.

4.       The Corruption I exposed can NEVER be denied because the evidence is still there tomorrow, and the evidence having been unraveled through God’s help (not my own intelligence or my own ingenuity) is STARK! Rather than face and deal with the embarrassing situation as they were sworn under Oath of Public Office to do, the Illinois Supreme Court Justices many of whom are noted for making lofty anti-corruption speeches in public forums failed to live up to their public pronouncements on anti-corruption. I have heard lofty speeches of Justice Burke, Justice Robert Thomas, Justice Thomas Kilbride, Justice Lloyd Karmeier, etc. Most especially at election times, then at honorary public gatherings. One of those instances is when they assemble on stage to swear in newly admitted lawyer. Justice Robert Thomas once made a passionate speech from a podium attacking corruption in the Court system. With all Due Respect, the gap between their individual public speeches and their conduct in my suspension case is a CREDIBILITY GAP! It shows these people are not sincere, and they are simply playing to the gallery, and lying to the People of Illinois.

5.       It is now past 3 years (August 6, 2013 to August 6, 2016 = 3 years) since my suspension from the practice of law. But I am being told that I cannot be reinstated yet. All of these chastisement, embarrassment, and humiliation for daring to hold the line on Honesty, Truth, and Integrity in Our Courts for the Best Interest of the People of Illinois?


  1. What is my wrong? Instead of going after the Corrupt judges and the Corrupt lawyers, you bludgeon the messenger of Truth who dared to expose them!


  1. The pivotal question is this: Who here is faithful to the Oath of Office? Who here is truly faithfully discharging the duties of Public Office?


  1. For daring to uphold the Integrity of the System I was sworn under Oath to uphold, I get suspended for 3 years and deprived of the means of livelihood.


  1. I would appreciate any help towards rectifying this situation. Thank you.

Attorney Suspended For Exposing Judicial Corruption!

‘Lanre O. Amu, P.E. (Illinois ’89), B.C.E. (U of MN, ’84), M.S.C.E. ( U of MN, ’86 ), M.B.A. (UIC, ’89), J.D. (1995)

0909 301 3007   0815 781 6971


From Lisa Nadig–court bloggers have same 1st Amend. Rights as mega media

Court ruled that bloggers have First Amendment protection when sued for defamation


GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Friday that bloggers and the public have the same First Amendment protections as journalists when sued for defamation: If the issue is of public concern, plaintiffs have to prove negligence to win damages.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a new trial in a defamation lawsuit brought by an Oregon bankruptcy trustee against a Montana blogger who wrote online that the court-appointed trustee criminally mishandled a bankruptcy case.

The appeals court ruled that the trustee was not a public figure, which could have invoked an even higher standard of showing the writer acted with malice, but the issue was of public concern, so the negligence standard applied.

Gregg Leslie of the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press said the ruling affirms what many have long argued: Standards set by a 1974 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Gertz v. Robert Welch Inc., apply to everyone, not just journalists.

“It’s not a special right to the news media,” he said. “So it’s a good thing for bloggers and citizen journalists and others.”

Crystal L. Cox, a blogger from Eureka, Mont., now living in Port Townshend, Wash., was sued for defamation by Bend attorney Kevin Padrick and his company, Obsidian Finance Group LLC, after she made posts on several websites she created accusing them of fraud, corruption, money-laundering and other illegal activities. The appeals court noted Padrick and Obsidian were hired by Summit Accommodators to advise them before filing for bankruptcy, and that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court later appointed Padrick trustee in the Chapter 11 case. The court added that Summit had defrauded investors in its real estate operations through a Ponzi scheme.

A jury in 2011 had awarded Padrick and Obsidian $2.5 million.

“Because Cox’s blog post addressed a matter of public concern, even assuming that Gertz is limited to such speech, the district court should have instructed the jury that it could not find Cox liable for defamation unless it found that she acted negligently,” judge Andrew D. Hurwitz wrote. “We hold that liability for a defamatory blog post involving a matter of public concern cannot be imposed without proof of fault and actual damages.”

The appeals court upheld rulings by the District Court that other posts by Cox were constitutionally protected opinion.

Though Cox acted as her own attorney, UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, who had written an article on the issue, learned of her case and offered to represent her in an appeal. Volokh said such cases usually end up settled without trial, and it was rare for one to reach the federal appeals court level.

“It makes clear that bloggers have the same First Amendment rights as professional journalists,” he said. “There had been similar precedents before concerning advocacy groups, other writers and book authors. This follows a fairly well established chain of precedents. I believe it is the first federal appeals court level ruling that applies to bloggers.”

An attorney for Padrick said in an email that while they were disappointed in the ruling, they noted the court found “there was no dispute that the statements were false and defamatory.”

“Ms. Cox’s false and defamatory statements have caused substantial damage to our clients, and we are evaluating our options with respect to the court’s decision,” wrote Steven M. Wilker.

From Joanne;


Now if we can only get the Illinois ARDC to find that attorney bloggers have the same rights to the First Amendment especially when discussing corruption in the courts, there will be finally a win for the State of Illinois.

Jerome Larkin, head of the ARDC does not want that though.  He refused to have the ARDC managing staff and lawyer publish their Ethics Reports under the Illinois Ethics Reporting Act of 2009.  He ran a kangaroo court for myself and Kenneth Ditkowsky when all we did was write hundreds of faxes, letters and blog posts to protest the fact that the Mary G Sykes case was wired, the Judges admitted it in various ways, Judge Stuart lied at my trial when at first she sad she never chained poor Gloria Sykes, the Protective younger daughter, and threaten her pets with euthanization. Eventually, as warned by this blog on May 23, 2015, Mary Sykes, age 95 was narcotized to death and her body has not been tox screened or autopsied, but the Cook County Coroner should do it ASAP.

We now have a list of 30 probate cases across the nation where seniors were subject to “target, isolate, drain the estate, narcotize to eliminate and then creamate (to destroy the witness and evidence”.

Jerome Larking and his staff of ARDC attorneys–Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart and Leah Guiterrez Black have all covered up the Mary G. Sykes case and others where seniors have been fleeced and narcotized to death.

Recently Morris Eformes and Son Phillip were indicted for $1 billion in Medicare/Medicaid and state health care fund fraud in Florida.

Jerome Larkin protected Illinois Atty Seth Gillman for TWO YEARS, while he prosecuted myself and Ken Ditkowsky for speaking out against this massive network of health care fraud and probate court fraud in Illinois.

Illinois citizens are demanding better government. We want people who engage in these crimes and cover ups to either be indicted or tested immediately for psychopathy with a PET brain scan and removed and delicensed.

It is psychopaths like these that destroy the very fabric and fiber of civilization leaving Illinois and Chicago and unsafe environment for disableds and senior citizens.


see case decision here:

From Ken Ditkowsky–is US healthcare reaching the homeless on the streets?

Subject: I knew that when push came to shove kidnapping homeless people for profit by the cabal of nursing home operators would become laudable.
Date: Aug 15, 2016 1:20 PM
The Chancellor of the University of Chicago (Beale) was heard to say – if you let me ask the question I will form the answer for the respondent.   In today’s world of political correctness, the Establishment protects itself by demonizing anyone and anything that does not toe the line.   Earlier we had a mini-revolution and the great unwashed rose up and said NO MORE!
Today the Wall Street Journal fired a salvo at our fight to protect the elderly and the disabled.   As usual the salvo was well disguised as a ‘social service.’
PROFIT for the corrupt political elite and corrupt judicial elite has always been an objective for the establishment.    Any dissent was brutally punished and lawyers in particular demanded HONEST INVESTIGATIONS by law enforcement were demonized, suspended from the practice of law etc.    In spite of the best efforts of the corrupt political cabal and their 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators the government was forced to do a bit of LAW ENFORCEMENT and a few of miscreants were called before the bar of Justice.
In reviewing the crimes committed, elder cleansing = i.e. guardianship for profit wherein a senior is isolated from his/her prior life so that he/she can be dehumanized and his/her estate forfeited into the ‘loving’ hands of judicial criminals et al was one of the most profitable for the miscreants and one of the easiest to be swept under the rug.    Blogs appeared to protest, i.e. Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, AAApg, NASGA ****.    The criminals assaulted the First Amendment but were unable to silence the continued cries of anguish that were being placed on the net.    The media, and the establishment were dead silent!  except to laud a successful rebuff by the establishment on the objectors.
In the course of our investigation not only did we discover that our modern day totalitarian national socialist steal the gold from the teeth of at least one of their victims – see Alice Gore case – but, one of the most successful of the nursing home operators sent thugs out on the streets (and in particular lower Wacker Drive in Chicago) and kidnap homeless people.   The involuntary residents of the **** nursing homes had their costs of captivity paid for the the Government (medicare in particular) but it was reported that the Illinois Office of the Public Guardian assisted in the effort.    Mr. Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission unilaterally revoked the First Amendment and statutory protections of lawyers so that demands for an Honest investigation were muted.   Indeed, the Supreme Court of Illinois also joined in the assault on the Illinois and Federal Constitutions.   Cries for HONEST protection of citizens were ignored and the dishonest and corrupt political and judicial elite prevailed.    Illinois was not alone in government perfidy.
Today’s WSJ places a new spin on the providing health care to the homeless, the elderly etal.
No one is against providing honest and appropriate health care universally and to those who are homeless, et al.    Unfortunately, some of us are also aware of just what Healthcare obtained from the government really is.    The VA scandals are only one example.    The **** kidnappings of homeless people for the profit of nursing home operations is another *****.
The Illinois miscreants are amateurs compared to the New York cabal – ****.   This does not mean that the Illinois cabal is innocent – See the Philip Esformes/Seth Gillman indictments and charges.
IT IS TIME FOR AN HONEST INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing scandal even if it offends Jerome Larkin, the judicial elite and the political elite.    It is time to take the extreme profits out of the misery of the general population and particularly the senior citizens.
And Ken, I would like to note for the record that while we have both published the following facts:
1) Mary G. Sykes was never served in Guardianship 09 P 4585; she was spirited away to Naperville in a granny napping so she could not be served.  The sheriff’s dept. has no record of service; the court files for 09 P 4585 and the Record on Appeal has no notice of service, Mary was not read her rights as an alleged disabled–ever.
2)  Nearly $1 million in gold coins is missing.  Several family members saw and/or heard of the coins.  Ask Gloria, she has receipts.  Uncle Al Biddy collected them and Mary went and got them, the late Charles Sykes collected them. There is a bag. There was a safe deposit box rifled without inventory after the guardianship began.  The probate court quashed all discovery, then the ARDC does not investigate the GALs or the other court appointed lawyers–Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel, Waller, Soehlig, etc. This group knows where probate bodies and evidence are buried, why couldn’t I get a deposition on each of them?  I’d be glad to do it for the ARDC.  I want to know why Farenga threatens me with a wrongful disqualification and gets it with a rubber stamp, Ken is threatened with disbarment by Stern for investigating the case;  I am threatened by Judge Connors for merely trying to appear for Gloria.  Why all the threats?  None of my other cases are like this one.  The word on the street from others in the know whom I cannot repeat the source say this case is wired.  It will all be rubber stamps–and it was.  The ARDC refuses to investigate.
3) Judge Connors in her deposition says that if there were something found wrong in the case, she would just dismiss it and start over and come to the same conclusions. Wired case.  Important admission. The ARDC refuses to investigate.
4) The house is clearly commingled with assets of the estate.  Judge Stuart says this on the record and warns Toerpe (the guardian) not to do this.  She does it anyway and then never inventories the sale of the house, allegedly it is in trust.  Why the secret on the house sale price and trust.  Why was it sold to a real estate investment corp. Why was there no inventory of it or approval of sale terms, price and condition?  The Estate paid the mortgage for years, it was commingled, where is the accounting.
I have lots of questions on the Sykes case, the ARDC refuses to investigate just like it refused to prosecute Seth Gillman until 2 years into a $100 million indictment.
I’d like to know why the ARDC didn’t go right after him.  He also bilked employees of their health care payments and tax payments, etc. but the ARDC looked the other way.
Certainly the ARDC knew about city attorneys holding up 20 or so videos of cops shooting unarmed blacks in the city.  Rumor is it that Chicago has lots of black and minority deaths because the organs are harvested by X and Y hospital for profit.  A kidney goes for $30k, a pancreas for $20k, a heart goes for $50k, and everyone is quiet about that. Why are they quiet?  Are major Chicago hospitals involved?  I want to know, don’t you. Why do we always have 800 to 1500 shooting deaths in Chicago every year.  Much of Europe has none or close to none.
How did activist Bettie Jones die of a bullet wound to the neck behind a closed door?  How did the police manage to accomplish that?  For sure she was an annoying loud mouthed convenience but were the police wearing thermography lenses to do that?
I have lots and lots of questions and I have seen no answers.
I want everyone who commits a crime to be tested for psychopathy and then have them put on a psychopathic offenders list and delicense them if they are cops, firefighters, nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc.  Psychopathy is now supposed to be the leading cause of death and destruction and damage in the entire world, far outstripping any accidents or disease. Why?  One psychopath will have 5 or more co-dependents under his or her dominion or control. Psychopathy is said to affect 5% of all males and 1% of all females.  I’m in the corruption/death/damage field, and I will tell you this is a key place to start to get justice and cut the crime rate.   Psychopaths are 5% of the male population, but comprise a hefty 60% or more of all crime, if you add in their minions.

From Ken Ditkowsky–A system with many working parts, working to commit fraud on the public and the disabled and Elderly

The Total Pharmacy/Omnicare venture referred to supra is a look in the LOOKING GLASS. 
The Enron scandal is a parallel to the health care/nursing home situation.   The miscreants are clever and much smarter than most of criminals that the government has to deal with.    The scandal has multi levels:
  1. Political.   Key to the operation of the fraud is an alliance between Establishment political people, judicial people, and the multi-levels of the fraud.   Each locality appears to have a similar structure and very strong tie ins to the dominate political party.
  2. Judicial.   Keeping the facilities occupied and generating money requires tie-ins with corrupt judges and judicial elite.    Here in Illinois we saw how Jerome Larkin and the IARDC react to the call from ‘on high’   Cynthia Farenga saw a post in PROBATE SHARKS calling for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and the miscreants prostituted themselves to attempt to stop the call.  Adam Stern’s job was to call the offending lawyer not part of the scheme and threaten him (myself) with disbarrment.  Judge Connor’s part was to keep the Mary Sykes case wired (she said in a deposition if there were any “problems” with the case, she would dismiss it, start over, and come to the same conclusions and issue the same orders).  Her role was also to make sure Mary went to a “go-to doctor”  to fill out a CCP211 declaration of incompetency.  When she was told the Mary’s personal physician would not sign one, she replied, “find a doctor that will.”  The presiding judges closed their eyes and signed whatever orders were necessary to enhance the wealth of the program.   In the Gore case – no depravity was too low for the judge – even an expedition into the mouth of the elderly ward to get a few grains of gold was acceptable conduct and 29 gold teeth from a 99 year old woman were pulled and a feeding tube inserted against her will because she ate too slowly.   Indeed, the collection of gold from grandmother’s mouth according to Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators was in the best traditions of the Illinois Bar.
  3. Structural.     The subversion of professionals is old hat and as old as the hills.   Pass a dollar bill under the nose of some professionals and you own his/her for life.    The miscreants are too clever and they no longer need to use dollars – nursing home beds, opportunity to rob an estate, opportunity to be a guardian of an estate and steal, and a horde of sundry payments, mortgages, vacations, opportunities etc

A sheltered care facility has numerous operations.    The facility, for instance purchases pharmaceuticals.     This – Esformes created TOTAL CARE which just happens to have a monopoly on all the facilities drug purchases.

By buying in bulk for the controlled facilities the price is substantially reduced.   Indeed, with the over prescription of drugs by controlled doctors a medium size nursing home has a higher sale volume of these substances than most family pharmacies.   Indeed, the warehousing of the elderly requires keeping the elderly subdued and quiet.   Thus, linking 30 – 300 Esformes controlled facilities together in a buying group is pure money!
Of course, Esformes is too smart to be openly involved in the operation – thus, the operating partner looks around for a youngster, the more naive the better, and he is lured into the position of Chief Operating Officer.    The swelled head augmented by the flattery, large salary, fancy car, etc., makes this recent graduate or cultivated fool perfect.   In the pharmacy one of the dupes dispenses chemicals like corn flakes and if the face that the FDA, IRS, FBI, et al. sees.   The shares of the company (Total) are in nominee names = by and large –
Charity is a big part of the issue.   Everyone contributes.   The contribution is to a duly recognized charity.    The Clinton Tax Return showed a million dollar donation to a Clinton Charity.    The Esformes tax return probably shows a contribution to a Esformes Charity.    Funds are disbursed so as to get the maximum personal benefit.    (I would not be shocked to find out that Donald Trumps disbursement was in a similar manner.) Giving makes certain community operations dependent — (I should not have to explain further)


Each operation works essentially the same way, including management, nursing care, linen supply, real estate management, Utilities, professional operations, *****.     Even the billing is outsourced to a related entity which is independently controlled by Esformes Or some other mogul.   These operations even have independent offices and in many of the situations the CEO or person designated to go to jail is a total stranger to the group.     An O’Reilly being the CEO of an Esformes- Enron style corporation is not an anomoly.

The indictment of Philip Esformes found at www.justice.gove/opa/file87o8306/download will give you an idea of what the government investigation has uncovered to date.

I ran across an early version of this scenario in the BURT MORGAN CASE.

From Ken Ditkowsky–Double and Triple Standards

Subject: Re: In a nutshell here is our situation. The Pa Prosecutor goes on trial
Today in America, we have double and triple standards.      All too often the characterization of events is not based upon the Facts, but political correctness.    The knee jerk reactions exploited by the political opportunists, the establishment, and the two major political parties is disingenuous and harmful to our democracy.
America is in crisis.      There is not a day that goes by that we are not confronted by an outrage promulgated by the Establishment.      Today, we are hearing that the information that we were fed on ISIS was substantially false.    Yesterday more of the Clinton e-mails were released and the cozy relationship between the Clinton Foundation, some of its donors, and the State Department was revealed.    The day before that ******
The trial in Pennsylvania of the Attorney General for leaking secret Grand Jury material cannot be denied as a political trial and therefore subject to very substantial corruption.    There is no controversy that grand jury materials are secret and if the prosecutor leaked them as charged she committed a very serious offense that must be severely punished.     If, however, the trial is based upon her offending the establishment, her tormentors and the current prosecutors are guilty of such terrible corruption that they all should be forever barred from public office, jailed, and run out of town on a rail.     We have a core value confrontation – either we have democracy in America or we do not.    The prosecutors must prove the AG guilty beyond a reasonable doubt!     The Court of public opinion does not have such a high standard, but, it demands much more than a naked allegation.
Across the Board we have similar situations.      Let me address two fact situations:
Fact situation A.
In Ferguson, Missouri we watched an unarmed young man, who happened to have a dark hue to his skin, exit a convenience store as he assaulted the store clerk and liberated some cigarellos from a store clerk.  When the clerk tried to stop him, he shoved the clerk away.    We then heard that the young man had been shot by the police.   Updates on the story on Wikipedia indicate that while the young man did not have his hands up to surrender, the police cruiser tried to block him, their window was open and the police argue he tried to reach for the officer’s gun (now why the windows were open or why he was allowed to approach so close without being tazed or pepper sprayed, is another mystery). Outraged people rioted, looted, and generally created civil chaos because this young man was killed.      Indeed, even though the policeman was exonerated and found to have acted within the scope of his authority the young man was lionized.      His mother was invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention and memorials are being erected in his honor.
and compare Chicago Police to Norway police who have not killed anyone in a decade:
Fact situation B.
In Chicago, Illinois another young man, who happens to have a dark hue to his skin along advanced degrees in Engineering and Law, OBSERVED and in accordance professional rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4 **** reported to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois that a certain judge was corrupt.     He reported that Judge Egan, refused to recuse herself even though she was on the board of directors of the defendant and her brother was the lawyer for the defendant.    Larne Amu thought that this was unfair and corrupt.    Indeed, so did a respected Chicago Business publication –CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS.   (Their allegations were identical to those of Amu) Outraged lawyer disciplinarians (Illinois ARDC and Jerome Larkin) professionally lynched Mr. Amu, and the Supreme Court of Illinois found that his reporting the corruption and wiring of Illinois judges so offensive that they immediately suspended his law license pending hearing and after hearing in which no one denied either Mr. Amu’s report or the article in the Crain’s Chicago Business.  Mr. Amu, it is said, helped many poor and immigrant persons from Africa for free or low cost or on a contingency, attain justice in their cases.  There are not many lawyers who will do this.  There were no riots in the streets, and Mr. Amu was castigated, and driven from his professional life.     There was a monument to him erected at the Offices of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to wit:
Civil Rights Icon, Diane Nash, elected to observe another one of the kangaroo hearings being held by Mr. Larkin at the Prudential Building offices of the ARDC.     Even though there were empty seats in the arena, Ms. Nash was singled out for exclusion from the hearing.
The two events all occurred in the same year.      Under the cloak of political correctness, in writing this essay, the political correct people label me a racist, and a bigot for disclosing that Mr. Amu is an educated gentleman who any of us would feel pride inviting into our respect homes, and the individual (Mr. Brown) referred to in illustration 1 is a person that many of us would even voluntarily associate with.   (No degree, poor, minority–charity only goes so far for some).  Why is Mr. Brown lionized and Mr. Amu a pariah?
Mr. Brown’s death can be exploited by the unprincipled Establishment.     Mr. Amu is a thorn in their side as he represents a movement by minorities to break bread and enjoy EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW.     If there are more people with dark hues to their skin color who emulate Mr. Amu a few slogans and appeals to the baser instincts will remove many in the establishment from the gravy train.    Larne Amu is inconsistent with selling judgeships, government positions, cronyism, or other forms of corruption.      He is one of us!     He does expropriate the sundries from convenience stores and shove round store clerks and he is polite and professional in his dealings with legitimate authority.
Thus, while Mr. Brown and other villains are lionized, upper mobile and society enhancing people with a dark hue to their skin are castigated – – It is respectfully submitted that no matter what the mainstream media propagandizes, or the establishment preaches such is wrong.
Jerome Larkin, all his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators, and all the political people who exploit the elderly, the disabled and you and I have to be brought before the BAR OF JUSTICE and called upon to ANSWER for their alleged corruption.     The Establishment can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

From Tim Lahrman-Guardianship–the Final Solution

Thanks for sending me your thoughts on guardianship and permitting me to publish this.

The Final Solution
By: Tim Lahrman
I am really tired of all the banter about, argument regarding and pandering to, the issue of guardianship.[fn.1] For those reading this who many not know who I am – I am but a ward a mere child of the king, I have lived and survived the last nearly thirty years in and under a guardianship in the state of Indiana.[fn.2] I live, breath, eat sleep and s*** guardianship and yet as difficult as the experience has been so too has it been enlightening and inspiring.
It’s Sunday August 7, 2016 — I just read an article on the NASGA blog written by Erica Woods, J.D. at the American Bar Association and I am thoroughly disgusted by what I read.[fn.3] Why, pray-tell, would Erica Woods cite to the NGA best practices guidelines in an article titled “What is a guardian supposed to do, Anyway”.[fn.4] Since when did the National Guardianship Association [NGA] set the standards for and make the laws governing guardians?[fn.5] The NGA is a “trade association” promoting an industry of professional guardianships – they are in essence a “lobbying” voice who have postured themselves to be self-assigned experts advising the state court systems. But my biggest problem with Erica’s article lies in the fact that as an attorney — a ranking member of the ABA — she said NOTHING about “the rule of law” which already governs and instructs guardians and the courts. In sum, why did Erica not talk about “the law”, or the solution.
Because I am aging quickly and tiring of the constant bickering and arguing about guardianship I am going to put the following in writing — and let the chips fall where they may.
There is no question that guardianship is in derogation of the common law and therefore strict compliance with the statutes is required of courts, judges and their appointed guardians. Guardianship entails a massive curtailment of liberty – yet contrary to popular belief and teaching a person under guardianship does not lose their rights but rather, they lose their “legal capacity” to prosecute and or defend their rights. A person under guardianship is effectively and substantively “un-emancipated”. Once adjudicated incapacitated a person under guardianship
has no more authority or power to act on their own behalf than if they were dead. [fn.6]   So “What is a Guardian Supposed to Do, Anyway” — the answer is simple, follow the law not the NGA guidelines[fn.7]. With that said, contrary to popular belief and teaching, guardians DO NOT ‘decide’ for their ward and the best interests standard often relied upon is NOT the proper legal standard applicable to adult wards and adult guardianship. [fn.8] Accordingly, IF you are involved in an adult guardianship case where the guardian is willy-nilly making decisions based upon the best interests standard and imposing decisions of their own making — you have a court and a guardian who are simply not following the law, certainly not uncommon and not unheard of either. Guardianship is known to be a dangerous law [fn.9], chaos is good for business [fn.10] and I can attests from years of personal experience that the subject of guardianship is well beyond the professional competence and educational experience of most lawyers and judges. [fn.11] Yet on the flip side those few among the bar who do know and understand guardianship are, as we most know, glad to exploit the chaos.
All said however, it is my position that the rule of law governing guardians and their supposed power, their decision making authority, is found in Cruzan v. Dir. Missouri Dept. of Health, 497 U.S. 261 (1990). [fn.12] This is a MUST READ case for anyone dealing with a guardianship case. In Cruzan the Supreme Court sets the standard for how decisions are to be made for and on behalf of incapacitated persons. The significance of Cruzan is that while setting the standard the Supreme Court did so to protect the human dignity and personal autonomy of the incapacitated person. Cruzan expressly says that simply because a person became incapacitated does not mean they lose their rights, their human dignity nor their personal autonomy. For those who do not know the legal lingo personal autonomy includes the right of self determination, the right to choose and/or to have those previously chosen decisions honored.

In sum, I cannot stress upon you enough the significance of Cruzan, read it! Re-read it, highlight it and be ready to demand that any decision a guardian makes be supported by clear and convincing evidence that the decision made is the decision the incapacitated person would have made were they capable of expressing their decision. THAT is the rule of law governing guardians and their decision-making authority. [fn.13]
Now then, applying Cruzan even further – many of your parents and loved had “advance directives”, DPOA, HCPOA(s) and Living Trusts. Well each of these documents/ instruments represents your parent’s previously expressed wishes and directions which, under Cruzan (and other legal theories), are constitutionally protected. Your parents’ all have/had a reasonable expectation to the benefit of these “programs” as provided by your state laws. Under Cruzan your parents’ previously expressed wishes and instructions are to be enforced and honored, not ignored and tossed in the trash Appeals courts in Florida, Indiana and I think Ohio have already ruled that existing valid “advance directives” and DPOA(s) preclude any “need” for a guardianship and absent the “need” no court has jurisdiction to appoint a guardian where none is needed. [fn.14]
Of course we know that in most guardianship cases these courts and judges are not following the law – many are ignoring advance directives, many are trumpeting some exaggerated “family conflict”, many are ordering family members to stay away from the parent, pay for supervision to “visit” your parent, and some of you have even been thrown in jail or at least threatened with jail over these issues. But let’s stop and think here —-[fn.15]
Guardianship is a “service program and activity” of your state. Your parent or loved one under guardianship is clearly a “qualified individual with a disability” who’s “disability [or perceived disability] significantly impairs one or more area of life’s major activities”. The court is a “public entity” providing the “services, programs and activities” of the judiciary and the guardian holds an appointed or elected public office which, on one hand is a “public entity” in and of itself, and on the others hand serves to accommodate and facilitate the “services programs and activities” of both your state’s guardianship program and its judicial services, programs and activities.
All of the quoted phrases in the foregoing paragraph are found in the Americans’ With Disabilities Act 1990 (as amended) (“ADA”). Found at 42 U.S.C. §12101 et seq., the ADA is comprised of five [5] separate titles.

Title I prohibits disability discrimination in employment.

Title II [which concerns us most] prohibits disability discrimination by state and local governments.

Title III prohibits disability discrimination in and by places of “public accommodation”.

Title IV governs telecommunications and

Title V contains various provisions including, anti-retaliation and coercion, a section providing for attorney fees and a section which strips states, and “public entities”, of their 11th amendment sovereign immunity. [fn.16]

This is powerful stuff, very powerful. [fn.17]
When you think about the “services, programs and activities” of a public entity [Title II ADA] the US Supreme Court has written in Tennessee v. Lane, 541 U.S. 509 (2004)18 that, “everything government does is a service program and activity”. The court likewise said and reasoned that “the sole reason government exists is to serve the people.” Hence everything government does is a service, program and activity subject to Title II ADA regulation. With this in mind it is my learned perspective and conclusion that your state laws which provide to the citizens of your state, your parents and loved ones included, the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the states services programs and activities governing “advance directives” i.e. DPOA(s), HCPOA(s), Living Trusts etc. etc., each of these laws, are a separate and distinct “service program and activity” covered under the ADA.

Accordingly, and without going into lengthy explanation and citation to specific ADA regulations, when a state court and state court judge ignores your parents’ advance directives and, because of your loved ones’ disability, excludes your parent and loved one from the benefit of the advanced directive “services programs and activities” which your parent freely chose to access, participate in and reasonably expected to benefit from — this is an act of disability discrimination. The same is true of an appointed guardian who imposes their personal decisions on a ward and/or where a guardian is in breach of their fiduciary duties — each of these events, and more, are acts of disability discrimination (after which and resulting from follows the heinous crimes and abuse that guardianship victims suffer and focus on.)

Upon its passage in 1990, US Senators Tom Harkin and Edward Kennedy hailed the ADA as “the emancipation proclamation for disabled Americans” … stop and think about those words … “emancipation proclamation”, powerful words with meaning. Disability discrimination is rampant in our courts and all through the offices and departments of our “public services”, has been since the day this country was birthed — The history of “wardship” in America is neither pretty nor honorable. The history is not readily and willingly discussed, but I do see quietly in the background of more current events among policy makers who know full well we are right — that they are just not yet ready to apologize and acknowledge their wrongs.

I have witnessed and experienced disability discrimination first hand for the past nearly thirty years. Mike Pence is a bigot in my book — need I say more in this election year.

In close, and because I am struggling to remain brief in this presentation – I’ll return now to Erica Woods’s recent article discussed above and ask the question again – [W]hy is Erica Woods deferring to the NGA guidelines and why, as an attorney, is she not presenting the law and the rule of law which protects us as it already exists? Of course we all know the answer — discussing the issues honestly and truthfully is simply not good for business.
Thank you in advance for your valuable time and consideration. It is my hope by sharing this that each of you find a sense of renewed hope, strength and understanding in what I have just shared. Please know that I hear the cries of all victims, I see the efforts of all the advocates — you have been robbed, stolen from, cheated and lied to — you have been denied the honest services of our government, some of you indeed witnessed the slow murder of your loved ones, you have been terrorized by a ‘klan’ of thugs and arrogant bigots – yes you have, and you did not stand a chance in the fight because you and your loved ones’ have been discriminated against from the get go and all throughout your struggles.
Stopping the disability discrimination [fn.19] — ends the abuse and torment. That’s the final solution. And one last thing before I go — look at the picture of Erica Woods which appears in her article. Nice smile, don’t you think?
Enjoy the song.
1. The terms guardianship and conservatorship are interchangeable.
2. For insight and understanding of Indiana’s adult guardianship system, see; 2012 report by the Indiana Supreme Court Adult Guardianship Task Force found online at
3. nasgablog found online at;
4. Erica Woods’s article online at;
5. NGA guidelines;
6. see concurring opinion Turner J. Estate of Doyle, (Illinois App 2005) found online at,14
7. For the purposes of this very limited presentation I am taking issue with NGA Standard number 7 found in the file under fn 5 above.
8. For a very clear and insightful explanation of “the best interest standard” as
applied to disabled adults see, In re Storar (NY App 1981) found online at;,33
(this case is cited in Cruzan and like Cruzan is a MUST read.)
9. Cut and pasted from Estate of Rosengarten, PA Supreme Court 2005 found online at:,39 “The dangers of the incompetency statute have been recognized since its inception. In re Bryden’s Estate, 211 Pa. 633, 633, 61 A. 250, 250 (1905) (statute allowing for declaration of incompetency “is a dangerous statute” and is “to be administered by the courts with the utmost caution and conservatism.”). It is basic to our jurisprudence that a person’s property is theirs to dispose of as they wish, even if it results in poverty. Id. As the Court stated in Bryden, “[T]he basic principle involved, as laid down in Lines v. Lines, 142 Pa. 149, [is] that a man may do what he pleases with his personal estate during his life. He may even beggar himself and his family if he chooses to commit such an act of folly.” Id. Recently, in In re Hyman, 811 A.2d 605, 608 (Pa.Super. 2002) (quoting Estate of Haertsch, 609 A.2d 1384, 1386 (Pa.Super. 1992)), we noted that the incompetency statute “places a great power in the court. The court has the power to place total control of a person’s affairs in the hands of another. This great power creates the opportunity for great abuse.” The above cited and other provisions of Chapter 55 are tailored to ensure that the incapacitated person’s wishes are honored to the maximum extent possible. In this case, the guardian and the orphans’ court violated this mandate at nearly every conceivable opportunity” .(emphasis added).
10. I recall in the mid-1990’s while attending my paralegal studies program at IUSB
[Indiana University South Bend] I read an article published in US News & World Report written by John Leo (might be Jay Leo I don’t recall) entitled – “The Business of Chaos”. Believe it or not, chaos is an economic development policy and practice.
11. After attending the 3rd World Congress on Adult Guardianship held in Arlington
VA in May of 2014, I had the honor and pleasure in June 2014 of interviewing Mr. Charles Sabitino who chairs the ABA Commission on Law & Aging. Mr. Sabitino is likewise an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University. The point of my interview focused on “educational standards, CLE programs and the like, as relating
to the law of guardianship and the “bar communities” preparedness to provide professionally competent services to consumers of legal services in matters of guardianship”. It was Mr. Sabitino’s opinion that the “bar community” is woefully
ill-prepared and less than sufficiently trained and educated in matters of guardianship law. In addition, over the course of nearly 30 years, I have personally spoken to and consulted with hundreds of lawyers, law professors and even judges/former judges, and more times than not these are the words I hear —- “you certainly know more
about this than I do.”
12. The Cruzan case can be found online at;,60
13. For another insightful case involving the decision-making authority of appointed guardians — a case involving a NY man held against his will in a CT nursing home — see;,7 5,99,107,122,138,162,286,287,288,289,349,350,351,352,380 [Gross v Rell , 695 F.3d 211 (2nd Cir. 2012)
** Note in this decision what the court says of the family’s efforts and “visits” with their father at the nursing home. Note too that the Court found unpersuasive the guardian’s argument which bemoaned the duty of a guardian to get
a court order for every decision the guardian makes. In sum, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals found that a guardian MUST seek a specific court order for each of their decisions, because that is their job.
14. There are a number of arguments that can be made why these adult guardianships are unlawful and unconstitutional. One such argument can be found in Scott v. McNeal, 154 U.S. 34 (1894) where the US Supreme Court held it unconstitutional (a violation of due process) to probate the property of a living person. In so finding the court also reasoned that “death” was the jurisdictional fact necessarily required to invoke the jurisdiction of a probate authority. Found online at:,60
15. An old friend of mine, now deceased, said to me more than once — “[S]ometimes
it is not just what they did that is their undoing but rather, look for what they did not
do that they were supposed to do.” The man was a genius, dual degrees in psychology and engineering [he dropped a master’s psych program with 4 credit hours remaining – disgusted by what he had learned] he taught me how to research and develop my analytical mind. I miss our long hours of conversation and laughs about life.
16. In its entirety the ADA is a voluminous statute very hard to read and comprehend. In a nutshell, Title II of the ADA protects disabled individuals from disability discrimination and guarantees to them the “equal opportunity” to: (i) access, (ii) participate in, (iii) benefit from; and, (iv) effectively communicate with, equally effectively as do others, the services programs and activities of state and local government. The DOJ has promulgated regulations implementing our nation’s Title
II ADA anti-discrimination public policy. Found in and under 28 C.F.R. Part 35, a
violation of any Part 35 regulations is an act of discrimination in violation of the ADA.
I can assure you all with almost 99% certainty, your guardianship cases are all fraught with ADA violations.
17. Being called out as a bigot is not a “good career move” – look around, Paula Dean admits she used the n-word thirty years ago and she gets “socially sanctioned” and suffered career complications that haunted her for years. Same thing happened to comedian Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld), he climbs up on stage goes into
a bigoted racists rant and his career tanks. Same thing happened to an Indiana Judge facing formal disciplinary charges for violating the ADA — he took early retirement, retired in good standing, to spare being publically called out as a bigot. In a case in Chicago, ADA allegations were made against an African-American female PROBATE judge —- she recessed for lunch and disappeared — NEVER returned to her job. To
this day there is no public explanation of why her sudden departure. A few years
ago in Ohio a county probate judge went public in a news article, vowed he “would never recuse himself from this case”, within days he recuses himself after being
served summons in an ADA lawsuit. In Indiana, my count is, 11 different Indiana
state court judges are facing ADA lawsuits. Leading the charge and pending for a
jury trial is Prakel et al. v. Indiana(**), a Title II ADA case concerning associational discrimination by a state court. Most recently the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals,
Posner, J., in an unpublished opinion [conveniently] chastised a Federal Court judge
for how a litigant’s disabled status was considered and treated in a federal ADA
lawsuit against the Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois and the state of Illinois. See Linda Reed v. State of Illinois found online at:,11 2,127,268,269,270,271,272,314,315,331,332,333,334,335,377,378
(**) To read the US DOJ “Statement of Interest” in the Prakel case visit online at: This is a MUST read because it addresses associational discrimination and the right of family members to provided one and other “emotional support and informed perspective” concerning legal matters involving them. It likewise chastises the courts by reminding them of “their unique qualifications” and the long-standing principle that ignorance of the law is never an excuse.
18. In Tennessee v. Lane – found online at: =4,60
the US Supreme affirmed Congress’ authority to abrogate the states 11th Amendment sovereign immunity — in Title II ADA discrimination cases.
19. “Discrimination” is a message the broader public rallies behind, just look at the LGBT movement and their successes.

From Ken Ditkowsky–On Guardianship Limitations

Tim – lets go a step further.   A guardian is a fiduciary.   A fiduciary owes the highest standard of conduct to his/her ward.   This is an onerous responsibility and it prohibits the guardian from profiting from his/her position directly or indirectly. The compensation that the guardians is based upon a reasonable and necessary standard and is limited by the reasonable charges that would be charged in the community, the value of the service to the ward etc.
The appointment of a guardian is strictly regulated by STATE statute.   In Illinois the statute provides:
   (755 ILCS 5/11a-3)   (from Ch. 110 1/2, par. 11a-3)  
     Sec. 11a-3.  Adjudication of disability; Power to appoint guardian. 
     (a) Upon the filing of a petition by a reputable person or by the alleged person with a disability himself or on its own motion, the court may adjudge a person to be a person with a disability, but only if it has been demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence that the person is a person with a disability as defined in Section 11a-2. If the court adjudges a person to be a person with a disability, the court may appoint (1) a guardian of his person, if it has been demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence that because of his disability he lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions concerning the care of his person, or (2) a guardian of his estate, if it has been demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence that because of his disability he is unable to manage his estate or financial affairs, or (3) a guardian of his person and of his estate.  
     ( b) Guardianship shall be utilized only as is necessary to promote the well-being of the person with a disability, to protect him from neglect, exploitation, or abuse, and to encourage development of his maximum self-reliance and independence. Guardianship shall be ordered only to the extent necessitated by the individual's actual mental, physical and adaptive limitations.  
(Source: P.A. 99-143, eff. 7-27-15.)
The guardianship situation is strictly limited – it is intended to be a reasonable accommodation so that a ward can enjoy the fruits of his/her American citizenship even though he/she may have some limitations.
To illustrate the problem all we have to do is look to the Mary Sykes case -00 P 4585.   Therein, the only reason for the guardianship was to stop Mary Sykes from obtaining an order of protection against the person who became her guardian.   Judge Connors was so anxious to appoint a guardian that on page 91 she admitted that she was wired, and a review of the Court file demonstrates that the due process efforts required by statue 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 (jurisdictional) were totally ignored.    The videos that are stored on the MaryGSykes blog demonstrate that Mary Sykes was not incompetent – the appointment was PUNITIVE.
This is also the problem in your case.    In the Alice Gore case, after Bev was removed, the object was pure avarice.    In the Carol Wyman case, it appeared to be substitute for a divorce *****
The attempts by the 2nd oldest professional to rationalize the gulag and American Holocaust are lame.   The attitude of our elected officials and the Political and Judicial Elite is reprehensible and destructive of the very values that they each took an oath to protect.
The Illinois statute’s limitation is echoed in just about every state, and ignored in just about every state –

        (b) Guardianship shall be utilized only as is necessary to promote the well-being of the person with a disability, to protect him from neglect, exploitation, or abuse, and to encourage development of his maximum self-reliance and independence. Guardianship shall be ordered only to the extent necessitated by the individual's actual mental, physical and adaptive limitations.  
(Source: P.A. 99-143, eff. 7-27-15.)

The profits both financial and politically from the abuse of guardianship are massive.    Here in Illinois the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has been delegated the task of protecting the corrupt judges, miscreant lawyers, and other pernicious judicial and political criminals who are making billions of dollars by their elder cleansing activities.    The recent charges that the Justice Department bought against Philip Esformes in relation to his 30 nursing homes in South Florida are the tip of iceberg —  A billion dollars is alleged to have been stolen from Medicare!     Herein Illinois with about 300 nursing homes and the aid of Jerome Larkin only the good lord knows how much tax payers money is being stolen from Medicare. 
Ken Ditkowsky

From Ken Ditkowsky–all the spin and still a blackout on medicare/guardianship corruption in Chicago

Subject: No spin is required to get the meaning of the current cover-up
Date: Aug 10, 2016 1:42 PM
When we asked Jerome Larkin of the IARDC for an Honest Investigation his response was to bring disciplinary proceedings and to lie like a rug.    When citizens read that the IARDC was an entity set up by the Supreme Court of Illinois to protect the public against corrupt and crooked lawyers, they called for Honest investigations of the lawyers (including judges) who were preying on the elderly and especially their loved ones.   The IARDC found that kidnapping, exploiting, abusing, breaching public and fiduciary trusts by favored lawyers met the highest standards of the bar.   
Indeed, even when citizens cried that that 3rd Reich had invaded Illinois = as they learned that an elderly citizen had her mouth ravaged so that a guardian ad litem (appointed by a corrupt judge) so that the GAL could obtain a few grains of gold!   Of course Mr. Larkin and the Supreme Court of Illinois could not tolerate such disclosures and labeled the blog (MaryGSykes) as being akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   The manager of the blog, even though protected by statute and the Constitution, was immediately suspended from the practice of law by the Supreme Court of Illinois.    
In Illinois even the bragging by a judge on a deposition taken by the IARDC that she was wired (page 91) did not change the course of the ‘cover-up’    The judge was rewarded for her candor – she was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois as HER victim was assigned to a “nursing home” until her entire estate could be garnered into the safe hands of the miscreants.    No outrage was too small or too insignificant.   A complete record is found on the web.  See: Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, and NASGA.
The criminal enterprises Nationwide are starting to unravel.    Atty Seth Gillman recently pleaded guilty to over a 100 million dollar hospice fraud.   (We have to say “attorney” because the ARDC protected his nefarious activities for years before filing a complaint against him in Feb. 2016, though he had been stealing and defrauding Medicare/Medicaid/the State of Illinois for years.)  Phil Esformes was charged with stealing in his 30 nursing homes a billion dollars.  (you got that right – a billion dollars).   The Chicago nursing home cabal (and in particular allegedly Morris Esformes- the father of Philip) got fined hundreds of millions of dollars for their Omnicare activities (Pharmaceutical fraud in nursing homes).   The company was then sold to CVS Pharmacy for 12.4 billion dollars.    There is big money in health care fraud.
It was amusing to hear Blago our former governor plea for mercy – We all remember Tony Rezko and the attempts to shake down a DuPage County Hospital etc.    Resko was also disclosed to have sold our president a lot in Kenwood (Chicago) at a bargain basement discount price.   The great right wing conspiracy as well as many of us – the great unwashed – thought that this heavily discounted purchase price was a BRIBE.    Of course nothing ever came about it.
The cover-up for the Political elite is absolute.   If a member of the great unwashed makes a statement it is construed in the light most unfavorable.  Each time it is construed the construction become more and more obscene.   However, when the ‘fix’ is in – do not expect anything but benign comment – if any at all.
Indeed – Right is wrong, left is right, up is down, and most importantly criminals with clout go free!
I think it is time for America to WAKE UP!    If the highest ranking public officials violate the law they should be subjected to an HONEST INVESTIGATION and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.    
Jerome Larkin is not running for President of the United States –  his 18 USCA 371 actions have caused countless senior citizens to fall victim to elder cleansing – He and his group of miscreants ought to be subject to an HONEST INVESTIGATION and if the fact demonstrate that they have breached their public trust, they ought to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.    The fact that a person is elite should not in a democracy give them immunity from the RULE OF LAW.
From Joanne:
What I really want to know is how the Chicago media is so silent on hundreds of senior citizens forced into nursing homes against their will every month.
No one investigates. Isn’t that the easiest investigation for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, WGN, NBC, CBS, WTTW?  All you have to do is go there and ask all the residents if they want to be there or if they want to go home, or if they want to go home with a loved one, and then ask the loved one if arrangements can be made for that?
Of course, many are so heavily drugged they will not and cannot respond.  But still,  what  a great news story.
Many of these nursing homes are supported by government funds and I believe that the news reporters, if the seniors want to talk to them, they should be allowed to talk to the seniors about whether they want to be there or at home, if that is possible.
Why the silence on this issue from the mega media in Chicago.
Why aren’t the judges and GAL’s required to stay in these nursing homes themselves for a month before they place anyone there.
So many questions, so few answers from the mega media, but the mega media doing favors for clouted, wealthy is the reason why 70% of the American public now gets their news from blogs like these on the internet and that’s why the mega news papers are in a world of hurt right now.

Bill Windsor of Lawless America Announces a big win over corruption

For those of you that do not know Bill Windsor, he is pretty much the folk hero of the cleaning up corruption in the courts scene. He started a campaign on youtube, taking short 5 minute videos of people complaining about corruption in the courts. Roseanne Miller has been on one.  I believe those were to be assembled into a “Lawless America” full length movie, but where that went I don’t know where that project is.  Bill was jailed 134 days for tweeting?  He was investigating someone for corruption, Sean Bouche and that turned into a nightmare involving several states.

Bill Windsor claims more than 1500 of the short videos across the nation about complaints regarding corruption in the court.

His story is fascinating.   The announcement of his win is here:

a video on the update can be found here on youtube:

From the US DOJ — How pattern and practice investigations work

Apparently the US Dept. of Justice conducts “pattern and practice” investigations where civil and human rights are violated by the police.

So, why not in probate?

Read on. This is one of their letters explaining what they do and how they do it.  I think it needs to be done in Guardianship courts across the nation where the pattern and practice is “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, eliminate and cremate.”

How Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Conducts Pattern-or-Practice Investigations

The Department of Justice has a number of tools that are effective in bringing about lawful and fair policing. One process is a “pattern-or-practice” investigation. The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has employed this process in communities across the nation to reform serious patterns and practices of excessive force, biased policing and other unconstitutional practices by law enforcement. The division has ongoing cases in cities across the country. The division has worked in departments as small as six officers and as large as 17,000. The first step is conducting a thorough and independent investigation to bring to light any persistent patterns of misconduct within a given police department. The division may look, depending on what information prompted the investigation, at whether the police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of stops, searches, or arrests that violate the Fourth Amendment; use of excessive force; discriminatory policing; violation of the constitutional rights of criminal suspects; or violation of First Amendment rights. During the investigation, the division assesses whether any systemic deficiencies contribute to misconduct or enable it to persist. A critical part of the investigation is hearing directly from community members and police officers. While the division brings in a wealth of knowledge based on many years of police reform work across the nation, it knows that in order to instill confidence in the thoroughness and integrity of the investigations, as well as to better understand the issues particular to that place, the community must be heard. In addition to gathering information directly from community members, all pattern and practice investigations involve interviewing police and local officials, gathering information from other criminal justice stake holders, observing officer activities through ride-alongs and other means, and reviewing documents and specific incidents that are relevant to the investigation. At the conclusion of an investigation, the division issues a public report detailing the findings. If the investigation finds no systemic violations of constitutional or federal statutory rights by the law enforcement agency, the division will state that and close the investigation. If, on the other hand, there are findings of patterns or practices of misconduct, the division will articulate precisely what those patterns or practices are, and will identify any systemic deficiencies underlying those patterns. If an investigation reveals patterns or practices of unlawful policing, the division will seek to work with the department, with input from community stakeholders, to effectively and sustainably remedy any unlawful practices. This usually takes the form of a negotiated agreement that incorporates specific remedies and that becomes a federal court order overseen by an independent monitor. If the division is unable to reach such a negotiated reform agreement, then it has authority to initiate a lawsuit to secure reforms. In all of the division’s cases, it endeavors to include remedies that form the foundation, in any law enforcement agency, for policing that is consistently constitutional, as well as remedies that are carefully tailored to the specific problems identified during the investigation. The Department of Justice stays involved throughout the implementation of remedies to ensure that meaningful and sustainable change occurs. This process typically takes years. Exactly how long it takes to depends upon a number of factors including the commitment of local leadership to making changes. The reform process initiated by a pattern-or-practice investigation can enable law enforcement agencies to remedy identified problems; repair mistrust between the community and the police; and bring about policing that is lawful, effective, and responsive to community needs. It can also help police officers, both by ensuring that they have the policies and training they need to police safely and by helping to foster the community confidence they rely on in performing their duties.

From Ken Ditkowsky–Penn.’s Top Prosecutor on Trial for Leaking Grand Jury information

Subject: In a nutshell here is our situation. The Pa Prosecutor goes on trial
Date: Aug 8, 2016 7:36 PM
Some people have convicted the Prosecutor, and others have determined that she is innocent, and still others are waiting for the jury decision.    In a political trial is it possible to obtain a fair and impartial verdict?    This appears to be a political trial and thus extreme care has to be taken as to how it is handled.   This is the Supreme Test of the justice system.
Here in Illinois the outcome of the trial would be a foregone conclusion.   If history is any guide, the fix would be in.    The political elite would have gotten together and determined if the prosecutor was guilty or innocent.  As Judge Connors pointed out on page 91 of her evidence deposition = the decision would already be in.
This is an easy fact situation – did the defendant leak secret grand jury materials?
If she did she is guilty, however, if she did not she is innocent.  Her good motivation is irrelevant.
Unfortunately, the judicial system of America is on trial.   Will she receive a fair trial or is this political cover-up or witch hunt.    I do not know the answer and after my experience with Jerome Larkin, the IARDC, and the Illinois Supreme Court my confidence level is not very high that she will get a fair and impartial trial.
Jury selection begins in trial of Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor
We are citizens have much more at stake in this trial that the defendant.   Yes she could go jail and be disgraced, but we can have our Nation’s core values destroyed.   What is important in this trial is whether when the jury reaches its decision the State of Pennsylvania has proven the defendant guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.
It is not enough for the State to prove that the grand jury testimony was leaked – the proof beyond a reasonable doubt has to establish that the prosecutor herself leaked the material.   (This is what the press says the charges are – I assume (with great doubt) that they can read and are accurately reporting that fact.
Any loss of the defendant’s civil rights, whether direct or indirect intimately affects YOU AND I.     This is true for the Florida, Illinois, New York ***** citizens.    This case like the Hillary Clinton e-mail case cuts to the heart of the concept of Equal Protection of the Law.    If the prosecutor did the deed, whether it is politically expedient to have a trial or not – this is serious stuff and an impartial trial must occur.   If the prosecutor did not do the deed, whether it is politically expedient or not to have a trial, this is serious stuff and as the grand jury material appeared to be leaked she is entitled to have a trial AND THE STATE PROVE EACH AND EVERY ELEMENT OF THE CRIME BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.
The criminal justice system as it applies to our elected representatives or those who wish to be our elected respectative is not an option or a suggestion.   It must be applied to everyone equally and diligently.
The guardianship cases are NOT criminal cases, but they effect the freedom of individuals.    When a individual is stripped of his or her civil rights = either in whole or in part – the government and the justice system have to prove a speedy trial and a hearing to determine what if any reasonable accommodations are necessary so that the loss of liberty is kept at a mininium.    In the case of the prosecutor the burden placed on the prosecutor is BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, and in the case of guardianship the burden is CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE.    Form does not defeat substance in either case.    In Illinois 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 provides the jurisdictional mechanism for protecting the senior.    It is routinely ignored nationwide and we have wired judges who toss the civil rights of seniors to the four winds.   (see page 91 of the Maureen Connors evidence deposition taken by the conspiracy headed by Jerome Larkin)
If the AG of PA (defendant) has a ‘wired’ judge who has Judge Connors attitude – we have a problem.   If we allow the ‘fix’ to be accomplished  (either way) in this case (either way) we can kiss out freedom goodby!   This case is an acid test!

From NASGA –Vt doctors sue over forcing them to assist in suicides.

Doctors Sue Vermont for Forcing Them to Promote Killing Their Patients in Assisted Suicides

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed suit in federal court Tuesday against officials in the Vermont Board of Medical Practice and the Office of Professional Regulation on behalf of health care professionals who wish to abide by their oath to “do no harm.” The state agencies are construing Vermont’s assisted suicide law as requiring them, regardless of their conscience or oath, to counsel patients on doctor-prescribed death as an option.

According to the agency, only physicians must refer patients to others who will counsel for assisted suicide; however, all of the health care professionals filing suit contend it is unethical for them to counsel for, refer for, or in any other way participate in suicide at the hands of medical personnel.

“The government shouldn’t be telling health care professionals that they must violate their medical ethics in order to practice medicine,” said ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden. “These doctors and other health care workers deeply believe that suffering patients need understanding and sound medical treatment, not encouragement to kill themselves. The state has no authority to order them to act contrary to that sincere and time-honored conviction.”

Although Act 39, Vermont’s assisted suicide bill, passed with limited protections for healthcare providers, state medical licensing authorities have construed a separate, existing mandate to counsel and refer for “all options” for palliative care to include the option of assisted suicide. The Vermont Department of Health adopted this expansive reading.

Full Article & Source:
Doctors Sue Vermont for Forcing Them to Promote Killing Their Patients in Assisted Suicides

From Atty Jeff Norkin–his summary of the problem of suppressing valid dissent against corruption in the courts

From Atty Jeffrey Norkin;

Great summary of the problem.

I spent 21 years representing victims of police brutality. I discovered, uncovered, exposed, and pursued retribution for numerous, major conspiracies to cover up and distort the truth about how and why defenseless people became gravely injured or dead at the hands of police and corrections officers, often in the public eye. I spent 21 years representing victims of commercial torts, often fighting powerful, wealthy corporations with no regard for anything other than their own profits.

What did I get after being deprived of over $40 million of rightful recoveries by blatantly illegal judicial rulings, mostly by Federal judges appointed by Republican politicians?

I was disbarred via two dictates of an entity which declared and declares itself above the law, and above the U.S. Constitution. In Florida, lawyer discipline is delegated to the people who populate our state Supreme Court. That group explicitly decided that lawyers in disciplinary cases are not entitled to due process. They, as I was, can be deprived of their livelihoods based on hearsay, without notice of the acts with which they are charged, and, among many other violations, without any appellate recourse.

The US Supreme Court holds to the contrary. Lawyers are protected, like everyone else, by the due process protections that are the heart and mind of the American system of justice.

But the almighty Florida Bar Disciplinary Board, clothed in the Robes of State Supreme Court justices, spit on the Supreme Court and the Constitution.

This is tyranny. These are tyrants. What was done to me is as criminal an act (actually a multitude of acts) as any coup or murder in cold blood.

These are people who suspended me for two years in a dictate, which recited that I had done “nothing with selfish or dishonest motive,” somehow characterizing that fact as a “mitigating factor,” instead of the “Exonerating factor” that every person, lawyer and layperson would immediately recognize it to be.

These are the people who then disbarred me purportedly for practicing law during my suspension. What they didn’t tell the public is that the legal work I performed I did so openly as it was within my constitutional rights. They omitted that I was acting with my client to enforce a judgment I had won, a large portion of which I owned. They also omitted that my efforts were to stop a $420,000 fraud on the court and I was the only person with the resources to do so; the only person who could help my former client and fellow creditor to salvage the judgment I had obtained for him; for abuse of process against the same fraudsters who, after my suspension, illegally attended a hearing ex parte, lied to a newly presiding judge that they, not my client, had won the case, and walked out of court with a $420,000 fee and cost judgment as the prevailing party.

And it goes on and on…..

Thank you, Mr. Pitts, for stating the truth so well and publicly. And more to the point, thank you for caring. It is perhaps most amazing of all how few people seem to.

Jeff Norkin


Dear Jeff;

Same in my case.  The Tribunal ruled that while my intentions are good, somehow I “did not understand” why my conduct of publishing this blog and revealing what was actually going on in the courtroom in Illinois, Cook County and across the nation was “misplaced.”

They struck my expert witnesses and most of my family witnesses.

But no matter, the elderly sister Yolanda was able to testify and her daughter also testified and said “there was something seriously wrong with the Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 case” and everything seemed like a “done deal.”

You are right about everything you said.  You, as a lawyer, were entitled to due process and a remedy for the wrongful actions perpetrated upon you.  When you filed motions to collect your own judgment, and your client joined in, you were not practicing law without a license. When you brought fraud to the attention of the court, that was your civic duty to do so.

I am sorry about what happened to you.  It is a most extreme miscarriage of justice and you deserve better as a citizen of the US which is supposed to be a free, open and transparent democratic society.

I appreciate what you have written and I strongly encourage you to keep on filing pleadings under “Fraud upon the Court.” This is a legal theory that can be brought up at anytime during a legal proceeding, be it on the first day of the case, the 100th day, the 300th day, the first time up on appeal or the 10th time on any appeal.

We must fight this and must not stop. Corruption has slowly erroded our court system and it is the call of every good citizen to fight it each and every day.

You will note in my case, that I have recently published the following indictments based upon health care/nursing home fraud:  $1 billion in Fla. against Esformes; $124 million against Omnicare for kickback schemes, $100 million against Seth Gillman for hospice fraud.  We must give kudos to Atty General Loretta Lynch for instituting these indictments.

How can I, a 58 year old mother of 4 children, acting fairly much alone in all of this (despite the fact Cook County has 45,000 registered attorneys and the State of Illinois has a total of 85,000 attorneys), fight all of this?  Ken Ditkowsky is fighting for the human and civil rights of our disabled and senior citizens so they suspended him for 4 years, but how do we fight a system that the tip of the iceberg has recently shown about $1.5 billion in indictments.


It’s an entire system, and it’s deeply entrenched.  It prevents the US from having universal health care.

I don’t understand why the US now spends more money on prisons than elementary and high school education and college combined.  I don’t understand all the nursing homes and the vast majority of people there are there against their will and the states attorneys and FBI turn a blind eye.  Nursing homes are gulags and concentration camps for the elderly.

Let’s continue to fight and continue to make a difference for truth, justice and all the victims of court corruption out there.


PS – I sympathize with you on your collections. That’s why I know they are after me, there is NO WAY I am filing any legal proceeding for legal fees nor will I collect them or ask any client for them.  I now only take free will donations to my charity, Justice 4 Every 1.  You know if I set foot in a court, they will figure out how to hit me with Unauthorized Practice of Law and have me arrested.  I know that.  You now know that.  Best to make sure you only work for other attorneys and write for them and write books and blog posts on your own.  We need to figure out a way to make money from books.


From Ken Ditkowsky–the answer to why $60 million in Medicare Fraud is never published by Chicago Meg Media

The Elder Cleansing Industry is massive and extremely profitable.    It dwarfs the CLINTON FOUNDATION and the Ford Foundation combined.    Philip Esformes was charged with the FBI with Medicare fraud as to the 30 nursing homes in Florida with theft of a billion dollars.    The Omnicare corporation after being fined more than a 100 million dollars was sold to CVS for 12.4 billion dollars.   Its nursing home earnings were through the roof.   Seth Gillman – one of favorites of Jerome Larkin – was accused of stealing a billion dollars in connection with his Hospice operation.   He pleaded guilty to fraud and awaits sentencing.
What do you think the Cadre of Nursing home operators is billing Medicare here in Chicago?   What about the New York, Los Angeles, ***** operators.   Do you think for a minute that they are any more honest that Philip Esformes or Seth Gillman?
We have a crisis on our hands — the health care frauds are massive and not only out of control, but, are one of the most lucrative industries in America.    It also has massive political protection.   Witness the effort that Jerome Larkin and exerted here in Illinois to attempt to stop the publication of the MaryGSykes blog.   All Cynthia Farenga had to do was to write to the IARDC and allege that we were demanding an HONEST INVESTIGATION and Larkin unleashed his fraudulent Kangaroo Courts and gang of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.    Indeed, it worked!   Almost 3 million dollars was openly stolen from Mary Sykes, 1.5 million for Alice Gore (plus the grains of gold that were in her teeth)***** and not one dime was inventoried or taxed either by the State of Illinois or the USA.
If Philip Esformes in 30 nursing homes was able to steal a billion dollars for Medicare how much do you think that his father, ****** et al were able to garner here in Chicago.    ***** with his mob connections has nursing home operations all over the USA and he is reported to draw about a million dollars a day in compensation!   N. Draman went into personal bankruptcy, but had the money to outbid me as to a non-collectible judgment that was being auctioned off.    (I wanted him to place a bid of record and he did!)   The Casino in     apparently was not listed on the Bankruptcy!
In answer to your question – the reason that the 50 million and 10 million dollars thefts are not mentioned as they are NOT NEWS!    They are small potatoes!   The industry is protected by your friend Jerome Larkin.     Our miscreants are above the law!     Most importantly come election time they will make certain that every resident of their nursing homes VOTES CORRECTLY and casts a vote for whom the party bosses direct.
Ken Ditkowsky